Jack Mangans Deadpan #202: The Disease. The Cure.

Pestilent Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #202: The Disease. The Cure.

Promo – View From Valhalla (http://www.viewfromvalhalla.com/)

Dumb Ass Memory with Brad P from MJ

Amy Bowen comments on podfading

Musical Interlude

Finishing off with Brad P

Gaming with the Energizer Bunny

Justa Joe contents of Turn 2

Ear Buddies
Dan From Oregon
Justa Joe

Greasy Nipples
Lo Pan
The Energizer Bunny
Lost Ralph
Amy Bowen
Vanamonde (First of the Week)

NHL Playoff Matchups

Paul Maki Asks Why?

Amy Bowen gets the joke

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Closing music – Nobody Home

701 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #202: The Disease. The Cure.

  1. Equality at last:


    Umm read the link very carefully TEB, the photo give me the willies.

  2. This ones called Jack Mangan

    He makes the best fuckin’ casts
    He makes the best fuckin’ casts
    If I ever meet him
    I’m gonna grab his fuckin’ neck and just shake him

    And say thank you, thank you for makin’ such excellent fuckin’ casts
    Then I’d twist his nose all the way the fuck around
    And then rip off one of his ears and throw it
    Like a, like a, like a fuckin’ Frisbee

    I wanna chew his fuckin’ lips off
    And grab his head and suck out one of his eyes
    And chew on it and spit it out in his face
    And say thank you, thank you for all of your fuckin’ podcasts

    Then I’d pick him up by the hair
    Swing him over my head a few times
    And throw across the room
    And kick all his fuckin’ teeth in
    And then stomp on his face 40 or 50 times

    ‘Cuz he makes the best fuckin’ podcasts
    He makes the best fuckin’ podcasts
    I’ve ever heard in my life
    I fuckin’ love him, I fuckin’ love him

  3. King Missile’s “Mystical Shit” and “Happy Hour” are two cassettes that I have that never made it thru “The Great Lo Pan Cassette to CD Crossover”. That should really be remedied.

  4. Well, good morning then.

    I’m Zumba-ing again tonight.

    My legs are all a quiver with anticipation.

    Either that or they are still quivering from Tuesday’s class. Either way. I’m so doing this!

  5. CD: Sonic Limeade

    Barfy sickness struck the ladies of the house, so Fox and I are at Sonic for supper, before a supply run for Gatorade and jello.


  6. Just found a GREAT Brown Ale. Upslope’s Brown. A newer brewery in Boulder. Of course not on Pintley. Wonderful smooth and malty.

  7. I.m sitting in the waiting room of Scottsdale Gymnastics while the kiddos get their lessons. My son is doing parkour, my daughter is doing tumbling.

  8. FYI – chances are good that you are getting a free preview of HBO this weekend. Of course, A Game of Thrones premieres this weekend. Not a coincidence, I think.

    So, I shall torture myself by watching the premiere this weekend, then waiting for the DVD/Blu-Ray release after the season runs. As awesome as it promises to be, I can’t justify $18/month for one show.

    Sadly, looking through the guide, I couldn’t find much on the HBO channels that I wanted to record. You would think they’d roll out the big guns to try to hook me into subscribing.

  9. Ed, you can always come over on Sundays and watch it here. I’m a TV slut.

    Also, Ed my friend, Sharks over Kings 1-0 in the 1st. Might wanna brush up on the Grateful Dead, you.


  10. And speaking of hockey and songs, Lo, just what the fuck is this song you’ve chosen? I nearly spit a whey protein shake all over my computer monitor this morning when Jack read it off.

  11. True story, started playing that riff this morning and Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door. I wonder if they would have left me alone if I had the amp blaring.

  12. Ugh, what a horrible way to wake up. My brain realized it was Friday and started playing that damn song. Two somewhat saving graces, it was trying for a homebrew parody, and only got six words in before the rest of my brain realized what was going on and stopped it.

    But I still need coffee before I can deal with autotuning.

  13. Holy crap people.

    I’m hurting all over! Feeling the burn.

    I took some friends to Zumba with me last night and about 1/2 way through one of them says to me, “I can’t believe you’re actually doing this TWICE!” LOL.. yeah, it hurts that good.

  14. Heard from JR Murdock that I made the show… can I get a w00t w00t.

    Alternative idea for the Kids Show… Why not have “Numbskull Memories”… a kidsafe version of “Dumbass” perhaps?

    Friday early afternoon is here… only 5 more meetings ’til the end of my day 🙂

    • Nobody ever mentions the weather can make or break your day
      Nobody ever seems to remember life is a game we play

      We live in the shadows and we had the chance and threw it away
      And it’s never gonna be the same
      Cuz the years are falling by like the rain
      It’s never gonna be the same
      ‘Til the life I knew comes to my house and says

  15. Today’s movie is The Beast of Bottomless Lake

    The writeup: Dr. Paul Moran leads a team of scientists on a search for a mysterious creature known as the Ogopogo monster.

    Which means this is a Canadian movie. WooHoo

  16. Ok, maybe the Brit named Nevill is more of a putz.

    He supplies the underwater camera. The same one used to search for the Loch Ness Monster

  17. Well Pan. I ran into an issue.

    It looks like my DVR only recorded 20 minutes of the movie. It stopped in the middle of a riveting scene where the scientists were being told their reservation at the resort didn’t exist.

    Sorry Pan.

    I’m not sure when it will be on again for recording. Don’t have time to start a new movie as I’m going out at 11. Will have to try again next week.

    *grumble, grumble* stupid DVR.

  18. “Barrel aged with natural charcoal” Natural charcoal? What do they set the barrels outside and wait for a forest fire or lightening strike to naturally char the inside of the barrel?

  19. I concur with the Wheaton. Funny thing, when I had him autograph my Expert manual for first edition DnD, he asked me if I ever used the modeling of large troops that that particular manual brought up. I totally forgot about it, and I never did. Of course I’ve only played maybe eight sessions of DnD in my lifetime.

  20. gotta have my bowl gotta have cereal…
    kickin in the front seat
    kickin in the back seat
    gotta make my mind up
    which seat can I take

  21. Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh
    I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh,
    I’ll get him hot, show him what I’ve got

    Can’t touch my,
    Can’t touch my
    No he can’t touch my sugar tits
    (she’s got to love nobody)
    Can’t touch my,
    Can’t touch my
    No he can’t touch my sugar tits
    (she’s got to love nobody)

  22. Hi Deadpan.

    Interesting day.
    Saw some Nascar practice. Hung around the garage area and had a crew chief show me around a hauler.
    Then rain.
    Then storms.
    Hung at the hotel just down the road from Talladega and met some businessmen from California. One owned a winery and brought out a case of wine that we drank throughout the evening as we watched for tornadoes to go past.
    Good times.
    Goodnight Vroom.

  23. Ed, I think I need to hear you sing it 🙂

    Sounds like there was some pleasant wine consumption around the Pan tonight! Not here, alas.

    I’m home. Thanks for the positive vibes. Brain = :mush:

  24. Before Deadpan, I almost never went to YouTube. Now, I spent almost two hours catching up on the links that were posted here over the last week.

    That Herbie Hancock one is subtly disturbing.

  25. It’s a good song, Jack – thanks for the studio version.

    I thought of a second option for San Jose, given the teams support of gay rights. I’d also be okay with Electric Six — Gay Bar. But the Dead song is a great old California song too . . .

    CW: the last episode of The Pillars of the Earth. They didn’t do the book justice at all.

  26. Well, this is dissapointing. I just finish the third “Song of Ice and Fire” audiobook and was all set to download the fourth. However, it looks like they changed narrators and nobody is happy with the new guy. Roy Dotrice made the first three books not simple audio readings, but true audio drama with distinct voices for each character with the subtly of similarities within families (Tyrian and Jamie Lannister sound similar enough to clearly be related, but they are still distinctly different from each other).

    I have to say that Mr. Dotrice is probably one of the best narrators I’ve ever heard in brining a story to life like this.

    Audible listeners are suggesting skipping the audio version of this book and just reading the text, or skipping altogether.

    I wonder who will be reading the fifth book.

  27. Ed, the narrator of the 4th book is Jon Lee – he does a lot of epic fantasy, and I like what he did with book 4. It did take a bit of time to get used to, though.

  28. You reminded me that I have quite a stack of credits piling up on audible, Ed. I just got Bossypants – Tina Fey; and the new Manning Marable (R.I.P.) Malcolm X biography.

  29. CW: L&O Los Angeles

    1) Is naming the pot farmer Mota a joke?

    2) Could they not find a kid in Los Angeles who could speak Spanish without an American accent?

    3) Poor Skeet Ulrich cannot catch a break.

  30. OK. My addiction to Fable 2 is reaching frightening levels. Fortunately, I rarely play any video game more than 2 weeks so I’m hoping it will go away on it’s own.

  31. Alright, I’m going to get the 4th book from Audible. EssBee opinion counts for me more that the random Audible reviewers.

    It’s been some interesting reading for me today. GRR Martin selected Roy Dotrice as the narrator for the books. He didn’t get to do book four because of a scheduling conflict. He was also supposed to be Grand Meister Pycelle in the HBO version, but had to bow out due to health issues. However, I think Julian Glover should do a good job of it as well.


  32. We are back in the Chi and cancer free bitches!!!

    We’ve decided to retire the Smarty Hotties. We are still as smart and hot as ever (maybe even more so now)
    As we are starting our new life, we thought a new name would be appropriate.

    Many other greats have done this throughout history:
    Puff Daddy to P Diddy
    Jennifer Lopez to J. Lo
    Beyonce to Sasha Fierce
    The Smarty Hotties© to hugh-n-dre.

    kinda like kid-n-play 🙂

    Hughs the kid, I’m the play

    (Hugh made me type that, it’s his joke)

  33. Game of Thrones

    Visually very impressive. We watched the half hour intro show before hand and appreciate all the work that went into the look and feel of the different areas.

    Hopefully, the acting will improve as everyone gets more comfortable with their roles. While everything was competent, I felt more like I was watching a Shakespeare performance rather than seeing a window into a world of “real” people. Still, I think they’ve got a solid foundation and just need some time for the chemistry to build. Being a paid for a produced series, they’ve got time to build up without fear of being canceled after two weeks like a network show would.

  34. Doing a little research on advise for purchasing a telescope the general consensus is that you don’t spend less than $250 and you don’t buy a department store scope. Armed with this knowledge I marched down to a department store and bought a scope for $35. Specifically this one: http://tinyurl.com/6gt52g8

    I have already decided I’m going to get a much better telescope in the near future, but I wanted to see if I could see the rings of Saturn from my back yard. With the $35 scope I was able to see the rings of Saturn and Saturn itself looked like a tiny sphere. This was comparable to my dad’s old scope so it totally meant my expectations. 🙂

  35. On an unrelated note: hubby is reading a book that takes place 40,000 years in the future. In this book they drink a liquor called Glayva. I have this liquor on my counter. While I enjoy it, I wonder if it’s taste, and brand, is really enduring enough to last 40,000 years…

    • Well if I was an apOlogist for the authors fiction I would suggest:

      A present from a time travelling friend.

      A trend to call new drinks with old names.

      It’s not really that name in the future, but your retro mind can’t handle the truth so a name from your time is inserted in the text.

      But I’m not so I won’t.

  36. Camelot is ass
    bad ass not good ass. Merlin in all its silliness is far superior to Camelot.
    I hope Game of Thrones is better

    I was very impressed by the US version of Being Human. Is anyone else watching that?
    I actually get disappointed when the US version gets too close to the UK version. I want to see how far it will stray. The season finale of the UK version was a total shocker.

    Really looking forward to True Blood Season 4!!

    That is your hugh-n-dre TV update

    Being in Chicago is awesome. It was even awesome to see the Blackhawks get their asses handed to them while in a Chicago bar in Chicago.
    Whats even more awesome is sitting on my couch in Chicago while Hugh and his brothers get ready for the Bulls game 🙂

    Hope you are all doing well

    • Spoilers***



      I normally LOVE Fringe, but I haven’t been enjoying the latest couple of story arcs. The whole accelerated pregnancy thing stank of plotonium to give Peter a reason to care for the alternate Olivia. And, even in a show with giant cold germs and anti gravity caused by ultra heavy elements, the whole soul magnets thing just came off as stupid. And the latest episode where they went to cartoons because they couldn’t get Nimoy to show up on camera came off as cheesy. That episode went from Inception rip-off to Scanner Darkly Rippoff, and not very well. If the show doesn’t turn around for me soon, I will have to give up on it. I don’t know what exactly changed that I’m finding so many faults, but it just doesn’t seem the same show any more.

      • OMG! I was just looking at Michael Cerveris (the Observer on Fringe) and found out he was also Mr. Tiny on Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. They did a really good job in Cirque du Freak. I had no idea it was him.

  37. Hugh-n-dre is an awesome name, too. Not only does it evoke Kid n Play, but also Ed n Dre, the duo from Yo MTV Raps – – possibly the greatest show ever on television.

    One more comment before I DVD out.

  38. My kitty goes to the vet today. She hates it. I have to take her early because they have to sedate her just to check her over. I worry. She’s old enough there’s always that chance she won’t come out of sedation.

  39. Kitty’s also mad at me because I refuse to feed her. Because she’s being sedated she had to fast since last night. She’s not a happy camper

  40. So, looks like the Lightning are already out, havinf lost to the Penguins. Now I must go back and find what it is I have to sing 🙁

    • WTF? I did a google search to see if anyone had played yet. What I found seems to indicate that several games had been played and won. Looking into things further, it doesn’t look like anything is done yet. I don’t get all this sports crap. Unless you guys are seeing things time delayed and I just spoiled the game for you. Sorry.

      2010-2011 Playoffs: First Round Matchups – NHL.com – StandingsConference, Division and League standings for all 30 NHL teams. Playoff races, streaks, last 10 games, tiebreakers.

      Scores & Schedule – Standings – News – Teams – Video – Shop

      04/16 Kings 4 – 0 Sharks – Recap-Highlights

      04/17 Capitals 2 – 3 Rangers – Recap-Highlights

      04/17 Ducks 3 – 4 Predators – Recap-Highlights

      04/17 Canucks 3 – 2 Blackhawks – Recap-Highlights

      04/18 Flyers 4 – 2 Sabres – Recap-Highlights

      04/18 Bruins 4 – 2 Canadiens – Recap-Highlights

      04/18 Penguins 3 – 2 Lightning – Recap-Highlights

      04/18 Red Wings 4 – 2 Coyotes – Recap-Highlights

      04/19 Canucks vs. Blackhawks – 08:00pm (ET)-Tickets

      04/19 Sharks vs. Kings – 10:30pm (ET)-Tickets

      04/20 Capitals vs. Rangers – 07:00pm (ET)

      04/20 Penguins vs. Lightning – 07:00pm (ET)

      04/20 Flyers vs. Sabres – 07:30pm (ET)

      04/20 Ducks vs. Predators – 08:30pm (ET)

      04/20 Red Wings vs. Coyotes – 10:30pm (ET)

      Show more gamesShow fewer games

      • Oh, I get it. It’s a World Cup type set of Playoffs where a team has to loose several times before getting kicked out. See… I am trainable sometimes.

          • Yeah, it’s the best out of seven

            The games so far are
            Washington leads NYR 2 – 1
            Phi leads Buf 2 – 1
            Montreal leads Boston 2 – 1
            Pittsburgh leads Tampa Bay 2 -1
            Vancouver leads Chicago 3 – 0
            San Jose is tied with LA 1 – 1
            Detroit leads Pheonix 3 – 0
            Nashville leads Anaheim 2 – 1

  41. I’m having a blond day today, and I don’t mean in a good way.

    And I’m only going to apologize to the Deadpanites who are naturally blond. Everybody else… you made your choice. (can you tell I’m really in need of a nap?)

    Now… to do some sewing. Hubby has some pants pockets with giant holes in them. Honestly, I don’t know what he keeps in there but it’s hard on his pockets.

  42. You mean like this?

    Inappropriate response:”Yeah it’s getting harder and harder to tell who’s a real blonde and who isn’t”

    ^This wasn’t the inappropriate response you were looking for.

  43. Hey, UsedHair – What you found were the results of single games. The playoff rounds consist of teams playing best-of-7 game series. There’s a pretty good chart here:

    No team has been eliminated yet, but a few are close.

    Your Lightning are down 2 game to 1 behind the Penguins.

    No worries, if you’re not a sports fan. 🙂 We’ll tell you how things progress.

  44. You know it’s a slow news day when one of the feature stories is about River Dance opening up here in Calgary and their “top secrete” stage set up

  45. Slow news day around here too!
    So, here’s my iPod’s Top 25 Most Played list:

    Row, Row, Row, Your Boat 1:01 Various Artists
    One With the Stillness 3:24 Jack Mangan
    Vanity Fair 2:57 Mr. Bungle
    Is There Love In Space? 4:51 Joe Satriani
    Dog Diary 4:15 Jack Mangan
    fear regret and hope 3:32 Jack Mangan
    Myself Within Love 2:14 jack mangan
    temple of earth and sea 6:01 jack mangan
    Movie – Popeye – 08 – He Needs Me 2:38 Popeye Soundtrack
    Earth Time Pigs Fate 3:23 Jack Mangan
    Red Right Hand 4:49 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    Slaughter of the Soul 3:02 At the Gates
    Lost In Space 3:28 Aimee Mann
    Re Your Brains 4:31 Jonathan Coulton
    Rumble 2:24 Link Wray & His Ray Men
    Defender 6:05 Manowar
    Black Circle Remix 4:19 Jack Mangan
    Skullcrusher Mountain 4:16 Jonathan Coulton
    Head Out To The Highway 3:45 Judas Priest
    Candles II 1:03 Jack Mangan
    Wine 1:50 Jack Mangan
    Asteroid Speed Highway 6:00 Matt Mango
    Glass, Philip-Music Box 1:05 Philip Glass
    Space Oddity 5:18 David Bowie
    right where it belongs 5:04 nine inch nails

    Wow, that’s a lot of me in there.

    • Ah, the riveting lyrics of the popeye movie. “He needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me.”

      Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie. But it does have its faults.

  46. By the way Jack. I have a bone to pick with you. No not that one. The one that makes you think my show notes are pestilence *hits Jack over the head with a bone*

    • Somewhat related thought:

      California wants every last tax dollar it can get out of its residents. I learned this year that we’re supposed to pay Use Tax on merchandise that was purchased from vendors in other states who don’t have a business presence in CA. The idea is, “Haha, you can’t get out of paying sales tax on stuff that way!” (Thankfully, I didn’t have to pay any – I only had one purchase that fit those qualifications, and the amount was so little it wasn’t even taxed.)

      The more you know.

  47. Well, since I’m obviously not getting any sleep, I think it’s time to get out the old reader and immerse myself in another world

    CR: Of Blood and Honey – Stina Leicht

  48. Oh yeah. It’s getting close to nomination season for SF & F. Time to see what’s hot to add to my reading list. I read Native Star by MK Hobson and enjoyed that

  49. Has anybody else been watching the new Christian Slater TV show Breaking In? We’ve only seen two episodes so far but find it quite cute. I, personally, find the safecracker’s boyfriend’s little touches of affection really sweet

  50. Well, at the risk of sounding like a lethargic 21st century pud, I’d never post anything with sensitive info on DropBox anyway – – so I will probably continue to use in the same way.

  51. Kitty’s back from the vet. For the most part the vet is satisfied but kitty’s twitches worry her (me too). She think kitty might be having a series of mini strokes but is not sure. She’s sending Reeny’s file to a kitty neurologist. Fun times

  52. In strange the hubby and I both Canadian national anthem with the guy on the TV even though we are sitting on our livingroom couch?

    We don’t stand or anything like that, just sing

  53. Top 25 in iTunes (disclaimer, Sly B likes Dr. Horrible and Once More With Feeling A LOT . . . and she is a Mariachi):

    El Tilingo Lingo 4:22 Conjunto Jardín
    Overture / Going Through The Motions 2:57 The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    La Bruja 4:22 Conjunto Jardín
    Modulation 4:31 Ani DiFranco
    La Vieja 4:07 Conjunto Jardín
    So They Say – Ensemble 2:13 Ensemble
    Under Your Spell / Standing (Reprise) 1:35 The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Ain’t Life Grand 4:49 Widespread Panic
    My Eyes – Neil Patrick Harris & Felicia Day 2:48
    La Barca De Oro 2:43 Carlos Periguez
    What You Feel (Reprise) 0:46 The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Uncle John’s Band 4:50 Indigo Girls
    Horrible Theme – Instrumental 0:10 Instrumental
    Bad Horse Chorus (reprise) – Jed Whedon, Joss Whedon & Zack 0:21 Jed Whedon, Joss Whedon & Zack Whedon
    La bamba 3:48 Mariachi Azteca
    La Feria De Las Flores 2:54 Mariachi Mexico Jalisco
    I’ll Never Tell 4:01 The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Once More, With Feeling
    Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters 3:27 Indigo Girl
    El Cascabel II 6:36 Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan
    Brand New Day – Neil Patrick Harris 1:50 Neil Patrick Harris
    What You Feel 3:01 The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Ghost (Demo Version) 5:11 Indigo Girls
    Manhole 3:45 Ani DiFranco Knuckle Down
    La Llorona 2:20 Lila Downs & Mariachi Juvenil De Tecalitlán
    La Charreada 3:45 Linda Ronstadt

  54. My top 25 would not be a true picture of me. Or maybe it would. I tend to leave my I tune on random so my tunes would reflect that more than anything

  55. I think, once hubby leaves for work, I’m going to send in the trials and tribulations of the basketball team at hubby’s school. Entitled “what happens if you’re too good”

    It’s actually quite amusing.

  56. Bunny: re: singing Canadian national anthem along with the guy on TV: No, I don’t think it’s strange. As you know, I think it’s an enjoyable song to sing.

    Also, yes, please. Do tell about the trials and tribulations of the basketball team.

        • At one point this year (or late last) they had the whole of the series on instant and 3 movies. Now they just have one movie. They do that from time to time but I wonder if they did it in this case because of SyFy

          • It’s quite possible. The rights holders like to jack around with thinks like this. Bastards. It’s the same BS that Disney pulls all the time. I don’t think they’ve realized that it doesn’t work so well anymore: artificial scarcity doesn’t promote increased sales.

    • You know it’s my pet peeve, we have scroll buttons (or touchpads) guys, just have the whole fucking list on one page for fsake.

      /takes deep breath

  57. Oh yeah, my top 25 played songs. Keep in mind, I tend to play my music on random so this is actually I-tunes favourite songs:

    1. Driving With The Top Down – Ironman Soundtrack
    2. Levon – Elton John
    3. The Town Crotch – Jonathan Coulton
    4. Battery – Metallica
    5. Dangers in the Mist – Zenoclash Soundtrack
    6. The Audience is Listening – Steve Vai
    7. Symphony # 8 – Anton Dvorak
    8. Given the Dog a Bone – AC/DC
    9. Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One) – The Sopranos Soundtrack
    10. Limbo Rock – Chubby Checker
    11. Words – Bee Gees
    12. Hosanna Filio David – Canto Gregoriano.
    13. Prologue – The Wolfman Soundtrack
    14. The Travelling Monologue – the Wolfman Soundtrack
    15. That’s Life – David Lee Roth
    16. This Train Don’t Stop There Any More – Elton John
    18. Amon Hen – TLOR – Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack
    19. The Black Gates Open – TLOR – Return of the King Soundtrack
    20. Brandenburgische Konzerte – Andante – J.S. Bach
    21. The Return of Titus Quinn – John Anealio
    22. When You Go – Jonathan Coulton
    23. Victim of Change – Judas Priest
    24. Asu E Touchdown – Bubblegum Crisis Soundtrack
    25. Reprise – Time Rider, The Adventures of Lyle Swan Soundtrack

    Holy cow 25 seems like a lot


  58. Today’s movie is The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

    The DVR Writeup: This animated adaptation of Rob Zombie’s comic book centers on the misadventures of a masked wrestler and his pulchritudinous sister-sidekick as they try to foil the schemes of the demonic Dr. Satan


  59. She seems a little cold