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  1. CD: Avery’s The Reverend, their version of a belgian quadrupel ale.

    A magnificently delicious beer, Justa Joe you need to try this beer if you haven’t already. Of course that recommendation goes for all other beer loving deadpanites.

    I’m sure Lo Pan, and Essbee, living in Colorado already have enjoyed this beer many times, the lucky bastards.

  2. Looks like the Marvel Digital thing is great if you are reading stuff from a year or a year and a half ago. Not great if you are eagerly awaiting the new FF#1 with the white uniforms.

  3. Conservation Of Ninjutsu
    You can have three guesses who’s going to win. The first two don’t count.

    In any martial arts fight, there is only a finite amount of ninjutsu available to each side in a given encounter. As a result, one Ninja is a deadly threat, but an army of them are cannon fodder.

    Also known as The Law of Inverse Ninja Strength: Threat = 1/N, where N = number of Ninjas (or other “Elite Adversaries”).

    The reason for this is simple. Twenty-plus Ninjas are ultimately Mooks and, narrative-wise, will be treated as such. A single Ninja is probably a main character, and as such is more important to the story and more likely to be someone with whom the audience identifies.

  4. Hey Deadpan.

    Just a quick hop in to let you know you won’t see much of me this week. John’s on Spring Break so I’ll be spending time with him. That means no show notes for this episode and most likely the next.

    Bunny Out

  5. Thanks all, it was a blast recording with J0e and Lo. But we still need more on-pod diversity. Ping me – let’s schedule a conversation.

    And btw, I recreated the Archives and Search links in the right sidebar.

  6. In other news, I’m going to be reviewing this album for Metal Asylum:

    “What would timeless songs like “New York, New York,” “Lady Is A Tramp,” and “Fly Me To The Moon,” sound like cranked out of Marshall stacks, crooned by members of Cheap Trick, Twisted Sister, Deep Purple, Anthrax, Mr. Big, or Queensrÿche? This can now be experienced on SIN-Atra, a brand new album to be released by Eagle Rock Entertainment”

    • I really don’t like it when geeks are lumped together as “—the kind of guys who lust after Princess Leia and can recite swaths of dialogue from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan—” or “[…]just happen to disproportionately still live in their parents’ basements”…

      Beyond disliking this movie geek dude for pretending so hard to not be a geek, I figure he’s got a valid point. Sit back and let Sucker Punch roll over you, instead of expecting something in the vane of Inception… or any other Nolan.

      My only concern with Sucker Punch is the “near-rape fantasy” angle. But I’m a bit of a prissy prude, so I’ve got that going for me. 😉

      • “I really don’t like it when geeks are lumped together as “—the kind of guys who lust after Princess Leia and can recite swaths of dialogue from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan—” or “[…]just happen to disproportionately still live in their parents’ basements”…”


  7. TEB: Public schools in my area are on spring break this week and next. My college doesn’t go on break
    until the week of April 18.

    Jack: Just now listened to Unshow 59. Thank you for the kind words about my and JohnBoze’s fiction.

  8. J0e, that article is more a glimpse into the author’s deep-seated psychological problems than cultural observation.

    Amy: the praise is sincere. I do look forward to more QFE :).

  9. The following Tweet from the wife of Tim Pratt’s wife (Heather Shaw) made me laugh:

    “Dear authors w/limited sexual experience; please do not publish sex scenes w/out having your slutty friends proof it”

  10. ?”We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” ~Dr. Seuss

  11. My wife and daughter went to see Sucker Punch this weekend. The boy and I stayed home and watched Iron Man on Blu-Ray – I don’t think I can watch that one enough times.

    Anyway, without spoiling anything, my women folk didn’t care for the ending.

  12. I read a horrible review of Sucker Punch yesterday – not the same one. The previews make it look kinda exciting . . .

    CC: brown rice, salmon for her & hake for me, veggies

  13. CW: The Paula Poundstone Show

    They have a kid on there from Chandler (about 15 miles south of Pheonix, as he keeps saying) and he’s talking about the Ostrich Festival.

    • Sorry. He was saying 15 miles “outside” of Phoenix. He wasn’t specifying a direction. The kid won second place in a national geography competition, so don’t go all ballistic on his ass because he did or didn’t get the relationship between Phoenix and Chandler right. My mistake, not his.

  14. I’m about to sit down and have a heart to heart discussion with Three Philosophers. I intend to find out exactly what they believe a Belgian Quadruple should taste like.

    • This Cloud Drive/Cloud Player is pretty awesome. Unless you mainly use an iPhone/iPad. Then, well, sucks to be you… (Or in this case, me.)

      Like the video streaming, Amazon doesn’t support Linux, though it sorta kinda maybe works.

  15. Okay, circumstances have me at home instead of work tonight. I am maintaining my sleep schedule meaning I am awake while the rest of the house sleeps. I’m going down to check on the laundry.

    When I come back I will live-comment while watching an episode of 21 Jump Street. Episode 4 of Season 1 entitled “Don’t Pet the Teacher,” originally aired April 26, 1987.

  16. I was finishing up 8th grade, last year at Murray Junior High. Already transitioning away from grade school bullies into High School life which would be so much more fulfilling.

    Of course, I was also watching 21 Jump Street, so I wasn’t at the peak of sophistication just yet…

    Pushing play on the Netflix…

  17. No teaser, just straight into opening credits. Wow, did they do this on an Amiga? That’s actually possible, I suppose, but proper Video Toaster was still a few years away, so probably not.

  18. Stone gives tix to Hanson in hall, tries to sell him a CD player, invites him out for a drink and says he can score a fake ID

  19. Hanson flirts with Miss Chadwick, even though he’s a “student.”

    After Hanson leaves, Miss Chadick finds another rose, this time in her car.

    (Everyone seems to think Stone is handing out roses but my bet is on janitor)

  20. Hanson meets Stone there, Stone is hooking folks up with all sorts of goods. They leave, and Stone takes him to go look in Chadwick’s window

  21. The music under all this is distractingly… over.

    They are on top of… school? Ah, they are. Stone tells how to break in, but they are just gonna hang out, apparently.

  22. Captain gives Hanson a hard time about case, break-in reported.

    $2000 in desktop calculators? It only looked like 5 or 6 of them…

  23. Stone arrives, Hanson shows him badge too, principal pressures Stone to open locker. It is full of calculators. Hanson arrests him, over his protests that he didn’t put them there.

  24. Hanson goes to talk to Miss Chadwick, she got a gift from secret admirer, Hanson says wasn’t him, couldn’t be Stone because he was in jail…

    Now Hanson makes moves on her

  25. But Hanson can’t stop puzzling over this CD player from secret admirer.

    Cut to janitor with elder Stone bro’s trophy, Stone there to give him trouble

  26. Hah, I could write this stuff… or maybe I remember seeing it before.

    Now Hanson goes to finish putting moves on Chadwick,

    Annnnd, credits.

    Hah, I remember the “yearbook” closing credits…

  27. Oh Bill …
    Even if it might be correct, when you make statements like this
    You somehow loose credibility and certainly the “moral” upper hand.

    “Civility” is one of the things that the thinking class is supposed to be fighting for … and Mr. Maher has certainly abandoned THAT fight.

    • I think his show falls more into the category of “Poignant Commentary” or one liners about the absurd. Or it used to.
      When politicians started taking him serious I think he sort of morphed into the Anti-Fox.

      I’ve really only seen bits of his show a few times.

      • Maybe to some, but perhaps that’s because they enjoy being mean? I don’t. It’s like watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. Most guys get hit in the nuts. Apparently that’s funny. Sit-coms are similar. They masquerade as funny by being mean.

  28. I found Bill’s comments funny, but I agree with JOe. The kind of political clout Maher pedals is hurt by slanderous remarks. He should have just called her a “Reality TV Star,” which is considered an even bigger slam, without raising the ire of his audience.

  29. That is unfortunate, because Maher is generally our absolute best political commentator, bar none. But now, when he makes a really important point, the object of his critique will just reply, “Oh, his statements don’t matter – – he’s the c-word guy”.

  30. Just a quick hop in Pan. Pretty quiet around here.

    Hubby and I did do somethin silly and ordered matching iPad 2s on line. Turns out they’ll engrave them for free so we put our name on them so we could tell the difference. In 3 – 4 weeks our netbooks will be obsolete

      • With how far behind I am in podcasts, I could go two weeks without worrying about syncing.

        I find the only time I use my netbook now is for Deadpan movie play by plays. Hubby’s netbook will never be obsolete. He’s got his books on it so that’s what he syncs his Sony Reader to.

  31. We’re about to watch United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie. I do love Nurse Jackie a lot . . . I’m fond of Tara.

    Showtime is really stepping it up with their series.

  32. Agreed, Van. I predict that this season sees Jackie trying to get sober (on her own).

    Forgot to say re: yesterday: Bill Maher is a douche. And not because he called Sarah Palin a c*#& (a word I use and like quite a bit, but don’t want to ruffle feathers!).


  33. This is cool. At a recent spoken word gig, Henry Rollins found out that people were charged $10 too much for tickets. So, before he started, he walked into the audience and handed out $10 to everyone there, as an apology for being overcharged.

  34. Lets start over…

    “And to THINK he used to purposely start fights with the CROWED in his Black Flagg days. Now HE’S handing out cash instead of beat downs!”


  35. It is pretty sad that we’re getting our good political commentary from comedians. Considering that it is practically their job description to say/do outrageous things, to make your brain gasp.

    • If you love something, let it go, let it get critically mauled, then hunt down and put all the critics to the sword.

      Or you could just go do something more interesting instead..

    • To me, the most interesting thing is just how quickly people started asking for comments to be closed and how quickly the reviewer actually did close the comments. It blew up on the 28th around 10am and JH’s last FU around noon. Comments closed at 4:36pm.

      My initial thought was that JH was being puppet-ed, so I dug around and, unless someone went to serious work, she’s actually the one saying stupid things.

    • Sad also that this isn’t even close to the first time this has happened. I read through something like this that was something like 50 pages of comments back and forth with the author and audience doing exactly the same thing.

  36. I come home from lunch with my Boo. Hubby’s in the office on the computer. I want to be with hubby so I say, “Are we in this room”

    hubby’s reply: *shrug* “eh, who knows?”

    My reply, “I love you”

    Silly hubby :cheerful:

  37. So I went to lunch and got this nummy sammich. Subway.. white bread with eggs, american cheese, and tomatoes – toasted, then added spinach, banana peppers, black olives, salt, and pepper.

    It’s like … OMG NOM NOM yummy!!!!

  38. OK – so.. I guess I’ll just go public with this, even though, I don’t really think it’s necessary for everyone to know. We’re all friends here, right? It’s not a secret and anyone who has seen Dan’s Facebook page status change is already aware.

    We split up. He moved out. There are no guarantees that LLAP will return.
    Sorry to disappoint anyone. Heck, I’m sorry for a lot of things these days.


  39. I am indeed sorry, CJ. I hope things can work out. It goes without saying, but I’ll do it anyway – we’re here for you.

    • Yes, you hang in there. You have friends nearby, so that is very good, but know the rest of the ‘Pan has your back from afar…

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