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  1. I just sent a long, rambling e-mail to the people who shovel our walks telling them all the reasons I don’t like the new person they hired. The biggest reason being he doesn’t actually seem to show up. It hasn’t snowed since Tuesday and my walks still aren’t cleared. *grumble, grumble*

  2. Reflecting on past shows, I’m going to reveal my shallowside by stating that the Samuel L Jackson episode (motherfucker!!!) was the one DP episode that made me burst out laughing when I heard it for the first time.

  3. ditto! Avs vs. Leafs tonite in a battle of titans!

    Hey! Only two teams have been eliminated from playoff contention in the NHL. One is Edmonton. Guess the other! *sobs uncontrollably*

    • If you look up to see yourself coming into your own cubical … you should listen very carefully to what ever instructions you are about to give yourself.
      When you achieve this level of compounded suckage, it often requires a visit from future you to set things right.

      Oh … and resist the temptation to have sex with yourself.
      I’m just say’n.

  4. I’m not sure if I should be honored or curling up in a ball of fear that Joe thought of me first when it came time to makeup fake deadpan comments.

    And actually, he wasn’t terribly far off. These days I’d really love to have boxes that would PACK themselves.

  5. I think anyone who has moved would love self, unpacking boxes. It was Justa JOe that did the Pulp Deadpan parody right? I concur with Van, it was one of my favorites. At some point in the future, we really need to do a clip show or two to replay the funniest bits.

  6. Well, I made some progress fighting through the slog that is called today. Only about 9 more hours to go until I can have some time for myself.

  7. Ha! I hear snow guys chipping away at ice. They wouldn’t have needed the chipper if they shovelled yesterday when the snow was fresh

  8. The weather lady says we’ve had a colder than normal March. She also said we shouldn’t get any more snow for the rest of the week. *sigh*. I’m tired of winter

  9. That’s it, I can’t handle any more of today. Time to curl up on the couch with a book

    CR: Saint City Sinners – Lilith Saint Crow

  10. Candy on the beach, there’s nothing better
    But I like candy when it’s wrapped in a sweater
    Some day soon I’ll make you mine,
    Then I’ll have candy all the time

  11. chat chat chat chat
    talk talk talk
    IM IM IM

    blah blah blah

    should sleep

    Twestival was fun.

    I want to call in and give the contents of my front seat.

  12. I enjoy all three entities, Lejon:
    Steve Martin, Bluegrass, and Steve Martin’s bluegrass. I was aware of the album, but previously unaware of the free track to download. Thanks!

    Goodnight :jerk:

  13. I just read through the entirety of Pictures of You and it is good. Well, there’s a meandering part in the middle where it looks like the creator was taking a break, but other than that the story is pretty compelling.

    Just a bunch of different kids suffering drama in college, but it has a great ambiance of despair.

  14. I’ll have to check out that Steve Martin track. Bluegrass can be hit and miss for me, but I’m always willing to give a new song a chance.

  15. Theres nothing better than taking friends from out of town on a whirlwind local brew tour. Even if that tour has to consist of making your own six-packs at the liquor store and having tastings in a hotel room.

    and by “tastings” (no not that) I mean talking beer, watching bad college basketball, and plenty of dick and fart jokes.

    No swishing.

    That is all.

  16. Well the 3DS arrived today, umm I can see how some people might get eyestrain, it does funky things to your eyes when you wear specs.

  17. My people are silliness for today: Was at Future Shop to get something for my Boo. Sign said iPad 2 comes out today. Saw only a couple of people in line so thought I’d pick one up for hubby. People in line told me they don’t actually come out till 5:00 pm. This was at 10:30am! I said screw that, if hubby actually does want an iPad he can get his own. I mean really? Lining up seven hours for a mark II?

    Silly people :cheerful:

  18. On another note, was at the liquor store this morning too. Got to watch the fun as someone tried to steal a bottle of alcohol

    I’ve had an interesting morning over all

  19. Ugh, local news has been preempted for federal news.

    Parliament is voting on whether or not to take our government down. Do you know how long it’s been since a government has gone to term? God I’m tired of elections. There’s got to be a better way of spending my money.

  20. Today’s movie is the SyFy classic Behemoth.

    The DVR writeup: Ed Quinn stars in this horror film about a group of scientists investigating volcanic activity who discover a giant monster capable of destroying mankind

    • Yeah, I just heard that song for the first time earlier today, it’s the kind of thing that makes me glad I’m usually out of the loop for internet memes and viral fads.

      Anything autotuned automatically repulses me out of boredom.

    • Yes well guess what? She just became a millionaire this week. I get its probably the worst song ever recorded, but shes 13. The amount of evil and hateful comments the poor girl’s getting is outrageous. Awful shouldnt beget hate. And now she has the cash to throw it in everyone’ face.

  21. Dammit, Bunny! I had managed to avoid this “Friday” thing other than hearing about the legendary awfulness in the tech news. I should have known better than to follow a link about a song.

    Oh, well. At least this real Friday is quite good.

  22. For the Facebook challenged – I’ve gone from being a zero Ipad household two a 2 Ipad household in a single week.

    Last week I scored a refurbed 1st gen 16GB Wifi from Apple. I think I got to spend ten minutes on it before the wife and children took it over.

    Last night, I learned that Verizon stores were clearing out 1st gen Ipads and knocked an additional $100 off the already $100 knock down. Traveling to the local store last night brought me (and a couple others behind me) to learn that they were sold out.

    But, they expected more today, so I swung by after work, doubtful. Fortune favored me as I was able to claim the last one they were going to get. If there’s a Verizon store in your area, you may have some luck, particularly if you are willing to pay the extra for a 32 or 64GB version.

    Got everything configured know so that I can drive music from either my computer or my wife’s computer to our living room sound system. While it’s not quite as clean as a Sonos system, it is still a pretty killer app for me.

    I was generally skeptical about the Ipad last year when it came out. However, I’ve stayed plugged into the tech news enough to see enough applications come out for it that I’ve changed my mind (well, isn’t that obvious). I didn’t see enough in the Ipad 2 to convince me, but at the prices I was able to get my Ipad 1’s for, I’m rather pleased with them.

  23. After much clamouring for one, my son hasn’t used his much since Christmas. The last app he loaded was a passcode to keep his younger sister from using it.

  24. “Facebook challenged” – – I resemble that remark!
    Way-to-go on the fortunate $200 discount, Ed. I have yet to actually test-drive an iPad, so my first encounter might go something like the 2001 apes and the monolith.

  25. In regards to the ipad does anyone know if you can reconfigure the on screen keyboard? I find the standard qwerty trapezoid that has been carried over into the touch screens to be less than ideal, and as such makes them of very limited utility to me.

  26. I’ll never catch up. I’ve determined that I’m forever to be behind in the land of Deadpan due to the comment structure. I just can’t do it.

    If there’s anything going on, or any new assignments, someone please take pity on me and just send me a FB message or email.


    thank you.

  27. Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on beer that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into sobriety; but is passed from death unto libation.

    Lo – 3:76

  28. Yay! Bloom County is referenced in Fringe (the cab driver in the alternate universe is reading an Opus comic). I finally wish I had HD so I could have read the comic.

  29. The games on the Ipad are probably the biggest reason why I ended up getting a second one.

    The music streaming was certainly a big draw and I am greatly enjoying it. I had a dedicated Ipod dock for my Denon receiver and that has served me pretty well, but the control and user interface I have now are a big upgrade.

    I may still make use of the Sonos technology (although they are awfully proud of it with their prices) in the new house, and the application they have for Ipad is very robust.

    The other big app that tipped the balance for me is the new one that DirecTV put out last month. It doesn’t stream (yet), but it does offer an excellent experience with a better UI than the boxes themselves and nice management and control over the boxes themselves.

    Those are the hooks that pulled me in. Now I’m continuing to explore what is turning out to be a pretty sizeable collection of actual Ipad native scale applications.

    • Just as a data point –
      I tried to go the whole “iTunes with the little Airport Remote receiver thingies” but in the end, had to give up on it.
      Apples “remote” app was swell and the iTunes playlists and such worked well … but I had real problems with signal drop out. I could go for days without an issue and be thinking what a great low cost solution it was … and then have days where the signal would keep randomly popping in and out. It was maddening.

      I finally broke down and went Sonus. The pain of the initial “bend over and take it like a big boy” cash outlay, went away with time but the joy of the bullet proof “whole house” technology has only increased.

  30. Back at CES, I was intrigued by the Motorola Xoom and Android 3.0. However, I think it prices itself too high to compete with Apple and it’s become clear in the tech world (I’m listening to a podcast discussing this right ow) that Android 3.0 is not really ready for public use yet. I wouldn’t rule out giving it another look in the future, as I am still quite happy with my Android phone.

    But at this point, I’m finding that while I appreciate the open nature of my Android phone that is with me all the time, my uses for a tablet that will mostly be at home are different and the cleaner nature of the Ipad and its applications make a better fit.

    I’m no company’s whore. I’ll take anybody’s tool if it is the right one for the job.

  31. Morning, DP! I wish I could swing an iPad, just for the DP during the daysies. But alas, money’s spent and whatnot.

    We’re gonna garden today. Time for Spring planting.

      • Back from dinner and a movie.

        Had the Chimay Première (also known as the Chimay Red). It was good, though not as good as the Blue IMO

        Movie – Saw “The Lincoln Lawyer”.
        Very enjoyable “Who done it” type film with the appropriate twists and turns for the genre’.
        I liked it, though it could probably wait for home rental. Basically drama so seeing it on the “big screen” isn’t as important as it would be with a “blow ’em up”.

  32. Really? They’re playing movie type western music. I know, when Calgary and Edmonton meet it’s called the battle of the west. But really?

  33. THIS is where this comment should be –

    Back from dinner and a movie.

    Had the Chimay Première (also known as the Chimay Red). It was good, though not as good as the Blue IMO

    Movie – Saw “The Lincoln Lawyer”.
    Very enjoyable “Who done it” type film with the appropriate twists and turns for the genre’.
    I liked it, though it could probably wait for home rental. Basically drama so seeing it on the “big screen” isn’t as important as it would be with a “blow ‘em up”.

  34. I am -this- close to pulling the trigger and going all digital with my comics. Marvel has an unlimited digital yearly sub for under $60. I spent about $20 a month on comics, most of which are Marvel titles. I’d save a bunch, be able to read as much as I wanted, and all I’d have to give up would be Wonder Woman?

    Sucks to be her.

    • But wouldn’t you miss carding and bagging and the long white storage boxes that you can never seem to find enough room for?

      How would re-sale work for those? Many e-book formats are non-transferable. Do digital comics even have a value beyond the initial purchase?

      • I’m not sure how the individual digital issues work, but the option I am looking at is a subscription model. So, no resale at all.

        And honestly, I’ve got something like 8 short boxes of disorganize comics, most of them in the living room, and I only really need to keep a few of them. My scattered CrossGen & Black Bull titles, some early Image issues…

    • Let me know how you like it, NS. I’m a bit dyslexic so always have a hard time reading stuff on-screen, but I’m with you on comics. I’ve been reading Pillars of the Earth (thank you, Bunny, again) for 3 months so the comics are REALLY piling up.

      • You should try out the free samples they have at Marvel. The way that the focus automatically moves around is really good. I had only seen it in action on my PSP before and that was kinda painful. This is close enough to the way I read the physical copies right now for me to be happy.

        I am -really- disappointed with Marvel’s setup for actually finding the titles and issues that I want to read. I think they have the current run of X-23, but damned if I can figure out -where-. Grrrr.

  35. We watched Megamind last night and enjoyed it. We’ve also enjoyed B’s mom and our 16 year old niece this weekend. Now back to real life, like laundry and groceries.

    I believe Nurse Jackie S3 premiers tonight – it’s one of our faves.

  36. Well, any birthday you can walk away from it certainly a good one :). There’s certainly much to be appreciated about being able to go a facility where my son and his friends and can run around and make nose and a mess, have cake a presents, and then have someone else cleanup while I get to go home.

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