Jack Mangans Deadpan #200: Memory Pan

Special Double Episode!
Forgotten Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #200: Memory Pan

Double Stuffed Clip Show

This is a hopelessly incomplete audio-collage compilation of memorable bits from the first 5 years/200 episodes of Deadpan, plus a few wonderful new segments to commemorate the occasion.

Thanks to those who sent additional congratulations, clips and content for this episode.

Thank to all those who contribute regularly to Deadpan, as well as to those who participate in the comment boards and all those who simply listen and enjoy the silliness that is Deadpan.

And thank you to The Energizer Bunny for handling these Show Notes just about every week.

Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

Closing musica – Deadpan is the MF Way


654 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #200: Memory Pan

    • *it’s too soon* he says. *don’t do it* he says.

      I hope that the dead recover faster when they move away from the radiation.
      I’m surprised that they’re recovering as quickly as they seem to be.

      *Oooo… so bad. Make the bad Lejon stop.*

  1. Its a Jack Man’s party!
    Who could ask for more?
    Everybody’s comin
    Leave your panties at the door

    Leave your bra n panties at the doooor

  2. Thanks everyone. And as stated in the Show Notes, thanks for the contributions to 200. It was a thrill going back through the old Deadpans and reliving a lot of those moments.

  3. I think on this occation of the 200th EP, I’m going to have to go back and listen to the Wingin’ It episodes with Evo 2.0.

  4. So as I walked with the DP 200 thrumming through my earbuds, my sister pulls up in her car and asks why I have a dumb looking smile one my face.

  5. Congrats to Jack and Thank you to Jack and everyone.

    My Thursday mornings have been more fun than they used to be and it’s all because of you!

  6. I listen to very few podcasts that aren’t podiobooks or writing related. I couldn’t imagine a week WITHOUT the deadpan, though I guess I better start getting used to the fact that in a little over a year the DeadPan will become too gross to continue πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the 200+ episodes so far Jack. You’re awesome for what you do

    and thank you to the community who keep adding fuel to the deadpan fire to help it continue

  7. Seriously… I want to talk about something here that I can’t. I have venting to do… job related venting but am not allowed to discuss it on public forums!

    So AHHHHH!!!!!!!!


    That is all!


  8. Coming your way in 2012 “Deadpan 3D!”

    Which will star Jack and Brian Brown and will go for 30 episodes or so until Ed calls in and tells them to pull the plug.

  9. For those who are interested there were a lot of unused lines:

    Episode Line
    1 Ep-i-sode 1 was the first, it in-tro-duced us to our Jack
    2 Num-ber 2 with Mike was real-ly great; we’d be sure to keep com-ing back
    3 3 with Tee, what can we say? Those guys sure weren’t all that cocky
    4 Buccigross in number 4! Jack got me hot when he talked hockey
    5 In EP 5 Scott Sigler talked his jive.
    6 This 6, 6 is the number, this beast of 6 gets his Slush God Rejection.
    7 We were lucky with 7, Jeremy from Seattle and TD-0013 heaven.
    8 The number eight looks like capital B, and B is for Brooklyn and Blues but in the Far East.
    9 In number Nine we got schooled, in the ways of the Creative Guy.
    10 In the milestone of ten, Mur stops writing and drops by.
    11 Jack Batten’d down the hatches with female guitar whiz Jennifer Batten. This episode went to 11.
    12 1 2 3 4 5… 6 7 8 9 10.. 11 . 12. Yo! Adrien Jones!
    13 13 was quite lucky with scientist Neil deGrasse… Tyson.
    14 We got the down low on scifi publishing with Ellen Datlow for 14.
    15 A Kingly surprise guest on fifteen, from a man who knows how to type.
    16 16 was an interview with TD, prob’ly over Skype.
    17 Number 17 had no idea, no direction home.
    18 18 started Greasy Spoon Comments, as christened by Ditto.
    19 In Episode 19 there was a Raven Crescent interview.
    20 20 had some Greasy Comments with the Wingin’ It crew.
    21 21 had cyberpunk talk and a stolen movie line.
    22 22 contained Part 4 of “Sixteen Pieces at a Time.”
    23 Cheyenne Wright read us a poem in Episode 23.
    24 24 was Very Special, Earbuds and Dumbass Memories.
    25 25 concluded the inaugural Greasy Spoon game.
    26 26 seems to have vanished from the website, what a shame.
    27 Huge twine ball in 27, I wan-na chi-cken, Jack cut his hair.
    28 28’s large saus-age…piz-za, made me feel fun-ny down there.
    41 An interview in 41. A dude named John? Shirley you jest.
    42 It wrapped up in 42, this 2 parter was one of the best.
    53 Much like Amy’s Package, 53 was full of stuff
    54 Zar-doz stars in 54; Sean was all hairsuit and buff.
    95 95 was Magical and Dangerous, that’s all I know
    96 96 had Southland Tales, strange, confusing picture show
    97 Greasy Gulliver in 97, don’t know what that means
    98 98 had fridge contents and a song, “All Beautiful Things”
    99 99 with true brew, 80’s perspective we sure weren’t bored
    100 Episode one oh oh – Lots of content, Jack was floored
    101 101 had Tee n Pip. Pip n Tee n Tee n Pip
    102 102, Peter packed some pork nipples and Pipers Prick
    103 103 we learned10 facts about some folks that brought us close
    104 Blue Planet in 104! Its a Scientologist
    105 105 had a way of bringing Unshow 22
    106 3 stories played in 106 – where’d they come from, what’d they do?
    107 107’s nowhere show with nowhere Jack was nowhere found
    108 108 was Horrible in content and show notes all around.
    109 The babblecast of 109 – “What a crapstorm!” so says Jack
    110 Then there came ol’ 1-1- oh, this one kind’a blue right back
    111 In One-eleven Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit brightened up the day.
    112 One-twelve finished up his interview, he had a lot to say.
    113 One-thirteen was Justa Deadpan, featured guest was Justa J0e.
    114 One-fourteen had Ten Year Memes and excerpts from Amy’s NaNo.
    115 One-fifteen was when we all discussed our thoughts on “Grosse Point Blank.”
    116 One-sixteen began the ‘Pan’s, whacky bets on hockey games.
    139 139 started what was more than a “Flash in the Pan”
    140 Then 140, no one can talk geeky like Tee Morris can
    141 1-4-1, another hockey bet and Natural History
    142 1-4-2 had more of our host talking Flash Gordon with Tee
    143 1-4-3, Flash in the Pan’s conclusion, heard from RapidEye
    144 In one-forty-four Jack called out Huey Lewis on his lies
    151 One-fifty-one was the end of Duel of the Fates, Season 3.
    152 One-fifty-two had Amy, Jack, and JohnBoze telling us stories.
    153 In one-fifty-three Bunny talked about the Deadpan Meetup, then
    154 One-fifty-four saw Jack talked into joining Facebook by Oden.
    155 Polite rap songs in 155 – mmmmmeetup in just 3 weeks more
    156 156 has Olympic hockey theme songs and Questors
    157 The trend continues in 157, with lounge lizards Ozzy leading the way
    158 Jack explains what Deadpan is, in number one fifty eight.
    159 159: Jack’s hard drive dies so JR helps him out, Yo!
    160 Pitfall Harry joins us at the Deadpan Mmmmeetup in 160
    161 While in 161, PC Haring tells us all about Cybrosis
    162 60 lines, the saga begins, in 162 (PLEASE George, don’t sue us).
    163 music music music would describe Deadpan 1-6-3
    164 One-Six-Four though was filled up, with the Deadpan memories
    165 PG Holyfield has 165 fun with Jack
    166 This was followed by live fun, in 166, when Questors was back!
    167 1-6-7 with Live Ques-tors from the Mmmmmett-up and Hock-ey An-thems fun
    168 Then 168 comes with Rich Ca-tino, the interview, part ONE
    169 1-6-9, J0e’s thoughts from the beach, and how Jack’s hard drive crashed.
    170 One-seventy: she said “Yes,” we all think it’s a perfect match.
    171 1-7-1 On the SS Minnow, Van’s Welsh friend and Lando appear
    172 JR & Jack tear down the wall in 172, and we’re all ears!
    173 Electric Jack 173 deals with spam and Hockey themes
    174 Trolls are big–no huge!–in 174’s interview with Ken St. Andre
    175 While in 175, Jack sets us straight on history we might’ve missed
    176 But in 176, Jack tries to help out alien archaeologists
    177 Dark Star in 1-7-7, “Benson, A-Z” was the song
    178 1-7-8, Dark Star continued, Van and Jack talked all night long
    179 A tribute to the 80s comes early in 179
    180 In 1-ate-zero, It seems Twain is currently what’s on Jack’s mind.
    181 181 and 60 lines, the sequel’s outtakes, in palindrome
    182 In 182 the trilogy’s complete, putting Jack Mangan on the the moon.
    183 183, Has Barbarian hair care and beauty in store.
    184 The 9″ smurfs make their debut in 184.
    185 In 185, Jack shares a dumb ass memory on his path to smooth operator
    186 Rush rolls a 186 in his erratic attempt at playing D&D with Jack
    187 1s and 0s are the basis of One 87’s theme
    188 Episode 188: Steampunk awareness, hits mainstream
    189 Santa Thing in 189 brings joy (and horror) to the world
    190 While In one-90 Jack goes green, recycling! old bits once more.
    191 191 started with a bang, Princess Bride with Fred and Columbo
    192 192 was a special guest, our own Lo pan from C O.
    193 193, smooth like butta; Jack and EssBee, no one cries
    194 194 UHF, Weird Al movie; probably-racist su-pplies
    195 195 Utopia, Amy is all a dither
    196 196 we watch a film, overwhelmed by a zither
    197 justa JOe lowrider bass, Used Hair an expert on trees
    198 198: Golden Girls porn; don’t let your kids listen, please
    199 199 is the point, so full of stuff its gonna burst
    200 and here we have two hundred; and its just as good as the first.

    • No, not yet, but I have watched the first season of the anime and thought it was quite good. I’m looking forward to watching the second season.

      When I first heard that the books were to be translated into English, I was pleased. And then I saw the proposed covers. It would have been seriously embarrassing to be be seen reading those. It looked like erotica not a light novel.

      After a lot of complaining, the publisher relented and started offering dust covers.

  10. I agree with Rhettro and Van. There should be, and I’m sure there will be, a community page where we can all hang out even after there are no more new podcast episodes. Bunny, I’ll never get tired of your drivel, either. :happy:

    J0e: I love working on Habitat houses. You rock. :happy:

  11. As for the immediate future, Amy brought up a question a few weeks back about NHL Playoff themes. The regular season ends on April 11. Are we up for this? As Lo Pan stated (and you would have heard, if that part of the recording had made it onpod), it might have proven easier on folks if they just chose 1 team, and would therefore not end up owing multiple anthems.

    The current atandings will be in the next post:

  12. I doubt if the top 8 will change in either conference, or if any of the teams not listed will jump up into a playoff spot. No, not even Toronto or NJ.
    Anyone care to start making claims? Can we get close to 16 interested parties?

    Eastern Conference
    Team GP Pts
    1. x-Philadelphia 76 102
    2. x-Washington 77 99
    3. x-Boston 76 96
    4. x-Pittsburgh 77 98
    5. Tampa Bay 76 93
    6. Montreal 78 89
    7. Buffalo 77 87
    8. NY Rangers 77 87
    9. Carolina 77 84

    Western Conference
    Team GP Pts
    1. z-Vancouver 77 111
    2. * Detroit 77 98
    3. * San Jose 76 97
    4. Phoenix 78 95
    5. Los Angeles 76 94
    6. Anaheim 77 93
    7. Nashville 77 92
    8. Chicago 76 90
    9. Dallas 75 87
    10. Calgary 78 87

  13. Just like EP 100, 200 is worth the second spin on the turn table. It’s information dense and I missed a lot the first time around. Good stuff.

  14. Well I still haven’t a clue about the NHL, so assign me any team that’s left after those in the know have chosen.

    Morning Pan, almost 6 am here, ugh.

  15. We were big fans of the AHL Binghamton Senators, so I would like the Ottawa Senators if no one else has already claimed them.

  16. TGIF, Deadpan!

    Rootbeer float on the agenda today – remembering Joe Murphy and how the small contact I had with him touched my life.

    Have a good day, all y’all.

  17. Darcy texted me this morning about how the washing machine had popped a hose and water had gotten everywhere.

    When I got home I couldn’t find the water and had to ask her where the leak was, she said it was near the calendar.

  18. So far we have:
    Washington Capitals: Lo Pan
    Pittsburgh Penguins: Lost Ralph

    Vanamonde and EssBee open for anyone. Sorry, UsedHair, the Senators will not be in the Playoffs this year. Care to choose a different team?

  19. I’m still holding out for the Leafs. I don’t think they’ll capture 8th, but they are giving it a good run.

    Stupid team. They should have been playing this way months ago.

  20. Today marks the ninth year that my wife and I have been together. I celebrate Fools’ Day for our foolishness. I never knew Joe, but I’ve heard enough tribute to know I missed out on a great guy. I celebrate his memory too.


    • I’m not sure what to feel about this album. It seems like they are more obviously steeling from other bands. I like Arlandria and These Days. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  21. Thank you, Lejon! I’m also glad you were a part of it.

    Budget is tight, we may be getting KrogerBrand RootBeerTM (contains natural and artificial flavors) tonight. Which is still preferable to Barq’s.

  22. Got back from Sucker Punch:

    while I feel the vitriol being spewed forth at this picture is unjustified, I CAN see giving it a negative review. I’m on the fence… its a B- for me.

    The “mini-adventures” as I’ll call them were fucking wonderful, but the main story – the glue of the film- was pretty damn meh even with the inclusion of a nice little tricky ending that would have packed more punch (oops) had it not been drawn out too long. That being said I could look at the film all day (and by “film” I mean…well… deliciousness).

    Some good acting, some “oh PLEASE shut your mouth’ acting. But what action film is immune to that?

    As far as all this “near rape fantasy” talk I dont get it. Just dont.

    I’m going to recommend it Dollar Theater style. And wont be surprised if you walk away from it with more negative reactions than I.

  23. Oh look… there is a team from Tampa Bay in the playoffs and I live in Orlando. I suppose that’s as close as I’m gonna get. I’ll take the Lightnings.

  24. *sigh*
    Another survey showing how clueless Americans are about where the Fed budget goes in general.

    Average respondent thought NPR’s funding was 5% of the budget. That would be $178 Billion!

    In truth, their funding is roughly one one-hundredth of one percent, of the overall budget.

    (Face in hands)

    • …and 20% say CPB gets 10%.

      Though I suspect the 5% who think the government spends half of the budget on public broadcasting might be skewing the average respondent closer to that 5% figure.

      I’m bad with statistics, could that be skewing this poll to alarmist levels?

      • Absolutely!
        Considering how far off even 5% is … I think it’s a pretty good indicator of how the far right has mislead their followers into being so alarmist over CPB funding.

  25. Well, I hope you could all be enjoying as good of weather as I have today. Of course, I only get a couple more days of it before the Sun kicks into full summer mode, so don’t be jealous.

    • And we had the first of many perfect mid 70’s and clear blue sky days ;P

      Denver – 300 days of sunshine a year. If you can see it thru the smog that is

  26. Hubby discovered NetFlix carries a bunch of the old Doctor Who

    CW: Doctor Who – The Three Doctors

    Oh yeah – it’s still snowing

  27. Well I’m not going to be as eloquent as Lo
    pan, just got back from seeing Sucker Punch.

    My 21 year old nephew hated it (he felt he was the one who needed a lobotomy to remove the memory of seeing the movie).

    Me I rather enjoyed the spectacle, the plot is bonkers and rather predictable (also why use the best fight scene near the beginning for goodness sake).

    Mini rant follows:

    For fucks sake Hollywood, stop portraying fat people as rapists (the cook in Sucker Punch), have you actually seen mug shots of convicted rapists eh? A wide range of body types you fuckers.

    • Ill agree with the “fat person” rant here. Although Ill go farther in saying that its more an action film stereotype more than an overarching Hollywood thing. But point taken.

      Dont forget greasy and slobbery.

  28. Crap, it did it again. Nothing really scary I happening but thus movie likes the loud noise than jump out of you kind of scare. Seems to be working on kitty and I today

  29. Subject change: oh look, Calgary’s playing Colorado tonight. Since neither one of us have a hope in hell getting into the playoffs I’m just going to enjoy watching the Flames kick some Lo Pan butt

  30. I’ve finally had a decent day of rest to get into Dragon Age 2. I’m somewhat torn at this point. There’s much that’s better and much that’s just different. To some degree, I think it’s been dumbed down too much from the original.

  31. Looks like it’s me, Lo and ditto in the Boulvard club. Wish I had an Unfiltered Wheat right now. I settle for a Coke Zero over ice.

  32. So who is still unclaimed?
    So far we have:

    Tampa Bay: UsedHair
    Detroit (booooooooooooooooooo): Rhettro
    Wshington: Lo Pan

    With Vanamonde and EssBee requesting ready to be assigned an unclaimed team.
    I’ll play too, but I’ll wait to pick a team.

    Who did I miss?

  33. Pittsburgh: me

    I also enjoy me some Boulevard smokestack. Although I prefer their Tank7, dubbel, and quad. Anyone tried the doppelbock they Did?

  34. Thank you and apologies, LostRalph. You’re down for the Penguins.

    I forget which Boulevard beer Rhett gave me awhile back, but I recall greatly enjoying it at one of the MMMmmmeetups. Alas, my only beer tonight was a Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer.

  35. So the economy has given me the day off today. I’m trying to decide if I want to stay home and play guitar or go to Sedona and ride some trails.

  36. Thanks Jack, but I am Sedona bound. Check FB for pictures, if I get cell reception. Hopefully I’ll be on a trail in two hours.

  37. I’ve been immersed in a particularly frustrating problem here today. My coworkers would probably get a little nervous if they spotted a specialty knife retailer’s site on my screen :cth:

    • Awe, perhaps if you had it on a queue of “deal of the day” sites…

      Ok, that might still look suspicious… Drop an add-on into your browser to disable the CSS… that’ll confuse the onlookers into thinking that you’re just browsing plain text, then… Wait… is this a “public” forum…

      Please disregard…

  38. Also, listened to DP200 a second time on the drive back. I burst out laughing and had tears in my eyes at least twice. The first was Mr. Foreman’s “Gurgle gurgle gurgle. MMMmmmm” and the second was TD’s saying “Oh crap!”. Sometimes, it’s not the content but the delivery.

  39. It’s a little over an hour and a half to get from my house to the park. Not sure why I waited six years.

    EssBee: Thanks. πŸ™‚

  40. And btw, here’s a tentative outlook for the NHL playoffs:

    Eastern Conference
    Team GP Pts
    1. x-Philadelphia
    2. x-Washington – LO PAN
    3. x-Boston
    4. x-Pittsburgh – LOSTRALPH
    5. Tampa Bay – USEDHAIR
    6. Montreal – BUNNY2 (assuming Calgary doesn’t qualify)
    7. Buffalo
    8. NY Rangers
    9. Carolina
    10. Toronto – DITTO1

    Western Conference
    Team GP Pts
    1. z-Vancouver – VANAMONDE
    2. * Detroit – RHETTRO
    3. * San Jose – ESSBEE
    4. Phoenix – JACK M (assuming no one else wants them)
    5. Los Angeles
    6. Anaheim – JRMURDOCK
    7. Nashville
    8. Chicago
    9. Dallas
    10. Calgary – BUNNY1

    Is everyone ok with their team assignments? Amy, since you originally mentioned it, I assume you’d like to play too?
    Since ditto has strong feelings about his team, I’ll let him choose an alternate.

  41. In the good old days of MAD, most people just got on with their lives, assuming that surviving would be a far worse fate than annihilation if the bomb dropped.

    Since my family wasn’t in the income league to afford a nuclear bomb shelter, just had to muddle on and hope for the best.

    So no bag of sharp objects was ever bought.

  42. I am a fan of neither hockey, nor Dallas – so I’ll go ahead and take them.

    Are we playing for anthems/songs again, or do we have something more twisted this time around?

  43. Horrid joke I just made up…

    What you call unlocking challenges on a video game while desperately having to take a shit?

    -A crowning achievement.

    Im so sorry.

  44. Totally not sports-related:

    I finally finished The Pillars of the Earth. Bunny, thanks so much for the book – LOVED it.

    Now, catching up on stacks of comics.

  45. Ed for Dallas. Check. And it would seem that Amy and Nomad both want Boston!

    I’m open to suggestions as to the stakes. I don’t want to make them too burdensome (I’m looking at you, 2010 playoffs), but I also want to ensure maximum funnage.
    -City-based poems (original or existing?),
    -Songs as chosen by the team’s “owner”,
    or…. ??

    No, you are correct; “funnage” is not a word.

  46. I started playing Fable II (I know there is a Fable III, but I picked this up for $5, which I felt was WELL worth it). So far I am liking it quite a bit. I will eventually have to get out of my comfort zone of doing everything the way you are “supposed to” in video games and start to be a rat bastard.

  47. Ohhh, my spam mail today offers me “10 tips to orgasm”

    My thoughts:

    1) have hubby take his shirt off (God he’s got a great chest)
    2) smell hubby (mmmm, love his natural body odor)

    and so on and so forth.

  48. Morning Pan!

    Anyone else have their data compromised in The Great Epsilon Hack?
    So Far I have had notices from Best Buy, Tivo and Disney Vacations(I don’t even know why they have my e-mail)

    Now I am off to the HFH build.

  49. Well I’m not quite as impressed with FF4 after extended use, seems much more resouce hungry then Chrome and runs noticeably slower on my netbook as well.

  50. Is anyone watching Breakout Kings? It’s pretty good. And Serinda Swan is in it. You might recognizer her from Tron Legacy. And the most recent episode, the scene with the boots…? I’ll be in my bunk. πŸ˜‰

  51. I have gotten several emails from site warning me that my email has been compromised. Good thing I’ve got a special hotmail address for those kinds of things.

  52. And with that, it is off to bed for me. Must catch up on my beauty sleep. Not that it helps, but need to keep the optimism up. Yep. That’s up.

      • lol. Yeah, that’s pretty funny.

        Firebug is a very useful tool, but anyone that leaves it on all the time gets what they deserve.

  53. ditto have you (or anyone else) watched Black Butler? I need to start an anime that will hold my attention. Im just not getting thru Blood+. Maybe its the amount of time needed.

  54. Found a store that had a small stock of Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout 4-packs. Became excited. Them saw the 40$ price point.

    Left empty handed. Bully that.

  55. Well, my kids are enjoying the Pokemon game. However, it is their first, so that accounts for much. The just got into Pokemon a couple of months ago. I bet they’ll have moved on within a year.

  56. I can’t quite decide if this is simply brilliant or too smart by half:

    “Under Communism, man exploits man. Under capitalism it’s the other way around.”

  57. So, I went ahead and got the “reconfigured” Tron:Legacy album that came out today. There were enough decent remixes to justify getting the full album. However, I think some just go overboard and do more harm than good to Daft Punk’s overall excellent score. Amazon has the download for $8 now.

    However, in the reviews, someone pointed to a bootleg remix collection. I’m still going through the tracks, but I have to give the nod so far to this set for producing a remixing that generally does more enhancement than over reaching:


    • Of course, I was speaking of Reconfigured. I’ll have to check out that new link. πŸ™‚

      And I watched Legacy again and quite enjoyed it. Again. πŸ™‚

  58. CD: Choc’s Smoked Porter 2010 Homebrew winner

    Meh, this may be better aged. As it is I feel like I’m drinking a dry stout downwind from a campfire with the smoke coming in on the aroma and aftertaste. Maybe it will get better after it warms up…

    • Hmm, warmer is better, well that or buzzer us better. The smoke doesn’t seem as strong and I seem to get a lingering sweetness from the malt, almost sensed rather than tasted.