274 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #228: Kids Only, part 1

  1. Man, I really ought to have some pithy and useful saved up for these rare occasions. Now I’m going to get read for first of the week and only have ‘DERP!’ to show for it.

  2. These show notes are a little different. I chose to not put names, just titles of skits. I know Jack’s kids made up most of this episode but I wasn’t sure who the other kids were (my first guess would be Cj’s) and I didn’t want to leave anybody out so I left everybody out. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! :devil:

    Anyway, here are the notes. Don’t know the title of the final song Jack did so…

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #228: Kids Only, part 1

    Deadpan Squarepants

    Daddy’s Song by

    The Pants Song

    The contents of a balloon

    The Terrible Castle

    Duel of the Fates between Mickey Mouse and Calvin & Hobbs

    Banana Phone

    The Family of Hunts

    Go to Sleep my Deadpan

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing Music –

  3. Phew, I’m relieved. I listened and re-listened, but I still had a nagging fear that a stray “motherfucker!” had somehow slipped through…

    Van, I’m surprised you relinquished the FIRSTIES for the week.

  4. Thought about using this as an earbuddies piece, but I’m just not sure enough that others will find this as interesting as I do. I think it would work better just putting it out there to the group. I heard this song on All Songs Considered and couldn’t get it out of my head. I tried listening to the other songs by this artist, but am generally bored by them. Something about the combination of lyrics, her voice, and the general carnival-feel of this song just get to me.


  5. Today I get a complete work over by my Doctors. I have to do things like run on a treadmill for a length of time, breath in a silly tube, jump, etc. I always come away exhausted after these things. The only good thing is I expect to have better results than last year.

    • Interesting (and partially remembered from an interview I saw once) side bar on this subject.
      There was a test pilot who never went in to space but got the job of testing the stuff out. One of the early things NASA wanted to know was if people could bail out of a space capsule if things went awry. So they sent a Gemini (I think) capsule up by balloon with this guy inside to see if you could make a jump from the edge of space.
      So at the appointed altitude, this guy pressurizes his suit, opens the hatch and tries to climb out. Only, the space capsule was very tight and they apparently hadn’t accounted for the parachute AND a fully pressurized suite so the guy got halfway out and couldn’t go any farther.
      Not to worry though. The capsule had been fitted with the newly developed “recovery chute” so he simply had to climb back in and wait for the pre-programed ship to detach from the balloon and ride it back down.
      … Only he got stuck. Halfway out of the hatch.
      I can’t remember how long he struggled but he eventually kicked himself free and set an altitude record.
      All following, high altitude jumps were done from open gondolas.

      • Not that those were simple.
        BTW – On November 16, 1959, Joseph Kittinger The guy who holds the current altitude record and may be the same guy mentioned above) made a jump from 76,000 feet that nearly killed him. To stabilize him and prevent him from going into a “flat spin,” he had this small parachute that was supposed to open after he had fallen for 16 seconds. Instead it opened after only two seconds and WRAPPED AROUND HIS NECK ! This put him into an uncontrollable spiral and he lost consciousness as he tumbled at 120 revolutions per minute. He was saved because he had an emergency chute that opened automatically at 10,000 feet.
        This guy did two more high altitude jumps after that including the one that is still the record today.
        These 1960’s test pilot guys were a whole special kind of insane.

    • I think that one of the things the movie/music industry over looks when they talk about how much money is lost to “piracy” is who is doing this theft.
      My casual observation is that the bulk of it is being done by kids (yes, I am including you young 20 somethings) who don’t have the cash to buy these CDs, rent videos or go to these movies to begin with. I hold aloft NAPSTR as my shinning example. AT one time is was the biggest thing out there. Then they tried to go “legit” by charging … and their users vaporized.

      So while I DO believe that Internet piracy does mean the loss of a great deal of money to a lot of people … if you stopped all of it tonight the majority of those doing it just simply wouldn’t see or listen to all of this “content”.

      I do not believe it is a one to one relationship between illegal downloads and dollars lost.

  6. Hey Pan

    Apparently the dump on the reserve caught fire yesterday and that’s why there was smoke in the air. They figure it will contine to burn for another couple of days, so I can expect to smell smoke for another few days

  7. I am currently looking over a list of “2012 Best Picture” nominees, trying to decide which to rent.

    With a shudder, I am suddenly reminded of “Sideways”.
    Am I the only one here who thought that thing was just a horrific loss of 2 hours of their life?

    • I watched Sideways on DVD with my mom and ex-wife. Even in my mid-30s, it was awkward watching the angry-naked-guy-runs-down-the-street scene with my mom.

      In spite of that, I recall the movie being pretty good – – as long as you can tolerate a movie with no likable characters.

      • I was annoyed that it didn’t go anywhere or do anything. My impression of the film was that neither of the guys in it “grew” from their experiences. Which I guess could still make a fun film if something “fun” happened to the characters. meh

        AND ANOTHER THING … why was your mother running down the street with angry-naked-guy?

  8. Morning Pan

    Busy day. First work, then going to clean the bathroom, then going to makes some cookies called Chocolate Bliss, then must shop for snacks and alcohol for the company we’re having tonight.

    Maybe I’ll do a cookie making play by play.

  9. My Android phone is loaded up with the first Aubrey-Maturin novel by Patrick O’Brian and all my Toucan Pirates, PotC sountrack, and Jimmy Buffett music. I’m just now heading out the door for my 3-day cruise adventure to Ensenada, Mexico! I probably won’t be online much this weekend, but I might poke my head in if I can. If I can’t, talk to you on Monday! Deadpan is the way! :happy:

  10. After another fruitless night trying to upgrade a HTC Tattoo I think I’m going to have to admit defeat and throw the phone in the bin.

  11. From Phil Plat’s tweet: “Got binoculars and clear skies tonight? Uranus is a faint bluish dot 1.5 deg right below Venus.”

    That’s great because I’ve never seen Uranus. Then again maybe I have.

  12. May have found my earbuddies piece. But I’m still culling the archives. I feel like I should do a study on what makes people assume that someone else has already heard everything in their own song collection.

  13. Kids sports are a lot more stressful that I remember. Both the kids finished basketball today. Quite a bit of progress for both of them compared to where they started the season.

  14. Well I’m hoping my earbuds partner cannot claim the song is obscure or unobtainable as it’s on Grooveshark.

    Well possibly the former…

  15. Drank a Ruthless Rye IPA from Sierra Nevada, if you like IPAs you’ll probably love this. To me it’s a decent one bottle a night beer.

    • The comments for that article are quite telling.

      If the Internet spent half as much time trying to find a solution to piracy as it spends DENYING that piracy is a problem … we’d have a clean and appropriate solution.

  16. Oh, and for the Facebook challenged, we did go see Episode 1 today. It claimed to be in 3D. We wore the glasses and everything. My wife reported to me this evening that our six year old son kept telling her “This isn’t in 3D!”

    A pretty damning indictment. Unless they really ask to go, I don’t plan on seeing any of the other supposed Star Wars 3D conversions.

  17. Sea legs, wheeeee! :silly:

    I’m back on shore, safe and sound. That was an awesome, fun vacation! The best parts were when our favorite performers were rocking the house and we were all dancing! :biggrin:

  18. When it rains it pours. Now I have too damn many things I want to send for the ear buddies exchange. In honor of High Fidelity it would be cool to do this as a top 5 list. On the other hand, it’s hard enough to get people to do one at a time.

  19. CD: Prepping for my trip to Megacon – Orlando this weekend.

    Not quite the kind of convention I’m used to. Megacon is more like a big dealers room with signing opportunities (oh, and a panel here and there because they don’t want to be accused of being nothing but a trade show). On the other hand, I haven’t had the time or money to travel to the cons in the northeast that I really like (I-Con, LunaCon, etc.) and I really miss going to conventions. With any luck, I’ll be in a position this year to go to DragonCon in Atlanta (a mere 8 hour drive away).

    • Everyone should go to DragonCon at least once. Though, getting to meet all the voices in my head that year made for a pretty big draw.

    • I could also just post the ones that don’t make the cut for the group here on the comments board. I doubt many people will be upset to have new music thrown their way.

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