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  1. Why do I love an unshow? It means we’re not getting closer to 244!!! WooWoo.

    Happy Thanksgiving all you deadpanites! I love you all and need to start spending more time over here. I also miss you guys when I’m not here. I’m thankful for this community.

  2. Ok peeps, you were warned

    Today’s movie is Silent but Deadly. Why? Simply because it’s net on my DVR

    The DVR writeup: Jason Mewes stars in this horror comedy about a mentally challenged serial killer who wreaks havoc on the cast and crew of a Hollywood movie

  3. Movie’s over.

    My thoughts. This was made intentionally as a comedy. That was quiet obvious. Howere, I think they tried a little too hard. Yes it had its funny moments but mostly it was just stupid

  4. I know I have to do from Q on in the ABC’s of accounting but to be honest, accounting is boring. Although, doing the ABC’s made me realize just how dirty some sayings are in my field. For example; first in, first out. Maybe it’s just my mind that’s in the gutter.

  5. If someone of the opposite sex sends you a photo of themselves and all you do is comment on the tint of the photo, could this be seen as a rejection?

    • I suppose it depends upon what basis the picture was sent in the first place as well as the mindset of the person who sent it to you originally and how well they know you. I know I wouldn’t see it as a rejection however I’m not looking at it from the viewpoint of a potential paramour. Also I think I know you well enough to know that’s just the way you are, no rejection or insult meant *shrug*.

      I know this is a useless answer but, since I don’t know the back story, it’s the best I can do.

  6. Well I thought it had just been sent for fun (the background picture made the person look like they were wearing a building as a hat), and probably it was and I’m just over analysing.

  7. While everyone else is in the dinning room playing Dominoes, I am wandering around the house figuring out how to make it zombie resistant.
    It would take a lot of work but I think it is quite do-able. It’s on a steep hill and has a basement so I think that removing the basement stairs and then cutting trap doors in the floor would go a long way. Zombies just don’t have the dexterity to climb.

  8. Final thought of the night:
    Pretty meh on the Muppets. Definitely not terrible, definitely a good kids movie, but definitely not as good as other Muppet movies.

    Goodnight :Borkborkbork:

  9. Hey Pam.

    Van, You buy strings for the acoustic guitar. When you go to the store, they should be labeled for acoustic, (as opposed to electric). Hubby says he prefers metal strings. He’s pretty sure nylon strings are more suited to classic guitar vs. rock. As for the strings themselves, a lot of it is personal taste. There are usually several brands, string thickness, etc. hubby preferes the Slinky strings (on electric anyway). But we have a friend who prefers the Super Slinky brand. I’m not sure what jack uses. The best bet is to try a few different ones and see what they prefer the feel of.

  10. Hey, Pan… Help me out. I feel a little silly asking, because while I do get behind on occasion, I have listened to ever episode of the Pan.

    I cannot remember and/or somehow missed Van’s response to the earbuds I sent him. It’s not so important that I hear what I say, I have this information, but does anyone recall or can you help me locate the episode which contains our earbuddies segment!?

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  11. Hail, Deadpan!

    Hope all Enjoyed their Thanksgiving, or Thursday as the case may be.

    I had a most excellent week all around, especially with the kids.

  12. RE: Guitar strings: Rhett said it well. I’ve been pleased with Martin and Martin Marquis strings for my acoustic guitar, Extra Light gauge (10-47), so I can do bluesy bends and noodling. Most prefer standard gauge strings (12-54). I have 2 acoustics, but no flamenco/classical guitars, so I only buy nylons to wear on my head for grocery store robberies.

    • On the other hand I’ve heard that it’s enjoyable to watch. I have to admit I haven’t tried to catch any episodes.

      Nothing new about the bad science, it’s almost always like that. Even good scifi plays fast and loose with science facts depending on the plot.

    • I never got into it, but my wife has been following it.

      As for the guys review – what he fails to understand is that Hollywood screws up everything like that. Is this the show my kids should be learning all about dinosaurs from? No. Can it open a door of interest? Possibly.

    • Hey Ditto

      Yup winds were insane but we all survived. They picked up while we were out getting a mic for hubby. I’m glad it didn’t happen on Saturday. I took my grandmother shopping then and I don’t think it would have gone well.

      We did have a short black out in our neighbourhood but still fared better then some areas where trees toppled.

      *shrug* it was a chinook wind. This magnitude is not common but still not unheard of during the winter months.

  13. I missed a reunion over the weekend of my teenage NJ (Photon) crew, due to local family Thanksgiving stuff.
    While missing the reunion was fine, seeing all of the then and now pictures posted online was not. I was overwhelmed with 2 things:

    1. Nostalgia.
    2. Oh my god, everyone is old.

  14. There.
    Hot water heater is cleaned out and re-installed. I seem to have stopped all my newly installed leaks (though vigilance is called for over the next day or so). All the air has been purged from the lin and I would seem to have hot water again.


  15. Thanks for all the well wishes Everyone! I think the things that helped me move on so easily and quickly is that my marriage was actually over about 4 years a go but I held on for her kids and I have a lot of friends who were just waiting for me to come to my senses.
    I have also been friends with my girlfriend for about 16 years and dated for about a year and a 1/2 10 years ago. Last time we just kind of when our own ways because we both didn’t realize how good we where together. We both keep joking we each needed to be shit on to see what we had together. We also both have a number of friends telling us they haven’t seen either of us this happy since last time we were a couple.
    weird how the world works.
    The divorce is final next Monday damn 120 day waiting period.

    • But don’t get me started about Windows 7. Actually, it’s not Windows’ fault. It’s her Viking embroidery machine’s software – crikey.

      • trying to connect older things to new stuff is a pain then add 64-bit into the mix and your asking for trouble
        i have a win7 64-bit pc with a very nice video card and kick ass sound card and pretty good mother board I can’t use to the full potential because the companys never made 64-bit drivers win7 32-bit might work fine

          • I too have a printer/scanner that doesn’t scan under Windows 7. At the time, I went onto the HP website to troubleshoot. HP acknowledged the issue but said they were not going to do a software updated for that printer for Windows 7. At least the printer part still works.

          • when you buy something expensive and they won’t make new drives is when I get most annoyed even more so if Win7 was at least in beta when it came out.
            Cisco had at one point said they wouldn’t make a 64bit VPN client. I don’t think they have changed on that.

          • I had to replace a very nice flatbed scanner when I upgraded to Windows 95, and replace the one I replaced again when I upgraded to XP. At least they got less expensive at each replacement.

  16. Using my extra-caffeinated powers this morning to attack my “in box”.
    Finally have it back down below 1000 (960, actually) Wahoo!!!!

    This is all in preparation for upgrading my OS from 10.4 to 10.5

    That never goes well.

  17. It’s nice to see the wiki article on hemorrhoids is complete with helpful photos. I don’t remember the World Book encyclopedia being as complete in Jr. High.

  18. And I’m here
    To remind you
    Of the mess you made when you boarded me
    Its not fair
    To deny me
    Of the minutes for my crosscheck penalty
    You you you Ott to know

  19. So who’s that guy on the Panthers with the wicked slapshot?
    And I’m like, Ruutu
    And who’s his brother back in Finland and who’s the one I forgot?
    And I’m like Ruutu and Ruutu too

  20. Who’s got a scythe and free tickets to see the Badgers play hockey next Friday
    This guy!
    I haven’t really watched college hockey much but it is still a free game live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Actually college hockey can kick ass. I’m blessed to live in an area with a couple really good teams (Wisconsin traditionally has strong team as well). I mean right now, Merrimack is #1 in the country. Who the fuck is Merrimack and how did they become a college hockey power? This I ask!

  22. Speaking of BSG, I am well into season 4.0. While much of season 3 (all the parts on the bay ship with Baltar) sucked, season 4 has really been quite nice. It’s been a good one to work out to.

    When I finish BSG I’m gonna rewatch LOST from the beginning. I did stop watching at some point mid-Season 2 so there are some episodes I haven’t seen yet.

  23. Shout out to Ed: I’m listening to a Song of Ice & Fire podcast recommended by the All Leather Must be Boiled blog. We could do this SO MUCH BETTER.

  24. Regarding the previously “Carrie Fisher” video.

    After about 15 seconds, I just had to give up and click the “Costume Princess Leia” video in the sidebar.

    Some memories simply shouldn’t be messed with.

  25. Today I have no idea what time hubby will get home.

    The superintendent of his school has a bluegrass type band. When he heard hubby had a mandolin he asked hubby to join them. Today they have their first practice at 3:00. Hubby will either be home early (if it only last an hour) or late, depending upon how long they play.

    How am I suppose to arrange dinner around that?

  26. When hubby and I were dating, we had this strange Kurt Russell theme going. Stargate was the first movie we saw together, so I picked him up the Big Trouble in Little China movie poster. He gave me the Escape from New York video tape, and it went on from there. While it seemed cute and fun at the time, looking back I think it was very strange

  27. I have no play by play movies in my DVR. What’s that all about?

    That’s not to say I don’t have any movies recorded but they are all ones hubby wants to see (i.e. Limitless with Bradley Cooper, some sort of Ozzy Osborne documentary, etc). My TV better smarten up and start showing some really bad B Horrors again.

  28. One of the great things about not being with my Ex is I can actually spend a little money when I want to.
    I just made my first Woot! purchase and I have been a member since early 07.

  29. I’m not sure why but the “exposing him to a plethora” made me think of the McDonald’s Hope in the Happy Meals but Isn’t how Pandora’s box worked?

  30. Van – I can’t believe it got there so fast!

    I made sure to ship it EARLY – but… I’m definitely impressed with the speed. I sure hope you like it. 🙂

  31. Crap (and very non PC) joke alert:

    A Red Indian introduced me to his wife… “this is Four Horses”.
    I said “wow thats a beautiful name”, what does it mean? He replied “NAG, NAG, NAG, fuckin NAG”…

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