771 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan 94: Ctrl-F4

  1. Wow, checked my iTunes first thing and no Deadpan, but I find this page and check iTunes again and it is dl’ing…

  2. I’m out magazine hunting (they can be really sneaky). Won’t be able to listen to the latest DP till I get home.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been this high in the list of comment before,,

    Magazine? is that like one of those blog site things that come in pre-printed format?

  4. I didn’t get up early enough to download the Pan for my commute. I’ll try to stealthily secure a copy on my work comp.

  5. Anyone catch that piece of crap “Children of the Grave” last night? It was like Ghost Hunters, but really lame. With tons of visual effects and stuff. Not good for a “documentary” on ghost hunting.


    I’ma gonna listen to Deadpan at werk too.

  6. Jeremy – I watched 2 minutes of “Children of the Grave” and couldn’t stand it! Did you really watch the whole thing? My girl is a big “Most Haunted” fan, and I don’t really even care for that, so it was a bad bet for me from the get-go.

  7. k, Deadpan downloaded and digested, no pepto needed. Cheers to disgruntled scientist, Amy and Jack Jaffe for their contributions. Oh and Jack was funny too. 😉

  8. I do enjoy “Ghost Hunters” but all the others I could do without. I did like the GH spoof on Supernatural. “Ghost Facers!” LOL

  9. So my horoscope for the day starts off:

    “The nutty behavior that’s been happening in your social circle might be driving you nuts, but it doesn’t directly involve you — so don’t insert yourself into the drama today.”

    Well that’s a relief. LOL

    I also think “insert yourself into the drama” could be a new euphemism for something.

  10. Yeah, me neither or heard one even. I have had some things happen that would fit into what I would call the paranormal though.

  11. I’ve had dreams that have come true, but the events were so trivial (plots in TV shows for goodness sake) that I suspect it says more about rehashing of plots than anything paranormal.

  12. My paranormal stuff is tame though, but the stories from my mother’s side of the family is straight out of the X-Files. The people telling the stories are all sincere, but not having first hand experience I can’t say what they thought happened actually happened. Strange tales to be sure though.

  13. Everyone is familiar with the “stream of concious.” That is to say you have thoughts through out the day that lead you to different thoughts, but they are all connected. Well, when I was a teenager, I use to get these thoughts that were disconnected, like memories of events that hadn’t happened and they would be occompanied with the oddest emotion, like I wasn’t supposed to have them. But they always came true. I don’t know if my subconcious mind was just extra perceptive or what. In any event, I can’t explain it.

  14. Interesting that we have Children of the Grave and Iron Man movies right now. Is War Pigs next?

    I saw that CotG was on, but watched a bit of the David Gilmour concert before I did the Pan. His new stuff sounds more like Pink Floyd than the last few Pink Floyd albums.

    Morning mehsh.

  15. For whatever reason when I hear the name David Gilmour, I think of Paul Gilbert. Paul Gilbert had a concert on TV?!!! LOL

  16. Okay, in another shameless attempt to boost nipples, computers I have owned, in chronological order:

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    Bought it in 1983 with a student grant. Was an issue 2 model that was prone to overheating. Finally failed and WH Smiths (who sold computers in those days) replaced it with a brand new issue 3 model.

    Still have that one in it’s original box.

  17. Okay, in another shameless attempt to boost nipples, computers I have owned, in chronological order:

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    Bought it in 1983 with a student grant. Was an issue 2 model that was prone to overheating. Finally failed and WH Smiths (who sold computers in those days) replaced it with a brand new issue 3 model.

    Although I bought a lot of games I only added one bit of hardware. A box that provided a joystick port and the ability to hit a button and save memory contents to tape.

    Still have that one in it’s original box.


  18. Okay, in another shameless attempt to boost nipples, computers I have owned, in chronological order:

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    Bought it in 1983 with a student grant. Was an issue 2 model that was prone to overheating. Finally failed and WH Smiths (who sold computers in those days) replaced it with a brand new issue 3 model.

    Although I bought a lot of games I only added one bit of hardware. A box that provided a joystick port and the ability to hit a button and save memory contents to tape.

    Still have that one in it’s original box.

  19. Next one was an Atari ST, the STFM model with a single side 3.5 inch floppy. Later upgrade the ram to one meg and the internal floppy to dual sided. Also added an external floppy drive. Bought it in 1987, first computer I bought with my second job.

    Sold it to so I could afford to buy a Supra modem, imported from the USA (v32bis…oooh the speed).


  20. Next one was a PC, a IBM compatible with a 386DX (33Mhz) processor from a now defunct company called Micorsurgeons. No sound card, 2 megs of ram and a 20mb hard drive. Later added a soundcard.

    Had an intermittent fault which would make it reset for no apparent reason. Eventually give it away to my brother-in-law.


  21. Here is a list of all the computers I’ve owned.

    1985 Atari 800XL
    1987 Atari 130XE
    1989 Amiga 500
    1991 IBM 486-33
    1994 IBM 486-100
    1996 P1-200MMX
    1998 Celeron 333
    2000 P3 750
    2003 P4 2.8Ghz
    2008 AMD X2 4000

    Starting with the 486-100 forward were computers I assembled myself.

  22. The zzzzzzzzzzz was for Vista.

    I’m now officially over getting high spec PCs, been using the Eee PC for a few months now, very low spec, but does almost everything I need a computer for now these days.

    New games I leave to consoles, although the PC is still great for playing old games via emulation.


  23. Oh and great games for the Atari ST (in my view):

    Dungeon Master
    Carrier Command
    International Karate +
    Rainbow Islands

  24. Oh crap – OK, time’s up – NHL Conference Finals predicitons:

    Flyers over Penguins in 7. (But go Penguins)
    Red Wings over Stars in 6. (But go Stars)

    No idea – these are 2 tough series.

    OK, mullet wig off. Back to other Deadpan topics 🙂

  25. Well if the Red Wings get beat, I guess it would be okay if it was by the Stars. I lived in Dallas for almost a year once.

  26. I dunno…… the Penguins are so damn good, I probably should pick them. I just think that they’re young enough to get flustered and frustrated by Biron.

    OK, switching my pick. Pens in 7.

    Oops – sorry, putting the mullet away.

  27. Oh, hi Jack. I should email you. Are you on the road?

    Sister is doing ok I guess. They took the catheter out so she’s peeing on her own. They never did tape her ribs, or do surgery on the lacerations. Never got a definite diagnosis on the shoulder, she still can’t feel her arm. But she pretty much still looks like a smurf, and I guess it might be a month or more before they release her from the hospital.

  28. sports- meh! Between hockey and basketball I tell you… Although I was watching LeBron today *swoooooon* he is purtey.. he strong like bull.. even though he was playing sub par. Hugh isn’t here to make any predictions. I will leave that to him 🙂

    Mothers Day- Saturday we are taking my mom to dinner then over to my brothers house to be with her grandson, Sunday we are driving his mom out to the burbs and meeting up with the other siblings and her grandkids.

    anyhoo. I didn’t come here to talk sports or mothers day…

  29. I am giving you a ear bud via comments.. yeah yeah I know I should call it in.. Jack read this for me if you want 🙂

    Our current music obsessions

    Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts and The Slip
    The Kills – Midnight Boom
    Estelle- shine
    Portishead- Third
    Madonna – Hard Candy
    The Presets – Apocalypso
    Ladytron – Velocifero

    goodnight pan

  30. Best wishes for your sister Dub.

    RE – Mothersday. I get a little more time. Mom is going with Dad to see his mother for mothersday. Sometime next week I’ll probably take her to lunch and then help my sisters plant some flowers or something at her house.

  31. Oh no, JOe! Take care of that.

    Happy Friday, Pan. I don’t know about y’all, but I sure as shit am happy I don’t have to come to work tomorrow.

  32. I wish you sister a speedy recovery, Dub.

    Ed, that’s awesome your daughter is doing well in karate.

    I sure don’t want to come to work tomorrow, but I don’t think there is anyway to avoid it. Too many things stacked up around me. =P June should shape up to be a lot less taxing on me.

  33. Seems as though I bruised my left index finger. I think that’s God’s way of punishing me for practicing black metal. LOL

  34. okay … I went back to bed after that last post and now I feel much better. Good enough to at least make some coffee.
    Now, to deal with the fact that I am hours behind for the day. 😕

  35. That’s a sweet looking bike.
    A quick glance at the site didn’t reveal a 0-60mph time. I wonder about that and how far it can go on a charge.

    Say, maybe one of you bored, World Wide Internet surfers can find some plans for turning my Honda CB200 into an electric vehicle.

    Back to work for me.

  36. It’d be better if it had twice the range and half the cost. I’m hoping future releases will provide that, but who knows?

  37. “Whip it good!”

    Back in the late 80’s I bought a 50cc Honda scooter, because all the cars in the same price range had reliability issues. LOL It’s tank held less than a gallon of gas and I would fill it up for 50 cents every 9 days or so. The gas station attendant used to joke with me about why I even bothered coming in to pay. But it got me thinking if gas prices really do go up to $15 a gallon, what recourse does the average American have to save money on his/her commute. Right now, I don’t think the economy of scale would save you money with the electric motorcycle, but an 80cc scooter could pay for itself in two years at current gas prices. Just doing a bit of brain storming.

  38. I think I have just about hit nirvana. A few months ago I purchases a book as audio CD’s with the plan to import then and listen to them via my Ipod. I started off with the dumbass approach and just imported each CD as a set of tracks, which proved annoying.

    I later learned about joining all the tracks on a CD into one file for importing. Definitely a big step up.

    Today, I’ve learned that, with a bit of file manipulation, I can actually get my Auidobook CDs to show up in the audiobook section of Itunes/Ipod instead of mixed in with all my music. This is a pretty good link (though, I skipped a bunch of the steps as I thought they were overkill) to get you through it.


    I’m definitely going to have to see what my library has now for audiobook CD’s available.

  39. Today’s mildly related, NASCAR trivia bit.

    The amount of fuel the NASCAR Cup series uses in a year at races and test sessions.
    175,000 gallons.

    for perspective … that is about how much fuel the rest of America uses … every 4 hours.

  40. Hi Dickey, welcome to the insanity. 😉 Uh-oh, my masters are looking my way. Got to put the chains back on. *whip crack*

  41. You see some famous actors in the Avengers, Ron Moody (Fagan in the Oliver musical) is on screen now playing an eccentric prof.

  42. Not sure what I’m gonna do with my night. Fox has a bit of a cold again, so Darcy went to the premiere of her play alone. She’s going out with some friends and staying in Little Canada overnight, so the men run the house tonight.

  43. that right I am “TO” on this site. not Jack Jaffee.

    There can be only one Jack…

    Hey Dub… I having Sam do a reading of Bob. I haven’t heard from you so. I did want to hit you up for a reading with you sister in the still bad off. I glad to hear she is slightly better.

    Are you happy the the clockwork ornge bit? I don’t think I got the lines just right?

    Yes, I am on the road until Balticon… It is a full 4 weeks out. I start to o loopy after two weeks. I start making weird calls to Slice and Winging it… Going to try not doing that this time.

  44. FPR 9 is now online. Given my new setup I basically decided to wing it. Hence the name of the show…

    I dunno what to say about it, you guys are gonna have to tell me. *lol*

  45. There, I have completed my ADFD segment for Rachel Ruzzo, one of my Ten Things I do Without Pay over at my LJ, which is johnboze DOT livejournal DOT com

    ‘toopid WP LJ hater…

  46. So something weird happened today:

    I realised that my right hand has visibly aged more than my left hand.

    Bloody UV.

  47. It’s Kurt from dark age. I’m really enjoying that podcast. I don’t know what it is. But I’m hooked. I think it’s just the fact that there is utterly no pretension. It’s just a simple, fun popcorn novel. Congrats!

    I’m really getting caught up in the characters.

  48. After today’s live wingin it taping I needed a place that was free of drama. I need a place for free expression of intelligent ideas came forth an abundance. A place resplendent in diverse thinking. I couldn’t find it so I’m posting on the deadpan.

    I like boobs

  49. So, my parents are in town for the weekend, which means free baby sitting for the wife and I. So naturally we went out on a date for Mother’s Day.

    After dinner, we decided to check out the new Iron Man. I have essentially zero knowledge of the comics, so came in with only the trailers and various positive recommendations from pod and email land.

    The wife and I had a blast with it and we had a crowd that was cheering and laughing out loud through the film – it was quite festive.

    And, thank’s to FPR #9, I knew to stay to the end of the credits. Most excellent.

  50. Like Jack says, everything is better with Sam Jackson. 🙂

    As today’s WI… It appears the situation isn’t good. Supposedly there will be an announcement soon.

    All I can say is, thank god for Jack Mangan.

  51. Happy Mothers Day to all the Deadpan moms, and all wives/mothers of Deadpanites

    and the dads who have to be moms sometimes,

    and the people who step in as moms sometimes

    and the people who mommy us constantly out of love

    Hugh sez: and the wife who knows when I need her to mommy me even when I don’t


    and the husband who can defuse the situation and make mothers day with my mom so pleasant

    and the mother-in-law who loves me like her own

    un beso grande

    Feliz día de madre panitos de muerte

  52. Yeh …what she said, I second that!

    Especially that last part about “Felix with the mad pants”. I don’t know what it was but it had a nice ring to it. 🙂

  53. Well, Vanamonde, that was definitely an interesting read from Mr. Morgan (who I admit I’ve never heard of). I am thankfully that I’m not plugged in enough to such things to even know that there’s so much bickering among Sci-Fi/Fantasy writers.

    I don’t read nearly as much as I used to and it seems most of what I do read these days tends to be continuations of works from authors that I started with years and years ago. I tend to rely on friends who are more plugged in to show me something new. I find, probably as a matter of coincidence as much as anything, that I tend more toward fantasy, though I’ve read plenty of Trek and Star Wars novels as well as “hard”(er) scifi. At the end of the day, it has to come down to the story and the characters, though. If those are missing, then I don’t care if you have “fantasy” FTL drives, or superconducting magnet driven rail guns.

  54. Morning Deadpan!

    The sun is shining brightly.

    We’ll be seeing Iron Man later today.

    Don’t forget to call your mummies and apologize for being the brats I know we all were when a kid 🙂

  55. OH, and a big thank you to Jack. (He knows why.) The gesture was appreciated even if it didn’t seem like it at the time.

  56. Jack, why for did WP eat my comment on my first computer?

    Does it not like what I had?

    Here is the wikipedia link (again). But I spaced it out so maybe it will keep it (which means you’ll have to put it into your browser instead of linking 🙁 )

    http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Color_Computer

  57. Still eating my comments with links (boooooooo). I think I’ll try it again.

    Followed by the Tandy 1000

    http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Tandy_1000

  58. Since I’m obviously alone in the pan, here is my tribute to Mother’s Day…

    A pack of hungry wolves had suronded the skunk family. Mother skunk said, “Let us spray.”

  59. Do you think the mother of an English Philosopher’s was a simple person? Maybe it’s because she was Ockham’s raiser.

  60. The mother of the famous Mongolian leader used to read him The Little Engine That Could. He liked the part that said “I think I Khan, I think I Khan….”

  61. One year, when I went out on Halloween night, I was upset when all I was getting were oats. I blame my mom for telling me to yell “trigger treats”

  62. On the WI thing, those of us listening got freaked out as it appeared Brian walked out in the middle of recording, and just before the live feed was cut off he was heard saying “I’m done, this isn’t fun anymore.”

    I said there I wasn’t for sure but it sounded planned to me, and everyone said if it was planned it was awefully damned convincing and not very funny.

    Supposedly there will be an announcement next week about what is going on. But I did get an email from Brian last night, and I dunno if he’s trying to hold the suspense or not, but he sounded pretty damn happy, I would say ecstatic. I dunno what’s appropriate to let out, but he’ll be at the pool party and he’s not quitting Farpoint Media, but his involvement with Wingin’ It and beyond that… I actually don’t know. He didn’t say.

  63. Just a quick hop in as I’m making dinner.

    Hi Van, Yes we stayed until the end and saw the 30 second bit. As for the movie itself, I enjoyed it. Not a heavy thinking movie but a good popcorn movie.

    Now must check on my roast. Don’t know if I’ll be in tomorrow as I have to go into the office.


  64. So, perhaps all isn’t well in FPM land after all. Most unfortunate.

    You know, honesty, if WI was just the gang sitting around for an hour geeking on various topics for the week, I’d be just fine with that.

    I think they’re placing too much importance on listener generated content. They’re fine when they come along, but they’re not why I listen to WI3D.

  65. I saw Iron Man and liked it. I was speed at all the hype over the last sceen. Told people not to leave and people stay just because I told them not to. We all waited though the 10 mins of credits just to see a Sammy walk on roll.

    Still the movie was better then F4

  66. Looks like it was a pretty brutal weekend for Speed Racer. Its a disaster no matter how you slice it ($20 million open for a $120 million movie).

    Iron Man is #1 again with over $50 million. Someone sagely commented that Iron Man made more in week 2 than most movies make in week 1.

  67. Next week brings Prince Caspian and then the new Indianna Jones movie.
    Later we’ve got Batman and some others that I can’t remember. It’s been a while since I’ve found myself looking forward to going to the theater in the summer.

  68. morning pan!

    ditto was here!!!

    Ah yes Ed, how much local coverage did that wedding get there in Texas?

    Her dress sure was pretty. I wish her and her husband much happiness too. Lord knows marriage is a job 🙂

    Hugh sez: I would think being married to me was like a vacation 😉

    🙂 it is Hugh, it is

    We had a goal this week? Why did no one tell me? Whats our comment goal?
    Maybe we can help later, right now we gotta go.

    l8r pan

  69. Morning Ed,
    Morning ASH,
    Morning EssBee,
    Morning ditto,
    Morning John Boy.

    Another whirlwind weekend. Saturday I worked at the office for a few hours, put some items up for sale at iSoldit, bought flowers and gifts for my wife for Mother’s Day and took my son out to the store so he could buy a gift for my wife. On top of all that did all the laundry. Then on Sunday, my wife’s company hosted a Mother’s Day outing at Waterworld and we spent five hours swimming, sliding down water tubes, etc. LOL It was a good time. But the weekend flew by and I have a mountain of work to get done.

  70. I didn’t know there was a lot of drama over at WI. Based on what I’ve read here about Brian and the last conversation I had with MRM, I have a notion of what may be coming. LOL I hope I’m right.

  71. I’ve been trying to see if I both my schedule and finances will allow me to go to the Pool Party. I have no idea at this point.

  72. My favourite Narnia book is ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ (the parallel worlds denoted by puddles appealed to me) so not looking forward to Prince Caspian..may give that one a miss.

    Indy 4 I will see no matter what the reviews say.

    So the cinema choice for tomorrow is Speed Racer or Doomsday…even though Doomsday looks like a UK version of ‘Escape from New York’ the combination of former Lara Croft model Rhona Mitra and Speed Racer looking a bit crap is leaning me towards Doomsday.

  73. Oh and nice plug JB for the movie Palooza on the sliceofscifi voicemail show.

    Just a pity Crazy Joe hated Southland Tales with a passion.

  74. Past the half way mark though.

    Can anybody explain why probiotic yoghurts taste so much better when consumed several weeks after the expiration date?

  75. I’ll probably put Speed Racer in the Blockbuster queue. My 3 year old is interested in it.

    Based on news and previews, I think I’ll be spending a fair number of weekends at the theater this summer.

  76. Damn, I still need to put Southland Tales in my queue!

    That was a nice plug on the Slice VM show for the next Panapalooza event. Though, Crazy Joe’s desire to punch someone after seeing it has left me a bit skeert.

  77. You know, coverage of the Bush wedding down here was actually quite subdued. Frankly, most of the local news that I saw was favorable to the notion that they were making it a small private affair. Definitely a contrast to the grousing I saw from the national news media.

  78. So, went to the office for a few hours this morning.

    It’s a four block walk from the train station to my office (and back of course).

    I wore new shoes.

    Bad idea. Am now limping around the house in bare feet trying to decide if I should put band-aids on the blisters or not.

  79. my head is in a fog today. 🙁
    Can’t focus. Like sitting on the beach all day drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage … only without the beach… or beverage – and with all the stress of a “normal” day.


  80. Wow, you’ve got a better memory than I, Van. I don’t think I remember any of the games I played on the Coco.

  81. OK, caught up.

    I had lots of active plans with the little ones this weekend, but then got sick on Friday, made the best of it by seeing Iron Man and Speed Racer.

    Iron Man had good performances, great action scenes, good acting, a great cameo (thanks for the scoop to stay through the credits!), and a tired, formulaic story. But hey, it was still fun.

    Speed Racer is getting bad reviews? If you have a kid of your own or someone else’s to take, then absolutely go see it. It’s a fantastic kids’ movie – and you’ll be able to shut off your brain and be dazzled. Just remember that the movie was not aimed at adults.

  82. A lot of the early computer games were ripoffs of arcade machines TEB.

    Loads and loads of Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pacman and Galaxian clones.

  83. Last year my wife, bless her heart, bought me a pretty snazzy little guitar amp. A 75watt guitar amp known as the Spider 3 from Line 6.

    It’s a nice little amp. It simulates a wide variety of tones and is easy to use. It’s also one of the best selling amps on the market today. However, I soon found out that in the “guitar community” it is somewhat considered the Herb Tarleck of guitar amps. The tones it produces are fairly synthetic sounding and a little hissy after you get used to it. It’s a good introduction to a wide variety of tones, but once you’ve identified the tone you want, it’s better to get the actual amp being simulated. Plus you won’t be using any of the other tones. LOL

    On Saturday, I put the Spider 3 as well as a few other items up for sale on Ebay. The proceeds of this sale along with part of my stimulis check will go to purchase this bad boy: http://tinyurl.com/4et6wj

    When I posted my intentions on one of the guitar boards I frequent this was one of the responses I got. LOL

    “Man, you’re going to shat your pants just from the white noise that comes from that Krank after coming straight from a spider 3. o.o
    Congrats on it! =]”

    So I’m just waiting on my check. Based on my guitar skill this is sort of like buying a Bentley for a chimp to drive, I’ll try to keep my poo flinging to a minimum.

  84. Ok I’m off out for a walk, so the last one for now.

    Balance of Power:


    Nice case, and unusually for the ST, the game too played in medium resolution (just 4 colours) rather than the usual low res (320×200 16 colours).

  85. That’s cool TEB. The Roland Cube gets favorable reviews over at Ultimate Guitar.

    According to UG, amps to avoid are the Spider 3 and the Marshall MG.

    Practice solid state modeling amps the Roland Cube (for metal players) and the Vox AD series (for rock, blues and punk players) get high marks.

    Entry level tube amps like the Peavey Valveking and Crate Palamino get thrown around a lot.

    I’m not going to be playing an arena anytime soon, so my needs for a tube amp in the 100 watt range is way overkill. What I wanted was a high quality low wattage tube amp that had insane gain. The Krank was about the only one that fit the bill, everything was way to big and loud. Yeah it’d be nice to have a Bogner Uberschall, Framus Cobra or Diesel Herbert But besides the spare $3000 I don’t have, I don’t hate my neighbors that much. 🙂

  86. I loved Populous, as well as Falcon. Though I don’t have Falcon anymore, I did keep the ACM manual from the 3.0 version of the game.

  87. I used to play Falcon 1 on my Amiga. And I loved, LOVED, Falcon 3 for the PC. I still have Falcon 4 for my PC but it wasn’t nearly as fun as past versions.

  88. Totally agree, Rhettro. Falcon 3 was t3h aw3s0m3! I have a weakness for good flight sims. Finished Ace Combat 6 not too long ago. While it’s not an accurate sim, it was lots of fun and beautiful to watch.

  89. Under blue moon I saw you
    So soon you’ll take me
    Up in your arms
    Too late to beg you or cancel it
    Though I know it must be the killing time
    Unwillingly mine

    Up against your will
    Through the thick and thin
    He will wait until
    You give yourself to him

    Echo & The Bunnymen — The Killing Moon

  90. I’ve met C.A. Sizemore; you may have heard some of his Deadpan (or other podcast) contributions – – he’s a good guy. My heart goes out to him; he’s way too young to have to face this.

    Thanks for letting us know, EssBee.

  91. I’ve met C.A. a couple of times. Never really chatted with him but I know he is pretty tight with the rest of the Farpoint gang. I can’t imagine what it would be like to suffer a loss like this. My heart goes out to him and his family.

  92. Just read the back posts. That sucks. I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to my husband 😥

  93. I’ve been watching all this unfold on Twitter all day. My thoughts and prayers are with C.A. Sizemore.

    On a lighter note…
    Jack: Indiana Jim posted the following on Twitter:


    Thought you should know.

  94. That’s it for the C’s. Must do a bit of work, then will come back to continue my part in bringing up the comment numbers.

  95. Yes, I know it seems like I played a lot of games, but remember the COCO had three incarnations and I had all versions.

    Also, I still do play a lot of games. I tend to average about one or so a month

  96. Yep! Saw Trainspotting, Van. I agree with you on Ewan M. there. I’ll soften up my critique of him in my next random nonsense blog post.

    I wrote that while Miss Potter was playing in the background. And don’t even get me started on Moulin Rouge!

  97. I guess that’s it for COCO games. I thought I played Zork on the COCO but it must have come out later as I didn’t see it on the list.

    I think I played all the Zork games. “Who is the boss of you? Me! I am the boss of you!” – Zork Grand Inquisitor

  98. TEB – I LOVE Moulin Rouge!
    It is the sort of whacked out, trippy, three-stoogesesque chick flick that my buddies and I would have written if someone had sent us to the beach with a case of Captian Morgans Rum and told us to write a chick flick or they would kill us.

    “You wanna *hic* chick flick? *hic* Oooh we gosha chick flick for ya ! *hic*”

  99. Well Hugh and I will contribute our own ABCs to the comment numbers

    what ABCs should we do Hughie?

    Hugh sez: ummm…. ABCs of *blank look*

    Music? comic books? Women you’ve loved? Places we’ve been?

    Hugh sez: How about comics

    mmkay 🙂

  100. Sexual Positions B

    ermmm.. we just realized we don’t know all the fancy names for all dem positions

    ummm… Booty?

    We are going to have to cheat

    oooo.. god bless the internet:

    Bottom corner of the bed

    Hugh: *taking notes*

  101. Sexual Positions E

    Equal Feet
    Embrace of the thighs

    Sexual Positions C
    Crabs position

    Hugh sez: I had no idea thats what it was called, that be 1 of me favorites

    Clinging Creeper
    Circling tongue

    Sexual Positions D

    Sexual Positions A

    Sexual Positions B
    Boars Blow

    Back to E

    wow that website is mighty distracting.. in case anyone is interested:


  102. oh wait 1 more thing I wanted to say when we got here

    I put gas in my car today and drove around looking for the cheapest gas I could find which was $4.10

    thank fucking God I drive a hybrid and don’t commut anymore


    so when the fuck are we going to stop questioning Obama’s preacher and focus on the real fucking problem people????

    why are we not revolting and demanding they do something about this???

    Hugh and I are lucky we live quite comfortably, but I sure know a hell of a lot of people who don’t.

    I was outraged

  103. You know, I was ready to write off Speed Racer to the DVD list. Captain Jack’s drive by review shall make me take a second look. I know my son is interested. He may be getting a visit to the matinee this weekend.

  104. Morning Pan!

    Going back a couple of posts, I subscribe to the Onion podcast. One minute of daily silliness 🙂

  105. Cloudy here, we have a slight cool front coming through. It’s only going to reach 83F for a high today, but Saturday we should be near the 100F mark. Finally. I think I’ll be able to start using my pool from this weekend forward. 🙂

  106. Well off to the store. Future Shop has Southland Tales so I think I’ll pick it up, then get a few groceries.

  107. I’m thinking of trying the Amazon Unbox service for this.

    For $4 I can download it to my TiVo. Then once I start watching it I think I have 24 hours to finish viewing it.

    Anyone tried this yet?

  108. Well I went and saw Doomsday…

    ..as I watched this poor ‘Escape from New York’ ripoff (the main character only has one eye for fook’s sake) I was thinking that I should have went and saw Speed Racer instead.

    Ah well the pizza was nice,

  109. Doomsday looked like a rental to me Van.

    The average price of gas around here is $3.47. I’m glad my Civic get 37MPG. It’s been a lot better than when I was commuting in my 4runner. If thinks get much worse though, I might buy a Honda Helix scooter and ride it to work and let my wife take the Civic.

  110. Well certainly, compared to the rest of the world we have cheap gas. The problem occurs though that as we spend more money on gas, it doesn’t get spent on other things and drives up the cost of everything else. Really the only thing the US government can do to lower prices is to issue a bold commitment to increase domestic production of oil, of which we have a lot of untapped, unconventional reserves and new efficiency standards. That would help the short term. Long term, we need to make transportation get most of it’s energy needs from the grid and support the grid with renewable energy. But there are a lot of special interest to fight to get that to happen.

  111. Got my copy of Southland Tales. Will watch it tonight. To add the gas woes, I filled my car on the way home. Gas is $1.30 a litre (x4.4 = $5.72 gallon). Ouch!

    Alberta is supposed to oil country. You couldn’t prove it to me.

  112. I noticed that in Phoenix’s Sunday paper, there was an article about how motorcycle sales where increasing and we would see a lot more models with fuel efficiency number touted.

  113. Sorry, Rhetto got side tracked. In answer to your refinery capacity question… beats me.

    I didn’t know there would be a test 🙂

  114. I think it’s safe to say we’ll meet Jack’s goal of 500.

    Now it’s lunch time. Then I think I’ll make some blueberry muffins.


  115. I can’t see there being any progress unless people can be weaned off the car.

    The cynic inside me laughs at that and thinks only when civilisation undergoes a collapse will we finally kick the car habit.

    No I don’t own a hammer and sickle.

  116. Congratulations, EssBee! How did you celebrate?

    Van, that sounds like red commie hippie traitor talk to me. What kind of American are you, anyway? Oh wait. . . .

    That D20 Seinfeld was very well done.

  117. “I can’t see there being any progress unless people can be weaned off the car.”

    If american cities were designed from the ground up to do that it would be one thing. But we have all these rural areas and large sprawling cities. We could add bus routes, light rail and car pool, but with these large expanses of space and the cities designed for car traffic, it will be hard to impose these things. I’m unsure if the retrofitting of these old cities would save us any energy in the long run verses changing the nature of cars themselves. In Europe, the cities have evolved around public transportation. That isn’t the case here.

  118. hey pan


    I think once the human race stops acting like sheep and demand they fix things, then things will be fixed.
    We have all the resources on this planet to make anything we want happen, but we let the few control us.
    You know our constitution says we have the right to revolt against our gov.. I think its high time we did.

    But thats just my pessimistic opinion


    my next post will contain no pessimism in it

  119. Now the eating of raw fish, unless you are stuck on a raft in the middle of the pacific, is a practice I’ve never got the hang of.

  120. Congratz Essbee! In August I’ll be celebrating 20 years of marriage. Teresa and I dated three years before marriage, so I guess I’ve been in my current relationship 22 going on 23 years.

  121. Congrats EssBee!! Thats awesome 🙂 This pessimist does still love a good romance 🙂 and good sushi too!

    Hugh and I have been together 20 years this Oct, and we will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this Nov. Lord knows how he can still stand me after all this time 😉

  122. Hey Van, that song is appropriate. I find, just to give my hubby a good natured dig, I’ll start going…

    I remember where we went on our first date. Do you?

    What was I wearing? What were you wearing?

    What were we wearing the first time we slept together?


    I don’t really expect him to remember, it’s just fun to watch him squirm.

    I find women, generally, have a better memory for silly little things like that.

  123. Um, TEB, why would you mention your first sexual encounter with Mr. Energizer Bunny, then link to that Youtube video? Is there some connection?

    Congrats on all the successful long relationships around here 🙂

  124. I didn’t think the first movie was that bad, even if it left too many questions unanswered. Maybe the second Xfiles movie will be a good one.

    So a fellow worker has claimed Indy4 is getting slated by the critics anybody seen any negative reviews?

  125. I was one of the few who really liked the first X-Files movie. It wasn’t stellar, but it filled in a few holes and transitioned well into the next television series. As far as the new movie being a fresh start, why bother? I can understand the new Trek being a reboot of sorts because it’s an entirely new cast. But what’s the point of rebooting a series with the same actors? I think I’ll pass. Didn’t the series end with Mulder and Sculley and their magical baby on the lamb from the government or such? I guess I could go to wikipedia. LOL

  126. The first X-Files movie was enjoyable enough, but then the series jumped the shark and seriously went down hill. I’m done with the franchise, so I’ll probably only rent the new movie when it hits DVD.

  127. I liked the first X-Files movie well enough. I’m with JOe, though, and am done w/ the franchise. This will probably be a DVD rental for me. I DO want to catch Iron Man and Speed Racer in the theater, though!

  128. I enjoyed the year after the 1st film, and then stopped following it. I did end up watched the last 4 episodes to see how it would end. And as typical, they didn’t really wrap up anything. And now they are just going to ignore those last episodes. LOL I blame that on poor writting. Once things got going, they should have planned for seven seasons and a final ending.

  129. I DID enjoy the X-files movie although it wasn’t as good as some seasons of the series.

    It was just fun to see those characters in full length, big screen action.
    It was no “Serenity” though.

  130. …er, well nothing else really is “Serenity”.
    What I meant was the comparison between a good series “Firefly” and it’s excellant follow on movie “Serinity” vs. a good Series “X-files” and it’s just good movie version.

    oh, like THAT cleared anything up!

  131. Actually, I did understand and I agree completely. To me the X-Files movie was ok, but not great. There were better and there were worse episodes in the series.

  132. Sorry I was in a meeting. Didn’t mean to abandon everyone. Yeah, JLH is the primary reason. LOL That an the pickins for Friday television are pretty slim other than BSG of course, but it’s on a lot latter.

  133. I got onto both podiomedia chat and wonder radio. All talk about my book. It’s very cool. I feel like a man actual podcaster or something. I want to jump up and down and scream and say that I’ve arrived. But then realized that’s kind of silly. Still, every time someone says they like my book it makes me so happy. Is that wrong?

    I don’t want to be in egotistical jackass. In the end even Chris Miller founder of podiobook says himself the podcasting really is just a hobby.

    Still I got on a show to talk about my book!!!!

    I going to be on Tale Chasing next. 🙂

    I also told him about Kurt’s Dark Age as well. sorry… DARK AGE!!!

  134. I suppose TO the real test will be when somebody tells you they didn’t like your book and what your reaction to that will be.

  135. Vanamonde, I’ve had a few of those already. People who just couldn’t get into it. Or people who thought Theresa’s reading was flat. People who felt the story couldn’t hold their attention. People who thought it was just too weird. I’ve had people turn me down for interviews because I was too small time for them. I’ve gotten lots of rejections. The second I leave a farpoint media show, suddenly no one has ever heard of me.

    I’ve been at this sense October. It’s just now people are realizing I have my own show.

    I take it you’ve tried it and are not into my show?

    That’s cool. I assumed that Dubshack didn’t like my show either. I was still friends with him. I was shocked to find out that he was still listening. lol

  136. No I haven’t tried your show yet TO, I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I’ve got a serious backlog to catch up on.

  137. Ed.. if I didn’t like you so much I might have to hurt you for saying I sound like a republican 😉

    Congrats on the book stuff Mr Trucker.. may I call you Mr??

    Anywho.. Your smarty hotties are sitting on the couch watching NBA playoffs (c’mon Detroit!!!!) and were going to continue our ABCs

  138. [footnote to the above comment]

    in all actuality although I consider myself a liberal, the true republican ideals- before they went all religious on me were actual ideals I agree with.. but not so much right now…

    [/footnote to the above comment]

  139. Sexual Positions J

    The Jack Mangan *swooooon*

    Hugh sez: The Jack Mangan always makes the ladies go nuts

    Jewel Case

    Hugh sez: Oh we gotta try that one

    🙂 *swoooon*

    ” If you lift your lover
    by passing your elbows under her knees
    and gripping her buttocks
    while she hangs fearfully from your neck,
    it is “Janukurpara” (the Knee Elbow).”

    Hugh sez: I’ve got 1 more: Jackhammer.

  140. Sexual Positions K

    Kama Sutra
    Kaurma *swoooon*

    ” If, seated face to face,
    your toes caress the lovely woman’s nipples,
    her feet press your chest
    and you make love holding each other’s hands
    it is “Kaurma” (The Tortoise).”

    Knot of Flame

    Sitting erect, grip your lover’s waist
    and pull her on to you,
    your loins continuously leaping together
    with a sound like the flapping of elephants’ ears:
    this is “Kirtibandha” (the Knot of Fame).

    We missed a J: Jaya

    Kulisha (ie wheel barrow)

  141. Positions L

    Lovely Lady in Control

    If, sitting facing her,
    you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain
    behind your neck, and she
    grips her toes as you make love,
    it is the delightful “Padma” (the Lotus).

  142. Positions M

    Mare’s Trick

    Hugh sez: Thats like that yoga posture I keep telling you we should try

    it is

    ” She draws her limbs together,
    clasping her knees tightly to her breasts,
    her yoni, like an opening bud,
    offered up for pleasure:
    this is known as “Mukula” (the Bud).”

    Milch Cow

    Hugh sez: thats a yoga posture too! We need to become experts!

    we do!

    She lies on her front,
    grasping her ankles in her own hands
    and pulling them up behind her:
    this difficult posture is known to experts
    as “Mallaka” (the Wrestler).

  143. Positions N


    Hugh sez: *swooooon*

    When your lover catches your penis
    in her hand and, shaping
    her lips to an ‘O’, lays them lightly to its tip,
    moving her head in tiny circles,
    this first step is called “Nimitta” (Touching).


    Hugh sez: *swooon2*

  144. Positions R

    Reverse Cowgirl!!
    Hugh sez: *swooooon*

    f, with one of her feet
    clasped in your hand
    and the second placed upon your shoulder,
    your young lady enjoys you,
    it is “Viparitaka” (Reversed).


  145. Positions S

    Sky foot
    sucking hard
    striking at the tip
    swallowed whole

    Hugh sez: *mega fucking swooooooooooooooooon*

    When she senses that your orgasm
    is imminent she swallows up the whole penis,
    sucking and working upon it
    with lips and tongue until you spend:
    this is “Sangara” (Swallowed Whole).

  146. Positions T

    Sacred Thread
    tongue massage


    Let your tongue rest for a moment
    in the archway to the flower-bowed Lord’s temple
    before entering to worship vigorously,
    causing her seed to flow:
    this is “Jihva-mardita” (the Tongue Massage).

    circling tongue

  147. Anybody going to Dragoncon that would be interested in room sharing. My wife and I are housebroken and have all her shots. We wanted to go to Dragoncon but were too late to get a room. We want to find somebody to go halvesy with just asleep on the floor. We have an air mattress. Feel free to get in touch with me e-mail if you’re interested. JackJaffee@gmail.com.

  148. Right now I’m listening to the workers trying to pull out my old furnace before they put in the new one. It’s very distracting.

  149. Ah the wonder of velcro, that scene in 2001 on the lunar shuttle would have been impossible without it.

    What do you mean it was just a set?

  150. Seems to be now TEB.

    Obviously a glitch in the system that hints at the true nature of reality.

    It has something to do with Tweed.

  151. The air impact wrench they’re using to uninstall/install the furnace makes the floor all vibratey. It tickles the feet 🙂

  152. J0e, would they charge extra for that much velcro?

    Van, What Mr. Bunny doesn’t know won’t hurt me 🙂

  153. Hard to say TEB. *insert innuendo*

    As for what Mr. Bunny doesn’t know … I hear that the furnace guys have LOTS of duct tape.

    … and on that note, I’m off to run errands and then eventually get lunch.


  154. It turns out it’s not the air impact, its a jackhammer. I guess my old furnace was put in, then the cement basement floor was poured after.

    Apparently this was normal for houses this old.

  155. So the hookers said they knew something was wrong when the kids wanted to play XBox instead of getting down to business???

    The fact they were only kids didn’t trigger something?

    As far as I know, regardless of your profession, pedophilia is still illegal.

  156. lmao
    “They told the suspicious working girls they were people of restricted growth working with a traveling circus, and as State law does not allow those with disabilities to be discriminated against they had no right to refuse them.”

  157. They ask for ID when selling alcohol, regardless of what the “excuse” by the purchaser is. Why not ask for ID when selling sexual favours?

    Ah yeah, $1,000

  158. “The escort girls who were released without charge, told the arresting officers something was up when the kids said they would rather play Xbox than get down to business.”

    Or it could just be a gamer convention. Geeks!