263 thoughts on “The Sounds of Silent Unshow

  1. Looks like I’ll be working in the attic to replace a bathroom exhaust fan.

    Will have to lay face down and crawl on rafters into the eves to get to it. In 10 inches of blown insulation and with the roof about 2 feet away from the fan full of weapons grade, wasp nests.

    Home ownership has it’s privileges.

    • I don’t see why you have to go to that extreme, Van. They’ve already selected themselves for removal from the gene pool. They are so busy playing that they don’t have time for anything else. πŸ˜‰

    • “150 billion games of Candy Crush have been played”

      How brilliant would it be if the developers had hidden code in that game which does some sort of distributed computing in the background while you play it.

  2. Your crap joke for the day:

    When I was a boy, my Mam would send me down to the corner storewith $1 and I’d come back with 5 potatoes, 2 loaves of bread, 3 bottles of milk, a hunk of cheese, a box of tea and 6 eggs.

    You can’t do that now..too many fuckin’ security cameras..

  3. Your crap joke for the day:

    Teacher: If I gave you 2 rabbits , and another 2 rabbits and another 2, how many will you have?

    Johnny: Seven Sir

    Teacher: No, listen carefully. If I gave you 2 rabbits , and another 2 rabbits and another 2, how many will you have?

    Johnny: Seven

    Teacher: Let me put it to you differently. If I gave you 2 apples, and another 2 apples and another 2, how many will you have?

    Johnny: Six.

    Teacher: Good. Now if I gave you 2 rabbits , and another 2 rabbits and another 2, how many will you have?

    Johnny: Seven!!!

    Teacher: Where the fuck do you get seven from?!?!?

    Johnny: Because I fucking have 1 at home!!!

  4. So I’m holding in my hands a brand new Nexus 7 that sis bought for her son for Xmas.

    As the family tech guy it’s my job to set the thing up and install an ereader on it.

  5. Fav tweet of the day:

    @EffiMai: Rationally, I now understand that my parents were always Santa, but I still don’t get how they made it to all those houses in one night.

    • I fell asleep during the 2nd Harry Potter film (it was a rental … and seemed like one long special effects shot) so I never had any desire to see any others. That took out about 15 of the films on that list (it seems like).

  6. Bunny, is it the Serenity RPG? We have a lovely hardcover 1st edition copy, but have never played. We need some friends (AHEM, Lo Pan) to come by and play!

  7. CW: The Pyramids of Mars E1

    Thanks to messing around with the DNS settings on my PS3 I can now watch the US Netflix streaming library.

    This is one of my fav Tom Baker stories, where they achieved impressive results with the limited SFX budget they had.

  8. I usually go for lunch with my Boo on Thursdays but this week I’m doing shopping for my grandmother so sent Boo an email to move lunch to Friday. Silly fingers couldn’t keep up with my brain. I missed the i in “doing shopping”. My boo couldn’t stop laughing when she told me about it. I can’t even blame auto-correct as it was an email, not a text.

  9. CW: Star Trek: TNG ‘The Inner Light’

    Judging from the portion of food served by Picard’s fake wife it’s no wonder he’s skinny.

  10. I kind of feel sorry for my neighbours. Last week I commented the city was digging a big hole in the street in front of their house. Then it snowed. Now the neighbours can’t get at their driveway and will not be able to do so for the foreseeable future. At least not until we get a chinook and the snow melts a bit which isn’t suppose to happen for the next little while.

  11. I have a parcel that’s suppose to come in either today or tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment at lunch time today, and I’m heading out around lunch time tomorrow to do some shopping for my grandmother. I can almost guarantee the parcel will arrive while I’m out of the house *sigh*

  12. Spoke to my grandmother today. She cancelled shopping tomorrow.

    She’s dying. She wants myself, Lyra (Boo), and John to take a day next week so she can say goodbye to all of us. She also wants to give me a bunch of stuff from her apartment she’s packed up in preparation.

    I think I’m a little sad.

  13. Anyone know if the email you use to identify on here has to be a valid one?

    I have used a free email service for years and years (think Web 1.0) and they are shutting down very soon.

    If it is just an identifier, I suspect I can just type it in up there, I don’t have any old emails in that account from WP or deadpan, etc…

    • You’ll probably get sucked in to comment purgatory until Jack frees your new email. I imagine it probably just has to be a valid looking email address.

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