Test Unshow II

This Unshow is not an altogether official release; it really just exists to troubleshoot the feed. Please listen if it comes through your iTunes or other Podcatcher, and contact me with the show codeword – email or in the comments is fine.

Please also feel free to continue the discussion in the old post – unless you really fee la strong urge to move it here.

364 thoughts on “Test Unshow II

  1. iTunes is WORKING! iTunes is WORKING!

    As I type, it is downloading the test unshow II, Show 152, test unshow (classic), show 151 and show 149.

  2. Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy
    Unshow in my iTunes feed and it WORKS even!
    All the missing shows (since “Deadpanezer”) have appeared in iTunes as well, though I’ll have to push the “get” button to retrieve them.
    Still … long time NO PAN!!!!
    Hope that is over.

  3. Well, there you have it. DROID approves of this theme for browsing and posting.

    You know, two years from now, when I’m ready for a super hot 4G Android phone, I hope Motorola has licenses in place to call it the ZOD.

    I can see the footage manipulated from Superman II to put the phone in the general’s hands as he says “Kneel before ZOD!”

  4. I can also confirm that going old skool has fixed the feed.

    Shame, cos I liked the new posts being at the top.

    Morning Pan, another lazy day before I start travelling.

  5. Lexx was bad. Verging, depending on your taste, onto so bad you can’t stop watching it. Though the concept of a half-life bug assasin dude was pretty neat.

    Now that you can get the entire run of Farscape for $70, it is a sure fire.

    I just finished watching the BBC Demons and it has no conclusion whatsoever, and it isn’t being picked up for a second series, so I’d mostly say pass on it. Which is a shame because the characters were interesting and I liked the way it referenced other lore.

  6. To be fair, my taste is suspect. I used to enjoy it when the old SciFi channel would have an all day marathon of the Beastmaster TV show. I’d leave the TV on when I went to bed so that when my wife would come home from school she would be greeted with that silly man in his funny underpants.

    I like to imagine she would throw her arms up and yell “NOOOO!!!” into the sky.

    He he he he.

  7. True that, Van. I may have to go ahead and get that Farscape set. SyFy doesn’t seem to run that one anymore so I haven’t seen any of it in years.

  8. As I sit here watching the news while I eat breakfast and surf, I continue to be amazed as the news droids ability to report on a fiery tanker explosion that killed the driver, a place crash that killed two, and the closing of a small town book store all with the same cadence and emotion.

  9. And finally, before I disappear into the working world:

    Corporations are legal entities for business organization, they are not citizens!

    WTF are you smoking, Supreme?

    Can I get an “Amen”, Joe?

  10. There’s a lovely sketch by in the Alas Smith and Jones show, where the news anchor speaks the news of an aircraft disaster then lists the death toll in countries of importance..

  11. Wow, getting back on this theme is like slipping on a favorite, well-worn old pair of sneakers. It feels great, but you’re also acutely aware of how much you like your shiny new ones.

  12. “Can I get an β€œAmen”, Joe?”

    Sadly, the fall out from the whacked out nightmare that was Bush/Cheney will be with us for some years to come.
    They packed the Supreme Court with those cut from their own cloth to ensure that the well being of corporate America would always be considered first.
    Also, with the knowledge that this Supreme Court had their back they were emboldened to make so many ludicrase assertions about the power of the President and V.P.
    Remember some of these gems?

    ( ) ANYTHING a president does in the name of “Protecting the country” during a time of war is legal.
    ( ) That interrogation techniques aren’t torture if the office of the President says they aren’t.
    ( ) That the Vice President is a member of the Executive branch and therefor does NOT have to answer to legislative branch (congress) nor follow any of the rules that restrict them.
    ( ) That the Vice President, as President of The Senate, is a member of the legislative branch and therefor NOT restricted by any of the rules that apply to the Executive Branch.

    These were just some of the zany rulings (backed up by the Attorney General they appointed), that they could rest assured their Supreme Court would find in their favor or simply just refuse to hear.

  13. BTW: If President Obama was NEARLY as crafty and opportunistic as that propagandists over at Faux News say he is … he would have ALREADY utilized all of the powers that Bush gave to the office of the President and we would have passed health care months ago. Also, Glenn Beck and friends would be experiencing “NOT Torture” in GITMO simply because the President declared it “protecting our country during a time of war”.

  14. Now a tiny rant.

    I live in a winter climate. It is a well known fact that you can’t plant flowers in Calgary until at least the Victoria Day weekend, which is in May. So tell me, oh great Panites, why, in the middle of January, was the store clearing, and almost out of, it’s snow shovels and already had a number of its shelves stocked with spring seeds, hoes, spades, fertilizer, etc.?

    Since they were on clearance sale I bought two shovels then, hopefully, I won’t have to do this again next year.

  15. Yes I’m tempted by MS2 as the reviews have claimed the performance issues have been solved on the 360…but I’ll wait till it comes down in price.

  16. I play strictly on the PC. The First Mass Effect ran fine for me.

    The only downer is, there is a feature in ME2 where you can import your character from ME1. Due to limited space on my computer I have long since removed ME1 from my system so can’t take advantage of that feature.

    Hubby has promised, for my birthday in the summer, I can have a new computer, (temporarily) solving the space issue.

  17. Another rant:

    Due to Canadian law, literature must be included in French on all products. While I don’t have a problem with this in general, Ego Draconis did it in a way to tick me off. The actual paper manual is in French, the English version is a PDF on the disk. I like the paper version of the manual. I like to sit and read the manual as a program is installing. I can’t do it here. Humph!

  18. I guess I’m not going to see my hubby for most of this week.

    I’ll see him tonight but after that… He’s got a dentist appointment tomorrow evening to get his chipped tooth fixed. Parent teacher interviews on Wednesday and Thursday. It will be a lonely, lonely week for this bunny.

  19. OMG, I didn’t shut off the living room TV from the noon news. I’m not sure what show is on but I keep hearing about STD’s from oral, vaginal and anal sex. I must see what’s on. Or at the very least, mute the TV.

  20. I wonder at times, but today it is more a matter of software twilight zone: sometimes you just have no idea what the crap is going to do and why.

  21. You don’t often see homley female characters in computer games. Mine just doesn’t look right. I didn’t have much of a choice, just hair colour and tatooing.

  22. Happy Birthday, JfS!

    You know, if you’d just go by your proper name on Facebook instead of that alias, I would have caught it this morning. “from Seattle” is a good name. You should be proud of it!


  23. A birthday? and I missed it. I must have been busy yesterday.
    Happy late birthday JfS.
    My grandpa turned 90 yesterday (at least I think it was yesterday)

  24. I trust you guys will slap me if I ever suggest $600 for a set of kitchen knives is a good deal. I pledge to do the same for you.

    Wee doggie!

  25. TEB: Friday afternoon they asked for references but I didn’t get the email till about 5:30. I sent them right away and so for they have talked to one. I think I have a very good chance because the HR person called my reference on the way home and (as reported by the person HR called) sounded very excited about me.
    One of my other references is teaching a class so he would be hard to talk to. At this point it is seams I’m just waiting to hear something more from them.
    I hate this part waiting for thing type of thing is nerve racking.

  26. Good morning!

    I had no realization that I hadn’t posted anything for a couple days. I even thought I’d already wished JfS his happy birthday, but not so much.

    Sooo… Happy Birthday JfS!

    Thank you, Bunny, for making me aware!

    I still exist in my over-worked, underslept stupor.

    Let’s blame the dirty martinis.

  27. Hey! Hey everyone! Hey! Hey did you know Avatar is about to become the highest grossing movie ever???? Hey! Hey did you know thats cheatin’ when you have to pay 15$ per IMAX ticket! Hey!! Hey everyone!!!! Hey watch me jump off this cliff!!!


  28. Wha ha! Avs n’ Canucks ar ein an old skool dogfight for the division. Glad those days are back, I’ve missed hating Vancouver very very much.

  29. On a female note: I wish Vancouver would go back to the stylized whale logo. I don’t like the the old crossed sticks that they seem to have gone back to.

    *grumble, grumble* Stupid Flames went from third to not being in a playoff position at all now. What the heck is that about? *grumble, grumble*

  30. I actually agree with you. The whale was much more appealing. Its that logo that I came to hate as well.

    Yeah losing 6 in a row will do that. You should probably look for one more sold defenseman but I dunno if youll wanna be buying or selling here shortly.

  31. Morning, DP!

    Man, my job and this merger are sucking. I just heard from a 3rd party this morning that my job is moving to Dallas this year. To that I say, bye job, nice knowin’ ya. This girl wasn’t made for Texas.

  32. Also, EssBee, if your job WAS sucking you could probably make a living on Colfax if need be…. Ive considered it.

    *Denver joke hi-five*

  33. Girls gotta do what a guys gotta do, yo.

    And I’d only have to walk 30 seconds to work… course I’d have to invest in a good stomach pump.

  34. IT at work is being silly. So far I’ve had three different people send me notes. Every single suggested solution has been the same as the one suggested to me by the other person. Really, if it doesn’t work the first time, what makes them think it will work the next time, or the next.

    I really would like them to try something new.

  35. “I am way to gay to do that for a living. Damn mo-ness of me.”

    Wouldnt that help? You could just describe your job as “Taste Tester” or something.

  36. Hey I’m not advocating…. AAAAAANNNNDDDD I’m sure Ed is REAL happy with our thinking that living in Texas would be on par with giving blow jobs to strangers for a living. *cough*

    Sorry Ed….

    Also we seem to have cleared out the room.

  37. Thanks guys. I’ll survive. Compared to what is happening elsewhere in the world, I’m lucky as hell.

    CP: Dating a Porn Star — The Weepies

  38. The part about pissing off the world is something I don’t care about. I just want a system the keeps me in base 10 rather than:
    foot base 12
    yard base 3
    pound base 16
    gallon base 128 (oz)
    gallon base 4 (quart)
    gallon base 8 (Pint)
    gallon base 16 (cup)
    mile base 5280
    mile base 1760
    I wont bother continuing the madness

  39. I know it goes without saying that I love each and every one of you!

    I just want to send a special *snuggles* to EssBee for today. You rock with awesomesauce! πŸ™‚

  40. After spending more than an hour on the phone with IT, maybe, possibly but we won’t know for about half an hour, we might have the system working.

    I’m not going to hold my breath.

  41. Lo, you must admit that you’ve gotten a little Travis Bickle over the Blue Furries. . . and re: “taste-tester”. . . . hilarious. gross.

    Good luck with the job, reapo. Those are all causes for optimism. Similarly, I’m wishing the best for EssBee. I won’t spout the positive spin – – but you can really do something good with this situation. Nipples crossed for you both.

    I’d actually be curious to get Ed’s take on Dallas, since his Texas is nowhere nearby.

  42. The feed is working again! I see the same episodes Usedhair mentioned at the top of the page.

    Jack, just out of idle curiosity: Do you add the Farpoint Media “bookends” to your episodes before mixing them down, or does the FPM server automatically add them to all podcast episodes that are uploaded?

  43. Oh I’ve not yet begun to Bickle… did the Christians stop killing babies in the name of God during the Crusades because they got a lil Bickle? Nay sir. Nay indeed. My Crusade is worthy and just.

  44. Sorry about your morning, Bunny – but thanks for reeling the wayward Cj back in.

    Amy: Yeah, FPM adds those bookends automatically.

    I’m having a delayed reaction of horror to the Sailor album cover.

  45. HA! Greatest review for an album ever…

    “This shit is so bloodless and tragically hip it makes me want to feed fans and critics to fire ants that are actually on fire.”

  46. Jack: That’s good. Even after only 9 episodes of “Questors,” opening the project file for the last episode, copying the theme music music, and pasting it into the project file for the new episode is getting old. I can see why you like to play around with your theme music. πŸ™‚

    Cj: Yes. Your sofa is far too comfortable. I can easily see myself falling asleep on it.

  47. Here’s a true story:

    I manage a large pool of educational consultants. One of them, who I’ve worked with for ages and am friends with, is a retired rodeo queen of some note, and related to Roy Rodgers. Her daughter is also a rodeo queen, now 22 years old and married. For Christmas this year, the co-worker of mine sent me a calendar called Cowgirls. Her daughter is the cover girl. The June cowgirl is in a bathtub on a beach with nothing on but a cowboy hat. It is the most lesbianic thing I have EVER seen, and I mean it. The best part is that my friend sent it to me in a completely unironic gesture.

    /true story

    The Sailor pic is hanging right next to that on my office wall.

  48. Lo Pan: Yes, I have checked out a few of there songs. I’ve heard of them before, but I haven’t given them a good listen just yet. What I’ve heard so far, I like.

  49. Ditto: because there is no money to spend right now all projects are on hold so my days are filled with research on those projects and break-fix work. research is easy to not do.

  50. EssBee, please pass on my fond recollections of Roy Rogers fried chicken.

    My horror at the Sailor album cover isn’t homophobia; it’s more of an innate metaphysical dread. I remember the late 70s/80s – – they might have been straight. I do wonder if they ever did a cover of “In the Navy”, by the Village People. . .

  51. The horror of the Sailor album is the pants! Do you think any of those guys were fertile after wearing those pants?!

    Lesbo? = me hanging THAT calendar on my office at work. Where I manage people. Most of whom are young women.

  52. “Lesbo? = me hanging THAT calendar on my office at work. Where I manage people. Most of whom are young women.”

    Not if you work in the area I think you work…..

  53. Re calendar:
    From the Amazon site:
    Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought:
    Cowgirls in Heaven (and a bunch of other Cowgirls products)
    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
    Closer-The Best of Sarah McLachlan

  54. Cj: That’s great. There’s talk that the ComicCon has outgrown San Diego – so you may be at the last one for them.

    justa J0e FTW (and For The Win)
    ditto, do you suppose that girl in the tub at the Sedona resort has a washboard stomach?

  55. Catching up. I could read the Pan from my Droid today, but it refused to push my posts through again for some reason. Some days I think we should just chuck all this crap and go back to the reliability of string and tin cans.

    Ok, maybe not.

  56. Ed from Texas said: Some days I think we should just chuck all this crap and go back to the reliability of string and tin cans.

    (See… I’ll make my “reply” button by hand until the new format comes back)

    anyway… so here’s the plan. When you come to the DP Mmmmeetup in march, bring (2) tin cans and (x) kilometers of string with (x = the number of kilometers between your house and Jack’s abode). Leave one can with an end of the string at Jack’s place and dangle the rest out of the airplane window on your flight home.

    Wait a minute… hold on a sec… nope. Wouldn’t work. The gremlin on the wing of the plane would eat the string. Someone else come up with a plan.

  57. I just realized one the of best parts of having access to HD channels:
    I love hockey even more now. Just wish I could get more games.

  58. Well, there are those around here who suggest Dallas is more wannabe New York that it is really Texas.

    As for Austin…well, I suppose there’s a black bleeding heart sheep in every family.


  59. Lo Pan: Because I don’t have a local team I had to pick someone. I like the Red Wings and the Black Hawks. I lean toward the original 6 – NY + Penguins. Those guidelines help me route for someone when I’m watching. I’m Really looking froward to the CBS Sunday game Red Wings VS. Penguins

  60. BSG in HD, Chuck in HD, Castle in HD, The NFL playoffs in HD.

    Pretty much anything in HD….these are a few of my favorite things.

  61. Bunny: I love HD but I would like more channels. I have the locals, Discovery types, Food, Basic Sports, PBS and a few others. but no SYFY no FX and a few others I would love. Now i just have to replace the hard drive on my tivo so I can hold more than 20 hours of shows.

  62. Our local Sci Fi channel isn’t in HD either, reaper. However a number of the movie channels are so It’s good to record those. Also, CBC and TSN Canada are in HD so we can also watch our sports goodness.

    Funny thing, Discovery isn’t in HD.

  63. Bunny,
    that is strange. Discovery was the channel that really brought HD to the masses first from my understanding. I get 3 NHL games a week in HD because I don’t have a local team. at least I’ll get baseball in HD most of the time.

  64. Good morning.

    Sorry about my whining last night.

    Sometimes work isn’t fun. I just had to mini-vent at the time.

    Thank you for the hugs.

    I’m a sort of walking, talking, mess of a human right now. I’m getting myself gathered though! I have high hopes that I’ll catch up with life soon!

  65. Moved :pan: to the work computer. Am now installing Mass Effect 2 on my home computer. Then must go on line and get my four special downloadable content items.

  66. Be safe EssBee. Dont make no cowgirls sing the blues…

    OMFG my life would be complete with that Event Horizon shirt. I must procur….

  67. Bunny, Hello, Beautiful! :luv:

    Thanks, reaper. I generally try to remain positive and know that I haven’t been as much of late, but I appreciate the support I receive here when I fall short of my own positivity requirements.

    And um. Wow. How much I hated Event Horizon – I cannot put into words. Wait… yes I can. I demanded my money back… and got it.

  68. And off I go to volunteer in my daughter’s classroom. School releases early today so I’ll get an extra hour with her before I go to work!

    This brings me joy :lub: (why am I not getting my swoony face ..)

  69. Me too ditto. Ive always enjoyed the 70’s ladies riot rock. Its gonna be good. Like Dakota Fanning alot too. In a non creepy underage way.

  70. The Runaways movie looks pretty cool, though I imagine I’ll see it as a rental. Not really the type of movie the Misses and I would go out to see. Ah Mass Effect. I loved the first one so much, but currently I’m waist deep in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dragon Age and Fallout 3. Hopefully after I’ve made it through these three I can get a copy of ME2 for less than $50.

  71. Did you really just say “the Misses”? Oh Rhett… Rhett Rhett Rhett… Have you learned nothing Ive taught you?

    *shakes head*

    CP: Blown Away – Shiny Toy Guns

  72. *sigh*

    Well, am going to take my Boo for lunch. Then I guess I’ll just have to play ME2 without the added content. Saw nothing on the forums so I posted a request. No reply yet.


  73. I imagine ME2 will have a few growing pains this first month. I’m tempted to get the PC version and see how it looks on my 24″ LCD, but I have to be able to start my character from where I left off in ME1, so XBOX 360 version it is.

  74. I watched Ink recently, Johnny Null.


    -Really weird.
    -Chock full of creative ideas and visuals.
    -Painfully silly at times.
    -Obviously inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics.

    I liked it, but I recommend with caution.

  75. Hey thanks Jack, life’s done a bit of a pile on and I’ve been trying to get back to daylight. BTW, I’ve got something for you to take to your next EV@11 . πŸ™‚

  76. Vack from lunch. Thanks for the link ditto, unfortunately, all the problems I’ve been hearing about ME2 aren’t the ones I’ve had. I haven’t had any reply to my forum post yet. May try to log on again in a bit. If it doesn’t work I’ll have to decide whether to play it without the DLC or wait a day and play Ego Draconis instead, with the hope something will come up tomorrow.

    i guess I’m venting too.

  77. ditto: if you have a f***ing ulcer, then I think you’re doing something wrong. Usually ulcers just sit there and give pain. :blush:

  78. Ah Ha! Someone answered my post. I guess my password was too complicated. i aways add symbols and numbers to my passwords. EA doesn’t like that. Letters only.

    On to Mass Effect!

  79. Ah, the Ipad, would it have been cooler if it was pirate themed and they called it the Ipatch? Based on the early reports Apple have met my expectations which were pretty low to begin with. I’m not seeing much more than what Tablet PC’s already brought to the table.

  80. I can’t believe how much press this thing is getting.

    For the record:
    The pirate patch joke you’ll (hopefully) hear eventually on Deadpan is not as funny as Rhett’s, but is also not a plagiarism.

  81. Definitely “meh” on the iPad. I think this one is going to be about as game changing as the Segwey.

    I don’t see my wife giving up her Kindle for this.

  82. Re: Rhettro’s “Runaways” link featuring Joan Jett – reminds me.

    I once worked a Super Trooper at a Joan Jett concert in a collusieum.
    Backstage afterwards, I rounded a corner in a hallway and there she was – all alone, leaning up against the wall. It was just she and I.
    She was sweaty and looked like she wanted to lay down.
    Me? I probably looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
    She looked up and me with those dark, heavily eye-linered eyes … and I attempted to fill the awkward pause with as NOT fawning praise as I could manage for a “20 something”.
    She ended up signing my crew pass and then suddenly, one of her handlers came and whisk her out of my life forever.
    *sniff sniff* I had my chance to become Mr. Joan Jett and I blew it. :cwy:
    Well, … maybe if I HAD blown it …
    … er, I mean.

    Aaah never mind.

  83. Sad story, JOe!

    Hi from Texas, gang! Ess from Tejas. For the night, at least.

    Did I ever tell you guys my Linda Perry story? Wait, yes, I have.

  84. JohnBoze Says:
    January 27th, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    Darn, I saw β€œRunaways movie” and immediately thought of the Brian K. Vaughan comics

    Exactly! I get pissed off everytime I hear “Runaways movie” and it isn’t the one that I want. Well, like a mini-pissed off. It only lasts an instant.

  85. Do you think that Jobs hides in his office and shakes his fist at the sky when the same mewling fools that have poopooed tablets for fifteen years, including his own, suddenly decide that tablets are awesome if they come with a stupid name?

    It’s gotta be frustrating when it isn’t the technology that is being adopted but the marketing.

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