Jack Mangans Deadpan #153: Very Deadpanish

featuring The Energizer Bunny!

Jack Mangans Deadpan #153: Very Deadpanish

The real Jack Mangan stands up

Jack and special guest,The Energizer Bunny, talk up the Deadpanmmmmmm meetup

rapping with … Lo Pan

Contact Jack if you need help arranging crash space

What bunny will be attending?

Cj gives us some of her bad poetry (http://www.lovelongandprosper.com/podcast/)

Have you booked your trip to Arizona yet?

Lejon with a lyrics mashup

Greasy Nipples
Justa J0e
DJ Bunny (first comment of test unshow II)
Cj (First comment of the week)
The Energizer Bunny

Broken Lyrics Challange with Paul Maki

Congratulation to reaper… he is the way

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March 13th is the Deadpanmmmm meetup.

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781 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #153: Very Deadpanish


    ComputerKing??!?!?!?!?!?! Now THERES a name I’ve not heard in long time… a long time.

    Van thats crap. You cant worry about other peoples feelings especially when its all self deprecating. If shes a good enough friend shell come around.

  2. Heard, perhaps, but rarely seen. I suppose I’ll have to create a nature documentary about the Deadpans in their natural state.

  3. Well, I’m really enjoying the variety of printing in the new job position. This morning was a religious video, then an “as seen on tv” self-help vid. After lunch will be a softcore/scifi/comedy with special appearance by Ron Jeremy…

  4. CE: Cottage cheese and apples

    CPIMM: If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher … make it stop?

    CD: Writing an episode for MM

    I smell like almonds and chocolate. Thank you lotions and body sprays. Yum.

  5. “Nevermore to feel the pain

    The heart collector sang

    And I won’t be feeling hollow for so long

    Nevermore to feel the pain

    The words fall out like fire

    And believe when you can’t believe anymore”

  6. Did I mention that I listened to :jack: reading Superhero Girl? I listened this morning.

    Reading was full of swoony goodness. Well done, Jack.

    Very touching story. I recommend it!

  7. “Bang your head
    Metal health will drive you mad
    Bang your head
    Metal health will drive you mad”

    Thanks. Now I have this running through my head. 😉

  8. ditto, lemme help get that out of your head…

    “badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mush-room MUSH-ROOM!!!”

  9. Actually seriously, Darcy has told me to curse Evo Terra as she inexplicably has had the Up Butt Coconut song stuck in her head for a week, and Evo was the vector by which we became infected with Up Butt Coconut a few years back…

  10. Are we doing a retro (Rhettro?) Deadpan look week?

    It’s funny to see the old black/aqua world (on my screen) background with the new skool emoticons. It makes me confused!

    Hope you guys figure out the feed issues or whatever it was that the new Deadpan layout was causing

    Ok. I was just stopping to check in. Hope you are all well 🙂

    am I allowed to use my old skool emoticon with the old skool Deadpan?

  11. Hi, TSH!

    The theme was causing the feed issues so Jack reverted.. I mean :jack: reverted back to the original theme.

    New smilie/emotes etc are still in tact, but old theme restored for now.

  12. Do we need an ABC list of ways to use Jack?

    A would of course be for amour

    B for booty

    C for… ummm.. heh.. C for Cuddling (keeping it sorta PC)

    D for heh2… again PC…Deadpan

    E for ummm???? Entertainment

    F for heh3

    ok.. Im going to stop now. LOL

    My mind is way too dirty for such lists. I’ll just do my own list in my head of ABCs to use Hugh for that will not be censored 1 bit

  13. Morning :pan:
    passed my drug test got my acceptance letter and today I’m giving my 2 week notice.
    I will love saying “what are they going to do fire me?”

  14. I think I have crossed in to dorkdum (again):
    in listing do a podcast the person said “Ford has turned itself around…”
    I couldn’t help myself from saying “and that’s what it’s all about”

  15. Going to be rather scarce the next couple of days. I’ll be doing some chores at home then heading to Austin this afternoon. My daughter has a karte tournament there tomorrow.

    Good weekend to all, Deadpan!

  16. … Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.
    I got to say it was a chocked full ‘o win day.

    I think i got those lyrics right…
    I don’t know I don’t do lyrics.

  17. I don’t care, and therefore keep up with pseudo-people, A.K.A. celebrities. I saw the cover of a magazine when grocery shopping yesterday. Forgive me if this has already been brought up, but it appears that Brad Pitt is going to the same stylist as Lo Pan. Wheelchair Lo Pan, not seven-foot-tall-guy-with-light-coming-out-of-his-eyes Lo Pan.

  18. oh wait.. we were supposed to be doing things to :jack:

    U is for… Usurping

    Watch out for a Deadpan Coup!

    (because he has SO much control already)


  19. Well huzzah and good gravy! It has been a while has it not? LOL. Boy howdy I’m gla to be back on Mr. Mangan’s board. Not that I’m bored… LOL2.

    Chili con Carne it is indeed a good day, reaper! LOL3

  20. Well huzzah and good gravy! It has been a while has it not? LOL. Boy howdy I’m gla to be back on Mr. Mangan’s board. Not that I’m bored… LOL2.

    Chili con Carne it is indeed a good day, reaper! LOL3

  21. Well huzzah and good gravy! It has been a while has it not? LOL. Boy howdy I’m gla to be back on Mr. Mangan’s board. Not that I’m bored… LOL2.

    Chili con Carne it is indeed a good day, reaper! LOL3!

  22. D&D advice needed.

    What’s a good way to get a 10 year old started with D&D. I was reminiscing about my D&D playing days the other night, and a 10 year old (whom I have already gotten addicted to SciFi/Fantasy books) overheard me and got really excited about the game.
    I annoy my siblings by geeking their offspring. Yes, I AM that kind of Uncle. 🙂

    So … is there a begginer set of some sort or should I just get them a module and a Dungeon Master’s guide? I guess they’d need some dice as well.
    Hmmm, could be more complicated then I first thought.

    On the other hand … I’d finally have someone to play D&D with again!

  23. J0e, I’m not completely sure. Maybe start by getting a starter pack of mini’s. This has a map, rules, and cards for each mini.

    My daughter simply watched us playing and started picking it up. She now has her own group she plays with.

  24. Honestly J0e I think the best way is to just start playing a simple step by step campaign with them. Its quite intuitive once you just start going as you know.

  25. Um…

    vex (vks)
    tr.v. vexed, vex·ing, vex·es
    1. To annoy, as with petty importunities; bother. See Synonyms at annoy.
    2. To cause perplexity in; puzzle.
    3. To bring distress or suffering to; plague or afflict.
    4. To debate or discuss (a question, for example) at length.
    5. To toss about or shake up.

    You can make it vexing if you want but I dont think he’ll appreciate.

  26. TEB – those a great links, thanks!

    I suspect the advice to “keep it simple” is best. Don’t worry about rules too much and just get them to “imagine”.

    Now … I’m off to install a new toilet. :blink:

  27. Long Pan,

    This is the definition *I* was going with :2. To cause perplexity in; puzzle.

    Although my gut tells me that I simply annoy Jack at times!

    That’s what friends are for though!

  28. Hey Joe,

    What a timely subject. Just this week I received all three core books (Player Guide, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Manual) for the new 4e version. I’m in the process of indoctornating my 11 year old son and so far my plan is working great. If you wanted, I think the idea of starting with a basic campaign is a good one. My process is a little more involved. I took my son’s love of collecting Yu-gi-oh cards to getting him interested in collecting DnD minis. Once I showed him how the minis worked, he was hooked. So now we have play several DnD minis games and he has a good understanding of how the fighting mechanics work. The next step for me is to do a simple campaign and have my son and my wife roll characters for use on a family game night. 🙂 I’m also doing this sneaky thing with my 6 year old daughter. She likes to watch me play Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the XBOX. I was using the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four because she is really powerful in the game and my daugther likes to see a woman superhero kick villian ass. Recently I bought her Invible Woman and Poisen Ivy Heroclix figures, which are basically like DnD miniatures and have stat points for fighting. Eventually, I’ll show her that her toys can do battles and then… (evil laugh)

  29. LOL Rhett, yes I concur about a Smarty Hottie sighting, LOL2. Oh the good times I have missed while away. To infinity and beyond, as it were!!! LOL3

  30. I think Z should be for Zardoz.
    Zardoz is pleased.

    Rhett, I enjoyed the essay. No one should ever apologize for lengthy messages. I’d say only Dubshack and Sarah from Charleston ever went a little overboard, and their contributions were both still fine.

  31. That’s cool ditto! I have to admit that my latest interest in DnD, especially the new 4e version, has been lit anew by the PVP-Penny Arcade-Wil Wheaton podcasts of them playing DnD with an awesome Dungeon Master, Chris Perkins. I don’t know if anyone has listened to them, but they are hilairious.

  32. Cool TEB, do you have a link for Fear the Boot? I’ve been trying to find some other podcasts of people actually playing. There are a lot of reviews and gaming news type podcasts, like the ones over at D20 Radio, but campaigns are rare.

  33. The Leafs have Brian Burke and Phil Kessel. I predict they’ll mount their comeback now and win the 2009-2010 Cup (That is, if they haven’t already been eliminated from playoff contention).

  34. There’s a place near me that has a fairly big hall where people run Magic games and similar. But no one knows how to run a D&D campaign. My casual search continues . . .

  35. Wow. I don’t know how long the KingofRPG site would keep my interest, but the quality is really pretty damned impressive. Reminds me how shit my drawing skills are.

    Oh, and I watched a Warhammer 40K (or whatever) game once. The bludgeoning of each other with rulebooks was far more lively than the action on the table. But no less un-interesting or non-entertaining.

  36. Re: Small hands and guitars. I was pondering e-mailing a Mommy that is fairly mighty in regards to that. Well, let me explain. My father always said he couldn’t play guitar, since he has small hands. My hands are essentially the same size, so I always assumed I’d never be able to play. Shortly after graduating from H.S., my best friend at the time said that was bunk. Lo and behold, his hands were only a touch bigger than mine, and he did pretty well. He also said he would’ve taught me if I had shown interest. So my topic suggestion was for parents to watch the “can’t”s. They are long-lasting. I couldn’t play football, either, since I was fat (Thanks, mom!). Of course, I eventually grew out of it and even trained in MMA. Which, of course, I can’t do.

  37. Quiche for lunch was good.

    Lejon – Get better soon. Lots of rest and a warm blanket

    J. Null – As I said, my husband has small hands and I think he’s an amazing guitar player

    Now I think its time to let the Masses Effect me.

  38. Johnny, I’d agree that the size of your hands shouldn’t restrict your ability to play guitar. Some electric guitar brands are a little smaller; lots of kids learn on full-sized adult guitars. At worst, there’d be a few techniques and tricks that would a little bit more difficult.

    Palming a basketball is something else entirely.

  39. TEB: I don’t usually pay attention to voice actor announcements, but I’ve enjoyed the 2 hours of ME 2 I’ve played so far. Not only is Martin Sheen the Illusive Man, but Sarah from Chuck is the brunette hottie. :biggrin:

  40. ditto: if you read the credit, there are an amazing number of names in ME2. From Seth Green, Claudia Black (both in ME 1) to Tricia Helfer, Carrie-Ann Moss and Adam Baldwin. As well as a cast of others.

    Being a game voice seems to be the thing now adays.

  41. Bioware has a long history of attracting talent for voice actors. They even had Captain Tightpants in “Jade Empire”. 🙂

    Seth Green is perfect as Joker. I loved him in the first game.

  42. Wow.
    The President has been meeting with the Republican House members today, taking their questions and said the following incredibly insightful thing –

    “… the way these issues are being presented by the Republicans is that this is some wild-eyed plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives, … The fact is that many of you, if you voted with the administration on something, are politically vulnerable with your own base in your own party. You’ve given yourselves very little room to work in a bipartisan fashion because what you’ve told your constituents is this guy is doing all kinds of crazy stuff that’s gonna destroy America.”

    Instead of trying to help make healthcare reform better, they have vilified it … now they CAN’T have any part of making it better without seeming to be part of the evil.

  43. J0e,
    While it is true that the GOP has pretty much shot itself in the foot, it is interesting to note that the President is trying to down-play sweeping reforms in health care as not a “plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives”.

    That statement leaves me wondering how my health, and the medical coverage there-of, is NOT a huge aspect of my life that they want control over.

    Just my $0.02. As usual, feel free not to take me seriously.

  44. On a much more trivial note, the latest Fringe, can’t help feeling they missed an opportunity to have a good villain in that immortal Nazi.

  45. They played a clip from the View on my local news, I guess Whoopie was saying something about how she (and probably most of America) would be happy to just have the same healthcare as those in office. Fair’s fair

  46. Lejon – If you don’t need any assistance in getting insurance (a “health care plan” as some call it) … then, other than reducing your overall health care costs, I fail to see how it effects ANY aspect of your personal life.
    (If you are on the board of directors for an insurance company then I reserve the right to retract that last statement).

  47. So Obamadeus has FINALLY acknowledged publicly that his opponents will never work with him on any issue, that they have every intention of fighting him at every turn and will refuse to cooperate, whether he’s right or wrong? Seems like he’s even exposed them for being petty partisan fools? About fucking time. Get as much good accomplished (Healthcare that doesn’t wreck lives) as possible before the Palin regime begins in 2012. *shudder*

  48. just watched …
    (1) Chuck – Operation Awsume
    (2) 30 Rock – Blacklight attack
    (3) Dollhouse – Hollow Man

    most TV I’ve watched in a while.
    most Burbon I’ve drank in a while.

    (all other comments from this post have been redacted)

  49. Two thirds of a title is good enough. Number two is indeed “My Freeze Ray” performed by Neil Patrick Harris on the Dr. Horrible Soundtrack.

  50. Well off to see ‘Edge of Darkness’, if it’s half as good as the BBC TV series it based on, could be an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

  51. So I drive the next state over to check out a MA class. It used to be held at a dedicated building, but classes are now held at a college. Stop on by!

    Hey, does anyone here know of a MA class going on?

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nothing scheduled here, and the room is already occupied.

    Here’s her name. Sound familiar?

    Yep, she’s on the faculty. No idea where she is or what she does.

    Is it on the corkboards in the hallways? Nope.

    Let’s try the only number I have. Hurm, seems to be a landline, and, of course, no answer.


  52. So ‘Edge of Darkness’…

    Poor Mel Gibson kept slipping into ham (as he smashed against the limits of his acting), a oh so hollywood ending (all bad guys get killed…you seethe spirits of Craven and his daughter walking into the light..bleugh!) and a lot of the depth of characterization in the TV series ditched to fit the short running time.

    Not terrible though, but the TV series was just so much better.

  53. Holy Crap! I’m gone for 36 hours and you guys go on a posting tear! I think I’m exhausted just from trying to catch up. Whew!

  54. Denali did pretty well at her tournament and I think it was a good experience for her. I videoed the match itself, so I don’t have any pictures yet (I’ll have to extract some from the video stream).

    There were other contests going on at the event, including a “breaking” division. Those guys (and one most impressive woman) were amazing.

    I had Denali make this pose:


    Of course, everyone else got the same idea after I did, but that’s ok. 🙂

  55. Forget by Czeslaw Milosz

    Forget the suffering
    You caused others.
    Forget the suffering
    Others caused you.
    The waters run and run,
    Springs sparkle and are done,
    You walk the earth you are forgetting.

    Sometimes you hear a distant refrain.
    What does it mean, you ask, who is singing?
    A childlike sun grows warm.
    A grandson and a great-grandson are born.
    You are led by the hand once again.

    The names of the rivers remain with you.
    How endless those rivers seem!
    Your fields lie fallow,
    The city towers are not as they were.
    You stand at the threshold mute.

  56. Wow, Deadpan goes prolific!

    Hi guys and girls. I will never catch up — if anyone was waiting for a response from me, holler again, sorry!

    I did, however, take the time yesterday for a new tattoo. I’ll be posting pictures later on on FB, but may need help from Cj to post on the Flickr page. ;), Cj.

    Hope you all are fit and happy, yo. I’m prepping for a long annual meeting that always causes me some high measure of stress. This year, I’ll be in San Antonio. (Ed, if I had more free time, I’d say let’s have a cuppa, but I’m gonna be crazy busy.) I’ll be kinda scarce for a few weeks here, but will try to stop in from time to time! Miss you guys.

  57. Running on little sleep, as we stay up late for grown-up TV and then Iris decides to get up at 5:30 & 6 the two days of this weekend… Normally nobody in the house is up until 6:30.

    Have to go to work today…

  58. Those Cosplayers are really impressive. Some are well-neigh amazing. Too bad they’re all too young to even gamble. The Ivy costume is one of my faves *cough*.

  59. On the MA front:

    The instructor and I have been e-mailing back and forth. She realized she told me the wrong location and was extremely apologetic. She even offered a month of free classes for my wasted time. So I guess I will give watching a class another shot.

    The style they teach is merely listed as “Indonesian Kung-Fu”. I take it that it’s a Silat or offshoot, but I’ve asked for more specifics. It’s a new branch for me, though I read that some versions have some traits similar to Ba Gua, which I was always interested in. And I’ve done a touch of Kali in the past, which I loved.

    We’ll see.

  60. Funnily enough I have a backlog of Asimov, Analog, and F&SF to get through on my phone. But I’m finding the e-editions of the mags a slog to get through.

    Where as the one mag I buy in print (Interzone), I read quickly..

    Right I’m off to the pub for a pint.

  61. Well, I do wish the 3 of you could make it.

    As to that legal battle, those guys are right to object to Amazon playing hardball at their expense, and they’re right to be suspicious of Amazon’s motives, but I disagree that prices always end up at fair values in an open market. Thanks for the links, Van.

  62. We’ll definitely have to create a new “Wall of Pan” for those unable to make it. Hopefully, we’ll get to cross paths IRL some time along the way.

  63. 3.8 Treeeeeeeeelion dollars!

    Of course, you just have to say that with your pinky turned up to your mouth. I can only hope my great-grandkids are going to get their money’s worth out of this.

  64. I was always baffled as to why there was no massive public outrage when the first trillion was projected in 2006-2007 and then when we actually reached it in 2008. Why no Tea Baggers then? One trillion was ok?

    The hard reality is, a trillion is a massive number and if the economy ever gets well enough to cover that 1st Trillion then it’s really going to have to be steaming along. For an economy moving along at that pace the extra Trillion would just be noise.

  65. Bunny its good to hear the Flames won a game. My team is on 3 game losing streak and is about to let the damn Canucks run away with the decision. At least Vancouver is gonna start a 14 game road trip. Thatll bode well.

    *twiddles lips*

  66. Yeah I heard about the trade. He was pretty good on D but I dunno if youll really miss him. D’s tend to come and go and are semi-interchangeable unless theyre really good.

  67. Saw roughly the fist half of the pilot-movie-thing for Babylon 5 last night.

    Does anyone mind if I talk about it? I’m guessing we’re the last people on the planet to watch the series, but I don’t want to give any spoilers as we go if someone hasn’t seen it yet.

    Overall, pretty good. The captain guy is a bit too smiley. I cringed inwardly when I saw the communications system in the station is called “BABCOM”. And WTF is up with those goofy rings that chick with the bone-hair has? Really? Localized increase of gravity? Seriously? That’s horrible from every angle. And of course, she’s got like a dozen rings of different colors [or colours! 🙂 ]. Blech. Other than that, we’re enjoying it. Even Lady J, and I had no idea what her feelings would be on it. Looking forward to continuing.

  68. JN – like most series, you have to give it a few episode, possibly the entire first season. Also, Strazynski (sp?) liked to put little things in the episodes that don’t click until several episodes (sometimes a couple of seasons) later.

    Also, like most SF, don’t analyze, just roll with it.

  69. ELEVEN! The finger is still mine.

    Seriously, when you think about it Lo Pan, do you really want me to “give you the finger”? :happy:

  70. I’m not so sure you want me to go toward “finger humor”. Tis a rich well to pull from and not for the faint of heart.

    *puts on beer cup hat*

  71. What good is a beer hat without any beer to put in it? *removes all the beer*

    I really am feeling quite mean today :shocked:

  72. If I have to spend today in spreadsheet hell, others are going to be put through a different type of hell, just because. 🙂

  73. Lo Pan is never without multiple beer backup. EVAR.

    “If I have to spend today in spreadsheet hell, others are going to be put through a different type of hell, just because.” Um, you know who youre talking to, right? Hells are my speciality….

  74. Hence, my seeming to pick on you more than others today. :sideways:

    But… to make up for it, I’ll buy you a beer in Arizona in March.

  75. DAMMIT YES!!! Thats what Im talkin bout, Jack. Tomorrow be the day!!!! So psyched.

    Why cant we all get along?
    Would that be oh so wrong?
    Why cant we all love each other?
    Monkey and a robot brother.

  76. My next 10 i-Tunes DJ songs:

    voodoonight – Boney M
    Puer natus est nobis, introit in mode 7 – Gregorian Chant
    Begin The Beguine – Michael Nesmith
    Midnight Train – The Monkees
    (What Am I Doin’) Hangin’ Round – The Monkees
    For Whom The Bells Tolls – Metallica
    Veni creator spiritus, hymn in mode 8 – Gregorian Chant
    No Interest In Dominic Greene – Quantum of Solace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Inside Man – Quantum of Solace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    No whiplash there.

  77. Not that I dont enjoy posting all day on the Deadpan…. but I really wish my system was up and running. Work day is sloooooooooooowwwwwwww without.


  78. Just wanted to add –

    Farscape is Brilliant!

    B5 was most excellent in it’s day … but I haven’t seen it since it originally aired and don’t know if it stands the test of time.

  79. Lo Pan, you may appreciate this from the latest Ansible:

    I haven’t seen Avatar and probably won’t, at least not in a cinema, but here’s a capsule appreciation from our guest reviewer Peter O’Toole: ‘It’s full of blue-arsed Barbie dolls trying to catch rubber turkeys. It was the most gorgeous pile of nonsense I have ever seen.’ (‘Pandora’ diary, Independent, 27 January)

  80. The Star Trek episode ‘Assignment Earth’ is playing on the TV…cool episode.

    I may just lust after the young version of Terri Garr.

  81. Jack – the craig’s list item was wonderfully succinct.
    Shame about that last paragraph though. Oh, I don’t disagree with it but right up until then he might have actually gotten a Tea Bagger to think about the situation.

    Still, the rest has been copied/paste/e-mailed!

  82. The amount of with holding was changed not the amount of taxes you will own in the end. I used to get huge refunds (9k+) because of school and other things that end up getting back but must pay for upfront. this year because of the with holding change (NOT a tax cut) I will have to pay a small amount. this post is just a lie. and anyone who is not reading the memo about a benefit price change and blames businesses greed on they suddenly notice should start paying attention to the world around them. also who is the “Greedy business”? do you have a 401k? if so you are the greedy business

  83. JØ: RE: Babylon 5 Pilot: Yeah, JMS figured out that that little gravity thing was a bit beyond the scope of Minbar’s science. You never see them using anything like that again throughout the series.

    TEB: FarScape is definitely worth a once or twice through. You do have to slog through the first 6 eps (wildly inconsistent), but they get solid, and the show will have you weaping over muppets… of course, by that point, you’ll think they’re people…

    VAN: Yep. That just about sums up Avatar all right. Still had me almost weaping at spots, but yeah, Very pretty, not much story.

  84. the important part of what you get with a 401k is you put your money into different places that normally means you own stock so you own those greedy businesses

  85. The Cake is a lie.

    Went back and looked for the “blame it on greedy business” bit in Jack’s link (THAT sounds like a sausage doesn’t it) and couldn’t find it. In fact what I read said that employers were having to pay more for our health coverage every year. Sounds to me more like it was on the side of business not against it.
    If your employer has to pay less to cover your insurance … then they have more to pay directly to you.
    That’s an idea I can support.

  86. The down side of the 401k … is that it is usually at the mercy of Wall Street (unless you have your money invested in “foreign water rights” or something).
    The financial leaders of which, have just given us a demonstration of how little long term vision they actually have.

    (Full Disclosure – I have a 401k)

  87. I certainly agree that it’s a bit of an oversimplification to say that rising healthcare costs are the only factor preventing employers from giving their employees’ new raises, but I still agree with the main point; I do think much of the teabaggers’ discontent is artificially fueled by opportunist media clowns with a bunch of inciteful (not insightful) misinformation.
    Where were the protests when the previous administration set deficit and spending records and expanded government and wiretapped and told us to just trust them with the authority to unilaterally violate citizens’ rights?

    One item in the teabag rhetoric rings very true: our current government has failed us. Neither side works for the citizens, and both are so riddled with corruption and self-interest that the lobbyist have taken control. THAT’s where greed becomes dangerous – – when profit-focused lobbyists have more influence on govt. than avg. taxpayers.

  88. Last week every Republican Senator voted against continuing the “Pay as you go” rule which is a rule that says “If you want to start a new project, you also have to state how you are going to come up with the increased revenue to funs it.

    Where were the Tea Bagger demonstrations against that bit of “in your face” to fiscal responsibility. They didn’t even send out a condemning press release.

  89. Last week, the 7 Republicans who cosponsored a bill to create a Congressional Fiscal Oversight committee … voted against the creation of that committee when it came up for a full vote of the Senate.

    Why did the Tea Baggers not decry that?

    Seems awfully disingenuous.

  90. I’m still in the middle of my Earth Assignment. The mothership seems to be overdue for some reason. They probably made a wrong turn at Uranus.

  91. I don’t think there should be government over site (for the most part) in what businesses do. The things that should be don’t work right now. Businesses should be forced to have open books in every way if they are selling stock and should be force aloud very few “industry secrets”. how ever I also think they shouldn’t be given tax payer money (for the most part). exceptions would be government research and in this case every thing must be disclosed before, during, and after the project. and when they are making something IE roads, buildings. so if a conservative votes agents putting controls on businesses I don’t mind. Those things should come from the board and share holders.
    I like a good debate. I just wish more people where more informed. one example is the USA version of universal healthcare is forcing everyone to buy insurance (in other words making people make a good choice) and giving them a fine if they don’t. but most people thing it means free healthcare. that is a huge difference.

  92. I realize when I said was and over-simplification but if I wrote everything I wanted it would take me at least 30 minutes just to fix all my spelling errors

  93. anyone else watch worst cooks in america on the food network?
    It was a Sunday night show but it finished up last night. Seeing they way these people where able to change there cooking in a 10 day “boot camp” kind of thing gives me hope. I like cooking but I’m not very good.

  94. B5: Watched the first season for the first time last year and thought it was quite good, though the shifts between pilot & s1 and again between s1 & s2 are a bit jarring.

    Good morning.

  95. I heard b5 was good. there where a number of good SF shows that came out in a time where I (by choice) didn’t even own a tv so I missed out on some great show. My personal fav from that time is Stargate at least the start of it.

  96. OMFG lemme rant for a minute. The mere fact that the Academy has nominated 10… TEN… films for best picture this year just confirms how terribly watered down American Cinema has become. And no, Im not gonna bitch about how Avatar has been nominated for best film, but I will bitch about how Avatar AND District 9 AND Up in the Air AND Up are ALL nominated. I loved District 9 and Up but in other years these films wouldnt get a sniff of a best picture nomination. Look at Wall E last year. A much better film that Up (IMO) and it was relegated to being nominated for “Best Animated” film. What credibility the Academy ever had has been shot to shit. TEN films? Blow me.

  97. Those ARE made of win!!!!!!!! I saw similar pint glasses in a local record shop. SOFA KING COOL!!!!

    Theyre a waste of time reaper, those shows. More and more every year Hollywood is dying and thy knows it.

  98. My wife and daughter watch them but the 3 hour show takes them about 30 minutes to watch after the skip all the crap.

    cold beer activated pints would kick major ass.

  99. Well thats the way to do it. After the Grammy debacle a few days ago I’ve given up on mainstream awards shows. But I think so say we most on that.

    Shot glasses too. A variable cornucopia of Atari drinkin goodness.

  100. reaper: Office Season 10 simply angers me. Theyve come so close to jumping the shark multiple times only to, thankfully, step back and refrain. Also, there was a month and a half between episodes 12 and 13… quite a wait.. and they reward our wait with the garbage that was ep 13. You see if you agree.

  101. Ok so Slice of Sci-Fi just pronounced Joe Quesada’s last name as “Quesadilla”. Please tell me this is some kind of in-joke I’m missing.

    Cause if not, thats pretty fucked up.

  102. I don’t know, but I’ll give the Slice crew credit enough to assume that was a joke.

    Aside – I just wanted to say thanks Stevie Wonder, just in case he reads these boards. Two of his songs came up in rotation, providing a drastic reduction in my blood pressure. Much-needed after a 45-minute dead-end conversation with county bureaucrats.

  103. Lo Pan, I hope I will get those 3 finished tonight. So far I have been pretty happy with this season but I also restarted the series in December so no waiting time. The show is getting close to its I think. Next is Parks and Rec!

  104. bureaucrats are worse then :ftb:
    most have a rules are rules mind set as though the rule is more important than the service they should be providing or just doing the right thing.

  105. Understood reaper. I just hate alot of the places they almost went.

    I DO enjoy Parks and Rec, but for my money Community is the funniest show on TV at the moment.

  106. watching the office rapid fire i think helped me like it because I got to see where they where going and didn’t have time to brood over it but if I did have time it would have bothered me a lot more. it was a train that could have easily been run off the tracks
    I love community, the middle, and Modern Family for the new one. Modern Family has to be my fav but all 3 are must see IMHO

  107. I think the Slice slip is on purpose. I still say “Canadia”.

    Lady J likes The Office. I watched the first disc with her. It’s got its moments.

    As an aside, I don’t recall getting the notice that “disk” was now “disc”.

  108. reaper:
    1st off, I can’t believe I’m letting myself get involved in another god-damned political discussion.

    2nd, Government oversight is essential in making sure that the average citizen is protected from the abuses of the Corporatacracy. Unfortunately, the Corporatacracy has cash and the Government doesn’t.

    3rd, Open book policy is a great idea. Now, what do you mean by that? If a company cannot be allowed to have an advantage in their product line, because every other company will know what they’re making AND HOW they’re making it, how can they make a profit? Setting the playing field so level that the only conceivable way of making any money is by dropping your prices so low you put the other guy out of business, and likely yourself at the same time. I think an open book policy is great when it comes to reporting a companies entire asset list, but I think the whole point behind having proprietary corporate secrets is specifically because it helps inspire healthy competition. It also inspires corporate espionage, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

    4th, Tax incentives… are a touchy area. Tax incentives are available to stir up business and help get businesses going, and I feel if you’re a business, the incentive is available, and your business qualifies; you take the incentive. HOWEVER, I’d like to see a lot fewer incentives for multi-billion dollar corporations, and a lot more for Mom & Pop America

    5th (and last, thank god), I’ll try and phrase this in a way that isn’t inflamatory (and fail) — Ask yourself this: (premise: You own a car in a state that requires vehicle insurance. You MUST buy insurance if you wish to drive your car, or you are fined a considerable sum. Your options are: pay for insurance and drive, don’t pay for insurance and drive – hoping not to be caught, or don’t drive and don’t pay for insurance [ie. taking the bus].)

    THE QUESTION: How can you avoid the government imposed expense of insurance?

    {Please note: the equivalent options in nationalized Health Care are: pay for health insurance and live in the U.S., don’t pay for health insurance and live in the U.S. – hoping not to be caught, or Don’t Live… in the U.S. and don’t pay for health insurance.}

    **Yes, I know it was a simplification**

  109. Its funny how you used “dick” and “rash” in the same thought… thats well played.

    I did ask. I should stop asking and just start assuming. Nyaaaha!!!!! I assume youre eating a sandwhich! Yay this is better!

  110. Lejon,

    I’m afraid trying to compare a state imposed mandate of carrying liability insurance to operate a vehicle which, 1. is an optional act, 2. requires special training to do, and 3. can kill/maim other people if you act irresponsibly to a state mandate that you carry health insurance in order to simply be allowed to breath as a citizen of the nation is not the best way to make a case here.

  111. Ed:

    Just to get deeper into the muck: 1. my point is that it is optional – you would have the choice with your auto insurance. a nationalized health care plan (as far as I’ve seen) is only a choice in that you either get health care from the government, or you get health care somewhere else. The choice to take your health into your own hands is not an option.
    2. Taking your health into your own hands would also require special training – to diagnose, prescribe, repair, etc. (granted, you’d need to have some sort of medical training, at least as far as being a paramedic)
    3. I, as a citizen could indeed kill/maim other people, which certainly is irresponsible, but rather than having my license taken away and health insurance revoked, I’d likely get thrown in prison where all my health care needs would be handled for me and I wouldn’t pay a dime for it.

    Sorry… what was the point of all this?

  112. Guys and Gals –
    Since I have the chance here to discuss this with people whom I consider to be reasonable and free thinking ( I couldn’t quit think of a term that means … not one of the herd), I want to see if I can’t understand your opposition to what is for me personally, some key reasons we need healthcare reform. I don’t need to agree but I would like to understand.

    So I’m going to take one item at a time.
    My first issue is, I am paying way to much for basic heathcare every year.

    A big driver for those cost is the fact that I am paying for the 10’s of millions of Americans who don’t have insurance. When they go to the hospital (which they do for even normal illnesses) they cannot be refused. So their bill gets passed along to the rest of us in the form of higher medical costs, higher insurance premiums and taxes to refill what they use out of Medicare.
    In my view If I am going to have to pay for these people anyway … why not do it in as inexpensive a way as possible?

    As I see it, having a basic insurance plan that is available to all of these American is the cheapest way to do that. You’d be buying medical services for (depending on whose numbers you use) 30 to 50 million people at a pop. Now THAT’S buying power! It’s the same basic economics that make WalMart work. Volume, volume volume.

    So there you have it. That’s the first place I am coming from. Those of us with insurance are already paying for those who don’t have it and I want to lower that cost. I’m hoping you can see why I’m having trouble understanding why anyone would fight against lowering this cost.

    BTW- Currently, a Nationally available health care plan like this has been “pulled off the table” so this solution is now only hypothetical.

  113. I’m trying to stay focused on my main point … but I have to say that Lejon is correct in the the precedent for the Government requiring the individual to carry insurance has already been well established … what type of insurance that is would be irrelevant to a discussion on whether the government could mandate this sort of fiscal responsibility. We allowed them to have that power decades ago.

  114. J0e has crystalized my thoughts eloquently.
    I will toss out possibly the most-flawed oversimplification of all: As a direct cause of the current healthcare-for-profit system, people are dying and suffering on a scale directly correlative to their ability/inability to pay for healthcare. How long has Magic Johnson survived and thrived with HIV? Michael J. Fox with his Parkinson’s? (not to downplay what those 2 guys go through every day – I just use them as wealthy, famous examples). How well would they be coping on our salaries? On McD’s manager salaries?

    Although I think Ed and Lejon were suggesting that we drive our insured vehicles over the uninsured citizens?

  115. when it comes to health care reform I think the best thing would be to give people a tax break so they can choose there own level of coverage and still be strongly encouraged to do so but it will still give them the option. this still isn’t perfect but of all the best of them that I have seen.

  116. Lo Pan, Just finished up the office I still liked it but if I would have been annoyed to have waited so long between ep 12 & 13 to just get a clip show. I think they where about 2 minutes away from jumping the shark with Dwight in the stair well. glad they pulled back

  117. reaper – the flaw in that plan is it works on a “We’ll give you money back after you have spent it” system. If you don’t make enough to afford even the most basic commercial policy … then you are shut out of insurance and that gets us right back to where we are now.

  118. BTW: I appreciate the opportunity to try and understand what “the other guy” is thinking. While there are clearly some douchebags out there with malevolent and/or empire building intent … none of them are “us”.

    Few people seem interested in trying to understand each other, most just want to be the loudest.

  119. Dammit this thread breaks my brain as I really want to join in but Im afraid Id simple look retarded amongst you all.

    What? Whats that Mr. Emanuel? Oh…snap….

  120. Justa J0e, yah that has always been the problem with that plan. you would have to start out with some kind voucher system for the first year and the just mucks up the whole thing to. there really isn’t a perfect answer I just prefer to empower the people because I have faith in individuals much more than large groups with a leader trying to make everyone happy.

    I also agree about the doushebag thing.

  121. Oh, and my tupance on the politics discussion earlier… I don’t trust people to act in their own best interests and ultimately believe that everything is destined to failure so even pretending to care is more than my meager head can stand for.


  122. Hi :pan:

    I miss you guys and gals.

    Today I was invited to visit in the office of the department where I actually want to work.

    It would be heaven.

    I now have an employment dream to pursue. It’s a good feeling to know that I’m working toward something for which I.am.absolutely.perfect!!

    They seemed excited to meet with me as well.

    I’m all swooony over work stuff… who’d have thunk it?

  123. n?som?ni?a??
    inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.

    1685–95; < L, equiv. to insomn(is) sleepless (in- in- 3 + somn(us) sleep + -is adj. suffix) + -ia -ia

    Related forms:
    in?som?ni?ous, adjective

  124. ok.. didn’t read too far back but just to put another perspective on health insurance-

    My husband has a great job with GREAT health insurance so we have nothing to worry about right?
    After all the years of being young and healthy and barely ever using his health insurance at all why is it that now that he is sick we are somehow saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care bills? Why are we paying an amount of money every single month to hospitals that most families in this country could live comfortably on?
    Why is it that just because my husband has a good job somehow it is ok and acceptable for us to go completely broke and unable to feed or clothe or house ourselves because he got sick? If he gets so sick that he is unable to work, there goes the health insurance, there goes our ability to pay for anything. But yet we would still be responsible for those bills.

    Why is it acceptable that we will forever be billed for these things when others can go and not be responsible for 1 penny of anything?

    Now tell me we don’t need reform and we don’t need to take our health insurance out of the hands of corporations who see health care as a money making opportunity?

    Not that i think the government is the answer or that their current ideas are the way to go. But somehow we need to take that 1st step and make a change. We need to start somewhere and do something.

    There is no way that you can tell me health insurers or pharmaceutical companies really give a damn about whether or not my husband gets better. Somewhere is a guy pissed as hell that Hugh isn’t on chemo anymore so that they can continue to bill us.

    ok. I’m done 🙂

  125. And there you have it indeed – who do you trust more, business or government? Neither choice is particularly palatable.

    Which, thanks to wikipedia, I’ve learned that such is not a Hobson’s Choice, but actually a Morton’s Fork.