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  1. Morning, Pan.

    The jackmangan.com redirect was broken sometime yesterday (I got a DNS error when I tried to go to my jackmangan.com bookmark), but it’s working perfectly now, and so is the masking (I see jackmangan.com in the URL bar, not tonymast.com/jmdp).

    I would also like to thank Tony for his generosity in hosting us. πŸ™‚

  2. On the mom update:

    My mom is home now. She has to go in every day though for a shot to help dissipate the blood clots as well as testing to make sure it works. She had one large clot in her right lung and a few smaller ones closer to her heart. She doesn’t want me out right now but I’ll probably see her in September some time. We’re all hoping this incident scares some smarts into her.

  3. Show notes:

    Test Unshow 80

    We have moved to a new server. Please bear with Jack as he goes through moving pains.

    Thanks to Tony Mast for hosting and helping

    Jack wants a lollipop

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  4. Hubby had an interesting (see stressful) day yesterday. Not only did he have me and my mom on his mind but the other AP at his school took off suddenly because his father was rushed to the hospital (in Manitoba)with some sort of fatal cancer.

    I, personally would not know what I’d do without those around me who take on some of my stress for me. Hugs to all.

  5. ..and a crap joke:

    A little boy was in a taxi eating chocolate, then he took another one and then another.
    A man next to him said “Do you know that too much of it will damage your teeth”
    The boy replied, “my grandfather lived to 132 years”
    The man asked “was it because of eating chocolate?”
    The boy replied, “No, he was always minding his own business”

  6. Like a good Deadpanite, I watched “Buckaroo Banzai” over the weekend. I watched the first half hour streaming Netflix to my outlawed Samsung phone, the second half hour streamed to my laptop, and then on Sunday I found my *cough*backup*cough* DVD in the closet and finished up watching on my son’s 30″ LCD TV. Surprising, this jumbled watching experience didn’t make the plot any less clear.

  7. I just want to say to you all of you in this community….

    You Deadpanites are the motherfucking way! As a newbie, its awesomely fantastic to see how all of you support one another, care about others and stand by everyone through life changes and server changes. I think what Jack and the rest of you have created here is pretty damn special.

    In case any of you are in doubt…. Each of you matter.
    jackmangan.com matters.

    *Pixie hugs all of you*

  8. Been meaning to tell you guys, we watched this 6-episode series recently and it was OUTSTANDING. If you have Direct TV and can handle the idea of transgendered people, you really should try to catch it. Hopefully it’ll be on Netflix soon. I LOVE Chloe Sevigny so much, and more now because of this really cool British series:


  9. I’m listening to a podcast and they are discussing the stereotype of women being terrible car shoppers. The gist of the cast is this is completely wrong. I know, when we’re shopping for big ticket items the clerks sometimes don’t know what to do as I’m usually the one who takes charge as far as asking questions and what kind of deals we can get.

  10. That being said, when hubby and I were looking at cars last year, we ended up walking out of a dealership because we felt they were trying to take advantage of us. I think it surprised the salesman when we went from sitting at his desk with debit card in hand ready to put down the deposit to out the door in less than five minutes.

  11. Bitter angry guy was certainly angry and bitter but he did touch on a very disturbing trend in this election cycle … the Republican’s have abandon any pretense of hiding the lying. They loudly and clearly lie and when the fact checkers point this out they just repeat the lies louder. Why? Because it is clearly working … and THAT is the real moral crises.


    example – “Ryan criticized Obama for β€” yes β€” not using government funds to prop up an auto plant in his district.

    Ignoring the inconsistency of a Republican chastising Obama for not bailing out more auto manufacturers, the plant in question closed before Obama’s inauguration in 2009.”

  12. Well, mom has already hinted at how tired she is of driving the hour and a half, one way, to the hospital for her shots. I’m suppose to take my grandmother shopping this weekend. We’re also going to discuss the best way to convince my mom to move closer to civilization. I think we have an uphill battle on our hands.

  13. Month end has started today. While I’m a little frazzled, starting month end a day early is actually a good thing. We have company coming over for dinner and gaming tomorrow night and I was worried I would have to cancel because of month end.

    • Bake your cares away,
      Worry’s for another day.
      Let the music play,
      Down at Frazzled Rock.

      Work alot today,
      Going to game another day.
      While I’m Frazzled bake,
      We’re Ditto, Essbee, Bunny, justaJ0e, Van.

      Bake your cares away,
      Worry’s for another day.
      Let the cookies bake,
      Here at frazzled Rock.
      Don’t look at the clock.
      Here at frazzled Rock.

  14. so I’m leaving in about an hour to visit my hubby’s school and because there is a staff BBQ we’re going to. Hubby says to me, “just so you know, some of the male teachers are really hot. I don’t just mean good looking but… amazing.”

    I’m not really sure why he told me this. Am I suppose to… prepare myself so I don’t swoon when I see them? Avert my eyes when I see a good looking man?

    I asked him if I should gird my loins and he just laughed.

  15. So Pandora just played me a version of Ben Folds’ “Rock’n the suburbs” that I had never heard before. MUCH less “family friendly” and MUCH more acerbic and social commentary-ish.

  16. Change of plans, Deadpan. My car’s battery is as dead as dead can be. I couldn’t even use the automatic door locks to open it. I have it hooked up to a charger but, since hubby’s school is way the hell at the other end of the city, it does mean no meeting the school hotties. I think I’m disappointed.

  17. I think I’m upset the Weeping Angels are coming back in this season’s Dr. who. I liked them as a one off during the Tennant years. Less so when they came back more recently. I worry it’ll just contine down hill with this particular “villain”

  18. I’m worried the problem with my car may not just be the battery. It’s been hooked up to the charger for two hours and it’s still completely dead. Alternator, maybe? I may have to get it towed to the shop

  19. Netflix hangers-on: You must watch the first 10-or-so minutes of “The Rock-a-fire Explosion” on streaming and see if you have the same forgotten nostalgic reaction that I did.

    Although for me as a kid, Showbiz was always about the games, not so much about the band.

    • Opps! I thought it was a mockumentary until they said that showbiz pizza replaced the band with Chuck E Chesse. I then slowly realized that this is real. Frightening, but real. Sadly, it still watches like a mockumentary. Don’t think I made it quite 10 minutes in, but I might watch more later.

    • And yes, I did get quite the nostalgic reaction, especially when they were talking about the grades for tokens program. Reminds me that I should call in with a dumb ass memory about Chuck E. Cheese at some point.

  20. And, spotted on FB:
    “According to a survey from cloud and mobility service Citrix, nearly one-third of Americans believe that the cloud in β€œcloud computing” relates to β€œan actual cloud, the sky, or something related to weather.””

    It’s supposed to rain other people’s creepy porn on Thursday; I’d bring an umbrella.

    Goodnight :porn front:

  21. Thinking of going to see a film tonight.
    Haven’t been to one since the Mmmmmeet Up.
    Options seem to be –
    The Bourne Legacy
    Dark Night Rises

    ANyone have an opinion of any of these?

    • We saw Brave and Paranorman both recently, jJ. I’d go with either one of those, but knowing you a bit, think you might like Norman best!

    • J0e, pardon me for not remembering, but do you have a daughter? My dad said he was glad he went to see Brave with me, and I enjoyed it.

      I LOVED The Dark Knight Rises. I haven’t seen either of the others.

    • Now Amy if JJ told you that he would have to kill you.

      The Paranorman film has yet to be released in the UK, of the others (which I’ve seen), the Bourne film is the only dud in that list.

  22. Today was supposed to be Gear’s born day, but the doctor’s office neglected to mention that the time they told us to show up was actually the time we were supposed be in surgery.

    Fuckety fuck?

  23. Watching ‘Space Seed’ from the original Star Trek…one of the digitally remastered episodes.

    Never knew the Botany Bay model was a submarine model with bits added…looks so obvious now.


  24. I’m happy to report that my wife will not be going to jail. Had our pool contractor not finished the repair work in time for the big wife’s family reunion at our house tomorrow, he would most likely be a bloody smear on the highway.

    Thankfully, as of last evening we’re fully functional and ready for the big shindig.

    I’m also happy to report that I’ve watched nothing political this week and plan to do the same next week.

  25. Dammit, Ditto, you scared the shit outta me – Saw a black and white photo of Walter Koenig posted to Facebook and my first thought is “He didn’t die too, did he?”

    Thankfully not, but still….

  26. Here someone who isn’t getting invited to the company picnic this weekend –

    According to Fox News columnist Sally Kohn, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday “was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”

  27. Hmm, better make sure my DVR is setup correctly for Dr. Who today.

    Survived the big reunion today. all in all, it was a most excellent day.

  28. Meanwhile, at CopperCon 2012…

    Hermione Granger and Clone Trooper made their appearances at the Masquerade.

    (hint: the Wee Mangans)

    they stole my heart

    • Ah hahahahah…. this excerpt from a review on BeerAdvocate:

      “22oz bottle $6.99. I picked this up against my better judgment because I know if its not West Coast it ain’t shit, oh well.”

      I LOVE West Coast beer bias. Its as amusing and ignorant as East Coast sports bias. No, Virginia, California is no longer the finest purveyor of craft brews. SO sorry. There’s no Santa Claus either.

  29. I bet nobody is awake to help me make the decision, but it shall either be the Two-part premiere episodes of the original “Knight Rider” TV series, or “God Bless America” by Bobcat Goldthwait

    • Perhaps his most notable achievement is that he got ANYTHING done at all.
      This, considering that the Democrats in congress represent a wide cross section of America and can rarely manage to form a single coalition on any one issue … and Republican leaders stood on the steps to the capital building, just days after Obama’s election and VOWED to simply shut Washington down until he was gone. Using procedural tactics and filibuster threats they have all but achieved their goals. This congress has passed fewer bills then any since 1947 and most of the bills it has pass were fluff pieces such as resolutions to honor people or to mark a special “National day of one thing or another”. According to a new Gallup poll, this congress has just a 10% approval rating.

      That Obama got ANYTHING passed through this dysfunctional, obstructionist bunch is remarkable in itself.

  30. Also on a happy note, the relative who we in forge op few weeks back was my mother. She was having a hip replacement. The operation went well, but due to preexcisting medical conditions sh wasn’t allowed out of hospital till today.

  31. A question for the comic geeks.

    Looking for a villain (Marvel universe a distinct possibility), who is basically a brain in a jar on top of a robotic body. This was a result of a being almost destroyed when a spaceship crashed ear him.

    The aliens didn’t know how to rebuild him properply, he enslaves the aliens using a power ring, the aliens look like Valkyries and he calls one of them .

    Any ideas?

  32. Hubby and I have started culling our library. We both have moved pretty much exclusively e-format and have decided we want to use the space for other things. We figure, if we do one or two book cases a week, we should be done by the end of the year. This weekend, we managed to cull two seven foot bookcases worth of books into 1/2 a bookcase. I now have five boxes of books (a little larger than paper boxes) for my Boo to go through and decide what she wants.

  33. There is a cool little bonus in Buckaroo Banzai for Breaking Bad fans!

    Speaking of, I hit 2 comic book stores on Camelback in Phoenix today to ask for the Buckaroo Banzai comics. The answer in both stores was, “Um, no.”

    Their facial reactions said:

    Guy at 1st store: Oh yeah, I think I might have heard of that once, maybe… God, this guy is old…

    Girl at 2nd store: I’m frightened by your bizarre, obscure request. You are the weirdest person in the comic shop, and that’s saying something…

  34. In more stupid news, hubby’s uncle died over the weekend. We spent the day trying to get a hold of hubby’s parents who are vacationing in Malayasia. *sigh*. That’s two in a row. I think I’m just going to give up on weekends.

  35. My condolences, too, Bunny.

    Wow, there’s nothing like an imminent visit from the pest-control people (I haven’t actually seen any pests around here; it’s just a proactive, preemptive strike) to motivate me to clean the apartment. My living room is spotless for the first time since I got my living-room chairs (almost a month ago), and I got all the clutter off the floor in my bedroom and office. I couldn’t believe how much energy I had for cleaning today. πŸ™‚

    Good night, Pan.

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