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  1. So, Jack and I watched Vikings S1:E2.

    I can believe what barbarians these guys are!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know if I can root for them, but I want to keep watching.

    • A pretentious AV Club article?!
      I actually read that one, and I’d agree with you. Some solid points made about VH and especially DLR, but the author doesn’t seem to know the material as well as he thinks he does.

  2. Back to our Vikings doscussion:

    1. Ragnar is the lovechild between Brad Pitt & Charlie Hunnam
    2. Ragnar’s “brother” is a beefed up version of Jared Leto
    3. I have a girl crush Mrs. Ragnar – warrior princess

    4. Damn Vikings, raping and plundering!

  3. Crap joke for the day:

    A woman on her death bed asks her husband to rush home and get a wooden box out from under their bed. The man retuns home, gets the box out from under the bed and opens it to find 3 eggs and $7000.00 in cash.He returns to the hospital and asks his wife: “Honey, why are there 3 eggs and $7000.00 in cash?” She replied: “Well, over our 35 years of marriage whenever we had bad lovemaking I would put an egg in the box.” So, immediately the husband thought of himself as a love machine.And he asked her then: “Well, what is the money for?” And she replied: “Every time I got a dozen eggs I sold them!!!!”

    • The majority of AVC articles are smart and insightful with clever humor about interesting subjects, whether they’re essays, features, or news bytes. That’s why I keep going back, in spite of the sometimes unbearable hipsterism.

      I used to check them a lot more frequently when I had more downtime during the day. Not so much these days.

      • There are plenty of times that I really enjoy reading AVC articles. I guess lately I’ve just run into more that have rubbed me the wrong way, like the one above. The article is just a red herring. His misunderstanding of the series may even be unintentional. In any case, it seems to me that he hasn’t played the games in depth so his argument is off base.

      • Well, we wouldn’t been able to keep him past this season anyways, and we had a snowball’s chance in hell to make the playoffs. But I am sort of bothered that they’ve seemed to right off the second half of the season.

  4. I lie on couch.
    Dog snuggles on couch, beside me.
    Cat snuggles on couch, on my side and on top of dog.

    5 minutes later, I have dog AND cat stretching all four of their paws outward, and into MY side!

    There ya have it, One minute I’m God’s gift to snuggle land and then next, I’m being shoved off of my couch!

  5. I’m off to the office today, I will ask if I can keep a couple of weeks unallocated till later on in the year, but considering what happened last year, even if they agree to that do doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

  6. Morning Pan

    Today’s spam first line:
    “Your word he breathed in”

    I think that, because I work for a publishing company, spammers try to make their emails look like they may be from manuscripts. That’s why I don’t get enlargement spam but this type instead.

  7. Hooray! For Grand Budapest Hotel and Wes Anderson nods!

    I havent seen many of this year’s nominees, so I am a bit biased towards the Grand Budapest Hotel.

    Im upset Keeanu was snubbed…. again

  8. ditto have you heard the new Dead Sara track ‘Mona Lisa’ yet?

    Its ok. But I love their first album so much I’m scared of a big time sophomore slump

  9. Morning Pan

    Hubby’s daddy is coming to town to visit hubby’s grandmother. So today’s schedule will be:
    Clean the guest room (the bed is currently covered in books)
    Clean the guest washroom
    Clean the main washroom (I do this one every Friday so… *shrug*)

    I’ll probably be hit and miss for the next little while.

    • Definitely agree on that review. I fell away from the show for a few years while my wife kept up with it. I’ve been back on board these last couple of seasons as it has turned into what could be a true prequel to the Terminator universe.

      If-The-Else was indeed some epic television. Almost surprising that it’s a major network show.

  10. I’m a little disappointed with SyFy’s trailer for Expanse. It looks kind of cheap compared to what I read. But I’ll still give it a chance. Anyone else read the first book?

  11. Re-watched “Edwards Scissorshand” tonight. First time in about a decade.
    Still makes me weepy.
    Remember when we used to love Tim Burton and it was okay to admit it?

    Also, I now suspect that between this film and Beetlejuice, Tim Burton may be mostly responsible for bringing “Goth” to middle class, suburbia, teen culture.

  12. Agreed; fuck cancer

    Lo- we also gave up on Gotham after 3. We are about that far behind on this season of SHIELD and now are sad given EJO joining the show.

  13. We’ve been trying to fly thru the last season of Torchwood before they take it off Netflix. We have 3 eps to go. WTF is with this season? It fluctuates between some of the best Torchwood ever (which admittedly isnt hard) and some of the worst tv ever.

  14. A friend of ours is going through law school. As part of the course the have to be part of a mock trial. Today, hubby got to be a witness at a mock murder trial. It took place at the courthouse in front of a real judge. He was questioned by the “prosecutor” and then cross-examined by the “defence”. He came home saying it was one of the coolest things he did. I’m sorry I couldn’t go.

  15. I am all for the X-Files reboot if it means getting to forget that awful series finale. The last not-great movie was 100000 times better than the finale was.

        • Yep. Kind of like Van says. If they are tracking the same orbit(ish), it will appear like a planet. It’s the same reason we can treat the regular planets as a point-source of gravity. That’s why it’s important to get visual confirmation.

          Just based on probability, there are probably a small number of planet-sized objects out there, hundreds if not thousands of dwarf sized objects, and countless smaller objects. It was one of the reasons many astronomers used to argue against Pluto being considered a planet and why “clearing its orbit” was an important part of the planet rule.

  16. I don’t understand why we can detect exoplanets but still don’t know if there are planets past Pluto. Do we need some nearsighted telescopes?

  17. Did the local Cult Classics viewing of Temple of Doom tonight. . . Yes, I know. . . The movie has flaws, but it’s also a helluva fun ride. I’d forgotten just how much fun.

  18. Should I start reading the Walking Dead graphic novel series or will it only tick me off having watched the first season and half of the second?

  19. Morning Pan

    Today’s schedule:
    A little bit of work
    Take Jack to the hospital (hubby’s daddy’ name is Jack)
    Get some chili going in the slow cooker
    Change kitty litter
    have lunch
    Pick up Jack from the hospital.

    I need to do some laundry today too but not sure when as the guest room is right next to the laundry room. Hopefully I can sneak in a load or two while Jack is at the hospital.

  20. Today in family soap opera: hubby’s uncle and aunt have stopped talking to each other. Meanwhile, hubby’s grandmother has gone in to surgery this morning. Hubby’s daddy, who is really a nice person, comes home from the hospital and vents to me because hubby is still at work.

    I’m tired

  21. Teresa and I finished binge watching all three seasons of “Homeland”, which was pretty good. Now we have started to watch “Vikings”.

    • Magic 2015 looks like a version of Magic the Gathering. Are these all deck building games and they are offering a bunch of starter packs that will serve merely to get your ass kicked against anyone you try to play with? They just did some comics sets like this that were chock full of Issue #1s rather than any meaningful sets.

          • Ok, the Magic thing. The question I have are these physical cards or virtual cards for the Magic Web App? Either way, I’d say they are simply expansion Planeswalker cards to be added to the base set, or any other set. Planeswalkers are considered fairly high powered cards and are a good addition to any cards you may already have. If you don’t want to use them, you can usually get a decent price for them at most game stores that trade in Magic cards.

            The reason I’m wondering about physical cards is because they have Dominion expansion sets. Hubby and I quite enjoy playing Dominion but, like the Magic Cards, it looks like you will need the base game.

            Hope that helped *shrug*

          • I’ve played the Plainswalker version on the 360, which I think is the equivalent of Magic 2013. I haven’t played 2015 yet. As far as I know, all the cards are virtual and you can buy virtual expansion packs within the app.

          • I spoke to hubby. This is the Magic game on Steam. It is not part of Magic On Line or the Magic App. He said, that would normally run around $35. However, I looked on Steam and they seem to be selling it for about $11 plus Garruk’s Revenge add on which is $5.50. Hubby said, the good thing about this version is you can play against the computer, unlike Magic on Line which is PVP only. Therefore, that part of the Humble Bundle alone runs about $16.50. *shrug* So basically ignore my previous answer. That’s what I get for answering before I spoke to hubby who’s more up on this Magic stuff.

          • So, as I suspected, these are mostly collectible card games and this is the equivalent of a dealer giving you the first bump for free. Rather than getting a cool set of games that I can use on a regular basis (like a deck of Flux or a can of Zombie Dice) I would be getting something that I would have to build on ad nauseam. As Sheldon would say, they’re not giving me a gift, they’re giving me a responsibility. Think I’ll pass on this one. They tended to have impressive video game, audio book and digital book offerings. But, lately they’ve started migrating to packages like this one.

  22. On a better note… I watched the Season 6 premier of The Venture Brothers last night. It was phenomenal. I highly recommend it. However, it has become the kind of show where you really need to have watched the last season in order to get what’s going on. Adultswim.com is featuring it prominently (including a 5 minute epilogue) if anyone doesn’t have cable.

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