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  1. On the flight I was bored, so stretch my legs and looked out of the window near the toilets.

    An inebriated young woman (the alcholol fumes were a give away)sneaked up on me and asked “what ya doing?”

    She wasn’t impressed when I said “minding my own business”

  2. Ah, work! How I really didn’t miss you and would have liked to miss you much, much more.

    At least the unread email pile was not too bad.

  3. We’re off to buy some compost and other necessary gardening supplies for our post-MMMmmmeetup vacation activities. This afternoon, we’re headed to the Human Society as well to adopt a cat (finger’s crossed).


  4. The Avengers made over $207 million domestically over the weekend, bringing its grand total to $654.8 million.

    Can I have half a percent of that, please? πŸ™‚

  5. I have to run out and do a few errands. Then I might see if my hockey movie(s) is on Netflix. If it is I’ll do a play by play on it as my penance for losing the hockey pool.

  6. Oh, just before I take off. As many of you know the hotel and I were having a little tiff throughout the weekend. There is an after story (of course). Because check out was earlier than ditto, Van and I were leaving, we left our bags at the hotel while we did the touristy stuff. I had a purple suitcase, T-Cat had a purple back pack. We went to pick up our bags the lady was absolutely adamant that T-Cat’s purple back pack was the only bag of that colour she had. She kept telling us that I was the one who gave her the back pack to hold, not T-Cat and she didn’t have any other suitcases for us. After much discussion she finally went into the back room and, lo and behold, found my bag there. I must have had a sign on my head that said “harass this person!!!” straight from the start. I don’t think I’ll be staying at that hotel again.

  7. What do you mean my iphone has an update? How can I order Mother’s Day flowers if my phone is hijacked?

  8. Turns out The Cutting Edge is on Netflix. However, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll have time to watch it today. I’m suppose to have lunch with Boo, then they are coming to move my gas meter from inside to outside in a couple of hours. Time is not on my side today.

  9. Someone forced a copy … er I mean an original DVD *cough* of The Hulk into my hands last night… apparently I’m being forcefed DVDs now in order of Avengers pre-movies… etc.

    I have to wonder if it isn’t just a simple “oh, whew she finally watched that movie” type feeling people get after I say, “OK, I watched that.”

  10. Also, looks like Wil Wheaton will be at Phoenix Comicon this year after all. Knowing that his is a big Kings fan I wonder if I should have him sign my Coyotes year book?

  11. Yay!

    I made bonus at work this quarter.

    It’s more than the garage door repair cost.

    This made me giggle… or it could just be the delirium result of over-tiredness….

  12. I would like to add my thanks to all our host and hostess this past weekend your hospitality was full of WIN. Also a thanks to TEB for letting us sample foreign candy (do with that what you will Deadpan). Trying new stuff is always fun and this time it was tasty as well.

    In conclusion, All your Mmmmmmeetup is belong to us!

  13. Glad everyone made it home safely!

    We did adopt a kitty and the HumanE Society today! She’s a very cute black 7-month-old named Serafina Pekkula. Our older cat, Gertrude, hates her deeply.

  14. Glad to hear that all my fellow travelers are safely home again. It was a truly remarkable gathering and I look forward to the next one.

    So, make sure to block out all of 2013 until Jack nails down the next date πŸ™‚

    • In all fairness, I don’t think the $2.95 comes with as much stuff as the $100 version. πŸ˜‰

      I’m tempted to purchase, but you’re right, one Benjamin is a lot for a single board game.

  15. I feel at odds with the human race.

    There is a health ad at the docs, claiming that winter makes you lazy and physical excercise is easier in summer.

    I’m far lazier in summer..

  16. Good morning, Pan!

    My news spot aired – for those who want to see me in all my 5 seconds of sheer amazingness *cough*NOT*cough* Here’s the linkage: http://x.co/k3rs in case you didn’t already see the 5 bazillion Facebook posts about it that is. :tongue:

  17. You know, it’s been two days since I got back and I’m still in a good mood. Work hasn’t beaten it out of me yet. I wonder how long this will last? πŸ™‚
    *knocks on wood*

      • I heard an interesting stat about this. Seems most people did not realize that what they were voting on ALSO constitutionally banned “civil unions”. When polled after the fact, a majority of those who voted FOR the amendment said they would NOT HAVE DONE SO if they had realized they were constitutionally banning civil unions.

        This indicates that the citizenry of N.C. aren’t quite as narrow minded as they appear OR that they are too stupid to read the details of things as important as constitutional amendments and can be easily duped by extremists … or maybe all of the above.

  18. Heya, DP! Hope you all are doing fine today! We’ve roto-tilled our gardens today for planting tomorrow.

    Today, or nearabout (we don’t keep track of the specific date), is Sly B and my 13th anniversary of not-married. We have reservations at Sugarbeet, our favorite local fancy pants place: http://www.sugarbeetrestaurant.com/

    Screw you, North Carolina. ‘s about time, Mr. President.

    Have a great afternoon/evening depending on where in the world you are!

  19. A fallout from my Phoenix trip.

    I now realise my Belkin router doesn’t support AirPlay ( the router at Jack’s did).

    Gnashing of teeth to follow.

  20. I was bottling some Heffeweisen this morning with my republican, retired Army, neighbor and he said, “It is rare that you would EVER hear me say this but I am proud of Mr. Obama. Proud that he took a firm stand on a very politically charged issue.”

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the gay marriage thing plays out with the rest of society.

  21. Here are the standing for the hockey pool so far

    Van must watch something with LA in it
    Energizer Bunny – The Cutting Edge or Phoenix Lights
    Rhettro – Dukes of Hazzard or Predators
    Used Hair – Maid in Manhatten or Warriors
    ditto – Pecker or The X Files
    Jack – Cocoon or Miami Vice or Willard
    Cynful – Rocky Balboa or The Village

  22. I recently listened to a podcast that covered one of the Pertwee Dr Who stories.

    This one was from the early 70’s, one method of killing by the Autons was a plastic flower that when activated squirted liquid plastic over a victims face, which hardened and suffocated them.

    Kids tv eh?

  23. My mum’s day flowers should be delivered today. I know flowers are cliche but they are easy to deliver to another province and they are appreciated by the parents.

    My mom’s birthday is next. I’ll send her something from Amazon then.

  24. Both the bosses are out, and I get a call from a contractor needing a special inspection.

    “We need the inspector right away, concrete is coming.”

    Maybe you could have given us a little advanced notice. Going to be one of those days.

  25. Well I’m off to see Dark Shadows at the local arty cinema (they do dirty themselves with mainstream flicks from time to time).

    Fingers crossed that all the best bits weren’t in the trailer.

  26. Nobody should be surprised but I’m not going to get my PBP done today. And I know it won’t be done on Monday. Maybe Tuesday? I may have to divide it up and do half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.

    This new work load is really kicking my butt. :pouty:

  27. Morning, Pan.

    I just had a dream where I was on a trip somewhere, and Ryah, John (Hubby), and Debbie (Spellwight) were all there. I got to hang out with them. <3

  28. So a friend in Wales, claims she didn’t see the second scene in Avengers as the projector was switched off at the end of the credits.


  29. Hubby askEd what shwarma was. I told him he woulnt like it. His reply, “that’s what I thought”. Then dropped the subject.

    He’s not very adventurous when it come to food.

  30. The newest underworld = meh

    However, I found it amusing that Kris Holden-Reid played a werewolf since that’s what he is in Lost Girl. I wonder if he’s getting typecast

  31. We watched the new Underworld sequel a few days ago when it hit Redbox. Wasn’t as bad as we feared, but it certainly wasn’t great.

  32. It’s Mother’s Day and how am I going to celebrate it? Going to a stupid WWC meeting. Who’s brilliant idea was it to call a meeting at noon on mother’s day anyway?

    *grumble grumble*

  33. Your crap joke for the day:

    Apple have scrapped their new plans for a a childrens ipod. apparently itouch 4 kids would only appeal to Rangers fans and catholic priests.

  34. Well, I was rushing to try and finish ME3 today, but still haven’t finished yet. I’m on Earth attacking the defense cannons.

    The multiplayer is fun; better than a lot of other games.

  35. CL: Hollow Heart by Kalmah.

    Or maybe it is Kalmah by Hollow Heart.

    Either way, I don’t care for it. It’s like someone forgot too tell them that a band is supposed to play well together, not just play well. (Ignoring entirely my disdain for devil screaming.)

  36. Crap joke for the day:

    Harry’s missus met him in the pub after work.

    She downed a whole pint of Guiness in one go. “Mmm that was just like your cock!” She smiled.

    “What?” He chuckled, “Really tasty?”

    “No,” she laughed, “It didn’t touch the fucking sides.

  37. Well peeps, in about five minutes I’ll be doing a play by play. It will be for the movie The Cutting Edge which is my Hockey Pool movie commitment.

    Be warned, while I’ll try to do the whole movie today, depending upon work, it may actually be a PBP in two parts.

  38. Wait what? No one told me there were sequals.

    It turns out, I’m watching The Cutting Edge 3. Well, sorry Pixie, that will have to do as I don’t seem to have any others available

  39. Ok, what did I think of this movie?

    As far as these kind of movies go, it was fine. It hit all the tropes and did it’s best to tug at the heart strings. Really the biggest problem with this movie was me. I generally don’t do chick flicks, and this was definitely that

  40. *checks latest hockey scores*

    Dude. That sucks. πŸ™

    (For everyone else who doesn’t follow hockey: Jack’s New Jersey Devils just lost to the New York Rangers.)

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