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  1. Oh, Van, also, I’m really liking The Bridge! I have to work out with my glasses on, which is kind of sweaty-gross, but I can’t see the subtitles otherwise . . .

    Did I just complain about that? But seriously . . .

    I really like the characters so far and wonder why Sweden has so many messed up women! πŸ™‚

  2. Today’s show notes

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #238: Earth’s Mightiest Play-By-Play

    Don’t forget to check out the boards of episode 237: trees for the typed play by play

    Greasy Comments
    DJ Bunny
    Amy Bowen
    Lo Pan
    Used Hair
    Ed From Texas (first of the week)

    Promo – Tales of the Archives (http://www.ministryofpeculiaroccurrences.com/)

    We had our mmmmeetup. Woo Hoo! Thanks to all *hugs*

    A mini play by play was done at Cj’s during the mmmeetup. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightyist Heroes the animated series (yes, it is very quiet)

    Are you ready for the NHL Movie Massacre? Both UsedHair and The Energizer Bunny have settled their debts.

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing Music

    • I listened in sync with the Avengers Episode. It took some pausing here and there to get the sync just right, but i managed to get it down to a slight echo sound. What was harder was trying to get the sound of the people loud enough and the avengers episode low enough to where both could be understood. I ended up settling for understanding more of the comments than episode dialogue (not exactly hard to follow the plot of most cartoons without all the dialogue). Quite enjoyable. Thanks to all who participated.

  3. Interesting commentary today on two of the podcasts I’ve listened to while working on President Obama’s recent comments in support of gay marriage. The first was the latest Savage Love – Dan’s always smart, though I don’t always agree with him. The second was the latest Smiley and West – I am a Dr. West faithful, and think he is always right on and brilliant.

  4. I meant to mention I saw “Avengers” a second time last weekend, in 3D even. The 3D made the fight scenes a bit easier to follow.

  5. La Quinta sent me a second notice on rating my stay at their hotel. This time I decided to comply with their request. I’m sure, when they read my comments, they will regret pushing me for my opinion.

  6. I haven’t been able to play Diablo yet. Probably just as well, I hear the servers crashed on Tuesday.

    Did I mention I have a four day weekend coming up? Guess what I’ll be doing for a good part of that… 😎

  7. Wow, I actually got something back from the hotel. I’ll still never stay there again but at least they acknowledged my complaint.

    “We truly appreciate your feedback; it is our goal to provide you with a positive, memorable experience each and every time you stay with us. We apologize that your experience was not what you expected from La Quinta.

    I have read your comments and I apologize for our inability to get this right. I take these matters seriously and I will be working with the staff to avoid unpleasant experiences like this in the future.

    I know you indicated in your comments that you would not return to the Scottsdale La Quinta and I understand why. Should you want to consider us again please let me know and I would like to attempt to make it up to you and get it right this time. I can be reached at the below number and extension.

    At La Quinta Inn, we are constantly striving to provide excellent service and satisfaction to all of our guests. We are especially grateful when a guest provides us with their comment.

    Again, my apologies

    Ken Rimer “

  8. Three guest passes: They say, “invite a friend to play with this Free Guest pass key” By the looks of it, it allows the “guest” to play up to a certain boss in act 1… with certain restrictions.

    If anyone wants to demo, let me know. I’ll scan in the passes.

  9. My goodness the jokes about Donna Summer have begun:

    I think people should stop the disgusting jokes about the sad death of Donna Summer.

    Enough is Enough.

  10. This really looks like one of those “so bad it’s good movies”. I’ve seen the green guy with the red patch over his eye for many years and have wanted to see this for a while now.

  11. Now who is this lady they’re panning up on. Oh, she’s really skinny. Too skinny. Ahhh. Not a good face. Don’t Pan up on someone in skintight clothes unless they are hot. What is wrong with you.

  12. Tekai looks at a bottle of Jim Beam and says “Jim, beam me up”. May not be an accurate trek reference, but witty just the same.

  13. Trashing the local store and then backing down when the shop keeper pulls a gun. Does this criminal badass really have such small ambitions that he’s after a town with a population less than 600

  14. I love the none too subtle machine noises as the cyborg deputy moves around. That’s right. Unsaid cyborg deputy. Deal with it.

  15. Tekai says: “dammit Estelle. I’m a doctor not a magician.”
    Seriously. Is he going to say anything in this movie that isn’t a trek refference?

  16. I rewatched the last 20 minutes or so of Oblivion this morning. Overall it was pretty good as an intentionally bad (as in not taking themselves seriously) movie. I doubt I will be watching it again though.

  17. Another crap joke:

    I took two stuffed dogs I had onto the Antiques Roadshow.

    “Ooh,” Said the presenter, “This is a very rare breed, do you have any idea what they’d fetch if they were alive?”

    “Sticks ” I replied.

  18. From the IMDB page of Usedhair’s movie:

    Did You Know?
    George Takei ad-libbed most of the “Star Trek”-related jokes in his dialog; screenwriter Peter David has disclaimed any responsibility for them. See more Β»

    Wait, the Peter David that wrote several Stark Trek novels?

      • Hello!

        Well i’ve studied greenwich meantime
        And its different from cet
        But in europe we’re all in line
        And that’s no big problem for me, ha, ha
        But over in the usa,
        While we’re all having our tea
        They’re maybe just getting dressed,
        Well that’s no way to be.

        Americans are behind

        Well i called them on the telephone
        During office hours
        I’d spoken to their answerphone,
        Some silly mumbling cow
        She said “i’m sorry we’re not open yet
        But have a nice day”
        But it’s gone noon,
        They’re still in bed
        They’re far behind in the usa

        Good lord, can’t you hurry up
        Americans are behind
        Americans, get a move on now!

        At the third stroke
        We will all have a jolly good time…


  19. Best exchange from the financial hubub surrounding Facebooks IPO today.

    True believer, justifying Facebook’s valuation – “Look at Apple, and it has NEVER had half as many users as Facebook.”
    Response – “And Facebook has never had 1% as many PAYING customers.”

    Okay, I’ll admit it’s sort of a pretty geeky, economics “snap”.

  20. From the latest Ansible:

    Thog’s Second Helping. True Romance Interruptus Dept. ‘The light from this glorious girl’s face would dispel the shadow of any plane alive. She pressed herself to him with animal passion, untutored and wild. Her breath came in gasps and her body pulsed beneath his hands. The firm back muscles at her waist came alive. She threw herself on her back and her burnished face arose from the dark pool of her shimmering hair like the face of a swimmer in a dark lake. A pulse throbbed in the golden arc of her throat. Her breasts brushed the velvet sheen of her housecoat. Mitch’s lips found her throat, smooth as the cheek of a child, and when he kissed it he heard her stifle a tiny sob of passion. Then as soon as it had come it was gone. He knew with a grinding certainty that there would be nothing between them.’ (Hank Searls, The Big X, 1959.)

  21. Hey gang. First step of the birthday weekend was taking off from work a half hour early (and it was a week of working days too) and going to The Avengers 3D, as my wife said it was good and Mr. Fabby said the 3D was not to be missed on the big screen. I was otherwise going to skip the movie as I didn’t see any of the other movies except Iron Man, pretty much because I didn’t care to see any of them.

    It was good, but the 3D suffered the same thing every 3D movie suffers. It was pretty neat through half to 3/4 of the movie, but when suspension of disbelief kicks in all the way, I stopped noticing the 3D.

    Today there is to be the Blue Door Pub for lunch, followed by cake at my parents house. http://thebdp.com

    Blue Door does many varieties of the “Jucy Lucy,” stuffed hamburgers. These originated in South Minneapolis, complete with misspelling, but this is a much newer place in Saint Paul.

  22. Looked over the tap list at the Blue Door (yes, I am preplanning my beer purchase at 7:30AM, what of it?) and thinking I’ll be trying the Lift Bridge Farm Girl. I like stuff in the Belgian varieties, and I have not yet tried anything from this Stillwater brewery.

  23. Thanks for all the wishes!

    Not that anyone asked, but the Farm Girl was pretty tasty, would make for a pleasant session beer. However, I had a standard Summit Extra Pale with the burger. The saison would not have held up to the burger.

  24. Crap joke for the day:

    I’ve come to one of those Swiss suicide clinics, do you know what the bastards have given me for breakfast this morning?

    . . . . . . . . . . . Cheerios.

  25. Saw Avengers finally. What a fantastic experiment this whole Marvel Avenger project has been. Even a mediocre Avengers would have been a success… one that should never have happened in today’s film industry. I mean we’ve witnessed basically the feature film equivalent of a Saturday morning serial come to fruition. An impossible undertaking. The fact that it was such a brilliant film… this movie shouldnt fucking exist. Amazing. The only question is where do they go from here. Whedon finally got his moment.

    Hulk, smash.

    • I saw Avengers last weekend. As much as I liked the previous hulk movies, I have to say that THIS is the Bruce Banner I have been waiting for. It might be the touch of maturity. The other movies had such young guys playing him. It was refreshing to see the touch of grey in the hair.

      • Very agreed. It’s another miracle how Joss and Co. managed to take the character from the weakest of the films (other than Iron Man 2) and have Hulk nearly steal the show.

        I actually really thought Eric Bana has the best banner up until now.

  26. Disney has put the first episode up for the new Tron: Uprising animated series.

    I’ll be interested to see how/if they deal with the apparent retcon issues. I think it’s got promise, though I think Nickelodeon’s new Avatar series is the stronger of the two.

    • I haven’t played that far into the game yes, but so far I’m enjoying it. Glad I didn’t pay for it though, I got it as part of a WoW promotional offer πŸ™‚

  27. CD(ownloading): My Earbuddies song. I wrote my segment about my song choice on the first leg of my flight, and will write about the song my Earbuddy sent me on the second leg. πŸ™‚

  28. Commenting on the D3 link Van posted above: I have to agree with one thing the critic said, who wants to have a PC game where you can’t save as you want? If I wanted to deal with check points, I would have played on a consol. I had to replay two different areas. One because I got tired of trying to find a damn checkpoint and just shut the game down because John and I wanted to do something that, believe it or not,wasn’t Diablo related. The second map I had to reply because I got kicked off of Battle.net. If I was able to save regularly, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

    Because of this checkpoint issue, I actually won’t be able to play the game as much as I’d like.. John and I usually play our respective games for about an hour after supper, before we do other things. Because there is no guarantee I’d be able to save and exit in that time, I’ll only be doing Diablo on weekends :angry:

    Other than that, I am quite enjoying the game

      • Yeah. The intertubes has made it way too goddamn easy for people to be fuckers without the “face to face” repercussions. This world is full of small, sniveling fuckshits, who’s only lot in life it seems is to make people feel bad about themselves. This of course is due to the fact that said fuckshits are just hiding their own self esteem issues. It’s bullying. But I have faith in karma that theyll get their comeuppance.

        What am I saying? Its a fucking cruel world. I’m sure theyll never learn. Stupid karma.

  29. Here’s a neat trick.

    Buy a small, successfull company and use it as collateral to get a loan to buy another company and merge the 2. As part of the purchase price, include a line item to pay yourself a few million for arranging the deal.

    Now, use this larger company to get a bigger loan to merge with yet another company.
    Again, build a large payment to yourself (for management fees) into the cost of the merger.

    Repeat this process until the original, successful company can no longer make payment on these larger and larger loans that you have had it take out for all of these mergers and have it declare bankruptcy.

    Walk away with $100 million in “fees” that you have paid yourself out of all those loans.


    • BONUS neat trick –
      If you create a company to handle all these mergers and instead of paying yourself that 100 million as a salary … you give it to yourself as a year end “dividend”…

      You will only pay a 13 – 15% tax on those millions instead of the 28% tax that schmucks who make an income would have to pay.

  30. Crap joke for the day:

    My wife is leaving me because because because because becaaaaaauuuse she thinks im obsessed with the Wizard of Oz.

  31. Rummaging around in a cupboard for a vital bit of my solarscope, I discovered a SCSI CD writer..who uses SCSI these days?

    /waits patiently for JJ to give a long list of examples.

      • You know and thats the consensus take on the film. I think for me I heard too much of “this will revolutionize the action genre” talk. I should watch it again now that my overhyped expectations are done.

        • Not enough actual ‘action’, the trailer made it look better than it actually was, I may have been expecting too much.

          Another film my nephew won’t forgive me for taking him to see.

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