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  1. The new James Bond flick was fine.

    But a I’ve noticed since Birds of Prey that I just don’t enjoy modern action flicks as much as I used too. What is weird this doesn’t seems to effect older films as I really enjoyed the rewatch of Aliens and The Fifth Element.

  2. I’ve found that for new action movies and shows, I’m waiting for the action scenes to pass, so that the interesting stuff can resume again.

    John Wick movies are the exception to this rule.

  3. And so, the other night we watched the J-Pop Star Wars episode (skipped ep 1, fearing it might be a bit intense for a 3-yr-old).

    Yeah…. It was…. ummm.

    What have you all thought of this show? We have yet to watch any more.

  4. This week I’ve been playing Rime, a game that was one of the monthly games for PS Plus. A good looking arcade adventure with a ending I was not expecting.

    Now I just have play through Chapter 2 again to get 100% of the trophies

        • We tried watching it about a year ago. I’m sure it was ground breaking stuff back in the day, but it did not look like it had aged well to us and we gave up on it pretty quickly.

          So, less than zero interest in some prequel series.

  5. Crap joke for the evening;

    Husband to wife ‘ am I the only one you’ve slept with?’

    ‘Yes’ replied my wife , ‘all the others were nines or tens ‘

  6. I sense a disturbance in the Forcebook, as if a thousand voices wanted to cry out about political nonsense and were suddenly silenced.

  7. Hey gang! The palooza was a blast. Definitely got a broader feel for the movie with other perspectives.

    During the palooza I mentioned that I have set up a business for my wife who makes custom wood burning plaques. Apologies for the shameless plug, but if anyone doesn’t mind, please share the links. This is for the actual custom plaques.


    and this is her shop in general where we have sugar skulls, pre-burned plaques, and flight boards (coming soon).


    • Great book. I really recommend it. It’s one of the more original books I’ve read over recent years. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.

  8. So that book I was reading? “Together We Will Go” by J Michael Straczynski?

    Holy shit. Just wow.

    Dark, funny, brilliant, thought-provoking, deeply moving. Even a hollowed out, jaded, bitter, old crusty like me was verklempt at a few places. Me!

    And I truly never knew how it was going to turn out.

    It’s JMS, but not Sci-Fi at all, even if the premise is a little far-fetched.

    • Sounds intriguing. I do see in the description “We get to know them through access to their texts, emails, voicemails, and the daily journal entries they write as the price of admission for this trip.”. Is it safe to assume that this would be much easier to access in print form than in audio form? I do most of my “reading” anymore in audio books but sometimes the format just doesn’t work well.

        • Narration is definitely a key element, but I’m wondering if there is any kind of crazy visual format used. I once tried and audio book and was hopelessly lost until I looked it up and found that the “book” was put in the format of clippings from newspaper/magazine articles, journal entries, etc. If you couldn’t see the format the text was in, you really had no idea what you were supposed to be getting from it. Sounds like this book doesn’t necessarily have anything that crazy going on or it would have probably caught your attention.

  9. So Black Widow has went ‘free’ on Disney+, I enjoyed it when it was released even though the side characters (especially Natasha’s sister) were more interesting than Natasha.

  10. Watched “The History of Future People” on Netflix.
    Sometimes you just have to stop worrying about the “reality” (science, math, physics) of your fiction and enjoy the story being told. This is one of those.
    I give it “two thumbs up”.

  11. I have just finished an oddysee that has taken me 10 days. Well technically, still 10% of the project to go but most of the back breaking stuff is over.
    Why I did this it’s own post but I now have about 140′ of underground, 2″ conduit running from the utilities at the street back to my house. This involved passing under my driveway, going through the woods, under a sidewalk, accidentally ripping through buried gutter pipes, then passing through the hole I had to drill/chissel through my foundation into my crawl space. Oh, I also had to dig carefully as I had to un-earth existing cable/phone lines that had been buried 25 years ago … without damaging them.
    I would work from early morning until dark. Then lay on an icepack for 20 minutes, hit the shower, grab some food and go to bed to start the whole thing again the next day.
    Apparently I am not as young as I used to be. By day 3 even my fingers hurt. I could barely close my hand around a door knob and turn it.
    I would have finished 3 days ago but the rain started. So add sucking mud and mosquitos to the fun. Oh, also delays caused by the ditch flooding when it rained really hard. Mud. Everything covered in so much mud.
    Yesterday though, I finally got all the major piping and “pull through” boxes in place, re-ran my existing cable/internet and got it hooked up.
    Now, I am ready to have them run fibre and high/speed internet back to my house. Hope it is worth it.
    Today I rest.

        • Funny about that.
          The salesman came out and said “Absolutely no problem. They can get the fibre back you your house.”
          “They couldn’t a few years ago when I tried this.” I replied.
          “Oh no, it will be no problem.” He insisted.

          2 weeks later …

          I walk up to the road to find 2 installer trucks and their drivers are just standing there looking at my property in stunned silence.
          “Look at the thing the sales guy said would be no problem for YOU.” I offered.
          One of the guys just slowly shook his head in disgust and said “Yeh. They’ll do that.”

          There were there for hours just trying to find the “drop” which was run from their distribution box on the other side of the road. Finally they had to call their manager.
          He came out and couldn’t find it either so after 20 minutes of looking he declared they couldn’t lay the fibre on the ground through the woods so they couldn’t do the install.
          BTW – my current “cable” service can’t stream movies without intermittent buffering and their internet service drops in and out very briefly but frequently which is a problem for a lot of things.

  12. So today I started a non fiction books about the first man into space.

    The prolog covers a failed Vostok launch, a trial run before manned flights and it contained two dogs. The onboard bomb (yes the Soviets were that paranoid) didn’t explode so the parachute deployed and the capsule landed in Siberia. The dogs were stuck in the capsule, in sub zero temperatures for three days. When the capsule was finally reached the dogs had survived.

    So that got me in the feels as I was walking home.

    Sentimental is me.

  13. I live in a condo complex. For those who have been, think something similar to Jack’s place. The person who just delivered my food complained because her GPS took her to the complex but not right to my particular unit.
    Not sure what she expected me to do about it.

    Gotta love first world problems.

    • I have little experience with Doordash or any delivery services, but according to my daughter, the drivers who come into her boba shop are often super cranky.

  14. JW: Foundation Episode 4

    I’m rather enjoying the slow burn of this tv series , reminding me of pre Star Wars sci-fi series and films.

    I guess it helps I remember very little of the books, End of Eternity being my fav Asimov novel /shrugs

  15. JW: Squid Game episode 1

    Well everybody’s talking about so thought I would give it a go.

    I started off with the English dub but it got annoying so switched back to English subtitles and the original Korean.

    Intriguing start.

    • I’m not sure if I will watch it.
      Seems like a repackaged version of that franchise where people wake up in some deadly “escape room” and this guy with a deep voice keeps giving them deadly things to do to try and escape.
      Can’t remember the name of those films. Never watched more than a few minutes of any of them.

    • Teresa and I watched it over the course of four days. More Running Man than Hunger Games, and there were a lot of interesting things happening outside of the “game.” I would put the violence somewhere between the Matrix and Game of Thrones, I found GOT actually more gruesome. We like it though, I would recommend it and like Pixie, I can’t watch the SAW movies.

  16. Watched the Last Blockbuster docu on Netflix.
    Eh, it was mildly informative and mildly entertaining. The woman who runs the store seems like a sweet old lady.*

    *probably not too much older than us

  17. We visited the drive-thru animal attraction up in northern AZ today. Was fun. . . until the 2 hour drive home turned into 5 hours, due to traffic.

  18. My laptop has a touch screen and I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I’ve actually used the touch screen functionality.

  19. I remember being a college-aged dude and debating the girlfriend about Columbus. I didn’t disagree with her that he was a racist oppressor, but I argued that he deserved credit for bravely exploring and changing global perceptions about the earth. (It was a friendly debate, btw.)

    I can look back and admit that my point has not aged well. We’re slowly evolving and growing and figuring it out.

  20. So just finished a book called Beyond by Stephen Walker.

    If you have interest in space flight the bits that cover the Mercury program are going to be old hat but the coverage of the Soviet space programme is illuminating and there was much about Gagarin’s flight I hadn’t known.

  21. Never underestimate the power of being shown “The big picture”
    After Shatner climbed out of the capsule, he hugged Bezos. “What you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine,” Shatner told Bezos through tears. “I am overwhelmed. I had no idea.”

      • I’ve read 22. But 2 of them I’m counting even though they don’t exactly match. The collected stories of Arthur C. Clark and The Complete Robot by Isaac Asimov I’m counting because I feel like I’ve read enough of their short stories across other anthologies to count.

        Also, I think the list should include Dreams with Sharp Teeth by Harlan Ellison.

  22. CW: In the Mouth of Madness

    Only 1H 35 so decided to watch the film with my tea.

    So much smoking in this film that is just the first 20 minutes.

  23. Yesterday was rough, following COVID jab #3. Was exhausted and sore all damn day.

    I think today will be better, but the jury is still out.

  24. I did take some life time back and went to a matinee of Venom 2.

    Jesus, this movie is utter lunacy. A lot like the first, but they may have upped the crazy a bit further. Pure nonsense with no consistency of plot of rules or logic or anything. Like a B-movie with a giant budget. It’s ridiculous and fun.

    Also (not a spoiler), can we please be done with the banshee scream superpower?

    • Gonna assume utter stupidity on the teacher here, but allow for the possibility that we’re not getting all the context. Maybe the educator had a bunch of disclaimers, and the point of the lesson was that sometimes there aren’t two equal and valid sides to an argument.

      • I’m not sure we can entirely pin this on the teacher. If this is in a place like Texas where teachers are required by law to do this–look up the recent controversy on teaching the Holocaust–then it could be more complicated than it appears.

        Of course, the teacher could be 100% an asshat too.

    • Yeah, I can’t say this was something I was wanting or desiring. I’ll catch it when it gets to whatever streaming service or blu-ray rental carries it someday.

      Although, that’s about my attitude with just about everything movie wise these days.

  25. Started A Bug’s Life for movie night for the sick little one.

    About 20 minutes in….. I hope it gets better. I haven’t seen it since the theater.

      • Most credible sources indicate he was given bad intel, and he disowned it afterwards. He definitely called that a “blot on his record.”

        But look, I do agree with you that if he knowingly lied, then those led to innocent deaths. . . which is unforgivable.

        (One of countless reasons why I’ll never join in on the retro fondness for fucking dubya)

  26. Well The Expanse rewatch continues, finished S3 and started S4.

    S4 was a bit of a misfire in my view but New Terra is just one huge BDO and that is a trope I love.

  27. Fortunately my son (almost always nicknamed The Boy as in Homer Simpson referring to Bart) has Peacock so I was able to watch Halloween Kills. I thought it was a great ride. I’ve been lamenting the amount of good slasher films in the modern age of haunting and possession stuff. I don’t ever (since I was a young teenager) get actually scared in horror movies. So I’m just not taken in by stuff that builds a spooky atmosphere. The latest Halloween definitely did not disappoint on gore and the story was enough to carry it all. That’s all I really look for in horror.

    • You know, I’ve only seen the original and one of the sequels – – maybe part 4?

      It is great that Jamie Lee Curtis is still involved with the recent Halloween films.

      • There is some definite oddness in watching these movies as everything up until the remakes (and arguably 3 which had nothing to do with anything) were the same story arc. Then there were the Rob Zombie sequels that I never watched. Then to add even more confusion, there was Halloween (2018) which was a direct sequel to the first movie (thereby ignoring all other sequels/remakes/etc.). The latest movie is a sequel to the (2018) movie, but pays a lot of homage to all of the other movies.

        I give Marvel a lot of crap for involving too many characters and plot lines. But at least they tend to stick to one story.

  28. This should be interesting. I love Mel Brooks to death. But his style of humor changed over the years and I just don’t know how well even he will pick up from his old style after so many years. He also just can’t get away with the kind of humor he was pulling off at that time in the current hyper politically correct environment. But if any can make it work it would definitely be Mel and I trust him to not cave in or alter his style for anyone or anything.

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