Olympic Hockey Results and Anthem Requirements

So, a few of us at Deadpan selected some Olympic hockey teams in a little no-money wager. If a Deadpanite’s selected team loses to someone else’s, then the losing player must record themselves singing the winner’s national anthem. Get it?

The image below shows the participants and their teams, plus the results as of the completion of the first round, or the Olympic Tournament’s “Regular Season”, if you will. The circled names on the chart are required to sing their opponent’s team’s national anthem. The medal round is up next; ie: “The Playoffs”. There may be further Deadpan-relevant matchups to come.

The medal round rematch rule: If your team loses a second time to the same team, then you don’t need to re-perform that national anthem. If your team won in the prelims but goes on to lose to that same opponent in the medal round, then I guess you and your rival are both due to record some singing.

I’ve made this seem more complicated than it really is. Many thanks to The Energizer Bunny for creating this chart.

Olympic Hockey Results and Anthem Requirements

9 thoughts on “Olympic Hockey Results and Anthem Requirements

  1. Had I been Present during the beginning of this challenge, I would have picked my favorite team… Mordor’s Flaming Eyes… but due to Olympic literary restrictions, their non-corporeal nature keeps them from playing.

    Ah well, I hate the Mordor anthem anyways.

  2. Yeah, last I saw they looked really impressive on the ice. Their goalie, Sauron, was unstoppable. Well, at least until he failed on that wrap-around goal. The whole team crumbled right after that. Rather a shame. The uniforms looked pretty cool.

  3. Mister ditto,

    The Uniforms was awesome, but the refs got really pissed when the games got tense. The action would heat up, and the whole thing would end with a melted rink… Try skating in that…

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