Jack Mangans Deadpan 155: Social Media Bleah

un-Bleah Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan 155: Social Media Bleah

Jack Mangan is The Seventh Victim

Three weeks til the Deadpanmmmm meetup. (March 11(ish) to 14th(ish) is the Deadpanmmmm meetup.) Are you coming?

Promo – Tuning in to SciFi TV (http://tuningintoscifitv.com/)

Broken Lyrics Challenge by Paul Maki
Cj got one point from last challenge

Polite rap songs

“The Shave” – Claudine

Vanamonde reads the Finnish national anthem

The Troll Master calls Jack

Stolen Paragraphs – Ed from Texas

Jack reads More Polite Rap

Rich Sigfrit discusses the podcasters webathon to raise money for Sonic Boom, Tee Morris’ daughter. Tee’s wife and Sonic’s mother passed away recently. Tune in to theboomeffect.org on February 27th. There are even some bid item up now. Please help in any way you can. (www.theboomeffect.org)

Jack’s Big Doll House

“The Marriage Without Us” – Claudine

Greasy Nipples
Nomad Scry (first comment of the week)
Lo Pan

Outro Babble

Send in content: 206-350-Tomi (8664) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

Closing music – Circle of Doom

Troll Master Orgo has something more to add

932 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan 155: Social Media Bleah

  1. Symmetry that I just destroyed because I didn’t see the new post here until it was too late… I’m really sorry, NS. 🙁

    Anyway, what I posted over there was: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! We have the most incredible snowboard-trick-performers in the WORLD!!!

    (Night, Pan!) 😀

  2. Apparently the company I now work for loves me.

    I’m gettin’ a raise.

    go me

    chant chant

    I one the “become a full-time employee with benefits” award today. (two weeks early, I might add)

  3. It could be worse Vanamonde. I had to take my cat to the Dentist this past Monday. He had to have two teeth removed. I’ve given him pain killers every twelve hours for the past two and a half days. No fun for kitty but only one more dose to go.

  4. Ah, I had forgotten about Mirror’s Edge. That was one that I definitely want to check out (someday (when I start gaming again.))

    What was the one that no one liked, Heavenly Sword? That one looked interesting too. Unless it is God of War style gameplay, in which case… run away!

  5. And, here we go again….

    Congrats to CJ! Apparently they finally got the memo that CJ is Hawt!

    And, also, my condolences to the dentist….no, wait wait ON the dentist 🙂

  6. Morning Deadpan!!

    How are my warblers today? Here are the current standings with the anthems they need to do:

    Amy – Canada
    Ed – Finland
    WndrWolf – Sweden
    Jack – Czech Republic

    Good luck! I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, I look forward to mocking you 🙂

  7. In MNSHO, crying doom on (English) grammar is kind of silly. As long as this is a living language, the grammar will also be a living, changing, growing thing. Trying to determine the rules is part of the fun because those rules are (slowly) changing all the time. Who knows what our writing will look like in 50 or a 100 years? 200 years?

    Just look back to see what comes next.

    (I thought I was reading recently that the use of the apostrophe to denote possession is a fairly recent innovation. Amazing!)

  8. Well, I know Amy and Cj’s voices pretty well, but I’m less familiar with EssBee and yours. So perhaps I’m confabulating the two of you.

    And if confabulating isn’t the correct usage… I don’t care. It sounded awesome.


  9. hmmm nope, that wasn’t me. I wasn’t in this episode, but Dan asked if that was me also. Apparently I sound like someone!

    And thanks for all the congrats. I’m fairly pleased with myself. 🙂

  10. Well Wolfman was very old school, even the acting was hammy from the lead actor.

    As to accents, apart from De Toro and Weavering’s everybody else had various UK regional accents.

    But great fun and worth checking out.

  11. I agree with Lo Pan. Well done, Jack, on the Polite Rap Lyrics.

    BLC #3 was obvious.

    Ed: Minor nit. You weren’t reading from the novelization since the book was written first. The movie was made years later.

  12. I applaud UsedHair on the slippery grammar slope. I think he made his point real good. Real goodly.

    Congrats on the raise and promotion, Cj!

    Those cupcakes are fantastic, btw. #14 is the greatest bakery item I’ve ever seen.

    — More —

  13. I agree with UsedHair. I don’t like sloppy grammar. People should learn and follow the rules of correct grammar. And learn when to properly break them.

  14. JB: I meant to comment onpod that I really like the new one, but I doubt if you’ll ever top Fox saying “kaboom! cwash!”

    The poet in this episode was Claudine.

    Bunny, the show notes are never bleah 🙂

    Is it too late to switch my Olympic hockey team from Slovakia to Russia?

  15. “Police seized two Dungeons & Dragons books…”

    I hope the books didn’t put up too much of a fight. I wonder if they’ll be sentenced to burning…


  16. Amy to Target as well!

    I think we can run amok through the store and have a blast.

    personally I’m a fan of the dollar section.

    Today I need to go to Target for very non-exiting items such as Toilet Paper, Dishwasher soap, and Napkins.

  17. The cupcakes are amazing!

    I was waiting on edge to see the Pitfall one.. and while waiting there was Tempest! Squeee! And Scrabble!

    Scattergories.. ahhhh!

    Happy joy was received by viewing of cupcakes!

  18. “1 hard boiled egg. 1 can of cream soda. HOLY CRAP does that burp smell! ”

    Well done. And by well done I mean stay the hell away from me. I don’t need to smell that crap. 🙂

  19. Thanks yall for agreeing for the grammar slippy whoops anger thingy. After all: if you can’t take time to express you self properly, don’t be bothering to.

  20. Hey Deadpan

    Posting from my new netbook. It’s a good thing my hubby loves me. There’s going to be some serious eye rolling when he comes home to discover I bought a net book. If I’m not here tomorrow, then you know I didn’t survive the experience. 😉

  21. Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the critisim of the Olympic organization. The weather (the warmest in 100 years) you can’t forsee or do anything about but some of the other things I’ve seen… ts, tsk, tsk.

  22. Ack – ditto caught me. I listened to the episode this morning and heard my self say “novelization”. My first thought was “You dumbass!”

    So, unbeknownst to Jack, he not only got a stolen paragraph, but a dumbass memory all rolled into one.

  23. My heart is broke
    But I have some glue
    Help me inhale
    And mend it with you
    We’ll float around
    And hang out on clouds
    Then we’ll come down
    And have a hangover…

    …I think I’m dumb.

  24. You know, despite having been around Nirvana’s music since childhood, I’ve never really listened to many of their songs for the lyrics, so until just now, I didn’t know what any of those lyrics were except for the last two lines. Thanks for the education, Lo Pan.

  25. Oops, sorry. I didn’t mean to evoke those feelings.

    Question for ditto and TEB: While I was recording “O Canada,” I messed up the rhythm once and the pitch of a note once. Both times I had to stop and start the line again. The first time I cursed, and the second time I started giggling. I’m sorry. Will you be offended if the unedited version gets played on the show?

  26. Just finished my first run through Dragon Age. Absolutely fantastic! Took me about 82 hours according to the game counter – and it was worth every minute.

  27. I was in high school when the flannel shirt became cool and I remember being pissed because it hadn’t even been two years since I was getting picked on for wearing them. Now suddenly the same asshats were wearing them because some band dudes were wearing flannel shirts.

    But I went to some odd schools down south, where it takes a few years for things to filter down, and it may have been that the flannel was passe again in the larger world.

    And that was my introduction to Nirvana.

  28. I was in the flannel in HS, pre-asshat. But skater culture in MN adopted flannel for practical reasons, really.

    Though I never skated, I just had the hair & attire.

  29. Yeah, long hair, black t-shirts, jeans, and flannels had been my usual look – – then it suddenly became trendy.

    Thankfully, shitty bands like Bush and Candlebox quickly came along to flood the mainstream. How could we be cooler-than-thou toward all the sheep if they liked the same music and styles as us fringe kids?

    We were really saved when Hootie showed up and started a bland, neutered poprock revolution.

    /will stop 90s rant here.

  30. I’ve never quite decided how I feel about my pops giving me a Hootie CD for my birthday one year. I hung onto it for years afterwards just because he’d actually found something modern that was both “good music” and not a “bad influence”.

  31. Never had the co-ordination for skating (I fell over a lot before common sense burst through the veil of stubborness).

    As the FBers may know, a friend recently accused me of having a mid life crisis, still not sure I agree with that.

    Oh and if you have a DSi..Flight Controls rocks on that platform.

  32. I spend a few hours tictak’ing on a compatriot’s board while he jumped hills on my bike. I spent a few days limping afterwards.

    I think a part of what turned me off from trying to build up to boarding was watching his foot go the wrong way when he didn’t stick the landing off of a 5ft high wall.


  33. Mid-life crisis is this guy who drops his kid off at my son’s preschool. He drives an 85 corvette and leaves the motor running and sits outside on the bench and waits till people are looking and “puts something in” or “gets something out” of his car. His son is a little bully and his stupid dumbass car is making smelly fumes where we are all waiting to pick up our kids.

    He’s sooo not my favorite person.

  34. Grrrrrrrrrr!

    You’ll be portraying me as having a handlebar moutache next.

    In regards to mid life crisis, on advantage of not driving is I won’t be getting a sports car..

    However I do have a new netbook on order..

  35. LOL’s @ Van. I’m imagining that actor with the awesome voice who does the westerns… Err… he was in Ghost Rider.


    Sam Elliot! Yeah, I’m picturing Mr. Vanamonde as Sam Elliot.

  36. ON catching up:

    Amy, if you truly think the rest of us are going to do well on any anthems we have to do… I think, on our last go round with the anthem bet, EssBee was the only one who actually sang the Canadian national anthem. Everybody else had fun with it. I suggest you do the same. I won’t be insulted.

    Jack said “bush”

    What notebook did you get, Van?

    Now to make some tea and toast. Back in ten

  37. Van, if you’re having a mid-life crisis, I must be too. Except I’m not buying a car either. Hubby approved my really expensive computer wish yesterday. Although, due to a series of events, it does have to wait until I get back from Deadpanland in March

  38. Good morning!

    I woke up super early. I’ve already had a shower and a cup of coffee.

    Not at the same time.

    Getting ready for my son’s Friday morning playdate.

    It’s going to be a super-deeee-duper day!

  39. Of course it is, TEB ;P

    Settle down, CJ. Theres no such thing as a super dee duper dee day. Theres pain and tormenting and “why god why” type days.

    New guy in the office looks JUST like Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Kinda freakin me out.

  40. It amazes me how many people hear without listening.

    I’d also like to +1 ditto’s Podictionary plug. I’m also a fan of the Grammar Girl podcast.

  41. I’m sure I make a ton of errors, but I am happy to be corrected when I do so. I also assume that in this LOLcatz-heavy webbernets that all speech here is casual. Lastly, don’t contractions immediately imply casual speech?

    All that being said, I too am well-nigh disgusted at some of what I see online, and I raise a glass to anyone speaking out against it. Well done, usedhair!

  42. Morning :panties:

    Interesting day for men’s hockey yesterday. The US played much better vs Norway winning 6-1. Canada decides to (almost) stage a remake of their loss to Switzerland at the last Winter Olympics, but manage to squeek out a 3-2 win during the shoot out. And Russia, the team favored by many to win the gold, was beaten by Slovakia 2-1.

    That has been your 30 second hockey update. We’ll now resume your scheduled programming.

  43. TEB: Thanks. I DID actually sing it, though, and I thought my unintentional screwups when trying to sing it straight might be more offensive than intentionally having fun with it. I guess I was wrong, though… wasn’t I?

  44. Bunny said: Morning Cj! I think it would be cool to have a hot coffee and a hot shower at the same time.

    When I first read it I thought she meant something COMPLETELY different.


    swoon :wub:

  45. Yes, Kings of Leon are incredibly unimpressive to me – – although the angsty, whiny vocals and 10th-grade dirty lyrics make them slightly less Walmartable than Hootie and the Blowfish. The Kings of Leon drummer also has ‘KOL’ on his bass drum, which I hope is a sly nod to Kingdom of Loathing, not just his band’s initials, which whould also give them a degree of fringe appeal.

    I do find both “Sex on Fire” (KoL) and “Hold my Hand” (H&tB) to be pretty good poprock songs.

    /end prattle

  46. You ever fall in love with an actor/actress, only to hear him/her talk in an interview and you realize he/she should never ever open their mouth? Tis sad.

  47. Kate Bush.
    Listening to her music I fell madly in love with Kate Bush.
    Then I heard an interview with her …
    She seemed a bit, oh what’s the word – “mmmmad”sir.

    Most fantasies are best kept in that realm.

    … and now I’m off again.

  48. CJ, Jolene Blalock is good example. Tho I was never super into her in the first place.

    Van – that shit HAS to stop. Seriously its getting ridiculous.

    J0e – dontchu know crazy = sexy?

  49. So – I forgot mention – I attended a Steampunk art exhibit last night: http://nerdvana.freedomblogging.com/2010/02/15/steampunk-scottsdale-artspace/43381

    Some very cool stuff, especially from this artist: http://edsgreenart.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-home.cgi?d=ed-schenck-fine-art

    The weirdest moment: talking to a guy who’s involved in the local art scene, but having the conversation interrupted when AZ congressman Harry Mitchell came through, introduced himself, and shook our hands.
    Steampunk Congressman?

  50. “You ever fall in love with an actor/actress, only to hear him/her talk in an interview and you realize he/she should never ever open their mouth? Tis sad.”

    All the time, sadly. Just one of the many reasons I try to pay a little attention to celebrities outside of their job performances as possible.

  51. I beat Kid Icarus for the NES. Then, when I was about to get my kiss from Aphrodite (or whichever goddess it was), the f’ing thing crashed. Where’s my goddamned kiss, Aphrodite?

  52. Jø has provided some perspective.
    While most of us spent the 1st decade of the new millennium, raising our fists to the heavens and shouting “Where’s my damned jet pack?”

    He steps away from the crowd and shouts, “Where’s my goddamned kiss, Aphrodite?”

    I think I’m ready to join his camp.

  53. If memory serves, my NES conquests were:

    Super Mario Bros
    Castlevania 1 & 2
    Zelda 1 & 2
    Kid Icarus
    Contra (I don’t think I ever beat it without the cheat code)
    Legendary Wings (I think?)
    Rygar (I think?)
    Slalom (I think?)
    Super Dodge Ball
    Kung Fu
    Blades of Steel

    I must be forgetting some.

  54. Jack: Thanks for that link. I’ll have to revisit it sometime. Not a bad list, either. I didn’t get very far in Metroid. And I never even played Rygar, even though it’s almost some kind of legendary classic.

    I can list my conquests, maybe, and you’ll all see how much time I wasted on my arse. Horrifying to think of now.

    I did beat Ultima IV. Still have fond memories of that game.

  55. You know, Belarus needs to beat someone so I can get to hear the Fandango line.

    But, it appears the ears of the Deadpan shall be subject to much butchery via my bronze clad pipe.

  56. < drive by >

    Hey everyone!

    I’ve been so busy, this is the first time all week I’ve had to even think about stopping by.

    I’ve also been watching the Olympics. (well, not right now, but earlier tonight)

    Miss everybody… Not sure when regular surly posting will resume.

    I will return.

    </ drive by >

  57. I’m sure I completed more games than this but…I definitely remember

    NES – Mario Bros 3
    Sega Genesis – ToeJam and Earl
    Atari 2600 – Missile Command (I consider staying up all night and rolling the score back to zero as defeating it)
    The Rubicks Cube – I used to be able to solve it in under 60 seconds

    Those were the days.

  58. This list totally blew off the creepiest!

    Where was Christopher Walkin? Where was Donald Southerland? Where was William Defoe ?

    I get the creeps just thinking about those three simply sitting at a table discussing the weather.

  59. Morning Pan, oooh games I completed, if I go from the 80’s none of you are going to know the games:

    Codename Mat (Star Raiders on steroids)
    Dan Dare
    Knightlore (with infinite lives poke)
    The Alchemist
    Arnhem (strategy game)

    I had better stop now…

  60. Heh..”conquests”. We’re on the same page, EssBee…

    Alice in Chains still rocks and puts on damn damn fine show. Obtained Jerry Cantrell’s guitar pick. All is well for the night.

    Well done UK and Canada on todays Olympic gold.

    Drink and unwind time now now now.

  61. On the ST:

    Deja Vu
    Dungeon Master
    Red Storm Rising

    Back to the Spectrum:
    Elite (well achieved Elite status after 3 months of playing)
    Lords of Midnight (the melting the ice crown method ‘in the day’)
    Doomdark’s Revenge

    On the PC:
    The Day of the Tentacle
    Sam and Max hit the Road
    Half Life 1&2
    Wolfenstein (the original)

  62. Lo Pan: I’m of the mind that if it wasn’t “Alice in Chains”, with all the fame and brilliance behind that name, they’d not get the airtime they currently get on the radio. But I am glad to hear that they kick ass in concert. Consider me jealous!

    Cj: Holy crap re: Missile Command! I don’t think I ever made it past the third wave.

    Vanamonde: Got that right. All names unknown to me.

  63. The Rownling story is interesting, but a bit one-sided. To play devils advocate:
    1. plagiarism is not nearly as cut and dry as the author makes it out to be. The one thing we press into undergraduate students’ heads (at least for academic plagiarism) is that even if you don’t understand that your presenting someone else’s work as your own, it’s still plagiarism. I’m not saying that Rowling did or did not plagiarize, just that it can be really hard to determine if an idea you’ve had is truly your own or if you might have picked it up somewhere else without fully thinking about it.
    2. This article treats self publication (or vanity publication) as though it has no moral validity (let alone legal). It treats the author of the allegedly plagiarized story as though she has not right to call the idea her own because she had it published in a less-that-standard format. Not that case studies are the best argument for any given subject, but Christopher Paolini did have Eragon published by his parents before it was noticed by a big publishing house. Also, being in the podcasting community, I’m sure we wouldn’t want something that was put on Podio Books to be plagiarized under the argument that it wasn’t really good enough to be published in the proper way, so it’s fair game.

  64. For NES games:

    8 Eyes; Abadox; Astyanax; Bad Dudes (in the arcade); Batman; Bionic Commando; Blaster Master (awesome game!); Castlevania I, II & III; Contra (with Konami code); Crystalis; Dragon Warrior (I think); Duck Tails; Final Fantasy (’nuff said); Kid Icarus; Klax (didn’t win, but man what a fun game!); Life Force; Low G Man; Mega Man 1, 2 & 3; Rampage; Smash T.V. (Big money, big prizes! I love it! — Enjoy my refreshment!); Strider (actually, on the Genesis); Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 & 3; Willow; and Zelda 2

  65. Oh, and I beat Ultima IV on the Atari 800XL. Didn’t realize it was on the NES as well. Bet it was an inferior version. Those four colors and four sounds rocked.

  66. Games I’ve played for more than two weeks before getting completely bored with them and then moving on:

    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
    Lock ‘N’ Chase
    Night Stalker (by far my favorites)
    Tron – Deadly Disks
    Tron 0 – Maze-A-Tron

    Arcade Games:
    Donkey Kong
    Pack Man
    Track and Field

    Sega Genesis:
    Booger Man
    Road Rash

    Play Station:
    Oddworld – Abe’s Exodus

  67. Morning, Pan.

    Looks the the whole house, save myself, is sick today. No rest for the wicked. Means I may have to postpone my audio torture of the Pan until next weekend. Dammit, but I really want to get those on their way.

    So, if I’m not back much today, be excellent to each other.

  68. Null – I take it youre not a fan of the new stuff? Understandable. Theres some stuff on the new album thats among their best work and some utter junk thats unlistenable (sp). For a “comeback” album its among the better ones. Heres hoping future work is of quality.

    EssBee – I’d be in rehab too if I left Alice in Chains of my own free will to pursue other ventures. Silly boy.

  69. EssBee and Ed’s family – hope you feel better quickly!

    re: The A-Team. I get the feeling Mr. T might make a cameo in that one. “nice haircut” … It looks fun.

    I’d like to see Avatar, Valentines Day, and Alice in Wonderland first.

    High of 60 degrees and expected to rain today.

    I’m babysitting in a few hours so I’m gonna finish my coffee, shower, and get dressed in a bit.

    Hurray for the lazy day off.

  70. Lo Pan: Yes, although, admittedly, the only bit of Alice in Chain’s new stuff I’ve heard is on the radio. I’ve yet to hear their new album. I’ll have to check it out on Grooveshark. I completely agree that come-back wise, they’re in the top 10%. Their Unplugged album is one of the best albums to come out in at least the past couple of decades, IMO.

  71. The -from Texas family: Get well soon!

    Cj: w00t! Have a good time baking.

    Busy day ahead today. Class, local writing group meeting, work on Operation Mission Inn*, recording for my mom, then dinner with friends followed by live music performed by a friend of the family. I’m really looking forward to it all.

    *Last week, I was fortunate enough to get into an unpaid internship in event planning. Henceforth, all the major events we’re planning will be given these fun code names here. (And nowhere else. Not Twitter, because I will be using Twitter as part of the job and I have to take it seriously when I’m on there.

  72. EssyBessy – Supposedly he left cause touring was too straining for him… but who knows. Seems silly in a band of hardcore druggies he’d be kicked out. BUUUUUUUUT who knows.

    Beat me outta me.

  73. I have it from an inside source that he had some other stuff going on as well. Some stuff that even hardcore druggies can’t abide.

    I looked for my AIC cds, and can’t find them. Argh!

    CE: rice.

  74. Is your inside source TMZ? Bah ha. Bah ha. Bah hahahahahahahahahaha.

    You want for to…uh… “borrow” some of the cd’s? Lemme know if you cant find yours.

  75. I made some Italian ground beef meatballs stuffed with mozzarella.. I am thawing some Italian chicken sausage to do the same with.

    I have no idea who I am going to feed these too.. I just saw Rachel Ray doing it and said, “I can do that.” … yum.

    Dan won’t be home til after 8.. maybe he’ll want something to eat. One can only hope 🙂

  76. Van, I’d read the book, and didn’t take objection to the numerous changes for the film. Peter Jackson deserves much credit for showing restraint. There were a couple of truly moving scenes.

    As for the rain and clouds in Phoenix. WTF? Do we need to change the name of our basketball team?

  77. I would think that the major reason for Starr leaving AIC is that he just wasn’t a very good bassist. Mike Inez is way better.

    Wikipedia has some interesting info on his rather checkered personal life, post-AIC.

  78. wuss mode

    FYI – if you put the word “creepy” in any description to a link, that guarantees I won’t be clicking it, but I think you all know that about me.

    /wuss mode

  79. Ahem..Jack… its “Layne”.. ya bastard.heh. Also,Sean Kinney was always my second fav AIC member over Cantrell. But youre right. Camera loved it some JerryLayne.

    dreadpirate’s right. Inez pretty well kills it. Course even he’s no Billy Gould…

  80. So yesterday I visited the new Apple store in Newcastle to book an appointment to discuss my iPhone’s battery problems.

    Gawd it was busy, never have I seen a computer store that packed.

  81. Morning Pan!

    Things have been happening fast and furious in Hockey. I see they’ve changed the schedule somewhat, and have started to add the second round games. The singers and their songs so far are:

    Amy – Canada, USA
    Ed – Finland, Sweden
    WNDRWolf – Sweden, Belarus, Finland
    Jack – Czech Republic
    Nomad Scry – Czech Republic, Slovakia

    I look forward to hearing from you (results are subject to double checking)

    Today’s games are:
    Cj vs Vanamonde
    ditto and myself vs. Lo Pan

    Good luck to all

  82. A friend loaned me the Rock documentary “It Might Get Loud”. It was really good. Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge talk about Rock, guitars, and song writing.

  83. I may wander over to the neighboring bar for a pint to watch the game, since I don’t *think* I’ll be able to watch it streamed. (I might scan around for online options before I go) — But if that’s the case, I won’t be able to join the game-time discussion. Be excellent to each other.

  84. If I hadn’t already spent my wit for the day, I’m sure I could come up with some sort of politically incorrect reply.

    Joe, where are you when I need some backup???

  85. I’m now watching the game, but we’re going to eat in less than 10 minutes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince the family to let me leave it on during dinner (they consider this kind of behavior crass).

  86. So, Canada decides to really play with passion in the last few minutes? Sigh.

    Miller was fantastic. Great game for the US and a great indication that they shouldn’t be discounted in this tournament. Well done!

    Now I’ll go warm up my vocal cords.

  87. Makes me feel feel better about tournament but if its indeed US-Canada finals (which is still very much up in the air) its gonna be near impossible to beat Canada twice in one Olympics.

  88. That was far better than any All-Star game.

    BTw – for those attending the MMMmmmeetup, you can always wait until then to do your anthem singing. . . 😉 altho it won’t be official unless we record it.

  89. Seriously? Did they just call this the biggest upset since Miracle on Ice? For Real?

    If I was a member of the US hockey team, I’d be insulted.

  90. I’m home from work. Am I all alone? Probably. Never anyone around and online when I am anymore.

    I’ll just sit here and chat with myself then.

    Oh.. did I win?

    Guess I’ll go back and read.

  91. I use a product called IE7Pro that does spell check and I have another plugin that does the search feature like FireFox. I hate IE but it’s a company standard at work so I mutanized mine 🙂

  92. Why are people dying all around me, now?

    Hubby’s uncle is in the hospital with cancer and not expected to make the week. Got note today that his parents are coming into town tomorrow to spend last days with him. Now must spend the day getting the guest bedroom and bathroom ready. Ugh.

  93. Ed: I agree. I’m looking forward to Chuck again.

    TEB: My condolences. I know what you are going through. My family isn’t doing that well either.

    Even though nobody picked Russia, I might mix the Russian and US anthems. 🙂

  94. And now, I have one full hour of the house being completely empty except for me!

    The kids are at school and Dan is at work.

    I don’t know what to do first. (apparently posting on the Deadpan actually)

    I think I might go jump on the bed or something otherwise enthralling.

  95. JB: Very easy. EW&DG will scar you for life. 😉

    NS: It is an adventure game revolving around a murder mystery that you are trying to solve. The story is played through 4 different characters and will adapt based on choices you make. It sounds very interesting and has gotten good reviews.

  96. TEB: That studio did a lot of PC games. I assumed this would be released to PC, but I see it is only on PS3 right now. I don’t know if they have plans to release it on PC later.

  97. My wife got part of the way through Fable 1 until the game ate a completed mission. She wasn’t really interested in starting over in order to recover.

    Fable 2 did sound interesting, what with the dog.

    I’ll have to give a closer look to Heavy Rain. My PS3 should be here Tuesday (ohmydogohmydogohmydog) and I’m a bit excited about it.

  98. CP: Touched — VAST

    Jack: Yeah, I didn’t know that either. I hope they find him. Of course, Vancouver is going to be crazy right now. It’s definitely not a good time to find help for a missing persons case.

  99. I agree with Van. The interface sucks compared to the 360. On the flip-side, the newer PS3 are much more quiet. I’ve only played a few PS3 games since I love getting achievements. 🙂

  100. Morning Pan!

    I just have one thing to say about this whole Hockey debacle… They interrupted 2 man bob-sled competition to show the last 30 seconds, and I am not happy about it.

    You know what they replaced 2 man bob-sled competition with when they came back from interruption? Ice Dancing. Yeah, Ice Dancing. That’s a bit of whiplash right there.

    Granted, at the end of Ice Dancing, the Canadian team was in the lead, so Go Canada.

  101. Well, I’m upgrading from my PS2 and it has Blu-Ray, so… 🙂 I think it is exciting.

    As for the 360, I do not knowingly purchase defective products. Therefore, I will never own a 360.

  102. PSA

    By the way… Starting March 4th, Taco Bell orders will be served in a “Lap Tray” instead of a bag.

    “The Lap Tray makes it easier to eat in the car or take on the go! If you want a plastic bag instead, please just ask us.”


  103. Good lord, folks need to get off Marty’s back. And as an Avs fan that hard for me to say 😉

    Woah.. I just used the words “get off”, “back”, and “hard” in one thought that wasnt even dirty.

  104. Lejon: As much as I enjoy watching ice dancing, I was unhappy about bobsledding being interrupted, too. I have a special place in my heart for bobsledding because, when I was in second grade and the ’94 Winter Olympics were going on*, we had to write about what Winter Olympic event we would like to be in when we were older, and I picked bobsledding. I think I’ll read what I wrote on-pod now.

    *Apologies if I made anyone feel old again.

  105. Oh and ditto I agree about the whole comparison to the Miracle on Ice. Thats so fucking stupid. Just NBC trying to make a bigger story when they dont need to. Not even close to the same circumstances as 1980. Blech. Media sux no matter what country youre in.

  106. Money continues to be tight, but it didn’t stop me from buying a pair of 20 game packs for the new Twins ballpark.

    Darcy and I took the kids on the new commuter train yesterday, and it stops right under the corner of the park. It was all the sales pitch we needed.

  107. Greetings, Mister Jak Mangan –

    I would like to mention my appreciation for playing my voicemails on your deadpan podcast show program.

    My employers at the Strong Back, Weak Mind Moving Co. have told me that I should continue to make these calls of outreach in an effort to educate more on the plight of Trolls in modern society.

    As I am an Orc troll master, I am in a unique position to view the perception of Trolls in outer Earth.

    Thank you, once again, for your persistance in bringing their story to light.

    Youse can count on me to listen and report.

    Thank youse.

  108. Lejon, I suppose it wouldn’t be very miraculous to turn the ice to Arbor Mist.

    JB: I be the kids will love that. Sounds like a justifiable expenditure.

    Benny Lava?

    Amy, I saw some of the bobsled track stuff they still have in place up in Lake Placid. That is an exciting sport to watch. . . .Kinda like a more dangerous Pinewood Derby.

  109. It sounds a bit like a fortune cookie. OrGo.
    *hopes the big Orc has a good sense of humor*
    *looks for hiding places*

    Time to get back to work. OrGo.

  110. Have turned on the the TV. All the talk is how this game was not a miracle on ice. ditto’s right. Hockey’s not a miracle. You know what’s a miracle? naugahyde is a miracle. I could never figure out how they managed to skin those things.

  111. ditto, no. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, I just never got to it. I have Ego Draconis. It came the same time as ME2. I opted to play ME2 first. I also have Assasin’s Creed 2 on pre-order, which is supposed to be out mid-March, as well as the expansion to Dragon Age. Too many games, too little time.

  112. “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Ben Franklin

    I don’t see him saying it’s a miracle.

  113. Yeah Van, Canada’s extradition and deportation laws leave a lot to be desired. There’s one going on here in Calgary that’s been on going for five or six years now.

  114. I think the problem is, we’re too nice. We’re so afraid of hurting the feelings of “the bad guy” we sometimes forget the feelings of the good guy.

  115. Interesting: the local sportstalk radio stations typically ignore hockey and the Coyotes, treating it as seriously as go-kart racing. I’ve heard Coyotes’ icon Shane Doan make appearances on the station, only to end up in conversation with hockey-ignorant nitwits.

    Today, all 3 sportstalk stations were talking hockey, one was even blasting NBC for its terrible treatment of last night’s game. This is progress.

  116. Holy cow. It took five whole minutes before the Canada’s first goal. They’ll never break double didget scoring at that rate.