531 thoughts on “New Year's Unshow

  1. Oh, in case it was missed in the previous comments. Canada won 7 – 4
    That means, in a future episode, we’ll hear the dulcet tones of EssBee and JB ­čśë

  2. T minus 30 minutes until the new year here in California.

    CP: Well, I was trying to play Escape Pod #184 (Mur’s Christmas story for this year), but I can’t concentrate with other people talking to each other around me, so I keep pausing it.

  3. Happy New Year from in the new year. It’s 3:45am here. I am going to sleep so I can get up in 3 hours to go get my kids from the babysitter.

    And yes, it was all very worth it!

  4. Van – I cannot imagine what you are going through…I hope you realize that the Deadpan community is here for you.

    Happy New Year gang…I am going to stop saying the “Fuck ” and focus on making the coming year better the best that I can.
    (i.e. done focusing on the past and looking to the future – I can change one of them.)

  5. Best wishes to all in this New Year. As with all of Deadpan, my condolences, Van, to you and your family.

    We spent the eve hosting most of our nieces and nephews while my wife’s siblings were out at various events. Impressively, all the kids were still wide awake at midnight and my wife had horns, hats and streamers for them to make a mess of the room with at midnight. We managed to have a good time and I didn’t even have anything to drink.

    I did spend some of it playing and chatting online with some gaming friends. A couple made comments about how dumb the whole New Year’s business is. I must disagree. Sure, as far as the stars and planets are concerned, we’re at just another point on the orbit. But, for people, it’s a psychological opportunity to close a door behind us and open another in front of us. Even if we don’t achieve all that we set out for in 2009, it’s still important to take the opportunity to reflect on where we’ve come from, and make the effort to adjust our course during the next year.

    May your winds be favorable this year, Deadpan.

  6. And, speaking of favorable, Secret Santa swung through Minnesota this year to bring me some authentic local goodies. Many thanks, JB.

  7. As I often say – well said, Ed. Hopefully there will be some positive significance to this new turning of the page. First song played on the iPod this morning: “Reborn” by Scar Symmetry. Hopefully the song title bodes well.

    And Evo’s party was fun! Cool seeing Dan and Cj (and everyone) there.

  8. Good Morning and I’m looking forward to the new year. I’m not one to make the resolutions, but there are definitely some changes I’d like to see in myself this coming year and I will make it happen.

    It was a good party with a lot of great laughs and we got to meet some fun new people. I swear I was sitting with Scott Bakula.

    Jack sightings are always a big highlight for us :). It was definitely awesome getting to hang out. ­čśÇ

  9. Good Afternoon, Deadpan!

    Spent the morning buying groceries since I won’t be able to tomorrow. (month end…work…ugh)

    I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. While I believe in the “celebration” of the new year, I don’t believe that making half baked promises at the start of the year is the best way to improve oneself. Usually these resolutions end up being forgotten or left on the wayside. I believe, if you want to do something, you will either do it, or not and it won’t take the new year to get you to do it. It’s something you have to be ready to do – no matter what time of the year it is.

  10. To me, the new year is going through the previous year’s files and deciding what I need to keep for tax purposes and what I can file away in the basement.

  11. Spoken like a true finance person, Bunny. Going through 2008 files is on my list for the weekend.

    My parents just took off and now we’re trying to cool down the house a bit. Older folks get cold.

    CW: Diana Krall on Ovation TV

  12. I agree about resolutions. Enjoy New Year’s for the metaphorical reboot that it is – but don’t swear to some change you won’t stick to, based on the calendar date. My $0.02.

  13. The one advantage of PAYE is that you don’t have worry about…unless the inland revenue has classed you in the wrong tax bracket.

  14. Just had a damned fine brisket dinner at Charlie the Beer Guy’s house. He’s known for his beer, but damn – the man can cook.

    So I was at a NYE party last night, went to a bar this morning to watch the hockey game, then had some good brews at Charlie’s this evening. I think I’m gonna stick to water for the next few days.

  15. Looks like everyone is getting a late start this morning – I know I am.

    Good morning, Deadpan!

    My agenda for today: go order new glasses, run into the office to ship CA state adoption materials, buy new curtains. Ambitious? Maybe.

  16. My husband has this strange new habit. If he sees me doing something interesting, he’ll pat me on the head.

    I think, two weeks off is just a little much and he needs to get back to work.

  17. I overslept. I’m late. I’m late. I’m late. Where’s Alice? Dammit. Actually I’m not late. I’m just not going to get as much done as I wanted to today. I think I actually AM Alice.

  18. TEB, yes. I live here in my wonderland and it’s nice here.

    J0e, I have no idea on the bacon in the micro. I know you have to put them in paper towels. That’s as much as I can help.

  19. 2 minutes didn’t do it.
    Went for another 2.

    Put the strips ontop of two paper towels (on a plate) and then covered it all with another paper towel.

    greasy mess. seemes to have cooked but kinda rubbery.
    skillet is best

  20. I’m Mister White Christmas
    I’m Mister Snow
    I’m Mister Icicle
    I’m Mister Ten Below
    Friends call me Snow Miser
    What ever I touch
    Turns to snow in my clutch
    I’m too much!

    He’s Mister White Christmas
    He’s Mister Snow

    [Snow Miser:]
    That’s right!

    He’s Mister Icicle
    He’s Mister Ten Below

    [Snow Miser:]
    Friends call me Snow Miser,
    What ever I touch
    Turns to snow in my clutch

    He’s too much!

    [Snow Miser:]
    I never want to see a day
    That’s over forty degrees
    I’d rather have it thirty,
    Twenty, ten, five and let it freeeeEEEEEEeeze!

    He’s Mister White Christmas
    He’s Mister Snow

    [Snow Miser:]
    That’s right!

    He’s Mister Icicle
    He’s Mister Ten Below

    [Snow Miser:]
    Friends call me Snow Miser,
    What ever I touch
    Turns to snow in my clutch
    …too much.

    Too Much!

  21. So PG Holyfield’s segment on Evo@11 is in no way a sad rip off of the Wingin’ It Recap. But then the whole thing is a sad rip off of Wingin’ It, so why should I be surprised.

  22. ^ I like Evo@11 anyway. Based on what I heard about Wingin’ It, namely, that it was too long, rambling and pointless, I think keeping the show under 30 minutes is an excellent idea. It forces the show to be better than Wingin’ It was, because it forces the hosts to say what they have to say right off the bat.

  23. TEB – RE: Murder rate
    What is the population of Calgary? Given that this is only the 2nd day, is this a sustainable rate? Will they have to bus in victims from the surrounding areas?

    So many questions.

  24. Jack – Re: exciting water molecules with ity bity waves of energy.
    I’m the guy who, if he could find a used microwave oven at a garage sale for $20, would have it in his garage for the sole purpose of zapping things!

  25. Van, I think my husband and I remain on the bad side of podcast listeners since we tend to overshoot our hour almost every week. Short listens really are the best.

    Srsly… why would anyone want to listen to me ramble on about Star Trek and other nonsense for an hour a week. That’s just crazy talk.

  26. So for some reason Thunderbird decided to delete the contents (but not the headers) of all my stored emails.

    I will now go and grind my teeth.

  27. I bet you say that to all the girls.

    By the way, you message was truly touching. I listened while driving to the office today and had to pull over and let the tears clear.

  28. CW: Angel S2, E7

    I didn’t get new glasses OR new curtains today. I ended up trapped at Evil, Inc. for 3 hours instead of the planned 1. Tonight is a lazy night.

  29. ­čÖé
    Thanks everyone for your comments on the last ep

    doing: waiting for Hugh to get down here so we can have our 10th day of xmas. (yes we are sappy dorks and we do 12 days of xmas starting xmas day)
    drinking: chai
    eating: biscotti
    listening: Who’s Laughing Now by Skinny Puppy

    We officially go MIA on Monday, so we might try to do a play by play this weekend, no promises though

    so if we don’t come back, everyone take care

  30. Late as usual… but I still wanna play, dammit.

    YOUR SPY NAME: Wil Linden
    (middle name and current street name)

    YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: Clyde Mentos
    (grandfather/grandmother on your dad├óÔéČÔäós side, your favorite candy)

    YOUR GAMER TAG: Graey Cat
    (a favorite color, a favorite animal)

    YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: Wil Silver Springs
    (middle name, city where you were born)

    (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother├óÔéČÔäós maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet├óÔéČÔäós name)

    PORN STAR NAME: Peaches Williamson
    (first pet├óÔéČÔäós name, the street you grew up on)

    SUPERHERO NAME: The Graey Caprice
    (├óÔéČ┬ŁThe├óÔéČ┬Ł, your favorite color, the automobile your dad drives)

    YOUR ACTION HERO NAME: Tugg Potatoes (Tropic Thunder’s Tugg Speedman)
    (first name of the main character in the last film you watched, last food you ate)

  31. For those of you who have been yearning, longing, PINING to have some of my art, I’ve just started up again with auctions on Artbyus. I’ll be selling prints, original paintings, and knits.
    Some of my auctions will be for charity (the humane society, natch). The charity ones will be marked.

    You can make requests.

    The first auction just went live…

    Questions? ­čśŤ

  32. Just received word that my out-of-town guests’ plane has landed. A week of entertaining is in my future. I’m happy that they are here but…

    I’m having emotional overload and I have nobody over the age of 5 available to talk to! Ugh!


  33. Thanks. I’m glad you are all here or I’m glad I can be here where you are – something like that. ­čÖé

    I think I just need a nap and a hug. Hubby is on his way home now and can help me with both of those things.

  34. Time to join in:

    YOUR SPY NAME: Joe Lingside
    (middle name and current street name)

    YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: Fred Munchies
    (grandfather/grandmother on your dad├óÔéČÔäós side, your favorite candy)

    YOUR GAMER TAG: Green Dog
    (a favorite color, a favorite animal)

    (middle name, city where you were born)

    (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother├óÔéČÔäós maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet├óÔéČÔäós name)

    PORN STAR NAME: Clancy Nancing St
    (first pet├óÔéČÔäós name, the street you grew up on)

    SUPERHERO NAME: The Green Herald
    (├óÔéČ┬ŁThe├óÔéČ┬Ł, your favorite color, the automobile your dad drives)

    YOUR ACTION HERO NAME: Carl Cheesecake (Yes Man’s Carl Allen)
    (first name of the main character in the last film you watched, last food you ate)

  35. Just saw the clip on the new Doctor. While being young, I also find he’s not as… easy on the eyes as the previous two.

  36. That’s very true. I think I’ve liked them all to a greater or lessor degree. They’ve all brought something different to the table and you have to take it at that.

  37. I think he looks “Doctor-y.”

    Eccleston had those enourmous ears, this guy has a nose thing going…

    Not saying any of that makes for a good or bad choice, just noticing.

    This lappy is excruciatingly slow…

  38. Images of Dan and Jack napping and hugging has made me a little giggly.

    I’ve never seen Dr. Who. Suddenly feel like I’m missing out on something.

  39. I haven’t seen much Dr. Who either, Cj. Yesterday, I had to ride over to our warehouse with a wanker from work and he had TNG DVDs in his back seat. I thought, “Cj would like this.”

  40. You know, I bought a dutch oven before the holidays solely for two recipes that I was interested in trying. Now, I’m using it for a bunch of other things. Turns out that it was a really useful purchase. ­čÖé

  41. Oh, and my guests have returned to their hotel after a delicious dinner and our kids frolicking around our house. My 5-year-old daughter kissed their 5-year-old son right on the lips! Gotta get these two a chaperoe! (Like mother like daughter they say!)

    Tomorrow – the zoo if it doesn’t rain.

  42. In other news, the wireless router in my apartment has finally started working properly! HOORAY! My computer never has to take up space on the dining table again! (Before, it had to be plugged directly into the cable modem, which is under the dining table.)

  43. Still very late:

    Justa Joe asked:

    “Is there a word (and if not ├óÔéČ┬Ž can we please create one) that means,
    ├óÔéČ┼ôI have heard what you just told me so you don├óÔéČÔäót need to say it again, it├óÔéČÔäós just that I have absolutely nothing to say about the topic and would rather not just make inane comments about it that would lead to yet another pointless conversation that would best be reserved for a Cohen Brothers film.├óÔéČ┬Ł ?”

    I was going to say, “Whatever.” but it looks like you are looking for a polite response. “Huh” should work, but it doesn’t. “I heard you” is still considered rude by most people. “Ahhhh” can be taken as agreement.

    I dunno Joe, but it would be nice if we did have just such a word. Or course, just wanting to use that word would be rude by the same family members that I would want to use it on. Grrr. No win.

  44. Morning. I’ve tried 3 recipes from the Cooks Illustrated 2008 cook book using the dutch oven I bought. I got the 6 3/4 quart oval one from Le Creuset.

    The first recipe was for carnitas (May/June issue, page 12). It turned out very well, so I’ll be making it again. I liked it so much I doubt I’ll tinker with the recipe.

    The second recipe was for bread (Jan/Feb issue, page 18). Since the recipe calls for a temperature of 500, I had to replace the handle with a stainless steel one.

    The bread was very good using a standard unbleached flour. For my second attempt, I mixed some good fine-ground whole wheat flour with the flour I used the first time (50/50). It was also very good, though I might bump up the yeast just a tiny bit. For both trials, I used the full 18 hour first raise time.

    The third recipe was French Chicken in a Pot (Jan/Feb issue, page 8). I didn’t quite follow the recipe, since I only had half a chicken already cut up into parts. Still, it turned out quite well. This is a recipe where you do not get a crisp skin. I don’t think that matters much since you really should carve the chicken meat after resting and serve with the au jus. I discarded the skin.

    I’ve spent a lot of fun time in the kitchen the past two weeks. Too bad it is back to work soon.

  45. Now I’m hungry, ditto.

    I’m a few minutes away from putting my citrus-brined turkey in the oven. We’re having that w/ stuffing, sweet potatoes, and salad to spend the last day of vacation in style.

    Tomorrow, back to Evil reality with an early flight to Orange County, CA.

  46. why dracula, is that a stake under your cape or you just happy to see me


    Hugh sez: I once found a porn vid of a girl with vampire fangs giving a guy a blow job. I found it highly disturbing actually.

    Well yeah.. sharp pointy teeth and blow jobs do not really go together

    Hugh sez: heeeeelllllll no. Although the guy was small enough to fit between her fangs.. I of course would never fit between fangs

    *eye roll*

  47. This weeks play by play refreshments are brought to you by Stolichnaya (spelling?) vodka

    Hugh sez: I’m sorry I need to log in a complaint. Heh. Log indeed! I cannot continue with this play by play with you dressed like that


    Hugh sez: she’s wearing these boy shorts that are really fucking small and they’ve got skulls and crossbones on them and they are way way WAY too distracting.

    LOL *blush* ok.. brb again. I’ll go change.

    Hugh sez: burp? Nah. Don’t you dare change babe

    *blush 2*

  48. A goddess, a dwarf and a rabbi walk into a podcast….

    Hugh sez: Yeah I wanna hear the rest of that joke

    skype noises!

    Hugh sez: I have no idea who these people are

    I only know Tee. I have no idea who Pip is. Sorry Pip

    Why the hell is Jack talking to these guys?

  49. never did the whole Morevi thing

    Hugh sez: but we’ve never really been into fantasy

    yeah.. we are definitely sci fi geeks, NOT fantasy geeks

    Hugh sez: Our fantasy tastes are few and far between

    Right like even my vampire obsession is when its vampires in our modern world.. there is nothing I hate more than really hardcore fantasy vampire books, and vamp stories in the 1700s and shit

    Jack just said “hump” and “lay up” together. Heh

    Hugh sez: you just like vampire stories with hard cocks

    LOL! Ok yes, I do like vampire porn, but thats not the only vampire stories I read

  50. Hughie?

    Hugh sez: yeah babe?

    We are totally not listening to this interview

    LOL. I know. I’m sorry Jack, its not you.. trust me

    Hugh sez: Yeah, Jack you need to talk more here

    This is like his interview with Apollowhen he talked over the entire hour and Jack said like 4 words.

  51. I actually realized my error and played the song at normal speed at the end of episode 103.
    And you guys and all of Deadpan should know how I truly feel about our friendship. . .

    I’m never gonna give you,
    Never gonna let you down,
    Never gonna run around and hurt you.

    OK, I’m gonna try to get outside in between rainstorms (bah!). ttyl.

  52. alright kids

    Hughie and I are done for today

    thank you for enjoying hte Deadpan Rhettro hour

    we are going into MIA mode now

    see you in a couple weeks-ish

    Hugh sez: and I’ll make sure Andrea wears these shorts again next time

    they can’t see me Hughie ­čÖé

    Hugh sez: oh.. well still. I like them

    LOL.. bye pan
    take care of each other

  53. Oh I had a thing for the twins of “Double Trouble.” It didn’t help matters any when I saw them again in an episode of “Picket Fences” as part of a threesome with one of the main characters.

  54. The iMac is dead, long live the iMac!

    iMac diagnosis was dead logic board to the tune of $867 which we just couldn’t justify. We have a nice new iMac on the way, hopefully up & running next weekend…

    The Credit card is not flaming yet, but we need to let it cool a while…

  55. Looks, TSH do the 101!

    As for Pip – I do think her “Chasing the Bard” story is one of the better ones that I’ve heard in the podcast realm.

  56. So, the Direct TV guy comes out Friday and puts a shiny new dish on the house and now we’re getting all the HDTV goodness we can handle. I had thought the upconversion of the standard def picture that we were getting was already pretty good….until you change over to the HD version of the same channel. Wow!

    Today, I’m flipping through the guide and see that Spike HD is running the later Star Wars movies. I missed episode 1 but recorded 2 and 3 today. Just finished watching “Attack of the Clones.” While it looked great in HD, I had forgotten just how truly awful it was. The story is just absurd on many levels and the dialogue is just a pain to listen to. I recommend watching this one with the volume muted.

  57. I was ok with most of Attack of the Clones. It was mainly the love scenes that were ridiculous. Especially in that one by the fireplace, where she’s wearing the dominatrix outfit, telling him they can’t be lovers.

  58. Morning Pan, you can also check out SightSpeed which has a free version for one to one video chatting.

    -10C today..balmy for TEB but bloody freezing for me.

  59. Morning, Pan.

    Cold here today, at 9F.

    My bag is packed and I’m just checking my email before heading to the airport for Laguna. Back to work . . .

    Hope everyone has a great Monday.

  60. Morning Pan

    Sweden vs. Canada game today. I probably won’t be able to watch it though. May have to wait until tomorrow to see whether J0e or I will be singing.

  61. MD – At some point in the past, we here at the Deadpan had renamed WordPress the “fucktard bot” for reasons that have now apparently become clear to you.

    Hmmm, you suppose that contributed to our “low brow” cred ?

  62. Ed – I think Evil Inc. has a song to help remind their employees how to do their job … it might help you get back in the work mindset. Just think about –

    “Acid raindrops on roses
    and pulling whiskers off kittens.

    Corroded copper kettles
    and warm asbestos mittens.”

    Customer refunds
    mis-sent to Belize.
    These are a few of their favorite things.”

  63. I always assumed people sneered the low-brow thing just for our snarky humour.

    There seems to be a large number of twits who think something only has artistic value if it makes you cry.

  64. Good Monday morning all. The first Monday of 2009, but most assuredly, not the last.

    My brother turned me on to ooVoo when I saw him last. I have it all set up, but I haven’t talked with anyone yet. I made the mistake of installing it to the newer PC which my son likes to hog. I’m going to try and install it to my older machine, then you may actually be able to catch me while I’m there. ­čÖé

  65. So it turns out, there’s an outside chance I might be going to the Disc World convention in Arizona on the first weekend of September.

    A friend of mine wants to go and is hoping to drag me along if she does. I won’t know for sure until closer to the summer. She’s immigrating to Canada from the US (married a CDN), and can’t really leave the country until her paperwork goes through. It should be through early spring, but… If it happens on time, then we probably will be going to the convention.

  66. September is a nice time to visit AZ. It’s 41F out there right now and that’s too cool for me. Usually after Valentine’s Day it stops getting cooler than the 60’s. I can’t wait.

  67. “There seems to be a large number of twits who think something only has artistic value if it makes you cry.”

    Like getting a punch in the family jewels?

    And that is your low brow comment for the day. ­čśë

  68. “I paid my weather dues in Kansas. Now nature owes me. LOL”

    I paid my dues in Ottawa, Canada: -70 with wind chill really sucks. Not that it is like that all the time. It’s usually -40. ­čśë

  69. So I’ve asked on facebook whether anybody is up for giving oovoo a try.

    I may have frightened them off by mentioning I will be wearing a paper bag over my head.


  70. Ditto – Re: “Like getting a punch in the family jewels?”
    Is art YES! But only if done to a mime who is blocking a busy public walkway while pretending to be trapped in a glass box.

  71. If it were a mime in and actual glass box and it was slowly filling with something like, let’s say “teen pop singers” … then it would be Horror.

    Unless it was like skanky, used to be teen pop singers – then it would be camp … probably a Roger Waters film.

  72. … if the undead pop singer were to punch the mime in his family jewels … you are talking a “dark comedy” probably written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

    Which brings us back pretty full circle.

  73. Hey Pan!

    Ended up not going out to martial arts tonight so turned on the Canada/Sweden gold medal game.

    Canada is up 1 – 0 with 5 minutes left to play in the first. Sweden is on the powerplay.

  74. Besides, how can you tell their hair and eye colour under the helmet?

    Do I sense you being in your own little fantasy world? And since we are talking hockey players, what does that say about you?

  75. Stupid Swede goalie. Ran out to play the puck and ended up getting hit by a player (by accident). Swedish player attacked the CDN player for it and will now get a penalty.

  76. Sweden keeps icing the puck. They’re never going to get anywhere if they keep doing that (keep up the good work guys ­čśë )

  77. And Francois Beliveautiercroixvin dekes around Brjornengen Farvugnasummansunovik – – he shoots he scores!

    Just thought I’d drop in and make classless jokes about names from segments of other cultures. Carry on.

  78. So Canada has not played the last 8 minutes without being a man down. So far, though, Sweden hasn’t scored. I don’t know if that says more about Canada or Sweden

    last minute of play.

  79. This is Canada…

    Our PM is attending the game, with his son. No (noticeable) guards around. A fan comes up (half naked and painted gold) and gets his picture taken with the PM. No problem. I’d like to see that in a lot of other countries.

  80. Why did Sweden still have an empty net when they were down by 3? Score now 5 – 1 Canada. Less than 30 seconds of play.

    Well J0e, sing up!

  81. Quote from a CDN player. “First thing I want to do is thank God. We’ve come a long way. It’s just an unbelievable feeling”

    I kid you not ­čÖé

  82. Well, they’re now presenting the medals and playing the CDN national anthem (are you listening J0e).

    Time for this bunny to sign off.

  83. I saw some of the 3rd period – it was actually on at the bar.

    And I have received 1 “O Canada” recording so far. I do need to write her back and thank her for her a capella. ­čśë

    Two more to come.

  84. Still sorting through the mess I pulled out of my cupboard. I found 2 unopened packs of Topps, 1994 Baseball Cards – Series 1
    Says “ToppsGold card in every pack”! “Special Topps BLACK Gold Cards Randomly Inserted”.

    Hmmmm. Should I open them?

  85. Things I’ve never understood No. 123:

    Sending flowers..heh lets celebrate/commiserate by killing plants which then have to be stuck in a vase to keep them hanging on for a little bit longer.

    There maybe some growling later.

  86. I hear ya, Van. Growl away. The ladies do seem to dig em tho.

    EssBee, the singing was fine. Simon Cowell might have had some harsh critiques – but, eh – fuck ‘im.

    OK, goodnight moon.

  87. Still late.

    JJ said:
    “├óÔéČ┬Ž if the undead pop singer were to punch the mime in his family jewels ├óÔéČ┬Ž you are talking a ├óÔéČ┼ôdark comedy├óÔéČ┬Ł probably written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.”

    And I would watch that. Probably buy the DVD unseen and watch it then.

  88. Morning Pan

    Bunny’s having an adverse reaction to some new medications. Think I’ll stay curled up wrapped in a warm blanket today. What does it mean when you’re temperature is 95 degrees? I know, if you’re three degrees above, you’re over 100 and people start to worry, what about when you’re three degrees below normal?

    As to Van’s flowers. I guess that makes me evil. I tend to buy a fresh bouquet once a week/once every week to put on my dining room table.

  89. I don’t think having a mustache and goatee is actually a prerequisite to being evil (no matter what Star Trek says). However, I also suppose, even if I’m evil, it’s a well known fact cute people can get away with almost anything anyway ­čśë

  90. Evil, but cute, and the winner of Scrabble!

    Van, my good friend who recently lost her husband said that the flowers were really hard for her. It was especially hard for her to get rid of them.

  91. Re: Body Temperature

    I have always been amazed at how completely intolerant the human body is to internal temperature variations, given how much OTHER abuse you can put yourself through and still be okay.

    A simple 4 to 5 degree rise in internal temp (from the accepted norm) and you feel like you’ve been thrown out of a moving vehicle.

  92. J0e, if you’re referring to one of them there spreadsheets, yup, I have one and I use it daily (my life is so exciting)

  93. Re: Spreadsheet

    Well, I noticed that you can look at the page that has all of the past Deadpan entries on it and it list total number of posts for each show. Am I the only one who thinks it would be interesting to plot “posts vs. date” to see if there is some sort of seasonal “eb and flow” to Deadpan comments?”

    Does this sort of talk warm up your brain TEB? ­čśë

  94. Re: PM & Son I did meet Ben Murloney once.

    Re: O Canada Just wait until the iMac is ready, then I’ll be snowballing out that anthem like… Maybe best if I don’t complete that simile.

  95. Oh! Good quote!

    “For money you can have everything it is said. No, that is not true. You can buy food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; soft beds, but not sleep; knowledge but not intelligence; glitter, but not comfort; fun, but not pleasure; acquaintances, but not friendship; servants, but not faithfulness; grey hair, but not honor; quiet days, but not peace. The shell of all things you can get for money. But not the kernel. That cannot be had for money.”
    –Arne Garborg, writer (1851-1924)

  96. Funny, I was searching for my first appearance on nationwide Canadian television when I stumbled on storis of Bruno the Orangutan escaping from his enclosure at the LA zoo last May.

    That makes two great apes I played with as a child who grew up to escape their enclosures. Just what did I teach those apes?

  97. Can’t find the right Katie the Orangutan. There is a “Katy” who worked in Hollywood and was retired to Iowa, but Katie was raised in a zoological setting so I can’t imagine she wound up in Hollywood.

  98. Our firm is letting one of the cooler guys go after Friday. Without new work I’m guessing 6 to 8 weeks before the firm would need to be “reorganized” as in the partners going their separate ways. Scary times indeed.

  99. I know a lot of people are experiencing the lows of the economy right now. My gut is telling me, if I can last the next two months while staying employed my firm will recover or other firms will be hiring. Just need to hang in until March.

  100. Yet, with all that, it’s good to know the FBI is still hiring…

    Seriously Rhett, it does suck and I hope for the best for your position.

  101. I saw a PBS special a few years ago where several people had swallowed radio transmitting thermometers before climbing some mountain. In the end, the one who did the best was the one whose internal temperatures fluctuated the least. The one whose temps made the most extreme shifts actually had to leave ‘cuz it was killing him.

    Wish I could remember what it was called.

    I asked my brains and she said she doesn’t remember watching it with me.

  102. Oooh, I love that Fear the Cute Ones pic. I’ve had it hanging in my room for the last 3 years. It took me several months to read up to that point… I enjoyed the story, but let it get away from me afterwards.

  103. Thanks TEB, Ed.

    Well, worst case, between unemployment and our savings, I could last five months without having to change houses etc. And the word I’m hearing is that three months from now, the hiring situation will improve. But I don’t think our firm will last two more months without some major changes. =p

  104. Agree on the suckage.

    Today’s cod philosophy from Clone Wars:

    ‘The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, regardless of how many turns it takes’

  105. Well, been on the phone with computer support for close to an hour now. They can’t figure out why I suddenly don’t have access one of the reporting programs when I can access everything else.

  106. Nomad – I believe that was either a NOVA or a National Geographic. If it was the one I saw, it was about researchers trying to figure out why some people just die while climbing mountains.
    The sent some medical researchers with a team that was climbing Mt. McKinley in Alaska. The had indeed given the climbers some little “probes” to swallow that transmitted basic medical data to them.

    It’s really cold that high up so you bundle up real warm. Then you start exerting yourself on the climb and inside all that warm gear, you actually build up enough heat to sweat. Then you stop to rest and it is 20 below so you cool off really fast … like in a minute or so. Rinse, lather, repeat.

    Turns out that rapid changes in your core temperature is indeed a bad thing. Can cause nasty physiological stuff that can kill you but can also cause mental impairments to things like “basic judgment”. Turns out, having impaired judgment while climbing a mountain can also kill you.
    Go figure.

  107. iTunes is already offering DRM free upgrades of songs for reasonable prices. The songs will be in better quality.

    Plus, the “Id Engager” video from Of Montreal is free on iTunes.

  108. Justa Joe – That sounds like the right one. Although my take-away from it was more random. It seemed to me that there was no explicit reason why some of the individuals didn’t seem to suffer the interior temperature extremes. (An example of magic in the real world?)

    iTunes DRM-free – I guess I don’t have a valid reason to detest the iTunes store now. I have to decide if I want to be sensible and just get over it, or be the crabby hermit and hate iTunes unreasonably. I’m leaning towards the second option.

  109. No I don.t live near Portsmouth jj, but my sister lives about an hour away by train.

    Morning Pan, looking out the window today’s colour is grey.

  110. As for iTunes, since I don’t buy music from Apple (prefer to buy CDs when I go to gigs), even the change to DRM is not going to convince me to change my music buying habits.

  111. Once I found Amazon’s MP3 store and how easy it is to buy from, I pretty well stopped ever looking at the Itunes store for music. Unless they’re going to get competitive on pricing, I doubt things will change for me.

  112. Amazon MP3 is the way to go. I’ll only buy from Apple if the pricing gets competitive or there is a song only they have as Ed said.

  113. My purchases are still mostly CDs. For mp3s, it all depended on who had what I wanted for the best price without DRM. Only as a last resort would I buy anything that has DRM on iTunes.

    CP: Lovecats — The Cure

  114. I’ve spent about $2.97 on downloaded songs in the past few years. I was all set to be an iTunes Store regular, but they pooped the bed. Amazon showed a little more class and respect for the customer, and so they won out and still win out, for me.
    If I really like the artist – and I feel confident that there will be more than 1 or 2 good tunes on the album, I’ll still buy the clunky obsolete physical CD.

  115. Swamped with work here, running a big same-day rush order for a major client. I won’t name the client, but I can offer you the word “bailout.” That’s right I’m getting some peripheral benefit from govt. bailout money today…

  116. Van, actually I don’t live specifically near Detroit, but I will say we have sales offices and branch operations across the country, so that doesn’t tell you anything…

  117. Good thinking, J0e.

    I should submit a request to Congress, on behalf of all Deadpan listeners. We’ve made some budget errors, and now need an extra $100 Billion for “The MF Way”.

  118. It’s actually a little tough for my boss to give a review. She’s in Ontario, I’m in Alberta. We actually only see each other once a year or so. Really all she has to go on is whether I get the job done and if it’s accurate. Everything else is guesswork.

  119. woot on the review, Bunny!

    I’m srsly tempted to post “Firsties!” on all of Jason C’s flickr pics. (He used to hang out here, but he’d always get cranky if anyone said “Firsties!”.) I’m following him on Twitter, but I don’t think he followed me back. lol. Oh well. We’ll always have his artmashes.

  120. Okay I need a bit of iTunes advice.

    Ed has already told me how to transfer my podcast list to another computer (my netbook in my case).

    If I authorize the netbook will iTunes copy the apps I’ve installed on the iPhone to the netbook or will it wipe them when I try and sync the iPhone on the netbook?

  121. Heh. Jason was a pretty cool kid.
    I think some of the early episodes’ conversations survived the great server crash of ’08, if you’re ever bored/nostalgic enough to dig through the archives.

  122. Van, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you on that one. But, I’ll be curious of the answer as I’m getting more and more likely to succumb to Iphone lust. I’m hoping that I can at least hold out for the 3rd Generation.

    Which leads me to wonder what they’ll call it. Even though the current one is the 2nd Generation and would have been called 2G in the Ipod naming convention, they call it 3G because of it’s 3G wireless capability. So, it’s unlikely that they can call the next one 3G.

    And no, I have no particular knowledge of a 3rd generation Iphone. But, I expect they will continue the yearly upgrade (which is actually a pretty long cycle in the cell phone business) and release a new one this Summer.

  123. Oh, and JJ, the email has been received. Sadly, gmail, hotmail, and yahoo mail are all blocked at my company so I can’t check those accounts during the day…..unless I get an Iphone.

  124. I still have emotional scars over the ’08 server crash. So long “golf clap.” So long “Alvie pretending to be different deitities.” Sniff

  125. The question is, which is more valuable as a US export… GM cars or American boobies?

    My only arguement is the dead Chevy in my back yard. And shouldn’t we be used to throwing money at boobies by now anyway?

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