402 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #116: We Stand On Guard For Thee

  1. I love hearing myself on your show.
    And yet, it still embarrasses me so.

    Maybe I could actually say who I am next time.
    And yes, I really did already listen. Thank you all for keeping me company while I work. In the middle of the night.

  2. Ha, Jack says it’s cold here. Funny.

    It’s 2:24 am. I have some kind of weird restless legs and arms things going on. Been happening for about 8 months now. I feel an overwhelming urge to move my arms and legs. If I resist my arms will move on their own. If I start to fall asleep, my arms will jerk like I’ve been hit by an electric shock. Makes sleep kind of difficult. My wife says if I do fall asleep my arms flail every minute or so. So I’m up, eating Mission Tortilla Strips and thinking about what to send Jack next.

  3. I think this is a new record for comments on the board on Deadpan Thursday Morning ™.

    Can’t wait to hear this week’s result ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Just for the record J0e, I did like your mash up and, as far as I’m concerned it counts, but not being the only Canadian on the board…

    Also, you’re in my grrr list at the moment for other reasons (kidding, you know I love you ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  5. JamieX3 – Nice fiction! Really enjoyed it. Keep it up.

    Re: restless legs.

    I used to get that as a younger lad so I know of what you speak. It’s actually a named “syndrome” now.

    I’ve only been bothered with it 2 or 3 times in the last 10 years or so. Usually nothing to do for it but get up and walk until the legs are tired out.

  6. I can actually tell when my iron levels have dropped below a certain point as that’s when I start to get restless leg syndrome.

  7. I had mistaken the Dudley Do-Right at first for Emo Philips.
    It was a fine, fine bit of audio. I’m indebted to Justa J0e for his creativity and production skills. And also to Ed from Texas for his hilarious idea to mix O Canada and O Tannenbaum.

    Everyone’s contributions were excellent. I wasn’t feeling that hilarious this week, and you all bailed me out. Thanks :).

  8. My boss is silly. Last year she said I wasn’t taking enough holidays so I took an extra week off at Christmas to fill the gap. We did the calculations and it turns out I’m still carrying forward 4.5 days into 2009. That means I have 4.5 weeks of holidays to use this year. I have no idea how I’m going to use these all up…

  9. Van, I looked at that British comedy quiz. I could only figure out three or four, so decided not to actually take the quiz and look a little less a fool ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. ๐Ÿ˜€
    *cue Robert De Niro as the rebel ventilation repairman in “Brazil” * We’re all in this together Jack.
    Props to TEB for instigating that bit of chicanery!
    … and to EssBee (AKA – The Deadpan’s own Celen Dion) who had the guts to go a-capella!

  11. I’ve told Jack before but I’ll repeat it here –

    “Thanks for letting us play in your house Jack”!
    If it weren’t for you giving us a chance to bleed off our creative energy here, we would probably just become master’s of industry or respected leaders or be expanding the boundaries of science and medicine out in the “real” world.

  12. Opps!

    I think that last paragraph should have read –
    “If it weren’t for you giving us a chance to bleed off our creative energy here, we would probably just become disgraced CEOs or indicted political leaders or be perverting the boundaries of science and medicine for our own diabolical purposes out in the “real” world. “

  13. So tonight I found out I missed a robbery by 20 minutes.

    Went to a newsagent to get the latest Interzone, police incident tape surrounded the shop and cops were knocking on doors asking people if they saw anything.

  14. Well, I have a result:

    The Official Cynic’s Self-Test

    You have potential. While you’re not yet a full-blown cynic, you exhibit promising talents in that direction.

  15. I’d never noticed before. In the song “King’s Crossing” on the Elliott Smith CD released a few months after his suicide, just after the line:

    “Give me one good reason not to do it”

    there’s a barely audible recording of his girlfriend saying, “Because we love you”.


  16. The cynic test told me to go away & that I didn’t belong there. I suppose I’d have expected that if I was more of a cynic. Bit of a paradox there … Oh look … Something shiny …

    Yahoo I’m part retaaaard.

  17. Your Cynic test results don’t surprise me at all, Cj. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The album was mixed after Elliott Smith’s death; I’d guess that it was added in the post-production, but I’m not sure. His music is brilliant. Ultra-sad, folksy stuff. I could never get tix to his NYC shows; they always sold out too fast.

  18. I was going to crab about how annoying it is that I’ve been feeling morose today, but then I look back at the shit happening to the rest of the fine folks of the DeadPan and… I think I’ll shut it and appreciate the fact that I am okay.


  19. Yep … I’m in the cynic camp as well. In fact, I was totally suprised that a few of you got results that said you weren’t a cynic … I was thinking that the test was rigged to ALWAYS say you were a cynic as a way to draw you into their web site.

    How far gone am I?

  20. *hugs* to Van and MD and anyone else who needs them.

    I’m taking the kids to the local Bounce-U today for some exercise and fun. My out-of-town guests are here until Sunday. Next week will be back to normal for me.

  21. I need some earbud recommendations. I go through a nice pair of SONY earbuds about every 3 months, so this round I went with a cheaper SONY option and THEY SUCK. What do you guys like?

    I have the nice big headphones at home, but those really aren’t practical for working out or sitting at my desk.

    Also, who’s the bravest Deadpanite?

  22. I liked my original iPod earbuds … until one side began to rattle.
    This summer I received a set of earbuds for my birthday. They are made by the Bose company. Pretty sweet sounding, although in a noisy environment (like mowing the yard) I’m not sure that the quality makes a difference.
    They are hard plastic with a soft silicon ear insert and come with 3 separate sizes of inserts.

  23. Thanks to all.

    First time I had been to a humanist funeral, it was mercifully short. Wanted to give Dad a good send off so a few tears, but also some cheer as we celebrated his life.

    Even raised some money for an Alzheimers charity.

  24. I’ve avoided the identity theft problem with old HDs by being lazy and having a collection in a cabinet.

    Still using the earbuds that came with the phone. Since I tend to use the phone in a noisy environment can’t see the point in getting more expensive earbuds (and the noises canceling ones that would make a difference are too expensive for me).

  25. My first computer was an Apple IIGS and had no hard drive, though I believe one was available.

    Next up, a Packard Bell 386SX (I swear the SX was short for “sucks”) with a 40Mb HD. I don’t know what happened to that HD, I must confess, but I don’t believe it ever had any truly vital data, aside from revealing the shite writing of my schoolwork. I can’t recall it ever seeming to be an adequate size of HD, as I was trying to run “Wing Commander” and the like on it, but it’s funny now thinking how many individual files I have now that could eat that HD for breakfast and still be looking for a plate of pancakes afterward.

    Next up, a Gateway Pentium III. Can’t recall the size of that HD, something in the multiples of gigabytes, I Imagine, maybe 9??? That HD is still in the computer in question, sitting in a corner of the basement. I had taken note of a “Data Shredding Weekend” event at the local
    supermarket where a bonded local document destruction service was going to take & eliminate documents and data drives for a nominal fee, but then I failed to make it there.

    Then, an iMac G3 which is currently serving as the household’s main computer while the Genius Bar gets the data onto the new one. 20Gb HD in it, and we still use it in the study/playroom for kids DVD viewing.

    The dead iMac G5 was next, with 160Gb HD. Debating on whether to use a drive scrubbing utility and selling it as a parts machine, or pulling the HD and mounting it in an enclosure. I was originally chagrined when I bought my new iPod, discovering it actually matched the HD size and could never therefore be filled.

    And now the new iMac, which I hopefully will be able to pick up tonight, with 250Gb HD internally, and a 500gb external for use with Time Machine. The 160 was getting a little small by the end (Audacity files are not what you would call petite), so already the new drive feels like it might be a bit small before too long…

  26. Okay Rhettro, your FB profile photo startled me at first..looked like a giant freaking spider next to your head..until I realised it was a guitar.

    I may need to get my eyes tested again.


  27. So, what was your favorite album released in 2008?

    I wasn’t buying a lot last year, so I’m a bit behind. Being extremely busy with work didn’t help either. Still, there didn’t seem to be anything that really put a bug in my ear. If anything, it is a bit of a toss-up for me between Tilly & The Wall’s “O” and Death Cab for Cutie’s “Narrow Stairs”.

  28. Funny how obsolete that “album” question is becoming. I haven’t heard either of the ones ditto mentioned, but for me: Opeth “Watershed” (no surprises there).
    Whatever I’d list as #2 is a distant 2nd. Probably the excellent Jeff Loomis disc (Thanks Rhett!).
    2008 was a weak year in every dept., even music.

  29. JB, re: size of individual files these days: I just went into my iTunes music folder and selected a random audio fiction episode (Contagious episode 3). 56Mb. It is amazing, isn’t it? (Granted, I don’t remember the days you’re referring to, but the point is, yeah, files are HUGE.)

  30. Jack: I know what you mean and agree totally. But… I’m still a die-hard album person. I don’t think you can really appreciate a band if all you buy is their singles. Most of the songs I love best have never been singles.

    I’ll put Opeth and Jeff Loomis on my To Check Out list.

  31. I think my heaviest rotations for 2008 music are the Dr. Horrible soundtrack and the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 score.

    But, I’m a bit off the mainstream.

  32. JB, I appreciate fully what you mean about all the files that we have now that would bust old hard drives. My first PC had a 40MB drive and I had to split it into a pair of 20MB partitions as DOS 3.3 would only support 32MB partition sizes.

    And yet, it was big enough for a whole OS and several games (Wing Commander was a big one for me as well back in the day).

  33. I only bought 2 albums in 2008. Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold and the soundtrack to Mamma Mia!

    I’m gearing up for some badass karaoke; that must be it.

  34. I want to share a note I received from my copy editor when I mentioned that I had the “Oh Canada” song stuck in my head. He said

    “Oh Canada, eh? You’re watching too much hockey. To be honest, while I
    love the sentiment expressed in our national anthem, I think the
    American anthem is a much better piece of music. It’s got real drama
    and a melody that kicks ass!”

    Did I mention that my copy editor lives in Canadaรขโ‚ฌยฝ ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Those are probably my top two albums as well Jack. (Again no surprises there, ha!) I also liked Warrel Dane’s solo album, if a little over wrought.

  36. Five albums from 2008 I’ve been meaning to check out are:

    The Hold Steady – Stay Positive
    Tommy Emmanuel – Center Stage
    The Fireman – Electric Arguments
    Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
    The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound

  37. *Tweet* I’ve decided to go take a dance lesson. Tonight. I think it will be the “Cha Cha” . It’s important to be well rounded if you intend to be a supreme overlord. I’m still working on the laugh. *Tweet*

  38. I remember when I took “Two Step” lessons and accidently punched Teresa in the face. Maybe I should have saved that for a Dumb Ass Memory.

  39. I never hear new music anymore since they started suing people for IRC and torrents. Sometimes when I’m on my way to the doctor’s or the ER, I’ll hear something on the radio and might remember to look it up on youtube later.

    And then I get region blocked, and really really decide just fuck them all. They don’t deserve my money or my ears.

  40. Well, I guess I should lie in the dark again. Sleep would be awesome, but the pain won’t let it happen…:/

    Oh, and *extra hugs for Van*. You know you’ve lived a good life by how people will miss you. That’s how you change the world, just by being in it.

    Hope it’s a bit easier to remember the good things, now that the stress of the ‘official motions’ is done.

  41. This morning … my garage door fell off.

    I have to leave in 4 minutes and I have no garage door. I’m a bit irritated to say the least.

    Thankfully I have a backup plan which gives me 90 minutes to figure out what to do before I’m flushing $100.00 worth of tickets down the toilet because I can’t leave my house open to robbers.

  42. And I’ve got another med that insurance won’t cover. Not surprising, since they refuse to cover most of them. And their resistance to covering seems directly related to cost and how badly you need it. Which is just another reminder that insurance isn’t useful when you’re actually sick.

    More irony? We got notice that they’re cutting Phoenix’s insurance benefits. Since he has diabetes, we’re actually getting a tiny bit of money back from them, and that has to stop. They sent a brisk form letter telling us how unfair this was to them. WTF? Did they forget what they’re selling? It’s in case shit happens. If shit actually happens, yes you owe me money! That’s the whole point! GRRR.

  43. Sorry Cj. As it turns out, I had to sleep in today. Really late, as it would turn out. I will try to get to the “No Pants” thing later (explanation afterward, if it happens).

    Marlo, sorry to read about all the bad news. There’s a special layer of hell for insurance company policy makers and enforcers.

  44. Insurance companies = evil

    Still haven’t paid millions in claims after Katrina.
    Seems if they decide not to pay … the only thing you can do is get in line to sue.
    Then wait. Years.

    Meanwhile as Marlo well knows … the bills STILL have to be paid.

    I reapeat, Insurance companies = evil

  45. *hugs* to marlo and Van.

    Jack: Yay! I’m really, really happy to see the Phoenix new media crowd embracing No Pants Day. If it happens (happened), I hope you have (had) fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I’m just now home and making dinner for the crew. Then we will record LLAP. We took the rail home and it was a nightmare at 3pm – which was “no pants” time, but at a different station. I look forward to hearing about it.

    And… if Jack took his pants off, I’ll be needing pictures of that, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. No Pants was definitely fun. I went with the Batman boxers.
    Evo and I ended up as the last 2 pantsless train passengers. . . . which. . . . suddenly changed the entire vibe. We were then just “those 2 weird guys” who’d probably lost a bet.

    There was some news coverage; Evo was interviewed on camera. A good time was had by all.

  48. Oh and if you have an iPhone, give Shazam a try (do a search on the apps store), it’s free.

    One of those programs that seem almost magical.

  49. Wolf – Expound. What do you mean by a database that can read RSS? What do you want it to do?

    EssBee – For an extremely cheap, fairly nice sounding, and quite comfortable pair of earbuds check out the skullcandy ink’d series. Depending on color and where you purchase them, they cost between 10 and 20USD. I’ve been getting mine from Target/Amazon. I also really like the Razer m|100 earbuds but I have not been able to find them consistently. I’m not sure how much the cost now.

  50. Definitely yes, Van.

    I don’t have an iPhone, but did just upgrade my phone to the LG Rumor since my current phone didn’t survive the laundry.

    I think I now MUST find myself a pair of Batman boxers. It’s good to have a goal for the day, isn’t it?

  51. Thanks, Nomad! I want a pair of JOe’s BOSE buds, but I just can’t justify spending that much when I know they won’t last me more than 3-4 months. I have dunked TWO pair of earbuds (well, just one bud on each pair) in coffee. I just don’t have a lot of luck taking care of them. I’ll try Skullcandy ink’d – Best Buy has them.

  52. My pleasure. On the plus side, I have actually dropped the ink’d in my coffee and had them survive. I don’t know if that is a one time fluke, but… I was really happy that they continued working without a pause.

  53. I have to admit that I really only put creamer and Equal in my coffee. I haven’t tried earbuds. Seems like that might leave me with a metallic taste or perhaps a little waxy residue. I think I’ll pass.

    Jack’s much more hawt than Batman with no pants.

  54. Been a pretty busy weekend with family business and life and general good stuff. Finally caught up.

    For the Iphone/Itouch crowd – one app that is out that makes the Iphone much more attractive for me is one that I’ve been a fan of on the Pockect PC platform for many years – Ewallet. Even though I stopped using my PPC several years ago (man that thing is such a brick by modern standards), I’ve kept using ewallet on my computer and carry my file on a USB drive.

  55. While we’ve generally been fortunate in dealing with insurance, we’ve been through a fair amount of hassle with both of our kids birth’s as we went with a midwife. Insurance companies don’t like midwives and my wife really had to fight with them to get them to honor the benefits we were owed. You’d think they’d be more supportive as it cost much less overall than having a kid with a doctor in a hospital.

  56. So, I but the Transformers Blu-Ray in our Blockbuster queue. We actually got both the movie disc and the bonus disc. I’ve saving the movie for the arrival of a new foundation cracking subwoofer. So, my wife and I watched most of the bonus “making of” features. That’s one thing we’ve missed out on since we stopped buying movies. I must confess I have a lot more respect for Michael Bay after seeing the vision and thought that went into the movie. I was an early skeptic, especially when I saw the first pics of the new Optimus Prime truck form. But, overall, it came together to make for an awesome movie and I became a believer.

    Definitely looking forward to the next one.

  57. Nomad – the “No pants in winter” thing is the opposite of an earlier, spectacularly failed attempt at this sort of thing. They tried a “Long coat and ski mask day” in August which resulted in an unfortunate number of participants being shot by nervous store clerks and an undisclosed number being whisked into unmarked vans and shipped off to GITMO by overzealous and board, Homeland Security agents.

    Their next attempted at this art form was “No glasses or contact lenses day”. This proved to be only slightly less catastrophic on the communities who participated.

  58. So I’m not a very practical person. So when the DVD recorder’s tray door jammed I started thinking of buying a new DVD recorder.

    As a last resort, got the screwdriver out and opened the unit up. After messing around for 30 minutes the tray started working.

    So fingers crossed the bloody thing keeps working.

  59. Van… silly boy. Don’t you know you had a perfect excuse to go shopping? I personally never pass up shopping!

    EssBee, the knee is a sad excuse for a body part. I’m taking it to the doctor who will most likely send me off on rounds to more MRI’s and X-rays which have already been done etc. I’m thinking positive though and starting with a new doctor since it’s been a few years since I’ve gone through this. Maybe there is some solution for me out there now that hopefully won’t involve surgery. There is no room in my schedule for “sitting down” right now.

    Cj — The worst patient evar.

  60. Justa j0e felt we needed a little Deadpan love during our MIA time and sent us his, Eds and errrr “Celine Dions” awesome Swedish Oh Canada segment thingy

    Hugh and I have been laughing our asses off

    that was fucking awesome you guys

    a really good laugh in a time that we could really use a laugh

    thank you j0e ๐Ÿ™‚ and thank you Canada for being so damn good at hockey

  61. During our recent LLAP recording session I realized that I have the answer to J0e’s question.

    Is there a word (and if not รขโ‚ฌยฆ can we please create one) that means,
    รขโ‚ฌล“I have heard what you just told me so you donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt need to say it again, itรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs just that I have absolutely nothing to say about the topic and would rather not just make inane comments about it that would lead to yet another pointless conversation that would best be reserved for a Cohen Brothers film.รขโ‚ฌย ? — Example – You are warming up turkey left over for your relatives who are staying with you and they suddenly say รขโ‚ฌล“There is a new container of Kewl wHHip in the refrigerator.รขโ‚ฌย

    The appropriate one-word response, in my opinion is …


    Try it out on a few key sentences… it really works, I think.

    I’m going to use your bathroom. “Excellent.”

    There is a napkin on the counter. “Excellent.”

    I’m done citing silly examples of the use of the word “excellent”.


  62. Well Cj, all those excellent words reminds me of the Unshow with Cheyenne Wright.

    Morning Pan, soooooo a day off and nothing to do but be lazy, hmmmmm.

  63. What’s Van going to do today, Brain? Narf!

    I’m grateful that it’s only 35ร‚ยฐF here this morning. It looks kinda cold on TV for you panites up north.

    spellchecker – greatful, grateful? WTF is wrong with this language?

  64. Nomad, yes, that is the line. ๐Ÿ˜€ and also what made me realize it as did the Cheyenne Wright episode, Van.

    My coffee is perfect this morning. I’ll be calling the Dr. in a few moments here and sadly not taking my kids to the park as is usually my morning routine.

  65. CJ – RE: “Excellent”
    Brilliant!!!!! There needs to be an award for that one. Short, positive sounding and yet … so completely the wrong response (if said with enough wild eyed enthusiasm) that it should confuse the blatherer, causing them to lose their train of thought or perhaps even startling them enough that they actually think about what they are saying.

    “Excellent” – I LIKE IT!

  66. OK tech gadget lovers.

    I have a major thing for the SONOS system

    but have never bought because of the price.
    Now I am wondering if I can’t get the same functionality (and ease of use) with an iTouch, iTunes and a couple of “Airport Express” units.


  67. Yeah my Dad had that as a kid, he was hospitalized for 6 months (treatment in those days was to put the legs in plaster and keep the patient in bed).

    Thankfully things have moved on.

  68. As a kid I never had any issues. I was big into roller-skating, basketball, and softball. I really enjoy roller-skating even as an adult so this knee thing needs to be corrected quickly so I can go injure myself in other fun ways!

  69. So a Mac fundie in a forum I read made the following comment:

    ‘Tell a Canadian something is cheap and he won’t touch it with a bargepole because he will conclude ‘It is rubbish’.’

    Comments TEB and ditto?

  70. Yeah to fun injuries! Being on the track team is what gave me my knee condition. I did a few weight lifting exercises to strenthen my back leg muscles to take the strain off my knee. That combined with ibuprofen helped me get through.

  71. My favorite dipshit quote about the Coyotes is “They shouldn’t be playing hockey in the desert”. The team has been crying poverty for years. . . . I just hope that if they ever do fold, the league recognizes that the problem is corporate mismanagement, not the area.

    The knee troubles sound frustrating, Cj. . . I know how important it is for you to be active. Hope you feel better soon.

  72. You know, I don’t remember what the brand was they were trying to push, but I do remember the commercials from a few years ago with a guy walking around in a black turtleneck saying he was my pain and that I should listen to him.

    Guess I’m not such a good listener…

  73. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be back to my usual self by the 22nd whether my knee likes it or not.

    Gosh darned it, I have Comicon to attend!

    Not only that, but I have a babysitter for this Wednesday night… Hm. That’s the 14th. What is happening that night? Hm. I’ve drawn a blank.

  74. Speaking of 24 I watched the first episode(s?) of season 7 and I’m interested in everyone’s take on it. I plan on watching the next installment tonight, but so far I would call the effort hackish. This show needs a radical departure to keep moving forward and this isn’t it.

  75. I’m converting the first two new 24 episodes for my phone as I type, will try and watch them tomorrow.

    The TV critics have been giving the new series a positive writeup.

  76. Yes, someone grows a little bit older on the 14th. Hopefully, his local friends will take him out, embarrass the crap out of him, and post plenty of pictures.

  77. Ed, he told me that he would not think it’s cool if I got him really drunk and wrote all over him with a black Marks-A-Lot so now I’m completely out of ideas.


  78. Tweet: Holy guacamole, I just spent almost TWO HOURS writing about my astronomy-related memories. And I’m NOT DONE. It was a lot of fun, though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jack: Whatever you end up doing, have fun! I agree, no drama and no markers is best.

    Good night, Pan!

  79. Good Morning moon.

    Re:Star Trek monsters
    Lore Sjรƒยถberg has one of my favorite (next to the Deadpan of course) podcasts. It is sporadically released under the “wired news” podcast feed. It’s mostly always worth the wait.

  80. Oooh, more links to check when I get off work.

    Joe, I was going to suggest blue. I don’t think red would give enough contrast on the skin to show up well in pictures.

    I love how CJ’s precise wording is intended to lull the victim into a false sense of security…..or maybe I’m just reading too much into it ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Maybe I should get a link to one of those sites. I desperately need a new watch for those times when I forget to bring my iTouch, cell phone, car stereo, or self-erecting sundial with me when I go somewhere.

  82. Happy Birthday to the very awesome, talented, adorable, sweet, smart, funny, creative, thoughtful, and (did I mention adorable?) totally amazing, Jack Mangan!

    Woo hoo!


  83. Courtesy of Fark.com

    “Researchers find that open office plans lower productivity and raise stress and employee turnover. Huh, who knew people didn’t like everyone constantly staring over their shoulder and listening to their every word?”

    Who knew, indeed.

  84. TEB, today. the 14th=Jack’s birthday.

    Van, RE: the article you shared on coffee. Some people are 95% water… yeah, I’m 95% coffee. If I hallucinate or stress, so bit it. I won’t be giving up my coffee. EVER.

    Just sayin’

  85. Rhettro: It’s taken a while for me to get into them, but I do enjoy what I’ve heard so far. Right now I only have the one album: Scenes From a Memory. I’ve heard it’s not their best.

  86. I bought there break through album way back in the early 90’s and really liked it. But I got a little burnt out on them and moved on. Then someone from work lent me “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence ” and I really liked it. They moved away from some of their more annoying tendencies. The live DVD concert is really good as well.

  87. **drive by Posting**

    Hello everyone!!!
    Happy Birthday Jack!!!!!

    Just a quick drive by post from me. Other then work and Scouts not much going on. Went to Denver last night and went to Scott Siglers Book Tour, then out to the bar with the FDO. It was a great time. Scott was such a nice guy, taking time to talk with everyone. And sign everything!!! Even tough the guy at the book store was a jerk, we still had a nice time.
    I hope to get around more, as my work hours are gonna be cut down to 4 days after this week.

    Hope everyone else is well.

  88. Was it Dre who told me this? I think so. . . She said that her mom used to watch some Spanish-language tv show, which would regularly feature a “Who’s More Manly?” segment. The contestants would always be Ricardo Montalban and someone or something else, and Ricardo Montalban would always win. (I’m sure I’m telling this story incorrectly).

    RIP to him and McGoohan (who was also pretty manly).

  89. It says in the story I read on his life … that the ad agency made up that term just because of the way it sounded when it rolled off his silver tongue!

    Corinthian Leather … because it sounds good!

  90. I didn’t know McGoohan from The Prisoner. But as soon as the obit mentioned his role in Braveheart – I could picture him immediately. Sounds like enjoyed a pretty good life.

    As for Khan…I mean Ricardo Mantalban – well, he’ll always represent the high point of Star Trek (at least so far). Though, I’ve also recognized his distinct voice in both Dora the Explorer and Kim Possible.

    Both talents are most certainly missed.

  91. Hi there, LCMoD!

    No writing today, just keeping records, paying bills, and chilling out. Productivity tomorrow night, I hope.

    The most interesting part of today was sending a test tweet from my cell phone. Follow @MLKDay on Twitter to see tweets from me (on Saturday) and about 50 other people (on Monday), all using Twitter to tell the stories of the various community service projects they’re doing.

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