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NHL Playoffs coming up. Do we want to do a loser song this year as we did last year?
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456 thoughts on “JM_Deadpan_Unshow58

  1. The ending chord was played on three pianos by John, Paul,
    Ringo and Mal Evans and it was multitracked four times.
    Geoff Emerick handled the faders for the chord to last as
    much as possible (they got 45 seconds).
    The monster Orchestra glissandos were recorded four times
    in mono before being mixed to the master.

    Goodnight :comb:

  2. Glad to hear that, Van. Now they’ll have a good story to roast you with when the retirement party comes around.

    Not that I can even speculate what retirement might look like any time soon.

    • Yeah well the way our awesome country is going, once we’re of age to retire its just gonna be “Hey, remember when there was that thing called retirement? You know, back in the day when we did have to work the mines until death?”


  3. Thank God for back to back Unshows. I’ve got content I need to produce and between the $20K worth of home improvments, the kid’s sports and strangling skesis, I haven’t had much time to spare.

  4. OH! oh demoncat finally gets called out…

    demoncat said:
    nice can not wait for the doctor to be back again. since this season includes the foot age shot here in the u.s
    Posted Thursday, March 10, 2011, at 10:02 am

    DJRM replied to a comment from demoncat:
    “foot age”?
    Posted Thursday, March 10, 2011, at 10:18 am

    A Nonny Mouse replied to a comment from DJRM:
    It’s when the world is covered in feet; like when it [the world] is covered in ice during an ice age. ;D
    Posted Thursday, March 10, 2011, at 11:26 am

  5. Crap Joke alert (blame my supervisor)

    A lesbian went to weightwatchers.
    The organiser said
    “Remember you are what you eat.”
    The lesbian said
    “You calling me a cunt?”


  6. got a few minutes so i think i will share something i find interesting:
    I have been moving and also been busy at work with a lean 6 sigma project and a Kaizen event that went along with it so my normal caffeine delivery system has been interrupted (mostly tea and some coffee). So to stave off the caffeine head ache I have had soda. before these last 2 weeks over the last 5 years I have not had more than 10 soda’s total and now it has been more like one or two a day. Today is the first day I when back to just Tea and i find myself craving soda. I don’t just think it is the extra caffeine because i have also increases my tea input to an equivalent caffeine level. Damn you Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper.
    ok back to work

  7. Jack, I really hope not. I don’t like many sweet things. I don’t even like soda other than the caffeine. I actually tried giving up caffeine all together but it didn’t work.
    Also Nice link, Jack!

  8. I’m still at zero hours on Dragon Age II.

    Unless you count the hours I’ve spent reinstalling over and over trying to get it to play.

  9. Special beta driver from Nvidia – check

    Unplug all flash drives and card readers from computer – check

    Dragon Age II Lives!

  10. How is it I can so easily turn victory into defeat.

    Found Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti on tap.
    Then I had what seemed to be a phenomenal Westmalle Tripel and then followed it up with a Sam Smith Taddy Porter that seemed delicious … but the whole evening it just got more and more painful to swallow and now my whole body aches and I just want to curl up and have someone pat me on the head and say “there, there”.

  11. I wouldn’t say that Girl Who wasn’t a good movie, especially as I’m still less than 50% through it. Intense and brutal, yes. It’s been a really long time since I saw Silence, so I’m more comparing it to Oldboy and Vengeance.

    But what in the world is “emotional music”?

  12. Funny enough I didnt see any of the Girl Who movies as brutal. Sure there were moments here and there… but overall I found them quite as great thrillers. Not as brutals. Zardoz be praised.

  13. Two steps back, I watched Dark Crystal for the first time, last year, with my son who was 10 at the time. He didn’t make it 15 minutes before he’d left to go play with his toys. I can see where it must have been a good movie when it was made, but it is a bad movie now. And not the good kind of bad movie, like Legion. This was just … I felt bad for Henson.

    Labyrinth, on the other hand, holds up.

  14. Hmm, seems like I need to check the news this morning.

    In other news, I introduced my kids to The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth back to back a few months ago. Trippy.

  15. Bad night all around I guess.
    My fever is now down to 101.4 so I got that going for me … AND I haven’t been swept out to sea or anything so that’s got to be a plus.

  16. “Girl Who” in Netflix brings up The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Dared, The Girl Who Shagged Me (definitely have to check that one out), The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox (looks titillating for sure), The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, and Veggie Tales: Esther (WTF???!!!). I assume that you are referring to the first two?

  17. Good morning?

    I had some bout of insomnia briefly last night and came out to just look at the computer screen… ok that’s a lie, I created a new WoW character on the server with all the co-workers who’ve been asking me to do that. Not sure I’ll play with them. We’ll see.

    Anyhoo, of course #tsunami was trending and there was a lot of sadness on Twitter and Facebook. 🙁
    I still haven’t read any full stories, but it sounds pretty horrible.

  18. Good morning, DP! I hope you all have a wonderful day today — I’ll miss not checking in (though I am working at home today, so might sneak away to the personal computer to check a few times).


  19. Mad hopes and thoughts going to Tokyo. “They” are saying that it wont be too bad when it hits the U.S west coast / Hawaii… but we’ve heard that before.

  20. Shame on the all media this morning. All I could find on the radio was Conservatives using the Japanese Earthquakes as an opportunity to go on about nuclear power, then breezing on to praise Wisconsin union-busting.

    And then NPR was doing a piece on Jane Eyre.

  21. I see people slagging off space tech research on Twitter.

    This mOney would be better spent on earthquake prediction they say.


  22. The videos were unbelievable. It seems that Sendai got the worst of it. Most of the deaths will likely be from the tsunami; there are an estimated 300 dead with 500 missing. Other places, like Tokyo with only 7 reported deaths, weathered the quake fairly well.

  23. Regarding USB to play Dragon Age 2 – when the game would get going, it would give me a windows error saying it could find the game files on my hard drive.

    Looking on the Bioware forums, it seems that having a removable drive plugged into the computer threw something off with the code so that it tried looking to the removable drive for the game files.

    It’s a disappointing start as I didn’t run into anything like with with Origins or with Mass Effect 2.

  24. I finished listening to A Clash of Kings two nights back. Got my new Audible credits today and I’m downloading “A Storm of Swords” right now.

    48 hours of audiobook awesomeness coming my way.

  25. Once again a terrible disaster reminds us to love the lives we have and cherish the ones we love.

    Sorry to get mushy, but this is one of the many reasons I love the way I do and I live the way I do – because you just never know what’s going to happen next.

  26. Suckage

    Still way to early to adequately asses the big picture … but from early indications, it appears that decades of designing buildings with earthquakes in mind has saved Tokyo.
    On this day at least … mechanical engineers/designers are the super heroes.

    • Saw this on twitter:

      @daveewing: The headline you won’t read: “Millions saved in Japan by good engineering and government building codes”

  27. Japan issues Nuclear Emergency

    “Reuters: Pressure Inside Nuclear Reactor May Have Risen To Twice The Designed Capacity

    Citing the Japanese trade ministry, Reuters reported that the pressure inside the Fukushima nuclear reactor, whose cooling system was knocked offline by the earthquake, may have risen to 2.1 times the designed capacty”

    “The Tokyo Electric Power Company will release air that may contain radioactive material from inside damaged nuclear reactor.”

    • “The Tokyo Electric Power Company will release air that may contain radioactive material from inside damaged nuclear reactor.”

      ^I think they may want to reconsider base on their past experiences of waking Godzilla.

    • re: “exterior grim” seepage
      Given the magnitude (pun intended) of the situation, I think we would be somehow less human if this weren’t somewhere on our radar today.

      • What J0e said.

        Thanks for the well-wishes, Jack. My area is unaffected, so far. My college campus (right on the beach) is currently under a tsunami alert, but hasn’t been damaged, as far as I can tell from their website and alert system.

  28. Hi babes and babe-ettes. Cj, love your post – that’s the way to think about things, m’dear.

    Sly B and I are settling in for a quiet dinner and some pointless TV watching.

    xs and os to all of you.

  29. Well managed to get my hands on The Girl Who Leaped Through Time, Anime is something I’ve always wanted to get into more and never seem to get round to watch it.

  30. You know, considering the strong AZ and International contingents of Deadpan, I have to wonder if those of us “springing forward” tonight will be in the minorty.

  31. Most amazing video yet (from the science geeky perspective)

    A little hard to watch because the guy turns his camera sideways … but you can see cracks opening around him in the park and then the sidewalk he is on is swaying at times as though he was on a floating dock.
    The liquefaction in the field around him is pretty classic as well.

  32. Crap joke alert:

    Between 18 & 22 a woman is like Africa… half discovered, half wild, naturally beautiful with fertile deltas.
    Between 23 & 30 a woman is like America… well developed & open to trade, especially for high financed investors.
    Between 31 & 45 a
    woman is like India… very hot, relaxed & convinced of her own beauty
    Between 46 & 55 a woman is like France… gently ageing but sensual,
    with an appreciation for the finer things
    Between 56 & 60 she is like Yugoslavia… lost the war, haunted by past mistakes & in
    need of massive
    From 61 on, a woman is like Afghanistan… everyone knows where it is, but no one wants to go there
    Between 15 and 80 a man is like Libya… ruled by a dick:-p

  33. Sorry for the earthquake obsessed links but having been sick at home the last several days has left THIS old school, science geek with waaay to much time in front of cable news TV and the Interwebs.

    That being said … check out this one.

    We were all able to see this almost immediately from (analogy)a height of 10 thousand feet but this is what it was like right after the quake in Tokyo, in an area of no damage or fires or information. Just intense confusion and “wrongness” .

    In this nearly 15minute clip, You get to watch through these kid’s camera lens as the scope of the situation is slowly revealed to them. One of them even jokes about “cloverfield” not knowing how bad things are.

  34. Speaking of Cloverfield, I finally got around to watching ‘Monsters’. Anyone else see this? It does have some similarities to Cloverfield and District 9, but is inferior to them both. Not bad. Don’t watch if you can’t take long, slow stretches.

    End of movie review.

    • Yup, didn’t think it was that bad (especially when you find out how cheap it was made for…yeah I know it shouldn’t count but still damn impressive), thought it was far superior to Skyline.

      Went with nephew, he was not impressed with the Möbius strip of a plot..

  35. Back home from my quick road trip. Took the kids to spend Spring Break with my parents. The wife is in Chicago for a business trip. I’m a bachelor again until Friday.

    Though, I no fun and games for me. I’ve got one week left of hard working out to make my weight loss challenge. And I’ve got to work on packing up the house. Man do we have a lot of stuff.

    • I’m out and about today. Teresa is in Ft. Worth, traveling for her new job. I have today off, but I’m at the Honda dealer getting my Civic it’s scheduled maintenance.

  36. My accomplishment of the day: Did my federal tax return and put it in the mail. Then I started doing my state tax return, but I hit that moment when my brain just went, “No. No more. Different activity plz.” So I’m off to catch up on e-mail now.

  37. um.. so if I prefer the American holiday, does that make me less classy?


    There should definitely be pie involved. I believe that’s dessert.

  38. Anyway. Survived my first day on my own. Some packing, laundry, and exercise were accomplished. Yeah, I really know how to party when left on my own 🙂

  39. Morning Pan.

    Hugs to all you sickos. I can sympathize with EssBee, I pulled a back muscle yesterday too. Aren’t we a grand bunch?

    • (see, ‘cuase like there was this movie … “Bend it like Beckam” and now every time there is a story about him you have to, um … oh never mind. I’ll get my cardigan).

  40. I’ve about had it with this 4gig limit on file transfers. It is really making me unhappy.

    I have a number of video files, imovie files and iDVD files on my lap top that I REALLY want to move to my 500gb external drive but apparently some stooge somewhere assumed that no one would ever have a file larger then 4gb and so all attempts to move, copy or save these files to that drive FAIL.

    Have any of you clever guys or gals come up with a work around for this? I can’t be the only guy out there with HUGE tracts of data on my lap top (no singing!).

    • I’m not very familar with how Apple does things, other than iPads and iPods. For Windows based machines there are programs that can break files into chunks and reassemble them later. Winzip can do this.

  41. J0e, I know there are ways to partition big files into smaller chunks, which should allow you to complete your transfer. The only problem: the files don’t always reassemble the way you want them; i.e.: you might blow chunks.

    • I’ve been able to do this sort of thing with “data” files but never pulled it of with video files. In fact, any time I have tried to use an application like winzip to reduce the size of a video file … it often reduces the size by only a few meg and on an 8gb file that doesn’t help.
      I guess that video files are already so very compressed that there just isn’t much data left to squeeze out.

      • I mainly bring up Winzip for its ability to hack files up into pieces, not for its squeezing power. There are probably some better apps out there for slicing and dicing.

  42. *Taking a deep breath*
    Okay. Following the link indicates that maybe I can use an FTP program to move files.

    The reason the drive is formatted the way it is, is that normally it is hooked to my router as my shared music drive/network drive and that seemed to need the Fat32 operating system to allow access to PC’s.

    I could easily be wrong about that need.

  43. If you hug more than one at a time, then that might be a bi-hug, Rhett.

    For-serious, I also spotted that on Facebook. *Hugs with stars* to EssBee and Sly B and all other lesbian Deadpan friends.

  44. New word:


    I’ve looked up the definition in three dictionaries and I still don’t get it.

    The study or practice of phenotypic improvement of humans after birth.


  45. I just caught the last 3 minutes of Bruce Sterling’s streaming keynote speech to shut down SXSW. I highly recommend checking this out, when someone posts the full video. It was even a Twitter trending topic.
    Go Bruces! (sic)

  46. Hug a lesbian day, huh? We’ll take it! Thanks!

    Here’s what I find extremely disheartening today:my Tea Party cousins are now decrying Fred Phelps and his ilk because they are protesting soldier’s funerals. Really?

  47. For those Panites playing Dragon Age II, where you at? Without getting too spoilerific, I’ve finished the Deep Roads quest, did the side quests for all my companions except the saucy pirate wench, bedded the ex-warden mage and did the quest for my mom.

  48. And anybody who says teachers get off work early in the afternoon should talk to my hubby. He’s got another stupid meeting tonight and doesn’t expect to be home until after nine pm.

  49. According to the New York Stock Exchange (ergo it’s public knowledge) there are rumors my company is being sold. Considering the strange request I got from Head Office yesterday, I doubt anybody at work would be surprised.

  50. I’ve progressed about .05% through DA2 so far. Played for about an hour so far, but it’s been a busy week. Plus, my daughter will beat me up if I play while she’s away this week. Can’t have that, ya know 🙂

  51. I also stopped at episode 1 with the Tudors, but I hear it gets better. I also hear that historical accuracy sticklers should run for the hills.

    And thanks for the sentiments, everyone. . . I really can’t abide 3 straight Unshows. We’ll do 199 tonight. More or less.

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