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  1. It’s 2am. This is ridiculous. Why am I still awake.

    Someone needs to hit me over the head with a frying pan.

    Goodnight, Van and Pan.

  2. That’s scary, CJ. You went to bed an hour before I got up for work.

    That’s almost a Monty Python sketch.

    Now, excuse me while I pay the mill owner for permission to come in to work.

  3. Really sore and achy this morning so only did a half workout. Think I hurt myself doing shoulder rolls the other day. Hopefully we won’t be doing rolls tonight.

  4. My poor kitty. She hates everybody except s me (and maybe my husband). Whenever she has to go to the vet, I have to drop her off early so they can sedate her in order to do her exam. I always feel sooooo guilty when I leave her at the vet. She just looks at me and meows pitifully. ๐Ÿ™

  5. Is this a blanket rule? What happens if you get hit with the ball, ditto? The bat?

    (I know it’s a movie quote but still…)

  6. Now that I have finished the season finale of Heroes, I find myself wondering why I wasted time on it again after I had stated that I was done with Heroes.

    Am I the only sucker here who fell for this last “Chapter”?

  7. I like broccoli and cheese quiche.

    And my quiche eating father would sometimes say that “Real men don’t eat quiche.” And other times he would say “Real men eat quiche.” I guess it goes both ways.

  8. Last night ended a quest for me. I now have the complete Farscape series on DVD.

    Of course, the way Sony has been buying up the rights, it’ll probably be on Bluray in a month, and I’ll have to buy it all again.

  9. TEB said, “Cute shirt, Cj. Did you get any sleep last night?”

    Thanks! I love this shirt!
    I finally fell asleep after my hubby’s alarm went off at 4:30. He had an early account. I slept until 6:30. So, two hours of solid zzz’s.

  10. RE: Crying Article

    I’ll have to read the article on crying. Maybe I won’t feel so bad after. I’m like a human waterfall. I cry when I’m happy, sad, tired, angry, or scared and probably other times too. Men probably cry less because they are too busy making the women cry. (Men of Deadpan excluded in my assumption – you all just make me laugh and swoon)

  11. RE: Quiche

    I love it. The little frozen green chile and cheese ones from Trader Joe’s are especially favorites.

    Srsly. Quiche is yummy eggs and cheese placed into one of my all-time favorite foods: pie crust.

    ZOMG, I love love love pie crust.

    I just don’t like pie.

    And is it just me, or is Jack totally sexy when he says, “Microfiche”? The word is just sexy. Jack makes it sexier.

    sexy sexy sexy.

    What is WRONG with me? I think I need a nap.

  12. Wolf: It’s the word. The only thing I ever looked at on microfiche were credit card accounts when I worked in the credit repair industry.

    Bad credit = Not Sexy

  13. Lejon: You should never worry about me. I have already hired a designated group of professional worriers who are paid highly to stress out about every move I make.

  14. I used to work at the University library, and we had lots of things backed up on microfiche such as magazines etc. Ironically, my supervisor, who happened to be a woman, cried more than anyone I ever knew. I eventually transferred to Special Collections.

  15. So the BBC puts Slaughterhouse 5 into the category ‘War and Disaster’

    Can’t have the stain of scifi applied to a classic.

  16. Dear CareerBuilder.com,

    Three card tables for an auto dealership, Panda Express, Home Depot, a bunch of local college and armed forces recruiters does not a “Career Fair” make. Rather than use up valuable Convention Center space, I suggest you hold the next such gathering in the breakroom at the local Target Greatland. I would like my afternoon and the $1.65 I fed the parking meter back, please.


    Jack Mangan

    P.S. What kind of rice in your Panda Bowl?

  17. Lejon, that IS where I work.

    ditto, I didn’t have a lot of hope for the DM album. Here’s my new obsession: John Doe and the Sadies “Country Club” GREAT album. Also, the new Green Day is very nice.

    Jack, I’m laughing with you, not at you. Those bastards!

  18. I’m going to bed. Next stop, Vegas! I’ll be sorta-kinda outta touch until Sunday-ish.

    I’ll be tweeting if I’m sober enough to hit the little buttons on my cell phone. (Deadpan drunk dials are possible … creation of Dumbass memories even more possible)

    And um… Oh yeah, my team came in 2nd place in this years MOMS Club Scavenger hunt.

    Much love to everyone! Have great weekends all of you!

  19. I really don’t understand why anyone or any company or any country would be against this.

    Oh, right. I’m going to learn to read braille so I can get free books. It’ll be rad.


  20. No TGIF for me, EssBee. Month end. Will have to do some work on the weekend. Although the hubby wants to go see Star Trek again this weekend if we have time.

    What was the very first thing hubby bought for the new Blu-Ray? Season One of Star Trek TOS ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Poor Bunny.

    We are making our way through Season 1 of the “new” Dr. Who. We saw a great episode last night – The Long Game.

    Have a great day, everyone! I’m off like a prom dress.

  22. Oooooops sorry TEB.

    21C today and already I’m finding it hard to bear (haha).

    As for TOS, my nephew has it on DVD, watching a few episodes satisfied my nostalgia for the series for the rest of this decade.

    Off to see Drag Me Down to Hell, I’m in a mood for a silly horror flick.

  23. Just about finished packing. We’re taking a short weekend trip to the ancestral homeland of San Antonio. My mom is retiring after twenty years as a teacher’s aide in the school district.

    Tomorrow, we’re spending the day at Schlitterbahn.


    It should be a nice warm weekend for playing in the water.

  24. Didn’t make it to the store yet. Leaving soon.

    I did tell my mother off, though. Does that make me a bad person?

  25. Insult overheard at the grocery store:

    It must be nice to be able to repair everything. There is not a thing in the world you cannot fix because you… are the ultimate… tool

    What was really funny was the person this was said to didn’t realize they were being insulted ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. CS & D (currently singing and doing) C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me
    C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.
    C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me
    Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.

  27. CP: Cake “Italian Leather Sofa”

    “She doesn’t care whether or not he’s an island.
    She doesn’t care just as long as his ship’s coming in.
    She doesn’t care whether or not he’s an island.
    They laugh, they make money.
    He’s got a gold watch.
    She’s got a silk dress
    And healthy breasts
    That bounce on his Italian leather sofa. “

  28. CP: Jonathan Coulton “Mandelbrot Set”

    (When computed and graphed on the complex plane, the Mandelbrot Set is seen to have an elaborate boundary, which does not simplify at any given magnification. This qualifies the boundary as a fractal.

    The Mandelbrot set has become popular outside mathematics both for its aesthetic appeal and for being a complicated structure arising from a simple definition. Benoรƒยฎt Mandelbrot and others worked hard to communicate this area of mathematics to the public.)

  29. Morning Pan, last day of the working week.

    Captain Jack calling the Doctor a Uboat Capatin…lol

    The brightness is falling from the sky.

  30. So today’s commute is by train..with a bunch of bleary eyed younguns who have obviously been out on the town judging from the crumpled attire.

  31. It looks like today is going to be a gorgeous one in Longmont, CO. I have lots of ambition for projects, but will likely sit on my patio and read Snow Crash most of the day. I’m about mid-way through. I’m reading it so slowly for some reason (not because I don’t like it).

  32. EssBee: Maybe it’s because it’s so good, there’s so much detail, and/or you don’t want it to end? I’ve read the first quarter or so of Snow Crash, and I’ve wanted to get back to it for a long time.

  33. There’s no sleeping in Vegas!

    I’ve received some good voicemails this week.

    EssBee, that whole photo series is amazing. How did we ever get blase about this kind of stuff?

  34. As it turns out, my son is playing in a chess tournament in Vegas next weekend. That’ll be my first trip back to Vegas since I was 12.

  35. That New Scientist article seems to end on a rather thick-headed note. I don’t know enough to make a scientific arguement against it, but … seriously, is it so difficult to see how “feels better” = “do it more”. It certainly works for me with ice cream.

  36. NS, the Bright comment on the one hand was pretty cool. On the other, wtf is she talking about? Sorry I was frustrated? Um, I wasn’t frustrated – I was frakkin’ offended.

  37. Good Morning.

    Vegas was a great, fun time. I’m still not entirely coherent. I have a dumbass memory to call in. I’m a big dumbass and now I’m paying for it dearly! Ugh.

    I can’t even respond to comments. I tried, but the brain — it doesn’t want to function.

    Starting coffee IV drip now.

  38. Hey, you reacted better than I would have. I’d have gone “ACK” and cowered behind my own site for several days.

    I think you did good at being consistent and polite.

  39. Susie Bright’s comment on your site is pretty respectful, EssBee. She (sort-of) acknowledges her oversight. I think you responded really well. I hope she’s offering her e-mail to further the dialogue, rather than just to appease you with some free episode(s).
    But hey, as a special, independent add-on to her deal, I’ll throw in some free Deadpans and Unshows.

    My $0.02 generalization: Heavy drugs are dangerous and reckless; therefore, romanticized by people with emotionally-compromised and/or simple-minded perspectives. Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

  40. I agree, Jack.

    I think the danger of the concept of “experimenting” with hard drugs is that for some of us, that’s all it takes to ruin a pretty good thing.

    Looks like it’s gonna rain this afternoon. I vote for heavily so we don’t have to water!

  41. CJ, glad you had a good time in Vegas. I have returned from my ancestral homeland visit. Can I have a weekend now?

  42. I thought it was ‘except’ not ‘accept’? [scratches head] I before E except after C except when it is the other way round.

    (blatant attempt to get called cute also.)

  43. So some nice songs in the latest WR, made me pine for a chaptered AAC version of the show so I could go back and listen to some of the tracks again without messing around with the horrible slider control on the iPhone.

  44. They had a big thing on our local news on Snus, Cj. I gather it’s like a small teabag full of tobacco. This avoids the ugly spitting. (although it doesn’t stop the ugly, tobacco thing)

  45. They explain why Kirk was sent to a frozen planet in the book and even try to explain the coincidence that Spock was there too.

  46. I liked the last Terminator movie. At least they didn’t wuss out and make a “happy ending”. Have heard this one is just a big video game promo, though.

  47. So month end is really poky because NOBODY IS GIVING ME THE REPORTS I NEED!!!!

    sorry, had to get that off my chest.

  48. I’ll find out about the merits of the latest Terminator on Thursday.

    The worst thing about T3 was Arnie..he was too old for the part.

  49. Woo Hoo!

    I needed a dress for a semi formal event I’m attending in two weeks. Instead of spending a couple of hundred dollars on a new one, I dug out the little black cocktail dress I wore at my wedding (yes I wore black at my own wedding, get over it).

    It still fits! *doing the happy dance*

    Now feeling all nostalgic about my wedding. Must go look at pictures.

  50. I’m trying to change my FB profile picture to one of my wedding pictures but FB is being all ornery about it ๐Ÿ™

  51. Well O2 won’t let you upgrade until the last month of the contract, so no new phone till 2010..unless I pay the PayAsYouGo price..ouch!

  52. I think the sun got to my head this morning. We were at the splash park for a bit and I’m feeling fried. I don’t understand things. It’s month end and my 12 page spreadsheet is giving me the evil eye sooooo I’ll be at my computer for the rest of today as well as I think I have like 3 extra kids I’ll be watching throughout the day. Wheee!

  53. TEB – It always takes me a few posts before I realize that you are talking about LLAP. I’ll pinch Dan when he gets home about FB. He doesn’t use it much so he may not realize.

  54. Work is nothing but issues today. First they forgot about me and didn’t run one of the reports I needed. Now I find one of the reports that was run is wrong.


    long night for me.

  55. Well, hubby called and is on his way home. Guess I have to pull myself away from the lines of numbers and get supper started.

  56. Found out I might have to go into the office tomorrow afternoon so they can pick up some of the equipment.


  57. TEB – if it helps, at least you’re not having to do those spreadsheets by hand.

    Computers allow us to make the same old mistakes much faster.

  58. Vanamonde: re: horrible slider control on iPhone: Why didn’t they just program the iPhone so that when you’re playing music, the screen shows an image of the traditional circular iPod control panel that responds in the same way? That would make sense, at least to me.

    WNDRWolf, Jack: Have a great time!

    Up way too late because I just discovered that Altador Cup IV starts tomorrow over at Neopets! There goes much of my productivity for this month. ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. I watch the movies much more often than I watch episodes of the series. Besides, a good Blu-ray transfer of I, II, IV, and VI for less than the price of them individually sounds like a win to me.

  60. Be warned – reviews of the “blu-ray” version of the original Star Trek movies are rather mixed. As I understand, only Khan was really “restored”.

    Honestly, I’d rather just buy Khan on it’s own.

  61. Well, considering that I don’t have any of the previously remastered versions–I bought II, IV, and IV when first released–I still think it will be a great improvement in quality from what I have.

  62. I just got comics!

    1) Wheel Of Time – issue 00

    2) Ignition City #2

    3) Ignition City #3

    Also, I found a great piece of software for $9.95 that takes my audiobook CDs and gets them into an audiobook format for iTunes. For Macs only. It’s called Audiobook Builder. Let me know if you want info on that. Seems to be really awesome and easy for a techtard like me to figure out.

  63. Managed to get in some actual productivity tonight. About to start in on tonight’s Altador Cup gameplay session. (Okay, I promise not to keep talking about this all month. ๐Ÿ™‚ )


  64. Wow, that Scott Sigler seems to have figured out a thing or two about this writing business. Listened to the last episode of Contagious today. Hell of an ending.

  65. Ed: YES. I finished it today, too. What an emotional rush. I was choked up, pumped full of adrenaline, and frustrated at how far away a sequel is all at the same time.

    Good night, mush.

  66. I did enjoy Infection, I should check out Contagious.

    We had a pair of Jacks and a pair of Dans at the LLAP house tonight. Good times, good food, bad Star Trek (through no fault of our hosts).

    Seems like we’ve had a quiet, steady week around here. I hope everyone is doing well.

  67. Morning Pan, trying to find a company that sells Apple iphone headsets other than Apple.

    I like my clicker.

    Stopped listening to Sigler after his second book, too many other good things to listen to.

  68. Vanamonde – What was his second? I started listening to Infection but broke off of it to read Infected and then Contagious. And that’s my complete history with Siggy.

  69. Morning, Deadpan. I wish I was in Phoenix! Jealous!

    It has been quiet around here. For my part, it’s been one hell of a week so far. Is it really only Wednesday? Here’s the highlight reel for my Monday:

    Ran out of coffee; Dumped a 3/4 cup of day-old mocha all over my car on the way to work;Got a call that my friend/co-workers dad passed away – agreed to cover for him for another week (he’s been out since his dad was put into hospice the previous Monday); Checked my email to find that one of my employees resigned with one week’s notice (her last day is this Friday); was told that a co-worker was outside freaking out with 4 sheriffs surrounding him – went to investigate; Learned that a man, who was an ex-boyfriend of another Evil, Inc. employee, had just shot himself in a car in the parking lot – the freaking out co-worker had witnessed the shooting; Learned that I was in charge of keeping employees in the building as work leaked out, and did so.

    It was a long & stressful day. Yesterday was calm in comparison. Today, the sheriff’s office is sending a grief counselor out to the office – I won’t be attending the session – which will no doubt turn the heat back onto the workplace drama.

    Tomorrow, we’re having a going away potluck for the employee who is leaving (who, incidentally, I would like to throttle for leaving us in the lurch at the height of our busy season, but . . ).


    Working for the weekend. EssBee out.

  70. Morning Deadpan.

    The sun is shining, birds are singing, I’m stuck at my desk – Blech

    Sorry to hear about your week, EssBee

  71. Van, while I personally have never seen them, there has been the occasional cougar sightings at the park (And I mean the cats, not the women ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  72. Although, I suspect the gangs of drunken teenagers you see in parks these days are a far greater threat than any cougar.

  73. Back form the store. Quick hop in before I eat lunch.

    Fish Creek isn’t too bad for kids and the homeless, Van. They tend to patrol it pretty frequently as it is considered a wildlife corridor.

  74. You know, I saw The Golden Voyage of Sinbad at the cinema in the 70’s, Tom Baker was a cool bad guy and later a cool Dr Who.

    One of the better Sinbad movies…

  75. I read TEB’s post from this morning as saying “the coyotes were f*cking in the park today” and though TEB?! NO!!! And read it again.


    Thanks for all the hugs. Today was indeed better! Though I did again spill something. But I won’t bore you with that. Tonight – sirloin and corn on the grill.

  76. WNDRWolf: I only have limited restorative powers -limited to my 500gb external hard drive, and an image program called Macrium Reflect. However, my laptop now has infinitely more power compared to the “NTLDR cannot be found” message it had Monday.

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