389 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #127: Knock-off of a Care Bear

  1. “Flash Gordon appeals to me because I would like to be familiar with the stories that inspired George Lucas.”

    Is that how we explain the prequels? πŸ™‚

  2. Good morning, Deadpan!

    Today is the last day of my short workweek! Hurrah!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Great episode, Jack. Great story, JB and Amy, and wonderful content everyone!

  3. I could never get into Pilates. I prefer weights and aerobics.

    (obviously I’m listening to LLAP πŸ™‚ )

  4. Ed: πŸ˜€ Not exactly what I meant, of course. He’s been inspired by them from the (real-world-time) beginning, or so I heard.

    EssBee: Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  5. Good morning, Pan.

    Nothing like hearing myself drunk first thing in the morning. πŸ˜€ Makes me want to run out and get schnockered right now.

    Not gonna do it though. Taking my kids to tour a fire station instead.

    TEB – My limberness often surprises me.

    Wonder Twin Power. Activate.

  6. When I first heard of Sherilyn Fenn it gave me hope that I wasn’t a complete freak because I’d never met another person in the world with the name “Cherylyn”

  7. Notes are done. Anybody who has suggested changes let me know (except for Cj. She’s admin so can make her own changes πŸ™‚ )

  8. And we’re back, at least temporarily for me πŸ™‚

    Looked as some of the notes for a palooza. LJ, while would agree Head would be an interesting palooza, it is a very… trippy movie and I’m not sure how the Pan at large would react to it.

  9. Ok. looking back at some of my comments you can tell I’m drugged out of my gourd.

    Jack, since you record on Wednesdays I realize my being gone Thursday evenings really doesn’t matter. You can put me down for your recordings.

  10. Since I’m usually around Thursday morning my time/ Wednesday evening DP time, you can put me on the recording list Jack.

  11. I can answer for TEB. On Facebook there is a Fans of Jack Mangan’s Deadpan group (setup by TEB?) . TEB has posted the show notes for this weeks DP episode.

  12. Show notes by TEB:

    ack ManganÒ€ℒs Deadpan #127: Knock-off of a Care Bear http://www.jackmangan.com

    Highlights include:

    Cj at Phoenix Zoo Brew 2009

    Cj also has a dumbass memory

    Herring Deadpan intro

    Stolen Lyrics

    Jack Managan – aka Eddie Money

    Paul Maki with The sad story of Jimmy – The Life and Death of a Party Animal

    More talk with Jack and Tee Morris

    The Questors from Effpiem, Episode 5: The Traveling Merchant

    Promo – Personal Effect; Dark Arts

    Make a funny joke of “longer bits”

    Outro babble followed by good music

  13. I sent e-mail to Jack as well with a screen shot of the notes earlier as well. He’s going to be inundated with the same thing! πŸ˜€ At least we are thorough!

  14. I looked at that “which badass character are you” on FB. I saw the first question and decided it wasn’t for me so didn’t answer any of them

  15. Stand alone, Van. I thought about a PS3 but they were too expensive ($500 vs $200 for a blu-ray). We wouldn’t play the games as I tend to lean heavily towards PC games, and hubby usually just plays chess (although he did dig out his old version of Doom because we got the board game)

  16. Ok TEB I’m curious, I was rather underwhelmed by BluRay, but I only have a 32inch LCD TV, why did you the BR route rather than a new upscaling DVD player?

  17. I can’t speak for Britian, Van but here it’s actually getting harder and harder to find normal DVD movies. A number of stores are slowly fazing out regular DVD’s.

    It was actually difficult to do Blu-Ray. We have a 50″ TV but it is an older one so is only 480p/1080i H, not the new fancy, smancy 1080p. We have our (CDN version of)PVR hooked up to one of the HD inputs, the other input on the TV is DVI, which is compatible to nothing. I had to go to The Source (they bought out Radio Shack here in Canada) and get a HDMI to DVI converter.

  18. No jack. I’ve got a viral infection on my hand (hence the drugs) and it seems to follow a nerve either giving me shooting pain up my arm or making it numb. I consider myself lucky, I’m numb right now.

  19. JB, I listened first thing in the morning. I always have to listen to each show at least twice, sometimes more.

    Once to hear what’s there then again to catch what I missed.

    Three times if I just need more of Jack’s sexy voice! *swooon*

  20. I’ve never done Pilates, but I used to do a wee bit of yoga a couple of times a week. Very relaxing and enjoyable after working out and training very hard in martial arts. Worth the time overall, IMO.

  21. Up where the smoke is
    All billered and curled
    ‘Tween pavement and stars
    Is the chimney sweep world

    When the’s ‘ardly no day
    Nor ‘ardly no night
    There’s things ‘alf in shadow
    And ‘alf way in light
    On the roof tops of London
    Coo, what a sight!

  22. Well, I’m glad to know that I hadn’t just been mishearing that song all these years.

    Yes, Joe, you should call that in.

  23. Morning Pan, if you are going to phone those lyrics in JJ I hope your cockney accent is at least as good as Dick Van Dyke’s.


  24. Oh and it pains me to point this out…really it does..but the Dalek’s aren’t robots..as they are just the life support machinery for the mutants inside.

    I’ll get my coat.

  25. If you have any fondness for the Tom Baker Era of Doctor Who, Robots of Death is well worth a rental if you can get it in North America.

  26. Never be ashamed of truth, Van.

    Now, Terminators! Those are definitely robots. Maybe Van is one of them from the future πŸ™‚

  27. Morning Pan.

    Tell me why… I get up and weigh myself, then I have a shower and weigh myself again. Why am I always a half pound less after the shower? I find it hard to believe I had a half pound of dirt that needs to be washed away every morning.

    Terminators are more cyborg than robot Ed.

  28. Morning Pan!

    It seems that yesterday when I was busy, DP dropped…. figures. Now I’m behind again.

    TEB: Do you do “anything” in the shower that might reduce your volume of bodily fluids and thus reduce your weight?

    Vanamonde: Doctor Who: The Robots of Death is available as a watch instantly from Netflix. And, yes, worth it. I like Leela.

  29. Morning, Deadpan!

    I slept in until 8 this morning, which I NEVER do!

    Today’s list:

    weatherize patio cover
    plant garden
    clean bbq grill

    TEB, I don’t even own a scale. I could not stand the pressure of it looking at me.

  30. On Memorial Day weekend, Sly B & I usually binge-watch, or start, a TV Season on DVD. This year’s selection: Season 1 of the “new” (I guess that’s how you say it?) Dr. Who. We’re excited. We have the first 2 DVDs. If we like it, we’ll have to go find more discs at a local DVD shop, if those even exist.

    When we did this several years ago with Buffy, we ended up buying the entire series. Same with Veronica Mars.

    Ok, off to grab breakfast and coffee and get to work. Back later!

  31. As I understand it, actually the Terminators are androids. Cyborgs require flesh to operate. They’re more of a modified human (usually)

    TEB: My only guess is water loss due to sweat, something like that. Also scales are far from perfect and have a margin of error. Perhaps that plays a part.

  32. Amy Bowen: Yeah, I know about the moderation. It never occurred to me that WP took note of the name, I figured it based things solely off of the email address. Wow, that just proves that I’m thick… Or possibly WP likes being Nipple Nazis.

    It’s Memorial day weekend, and naturally my wife and I work.

    Of course, there’s the obligatory party, which we can’t attend…

  33. Human brain in cybernetically enhanced body = Cyborg

    Computer Brain in human looking body = Android

    Computer brain in mechanical body = Robot

    That was your Deadpan Scifi trivia for this week.

  34. Well, the grocery store was full of foodstuff. Which was good.

    # I can see the sweat thing. My husband hates going into the bathroom after I have a shower as I don’t turn on the cold water at all.

    Now… pinwheel cookies to make.

  35. Oh and Terminators are mechanical bodies covered in human flesh..so still androids.

    Oh and BIG, BIG peeve, Marge Piercy in Body Of Glass calling an Android a Cyborg..how I hate non genre authors writing scifi and fooking around with the terminology.

    Now to take a deep breath…

  36. Dead Human Brain in Living Human Body = Vegetable

    Dead Human Brain in Animated Dead Human Body = Zombie

    Re-animated Dead Human Brain in Re-animated Dead Human Body = Frankenstein’s Monster

    Was this important, I can’t remember why I started this?

  37. Vanamonde: Terminator 2: Judgment Day has the t-101 specifically calling itself a Cybernetic-Organism – living tissue over metal endo-skeleton. I think it technically is a Cyborg, even though the brain is computer: HOWEVER, from the original Terminator movie, we do know that Skynet did create androids using rubber skin – Human looking, but no living tissue…

    And, now I know we’re geeks….

  38. So local arty farty cinema has a day of old movies chosen by people tomorrow. The Princess Bride is on..I’m tempted since I never saw it at the cinema.

  39. The thing that kills me about the Terminators . . . hugely high-tech killing monsters. Technology that we won’t reach for decades, maybe centuries. No infrared scanners. Woulda made the first movie very brief.

  40. Vanamonde: Hey, Obi Wan said that Imperial Troopers were precise. Of course, that may only apply to large slow-moving vehicles moving on sand dunes on back-end planets controlled by the Hutts… Then again, “precise” doesn’t necessarily mean “straight”

  41. My goodness, I was thinking someone was going to bring that up.

    I will try to use my psychic powers for good and predict what the next palooza will be.

    I just won’t say anything till after it’s already been announced.

  42. Don’t lasers by definition shoot straight?

    I recall reading a book, Samurai Cat or something like that. This particular story was parodying Star Wars. The Rebels put barn walls at the end of every corridor, since the Stormtroopers couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

  43. Vanamonde: *nods rapidly*

    Lejon: And to think, that was the only time it was used. Must’ve been that ‘Trooper’s “power move” a la Street Fighter.

  44. You know spring is here when they turn on the fountain at the local park.

    I personally found the book of The Princess Bride bizarre. The overweight kid and the psychologist mom. What was that about?

  45. My dilemma.

    I made cookies.
    I created dirty dishes.
    Because of my hand, I can’t wash said dishes.
    Now I feel guilty because hubby is going to have to do dishes when he comes home from work.

    Should I feel guilty? Is cookies a fair trade for having to do dishes? Especially considering I bake cookies every Friday so is not really a “treat”.

  46. I’m woefully behind on my email – and today’s comments. To all who are due responses:

    Yes, OK, cool!, right, yeah, you should, sorry about that, zebras in scuba gear, Yes, I hope so, and his full name was Meriadoc.

  47. I think I still feel a little guilty. I haven’t been able to do any of my normal housework this week so hubby has been taking up the slack. Really what I did was create more work for him.

  48. A couple of my friends just got engaged last night. I suspect fear of commitment.

    It’s the only explanation, really. They’ve been together for a little over four years, been living together most of the time. Have a cute three-year-old kid.

    Fear of commitment, pure and simple.

  49. TEB: I can only speak for myself. I’m honored to be with my woman and I understand that one of us may slack off here and there. We’re human and schedules and stresses change. We do our best to cover for each other. But it’s a great partner that realizes what’s going on and appreciates what the other is doing. So GO YOU!

    Lejon: I’m overtired, so maybe that’ it. What are they afraid of?

  50. TEB: RE: The Princess Bride book, my understanding of that part was a sort of autobiography as to the origin of the story, and could very easily be skipped over. In fact it should probably be skipped over on principle unless you’re fascinated by any behind the scenes facts.

  51. Evening!

    Garden – accomplished! Lots of weeds went down today too. We didn’t weather-proof because it’s supposed to rain. There’s always tomorrow!

    Off to grill!

  52. Ow, I ache.

    Heavy yard work – done.
    Trees trimmed – done
    Vehicles cleaned inside and out and waxed – done
    Laundry – done
    Housecleaning to prepare for guests this weekend – done

    And I didn’t even get through everything on my list. But, the old body has declared that I am done for today, so I guess I should listen.

  53. CD: Playing Joust that is emulated on the SNES, which itself is being emulated on the Wii.

    /waves to TEB

    I’d forgotten how crap I was at Joust.

  54. Drive-by:

    Yesterday (or the day before) I was listening to Buzz Out Loud and that Three Wolves Moon T-Shirt came up. Seems that it a best selling clothing article. Apparently it got a load of amusing reviews out of the blue and people are buying the shirt like crazy now.

    The company that makes the shirt put out a statement that essentially said, “But, but, we don’t think it’s funny!?”

  55. Creative tasks completed tonight:

    Color artwork for “Commit Yourself to the Brink” art challenge
    Write patient profile to go with said artwork
    Upload both of the above
    Write blog post about today

    I feel accomplished. πŸ™‚

  56. Ah, the weekend.

    Nomad, I also heard that report about the shirt sale on Amazon. While the reviews were certainly humorous, I don’t understand what causes that to turn into a sales run……unless people believe the shirt has powers?


  57. Ah, the weekend, indeed! On my list today: more weeds in need of pulling; weatherize that darn patio cover – forecast be damned; and scrub the innards of the bbq grill.

  58. It’s only a bit after 9:30 am here and I already worked out, ran, and relaxed for half an hour. Dunno if I’m going to be able to get any yardwork done. It’s supposed to rain all weekend. Perhaps Monday.

  59. It’s POURING here in South Florida, complete with thunder and lightning. We’ve had two brownouts here this morning, the last one of which interrupted my wireless router. I just went downstairs, unplugged its power cable and plugged it in again, and now it seems to be working again.

  60. Hmm, weather is predicting 60% chance for our area today. But, as big an area as Houston-Galvetson covers, we can easily get 6″ of rain an hour north of us, and nothing where we are.

    Glad I got the yardwork done yesterday!

  61. Finally saw Star Trek yesterday. Fun movie, agree with those who say that, aside from marketing purposes, it didn’t really need to be called “Star Trek.”

    Today is the celebration of my birthday with my parents.

  62. My mom and I are moving my Gram into a new more private home this weekend. I’m just waiting for mom to get into town right now. I’m thankful for the cool, rainy, weather. Moving in the summer sun is never fun.

  63. I’m also debating that 3rd cup of coffee. Do I want it or don’t I? Although, I was home early last night, I stayed up entirely too late reading, so I’m more tired than I wanted to be today.

  64. [tweet] At Panera, editing audio for my second episode of The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast and waiting for txt from friend saying she’s ready for guests to come over for board games and movies. [/tweet]

  65. Well it was nice to see ‘The Princess Bride’ all the way through..but the print used at the cinema could have down with some restoration.

  66. Things accomplished today:

    Worked 4 hours of overtime.
    Watched Superman (while working 4 hours of overtime)
    Had violin bow repaired free of charge.
    Had lunch and a meeting with the Guise Knights
    Purchased Powerball tickets (because I apparently believe in a tax on people who can’t do math)
    Practiced violin
    Received Shirt.Woot shirt displaying Delorean crashed into a Blue Police Box
    Arranged to get a new kitten.

    Oh, and performed a run-by Panning…

  67. I have a HUGE grin on my face right now. I won’t tell you why. It’ll mean more if you go and find out for yourselves. Go check out Nathan Lowell’s Twitter feed, especially the pictures he posted, and you’ll understand. πŸ˜€

  68. Morning Pan, last day of my long weekend, off to wander round that reopened museum. Wallowing in nostalgia among a collection of stuffed animals.

    Now for an obscure comic reference:

    I won’t be doing a quirkafleeg.

  69. An actual weekend is so very nice. I finally got out to see Wolvie. Even with lowered expectations, I was disappointed.

    Following Balticon on Twitter was more interesting.

  70. What I can’t understand is why some of those books were banned. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court?

  71. Morning, Deadpan!

    We had a wonderful bbq yesterday, despite the rain, with Sly B’s brother, his wife, and their great girls (4 and 7). My ribs turned out great, and I grilled corn as well.

    Today we plan to finish disc 2 of Dr. Who, Season 1. I don’t love the show, but have always liked Billie Piper. I also have the entire season so far of Rescue Me on the DVR — we might move to that as we do laundry.

    Sorry you had to work, Jack!

    jOe, did you see Trek?

    Have a great day, y’all.

  72. Something seriously wrong with a system that bans Mort for goodness sake…anthromorphication of DEATH is nothing to be frightened of.

  73. Banned Books – I’ll never understand why people want to discourage kids from reading. OK, I’ll probably put The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty up on a high shelf until my daughter is at least 18, but I read Hitchhiker’s Guide for the first time when I was 12-years-old (after seeing an interview with Douglas Adams on Letterman) and I don’t think it warped me. At least not as much as me watching Letterman at that age. I’m also fairly certain that Animal Farm was assigned reading for me in High School right next to another one of my favorite books of all time, 1984.

    I suppose if the idea behind banning the books is to get the kids to read, then it’s worth it. Maybe it’s some warped reverse psychology.

  74. Jack: You’re welcome! I’ve wanted to go to Balticon for the last two years, but I lack the resources.

    Cj: My mom and I are actually keeping in touch more now that she’s on Facebook. I think it’s a good thing.

  75. Amy: Don’t get me wrong, I think my mom is very tech savvy and we keep in touch through Skype and we talk plenty. I just like to tease about it because she’s in serious dating mode and she joined Facebook for a “boy” and that just cracks me up! My mom is 64 πŸ™‚ going on 16.

  76. funny … some of those banned books were REQUIRED reading in my high schools advanced literature classes. Many kids totally dreaded having to read them.

    strange world

  77. Van: I am still trying to determine the exact meaning of the word “Cougar’ because I’ve been told that in about 17 days I’ll be crossing over the line of “MILF” to become a “Cougar” but I thought a woman had to be on the prowl in order to cross that line.

    I need a ruling here. Can I just stay a MILF forever instead?

    And in response to your request – I don’t think there is an upper limit… I just think the age range of the young men widens. An 80-year-old is still a Cougar if she’s hitting on a 50-year-old man.

    And good for her! Hm. Maybe I WILL be a Cougar in my old-age!

  78. Greetings, Pan. It’s been a really good weekend. One of my good friends from college (and my daughter’s Godfather…he’s Italian, go figure πŸ™‚ ) came to visit for the weekend. He’s been through a lot over the last several months, including cancer. But, he seems to be in really good shape now and it was nice to have him around.

  79. Ed, The Godfather’s second visit will be just as great, possibly even better. The third visit will not be as bad as everyone says, but still disappointing, compared to the first 2.

    (Applause to your friend for staying in shape vs. cancer)

  80. Morning Pan, back to work today, yeah I would be more enthusiastic about walking across hot coals.

    I’ve been involved with a ‘Cougar’ (she was 15 years old than me)…not plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination..

  81. “a new set of spinnner hubcaps and a rear spoiler”
    Ed FT Euphemism W

    Nomad gets a solid, second place with his “IÒ€ℒve got OLED headlights” entry.

  82. My sister is on FB and I’d rather we not friend each other. There are things I don’t want to know about her and there are things that I may post that may not be the best to broadcast to her. I hate having to water stuff down.

  83. Cj, you are correct. A MILF is a MILF until she’s no longer someone that one would LF. A Cougar is an older woman, very often a MILF, on the prowl for fleshly delights. So there is some cross-over there.

  84. Looks like I’ll have to re-type it.

    Cj: You are correct. A MILF is a MILF until she no longer qualifies as a desirable F. A Cougar is on the prowl for fleshly delights. So there’s some cross-over there.

  85. Good morning, Deadpan!

    Here’s to a less-crappy day for i, and a great day for all!

    Back to Evil, Inc. for me, but I’m well-rested after a loooong weekend.

  86. The board has been taking some of the posts and chewing on them before spitting them out.

    Good morning!

    My daughter starts summer camp today which means I get to be up EVERY morning super early to have both children ready to be out the door by 7:45.


  87. EssBee, thanks for the well-wishes

    justa J0e: Verily. But cyber-chicken.

    Yesterday I tried installing a couple BSDs (Forget those things!). I re-installed Ubuntu Studio and that’s not quite working correctly yet. No idea what’s wrong there. The bathroom fan is not working and I have to fix the garage door yet again.

    Deeeeep breath….

  88. It’s not a bad burn. It’s about 5 pea-sized spots of 2nd degree from splattered oil. Too much to do at work, so I can’t take more time off.

    I tend to go by ditto. πŸ™‚

  89. Watching Being Human. It reminds me of something else, something excellent, but more in my emotional response than just the subject matter. I wish I could remember what it was.

  90. Now thanks to the wonders of get_iplayer, I can grab BBC TV programs in a format that playable on the phone.

    Some cool programmers out there.

  91. Imag1 – your comments are finally freed. They’d apparently skipped moderation and jumped straight into the spam folder. I’m guessing it was the word, “MILF”.

  92. Jack: Watched that hip hop video. Surprisingly good and I agree with what he says. I’d probably phrase it differently though. πŸ˜‰ Where did you find that?

  93. I think he states his case rather eloquently, ditto. And yes, I do agree with his points – although I can’t claim to be 100% familiar with everyone he names. Mark Forman posted the link @jackmangan on Twitter.

  94. Wow. I decide to be busy for the weekend, and I miss things.

    Missing posts, missing posts reappearing, Woot BOC (Cj: I envy your bag of crap. You’ve no idea)

    Mindless Hip-hop being berated by Rap aficionado (I agreed with some of what he said – most of the words that weren’t four-letter)

    All this, and we have a new kitten.

    Well, I guess you all missed that part, I was there to pick it out.

    With luck, I’ll post again soon…

  95. So I’m watching an episode of ‘Being Erics’ and thinking…I’ve never seem a STOP button in an UK Lift (Elevator).

    That oh so useful function for lovers and muggers.

  96. So I’m watching an episode of ‘Being Erica’ and thinking…I’ve never seem a STOP button in an UK Lift (Elevator).

    That oh so useful function for lovers and muggers.

  97. Morning Pan!

    Another drive-by Panning.

    Actually had to spend two days in a row at the downtown office. The person I shared the office with was layed off about 6 weeks ago, now we’re trying to figure out what to do with all his stuff (files, computer, there’s even a 40″ flatscreen TV returned to our office).

    The office has to be emptied by the end of June (including me) so lots of planning to do.

    Since I am now alone at this office, they are moving me to a different office downtown with another branch. Not that it really matters to me as I usually only spend one day in ten at the downtown office πŸ™‚

  98. I think I’ve managed to keep that one off my kids radar. Though, we did rent something that had dogs going into space that was probably at least as cheesy.

  99. Before I forget again, I finished “Being Human” and I figured out what that feeling is and where I’ve had it before. Melancholy with “Dead Like Me.” Caveat is I’ve only seen the first season of “Dead Like Me”, so if it goes downhill after that…

    I loved it and cannot wait to abjectly fail at trying to get my friends and family to actually watch “Being Human.”

  100. Nomad, you had 3 stuck in the super secret spam filter. They’re all free now.

    We also had this gem in the regular spam filter:


    hi! The babes are here! This is my favorite site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  101. The Chimp Movie didn’t suck as bad as I expected, but I won’t be running out to see it or renting it anytime soon.

    NS: I actually own the Chihuahua movie. Embarrassing, but true. My daughter loved that one and is *IS* Drew Barrymore. *swooon*

    Dan says “Beverly Hills Chihuahua – the most racist Disney movie since Song of the South.”

  102. Listened to Tee’s Erotica a la carte. Swore if Tee gave me a boner I’d have to kill him.

    Amusing but…

    He’ll live.

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