340 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #97: Greasy Gulliver

  1. I’m swoozy at the sight of an early deadpan episode.

    Morning Pan, games I’ve bought and haven’t opened:

    Diablo 2(yeah still haven’t got round to that)


    Full Spectrum Warrior on the original Xbox

    Excalibur King Arthur Advanced Chess Game (a chessboard with a computer built in)

    Too many shiney things in life…

  2. Just listened to the episode: All bow down and hail my greatness! (I figure I have a better chance of this then actually claiming my prize 🙂 )

    Yes Jack, there is a Denny’s in Calgary, although I think there is only the one. The equivalent here in Calgary would be Humpty’s.

  3. Jack: I don’t remember where you got that Plan 9 remix, but is there a way I can get it? I really like it!

    “Enough is enough!”

  4. It’s an alternative way of searching/querying your bookmarks. You can hierarchically organize your bookmarks into folders, but sometimes you lose information that way. With tags, you can associate extra information.

  5. Upper level of house now vacuumed. Will have to wait until my Boo gets out of bed before I can do the lower level.

    Re: Cement artical – what is moral damages? I understand mental suffering.

    Does this mean, while before he wouldn’t have ogled or fondled a naked… anything, now he will because his morals have been damaged?

    PS: All hail me 🙂

  6. Just installed FF3. Slightly different tool bar look, but otherwise feels pretty much the same. Will have to try out some of the new features… eventually.

  7. It could be argued that you should wake up and not know where you are at least once in your life.

    It’s still on my todo list.

  8. Actually, it’s happened to me sober. I was traveling a lot at the time, and woke up in a hotel completely confused and a bit panicky about where I was. Waking up that way is not fun at all.

  9. But I’ve never had the memory blackout with booze, I start feeling like I’m going to puke way before that can happen.

    So any humilating actions on my part come back to haunt me the next day.

  10. Well, I have food in my tummy, which is good. My Boo is in the shower so I was able to finish the vacuuming, which is also good. Now to do some work, which is bad.

  11. i-pod shuffle:

    Ikea – Johnathan Coulton
    Scheherazade, symphonic suite, Op. 35: No. 4, “Festival at Baghdad – The Sea” in E major – Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov
    The Arrival – Sins of a Solar Empire Soundtrack
    Psycho Killer – Velvet Revolver

  12. She’s a WNBA (women’s US pro basketball) player who is playing on the Russian team for the Olympics. People here are all up in arms “she’s a defector!” about it. Her position is that she’s old for a pro athlete (31) and wasn’t invited to play on the U.S. team. Since it’s been her dream to be an Olympic athlete, and since she has dual Russian citizenship because she plays pro bball there in the summers, she’s playing for Russia.

  13. Current Shuffle:

    Loverman – Metalicca
    The Return – Sins of a Solar Empire Soundtrack
    Migra – Santana
    It’s Nice to be With You – Monkees

  14. I have to agree Van. As much as I enjoy NHL hockey. I found I enjoyed Olympic hockey less once they allowed NHL players to participate.

    That being said, however, in this case, since they do allow pros, she might as well follow that dream.

  15. Current Shuffle:

    Birth of a Coalition – Sins of a Solar Empire Sound Track
    An Adult Lullaby – Mediaevil Babes
    Lower – Slash’s Snakepit
    Circle Sky – Monkees

  16. Current Shuffle

    Laetatus sum, gradual in mode 7 – Canto Gregoriano
    English Country Garden – Rolf Harris
    Brandenburgisches Konzert No. 3 – Adagio – Johann Sebastian Bach
    Don’t go Breaking My Heart – Elton John

  17. My tasted in music are quite varied

    Current Shuffle:

    I Hate Everybody (But You) – Slash’s Snakepit
    Simple Simian – George Hrab
    She Hangs Out – Monkees
    Concerto for flute, harp & orchestra in C major, K. 299 (K. 297c): Andantino – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  18. Current shuffle:

    It’s Bad to Know You – Sopranos Soundtrack
    Mastermind – Megadeath
    Requiem for soloists, chorus, and orchestra, K. 626: Lacrimosa – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Salva Nos – Mediaeval Babes

  19. I’ve been working 10-14 hour days for the past month. I really hope I can wrap it up tonight so I can spend tomorrow at my ACS Relay Event.

  20. Ouch to the long hours. Sorry. I just looked at my time and added two hours.

    Now, to make you feel better, I’ve pretty much wrapped it up here.

  21. Jack, I for one am fascinated by the Taiwanese cake/cookie.

    I am currently drinking a cup of Stash peppermint tea and listening to The Velvet Underground while I summarize a conference call for Evil, Inc. bosses.


    I’ve gone on travel and forgotten my suitcase.

    “How can that be?” you might ask.
    I’m asking that as well.
    It was a last minute sort of thing. I was scrambling to get equipment in the car, get directions (and get them printed), get packed, pack a cooler and get out of town before the impending rush-hour traffic.
    Well … I beat the traffic alright. Somewhere in a quite, darkened house … my tooth brush and a neatly folded, fresh change of clothing are mocking me.

    I guess I’ll be going shopping today.

  23. And I think I’ve finally achieved a different kind of freedom on my work project!

    What will I do with my new found sanity?
    Who needs it?

  24. Leeds was a work in progress maze.

    Whole section of the art gallery containing the Pre-Raphaelite paintings was shut for work on a new exhibition.

    Note to self, check gallery’s website before travelling.

    Remembered a dumbass memory and than forgot about it an hour later…sigh.

  25. Van you should’ve led a chant of “I want my Millais! I want my Millais!”

    *Notes blank looks*

    What, hasn’t everyone studied the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood?

  26. The Turks are the new Greeks…. nobody thought they’d do anything before the tournament and they are managing to sneak through…

    Spain are gonna win it though… (says the Liverpool fan 😉 )

  27. *continued misadventures of justaJ0e*

    Got out to my car this morning and MY LISCENSE PLATE HAD BEEN STOLEN!

    It’s just Karma paying me back for all those good deeds I’ve done.

    Now I am off, to let Karma find some other ways to ream me.

    (30 frame dissolve to the front gates of a Defense Department facility. Camera pulls wide as a black van comes racing into frame – crashes through the gate, across the front walk and barrels through the doors of the facility. justaJ0e’s liscenes tag is on the back of the van and is clearly visable to the security cameras.
    Cut to extreme wide shot of facility as it explodes.
    Music from the film “Brazil” begins to play)

  28. It’s been nice, EssBee, We had all three of Fox’s grandparents over on Father’s Day, lots of sandbox over the course of the week, a Twins game on Tuesday night (Twins win over hapless Nationals in interleague play). Despite the lovely weather a fair amount of indoor play also, as allergy tends to worsen symptoms for Darcy & Fox. I managed to not catch the cold, and also have not shaven since last Friday.

  29. You know I was just about to post on here that this day couldn’t get any gayer if someone handed me a picture of Kevin Bacon and Patrick Swayze dressed like pirates and having sex with each other.

    But then I discovered we’d blown a head gasket on our Samurai. So now I’m stuck with the car where I’ve replaced the drivers side window with a towel, and my wife gets to drive to work with a case of oil in the passenger seat every day.

    So now today is more like someone inserted a soccer ball into my anus.

    No I take that back.

    It’s more like someone has inserted SoccerGirl into my anus.

  30. June 21st, the day with the longest amount of daylight hours for the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

    After today it’s all downhill to winter.

    This has been your informationyoualreadyknow newsflash.

  31. Happy Saturday, Pan!

    Watched Donnie Darko last night. I liked it, but didn’t entirely get it. I wish Netflix sent the bonus material discs with the main movie discs — I think the special features on that one might have been interesting.

    I’m headed out of town for a quick overnight drive to see my parents. Hope you all have a good weekend!

  32. EssBee- Understanding Donnie Darko really requires multiple viewings. And the directors cut.

    But mainly just the directors cut. They added this whole chapter thing with short passages from the book and it explained a great deal. Its a lot like what they did with Southland Tales, except it actually worked in Donnie Darko’s case. There’s a lot less going on in that movie.

  33. Dub, since you’re on line… Go to last weeks posts. I have some things to say about you hating us Cdns.


  34. The wife and I watched “Jumper” today while doing some chores. Southland Tales was more coherent.

    Jumper had such potential, yet was so poorly executed. I’ve never read the book, so I don’t know if the source material is any better…..though it’s hard to imagine it could be worse.

  35. “Get Smart” was actually worth the ticket. Very fun, and you need not have seen the original series to enjoy it. There were really only a few in-jokes with the original…

  36. checking in …

    Surprised to see that no one followed up Trucker’s unfortunate news with the comment …


    You’re not all going and getting tasteful are you?

  37. Ed I would like to think that it’s my brain working in overdrive. It’s something idea what I should be writing.

    Can we get a rimshot for Justa Joe.

    They’re sharing a pod cast called deadpan but it’s better deadpanning alone.

  38. If they had just nicknamed the Higgs boson ‘slippery sid’ instead of ‘The God Particle’ the world would be a safer place.

  39. Naw, paranoid maniacs would still find some way to tout it as the end of the world. I remember the wingnuts coming out back in 84? claiming the planetary alignment was going to rip the earth to pieces.

    “Morons! Your bus is leaving!”

  40. “Finished with my woman cause she couldn’t help me with my mind
    People think Im insane because I am browning all the time
    All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy
    Think Ill lose my mind if I don’t find something to pacify”

  41. “I’m sick and tired of hearing things
    from uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites.
    All i want is the truth.
    Just give me some truth.”

  42. “I fall down just to give you a thrill
    Prop me up with another pill
    If I should fail, if I should fold
    I nailed my faith to the sticking pole”

  43. “I’m tired of this back-slapping ‘Isn’t humanity neat?’ bullshit. We’re a virus with shoes, okay? That’s all we are.

    — Bill Hicks

  44. Look away, Van!

    Over the weekend, we saw 3 DVDs: Untraceable, National Treasure, and National Treasure 2.

    Untraceable was horrific. Really and truly, don’t watch it.

    The National Treasure movies were fun — I’d seen them both before.

    We’re now watching Eureka on DVD, trying to get caught up.

  45. ditto – nice use of the Sam Phillips

    Rhett – Re: There’s no such thing as “too much metal.”
    I would think that depends on the delivery system.

    Jack – we’re not worthy.


  46. That’s a big 10-4, justa J0e, except for the “not worthy” malarkey.
    What’s been your 20 lately, over?

    Thanks guys. Of all my crap, that one might be my favorite.

    So ok ok – if you haven’t heard “Defender” by Manowar, feat. Orson Welles’ vocal talents (yep), then you must. You must devote 6 minutes to this. It is possibly the most perfect of all 80s metal cheese. Complete with unbearably superhokey album cover

  47. Morning Pan!

    Bunny has caught something really nasty so don’t expect to see much of her the next few days. I plan on spending as much time as possible under the covers of a nice warm bed.

  48. Get well soon TEB.

    So after being the given the once over for genetic sampling, I have proof that all I’m fit for is the glue factory.

  49. Van, that article is interesting in light of the world thinking about George Carlin this week.

    Children will be damaged by the sight of two men kissing!

    Children will be damaged by the sound of words that we don’t like!

  50. Maybe I’ll check those links when I’m not at work. LOL

    Installed Firefox 3 last night and I am extremely pleased. Quite an improvement in speed and features from 2.

  51. Same here, Rhett.
    I suppose I should get FF3 one of these days.

    So I actually had a drink with Evo Terra last night at the Four Peaks brewery. That’s about all there is to this story. I hadn’t seen him since last year.

  52. Interesting. I emailed him a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned the need to share a beer sometime. As it turns out, my kids are visiting the grandparents in Kansas until July 8th and Teresa is flying out to Kansas July 2nd to spend the holiday with them. So I’ll be free for much debauchery over the 4th of July. 🙂 Perhaps I should get a beer with Evo.

  53. I’ve been enjoying my new guitar amp, but it lacks the reverb function of my old digital one. Having done a little research, I’m really digging the sound samples of the Line 6 Verbzilla. Sound clips available here:http://tinyurl.com/4oovjm

    Problem is, everyone is out of stock and it’s backordered until July 21st. 🙁
    I may try the Scottsdale Guitar Center to on the off chance they have one. Or I could call first. LOL

  54. Okay what are the added features of FF3?

    I obviously don’t use a browser to it’s full potential, as apart from the change in the look or of FF3, I’m not noticing any big differences to FF2.

  55. I used FF3 for a grand total of 15 minutes last night, so I’m not familiar with all the new features. LOL But speed comes first to mind. It loads pages a lot faster than FF2 and feels snappier over all. If you type the URL in the address window FF3 will start to guess what address you want and start displaying choices, but beyound just the address, it displays the site name as well. There’s a new tab for most visited sites that is pretty cool. Those are the features I noticed.

  56. FF3 FTW.

    I also just downloaded Songbird. Its pretty sweet. I am actually posting from it right now. When you go to a site with music links it shows a list at the bottom of all of them, and download buttons.

    I dig it.

  57. Just back from a Chinese buffet lunch.
    My fortune cookie contained NO fortune which prompted a discussion as to whether receiving “no fortune” WAS in fact a form of “fortune message” in itself.


  58. I wouldn’t worry too much JOe, with food prices increasing the way they are, odds are that it was omitted as a cost cutting measure.

  59. Thanks for the link ditto. I’m surprised M$ hasn’t done something like this officially. I don’t have Vista, but I do have the Media Center Edition of XP which should also work. I’ll try and set it up this weekend. 🙂

  60. Jack – I went to my rental place (Showtime Video) to get Southland Tales and it had been so long since I’d been there that they wouldn’t let me take a movie out until I filled out a new membership card. It looked like they were surviving mainly on game rentals.

    Killing the Blues – Robert Plant and Alison Kraus

  61. You know it’s weird, come to think of it. Ever since the move to AZ and the switch to Netflix, I haven’t rented a single DVD from Blockbuster etc. I kind of miss it in a way. Browsing DVDs like books in a library gives a sort of viseral connection to the media.

  62. Actually, we have Blockbuster’s online plan and we get to turn in our from-the-mail movies at the store to get free in store rentals. So, we’re stopping buy about once a week or so.

    But, Eraserhead remains at the top of my queue and has been there waiting for fulfillment for three months at least.

  63. Jack – You’ll be happy to know that, according to my local library, the government has placed the Deadpan “off limits”.

    This is the message I got while trying to access the Deadpan from my local public Library today. GITMO here we come!
    Error: Restricted Site
    Your access to the website http://www.jackmangan.com/2008/06/18/jack-mangans-deadpan-97-greasy-gulliver/ was blocked for the following reason:
    Blocked Content Analysis: Tasteless or Obscene

    The County Public Library filters certain types of content by directive of the Library Board, and to meet Federal requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act(CIPA). Sites blocked include those categorized as chat, gambling, games with chat, instant messaging, and pornographic and obscene materials.

    For more information please see our policies.

  64. Never got into video or DVD rental. I go to the cinema at least once a week and most movies aren’t worth a repeat viewing on DVD.

    When I really like a movie, I just buy it when it comes out on DVD (or get it as a christmas present).

  65. You know what we need? Girls. Thank Cthulhu for EssBee – and a brief sick TEB appearance yesterday – and a brief appearance from the disgruntled scientist last week, otherwise this would be a total helmet party.

  66. I can’t keep up with what is going on.
    I think my heart just must be slowing down
    Among the human beings – in their designer jeans.
    Am I the only one who hears the screams ?
    and strangled cries, of lawyers in love.

    -Jackson Brown

  67. Speaking of that, I was actually going to call this episode “Gulliver’s Nipples”, but I figured that title might cause weirdness for some people on their work computers, so I went with the much tamer “Greasy Gulliver”.

    But the library still calls us Tasteless and Obscene. Bah.

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