Gilligan Thing

This is the Gilligan survey I mentioned in Deadpan #97.

Have fun with it! Click Here to cast your vote

Geekify Gilligan’s Island. Not like this show was a bastion of cool to begin with, but let’s replace the cast with the geekiest selections possible.

We’ll start with the girls.

For Ginger, our choices are:
Inara from Firefly.
Mary Jane Watson Parker

For Mary-Ann:
Kaylee from Firefly
Slavegirl Princess Leia

For the Skipper:
William Shatner – but it’s gotta be oldman William Shatner
That Ambassador guy with the crazy hair from Babylon 5
Zed, Killer of Brutals

Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic
Doc Emmett Brown
Doctor Who – the Tom Baker generation, of course. duh.

For the black guy on Gilligan’s Island. . . . . (sounds of wind)
. . . . . . . . . . *motherfucker*
No, the Harlem Globetrotters don’t count.

For the Howells:
Miracle Max and his wife from the Princess Bride
Crow T Robot and Tom Servo
Tom Bombadil-o and Willow

for the special guest star:
That naked chick from Ghost in the Shell
My old D&D character

For the geekiest Gilligan possible:
Weird Al
Neil Peart of Rush
Paul Reubens, better known as Pee Wee Herman, before he became a porn fiend.

Now remember, we’re not going for who would make the coolest replacements, otherwise every choice in every category would have been Boba Fett. We’re trying to maximize the Gilligan geek factor. Each category will have an open slot for your own suggestions, in addition to your votes, so be creative.

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