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  1. I did not have the glasses but I did have the hat he wore.

    The closest I could get to the clothing was my mom’s seventies pleather suit and it didn’t quite work the same way.

  2. So this week my niece discovered her dream job that she was due to start was in fact fake.

    Seems the guy fooled the job centre and was collecting details about young women.

  3. I can do that! Sorry for the comments on the wrong page!

    Last 4 in my iPod shuffle:

    “Long May You Run” – Neil Young
    “Wonderful” – India.Arie
    “Reckoning” – Ani DiFranco
    “Parchman Farm” – John Mayall

  4. So just started reading ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zukas.

    The idea of Death (or DEATH as a TP fan) telling the story intrigue me enough to borrow it from the library.

  5. “Gone Daddy Gone” – Violent Femmes
    “Money Made You Mean” – Indigo Girls
    “Come Together” – MC5
    “Capricorn Sister” – Mother Love Bone

  6. “Rubin and Cherise” – Jerry Garcia
    “Rock Paper Scissors” – Ani DiFranco
    “Moog Marmalade” – Galactic

    I know a woman who was friends w/ Andy from MLB — I love that band!

  7. You know with the current presidential candidates it’s been all Iraq War and gas prices, but not a single one has even mentioned the “Jet Powered Wing-Gap.” Conspiracy?

  8. Well, they’re all done installing my furnace and hot water system. Now I get to play with a whole bunch of new buttons 🙂

  9. Ah, but they make the plans just that more interesting. LOL

    As far as “the plan,” I don’t see their effect as statistically significant as they would tend to put as many prospects in play as they took off of the field. LOL

  10. J0e has a good post on the Reaper thread on this very topic. Rather than chime in myself, I’ll post Mother Love Bone lyrics, inspired by the MLB talk earlier:

    She’s always been given
    So I can’t always make her laugh
    But I’m proud to say
    And I won’t forget
    The time spent layin’ by her side
    The time spent layin’ by her side
    Dreams like this must die
    And a dream like this must die

  11. No no – a very good topic, Van. (and J0e and Rhett and everyone).

    I have some thoughts on marriage myself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I’ll try to find a quiet moment to crystallize and post them.

  12. Hey Pan,

    I’ll be the queer person in the marriage conversation (and PLEASE don’t censor yourselves because I’m here). I, like Jack, will find some crystal . . . wait. I’ll find a moment and tell you what I think. Might not be until tomorrow morning.

  13. In a way I kind of hope that Southland sucks. That way Dub can take the heat for recommending a bad film and when we get around to my recommendations for “A Boy and His Dog” and the original “Wicker Man” the fallout won’t be as bad. LOL

  14. I wonder if there is a medical condition to explain the compulsion to shorten movies names to initials.

    Guess the film:


  15. Big
    Big Trouble in Little China.

    Van nailed it. After I posted the two movies I knew of solely for their long titles I did a search for long titles and found Borat. LOL I forgot that it had a ridiculously long title as well.

  16. ABCs of Deadpan



    Hugh sez: I feel so left out with my dumb H name

    awwww.. I love your H

    Hugh sez: I give good H

    Besides, if you put all of us together we’re AAAH.

    Hugh sez: thats awesome babe 🙂

  17. R


    We forget jellybean
    and greasy

    and oh we just fucked this whole thing up

    Hugh sez: sorry Jack

    Oh I think the phone call is happening now…

    yep it is.

    sorry we fucked this list up Jack we will try again another time

    Hugh sez: and we will do better, we’ll build it stronger and faster than it was before!

  18. Evening post time.

    They want me to work a possible 12 tomorrow. Therefore I should be in bed…

    an hour ago. Oh well, I refuse to go to bed before my 2-yr-old.

  19. Here’s the one where I give my as promised thoughts on gay marriage:

    I think that my relationship is just as valid as the relationships of my straight brothers and sisters out there. My girl and I have been together for 9 years. We pay taxes, we shop locally, we watch out for the kids in our neighborhood, we take care of our parents and grandparents, and we plan on leaving this world a better place than it was when we found it — at least our little corner of it. We should be allowed to have a legally recognized marriage that protects us and our property if we want one.

    That being said, I have no interest in marriage myself. I’m a feminist, and an anti-racist activist, and I think that calling my very queer relationship a marriage so that John Q. (who doesn’t want to recognize it anyway) understands it is completely unattractive. This world is awesome because there are so many different ways to live. I refuse to mimic heterosexual marriage.

  20. actually we are all just figments of Jack’s imagination.

    Some people spend their time in chat rooms pretending to be 13 year old girls … then there is Jack, who started a forum, created a universe of characters and then spends all day posting under those names.

    I would suggest he seek help … but he is me too.

  21. I love the mountains
    I love the clear blue skies
    I love big bridges
    I love when great whites fly
    I love the whole world
    And all its sights and sounds
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    I love the oceans
    I love real dirty things
    I love to go fast
    I love Egyptian kings
    I love the whole world
    And all its craziness
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    I love tornadoes
    I love arachnids
    I love hot magma
    I love the giant squids
    I love the whole world
    It’s such a brilliant place
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da
    Boom-dee-ah-da, boom-dee-ah-da

  22. Ok, I usually don’t chime in on politics or religion but I’m going to put my two cents in on the whole Gay marriage thing.

    We have had a number of friends and acquaintances who preferred their own sex over that of the opposite. Being friends with them has never seemed to affect the relationship my husband and i have. Nor did it seem to effect how my children grew up. My attitude is, I won’t tell you what we do in the bedroom, you don’t tell me what you do. Otherwise, anything goes.

    more to come…

  23. To begin with, Alberta is a very “red neck” province. When Canada first brought in legalized gay marriage, Alberta was trying to find legal ways to fight it.

    That being said, there was a friend (he’s since move out of town and we lost touch, hence “was”) who you wouldn’t know was gay at all just from normal day to day life. Knowing what life in Alberta is like, he was very low key about his personal life. Regardless, someone(s) in (or around) his apartment got wind of his lifestyle. A number of people jumped my friend behind their building. Robert spent several weeks in the hospital.

    Since that time, he became what most would call “flaming”. He developed the attitude of, “If keeping low key didn’t do any good, then I’m going to let the world know exactly where I stand.”

    I completely agree with him.

  24. Actually, funny story with Robert. When my husband and I first started dating, I was chairman of our local SF convention. I took him to one of our meetings. Robert was also on the committee. I introduced my husband to everybody (it was the first time he met my outer circle of friends). Robert looked at him and said to me, “If you ever get tired of him, let me know. I’ll want to give him a call.” (my husband is a good looking man).

    When this happened, I was a little nervous as I wasn’t sure where my husband stood on the subject at the time. Luckily, he thinks like I do and found it amusing.

  25. Ok, that’s it on that subject.

    “I have an idea… let’s change the subject!”
    -The Mad Hatter: Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

  26. In the news today (on a similar subject)

    Toronto – Ontario will soon join other provinces in providing coverage for sex-change surgery under the province’s health insurance plan, Health Minister George Smitherman said yesterday.

    Smitherman said the details have not been finalized, but Ontario will start paying for sexual reassignment surgery for hte first time in 10 years, providing coverage ofr the limited number of people who qualify for the procedure.

    “It’s the government’s intention to move forward with the provision of services on about the same level as they were (when) cancelled some number of years ago,” he said.

    -Calgary Sun

    I didn’t know it was ever covered.

  27. Tokyo – Ladies, take your battle for the environment a little closer to your heart with a solar-powered bra that can generate enough electric energy to charge a mobile phone or an iPod.

    Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan Ltd. unveiled its environmentally friendly “Solar Power Bra” this week in Tokyo which features a solar panel worn around the stomach.

    The panel requires light to generate electricity and the concept bra will not be in stores anytime soon, said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda.

    “People usually can not go outside without wearing clothes over it”

    -Calgary Sun

    So why make a bra no one can use?

  28. London – Aliens from outer space have been visiting Britain for ears and UFO sightings doubled after the film Close Encounters was released in 1977, according to secret files collating reports by members of the public.

    The alien craft come in all shapes and sizes, but their occupants are uniformly green, the Ministry of Defence files show.

    The archives (at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos) are the first batch of a four-year release program of all the ministry’s UFO files from 1978 to the present day

    -Calgary Sun

    Any comments, Van?

  29. Miami – t was a call to duty.

    A man trying to flee from Florida police phoned his mother for help and she obligingly rushed to the scene and rammed two lawmen with her sports-utility vehicle, deputies said yesterday.

    Mother and son were arrested after the confrontation in the Fort Lauderdale suburb of Pompano Beach, Fla., the Broward County sheriff’s office said.

    Police said they tried to stop Joe Morgan, 25 on a traffic offence but he fled, phoning his mom as he drove away.

    – Calgary Sun

    So what’s with all the bizarre stories today?

  30. I have that too. Very funny. The book I mentioned is very serious, interesting, and sometimes aggravating. Its a very interesting way to look at Canada.

  31. Well, hubby is finally waking up (he has the day off). It’s a long weekend here in Canadaland so you probably won’t hear from me til Tuesday or Wednesday (depending upon what day next week I go into the office).

    Have fun

  32. One interesting thing in “This is my country, what’s yours?” is that the author calls Americans USAmericans. I like that. 🙂

  33. Not sure I believe UFOs are little green men visiting Earth.

    Aren’t you all North Americans in the way I’m an European.

  34. Off out to see Outpost, hopefully with my low expectations about a movie with nazi zombies will mean it will enjoyable.

    That may not make sense.

  35. I wanted to commend EssBee on her post. Well done. I’ve got a few things I need to get out the door this morning. Look for me back here after lunch.

  36. You little Jack you’re in it now,
    I hope they throw away the key.
    You should have talked deadpan more often
    Than you did, but no! You had to go
    Your own way, have you broken any
    Podcasts lately?
    Just five minutes, Jack, your honor,
    Him and Me, alone.

  37. It was cool day in October and with the clock approaching noon, the Apple Jacks I had for breakfast were wearing off. I decided to jump in the car and head to Jack in the Box. On the way there I got a flat and fumbled with the car jack. It occurred to me that when it came to jacking up a car, I knew jack. But it wasn’t just my lack of experience, I jacked up my back the day before doing jumping jacks with my son. With the tire fixed I was soon at the order window. My casher asked me what I did for a living, I told him I was sort of a Jack of all trades. He remarked that the sunglasses I was wearing reminded him of Jackie-O. That’s just a sort of thing a jack-off like him would say. He must of thought himself a real cracker jack of fashion. So after a quick lunch I rushed home. There were Jack-O-Lanterns to be carved and I needed to get started. To sooth my aching muscles, I drank a cup of joe. Jack.

  38. although something tells me there ain’t a lot of other Butthole Surfer fans around these parts

    ah well.. we’re excited about it
    had lots of fun with the Butthole Surfers back in the day

    Hugh sez: maybe a little too much fun

    word that Hughie

  39. Electric shaver, on my face and on my head.

    I don’t think I’m Jack, but I could be lying.

    Outpost was silly fun and with a running time of 90 minutes it didn’t out stay it’s welcome.

    Nazis – check

    Zombies – check

    Blood n Guts – check

    Pseudoscientific explanation for the zombies – check

    ..and that was that.

  40. Blue dust everywhere. Getting a new carpet and the old underfelt was crumbling into dust, removing it has led to a thin patina of bluedust over everything.

  41. Well, I am thinking about switching to double edged safety razors and brush cream. Jus’ cuz razors are spendy.

    Hoo Ray!1!!!eleventy-one!@ On the Butthole Surfers.

    *swoooon* on Dre’s waxed bod!

    *wishes Kerry would get over her fears and wax that shit*

  42. Oh, and ditto, check out the book “Sparks!” in the N-A Bookstore. its the book for the Kemper Collection and we did it. I personally didn’t work on it, but still…its my tenuous JfS-ditto real-life connection and I am holding onto it!

  43. Need sleep

    Need chocolate

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed…well want…well not really want…would very much like or prefer…

  44. Things to do before the day is over:

    1. Change the bench paper

    2. Make more 4% formaldehyde

    3. Take the receipt for the latex gloves to acct services

    4. Finish sample F71 20-30mm

    5. Clean out the -80 fridge

    6. Restock the ludox solution

    7. Filter the silt fraction from the samples to be ludoxed next week.

    Hell I probably won’t do any of that crap. I’m going to get some Taco Bell.

  45. Smooth as Buttah – Re: (*j0e pauses while he tries to decide WHICH direction to go in this target rich environment*) Hot Summers

    We’re all friends here … don’t you think it’s time you came out of the attic?

  46. Excellent idea JOe…I will ponder this while stroking my non existent beard 🙂

    mmmhhh grilled stuffed burritos…

  47. I had to do a little conversion myself. 5′-11-1/2″ = 71.5″ x 2.54 = 181.61 CM, Let just say it’s 182CM. Puts me at Beckham/Clooney. LOL

  48. Me: Robert De Niro /Cameron Diaz
    … but I think my lips favor Diaz

    *J0e dashes down the hall of doors, opens the first on the left. A loud train whistle sounds. He quickly slams it shut and opens the next door down. A cream pie hits him in the face. The sexy, shapely female arm and hand that had delivered the pie grabs J0e’s collar and yanks him inside as the door slams shut behind him.*

  49. Today’s safety word is:


    When you feel life getting too intense to bare, say the safety word for some relief.

  50. Good morning, Pan.

    Lots to do this morning in prep for my folks coming over this afternoon. Bought some al-kee-hall for the occasion. A Canadian cider with the brand name “Wyder’s.” I’m not familiar with this name, the only Canadian cider I know is BC Grower’s and I have the suspicion this may just be a re-branding of same.

    The other is a Sam Adams “Longshot” sixpack of homebrewer’s competition winners, three Grape Pale Ales and three “Weizenbocks”

  51. Wow, looks like at least 200 comments since my last check in. I’ve skimmed quickly to try and keep up with the gist of things. Afraid I wasn’t able to check out anyone’s fine links yet.

    And now, it’s time to build a playground.

  52. afternoon pan

    nope, no time for the live feed. Also, considering i haven’t listened to wingin it since it became 3d, I don’t think I would have any a clue whats going on.

    Besides we would rather go to yoga and tai chi and then have sushi which is our plan for this evening.

    We hope everyone is having a great Saturday across Deadpan land


  53. Well, that’s enough for today. 15 out of 33 stages complete on the playground project. I say stages as each one has probably at least a dozen screws or bolts involved. The basic fort is assembled and useable. Tomorrow I’ll probably do the roof and rock wall.

    Tonight, I listen to my muscles tell me I’m too old to be doing this. I generally ignore them, though there may be some rum involved.

  54. Alas work interferes with the live feed today.

    Although I may have time tonight to watch Southland Tales. I mat need anesthesia later.

  55. Missed the feed with folks here and all. I had a 25% suspicion it was a giant mislead with lots of co-conspirators. What was the truth?

  56. wingin is dead… Long live the Dead… pan. Damnit Deadpan is “dead?”… No it name is Dead… no… Deadpan aka the live show that not dead just in a pan…. Yeah… right. I think. Oh well.

  57. I hope you’re not driving today, Mr. Jaffee, It doesn’t sound like you have your sense of direction with you right now…

  58. Well Southland Tales is over.

    My mini review: imagine a 2 1/2 hour version of the intermission from Monty Python;s the Meaning of Life.

    Tomorrow or the day after I’ll post my drinking game for southland tales.

  59. Allow me to Illuminate the situation.

    1) Wingin’ It is officially dead.
    2) It’s not coming back.
    3) Mike and Brian are REALLY freakin’ happy about it
    4) No one else seriously seems to give a rats ass. Which is just amusing as hell to me and Brian because we pretty much figured that, given the last 20 episodes have been about beating a dead horse.
    5) They’re going to do a bunch of “best of” episodes until the pool party, and then thats it. This includes all incarnations of WI, so tune in because I’m one of the guys picking moments, and you’ll get to hear stuff like Jack Mangan smacking down a lot of people and Alvie and Jeremy from Seattle. And anyone else who ever did anything funny back in the good old days.
    6) I told Brian this means Deadpan is King, and Brian admitted it kind of has been for a while now anyway.

    So… That is all.

    Oh, and I had like an hour and a half of really great sex.

  60. But they seems no mention on the Wingin it forums about it’s imminent demise.

    No cries of anguish at it’s leaving, no drunken mobs demanding it’s return, just a whimper.

  61. In fact not even aa whimper, unless there is an obscure message with a fooked up timedate so it doesn’t show at the top of message list.

  62. Well there is the Kulture Kast: http://www.kulturekast.com/

    for random geekery and snarkery (snarkery where the hell did that come from?)

    Or I’ve heard of this choose your own adventure style podiobook, made by I think 9volt theater. Something about through a broken magnifying glass? I’m not sure I haven’t gotten around to listening to it.

  63. Morning pan!!

    We are waiting for Hugh’s brother to come pick us up so we thought we would play by play a bit while we waited.

    Its a beautiful sunny morning here in Chi town

    Hugh sez: after a wonderful Saturday night

    it was 🙂

    well actually the next item in the Deadpan playlist is the Joe tribute show, but we can’t listen to that right now. But we will play that when its a better time

  64. In case anyone is interested, The Sex is Fun podcast has been doing a whole series of shows on sex education that has been fascinating. They covered abstinence only education and how to talk to your kids about sex, and then they compare the differences between sex ed in Europe and America.

    It was quite interesting if you have any interest in the subject.

  65. Phobias

    Hugh sez: I don’t have phobias but I carry some crazy superstitions in my head, which I guess is like a phobia. Maybe my phobia is fear of upsetting the Gods

    LOL, that sounds about right

    I have a phobia of falling, and big nasty creepy crawling things

    Hugh sez: You have a fear of falling because your balance is so off kilter. YOu are always on the verge of falling over

    That is so true. But my balance is beginning to improve

    Hugh sez: Your balance was damn good in yoga yesterday

    It was! Did you see my tree pose? and that one where you twist yourself all together?

    Hugh sez: I did.

    ok sorry.. back to deadpan..

  66. But Deadpan 93 is going to be a bonanza!!

    What Deadpanpalooza is it going to be???

    Hugh sez: the suspense is killing me

    when will we know which one won????

    Hugh sez: something tells me it will be Southland Tales

    I think you might be right!

    Hugh sez: Jack needs some tea with honey for his throat

    he do

    jelly bean

    LOL.. joe!! That is so funny! His jelly bean guess was Vanamondes guess +1

    Congrats Amy Bowen!


    Greasy spoons

    Hugh sez; Oh fuck we have to find our last spoons entry


  67. found it!

    Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples through Ep 91 rounds 1-3

    Smarty Hotties® – 18
    justa j0e – 13
    The Energizer Bunny – 13
    Vanamonde – 11
    Mr ditto swooon – 10
    Rhettro – 10
    Dubshack – 9
    Ed From Texas – 7
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Jeremy- 4
    Alvie – 3
    Rhettro – 3
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    Lost Ralph – 2
    Amy Bowen – 2
    Trucker Overdrive – 2
    disgruntled scientist – 2
    psion andy – 1

  68. Holy Fuck Batman!!!

    The Smarty Hotties have committed a grave error!!

    I didn’t notice episode 92 sitting there are grayed out!

    we are downloading ep 92 which is the ep we should be listening to

    Hugh noticed the greasy spoons ended at 91 and that Jack said 93 is the next ep

    Hugh sez: Woman, I shall flog you for getting that wrong

    you promise?

    Hugh sez: I promise

    😉 don’t be too angry at me please

    Hugh sez: I’ll do what I please girl


  69. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters through Ep 92

    Smarty Hotties® – 20
    justa j0e – 14
    The Energizer Bunny – 13
    Vanamonde – 12
    Mr ditto swooon – 10
    Rhettro – 10
    Dubshack – 9
    Ed From Texas – 7
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Jeremy- 4
    Alvie – 3
    Rhettro – 3
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    Lost Ralph – 2
    Amy Bowen – 2
    Trucker Overdrive – 2
    disgruntled scientist – 2
    psion andy – 1

  70. Saturday was nice. Parents came over. Grilled fajitas and rosemary blue cheese polenta. We had a birthday for me in advance of my Monday birthday. Mom made me Red Waldorf cake, and the folks got me an Apple store gift card, Vol. 1 of P.N. Elrod’s Vampire Files series, and this other hardcover with a creepy eye in a triangle on the cover…

  71. Seems I posted just as the Hotties of Chicago lulled for a moment in their listening posts.

    How is Chicago this fine spring Sunday morning?

  72. Jack that is so so so so so so so SO true

    *pause to put my thoughts*

    Deadpan is the only podcast community I “belong” to in anyway. I’ve stopped listening to every other podcast I used to listen to except our sex podcasts and I just listen to those, I don’t comment on their websites. Although I have emailed the shows and they have always been so nice on email. Anywho…

    Deadpan has evolved so many times. I have to admit I felt closer to the community here before, when I first started hanging out on here. We all talked together on a topic, where as now it is more of a mix some people have conversations, many post something about themselves not joining the conversation. Remember when it used to be required to start any post that wasn’t in the conversation with: “Tangent!” LOL. But I feel some of that closeness we had before has been lost. Not saying it was better before, but I felt closer to that group then. It was just different. Many of those people are still here and that closeness is still lost.
    Now I feel Deadpan is a place we come to to just blow off some steam and then go. Before I felt it was necessary to read everyones comments and see what was going on with people, now I post sometimes without even looking at what was said before. Again not saying one time was better than the other, it was just the dynamic of the people involved, we got new blood in the comments and it evolved to the new dynamic with the new personalities.

    I’ve made a couple really great friendships here on Deadpan, I hope to call my friends Jack, Alvie and Addie my friends for the rest of my life. A few people here we pass a friendly email once in a while, and I like to stay in touch with those people, see how they are doing. (which reminds me I have an email from Kris I need to return). Others I only see on here and sometimes we barely pass a comment to each other. So its a very interesting range of people, and personalities.

    I think you need to take each person as an individual. If I were to keep coming here expecting that same dynamic Deadpan had in the beginning, I would come here and get upset that it isn’t like it was. But if your realize that you can’t get along with everyone the same, and some people are jerks, some people are just rude, and in every community you will find people you mesh with so so well and those people you foster great relationships with. Others are people who pass like 2 ships in the night.
    You cannot say every person who joins a community like this wil be just like you and will act just like you. You have to let each personality have its time, let each personality express itself and then you can see which personality fits with yours.

    If you think oh we are all geeks, we are all good people, you wil find yourself getting burned quite easily and often. Because being a geek doesn’t give you a free pass into the you are a nice person club.

    But the one truly awesome thing about Deadpan- is that some of those people I want to know that they are ok, that I email once in a while are people I would never of made friends with in any other situation. Like Ed and Amy for instance are 2 people whom I respect very much and who knows, maybe they think I am an annoying little jerk, but they are 2 people whose opinions I value and who are so so so different from me, I probably never would of talked to them or met them anywhere but here in Deadpan. Kris as well is someone I keep in touch with once in a while and she is someone who is so different from me, but we were able to look beyond that and form a relationship where we check n each other once in a while. She knows all the goings on with Hugh and everything and even though we email or call each other once every few months, I love those emails and phone calls with her. DEadpan made that possible, and thats fucking cool as shit in my book.

    Hugh sez: word

  73. HUgh sez: none of you better be looking at my womans caboose!

    Many people here have seen my naked caboose, baby

    Hugh sez: thats true. Isn’t my wife’s caboose fucking great?

    LOL.. awwwwww. They’ve seen your fine caboose as well

    Hugh sez: That used to freak me out, now I don’t care anymore. I go to your photo shows and I stand next a 6 foot photo of my cock while holding a conversation about preschools with one of my coworkers. It’s fantastic.

    Or I talk to your mom about her coming over to dinner while standing next to a photo of us doing naughty things

    Hugh sez: Ok, my mom seeing your photos still freaks me out sometimes.

    Jeffs here!

    bye pan
    see you next time

  74. Van: I have no suggestions on podcasts. I’ve had to drop most of the ones I listen to because I have no time to listen to them. Besides, you already listen to Deadpan so my #1 suggestion is already gone. 🙂

  75. Okay, I found this online, but lost the attribution to who originally uploaded it, but I don’t claim to have invented it:

    Creamy Blue Cheese Polenta with Rosemary

    3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
    1/2 cup Onion, diced
    4 cloves Garlic, chopped
    1 cup Polenta, quick cooking (cornmeal)
    2 teaspoons Fresh Rosemary, chopped
    4 cups water or vegetable stock
    1/2 cup Blue Cheese
    1/2 cup Half and Half
    To taste: Salt and Pepper

    Heat a 4 quart pan over medium heat. Add the oil, onion and garlic and saute for about 3 minutes. Add the rosemary and the vegetable stock. Bring to a boil and add the polenta slowly while whisking with a wire whip. Once it is all incorporated, reduce the heat and continue to stir with a wooden spoon. Cook until it is the consistency of thick oatmeal. Approximately 5- 8 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the blue cheese and the half and half. Taste for seasoning. Keep warm until ready to serve. This makes more than enough for 4 servings.

  76. JB- thanks for that recipe, I’m going to make that tonight methinks. I need a side dish with my baked salmon and greens (mustard and turnip greens to be exact)

    Thanks ditto 🙂

    Reading that again I realize I didn’t say how much also our not being able to be around here as much changed our dynamic in the group too. How much my and everyone’s personal lives can change their participation in a group and therefore changing the dynamic even more.

    But I think I got my basic point across (hopefully- LOL) that everyone comes into any community with different goals/personalities/personal lives and things can change at any moment and you can’t expect everyone to be just like you, and there will be plenty of people who are the total opposite of you and there will be clashes even. But just because you are all into the same 1 thing doesn’t mean you can all get along and that there won’t be people there only there for their own personal gain and won’t care who they step on to get what they want.

    and can’t we all just get along dammit?????

    Ok Hugh and I had more time to waste before the Cleveland/Boston NBA game 7 comes on, so we were going to try to finish this.

    Hugh sez: Don’t forget those guys are coming by about 2

    Yes! So we have half an hour to finish, then we gotta go

  77. I don’t know any women who build train sets

    Hugh sez: are there a lot of women in scifi podcasting?

    I don’t really know baby. There are some I guess.

    Well said Jackamo
    I think most people live that way. You can do what you want until you mess with me or someone I care about.

    Hugh sez: then there is that section of the human race who does want to control what everyone does

    and the section of the human race who currently DOES control the rest of us

  78. I’m definitely not innocent of hurting anyone. But I really felt shitty when I did and tried to apologize for it

    Hugh sez: I can say the same, and we try to do better

    Yeah thats right baby, we have always tried to better ourselves. Tried to make up for our mistakes and help people we may have hurt.

    Hugh sez: We did. I thnk we are good people babe

    🙂 me too! We rule! LOL

    Hugh sez: and we are a couple of obnoxious sons of bitches too, ain’t we?

    sho’nuff hughie!

  79. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like they are better than you. You hold that power over your own feelings. No one can make you feel or think anything.

    Hugh sez: No one is better than yourself to you, and you shouldn’t ever treat anyone like you are better than them when you are all trying to do the same thing. Like I know I am a better person than some child molesting mother fucker but I’m not a better person than you babe.

    Yeah you are 🙂

    Hugh sez: Oh you stop 🙂



    Oh crap. Doorbell rang. Thats probably one of Hugh’s fellow basketball fanatics. Lets wait and listen…
    Yep. The basketball festivities have begun *sigh*
    I better go be the hostess with the mostess now 🙂
    at least I can just sit and drool over King James in peace while Hugh cavorts with his friends. LOL.

  80. I’m afraid I am in “Post and Run” mode today.
    In military terms I am a “pop up target”.

    … having now wasted those perfectly good electrons on useless information, I must go “mow the lawn”.

    Actually, that is not a euphamism for something fun … I just want it to be so I put it in quotes. Seriously though, I have to go “mow the lawn”.

  81. Wow, I dunno if I want to be talking about this but… There have been some equipment tests, and some basic conversations… And there may be a test run of a show that could possibly continue the Wingin’ It monicker.

    But only because apparently some fans feel like the dead horse hasn’t been beaten enough.

  82. [drive by]

    JB- that “polenta” was so nummy, it finished off a “great dinner” thanks 🙂

    I’m “taking my husband to bed now”

    j0e seemed to have so much fun with his quotes I couldn’t resist.

    [/drive by]

  83. Getting ready to hit the hay. It was a busy but enjoyable weekend. My son and I when to a couple of comic shops, I finally bought a copy of The Watchmen and have been enjoying the first couple of chapters. My son got a vampire batman graphic novel as well as a Predator one and some other assorted comics. It broke 100 degrees today and I swam in our pool for the first time this season. That makes it feel like it’s officially summer down here. And my daughter was able to swim by herself holding a flotation device for the first time ever. Based on her progress she my be swimming completely unaided in a few more weeks, which would be fantastic because I won’t worry as bad about her drowning by accident. 🙂

  84. That’s cool, Rhettro. I remember that happening with my daughter a couple of years ago. She started off the summer nervous about getting the water and a few weeks later she had turned into a fish. Good times.

  85. Eurovision song contest, eh? We’re going two weeks until the next Dr. Who and BSG here on Sci-Fi as well. I wonder if that’s the reason for the delay on our side. Is there some Eurpean equivalent of Simon Cowell that needs to be taken out over there? Hmmm.

    Though, now that I think of it, being Memorial weekend may be a factor also. Or maybe they think everyone will just be going to see the new Indiana Jones move on Friday.

  86. Vanamonde

    I think Mike just got tried of have a party at his house every week for 3 years.

    Plus old wingin was full of bits. The new listerns didn’t want to make them and the show became a kind of weird sex political talkshow hybrid.

    How this new show works I don’t know. I do understand the need for a free-form discussion and random Geeky bits on the farpoint.

    Jack Mangan’s show is great for non sequitur and random bits.

    I enjoy slices sci-fi for news but I get a frustrated when I need to make sure that all comments must reference a current TV show or movie.

    I’ve been itching to be part of a comedy variety show. I don’t think I have enough material to do one on my own. But very much looking forward to being part of one. My big problem is I’ve never free on exactly the same time. And I don’t always have a good Internet connection when I’m stopped.

  87. Ed, your erection impresses me. I hope your back doesn’t hurt too much from that 🙂 In case you haven’t already figured it out, Aleeve has amazing powers against pain.

    Polenta is just a fancy way of saying grits

    I thought I remember Mike and Summer saying at the end of Mike & Evo’s WI that they were getting tons of content from Mur and TD and a bunch of others.. were they? Or was it that that stuff wasn’t enough to fill or carry a show?

    We watched a couple more BSGs this weekend. I have to say after a slow uninteresting start, the show sure is picking up! But I still say Starbuck = boo. I cannot stand that character. We haven’t watched anymore Who’s or anything else except Basketball.

    Hugh sez: My team lost last night 🙁 *sobs* Guess I’m switching to Spurs again.

    You are a basketball team whore, Hughie 🙂

    Hugh sez: I am. Only if my Bulls fail me like they did this year.

    stupid Bulls

  88. Nice work, Van. I’ll have to try and take a look at the pics another time. Too many links to click through while I’m at work.

  89. There are many ways to make polenta. The picture in the wiki article is from a mushy preparation, which is not one of my favorites. I tend to make it a lot thicker. The best thing to do with left-over polenta, imo, is to let it dry into a cake. Cut the cake lengthwise into long slices. The slices should be about 1.5″ square. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. The outside should be crisp and turning golden brown. I cut open a slice and insert cheese. Blue cheese is excellent. 🙂

    Here’s a similar recipe:

  90. I made about a gallon and a half of fresh stock, yesterday. Very yummy. It looks like I’ll be making risotto soon. 🙂

  91. Risotto, yum! One of my favorite things! I also love polenta AND grits. Can’t wait to try the blue cheese method (maybe tonight w/ my grilled pork chops). I had grits yesterday w/ breakfast.

    Damn, now I’m hungry.

  92. Morning Pan. It was 95F on my morning commute today. LOL I noticed the news had issued a heat advisory. Ya think? Also, something very geeky from NPR, a reporter in Iraq talked about how she watched “Buffy” DVD’s as a form of escapism from her assignment, comparing the growth of her character along with Buffy. LOL

    Van: Awesome pictures! I should do a series of camera pics as well.

    Ed: Thanks, my daughter was still excited about what she had accomplished this morning.

    Monday: You know where you can stick it.

  93. Hello Pan,

    On my lunch break right now. It’s a nice sunny day here in Big Sandy, KY. Too bad I’ll be spending most of it in a condenser.

    Van: interesting idea behind the pictures I’ll have to look at them tonight back at the hotel.

    Later Pan, and always remember the weather is always worse at the north pole.

  94. Ed – That IS some errection. I am man enough to admit that even I want to come play on it.

    HughSH – ??? What was that about switching teams if your balls failed you again ?

    Me? I’m off to record today’s CCU which I usually do 1st thing in the AM and have mostly edited by now. Unfortunately I didn’t finish writing the show until about 15 minutes ago.
    Why do I do this? I don’t know.

  95. Having recorded, I thought I’d check in with the Deadpan one more time before I put on the head phones and submerged into audio waveforms.

    Rhet – nope. The reaction was “Wow! This is one minty headache!”

    Kate Bush is currently telling me about Experiment IV … mmommy, I ascared !
    hmmmm, wonder if I could produce a podcast that achieved the same effect?

    back to work.

  96. That was George Lucas’s second choice for the last Star Wars film; “Episode 3: It Burns When Inserted Rectally”.

    But for some reason, he went with “Revenge of the Sith”.

  97. Just another reason to move here. *snicker*

    Although, there is something freaky going on with the weather. We’re supposed to have a high of 105F today and tomorrow. Thursday? A high of 72F.

  98. ah, I’ve been released. Thank you Jackamo 🙂

    Yes Rhett, I asked in my original comment if you or Jack would take us poor Smarty Hotties in.

    j0e- we have a good public transportation system, but still… gas shouldn’t cost that much

  99. http://www.think.no/think/content/view/full/290

    Yes I’m posting more links to electric cars. Supposily theses things will go on sale in the US next year and they are supposed to cost around 18K. I’m a little sceptical, they have a range of over 100 miles per charge, a top speed of just over 60MPH, recharge in 6 hours. This would work for my daily commute, but every other electric car that comes close to these specs cost a lot more. It’d be great if true. The cost of a full charge would be about a dollar of electricty. Four dollars for a week’s worth of commuting. I’m guessing you’ll have to replace the batteries every four years at a cost of 10 grand. LOL

  100. The electric car looks good, but at 160 quid a month to rent the battery out (about 300 dollars) plus the cost of the car and the price starts looking steep again.

    Roll on fuel cells.

  101. I wonder how much mileage from one charge you lose if you need to use the heater..you know in places that actually have weather.

  102. My head is finally starting to hurt less. 😕

    hehehe – Rhet said he better “clean out the guest bedroom.” hehehe

    Ash – sorry about you missing Hugh’s “Spurs/Hornets game” seems like that wouldn’t be difficult for him to start without you. It also sounds like one you would really want to have a safeword for.

  103. was pound ever backed by a pound ov silver like the gold strander in the US?

    Do people still talk abour wieght in stones?

    I think I am going to tell people the wieght of my truck only in stones just to fuck them.

  104. Maurice . . .

    Morning, Pan. I’m heading to Vegas this morning for a quick overnight business trip. I hate flying.

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

  105. Vanamonde: I know its a bit late but what Trucker said was pretty accurate, though it went down something like… Debbie brought one of her nasty ass twitter friends into the studio and started grossing people out, Brian wrote on a pad “I’m done” and held it up, Mike was too busy paying attention to the board, and Tim didn’t get it so he started acting like a dick and Brian got up and left the room. They ended the show, Brian came back in and said he was done, it wasn’t fun anymore. Debbie cut the live feed and that was the last *we* heard. But then Mike said I agree, I’m right there with you, and then they both vented for a couple hours about how the show was over and how people weren’t contributing anything, they were basically just leeching off Mike.

    Which if you ask me, however you split the hair, is pretty much true.

    Now unfortunately we get to watch as the man vultures that are the other Farpoint Media podcasts descend and begin picking on Wingin’ It’s dead corpse. It’s revolting if you ask me, but I suppose it’s none of my business.

    Also, sorry if you don’t get Southland Tales… Honestly as I said before we decided to even make it a pick, not everyone is going to get it. It has so much depth to it, it’s pretty much too dense to even understand what’s happening. I didn’t even get it till 2/3rds into the film what was happening. And that was just because I happened to have heard all the interpretations of Revelations and I get some of the principals of quantum entanglement. Not light subjects, either of them.

    In any case, the movie is simply a deap throated commentary on the cultural structure of Southern California post 9/11. (Yes, believe it or not this was written before 9/11… creepy huh)

  106. Re: Wingin It Contributions.
    Was he referring to lack of content from listeners or from the others who were directly involved in the show?
    Since I no longer listened to the show (I just sort of lost interest and bumped it to the bottom of the stack and then never got to it – call it “Poddrift”) I can’t comment directly.

    Generally speaking though – if you want listener contributions you have to create the sort of fun and creative atmosphere that promotes those contributions. Simply begging for it won’t do the trick. Not for very long anyway.

    The former Wing’in it was like that for me. I have little time for “extra” production but there at the end, the “Evo Terra” Wingin it was just to much fun for me to resist joining in. Things changed.

    As it is, I have a backlog of stuff I’d like to do for the Deadpan but not the time.

    “the man vultures that are the other Farpoint Media podcasts descend and begin picking on Wingin’ It’s dead corpse.”

    I must have missed the sign-up sheet.

  107. JOe: I think what you say is really awesome re: WI. I have been a longtime podcast listener, and have always thought to myself “wow, it’d be fun to contribute something to WI.” I never did, though, because so many homophobic, racist, and just mean things came out over the past year or so and turned me off. I didn’t stop listening, but I came really close more than once.

    I sent Jack my first ever audio contribution last week. THIS is the place for me, I think.

  108. EssBee, thats how many of us ended up here. The environment in the WI community was aggressive and confrontational. I am all for snarky comments and sarcasm, I seethe with snark and sarcasm personally, but it went beyond that there I feel.
    Thats why I started commenting here, Deadpan is a much less judgemental or aggressive community. We kid each other and make jokes but we are all very accepting of each others weirdness and differences.
    Eventually my life got too busy and I couldn’t keep up with slice or cover to cover. Then all the people I liked listening to on WI were gone and I stopped listening to that too.

    Eventually I became as I am now, 100% Deadpan 🙂

    Well ok 85% Deadpan and 15% sex pervert.. but you all knew that already

  109. So any attempt at calorie control today is being thwarted by a plate of home made sausage rolls with pastry that crumbles in the mouth..mmmmmmm!

    As for WI3D, this world is far from perfect and people are going to have some strange attitudes towards people they don’t like or are afraid of. However as long as it’s all talk I can live with that. It’s when they get the pitchforks and burning torches out that I start to worry.

  110. Oh and if you lean to the left, a lot of the right wing/libertarian podcasts are good for a laugh on a good day and a source of despair on a bad one.

  111. To be honest, I’ve gotten so busy at work and in my personal life that podcasts have been actively interfering with how I get things done. Plus, I’ve often found that at the end of the podcast, I have no idea of what was said. At that point it seems pointless to continue to listen, or to contribute, imo. So, the only “talking” podcasts I listen to anymore are Deadpan, JapanesePod 101, and podictionary. The remaining few podcasts are all music based.

  112. I know it’s true, TSH. I followed the original WI crowd, and have been listening to Deadpan for awhile. I finally jumped in here recently, and am sure glad I did. You all are fabulous.

    ditto, I know what you mean by coming to the end of a podcast and having no idea what was said! I still subscribe to tons and tons of them, though. I’m listening to Savage Love right now.

    Okay, Pan – really going to the airport now. Enjoy your day!

  113. Yeah ditto, that was happening to me too with the talking, I switched to a lot of music casts too, but Ive dumped those now because I have no time to keep up.

    We still listen to our sex podcasts when we both have time and we just skip around and listen to the topic we want, they dont need to be listened to in any kind of order which is why we like them. Most of them post the show topic in the title, so its easy to decide.. and well we find sex and sexuality topics fascinating so it works well for us.

    Speaking of which- we are HUGE Savage Love fans. I love that guy.

  114. I did listen to a bunch of political casts there for a while too.. even got the presidents weekly address but honestly it all made me much too upset. Seriously. The political casts started depressing me. I had to cut them out for my own sanity

  115. wOOt!

    Yeah I listened to WI 38 on my drive in this morning. And while it’s said to see one of my main shows go, I think it was pasted due. I’ve been privileged to be a part of the behind the scenes at the Studio and what may not be readily apparent to the casual listener is that Mike works his butt off. By Saturday evening Mike starts to look like something from the Zombie channel. Something I wanted to address but have been holding off on until Mike made it public knowledge is that his passion wasn’t really in Wingin It anymore. And it’s easy to see why, before he started Farpoint, he had a handful of properties he was managing, he was a primary contributor and there were a lot of fresh things to talk about. I think the extra work load that the other shows brought as well as Joe’s illness, and Evo’s departure (which was related to those first two issues) took a lot of wind out of Mike’s sails. And when you consider that Wingin It was probably the most time consuming podcast Mike produced, you can see how WI3D started to be more of a burden than a joy to make. So I think this is a good thing. It’ll free up Mike to work on his other podcasts and the new found freedom should contribute to his creativity.

    As far as listener contributions go, I don’t think WI escaped the shadow of Joe’s death. People got involved because WI was a light hearted fun show. It was a great departure from the tough world around us. Joe’s death was a heavy burden for a comedy show. A lot of the most prolific contributors didn’t come back after that.

    As for my own contributions, it was 18 months ago that the manager portion in my job title was put to work and I’ve been managing the construction of a fairly large shopping district in north western Arizona. I’ve had to work quite a few weekends and the weekends I’ve had off I haven’t felt very creative. Plus my two partners in crime, Gil and Patman, have been up to their ears in work, working overseas for much of that time. So we haven’t been able to collaborate on any new material or send in funny voicemails. But the old crowd has apparently moved to Deadpan, and I think sometime in the very near future, elements of that creative past will come back together. 🙂

  116. For podcasts I’m still a regular listener to Slice and Deadpan. I’ve added a guitar podcast to the mix, Six String Bliss, (www.sixstringbliss.com) which is a low key and friendly conversation between two guys over Skype. I’ve also been trying to find the perfect Metal podcast but haven’t found it yet. Metalscape has awesome music, but the hosts are like two stoner college kids and they talk way more than play music. I don’t like fast forwarding through 10 minutes of pointless banter just to get to the music. MSRcast has slightly better hosts that get to the music faster, but it’s a little to grounded in the old school. But MSRcast is good to jog to. I’m interested in checking out Jack’s recommendation for World Fantasy. June is looking like a month to reevalute all my current shows I listnen to.

  117. I do have to agree as well that it’s probably best to let WI pass on. I followed the comments on the WI3D page and listened to Episode 38 today with Michael and Brian’s explanation. Honestly, had I not had the chance to meet and spend time with Mike, Brian, and Debbie there at DragonCon, I probably would have dropped the show after their rambling bitchcast at the end of 2007.

    WI was clearly a show that was supposed to be about having fun. When something like that ceases to be a labor of love and becomes just a drain on your soul, it’s best to move on. I had wondered anyway how Michael put up with essentially having a big party at his house every weekend.

    As for Deadpan, Let’s welcome the refugees from WI to our happy band. Though, we will have to make sure to apply the asshat filter.

  118. I’m definately behind and just catching up on podcasts. Work has been killing me and I’m about 2 weeks behind now but I’m caught up on Deadpan first. Deadpan is the fucking way.

    WI ending…just catching up there but WI just hasn’t been a priority for me for months. In fact most episodes I actually hit the skip button by halfway thru. It just hasn’t been interesting at all for quite some time.

    Anyway, so long as the Deadpan doesn’t podfade I’ll be happy. I apologize for not sending in content but I listen every week.

    Deadpan again…is the way.

  119. And oh yeah – have fun with your Vegas “business”, EssBee.

    And Dubshack – which “nasty twitter friend” did Debbie bring to WI! ?

    And hey, it’s Scott from Kalamazoo!

    OK, must stop procrastinating. I’m just gonna lurk for awhile.

  120. Funny, I liked what I heard of “Debbie’s nastie twitter friend.” LOL It was clear that Mike, Brian and Co. were trying to delve into more geeky topics, but the women had other things on their mind. I couldn’t tell if that was a point of flustration on Mike’s part or not. But really, WI has welcomed geek and sex in equal portions for a long time. The problem in my mind was they were retreading over the same ground.

  121. I’m really putting the “pro” in procrastination today. One final thought before lunch. WI really needed an infusion of new blood. Krazy Joe was starting to step up to the plate and DNTF could have had a place as well. But utimately WI got trapped in it’s own inertia. Perhaps we’ll see some new shows born out of the ashes of WI?

  122. *steps onto the Deadpan Soapbox*
    Point of order!

    I see the need of a definition – “Podcrastination”

    … is this – The act of listening to a podcast or hanging out in the forum of your favorite podcast INSTEAD of doing what you should be doing.


    – Finding any excuse not to work on your next podcast.

    I open the floor for mass debate.

    *stumbles of the soapbox, lands in a nearby both which is fortunately unoccupied. Finds a quarter in the seat cushion, walks over to the juke box, inserts the coin and chooses Billy Idle’s “White Wedding”*

  123. *podcrastinates wildly*

    I only listened to one or 2 of WI3D episodes. If it started getting racist and homophobish I am glad I wasn’t listening, because you know me and the gays…we like this *crosses fingers*. Although it would have gotten me off my ass and made me contribute something, but it wouldn’t have been lighthearted.

    Rhett’s theory of Joe’s death rings really true. Now that I think of it that was a big factor for me. His decline was hard on the soul to listen to, and while I think it is an amazing “documentary” of his attitude and outlook on life, it wasn’t lighthearted or easy to listen to.

    Southland Tales was teh_good…but I am having struggles when it comes to ideas for submissions…I got soul but I’m not a soulja.

  124. I AM enjoying “Jack wakes up” (even though it is not about OUR Jack) but I must admit that I am surprised at the production mistakes that exist in the first 7 episodes. That has been out a while and I would think the author would have gone back and fixed them by now.

  125. Jeremy – if you *got* Southland Tales, then I’d say just go ahead and send in your interpretation (if you have teh time and teh inclination). Same goes for EssBee and Dub and anyone else who enjoyed it.

    Or of course, feel free to get creative with your take on it.

  126. I mean more negative comments on the movie (judging from some of the posts you may aready more than enough negative commentaries).

  127. poor Ted Kennedy 🙁

    podcrastinate is an excellent word- someone enter it into the Deadpan lexicon STAT!

    Good point Rhett. I agree on the Joe thing. I can’t even bring myself to listen to the Joe tribute show right now. I think WI will always only be WI with Joe.

    Wow, all this cancer talk has me upset

    I need a drink

    lemme go find something funny to post about…

  128. Yeah, poor Teddy K. Brain cancer can’t be a fun experience.

    I noticed one of the google ads on one of the forums I was visiting had a link for http://www.gaychubbydating.com . I certainly don’t have a problem with people who happen to be gay or overweight but I didn’t know there was a market for gay chubby dating either and why a guitar playing site would get a targeted ad like that. I guess you can’t knock it until you try it right? 🙂

  129. It is often said that book to film conversions suffer cos they differ so much from what the reader imagines.

    Take this excerpt from the beginning of HG Wells The Time Machine:

    “The Time Traveller (for so it will be convenient to speak of him)
    was expounding a recondite matter to us. His grey eyes shone and
    twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated. The
    fire burned brightly, and the soft radiance of the incandescent
    lights in the lilies of silver caught the bubbles that flashed and
    passed in our glasses. Our chairs, being his patents, embraced and
    caressed us rather than submitted to be sat upon, and there was that
    luxurious after-dinner atmosphere when thought roams gracefully
    free of the trammels of precision. And he put it to us in this
    way–marking the points with a lean forefinger–as we sat and lazily
    admired his earnestness over this new paradox (as we thought it)
    and his fecundity.”

    When you read the above, do you actually create an image of a room and the glasses and the fire in your mind? Or do you just read the text and accept that this room has glasses and a fire within?

  130. Van: I see the room and the glasses and the fire in my mind. What about you?

    Mr. Mangan: are you suggesting that I’m not taking care of “business” here in Vegas?

    Poor Ted Kennedy!

    I ALWAYS miss the naked jig. Damn the luck.

  131. I did see the fire, the glint of the glasses and the grey eyes and a sense that everyone was enthralled listening to the time traveller’s story.

  132. The link JfS posted has put an idea into my head.

    In a similar vein to the attempt to reinstate cancelled shows like Jericho. What if we send those chocolates to the execs at Fox as a protest to all the good shows they’ve cancelled, that way they would literally have eaten ass.

  133. and Hugh would like to make a comment Re: The NBA Draft

    His comment is: w00t!

    and another w00t to me for doing that without knowing! (yes sorry I am a sucky Deadpanite, we have not watched Soutland Tales, and I am not sure if we will in time. Sorry)

  134. TSH: It’s bound to happen.

    RE: Stanley Cup

    Go Penguins!

    And I still owe the Deadpan the drinking game rules I thought of for Southland Tales. Oh well hopefully tomorrow. I’m about to fall asleep so goodnight Deadpan, goodnight Mush.

  135. Good lord I’m getting ridiculously busy here.

    WI3D: The final word, it ended because it was no longer fun for Mike. There were many, many other reasons, including many of the people and the attitudes expressed here, however these are so ancillary that there’s just no point even going there.

    Jack: I dunno who this chick is but the word is that she’s some phone sex operator but looks a little more like T-Rex from Orgasmo.

    As for Debbie’s “Yoko” comment… I’m not even going to comment.

    This weekend I will try very hard to put together my Southland contribution.

    Right now I’m involved in deep discussion with three other popular WI personalities to start a new podcast. I dunno if I want to say any more than that… Discussion is discussion, and I think the testing we’ve done so far shows we can do it, but we need more equipment testing and we need to I guess just do it.

    Finally I guess I’ll just say this… The people behind WI are both happy and sad to see it go. It most certainly needed to end and now it has. And now there’s not just an empty space, but a broken corpse that I’m seeing a number of podcasters pick over like vultures. Frankly it makes me sick. But whatever. It happens.

    This new thing, I dunno how far its going to go, but we’ve all ready made one thing clear… The moment it stops being fun, its over.

  136. Morning Pan!

    How are we this wet wonderful morning?

    I’m not even going to pretend to catch up on the comments.

  137. My husband has Red Shift (I think that’s what it’s called), but the above download is a nice little free thing.

  138. So…err…um..hmmmm

    ‘Looks at the ceiling’

    ‘Looks at the floor’

    ‘Chews lower lip’

    Speed Racer was kinda fun.

    I’ll just go and watch `Ghost’ three times in a row for penance.

  139. There’s a neat little lass and her name is Mari-Mac
    And make no mistake she’s the girl I’m gonna track
    Lots of other fellas try to get her on the back.
    But I’m thinkin’ they’ll have to get up early.

    Mari-Macs mother’s makin’ Mari-Mac marry me
    My mother’s makin’ me marry Mari-Mac
    Well I’m gonna marry Mari cause Mari’s takin’ care o’ me.
    We’ll all be feelin’ marry when I marry Mari-Mac.

  140. [JfS Earbuds Update]

    Cut / Copy: “In Ghost Colours” Pretty good, I recommend.
    MGNT: “Oracular Spectacular” Fixin to listen, heard some songs, liked ’em.
    The Presets: “Apocalypso” I concur with TSMs
    Portishead: “Three” see above.

    [/JfS Earbuds Update]

  141. That MGMT single is uber-catchy, but I feel the need to reject I-IV-V pop melody formulas. It’s the responsible thing to do.

    I got a bunch of Thievery Corporation tracks from emusic — good stuff. Kinda Massive Attack-ish.

  142. I-IV-V meaning the Wild Thing/Louie, Louie/every Green Day song/every Who song chord progression.
    “Pretend” by MGMT uses that. . . . really well, I might add. . .

  143. Dang I thing I understand it now.

    Notes in western music: A B C D E F G

    So a I, IV, and V progression in the key of A would be A, D,E.
    in the key of C it would be C, F, G.
    in the key of G it would be G, C,D.


  144. Its so easy to blow up your problems
    Its so easy to play up your breakdown
    Its so easy to fly through a window
    Its so easy to fool with the sound

  145. That would be an affirmative, ditto. The wife and I will probably make it an afternoon date movie on Friday while the kids are still in school.

    We’ll probably catch Narnia with the kids sometime this weekend as well.

    Man, it’s only Wednesday, isn’t it? It should be at least late on Thursday by now.

  146. Just spent 6 hours getting an old PC with a dodgy HD controller to run Puppy Linux for a friend. Ending up having to boot from floppy disk to get the thing to work.

    Working the bank holiday weekend, so no seeing Indy 4 till next week, don’t care about spoilers, cos I still will go and see the movie.

    Ive got you under my skin
    Ive got you deep in the heart of me
    So deep in my heart, that youre really a part of me
    Ive got you under my skin

    Ive tried so not to give in
    Ive said to myself this affair never will go so well
    But why should I try to resist, when baby will I know than well
    That Ive got you under my skin

    Id sacrifice anything come what might
    For the sake of having you near
    In spite of a warning voice that comes in the night
    And repeats, repeats in my ear

    Dont you know you fool, you never can win
    Use your mentality, wake up to reality
    But each time I do, just the thought of you
    Makes me stop before I begin
    cause Ive got you under my skin
    -Cole Porter

  147. For the record, “nasty ass” Ladawn is both Eliza’s and Debbie’s twitter friend and what came out of her mouth was as much a surprise and embarrassment to us as it was to everyone else. People are usually more circumspect the first time they’re on mic.

    The pool party is in fact the “Farpoint Fool Party” and it’s looking like that will be the last official live WI3D recording.

    And Dubshack is a drama queen. Geesh!

  148. Well Heiminway offed himself with a shotgun which may have something deep to see about writing and drinking…or maybe not.

    Morning Pan, breakfast ahoy, and no cage fighting till I get my cornflakes.

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