435 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #91: Podtaint, part 1

  1. Has anyone seen Rendition yet?

    It would be a hard enough movie to watch, but watching it with the full knowledge that we are actually doing this to people right now doesn’t sit well with me at all. I found the movie profoundly disturbing.

  2. Agreed. I’ve also been opposed to the preemptive strike philosophy too. It’s nice to see McCain say the same, but its too little too late imo.

  3. Got some cheesecake icecream with walnuts and caramel in it. Cookies sound good. Maybe tomorrow…

    Thanks for the compliment Rhettro 🙂 I thought of patriotic music when I did that.

  4. Van says “I eat the sweet and dump the nut” and no one jumps on that?! It must be Friday.

    Hey ditto, it looks like Summer deleted all registered users because of the recent WordPress hacks. Sorry, but that seems to be the safest way to keep hackers out. I’ll let everyone know if it ever becomes safe to allow registered users again.

  5. So I get this mass mailing letter from my county commissioner that states;

    “Today I am pleased to make available to you and your family through the Department of Homeland Security a free smoke detector in hopes that lives in our community will be saved. Please install this device immediately as directed in the instructions.”

    I kid you not.

    So, rest assured that money that was alocated to protect you and your family from being killed in some mass attack by foreign terrorist … has instead been given to county governments to buy smoke detectors.

    Because where there is smoke … there is TERRORISM!

  6. If you house caught fire do to a terrorist’s nuclear attack, wouldn’t you want a smoke detector to alert you to that fact?

    Jack: I figured that was just English slang for something tame that just sounds provocative to Americans. Sort of like “having a fag on the lift.”

  7. lets see … roughly 300,000 residents in this county times the bulk, discount price of probably $5 a detector … that = PORK!!!

    Care to bet that DHS didn’t give the county truckloads of detectors but instead just wrote somebody a check!
    Further more, I’ll bet they get to keep the rest it even if I don’t go down there and ask for my detector?

    I’d feel a lot safer if they loaded a plane with 300,000 smoke detectors, flew over known Talaban strongholds, and then dumped the things on their heads from a very high altitude.

  8. Better yet … I’d feel safer if they spent the money on portable generators, color TV’s, WII playstations and Guitar Hero THEN gave all of it to the Taliban.

    I’ve seen what that has done to OUR productivity. I’ll bet that would keep them busy for MONTHS!

  9. THAT is the response that makes me so irate about this!

    Some politition somewhere KNOWS he will get away with this BLATENT mis-use of funds specifically ear-marked for protection fro terrorists because they know that NO ONE will publically make a scene about something that is (A) free and (B) will save lives.

    If they want to give away free smoke detectors GREAT! Just first tell the public you are going to tax them all in order to raise the money to give these things out to everybody.

    Oh wait … THAT would run counter to the Conservative’s smaller government claim.

    I know … let’s DEFRUAD the tax payer … let’s tell them we will tax them for the defense of the country from terrorists and the re-allocate the money for projects we know they would NEVER choose to be taxed to support.


  10. I hear good things about CD4, but I still haven’t finished CD1 on my PC. Too many games, so little time. The only game I’m sort of staying current with is Blacksite: Area 51. Getting closer to done on that one, but I only seem to play it once every two weeks as it is. LOL

  11. I DVR’d “Bender’s Big Score” and started watching last night. I thought the body powder made from Fox Executives, sorry BOX Executives was pretty funny.

  12. Old skool today, C64 versions of Tapper and Q*bert via VICE.

    So is the new Futurama worth buying Rhettro? lot of reviewers have been unimpressed with BBS.

  13. Oh gawd I’m having a flashback to playing a table top war game set around the Battle of Jutland in WW1.

    The rules were so complicated that me and a couple of friends spent the whole afternoon moving ships around but never actually sinking any enemy ships.

    Computer war games were a pleasant surprise after that.

  14. Sounds like the Wolfpack (U-boat) game my friends and I tried back in the 80’s. Insanely complicated. I don’t think we got past 6 turns after several days of effort.

  15. Trucker Overdrive with a few words on pod taint.

    I feel kind of bad beening a star fucker, myself. I was however interested in trying to talk Jack into doing the previously on for an upcoming episode on my show. As far as thinking that this is all some kind of lofty enterprise that were all going to get rich on is a little bit absurd. I remember when college girls ran around in their underwear before low resolution cameras that updated every two minutes as young men masturbated hoping they got to see some jennicam nipple. I still have some saved stills from it. I know that pod casting will not last. I know that it’s fledgling days are long over. I know that its golden age may have already come and gone. I know that if you get two people together one of them is a douche bag, and it’s never you.

    I also know that before pod casting my days usually consisted of over eating and wasting far too much money at strip bars. Now they consist of answering e-mails from fans and friends and getting in touch with creative people as we learn the art of storytelling together. I have reached out to like-minded individuals and conversed with people who I fervently disagree with.

    I now have hundreds of people listening to my story and enjoying it. I am writing. Something I’ve wanted to do since I was nine years old. I don’t plan on taking the publishing industry by storm. I just hope that I can reach a level that some small publishing house can take my work put it into print and somewhere it will set on a strangers shelf. I don’t do this for my own ego. I do this because I want to say I’ve accomplished something in my life. That’s not fame. That’s accomplishment which is its own reward. You call pod casting a hobby. It is that, as well as a passion. I know from your work that you have passion, life and energy, Mr. Mangan. I hope you take this darkness and despair and turned it into something beautiful. You owe it to your self if no one else.

    By the way, Trucker just talked about his taint.

  16. Alas, Rhettro, no XBOX360 for me. While we do have a Wii at the house, at heart I have always been a PC gamer and that is the version of CoD4 that I routinely get shot up in over and over and over.

    I did just recently earn my golden desert eagle, though.

  17. Trucker: I think it’s best summed up by “beware of personal hubris”. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what you do, or how well you do it, if you start believing you are better than everyone else then you are asking for trouble.

    I’m glad it’s working for you, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t big problems out there.

  18. And I will say what I saw today from one of these fuckers, although provided some fun gossip relief between Jack and I, was just holy fuck ridiculous.

    However, the timing of this sycophant’s outburst couldn’t have had better timing, in relation to what Jack talked about in this show.

    In fact, it pisses me off so much, I just might have to come out of my sworn silence in podcasting to have a “McEnroe fit” (and those are always entertaining)

    It is really a shame. Meaning there are a lot of folks out there who just may have been onto something good, but are completely cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

    Stupid dummy dum dums

  19. And, once again, we’ve survived to the weekend.

    The wife and I watched the two BSG specials on Sci-Fi last night. I’m definitely fired up again for the the start of season 4 next Friday.

  20. see looksie… we come back and the shows return 🙂

    Hugh sez: w00t!

    Hugh and I have a cool new artist studio we are renting

    Hugh sez: its hawesome


    we are going to go play there now!

    Hugh sez: when are we going to start breaking in every room?

    on that note, we bid you farewell

    Hugh sez: so long, farewell

  21. Welcome back SH ! Have fun storming your studio!

    ED – waaa. I missed the specials. I think I’ll go put on some coffee and then make SURE I have the TiVo set to record the season!

  22. Ditto’s fucking killing me here today.

    So did I miss something again? I’m always missing thing.

    Also, not only is my Magic Couch here, THE SAMURAI IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!exclamation point!!!!!

    I knew it was that stupid alternator. Now I just gotta get a new muffler on it so it stops leaking black smoke into the cabin.

    Thats it for me today, I’ve got a xanax overdose hangover to nurse…

  23. Whilst waiting for my “to go” order of Thai food yesterday, I noticed a “Beer” store across the street and thought I would pop over and see if they had any Aventis or Tres Pistols. They didn’t. It was however, just as described in my previous post.
    Complete with the couple that could be me and an Asian female to be named later.
    “Grow old with me … and let’s sell domestic beer and porn”.

    In mentioning this to some friends who had lived in that area some years ago, they told me they were quite familiar with the store. They called it “The Beer and Beaver”.

    I offer no explanation or apologies. Sometimes life is what it is.

  24. *Looks way up the board* Wow, ditto posted the words of a wise sage, I’m in complete agreement. I think the common misconception is when people rally around a particular interest, be it podcasting, knitting or bowling, they think the activity defines the group. That is to say, they must be good people because they are interested in the same things I am. But that is complete bunk. Bad apples don’t selectively choose interests other than your own. It’s the people that define the group, not the group’s activity.

  25. Rhett: I think what you said also encapsulates in a HUGE fucking way what happens in Religion. The problem there is, Religion is DEFINED by the bad apples. It doesn’t matter how many there are, those are the only ones people see and dismiss everyone else because of it.

    On the other hand, nobody ever died over a belief in podcasting. So maybe I’m just stirring the pot.

    Speaking of, is it just me, or do I just feel completely baked off my ass today.

  26. Hey Dub, good to see you here. Religion is such a personal thing, it’s hard to talk about as a coherant subject, it just means so many different things to different people, maybe even 180 degrees from person to person. But I do agree if you look at a lot of this mega-churches, the idea that “the interest defines the group” runs rampant there.

  27. I was going to say that an obvious exception to my point is when the group’s interest is blatantly evil like the KKK or NAMBLA, the interest really does define the group. LOL

  28. As for my own religious beliefs, I think I let it be known here before I’m agnostic. That is to say, I don’t think anyone knows whether God exists or not and most likely we will never know, at least while we are alive. As such, I don’t look down on people who are persuing a faith. There is something to be said for trying to live a moral life, being a good person and treating others like you would like to be treated. At it’s core, I think any good religion would stress that. Beyond that, what difference does it make? We have a collection of stories that’s sole purpose (hopefully) is to either inspire you to do these things or frighting you if you don’t. Everything else is just branding, in my opinion. 🙂

  29. I vary between agnostic and atheist.

    I also don’t think life has a point other than what you make out of it yourself.

    But I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.

  30. thanks j0e, its good to be back 🙂

    Deadpan is a place that I respect everyones religious choices, we come from all walks of life and as long as everyone here respects everyone elses choice its all good to us.

    Hugh and I count ourselves among the athiests, but that works for us and don’t necessarily feel our way is better than anyone elses. But that is the choice we made…

    Hugh sez: but how come sometimes you just say oh God over and over if your athiest?


    oh I am so hitting submit now

    Hugh sez: submit woman, submit now

  31. and i have 6 years of catholic school to thank for my atheism

    Hugh sez: and 20 years of praying to the church of Hugh


    Yeah you guys think the catholic god is full of fire and brimstone, try worshiping in the church of Hugh. He is 1 evil motherfucker. Although really the church of Hugh just involves a lot of March Madness and head.

    Hugh sez: you know me so well

    ok pan. Smarty Hotties out

    Hugh sez: we shall return shortly

  32. Jack, anxiously awaiting the second half to your essay.
    Rhettro, agree with you. There is always a social structure in any collective and there are always people who treat you poorly even if they don’t see that they are.

    I’m a bit baffled in what is going on, and happy to be on the periphery on this one.

    I say if they give you bananas, make pudding.

  33. Beyond dreams and nightmares a little midget sits at my bed he sits there laughing at me and screaming I don’t know what he saying he is still in all the punctuation my comment I don’t know where his laughter ends and my sentences began

  34. I need to write but I am tired where do I began at the beginning I guess or at the end and work backwards have I done that before I don’t know but there are many ways to start in all of them are bad naughty naughty little clown has stolen all my punctuation again I need to find in and take back my!

  35. Trucker better trademark that, I have a friend that could turn that into a song.

    I always say the Navy runs strongest in my blood but a large portion of my mother’s side of the family is Catholic, but I can’t say I have any experience with that what so ever. What scared me away from churches for all time was the 11 years of horror that was the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I dunno if I even want to go there. But yeah, it shaped me… In a few good ways, but some really horrible ways also that now require medication…

    I did a complete 180 after leaving that and looked at becoming a Wiccan or a Pagan, but found so many parallels in the communities I came to the conclusion that human beings, given any subject to flock around, will eventually exude the same sort of extreme behavior that generationally damages people. Whether this is a new thing, like since the 90’s, I have no idea. I can only speak from my own experience.

    What eventually led myself to a simple label of “Christian” is a number of very hardcore and personally emotional events in which I came to the realization that the downfall of organized religion can’t be blamed on God, and that for me personally validating his existance in my own life is something that has been very powerful and uplifting, and while I’m somewhat comfortable sharing my belief I’m not comfortable forcing that belief on others… People have their own idea of what motivates them and what has power over their lives, and if it works for them then I will applaud it, support it, but what I have is mine and if you think thats cool than great, if you don’t think thats cool then fine, people don’t have power over my life.

    I don’t look to Christianity as a crutch to my own shortcomings, of which I have many. I do believe that God lifts up those who lift up themselves. I have a very hard time interacting with society after what was done to me. I don’t blame God for that. But every day I personally try, against every feeling and hardship I experience to be the person society expects me to be, even though the sad truth is I can never be who *I* expect me to be. And yet I can come to a place where I make that effort, and where I fall short I can leave it to God to determine if I can go further.

    And I’m not one of these nutjobs who thinks he can talk to God. I don’t hear voices (anymore anyway, it’s been at least a decade and God was never one of them) but the thing is now… It’s about patience, understanding, and a willingness to not be selfish and give yourself to what may be inevitable. God doesn’t speak in the English language, he only speaks in ways that you have to be willing to see. Which therein lies the problem, because I would argue that humanities ability to interpret anything is flawed on a number of levels.

    I listen to a lot of independant church podcasts and have yet to find a church I 100% agree with (though there are a few that the jury is still out on). So whether or not I ever walk into a church again for anything other than a wedding or funeral is questionable. (and hopefully not a wedding, I hate those) But I leave that possibility open, because one day God may say “Ok you’re ready for kids” and I want my children to have an open mind, and I want them to have the choice to believe what they chose to believe. It was a choice I wasn’t given as a child, and thats one reason my therapist agrees that I’ve never had one.

    Yeah… Rambling Dubshack… He’s just lonely is all… Gonna go back to the magic couch now… (though I suppose if I get all me chores done I could go pick up an air filter for the Samurai… I’d try to get the mold out of the carpets but its snowing today… always snowing around here…)

  36. Hey Cynful: you’re free from moderation purgatory (murgatory?)

    We’ve spent the weekend moving from one apartment to another (same place, different unit)
    Moving teh sucks.

  37. Well, after about 50 hours–I did *all* the side quests–I finished Mass Effect. Wow. It’s the best game Bioware has done yet: a great immersive environment, fun game play, and a fantastic story. There were a few predictable elements, and a couple of twists that I thought were obvious, but then again… I was wrong about a few paths that I thought they were going to take, and the major plot twist completely surprised me. Well worth picking up!

  38. Hhhhhhiiiiiiiii mr ditto swoooooooooooooon

    Hugh sez: fuck, here we go again

    you are so jealous of my ditto love

    Hugh sez: I am. I love ditto more than you do

    do not!

    Hugh sez: I do

    I love him more!

    Hugh sez: I’m bigger than you, there is more of me to love ditto with

    you are a man of big love

    Hugh sez: I’m all big. I do everything big


  39. Hugh sez: I am ascared of what podtaint is

    sounds like a venereal disease

    Hugh sez: it does

    or a podcast about the taint

    Hugh sez: it taint pussy and it taint ass?

    Podtaint: it taint radio, and it taint a blog or something

  40. Do you think if we go from our greasy spoon winnings lunch with Jack we will get podtaint since he is a podcaster?

    Hugh sez: We will make sure to wrap ourselves in latex so we don’t catch podtaint from him


    whats the cure for podtaint?

    Hugh sez: maybe a good shower will wash it off

    maybe you need to go get baptized to remove podtaint

    Hugh sez: or a colon cleansing


  41. alrighty.. it’s been a long long time since we have play by played

    Hugh sez: too long. Do you think we revirginized?

    LOL.. oh fer sure we did. Maybe since we revirginized we won’t catch podtaint

    Hugh sez: yeah.. and Jack’s gonna pull out before he cums


    *submit comment*

  42. Hey! We’re in the running to be douchebags!!!

    Hugh sez: w00000t!!!!! Actually no baby thats not right

    its not?

    Hugh sez: a fine lady such as yourself could never be a douchebag. Obviously I am the douchebag

    NO!! You taint!

    Hugh sez: I want some taint!


    Hugh sez; Dre taint


    *submit comment*

    Hugh sez; hit it mama

  43. Dear Jackamo

    I would like to see pictures of your big donkus, Hugh on the other hand has absolutely no interest and if you were to send said pictures I can guarantee that Hugh would not be looking at them.

    infected girl,

  44. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments through Unshow 9

    Smarty Hotties® – 16
    The Energizer Bunny – 11
    justa j0e – 10
    Mr ditto swooon – 8
    Dubshack – 7
    Vanamonde – 7
    Rhettro – 6
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Ed From Texas – 5
    Jeremy- 4
    Alvie – 3
    Rhettro – 3
    Thomas – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
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    disgruntled scientist – 1

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  46. oh…. true. and, um, how many doors you open down the hallway? er.. wait that nakes no sence.

    also, the peanut is niether a pea nor a nut… oh wait, it IS a nut

  47. wow, i have trouble doing this, i would not be able to handle a 4way on the phone. now another type of 4-way…that’s a different story. 😉

  48. how about a flight to Vegas on friday, where i will be celebrating my birthday, which i just found this out moments before coming on here? only it would have to be a three way cause Alvie isn’t going. 🙁

  49. I also had the episode number wrong

    Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples through Ep 90

    Smarty Hotties® – 17
    The Energizer Bunny – 11
    justa j0e – 11
    Mr ditto swooon – 9
    Vanamonde – 8
    Dubshack – 7
    Rhettro – 7
    Ed From Texas – 6
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Jeremy- 4
    Alvie – 3
    Rhettro – 3
    Thomas – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    Lost Ralph – 2
    Amy Bowen – 2
    Trucker Overdrive – 2
    Jackamo – 2 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    disgruntled scientist – 1

  50. Yawn. Mehday. =P Talk about the weekend that wasn’t. I worked at the office for half the day on Saturday, then spend the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday moving crap from my garage to my shed I recently built. I need two days off now. In other news, my son is 10 years old to day. Yes I know, both my son and daughter have March birthdays. Evidently the 4th isn’t the only day for fireworks in July.

  51. There must be something in the water in Deadpan Land – Today is my son’s 3rd birthday. Happy birthday to your son, Rhettro.

    Apparently mine didn’t get the memo that the terrible two’s are supposed to be finished now.

  52. Wow Ed I didn’t know. Congratz to your son as well! In my experience the terrible twos end somewhere around the second half of the fives. LOL

  53. (if anyone asks – I wasn’t here)

    Well we’re movin on up,
    To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.

    Fish don’t fry in the kitchen;
    Beans don’t burn on the grill.
    Took a whole lotta tryin’
    Just to get up that hill.
    Now we’re up in the big leagues
    Gettin’ our turn at bat.
    As long as we live, it’s you and me baby
    There ain’t nothin wrong with that.

    Well we’re movin on up,
    To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.

  54. It was a cold and frosty morn… Before leaving his home a young and naive Psionandy hits the update button on his phone. Aha he says, there is a new episode of Deadpan. This will surely brighten up my day.

    The eponymous Psionandy had been a little depressed of late, for he had grown tired of the squabbling and bickering from the parents on some of the forums he used to frequent… Then there were the blog-wars… where he’d seen friends and people he liked and respected attacked, slandered and stabbed in the back by others he once liked and respected.

    Nevermind, he’d left all that behind now as he found the cosy, friendlyness of the podosphere comforting., And now all he had to do was sit back on the train and enjoy the deadpan ride…..

    ahhhhh nuts!

  55. I’ve been away from Deadpan for awhile, and wow! The shit has hit the fan, hasn’t it?

    I’m brand new to twitter — is there anything redeeming there? Or should I step away quickly while I have no attachment to anything or anyone there?

  56. I’ve just started playing with twitter… I think it’s fun.

    but like anything else i suppose there’s people who i wouldn’t want to listen to… so if i find any i don’t listen to them.

  57. Hey, you’re out of murgatory, EssBee. .

    I say you should have fun and enjoy whatever you want in the new media world. Just don’t let anyone treat you like you’re inferior.

    Happy birthday to the Deadpan Jrs.!

  58. Thanks, Jack. I was only in murgatory for about 10 minutes.

    I agree about the fun and enjoyment. I have experiences a few WTF moments in Twitter already, but just blocked those turkeys immediately. Life is going on right now, isn’t it? No need to deal with turkeys.

  59. Yeah whatever Twitter is to you depends on who you are following. Unfortunately for me there are a handful of podcasters that that use Twitter as a big marketing tool and reading through all the post is sort of like getting called by a telemarketer every so many minutes. It’s an interesting premiss, but for my needs, I’ll stick to email. 🙂

  60. So today’s experiment is to see if a high dose of vitamin C will forestall a cold (already got the sore throat).

    As to twitter..what is worse the person posting they have just had a shit or the person who keeps on reading posts like that.

  61. I think that the person who keeps reading posts like that is way more pathetic. I joined twitter for fun and friends, but I can totally see the telemarketing analogy Rhettro made. I’ve already gone in and shifted my priorities (i.e., list of who I follow).

    Good luck w/ the sore throat.

  62. When I have a cold coming on it’s time to reach for the warm ribena and a spoonful of honey…

    …. not sure if its the fluid, vit C, natural antibiotics or just the placebo thing… but it makes me feel better.

  63. Your task for the week.

    I am giving all of you an assignment and you have until Saterday night to complete it so there is NO excuses.

    You are to go out and purchase some vanilla ice cream and a can of Root beer. If you just can’t do root beer, Coke-a-cola (or even orange or grape soda) is acceptable.
    Come home and place the icecream in your freezer and the soda in your fridge.

    You will also need to precure a straw. These can be obtained from most fast fod resturaunts.

    OK – one night this week after you have had dinner, you are to banish all of the children and all of your problems into some other part of your house for a while. Make sure you have on your “comfy” clothes or better yet … your P.J.s

    Scoop some of the Vanilla ice cream into the tallest glass you can find. Open the can of soda and slowly pour it into the glass. Listen to the bubbles. Put the glass close to your face so that the bubbles tickle your nose. They are your friends.
    As the foam recedes, continue to add soda until you’ve gotten as much in as you can.

    Now, put in your straw and take the glass and the longest t-spoon you can find and go sit in your comfiest chair. This chair may be in front of the TV but only if you are watching mindless entertainment. No news is aloud.

    Eat/drink the soda.
    Higher marks will be given to those who can make the soda last for an entire episode of their favorite show.

    Your assignment is complete.

  64. Bonus points if you’re able to combine spam with Justa J0e’s assignment.

    Hey, I’ve received a bunch of e-mails over the weekend, but the move has sucked away almost all of my time. If you’ve written me recently, I’ll write you back.

  65. Isn’t that called a floater?…or ice cream and pop when I was a lad.

    A nice addition is adding some tinned pears (you need a big glass) in fruit juice and NOT syrup.

    Oh and use Irn Bru rather than root beer or cola.

    ..and yes take the pears out of the tin…tin is not fit for human consumption.

  66. 🙂
    Creativity is encouraged with this assignment but not if it runs the risk of “complicating” things.

    While the ice cream soda will NOT prevent the common cold, if administered in the prescribed manor it can help to stave off the karma cold.

  67. I can’t have sugar, but i’m completely visualizing that root beer float…. gah that would be great right now…

    Hey, i gotta question for you guys…

    if you saw a [flyer, banner, business card, picture, etc] for a website called

    The Charleston Geek and Gamer

    (uh, assuming you lived in or near Charleston)

    would you be interested in visiting this website?

    i’m struggling with the name because a few people have suggested that the term “geek” might turn people off…

    I agree that this is a possibiity, maybe even a likelihood, but… it just… the name just kind of .. fell out, i mean, im struggling to think of anything else….

    what do you guys think?

    (fyi, if this helps, the website is a sort of hub for local businesses and an aggregate of local and regional “geek” news, and a calendar of local events and a place to plan local events and build groups) [

  68. Wow, now *I’m* having Jack’s problem.

    Except I can’t seem to access the site at all. Anyone want to jump to farpointrecap.com really quick and tell me if it loads? And if it does, is it just extraordinarily slow?

    I threw the audio on Podango thinking at least it would get to the feed, but Itunes is still giving me timeout errors on that as well. So I dunno. I know you can view it here though:

  69. I don’t know how you attempt to beat podango into submission but her is what works for me.

    First I “add new episode” but I DO NOT attach the audio file to it.
    Then, I go to “Manage FIles” and use the “Upload Files”button to upload the show.
    Once the file has uploaded I refresh that page again until I see the new show in the list. Over to the left it will say something like “no show associated with this file” You click on that and it will give you a dialogue box that allows you to select an episode to attach the file to. Hopefully your new episode is there.

    This method has worked for e on my last 4 or 5 episodes.

    BTW – I don’t have the new FPR on iTunes yet.

  70. I can’t even access Farpointrecap.com, so it isn’t Podango.

    I do most everything from the wordpress side… While the episode is uploading I do the shownotes and hit “Post,” then I edit the entry and add the episode (usually by then it shows up). Then I go to Podango.com and Manage Files, assign the file to the blog entry. Then I edit the episode and set the release date. I might be overdoing it but this does it for me every time.

    Except this time because I can’t even access the website. And I’m not talking about logging in, its telling me the site doesn’t exist.

  71. Morning Pan!

    Nice holiday. Although it was certainly a shock going from an average of 80 degrees to having to shovel the sidewalk on Sunday 🙂

  72. I have to admit that I took juvenile glee in watching the footage of Dubya throwing out the first pitch to open Baseball season.
    Apparently not even the Evil NeoCons can arrange to vette an entire baseball stadium!

    The must have been piping in the Star Spangled Banner at a large volume through Dubyas ear piece in order to drown out THAT chorus of booing.

    DO you suppose they will have to create a whole new branch of the Secret Service just to follow him around for the rest of his life and make sure he never reads a newspaper, sees a news program or finds out what Americans and the rest of the world really think of him?

  73. Here in Calgary, at a hockey game, some guy was beat up and sent to the hospital because he wore an Edmonton Oilers jersey to a Calgary vs Edmonton game.

    How stupid is that?

  74. April Fools letter of the day:

    Dear Abby: To say I am upset is an understatement. My wife of 22 years, “Verna”, was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison.
    Verna always programmed our VCR and as a result, I have no idea how to record my favourite sporting events.
    I begged my daughter to show me how to operate it, but she’s still mad at me because when sheasked me if her blaser made her look fat, I replied: “No, it’s those double cheeseburgers you’ve been scarfing down two at a time that make you look so fat.”
    I’m thinking if I run a personal ad in the paper I could meet a nice lady and get my mind off all the sports I’m missing. Here’s how I plan to word it: “SWM seeking single female. Race, age adn looks unimportant. Please send picture of car.”
    I know you get hundreds of letters every day with the same exact problems that I have, but please tell me what to do.

    -Calgary Sun

    If this is a real letter, I’m Mickey Mouse 🙂

  75. today’s quize

    without looking on the net … what is the video broadcasting standard for the following countries?

    1) Burma
    2) Austria
    3) Morocco

    Bonus round) Saudi Arabia

  76. Ok I’m at work and I still can’t get the site.

    I was able to connect to the site once yesterday Joe, but I couldn’t log in to upload the show… I had to do it on the podango side. I haven’t been able to connect since.

  77. 1) Burma = NTSC
    2) Austria = PAL
    3) Morocco = SECAM

    Bonus round) Saudi Arabia

    That’s why it was the bonus round question. Saudi Arabia has a “Dual” broadcast standard.
    Of course being the “Dubya” variety of U.S. allies – neither of their 2 standards are NTSC.

    BTW: No points for Van … “without looking on the net …” Although since he has completed his homework assignment already he is excused from after school detention.

  78. Yeah! Sarah’s here!

    “if you saw a [flyer, banner, business card, picture, etc] for a website called

    The Charleston Geek and Gamer

    (uh, assuming you lived in or near Charleston)

    would you be interested in visiting this website?”

    I know I would, but I’m the quinesential geek. It’s the same reason I gavitate toword sites like ThinkGeek.

  79. You know I think I have some root beer and ice cream at home, I may just be able to pull it off. Joe, I’ll be drinking a cold one in your honor tonight, I’m sure you would think that was brilliant. 🙂

  80. Hi Sarah –

    The “Geek” title, while very descriptive – is also very limited.
    Unless you are specifically targeting ONLY those who are part of the “”GEEK” joke I wouldn’t use the term.
    I believe many members of the general public who are “outside” of the geekosphere would view it as a disparaging term and shy away from it.

    In marketing you want the possibility of attracting as many different demographics as possible … or at least, “limiting” yourself as little as possible.

  81. Dub – chopping my way through my podjam and finally got to FPR:007.
    Funny open!

    Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t get it … but in my eyes, getting lampooned or skewerd on the FPR is the podcasting world’s equivent of having Weird Al Yankovic parody your song. The music Industry may decide who is this weeks “star” by as an artist you KNOW you have arrived when Weird Al spends his time and considerable talent on YOU!

  82. The beautiful lull
    the dangerous tug
    we get to feel small
    from high up above
    and after a glimpse
    over the top
    the rest of the world
    becomes a giftshop

    The pendulum swings
    for the horse like a man
    out over the rim
    is ice cream to him
    the beautiful lull
    the dangerous tug
    we get to feel small
    but not out of place at all

    We’re forced to bed
    but we’re free to dream
    all us human extras
    all us herded beings
    and after a glimpse
    over the top
    the rest of the world
    becomes a giftshop

    I don’t know what to believe
    sometimes I even forget
    and if it’s a lie,
    terrorists made me say it
    the beautiful lull
    the dangerous tug
    we get to feel small
    from high up above
    from high up above

    The Tragically Hip — Gift Shop

  83. I was musing over on the forums that season 4 of BSG may be Moore’s allegory for the biblical Revelations. Am I off my rocker–more than usual, that is–or does that make sense?

  84. I don’t think you’re off your rocker, ditto. I just finished a rewatch of Season 3, and what struck me is 1) Starbuck’s significance as some kind of messiah figure while Baltar and others think HE is the messiah, and 2) Roslin’s psychic/mental/drug-induced connection to the Cylons there at the end of S3. I don’t see a biblical Revelations connection there.

    Since I’m fairly new here, I won’t geek all the way out. I could, though, if anyone wants to. I’m super excited about Season 4 premiering this Friday.

  85. Okay, that’s pretty awesome, ditto. Would you like it if S4 was RDM’s allegory for Revelations?

    What would that mean (if anything) given the Mormon foundations of the series?

    Man, I love that show.

  86. “Would you like it if S4 was RDM’s allegory for Revelations?”

    I love how many layers there are in this show. And, if Moore uses this to add another I will be happy, so long as he keeps up the great storytelling.

    “What would that mean (if anything) given the Mormon foundations of the series?”

    Don’t know. I know only a little about Mormonism. I guess I need to pick the mind of one of my friends.

  87. I agree with that 100%. It’s fun to think about!

    I don’t know much about Mormonism either. I find the idea of basing something like this show on a codified mythos really fascinating.

  88. Just listened to this, albeit a little late, and all I can say is wow… Tell us how you really feel Jack. I had no idea there was a lot of tension in the podosphere. That’s a little disappointing to hear. Oh well.. Such is life I guess.

  89. Ever wake up when you have a sinus infection with just a huge chunk of shit getting coughed up… Everytime I go through this therapy that happens to my brain and I realize just how fucked up my life was and how fucked up I was to other people, and I end up feeling nothing but shame over things that happened when I was 13 years old… It’s pathetic…

  90. Well, to repeat what I said on the “Joe” thread…

    Ditto, when you come on to the boards, since I know you’re Canadian too, have you heard anything about the rumor we’re going to lose the $5 bill and have it replaced with a $3 coin?

    We have the Loonie and Toonie, what would we call this one? The Threenie?

  91. Wow, Van. I actually remember playing that game. I would have been about 10 then and thinking is was great fun 🙂

  92. It’s not so bad TEB. In the UK there was a lot of fuss when the 1 pound note was replaced with the one pound coin (a 2 pound coin was added later), but you get used to it.

  93. I don’t mind the replacement of paper money with coins (we’ve done it with the $1 and $2) I just find it strange they’re not going to do a $5 coin but instead replace it with a $3 coin

  94. Funny story about our $2 coin (the Toonie). Normally there is a picture of a polar bear on the coin, however we occasionally put out commemorative coins, including one with a pink cancer ribbon and one with a red poppy to remember our Vets. When the poppy one first came out, the US would not allow them to cross the border. The story was, they thought there was a micro-chip embedded in the poppy, used for spying on them.

    Americans can be so silly 🙂

  95. Ditto commented on the other thread that the $3 coin might be an April Fool’s joke. At first my husband and I thought so at first as well, but we’re not so sure now.

  96. I’ve found nothing in the business pages of The Globe & Mail and the CBC. I’ll keep looking, but until I find a business analysis of the situation, I will continue to believe this is just a joke.

  97. As an April Fool’s day joke, the local brewery put a “sample” of it’s newest beer in the paper. The beer was called Hydrate. The idea was you cut out the sample from the newspaper and put it in a glass of water…

    It was amazing the number of people who fell for it. Apparently the brewery got some complaints from people saying they didn’t like the new beer. (they did also get some calls from people playing along describing how wonderful the heady taste was)

  98. It was actually a news story on the CBC radio we heard it. Last night about 6:30 (ish). That’s the only reason we sort of believe it. CBC news hour is not usually known for its sense of humour.

  99. I suppose it makes more sense if the coins were planted on people who work in the defense industry rather than a massive production run of bugged coins.

  100. I could just see what people would here if they bugged my quarter…

    “Dear, what do you want to do tonight”
    “I don’t know, what do you want to do? is there anything on TV?”
    “So what do you want to do?”
    “Anything you want..”

    and so on and so forth. Very exciting.

  101. Yes, we quite enjoyed Red Dwarf when it was on TV. We also have them on DVD. I liked the original cute brunette Kachanski (sp?) better than the newer blond one.

  102. Ooooooh shiney:


    A vectrex emulator in Java, includes game roms (including several homebrew efforts like Thrust and Patriots) and overlay graphics, and runs on Windows, OSX and Linux.

    Written by a french guy, which may offend those of a patriotic persuasion.

  103. Maybe the best way to describe it is this: Imagine if Douglas Adams was a FPS fan and he created a show based on Halo. Of course, that’s probably way off base.

  104. not to distract you from your assignment (have you had your ice cream soda yet?) but this looks intrigueing –

    Clementine Martini recipe

    2 oz Svedka® clementine vodka
    1 oz Orange Curacao liqueur
    1 oz triple sec
    1 oz cranberry juice
    1 oz Canada Dry® orange soda
    1/2 oz ginger ale

    Add the vodka, orange curacao and triple sec to a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well and strain into a martini cocktail glass. Float the cranberry juice, then the soda water, the the ginger ale. Garnish with a clementine wedge (if available) or a lightly flamed orange peel twist, and serve.

  105. ^Sounds much better than the Chlamydia Martini, which has the same ingredients but requires one to drink it as a body shot of an infected hooker.

  106. … and a bargin at half the price!

    I still haven’t seen Razor.

    I did show “What the Frak is going on” to a non-BSG watcher tonight to see if it was really as good as I thought it was.
    It was.

    She did say that all of the names were right on the edge of being way to much way to fast but she “got” the story and seemed intrigued!

  107. Jack Mangan, I love your absolute sincerest honesty about the crap that goes on, because after all, people are people no matter where you go. Those who find themselves in your story ought to take note. I appreciate being brought back to focus and understanding of the potential for elitist thinking.

    Like any medium of expression, whether print or sound or visual, there’s always the dichotomy between doing it “for the art” or doing it “for the money.” Nobody starts doing anything because they hate it, they do it becasue they love it. But if this “new media” is really going to be “new,” that relationship aspect must be maintained. That community aspect is what made it what it is/was. It’s what has made this deadpan community what it is. It’s what made “that Dragonpage thing” fun until FPM became the 30-ton gorilla that caused the great breakup.

    I’ll be frank. I want to be a writer, and I want to get paid for it. I see podcasting as a vehicle for expression, as the radio show I always wanted when I was a kid. Do I think I’ll make money in podcasting? No, and I’m cool with that. Do I think it is a tool for promotion of a book? Yeah, I guess, not because it’s inherently effective, but because it’s fun! I enjoy getting other like-minded people together to supply voices and make something together. For me it’s all about mutual promotion. We all play promos from each other’s shows because we want to support each other and promote this medium.

    But we are supposed to be the generation, the social segment, that rebels against those in authority, and yet some of us allow someone else to have a sort of authority over us in this medium. I am merely myself. I am Indiana Jim, take me or leave me, but don’t make me your leader, and don’t try to be mine. Either way, it’s about community and mutual support. We don’t need more network gatekeepers. Those are the people to whom we mail jars of peanuts.

    Dubshack, you’ll always have a friend here, dude. I love the stuff you post, and I am right there with you in the episodes of shame and self-loathing. I do far too much of that, perhaps. Keep getting better.

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