Jack Mangans Deadpan #284: Final DotF Info PLUS Tony Mast

A great chat with the great Tony Mast!
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Setup for the Final Duel of the Fates Royale with Cheese Doodle!

The categories:
-Who’s the most Iconic?
-Love Prowess
-Who’d Win in a Fight?
-Rotating Category (How would this character be sentenced if captured by Jabba the Hutt)
-Tiebreaker Rotating Category (How would this character be retrofitted for Steampunk?)

The characters:

-Gremlin on the wing
-chicken scissors
-Huey Lewis
-Krista Now (Southland Tales)
-Galdalf the Gay
-Neil deGrasse Tyson
-Jules Winnfield
-Arthur Dent
-Clyde from Pac Man
-Van’s crap joke of the day
-Daisy Duke
-Pitfall Harry
-Chamberlain Skeksis
-Lando Calrissian
-Santa Thing
-Barbarian Tribal Leader
-Ash from Evil Dead
-Iron Man
-General Lee Millennium Falcon
-Kelly LeBrock from Weird Science
-The origami unicorn from Blade Runner

385 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #284: Final DotF Info PLUS Tony Mast

  1. It’s dinner time in the Bunny house. While I was warming up my bowl of left overs, of course, the phone rings.

    On a related note, my phone contract comes up at the end of the month.

    On the phone was a gentleman (from my phone company) telling my my contract was coming up and wanted to discuss upgrading and renewal. I told him I would not talk to a representative who called me on the phone but will call back using the number I usually call… He then hung up on me before I finished the sentence.

    That is precisely why I don’t talk to companies that call me. I hate being scammed

    • My real question is, how did he know my contract was coming up? Or did he just get lucky this one time out of a bizillion call he probably made to this point

      • It will happen often enough on a random selection of numbers. On a 2 year contract, if you assume 3 months left is “your contract is ending soon”, then that is 1/8 of the contract.

  2. Duel of the Fates

    So, I need help wrapping my head around how we’re going to execute this. Typically, DfT pits one vs. another, so the categories allow the contestants to go head to head.

    But, with this, it is a free for all (20 memes enter, 1 victor leaves).

    Does this mean that when I record my answer for my champion, I should just generally go “My dude is the GREATEST and better than all these other lame mofo’s whose names aren’t even worth mentioning because…..” ?

  3. My little man is officially 11 now. Unofficially he’s been teenagey for a couple of years.

    Thankfully he still is debating between a Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Avengers/Marvel Movie Universe Movie marathon for his overnight birthday party.

    I think we are mostly settled on the 4,5,2,3,6 version of Star Wars because a few of his friends can’t watch Harry Potter…

  4. Or or or or or OR… you could just loan a person a book(that youve probably thoroughly read many times) with the assumption you wont get it back and feel good in the fact that you’re that kind of person who doesnt freak out about not getting a book back.


  5. Oh my fucking god I had no idea that the new Robocop is the actor who plays Holder in the american version of The Killing!!!!!!!!

    Mind now properly blown.

  6. So, the local country music radio station I listen to here in Phoenix has this bit every Wednesday called, White Trash Wednesdays as part of the Morning Show.

    Callers call in with their white trash stories and the ‘best’ story wins a prize.

    I can’t tell if the radio DJ’s are laughing at the ridiculousness of it all or if they are taking this whole thing seriously or not… The thing is… I think they are being dead serious about this crap.

  7. EssBee:
    In response to your question about DotF contribution deadlines:
    I expect to run the first portion of the Doodle in episode 286 – so – with ep 285 and an Unshow in between, you have slightly less than 3 weeks to send or phone in your thouughts. πŸ™‚

  8. You know, Vitalogy is a pretty great album. I dont know why it rubbed me the wrong way in me youths. Probably just because I was an angsty teen that hated their meteoric success and held it against them. Dumb dumb lad.


  9. You know, maybe I am just old and crotchety, but I can tell you if a new grad that I’m interviewing shows up with his parents in tow, it’s going to be a real quick interview.


    That said, while I’ve read stuff like this before, I’m somewhat comforted that it’s only happening about 3% of the time – which means the media is likely over blowing this “trend” in order to generate web hits.

    • That’s just sickening and sad that companies would “embrace” parental involvement in work problems. It’s not like Americans already have a problem with personal responsibility for their actions or anything.

  10. History Channel showed “102 Minutes That Changed America” today/tonight.

    Very powerful. No narration. Just video and audio from in and around the World Trade Center on the morning of the attacks. Shown in chronological order. They’ve had a lot of time now to collect recordings from that day.

    Tough to watch.

    • I’m still outraged that humans could commit such barbaric action. I’m still outraged that humans could capitalize on our cultural trauma to commit such opportunistic, self-serving actions in its wake.

  11. Your crap joke for the day:

    I was watching a romantic film on the TV with my girlfriend last night when suddenly she leaned forward and started to point at her mouth, so I quickly jumped up, pulled my shorts down and started slapping my cock on her face to get it hard.

    It was only when she started to turn blue that I realised she was choking on a peanut.

    • Not that I care if he rips into a large corporation …
      but am I the only one here who is constantly disappointed at how not funny Russell Brand is?
      I say disappointed because every time I see video of him I get this big expectant feeling of “Oh man, I can tell that this is going to be great!” … and then nothing. I’m not sure he’s ever made me LOL.

    • You gentlemen are not alone. I also find Russel Brand as funny as a damp washcloth. And I’m still mad at him for the Arthur remake. The original was too awesome to have him farting around in the role.

  12. Tonight’s evening meal of pizza spoilt by it breaking as I took it out the oven and most landing on the floor butter side down.

    Well the base was worth a nibble

  13. Your crap joke of the day:

    Meeting my next door neighbour yesterday, he introduced himself saying,

    “Hi, my name’s Fucking Dave Bastard Twatting Smith.”

    “Blimey, you got Tourette’s?” I asked.

    “No”, he replied. “The vicar who christened me did.”

    • Seems a little extreme on the “what are the possible downsides” list.

      You have to wonder, are most iPhones stolen and misused by people with the sort of time and resources to lift your prints and reproduce them … or are they stolen by kids and/or crack heads who see it unattended and figure they can snatch it for quick sale to a pawn shop or on Craig’s list.

      I suspect it is the latter. Which would make fingerprint recognition a conceptually viable theft defense/deterrent for the majority of it’s users. If it works.

  14. “Who cares how we avoided a war and got a dictator to give up his chemical weapons if we avoided a war and got a dictator to give up his chemical weapons.” – Jon Stewart

    Once again it takes a comedian to cut through the B@##$%!t.

  15. Friend at work brought in his (actually, his wife’s but she let him drive it for the day) new Tesla Model S to work yesterday.

    Car is even sweeter in person and up close than the pictures I’ve seen on line.

  16. Been playing a bit of FTL (was included in the latest humblebundle):

    A pleasant dΓ©jΓ  vu of all those old Star Trek gameS from the early 80’s with a difficult level so hard it’s diamond..

  17. Maybe it’s just where I live, but it’s kinda disconcerting how casually people will spout right-wing paranoia in inappropriate settings. I don’t mean their fact-based complaints or even just vague rightist sentiments. I mean the tinfoil hat stuff. It’s rare that I hear any left-wing rhetoric at all, let alone left-wing kook talk, but the right-wingers seem very eager to rant their most bizarre talking points anywhere, anytime.

    Keep those wacky, weird rants to your weekly pamphlets, please.

  18. Hubby’s new thing is watching football. He wanted to get up at 5am to watch Manchester United play. I told him he could do that but I wouldn’t. We only just got up now. He’s happy, the game is still on. (Although MUN is up 2-0 so I think the game is a foregone conclusion)

  19. Crap joke for the day:

    I hate it when women turn the light off before having sex.

    It makes it awfully difficult for me to see them through the window.

  20. Saw Snake Plissken at a local theater last night while the rest of the household slept. Turns out he isn’t dead.

    It was only Escape Fron N.Y., no surfing L.A. tsunami bullshit. It had been awhile. I forgot how many fun moments The Duke’s #2 had.

  21. I think I’m gonna hold the audio I have for tonight and do an Unshow, further explaining the deal with DotF:BRwCD. If you have questions, then feel free to submit ’em now, and I’ll try to answer ’em onpod (Unpod?) tonight.

  22. Jack,

    Just for reference back to your D&D days – I’m getting ready to interview new college grads for a position….born in 1990.

    How sad is it that today’s college grads can’t even legitimately claim any connection to the 80’s.

      • Humans always look to the horizon, seeking to expand their influence and their territory. They chase power and want to change the world for good or for ill. Their settlements are among the brightest lights in a dark and untamed world, and humans constantly seek to explore new lands and settle new frontiers.

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