398 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #251: Enormous Headphones

  1. Trying to do the show notes. Can’t figure out the name of the promo, they’re talking to fast. I’ve tried cherry strike, charity strike, trigger mike and can find nothing. If someone can figure it out, let me know and I’ll put them in.

  2. Show notes minus promo

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #251: Enormous Headphones

    Promo –

    Paul Maki has earbuddies and wants to make yogurt

    Energizer Bunny
    Desert Pixie

    Energizer Bunny with a dumbass memory

    Exploding Death Skull Blade of the YaYa Sisterhood

    Desert Pixie
    Energizer Bunny

    Comments from the band meeting
    Energizer Bunny
    Lo Pan
    Nomad Scry
    JR Murdock (first of the week)

    Pink yoga mat

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Thanks again to Tony Mast

    Closing Music – XVPQ

  3. Grrrrr…. Apple is frustrating me today. Yes, it really is the first time in about 4 years that it has managed to irritate me and get my ruffles in a bunch.

    I need to update to Mac OS X 10.6, dammit.

    Grrrrr, stupid obsolete computer software-make-me-search-all-over-hell’s scalding coals-to-still-not-find-what-I-need!!!!

  4. worked my 2nd job overnight. So, I bid you all a somber remembrance day of September 11th.

    Say Good Night and Thank You to the heroes and to those lives lost, Pixie.

  5. I would appreciate some opinions/advice regarding adding memory to a Desktop computer. I was told today that my Mac desktop will be obsolete and can only run up to Lion OS X, but would require additional memory.

    Is buying additional memory worth it, if knowing that I can progress no further than OS software that is already a year old?

    I do have a laptop with more memory and a new processor that can handle the most recent OS…

    • I’m not really a Mac person, so I can only give general answers. Adding memory almost always makes a noticeable improvement in the performance of a computer. The question “Is it worth it?” is a sliding scale of opinion that can only be approximated by asking more questions. Such as:

      Is there something tangible the new Mac OS will give you that you don’t have now?

      Are there several programs you want to run that only work on the new OS?

      Is your computer over six years old?

      The cost of more RAM and a new OS is trivial and would most likely give you two good years of additional use. But maybe you want a super snappy new Mac instead? These are questions only you can answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have struggled with this and similar issues for decades now. My Macs always seem to outlive their OS.
      I’d have to agree with Rhettro on the “analyze what you need in a computer”.

      I have a desktop Mac (circa the year 2000 !) that I use for production. I have maxed the RAM and added as big a hard drive as it can take and it still does audio and video like a champ. I did breakdown and buy a new Macbook last year so that I could use some of the more modern internet features but that old Mac refuses to die.

  6. Good morning, DP!

    I’m off for a fancy work breakfast.

    Do any of you have recent experience polishing up a resume? I’d love some advice, or a copy of your resume to model after. It’s been a long time . . .

    Have a good day, yo!

  7. A question just came up on my twitter feed I wanted DP input on… Do you have to swallow to make it count as food? For example, is gum a form of food. Thoughts?

    • Very Cool.
      Jupiter is like the hulking big brother that has never really made anything of itself but hangs out in the neighborhood keeping the bullies away from us.

      … or maybe I just need to quit anthropomorphizing things.

  8. Update from the financial world.
    If you have been mildly attentive you heard that the major portion of AIG stock that the US Gov bought as part of TARP was sold back at a large profit yesterday.

    The original TARP program was authorized as a 700 billion bailout for financial companies. Only about 460 billion of it was ever authorized to be handed out and of that, a hundred billion or so has yet to be paid out.

    At this point all the major institutions that got bailed out have paid back all or most of their bail out.

    In the end, the TARP is a major success if only because it kept us from going into another “Great Depression”. Also though, when all is said and done it will either break even or in fact turn a profit! The AIG stock sale made a $15.1 billion PROFIT on those assets for the FED.

    You really won’t hear a lot about this though because the TARP program was so vilified by politicians on both sides of the isle that now NO ONE wants to be associated with it.

    I have to admit that I was APPALLED by it when it was first purposed by the out-going Bush administration and then again as the Obama administration followed through with it and then created other bailouts! It is probably the most hated successful government program ever created. I have to give credit where credit is due. It saved this country from an eminent economic collapse.

  9. I tunes is being silly. I transferred the files to the new computer. ITunes has decided about 1/4 of them are “unknown artist” or “unknown album”. Because of this, there is no good way to order them so that I can label them manually. (by name mixes the artists/album, by track number is the same, etc.)

    Any ideas?

    • Are you keeping your music on the C or the D drive? If the C, you could just keep the original library file.

      Also, in Windows, you can can set the properties of music files in the explorer window. If you click on a music file, at the bottom of the window the artist, album, etc show up and you can edit those fields right there. So you can fix these files and then reimport them into itunes.

  10. Finished watching my Blu-Ray of the 1st Robert Downey Jr version of Sherlock Holmes. As before, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I really wanted to like the second one (A Game of Shadows). While it certainly had much of the same vibe, I think the real downer for me was them killing off Rachel McAdams character. Much as with the third Matrix movie and Van Helsing, these film makers just can’t seem to help from killing off the love interest, particularly after the hero has recently gone through a major effort to save her.

    • I get rather tired of romance in action movies, that seems to have been surgically implanted into the plot to appeal to some nebulous demographic .

      Another reason for liking the new Dredd movie, there was no romance crap.

  11. Crap joke for the day:

    Doctor asks pregnant prostituteโ€ฆ. “do you know who the father is?”

    “For goodness’ sake if you ate a tin of beans would you know which one made you fart?”

  12. Mr Rock and Roll – Amy Macdonald

    So-called Mr Rock & Roll,
    Is dancing on his own again,
    Talking on his phone again,
    To someone who tells him that his balance is low.
    He’s got nowhere to go, he’s on his own again.

    Rock Chick of the century,
    Is acting like she used to be,
    Dancing like there’s no-one there.
    Before she never seemed to care,
    Now she wouldn’t dare.
    It’s so Rock & Roll to be alone.

    And they’ll meet one day far away,
    And say, ‘I wish I was something more.’
    And they’ll meet one day far away,
    And say, ‘I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before.’

    Mrs Black & White she’s never seen a shade of grey,
    Always something on her mind,
    Every single day.
    But now she’s lost her way,
    And where does she go from here?

    Mr. Multicultural sees all that one can see,
    He’s living proof of someone very different to me.
    But now he wants to be free,
    Free so he can see.

    And they’ll meet one day far away,
    And say, ‘I wish I was something more.’
    And they’ll meet one day far away,
    And say, ‘I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before.’

    He’ll say, ‘I wish I knew you
    I wish I met you when time was still on my side.’
    She’ll say, ‘I wish I knew you
    I wish I loved you before I was his bride.’

    And so they must depart,
    Two many more broken hearts.
    But I’ve seen that all before,
    In T.V, books, and film and more.
    And there’s a happy ending,
    Every single day.

    And they’ll meet one day far away,
    And say, ‘I wish I was something more.’
    And they’ll meet one day far away
    And say, ‘I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before

  13. My gut feeling is that Dorn is over eager and overly excited about making a Worf series. And that his excitement is way beyond any real chance of getting a pre-reboot character green-lighted.

  14. Jack: episodes no longer show up in my rss reader! Glad it finally occurred to me to check the site.

    Exploding Death Skull Blade of the Traveling Pants — I’ll admit, it sounds like something I want to see.

  15. So rummaging around I discovered the manual for the original ‘Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe’ for the PC.

    A manual thick enough to bludgeon a cow and a damned good read.

  16. I’d still rate the Falcon 4.0 manual as the biggest, but I never completed a single mission in it because I could land the damn F16 without crashing. I had a blast on Falcon 3.0 though.

    • So what wasn’t clear to me was … where was the biggest outcry come from?
      Did 5 nut jobs post seriously misguided anti-Dr. Pepper screes only to be buried under 2495 posts from people pointing out there stupidity? Was it 2400 clueless zelouts being challenged by 100 atheists? Was it 50/50???

      The reason I ask is that I am wondering if this would have been a total non-event without articles like this calling it to the attention of the adults?
      If it was just a handful of the clueless … it doesn’t become an internet “thing” unless the other side jumps on it and drastically boosts the signal of those they wish would keep silent. Ironic?

      Reminds me of this whole “Anti Islamic” video thing. Without the violent outcry from the middle east … less then a few dozen people would have ever known that piece of hate even existed.

      Go figure.

  17. Today’s movie is, Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark

    The DVR writeup: young Sally Hurst inadvertently unleashes a race of ancient monsters in her father’s 19th century mansion, and she struggles to convince him that these creatures are real before they destroy her family in this chilling remake

  18. Speaking of hockey. . . . I sent a similar email while blocked today:

    The major North American league may refuse to play this season, but that doesn’t mean there’s no high-level hockey to follow. The KHL are currently the best active players in the world. And their season has started already! Games are on right now.

    http://en.khl.ru/ I’m leaning toward Lokomotiv, myself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lokomotiv_Yaroslavl

    Getting to a home game might be a challenge, though. . .

    • Calgay has a pretty good hockey team in The Hitmen http://www.hitmenhockey.com/

      I used to take Lyra there regularly. The games were always fun to watch and afterwards, if you hung around the lobby, some of the players would come out and sign autographs. She has a number of autographs by then up and comers who are now in the major league. (of course, she also have autographs by some who, once they left the minors, we’ve never heard of again)

  19. The beginning of ‘A Bridget Too Far’ with the narration by Liv Ullman, and those last few lines, still give me a spine tingling sensation.

  20. Hey, Pan! You’re getting a second Play-By-Play this week! :happy:

    I’ve got my DVD of “Legend” out of the Netflix envelope and ready to go. I’m finally paying off my debt from the last round of betting on the Stanley Cup finals. :biggrin: ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. “You don’t really mean to eat me, do you, ma’am?” Duh!

    He tells her how beautiful he is, and she says, “You think me fair?” The Supreme Leader and Captain E-O had almost this same dialog.

  22. Uh-oh, Oona is a shapeshifter. At least Jack is smart enough to know that. And is faithful to Lily, no matter what.

    Oona lets everyone else out, except Jack.

  23. “We must gather every shining object we can find. We’re going to bring light to darkness.”

    That mail shirt you’re wearing would be a good start…

  24. So, I had preordered the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Phase One collection. All of the new generation of Marvel blu-rays including the Avengers. Was due to be released next week, same day as The Avengers. Since I has only bought the first Iron Man, it looked like a good deal to me.

    Several weeks ago, word came out the the briefcase that the movies would be coming in had resulted in a trademark infringement lawsuit from the company that provided the actual ones for the movie – http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2012/aug/06/marvel-sued-avengers-briefcase-box-set

    So, word comes out that this collection is being delayed until Spring 2013 – no details on what the new packaging will be.

    But, I got an email from Amazon this morning explaining the situation. Even though the delay wasn’t their fault, they offered all of us who preordered through them a free copy of the Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD combo set when it releases next week. I think I can take that to hold me over until next Spring ๐Ÿ™‚ +1 for Amazon.

    • There’s a link on the IMDB site that claims ‘Four Ways to avoid running out of money during retirement’, I would bet DEATH is not on the list….

    • Robert Picardo was completely hidden under green makeup as swamp-dweller Meg Mucklebones in “Legend.” I noticed his name in the end credits of the movie, then went to IMDb to confirm.

  25. Question to web savvy Deadpanites … is there any reason not to use good old fashion HTML to make an informative web page?

    I’ve agreed to help a group maintain their web page. It is basically just a calendar and reports from past events. It is NOT a marketing tool. It is NOT a social site. They just want to use it to stay informed. Clean, neat and informative are really the only requirements. Oh … and maybe user photos from events. HTML I know. Forms and css and plugins and widgets and et … I don’t know.


    • While HTML5 is more complicated, it is complicated for good reasons. And no one says you have to use all the features. You don’t have to use flash or other plugins, but I’d strongly encourage you to use css. And learn that there are a wide variety of browsers, including mobile, that may visit the site.

      • Having played with CSS recently when creating a job-aid-type webpage, I strongly agree. It really does make your life a lot easier when you’re creating a Web page.

        Other than that, no, I can’t really think of a good reason not to build a web page in HTML. ditto is definitely right about making sure the site looks good across a wide variety of browsers and mobile devices, though. (A common phenomenon these days is to build in some code – I don’t know what kind of code – that can tell when the site is being accessed from a mobile device, and if it is, the viewer is automatically redirected to the mobile-friendly version of the site.)

  26. Not that I actually talk to anybody on Skype but, if you have me on your list, my address/name has changed. Skype decided to be stupid so, in moving to the new computer, I had to get a new account. Anyway my new address is firstname.lastname (in Calgary of course)

  27. Thanks for giving the boards some life this morning,nny.
    And thanks also for the Lizardopalooza audio!
    That was my minor nag, since the first ep goes to pod tonight.

    I’m about to disappear into meeting hell – at two other offices.. hooray – so I will be quiet this afternoon too.

  28. ok… I know most here do not agree with me but I have to say this again.. I HATE Amy Pond. UGH!!!!!!!!

    Hugh and I just watched the first half of Dr Who premiere and I just cannot stand her.

    That is all. I couldn’t keep this to myself.

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