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  1. Alright, this is vaguely disturbing. I finally break down and get a twitter account so I can enter a contest for what is at least a reputable site.

    Now, this morning, I’ve got two “followers” that I don’t recognize in any way. Is this the shape of things to come?

  2. Jack Mangans Deadpan #243:

    No Tony Mast this week. Instead, the audio from a mini-mmmmmmeetup that happened in Colorado. Featuring:
    Paul Maki
    Lo Pan

    Broken Lyrics

    Are you ready for the Palooza. It will either be Buckaroo Bonzai or Bladerunner

    Greasy Spoon
    Desert Pixie
    Dan Warner
    Energizer Bunny
    Lo Pan
    Desert Pixie
    Lo Pan
    Vanamonde (first of the week)

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing Music: Hello the Future – The Really Awesome Johns (http://hello-the-future.bandcamp.com/)

  3. Your crap joke for the day:

    What a load of bollocks it is about women multi tasking. I’ve just told the wife to sit down & shut up. Can she do it? . . . . . . . Can she fuck!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. I missed one of the broken lyrics challenge songs. I’m probably going to have to choke Lo Pan the next time I see him. Good thing he’s immortal.

  5. Hubby texted, he’s going to be a little late coming home today. Apparently the staff are touring the new school after classes let out at their current school(s). I went on google street view, it is the strangest looking school I’ve ever seen. It looks like two different buildings, that were expanded at some point and then, at a later time, joined by a long covered corridor. It will be interesting to hear what hubby has to say about it.

  6. It’s funny how you don’t realize how much crap you have until you are forced to go through it. They are finally coming to renovate my bathroom tomorrow. In cleaning it out this morning, I must have thrown at least half of the stuff away.

  7. “Tony’s Losing It!”

    You know, that sounds like a good name for a podcast. Somebody oughta record that….


  8. Somehow (no idea what could have possibly happened) we missed 1984.

    “Dig if you will the picture, of you & I engaged in a kiss…”

    Possibly the easiest one we had too…

  9. Ed from Texas said:

    “Alright, this is vaguely disturbing. I finally break down and get a twitter account so I can enter a contest for what is at least a reputable site.

    Now, this morning, I’ve got two β€œfollowers” that I don’t recognize in any way. Is this the shape of things to come?”

    Unfortunately, yes. The two user accounts that are following you are most likely belong to marketers and/or spammers. The goal here is that you will follow them back, and then their advertising messages will appear in your main Twitter feed. You can prevent them from attaining this goal by simply not following them back.

  10. Your crap joke for the day:

    I went to an 80s disco at the weekend & had a bit too much to drink..they played Jump by Van Halen & I was leaping round the dance floor, then Walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles & I did a silly Egyptian walk. Unfortunately the next song was Come on Eileen & I was asked to leave.

  11. LoPan’s earlier post on the fires got me to thinking … and then writing.
    If I can remember how to log in to my blogspot page I will post the little essay I created on big disasters and their effects.

    In the meanwhile … here is a MUCH less altruistic view of things.

    This is going to be such a BOOM for the home building industry in those areas. Construction jobs, plumbers, electricians, places that sell supplies to those people, jobs for those who support construction workers (food/apparel),a boom in sales at the home improvement stores, a boom at places that sell appliances for all those people who lost everything, jobs for the people who will have to be hired to deliver and install those appliances!

    In an odd way of looking at it, This is nature “transferring the wealth”. The 1% who are the CEO’s and CFO’s of the insurance companies will see their profits decrease slightly as that money is instead used to pay off policies. When the policies are paid the money will then be redistributed to all of those middle and lower class workers mentioned above.

    It seems evil to look at this from a $ perspective but that is the way Wall Street will view it. Well, except for the insurance industry. They will be weeping into their underground lakes of cash.

    • Interesting thoughts. I do hope youre right about the potential boom in the home building industry. Of course its all predicated on assuming the goddamn insurance companies pay what they should…

      • Yeh, I suspect they will not part with the cash quickly.

        I felt icky even posting that because it feals so mercenary but as I spend a bit of every day immersed in the circus that is Wall Street, I thought their view should be posted as well.

        I listened to an interesting talk earlier this week concerning Health Care and the pros and cons of it’s getting repealed. This guy sat there in front of the camera and unapologetically said, “Of course if it doesn’t get repealed it means that about 50 million American’s will have access to affordable health care … but let’s look at what stocks will suffer.”

        The well being of 50 million human beings verses the price of a dozen stocks. It was a perfectly reasonable trade off for him (and many like him).

        • Well you know what they say… the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. That IS what they say isnt it?

          STOCKS – noun. A device consisting of a heavy timber frame with holes for confining the ankles and sometimes the wrists, formerly used for punishment.

  12. I’m expecting hubby to freak a little bit when he gets home. In order to work on the venting for the new tub, they asked for access to the wall on the other side. That wall has a bookcase with a bunch of hubby’s D & D books in it. I’m currently moving it now but I don’t think hubby will be overly impressed

  13. Sorry haven’t been around much lately, but work is eating my soul. I hope everyone is safe, happy and cool. I hope to have my ability to reply soon

    FP: You’re a Runner – Me and My Drummer

  14. We interrupt your comments for a public service message from Hugh-n-Dre

    I know it is late in the day for this but its never to late to get the message out.

    Today is National HIV testing day. Even though you know you don’t have it, getting yourself tested helps them better catch the people who do, and getting a true sample of the entire population also helps them determine the facts on the numbers of people this disease affects (effects? I never remember when to use the e or when to use the a).

    Make an appointment with your doctor or your local clinic and help save the lives of those who are fighting the disease.

    • The free walk in test are a cool thing.
      YeARSSSSSS ago, when I was in my mid 20s and “active” I had a physical and my physician said …”So, have you been sexually active anytime between now and the last 20 years?”
      “Why, yes.” I stammered.
      He said, “Then I want to test you for aids. I will cover the cost and we will NOT even put in your file that you have been tested because sometimes just getting tested can cause insurance companies to give you grief.”
      I was dumbfounded as I had never considered myself as a candidate for aids but agreed to be tested.
      I turned out NOT to have aids and it was nice to have that certification. Only later did I realize how incredibly cool this doctor was to take that approach.

      That’s my story on aids testing.

  15. Was going to spend the afternoon brewing Heffweisen but just as we reached the end of the boiling period (and I had achieved a happy buzz … cause you have to drink while you brew) I was called away to search for a missing kitten.

    Back home now. Kitten not found. Buzz destroyed.

    At least my house isn’t on fire. :ermm:

  16. reTweet from – The Colbert Report ?@ColbertReport

    “There’s going to be a Spice Girls musical. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. Not that”

  17. RE: Snow Crash, the movie – No doubt they had to wait until the Enterprise was decommissioned before filming could begin :). That would be one helluva set piece if they did it as a practical set.

  18. Christ.


    Look I’m sorry if its coming off as a broken record but fucking I dont care. I saw a tweet today… “Spectacular Colorado #wildfire sunsets: proof that #God brings good out of every situation.”

    No offense, but no. No it fucking doesnt. Right now, and after every “oh my fucking lord” happening in the world, I’d love to have a calm, cool, and collected sit down with ol’ Mr. Yahweh and ask him just what the fuck he’s thinking.

    JJ I read your blog post today and I dont believe that helping out in times of need, no matter what your occupation, defines a “christian.” It defines what simply makes a good person. And like Van said, “…people can be amazing.” Yeah, they can. And are. And can be without the ball and chain of a denomination around their neck.

    I need another Cap’n Coke, a shower, and a sleep.

    /all done for a while

    • Yeh. “Sunset” post person clearly lacks a clue as to the brevity of the situation.

      “I dont believe that helping out in times of need (snip)defines a β€œchristian.” It defines what simply makes a good person.”


      I think this may be where the confusion lays.
      My premise is NOT that “only Christians are good people”. I’m not even sure how that concept was extrapolated from my post and I apologize for having written anything that could even be construed in that light.
      To be very clear, in my experience “good people” can come from any race,religion,absence of religion, sexual orientation, gender, occupation, political affiliation … anyone can be “good people”.

      What I was proposing is that giant disasters such as these fires do serve to remind people who have maybe stopped putting much effort into being “good people”, of the need to ACTIVELY return to that mode. In particular, disasters are a sadly effective “wake up call” to those Christians who (once again IMHO) have publicly pledge to be “good people” and have neglected to actively participate in helping other humans in need.

      Again, I apologize for having given you the idea I was saying only Christians are good people. That is a completely inaccurate notion.

      BTW, I was confused by the “ball and chain” analogy.
      “Denominations” are not actually “one size fits all” but if you’re speaking generically, a “denomination” would only be a “ball and chain” around the neck if it was forced upon you and making you act in a way you didn’t want to act. If you choose a denomination because they believe in acting the way you want to act, it would fail the “ball and chain” test.

  19. Some thoughts on that i09 movie list (Jesus, am I nothing more than movies and hockey these days?):

    Neuromancer. Will this be the time it gets made?
    Snow Crash. Attack of the Block was fun, but still, please no one make this movie.
    Wreck-It Ralph: Had me at Q-Bert.
    Singularity: Not the Bill DeSmedt book? by Roland Emmerich? Fuck.

  20. In a day of meetings and web lockdowns and haboobs and shitty news stories and getting called home and yet another device failure in my home, I’m only just getting caught up.

    J0e, friends’ philosophical ramblings are always welcome. I’d also agree that Christians should strive to be more Christ-like, rather than so Klan-like, spewing hatred and bigotry in every direction. I’d also have to agree that helping others in need should be defined as a human trait – – but – – I didn’t interpret your blogpost as excluding the rest of us, but simply a callout to your fellow Christians to live up the lofty ideals of that Christ dude.

    I’d love to go back to church sometime just to receive Communion so I can say to the priest, “cracka, please.”

  21. So not only did the Supreme Court enable a win today for the human race, a local AZ court dismissed Goldwater’s latest bid to destroy hockey in Phoenix (Glendale).

    Positive steps.

  22. Thanks, guys! We made it to The Avengers in 3D – loved it! Leave it to Joss W. to make a girl the star of that movie!

    We didn’t make it to the new Niwot brewery, but did make it to The Pump House, and I managed to bring home a growler of their seasonal ESB. Lo Pan, we now have THREE Pump House growlers. you might have to relieve me of at least one.

  23. CD: Sam Adams Longshot Derf’s Secret Ale.

    I know I am currently boycotting Sam Adams, but when the Longshots come out I needs to try em. This one is a sweet altbier (I guess) with a boom pow 9.3% ABV.

  24. There are still some details that need to be finished, but, at last, my wife and I were finally able to enjoy our pool. The rest of the summer is looking pretty good from here.

  25. Just reading a local article on Health Care Reform. It says last year our local hospital spent $60 million treating uninsured patients. They of course don’t “eat” that cost. They divvy it up and add it to the bills of those who do have insurance.

    • Actually missed the thunderstorm, but got caught in the traffic chaos.

      Felt like a cheap horror film, as every route suggested by the sat nav to get home ended in a closed road.

      Finally got home four hours later on a journey that should have took 30 minutes.

  26. Your crap joke for the day:

    Man goes to chemist
    & says ‘I’ve 3 girls coming round tonight, i need something to keep
    me horny.’ Chemist gives him 3 boxes of viagra extra strength. Next day
    man limps back to the shop & shows chemist his cock. Its black
    & blue & has skin hanging off. ‘Give me a bottle of deep heat’
    he says. ‘You cant put deep heat on that’ chemist says in horror. No says man, its for my fuckin arm, the girls didn’t show up !!

  27. I’m off to a folk festival and will be actually camping (shudder).

    The place is on the Scottish borders and a 3G dead spot so later Pan.

  28. CP: Road To Nowhere — Talking Heads

    Would you like to come along?
    You could help me sing this song
    And it’s all right, baby it’s all right

  29. Finally coming up for air after a ridiculously big season of anime. I finished 8 series so far this week, with another 3 to go. Fortunately the Fall season won’t be packed with stuff I’m interested in watching.

  30. Glad to hear about all the good times this weekend. πŸ™‚ I have to spend a few hours working tomorrow, but I also have two parties and a big city festival to go to. :happy:

  31. The kids are now back home from their two weeks in San Antonio with my parents. Thankfully, the pool is finally in a usable condition and they proceeded to jump right in shortly after we arrived πŸ™‚

  32. With the Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday this year, it seems some US folks and cities are celebrating today. I get to watch fireworks tonight, from the backyard of a colleague of my dad’s. :happy:

  33. Well, my xbox decided to celebrate the 4th by RROD on me. That’s the second one I’ve lost. And I was on the last mission on ME3 to see the new content.


    • Jack. Please don’t take the following rant as a comment on your choice in articles to post. I’m not trying to single this article out as better or worse than anything else out there, just using it as an example.

      Here is what drives me nuts about journalism right now. The ONLY actual factual content in that article was: β€œWe’re working on some improvements to the comment system, so hopefully we’ll have an update on that in the next few months,”. Everything else was speculation. So YouTube is trying to improve their comment system… this is news? Of course they are. Why wouldn’t they be. There is nothing in the facts of this article to even insinuate that they are close to a solution or are even trying to do anything more than put a better looking text box around each piece of shit comment. Putting a title on this article about YouTube developing a secret weapon against commenters was grossly unjustified and done exclusively to draw people in to read an otherwise useless piece of information.

      I get a lot of shit from people for not wanting to keep up with current events. But I maintain that it’s not because I’m lazy, but rather that I have a really low tolerance for journalistic bullshit. I don’t have the time or the desire to read pages of useless junk to find out something so useless as that a business claims to have plans to try to improve their product.

      *gets off soap box*

  34. Last week I read “Ferinheight 451” for the 1st time.
    Yeh, I know. Just NOW reading it?

    Somehow I escaped reading it in school. Almost a shame the make young school kids read it as it’s dense descriptive structure is probably what made it such an unpopular read among my classmates. I suspect many who are forced to read it “too soon”, form the opinion that they don’t like his books and never read another or go back and try reading it again as an adult.

    As for me … I liked it. Love the prediction of future things that have come true in one way or another.

  35. My work sent me a shiny new printer. Unfortunately, when I was in Ontario for training, tech took my computer to add some programs to it. They also seemed to have removed all my rights. So I have this wonderful new printer I can’t use because I don’t have “administrator” rights needed to install the printer drivers.

    stupid work *mutter, mutter*

  36. It’s a beautiful 24C outside. The sun is shining. I live within walking distance of one of the largest urban parks in North America. And where am I? In one of the smallest rooms in my house, staring at big numbers in little boxes. I think the weather is mocking me.

  37. Sunday turned out to be great. We went to the San Diego County Fair to see one of our local music acts perform. We also walked around the fair a bit and enjoyed a hot dog, deep-fried artichoke hearts (I liked them), and ice cream sundaes. Good times. :happy:

    Good night, deep-fryer batter.

  38. Morning Pan, survived the camping, the midges were fierce and many bites of my flesh taken, heading home.

    Thank the universe for anti histamine’s.

    • Yes. At first glance I thought you wrote 0
      “…survived the camping, the minges were fierce and many bites of my flesh taken,…”

      Had to re-read again. Slowly.

    • Thanks ditto, I managed to finish my second go through on ME2 to rebuild my character lost in the Xbox hard drive fire. While I managed to save Ash and Kelly for some reason I lost Jack on the finale mission. πŸ™ I also keep my relationships in ME2 strickly professional. hehe. So I’ve started the opening scenes of ME3. Ashley looks a lot different with long hair.

        • Um… I *got* the story and I liked it. But the game deserved a better epilogue than it originally had. And BioWare realized that.

          • I was happy with my ME3 ending so have no real drive to play the extended version. I heard a spoiler cast on the extended ending on one of the podcasts I listen to. That’s good enough for me *shrug*

  39. “The Vancouver Canucks and former Panthers defenseman Jason Garrison have agreed to a six-year contract, which a source told ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun is worth $27.6 million.”


  40. Just finished a MASSIVE (well, by my standards, which are admittedly pretty low) freelance project. 9 and a bit hours of work over two days.

    Currently lying on the couch with my laptop, enjoying the feeling of surfing the web for fun and not for research. :happy:

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