462 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #242: Freight Train Comin

  1. Jack Mangans Deadpan #242: Freight Train Comin

    Promo – Into The Blender (http://www.intotheblender.com/)

    Ear buddies with
    Amy Bowen
    Paul Maki

    The Deadpan Avengers
    Desert Pixie
    The Energizer Bunny
    Lo Pan
    Used Hair

    Paul Maki & little Maki calls in

    Ear buddies with
    Lejon from Chandler

    Ear buddies with
    Amy Bowen

    Jack pays off his NHL bet

    Ear buddies will be on going. Let Jack know when you’re ready to join!


    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing music

  2. I may be forced to see ‘Rock of Ages’, I can’t help feeling by doing this I’m pissing away any ‘credit’ I have left.

  3. I’ll jump in and volunteer for further earbuddie contribution.

    Think I’ll have to choose one linked a specific memory as in depth analysis of why I like or dislike something is beyond me.

  4. I also feel that I should warn anybody who likes games that required no skill to play but determination to succeed to stay well away from Pocket Planes on iOS devices.

  5. “George, why are you chopping down that cherry tree, with an axe?

    Father, I cannot tell a lie. Cherry wood makes the best stakes!”

    Scene from “George Washington, Vampire Hunter”

  6. Also, on the subject of spending money, signed hubby up with my doctor’s office today. Now to tell him…

    I think he’s only been to a doctor’s once since I’ve known him and that’s been more than a few years.

  7. Fuck me I spend way too much money on silly things. Like food. And gas. And clothing. And a roof over our heads. You know, the silly disposable shit.


  8. Welcome to the boards, Dan Warner! :happy:

    Today there was freelance writing. And applying for jobs. And more freelance writing. And now, I am relaxing with some computer games. My life is so exciting.

    ^I think Bunny’s style of narration is rubbing off on me. :silly:

  9. Id bitch about the current 80 degree temp at 9:32pm… but I see in PHX its fucking ALMOST 100 STILL.
    You people are fucking nuts.

  10. Yesterday I had time to actually watch a movie but I didn’t play by play it. Today I expect to have even more time. Part of the problem is, I’m pretty much down to mainstream movies (Rum diaries anyone?). My DVR is only 27% full. The movie channels had better clean up their acts and give me some decent bad movies. I might have to start cruisin’ Netflix

  11. I was watching Continuum last night. At one point the male lead turned to the female lead and said, “Did any one ever tell you you watched too much Star Trek as a kid?”. Now, she just looked at him and said nothing, whereas I turned to hubby and asked if there was really such a thing,

  12. I was going to post this earlier today so we had lots of time to decide but WordPress had other ideas

    Ok. The movies I have on my DVR that may be PBP worthy

    Scream 4
    Red State
    Nightmare On Elm street (the new remake)

    I’m looking at after lunch on Thursday now, so feel free to access IMDB and make a choice

    You can also let me know what format you prefer. Rhyming, only a set number of word per post, descriptive (ie. when I get my mansion it will have secret passages) or a regular PBP.

    But now… Back to work

  13. So I have to raise my hand and state I don’t get ‘Magic the Gathering’.

    Been playing with the new iPad app and so far I’m not inclined to spend money on getting the full version.

      • I still have a ridiculous number of cards. The collector inside me refuses to give them up.

        The biggest appeal for me was deck building.

  14. I’m CR (not now, but you know) The Dome by S. King. It’s a good one, but I’m sure on page 1,000 there will be some bizarre reason for the entire plot that pisses me off. I have a love/hate relationship with good ole SK.

  15. I’m also CreR the Wheel of Time series. I’m nearly done with the last (until January) book, and have to say, what a great series. I love it dearly.

  16. I just started reading Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn after having finished Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire. Mira Grant is a pseudonym of McGuire’s.

    • Fyi: Seanan is a local filk singer and Con regular here.

      Fyi2: I read that whole Nightingale Floor series a few years ago. Its mostly leaked out of my brain by now, but I remember enjoying them. I’d love to get your take when you finish that book, ditto.

      • I’ve read most everything that Seanan has written, both as herself and as Mira Grant. I highly recommend her books.

        I’ll let you know what I think about the Nightingale book once I’m done with it. I’m only about 40 pages in. I’m recognizing a lot of the Japanese Waring States references. 🙂

  17. I really do need to reread the WOT series before I get to the last book.

    Many years ago, I swore, as I danced naked under the full moon drenched in the blood of a freshly sacrificed African swallow, that I wouldn’t start the series again until it was complete. For Lo, did I fear that the Jordan would follow in the footsteps of the Herbert and shuffle off this mortal coil while leaving the work incomplete.

    Now, that Sanderson has finished the first draft and is in the process of polishing it up, I think I may be able to declare the oath fulfilled in spirit and start spending those Audible credits with abandon!

  18. Question for Jack, Bunny, or anyone else with a good memory for these things:

    Within the last 4-6 months, the Deadpan has run a promo for some guy’s website that offers free, podsafe, royalty-free instrumental music. Does anyone remember his name, or the site’s name? I need some of that music for a freelance project.

  19. Ed, you’d better get busy. A Memory of Light comes out in early January. It’s taken me a good 6 months to re-read (listening to the audiobooks). Very enjoyable!

    Also, mwah, Eddie. Long time, no sees.

  20. 1. I haz laptop woes again too. I kind of can’t fucking believe it.

    2. Amy, I’d have answered your question, but see item #1. Sorry, I can’t remember the guy either.

    3. The Denver Deadpan super-collision is today?! Have fun, you kids. Be good.

  21. Well, I spent a whole day fighting with the restore of T’s laptop. It’s mostly back to normal even though I had to pay Dell for support.

    I hate laptops.

  22. Hubby came home just a little emotional. Apparently, without him knowing why, the school called an impromptu assembly. There they announced he was moving to the high school. They then gave him a card signed by all the staff, $100 gift certificate to GameStop and a $300 bottle of whiskey. We both don’t want to open the bottle as it’s probably the only time we’ll have such an expensive scotch in our possession. Maybe for our anniversary?

    Anyway, he was overwhelmed.

  23. For particular interest to Justa J0e and Nomad Scry… DCI update from the surface of the Sun:

    1. Blue Knights – meh
    2. SC Vanguard – kind of a snoozefest
    3. The Academy – lagging in the “get your stinkin’ show together already category”
    4. Phantom Regiment – kicks motherfuckin’ ass. 2012 DCI Champs all the way.

    I look forward to hearing from the rest of the interested parties in how the other corps are coming along.

  24. Morning Pan.

    A moth decided to spend time with me in the bathroom this morning. Sadly it drowned.

    Of course, the fact I flushed it down the toilet may have contributed to this tragic circumstance

  25. Ok peeps! You were warned.

    Because I got differing opinions on a movie, you’re getting the oldest one on my DVR. And that movie is Scream 4
    The DVR writeup: Sidney Prescott returns to her home town of Woodsboro and encounters another ghost face killer, who terrorizes a new generation

    I saw the first two but I don’t think I saw Scream 3

    I did, however, get a request on how to do the play by play. *deep breath*. Wish me luck

  26. Ok, in about a half hour I’ll have to check in on work again but for now…

    You don’t bribe the reporter, the reporter bribes you

  27. And, after much wailing and knashing of teeth, I finally have plaster in my pool. I am depleting all the local reservoirs and my wallet as I write to fill the volume.

  28. And, now it looks like I’ll finally be able to finish Mass Effect 3. I had been letting the ending wait to see what this promised “extended ending” would bring.

      • Yes, and that’s actually where I’ve been holding as it’s my understanding your fleet readiness score gets locked in at that point as well. I’ve been “farming navies” on the Ipad app to build up.

  29. Your crap joke for the day:

    I was in Florida with the wife recently, when she was stung on the minge by a hornet.

    I phoned a local doctor, who was a bit of a laid back, surfer type.

    Doc, please help me

    Hey, what s up man?

    My wife has been stung on her vagina and it s completely closed up

    Bummer dude

    Thanks doc, bye

    • I get humid Minnesota low 90’s by midweek, which is often worse, but I think we get at most to 79 when we fly home tomorrow, with an overnight of 59, that’s what I call air conditioning!

  30. Jesus Christ… a mere 20 acre fire destroyed 21 houses near Estes Park. At this rate, we’ll be lucky if the whole goddamn state isnt on fire by the end of summer. Thanks god. Appreciate it.

  31. Wow, am I a behind.
    Wow, I am big behind.
    Wow, I am getting it from behind.
    No, no, no….
    I’m a little behind, let’s leave it at that. I’ll get caught up, and come backside with more comments.

    • I read the book shortly before the movie came out. It was already complicated enough with a storyline that jumped about. The movie actually made it more challenging to follow the story.

      • Disney borrowed the good and the bad from the first 2 Star Wars prequels, added a dash of Flash Gordon and layered it over something that resembled A Princess of Mars.
        I’d also listened to the book a few years back, but that didn’t help.

  32. Wife and I watched the latest Sherlock Holmes movie last night and this morning (finished).

    Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. It was by no means terrible, though.

    • I think it turned the dial ever so slightly from “fun” to “Serious” so of course that took some of the fun out of it.
      Also the visual effects, while quite spectacular, did at times upstage the story itself and took you outside of the picture while you marveled at the high speed, slo mo.

      All IMHO of course.
      I did enjoy the film though.

  33. Well! I gave in to the devil and got Dragon’s Dogma. GameSpot gave it an 8 so I figure it should be decent, despite what Zero Punctuation said

    • Local country music celebrity Paul Brandt did a remake of the song a shrt time ago. Both John and I could only ask ourselves “why?”

  34. Saw Brave at the Cinema Tavern in Aurora, CO with whole family. Was impressed with the movie, but also impressed with how the tickets & food were priced.

    Very reasonable ticket prices+decent food prices+decent food=real value!

    Liked that the previews of the movie I had seen did not spoil anything past the first third of the film, if even that much…

  35. Put in a couple of hours on Dragon’s Dogma. Enjoying it so far. However, the people look a little… off. It’s hard to put my finger on, and no it’s not uncanny valley as they are not that realistic. Its more of little things, like the neck on some being wide enough it goes straight into the chin on some of the characters, stuff like that. But, my NPC companions are awesome. I can just stand in a middle of an area and they will collect everything that is to be found, including destroying crates and barrels on their own. Now I don’t have to worry about missing something. I just have to remember to go into their inventory once in a while and take all they have gathered.

  36. Well, it’s official. Not only is hubby moving to the high school, the high school itself is moving to a new building. This is both good and bad. Good in that the building is much larger and better able to hold the students, bad in that it’s farther away from home than the current locations so it’s likely hubby’s drive home will still be an hour or so like it is at his current school. Where the high school currently is the drive would have been only about half an hour. Boo

  37. I sometimes don’t understand people. June is our rainy month, always has been. Yet, every year, a number of people will say to me how they don’t remember it ever raining this much. If I know them, I always give them the evil eye, if I don’t I’ll ask how long they’ve lived in Calgary. If they say anything more than a year, they get the evil eye too. Seriously, rivers overflow and wash out pathways, basements will sometimes flood (not mine, I live on a hill), towns, like… oh I don’t know, High River (it’s name should be a dead giveaway) for instance, lay sandbags. It’s the same every year so I just can’t figure out why people are so surprised when it happens.

  38. How the fuck do I have a single 2inch long hair growing from my shoulder???? And how the hell do I have its twin brother groing on my earlobe????????

    /old man stumble, pass-out

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