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  1. wowza

    that was weird

    just wanted to stop by and say hi and I couldn’t miss an opportunity for firties.. its been so long since I’ve had one of those πŸ™‚
    Forgot Monday night is the new Wednesday night in Deadpan land.

  2. Condolences to Jack and New Jersey. I was rooting for them. Much to the chagrin of my Los Angeles buddies.

    Just somewhere between 4-7 bball games and then I am getting my sports vacation for 2012! So excited.

    True Blood started up last night and i am looking forward to the next few months of control of the TV remote! Until they start talking football nonstop on ESPN.


    Too much sports for my female brain to comprehend. I just keep thinking.. at least he doesn’t like baseball. If Hugh was also a baseball fan I am not sure I could stand it.

    Back to True Blood: it was freaking awesome. If anyone else here watches. Having Eric back to himself is the best thing to happen to TV in a long time. This season is looking up to being much better then last.

    That is all
    goodnight pan
    goodnight vampires

  3. blushes!

    Hi Van πŸ™‚

    Yeah the “sister” thing was quite icky.. they are not related, couldn’t they come up with a different name for their relations?
    What do they call packs of vampires? Hives? His hive sister or something. ewww.

    goodnight for reals

  4. its a clan

    packs of vampires that are blood related are a clan according to the top hit on my google search

    further down the list was brood

    vampire brood is my new goth band name

    ok really really this time
    computer off

  5. Today’s Show Notes:

    Desert Unshow ’78

    Special Guest – Desert Pixie

    Los Angeles Kings won the NHL Play offs. Have you paid your debt yet?

    Greasy Comments
    Desert Pixie
    Lost Ralph
    Lo Pan
    The Energizer Bunny
    JR Murdock – First of the week

    Next Palooza will either be Blade Runner or Buckaroo Bonzai

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    • The temperature below which early colour instant film (peel apart type) would need to be warmed under an armpit to develop properply.

      Not only useless information but obsolete as well.

  6. I that I shall never see
    content as lovely as Paul Maki.

    Content whose hungry mouth is prest
    Against Andrea’s sweet flowing breast;

    Content that looks at Jack all day,
    And lifts his hairy arms to say;

    Content Motherfuckers – Send it!

  7. I think, in about an hour or so, I’m going to do a play by play. (assuming Deadpan doesn’t go down like it did last week when I wanted to to a pbp).

    Just so you know, I only have one B horror on my DVR. There hasn’t been that many showing lately. Your only choice is Wrong Turn 4. Which will be interesting because I don’t think I’ve seen the first three. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1865567/ I’m really hoping it doesn’t fall into my “no watch” category. While I do enjoy the B horrors, believe it or not, there is a fine line between what I will watch and what I won’t.

    Also, I’m feeling ambitious. Prepare yourself for a different kind of PBP.

  8. I sometimes wonder if maybe hubby and I are too stereotypical geeky.

    We’ve had a lot of work done in and around the house over the last five years including, redoing the front yard, redoing the back yard and, next week, the main bathroom will be torn out and built back up from scratch. Also, if I ever manage to save enough money (doubtful), I want the kitchen redone. In all of this, we didn’t actually do any of it, we always hired contractors. We’ve been getting the evil eye (and a few comments) by some of our more… hands on friends. We have friends who are redoing their kitchen themselves. It will probably cost half of what ours has been quoted at in using a contractor. Yet, I just don’t see myself picking up a hammer and tearing out walls. We have friends who bought sod and did their own yard. I sometimes feel… guilty?…bad?… *shrug* not sure the right word, just off, because hubby and I are the least handy people of everybody we know. *sigh*

  9. Just sitting here twiddling my thumbs… or typing on the Deadpan. *shrug* Whatever works. I’m waiting for approval on a report. Hopefully it’ll come in soon. Otherwise the pbp will have to wait until tomorrow.

  10. Today’s movie is Wrong Turn 4
    Which means, at some point, there were three more

    I’d read the description from the DVR
    But I don’t thing that will get you very far

  11. Ok, as fun as this was, I was right about this movie not fitting into my style. For the second time in Deadpan history, I’m stopping the movie and deleting it from my DVR

    all the other movies I have on the DVR are more mainstream, so not sure what will be next. Will have to rhyme another day.

  12. Hey smart computer ppl! I need your help please!

    I would really like to recover some old precious, very important photo memories of mine on my stupid PC…. I restored an old backup and in my photo folder, I have jpegs (yay) but I also seem to have other folders that require Picasa?….

    Can you please guide me as to what to do. I do not have Pocasa installed on the Windows side of my Mac.

    Is that all I need to do to get these images back?

  13. Your crap joke for the day:

    Last night I said to the wife
    “Any chance of some Oral Relief?”

    She said “What’s that mean, you want me to suck you off?”
    I said “no just shut the fuck up”

  14. Hey Jack,

    Have you ever been to the Martini Ranch in Scottsdale? Second chance to see the Loom on July 26th. That’s a Thursday BTW.

    • I’ve been there! It’s a pretty small place. He’s a supporting act again, but that might be more doable for me.
      Let’s circle back and take it offline to brainstorm ways to leverage this opportunity. /bizdeuche

  15. Alright, new pointless amusement from Fark.com

    Go to Google Image search


    Click on the camera icon to do “search by image”

    Drag or upload an image of yourself into the search box.

    Ponder just what it is Google think you look like. I am an Asian man and a couple of tall pine trees.

    • And here I thought I was the only person to leave the strongest m&m for last. And I could have gotten a free 1/2 pound bag out of it? Argh.

      I think I should just go to bed now and weep.

  16. My computer has been acting very strange for the last week or so. I find when I first start it up, after a couple of minutes, the thing locks up. Usually to the point I have to do a hard reboot by holding down the power button (as opposed to ctr-alt-del). Once it has rebooted, it seems to work fine for the rest of the day. I’ve done virus checks every day this week out of paranoia.

    Why is my computer doing this?

    • The only thing I can suggest is to pull the power lead out and then hit the on switch.

      Plug the lead back in and switch on properply this time.

      There’s a technical reason why my Dell desktop does this from time to time but I’ve forgotten the details of the tip that solved it.

  17. Until I can get a recording device up, here are the list of words my Ipod came up with using the iOvulus app while doing the historic/ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park:

    Anyone want to write a story?

  18. Alright, I’m a bit bummed for no good reason – TIL that Lena Headey – aka Cersei Lannister, aka Sarah Conner, aka the Queen from 300….is a year younger than I am.

    I was certain she was older than me. And yes, I’m sure that gets me some very small violin playing from the Deadpan Senior Citizen Brigade πŸ™‚

  19. It’s raining and pouring and this old man has stopped snoring.

    Morning Pan, off to Scotland for the weekend, fingers crossed the rain hasn’t brought the rail network to a grinding halt.

    • I read that wondering about the Oort Cloud and how it fell into the limits of the solar system. Apparently, the Oort cloud itself isn’t a given, but a hypothesis.

      Interesting place, our little corner of the universe.

      • Something has to be supplying the comets we actually see in the inner solar system.

        I’m betting it’s not a sentient gas cloud chucking snowballs at us to relieve the boredom.

    • Yes, and it took up most of his show. I had to keep skipping and skipping because I haven’t seen the movie yet. Made for a very short podcast this week.

      • Neil DeGrass Tyson had some problems with Prometheus. I guess, at one point they talk about being half a billion miles from earth. That wouldn’t even get you out of the solar system.

        see, no real spoilers πŸ˜‰

  20. CP: Yesterday’s Democracy Now!

    Holy crap, the JP Morgan guy is scary. He truly believes he/his company did nothing wrong.

  21. Well, I suppose it’s appropriate that the Desert Unshow be a tumbelweed week. Happy Weekend to all the Dads (and the awesome people who make them Dads). I’ll be around, just sayin’ it.


    • I tried to increase the comments. It’s not my fault the movie sucked.

      I now have on my DVR the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Maybe I’ll do that on Monday. *shrug* Maybe. I never did see the original so I will have nothing to compare it to.

  22. Another way to feel old. Hubby said he was talking to his class about technology helping the visually impaired. Healso played a video regarding this and the iPad. Stevie Wonder was on this video. None of the kids (grade 8) knew who Stevie Wonder was

  23. On an unrelated note again, I was complaining earlier about the game Dragon’s Dogma. Hubby said he will solve the problem for me and get it for me for my birthday next month. Hmmm

  24. Although, there is the possibility I might need a new computer instead. Which would really tick me off as it’s only 2 1/2 years old. Long enough to be off warranty. It’s running at the moment but we were both worried it wouldn’t this morning when it started and gave a “unrecoverable error”. *sigh*

  25. Carcassonne purchased for too much at B&N! (Can you tell I’m trying to expose the kids to smart boardgames?) I don’t actually know this game, I bought it based on reviews. Fingers crossed.

  26. Also, while I would probably say not the biggie, Settlers of Catan, I would definitely recommend Space Farers of Catan, especially for youngsters. Your movement. Everybody gets their own space ship to build on to and use as dice sor movement and battle. For that reason alone, most of the people we play with prefer Space Farers over Settlershttp://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1897/starfarers-of-catan

  27. RE: Long dead computer sounds – recognized them all. Used to keep a 5 1/4″ floppy drive in my computer cases, even though I couldn’t even hook it up anymore. Think I finally pitched it along with a couple of 3.5″ drives as part of the pre-move purge.

  28. 825 State Street Stout (release #10) by Epic Brewing Co is a fantasticlly smooth stout. Chocolate, toffee and even toasted marsallow on the lips.

    This has skyrocked to Top 2 stouts for me.

    Happy Fathers Day to all you hot pappas out in DPLand!

  29. Anyone know how to get a Raspberry Pi to run off of batteries? The software team at my work place recently got a Raspberry Pi to play with and we are trying to figure out how to run it off of batteries. The Raspberry Pi FAQ page says you should be able to run it off 4 AA batteries, but don’t give an indication of how this could be done. There are a lot of really smart computer science guys here, but they don’t have a lot of background in hardware engineering.

    • My inner cynic thinks that the methods relative cheapness will mean it will never go widespread.

      Catch pancreatic cancer really early and it’s easy to ‘cure’ and drug companies won’t be able to make a lot of money from drugs.

      • Sadly, I would tend to agree. However, Quest Diagnostics was mentioned and they are the company that specializes in this sort of revolutionary break through. Their Flu Test changed the waiting time for results from “over night”, to about 10 minutes.

        So if they get hold of this technology I suspect it would make it to market. If the big cancer drug companies buy the patient rights … it could get buried.

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