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  1. Today’s show notes:

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #241: Attack of the Space Tuba

    Promo – DaFixer’s Hideout (http://www.dafixer.com/)

    Greasy Happy Days
    Lo Pan
    The Energizer Bunny
    Ed From Texas
    Nomad Scry
    John Boze
    Desert Pixie

    Justa J0e
    Andrea (Smarty Hottie)

    Jack has issues with a Space Oddity

    Ear Buddies
    Andrea (Smarty Hottie)
    Justa J0e

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing music

  2. So the next movie on my DVR the next movie on my list is called Blind Date. Now this is not the recent movie, uh uh. My DVR says, “A man in search for a date at a Halloween party ends up in the hands of a coven of horny witches”

    I can’t seem to find it on IMDB.

    So, work willing, in a few hours, be prepared for…this?

  3. Thanks to the Deadpan being down, you guys really missed out. I was going to do a PBP on a movie called Blind Date. Now this is not the recent movie, uh uh. My DVR says, “A man in search for a date at a Halloween party ends up in the hands of a coven of horny witches”

    I couldn’t find it on IMDB. Since the deadpan was down, I decided to do more searching on this movie. When did my movie channels start showing porns? Seriously, it seems to have been produced by a company called Wicked Pictures. Now that I actually know what the movie is about it won’t be part of a PBP? Now it’ll wait until I’m alone with hubby :blush:

    • Canada is a strange mixture of US and its’ own personality. Here is some overlap on what that article says. However, for the most part, I can agree with a lot of the perceptions… Except the punctuality part. Jack proves that section wrong 😉

  4. Good Morning Pan.

    In 24 hours I will be most of the way to Estes Park, CO. yes I will be going to the Stanley Hotel, no I will not be staying there.

    All work and no play….

  5. WTF, Wisconsin? Way to give the finger to every one of your teachers, policemen, and firefighters. Oh well, I guess this is what you expect from the world capital of shitty beer.

  6. The robot stole the show, the characters were as deep as cardboard cut outs, theron was wasted, and the plot was just plain dumb in places.

    But it looked cool…

  7. Crap joke for the day:

    All this talk about the Jubilee has drowned out the news that a new Egyptian tomb has been discovered… it was particularly unusual as the mummy was wrapped in chocolate and gold foil – historians have translated his name as Pharoah Rocher…

  8. Crap chemistry joke:

    Two guys walking into a bar.

    First guy asks the bartender for H2O

    Second guy says “I’ll have H2O too”

    Second guy dies

  9. Attention Lo Pan & EssBee! I shall be in your vicinity between the 16th & 24th. Some times during that period are already booked, I think starting with the Ren Fair. I’m not sure if I have current emails for you guys, and I have what may be a 4-year-old cell number for Lo Pan.

    Hit me at reallybigthings at gmail and we’ll see what we might come up with for a visit…

    • JB, the 17th is Father’s Day and the 23rd is my mom’s bday, so a weeknight is probably gonna be best for me, or I might be able to sneak away for coffee or lunch if LP has a Monday off during your trip.

      olyejark at gmail

  10. I think Darcy is looking at a general meetup night for some of her friends Friday the 22nd to which you all will also be invited once I know specifics, but I’d love to figure out alternatives if necessary.

  11. Teresa has been working hard to get a 2 rating at her job, which would mean a good raise, promotion and bonus. She found out today she got a 1. 1 is a higher rating than 2. *faints*

  12. CW: Continuum E2

    You would think the terrorists from the future would be concerned about wiping themselves out by altering the timeline when they kill people.

  13. Van, have you finished The Bridge yet? I’ve got 1.5 episodes left, so 3 workouts. It’s gettin’ good!

    Also, meant to tell you, what a bullshit ending to Awake!!

  14. How my insane mind works, I start watching the movie Dreamaniac (1986). Within the first 5 seconds I think:

    1. Horrible soundtrack (i.e. 80s one-boring-guy-on-a-synthesizer music)
    2. The font on the opening title credit looks astoundingly cheap
    3. The first thing on the screen say “Wizard Video”… not film… not movie… video

    This somehow leads me to the conclusion – This is going to be fantastically bad. Can’t wait.

  15. I just finally started watching Awake last night. I will finish all 13 episodes within this month.

    TEB: Parking passes? Just curious: Are they passes to allow visitors to park on the street? Are they issued by the city?

  16. Two crap jokes for today:

    My fetish for shagging rotten fish is getting out of hand.
    I’m in a real bad plaice at the moment.

  17. My son came home and said to me and his mum: “Can I have a boy from school round to stay the night?”.

    I said to my wife: “Do you think he’s gay?”.

    She replied “I think you should be more worried about the fact that the boy is one of his pupils!!”

  18. A third crap joke:

    I met this big breasted girl in a bar the other night. She asked if I wanted some fun with her big tits so we went down an alley where she beat me up & robbed me……………..It was a booby trap.

  19. Amy, in answer to your question: I live near a LRT starting (light rail transit). As such, to discourage people from parking in the near by residential areas to ride the train, all parking in the area requires a parking pass. Each resident gets (up to) two passes to put in their vehicles and two “guest” passes, so when you have visitors their vehicles won’t be ticketed (I think the fine is somewhere around $140). It was one of these guest passes the duct guy had. However, he did come back and drop it in the mail box last night

  20. Off to see Red Tails.

    Yes I’m putting money into George Lucas’s pocket.

    Yes I know it falls into the 300 league of historical accuracy.

    Yes I know the reviews say it’s basically crap.

    But still…

    • I wanted to see this with friends this weekend, but we’ll just have to settle for another day.

      Brave, on the other hand…. 🙂

    • Ummmm. I can’t speak for other provinces but the Alberta government doesn’t like unions and tries to find ways around them (ie. Teachers are unionized however when the government allowed charter schools to start, they can’t be unionized – hubby works at a charter school. Federally… *shrug*

      As for politics, everywhere you go (in the free world), every country has it’s pros and cons. That being said, from what I’ve seen, I would rather live in Canada over the U.S.

      • Somedays, I really can’t decide. They are equally corrupted and stupid on both sides of the border. I guess it depends on what day it is and what I’m drinking. 😉

        • It’s not the unions, in particular, that had me exhausted, but the tendrils of my conversation reached all over the place. We touched on presidents (past and future), teachers, cars, corruption, lobbyists, the armed forces, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

          It was the discordance between “do the right thing” and “do the smart thing” that convinced me we’re doomed. 🙂

  21. And, the kids have returned to civilization from a week a camp. I think they appreciated all their gadgets and technology AND managed to get along with each other for quite possibly a full 30 minutes afterwards 🙂

  22. CNW (currently not watching): Red Tails. This was on the XBox Zune this weekend so hubby rented it. This movie has two thing against it for me. I’m not big into war movies and I’m definitely not big on Cuba Gooding Jr. So hubby’s watching it. I’m reading.

    CR: Master of Heathcrest Hall – Galen Beckett

  23. Hubby paused to take a washroom break. I asked him how the movie was so far. His reply, “the planes are nice anyway”

    I don’t think that’s a rousing positive review

    • Van,

      I picked up the latest bundle when it still just had 5 games. I paid well over the 7.50ish average price for it at the time and it was WELL worth it then, since they’ve added a few new games, it just keeps becoming a more awesome deal.

  24. Ask not what Deadpan can do for you, but what you can do for Deadpan.

    That whirring noises in the background is JFK spinning in his grave…

  25. CW: Saving Hope – Episode 1

    Another medical drama with the spice of supernatural elements…umm hoping episode 2 will be better.

  26. I reserve my final comment regarding Prometheus until tomorrow; however, I am enjoying the colorful discussions about different thoughts on the flick, that are echoing in the house.

  27. Colorado was pretty. Was weird not to have cell service most of the weekend.

    Wanted to make sure Lo and EssBee were safe with the wildfires spreading.

    • The article didn’t start well with this load of bollox:

      “Prometheus” is a Marmite of movies. You love it, or you hate it. But here’s what you need to know : If “Prometheus” is a prequel to “Alien”, then “Downfall” is a sequel to “A Bridge Too Far.”

  28. We saw a Christian Bale flick over the weekend that was the same old story retold, and even so I enjoyed it. It was Equilibrium.

  29. Think we’ll be waiting to catch Prometheus until the home video round. Too many other promising movies to catch at the theater this summer.

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