386 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #240: Sounds Like Phoenix in May

  1. Gugh. The Phoenix Lights was one of the most boring things I’ve ever watched. . . . It’s like your crazy, rich aunt made a movie with some inheritance windfall. Yeesh. I shoulda watched the crappy skating romcom.

  2. Someday I’m going to catch up.

    If anyone sees me online tonight, just yell at me to record my earbuddies. I can do it… I can.

    I think I can.

  3. Show notes:

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #240: Sounds Like Phoenix in May

    Deadpan was too made for us.

    Is Deadpan a pale blue dot?

    Deadpan mmmmmeetup roll call

    Promo – All Games Considered (http://www.agcpodcast.info/)

    Amy Bowen’s airport Update

    The Energizer Bunny get overwhelmed by emotion. Hugs to all.

    Amy Bowen continues her airport update

    More mmmmeetup talk

    Amy Bowen is still travelling.

    60 lines live

    Amy Bowen comes home

    Thanks, hugs and loves to all who attended the mmmmmeetup.

    Greasy Mobsters
    DJ Bunny
    Justa J0e
    Vanamonde (first of the week)

    Time to think about the next Palooza. Will it be Buckaroo Bonzai or Blade Runner?

    Where are your earbuds! Send them in now.

    If you haven’t sent in your hockey playoff pool time to pay up.

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

    Closing music – Smurf You Like an Animal – recorded at mmmmmmeetup 2012

  4. I did my part and watch the Dukes of Hazzard “movie” yesterday. My I.Q. has been docked at least 20 points from the experience. Play by Play from memory to follow.

  5. Willie Nelson is Uncle Jesse. I think someone told Willie that if he just showed up on set he could drink all the beer he wanted.

  6. I have just recorded my Earbuds audio.
    I choose to think of this as being early for the NEXT round of earbuds as opposed to being criminally late for the last one.

  7. Okay, by the weekend I will write and record my Earbuddies intro to my partners song, and my response to theirs.

    I think I may have a bad motivator.

  8. OK fellow DCI fans! The season is nearly upon us… I am curious to know if any of you own any past Finals DVDs or any specific Corps DVDs? I can never seem to spend the $90 asking price for a Finals DVD.

    My favorite year is 2007 and I see the cost of the DVD has dropped significantly.

      • I would love to, Van… grab your coat and hang on!

        DCI= Drum Corps International. Justa J0e and Nomad Scry are fans, like me (and my 11yr old niece)


        They are drum and bugle corps with a color guard that performs musical numbers on a field, called a field show. Great fun to see live. As a band geek, I nerd out when I go to a show. We all have our favorite corps- mine are Phantom Regiment and Santa Clara Vanguard. It is very difficult to find “free” videos of performances because these kids volunteer to be part of each corp and they travel across the US, competing all summer long. So they have to raise funds for operating expenses and travel costs, and so I understand why they charge for everything…

        The competition season is just beginning and I will be attending the show here in AZ with my niece and the Mangan clan later in June. WOOT

    • I have the 2003 Finals dvd set. My parents gave it to me as a Christmas prize one year.

      Not sure if I’ll get to ee a live show this year.
      Can’t stand the TV broadcast. The producers NEVER seem to understand that
      A) The show was designed to be viewed from the 50 yard line, halfway up the stands. B) The show was DESIGNED! Meticulously. Then it was practiced and tweaked to perfection over a period of months. It doesn’t need fancy camera angles and cut-a-ways to “make it” exciting. It already is.

    • Why not, it’s only fashionable. I’d vote him in for president. There would be more music and drinks and less nuclear missles and greedy politics. Okay, that’s the end of my political discussion πŸ™‚

  9. My Earbuddies segments are written, but not yet laid to ones and zeroes.

    Jack just needs the raw recordings and the original song tracks, right? Or should I do some editing?

  10. Obviously my tolerance level is way down today. I have a co-worker that always shows up late, leaves early and does whatever he can to get out of as much work as possible throughout the day. I just heard him joking about deleting email from clients so he didn’t have to deal with them. Must not throw things at co-workers…..

  11. I just had an argument with a co-worker about whether or not ghosts were scarier than zombies. Seriously.

    Then at one point in the discussion I just stopped and said, “Is this conversation really happening?”

  12. Jack: In my opinion, the “studio-recorded” 60 Lines segments had better comedic flow because every line came immediately after the previous one, with no numbers to break them up. On the other hand, given that this episode’s 60 Lines segment was a live recording, you have a point. If you were to delete all the numbers from the beginnings of the 60 lines, the recording would probably sound choppy.

    J0e: That’s the same reason I usually do my own audio editing for Deadpan segments. The Deadpan is currently my only outlet for that muse, too. πŸ™‚

      • Just my voice. That was what I did for the last Earbuddies segment. I think the last time we did Earbuddies, someone (presumably Jack) added in the music under my voice, so I assumed that would happen again.

        • The last round of Earbuddies, I meant.

          By “edit my own audio,” I just meant “delete all the random clicks, pops, breaths, and other noises between sentences, tighten up the blank spaces between sentences so it flows, and run the noise remover to get rid of the computer fan.” That’s all I did for this round of Earbuddies, and it’s what I do for all my text-only Deadpan segments that I record on my microphone.

  13. Years of hard work and focused determination have brought a handful of young and supremely talented people to the pinnacle of competition, which will soon end in triumph for some, and heartbreak for many.
    The Scripps National Spelling Bee starts today!

  14. Dear workmate neighbors: The only thing worse than smelling your tuna lunch is smelling your HEATED tuna lunch.

    Please have mercy on my soul.

  15. Yeah.
    The mass showing up on my Mom’s MRI and Xrays was bone scaring and NOT cancer.
    Still don’t know why her leg hurts but it’s not cancer.

    I’m taking her for a week at the beach tomorrow because I can.
    And because what she likes to do at the beach is sit under an umbrella reading her Kindle and drinking Mudslides.
    I can deal with that.
    I’ll take my Pops as well. He makes me laugh. We get in trouble.

  16. Ah, I can haz internet again.

    Pool plumbers did their work yesterday….and cut the Uverse line to the house.

    Today, thanks to a rather speedy response from AT&T, we are back on line.

  17. CD: Bam Noire Dark Farmington Ale– Jolly Pumpkin Brewing Co.

    Spicy and tart. Smooth & refreshing.

    Note: tastes best when drank immediately after cracking open the bottle

    Big thumbs up from this hoppy novice. The Hunney enjoys it also

  18. “The transhumanoids and singularitarians and online futurists love to congratulate themselves over their unflappability at the prospects of shatteringly onrushing changed futures. They literally have a whole β€œshock level” calculator, which is kinda sorta like a Cosmo sex quiz for pasty futurological males who think diddling themselves over cartoons of space elevators or descriptions of traversable wormholes demonstrates the awesomeness of their humanity-plus brains as compared to mehum (mere human) sheeple types.”

    [Jay w/ Silent Bob] Yeeaaahh! [/Jay w/Silent Bob]

  19. DIY crap joke today:

    I read about these Siamese twins who are joined in the most disgusting place imaginable ….Β 

    Insert any area Yiu dislike here —>

  20. Today I go with the kindergarten to the Como Zoo in Saint Paul. Last time I went with a kindergarten class to Como Zoo it was the 1970’s, and we walked there from Chelsea Heights Elementary.

    • Like the concept – funny I was trying to figure out where in Pittsburgh it was. All I could tell you was it was downtown.

  21. Lord. With all the fucked up bullshit going on in our country right now… this next election is going to come down to the issue of gay marriage, isnt it?

    Happy 2012!

    • It’s a great distraction from the completely messed up issues of unemployment, foreclosures, student loans, our poor guys in the military, healthcare, etc, etc.

      • Sorry, I’m voting on the initiative on whether or not gay people with opinions should be illegal.

        One second, please…..

  22. Didn’t Philip K. Dick once write a story about arbitrary network lockdowns keeping people from accessing their own websites during the day? “Flow My Tears,” the Podcaster Said”, wasn’t it?

  23. Hubby and I are both hoping it’s just because I’m still learning the new system but I had two ten hour days and one twelve hour day so far this week and today’s looking to be at least ten hours again.

    If things don’t smooth out, I may have to look for another job. Health wise, I can’t keep this up πŸ™

  24. CP: Aida: Atto I – Scena e pezzo d’assieme — Orchestra e Coro del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma; Tullio Serafin, conductor

  25. A polite way of describing masturbation performed by a Santa Fe Police officer:

    A very graphic sexual conversation with himself

  26. Hubby has decided he likes the band Cherri Bomb but he’s also disturbed by the fact he likes them. He says ther’s something wrong with liking a bunch of 14 year old girls

    I told him to buy their album. That way he can listen to them without actually watching them. He is still torn

  27. Crap joke for the evening:

    Father O’Reilly let the kids of the parish shave his hair off for charity,when asked afterwards how he felt he said,it feels a bit strange but i think it makes my cock look bigger

  28. Ah the joys of siblings.

    Will I be seeing Prometheus you ask? Alas no, I will be seeing The Huntsman flick with sister.

    The horror, the horror…

  29. So today I installed the latest Ubuntu on my overheating old netbook.

    In many ways, the underpowered CPU leads to a laggy mess, but XBMC works fine with Airplay video streamed from my phone.


  30. Crap Joke for a Sunday:

    Japanese couple in an argument

    Husband: Sukitaki.
    Wife replies: Kowanini!!
    Husband says:Toka a anji rodi roumi yakoo!

    Wife on her knees literally begging: Mimi nakoundinda tinkouji!
    Husband replies angrily:kina tim kouji

    And you sit and read this as if you understand Japanese!
    U daft twonk

  31. Saw MIB 3. Lost all of the charm the first one had & gained all of todays pitiful attempt of using wit & unnecessary overuse of profanity.

    Not worth your hard-earned dollars.

    Certainly not for little ears.

  32. I’ll still see it. I enjoyed the first two for what they were. Also, how vulger can it be for PG-13? Thats an honest question.

        • One of my old work colleagues was friends with Lowell Cunningham. He related a story about when Lowell, himself and two other friends were hanging out talking. Lowell started talking about how he had this idea, but didn’t know the process to script writing. One of the other guys knew a lot about though and explained how you outline your idea, how to turn it into a script and how to submit it for consideration to a studio. The next year MIB was accepted for production.

  33. Man, I’ve apparently aged some in the last year. I didn’t have any trouble making the long day round trip to take my daughter to camp last year. Last night when I returned from that trip, I was spent.

    Though, I suspect the fact that my son was also in the van for his first week of camp may have played a part in the amount of effort it took me to deliver then with both alive πŸ™‚

  34. Crap joke for the bank holiday:

    Brian is on a Nude beach in Spain. Out of manners & to prevent sunburn, he keeps a hat over his privates. A woman walked past sniggering & says ‘If you were a gentleman you’d lift your hat’. Brian replies ‘If you weren’t so bloody ugly it would lift itself’

  35. My plans for tomorrow involve getting up at suck o’clock (or, if you prefer, O-Dark-Thirty) and spending about 15 hours in the multipurpose room at a school. I’m mostly looking forward to it, though. This will be my second stint as a pollworker. I had enough fun the first time that I volunteered to do it again. πŸ™‚

  36. TIL: The guy who played Rush in SG:U and Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon a Time was also a Bond villan.

    And, IMDB is good for marriage. Being able to look up an actor that we both recognize but can’t remember from what saves much arguing πŸ™‚

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