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  1. I’m taking desperation to a whole new level, off to see Bridesmaids.

    However I will be seeing the new Terrence Malick movie tomorrow..

    Based on The Thin Red Line, I’m betting I’m going to enjoy Bridesmaids a whole lot more…

    • Yeah wasn’t too bad.

      Some of the head 2 head scenes between the main female protagonist and the guy from the IT crowd were a bit freaky though, looked liked he wasn’t in the same room as her at some poInts and this was really obvious when it shouldn’t have been.

      Yeah yeah, I know this how movies are shot, but just too obvious in this case,

  2. Morris Day and the Time were pretty good. wow that guy was trying to be smooth.
    Tonic was good as always “the way she loves me” is so much better live. they change the song adding a little something that really adds some real depth.

  3. Yeah Bridesmaids is supposed to be quite a good film. Will be definite Netflix for me.

    Oh, Reaps, Morris Day dont have to try to be smoov… Morris Day be just smoov by bein’ Morris Day

  4. Made it to the airport. Realized I forgot my US money. The stupid currency exchane at the airpot charged me 15%!!! Don’t they know our dollar is above par? *humph*

  5. Whoah..

    Bunny’s arrival is imminent.

    I cleaned stuff.. but.. yeah.. anyone coming to my place at this point, well… it’s a mess.

    That is all.

  6. I just looked at Bunny’s words with friends game and her game with her husband has the words connected Hot Shafts Toy… this makes me giggle like a dirty school girl.

  7. CW: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy BBC TV show

    Flash we only have 5 hours and 46 minutes to save the Earth!

    Oh wait wrong movie.

    • We got destroyed for about 10 minutes… there’s debris and flooding and streetlights falling down. It was… unexpected.

  8. I’ve been listening to this to hold me until Tuesday:


    While not quite as in your face as Game of Thrones, this guy was definitely influenced more by GRR Martin rather that Robert Jordan in terms of visceral descriptive story telling. I’m enjoying it.

    I hadn’t considered MacBeth (or really, much of any Shakespeare) since high school, so I had memory of only a basic concept and a few key lines. Interestingly enough, I have not heard any of those lines used in this version.

  9. CW: justa J0e’s link to nasatv
    it kind of feels like sex. fun things happening building to an explosion
    I’m glad sex doesn’t have a clock that stops all the time though

  10. Bunny called us lazy. I call myself “woman with a migraine” … whatever!


    Now she’s trying to convince me that I need to eat something. Gah.. eat? in the morning!? Where’s my coffee!?

  11. Ed: I seriously dig (That Scottish Play). It’s actually the only Shakespeare play I’ve seen performed live. I will check out that novel. If you like that, you might dig “King Hereafter” by Dorothy Dunnett.

  12. After 3 weeks, Green Lantern has grossed $138,925,810… WORLDWIDE

    So…. so that’s not good at all. Minus Batman, DC seems to REALLY have trouble in the cinema, dont they?

    • Three quick things before I get into meeting mode:

      We live in a world where $138,925,810 is not a lot of money to some…. while I agonize over $3.00 for a loaf of bread.

      I guess the first 2 Superman films are too old to count?

    • I’m sure DVD sales will help the bottom line. I agree though, DC doesn’t have the market draw of Marvel, other than Mr. Wayne.

  13. “In a world without friction, the only friction people value is editing”.

    Oh Courtney, can’t you just stay that 1-dimensional drugged-out dimwit that we all grew to despise?

  14. See seemed mostly on point with the article, Napster is so 1998 though. Seems like there is an opprotunity for a venture capitalist to start a music download site that is geared toward rewarding the musicians and maybe promote them with some free weekly MP3s.

    • Improved air filter system

      After topping the charts in Australia and Canada and peaking at number two in the UK, it became a U.S. number one single in 1987.

      Anti-vibration design with strategically placed rubber buffers.

      Starting in 1998, while still active in music, she has branched into an alternative career as a landscape gardener.

  15. beep

    now all I need is a flying saucer and the coordinates to a planet that hasn’t made interstellar contact and I could be a teaser.

  16. Hmmmm, some people on Twitter commenting that Pike’s decision to choose the illusion over the reality in ST:TOS was morally weird.

    Someone people have their head too far up their arse it seems.

    • Ah, once upon a time I sent a Moose Drool in the mail to a certain podcast, along with a Surly Furious…

      Packed in packing peanuts with a bag of frozen peas

  17. CD: Coop’s Territorial Reserve Oak Aged Imperial Stout

    This is a hard beer to define, it has all the characteristics of an imperial stout except the syrupy mouth feel and it’s kinda throwing me off.

    • The aroma is wonderful the vanilla from the oak combined with the roast and caramel malts to put me in mind of maple syrup and molasses. With a hint of cinnamon like spiceness.

      The flavor has a strong hop bitterness with roast and oak, as if you had oak aged a dry stout. With the oaky tannins lingering in the mouth and palate in a kind of pleasant way. I get a hint of syrupiness on the back of the palate.
      (quiet spellbot syrupiness is to a word, now.)

      The mouth feel is thin for an imperial stout, more along the lines of a regular strength dry stout. This makes it odd yet gives the beer a surprising refreshingness, especially combined with the hops and oak. I will say the only way I can tell it has alot of alcohol is the warmth in my stomach as I drink it, and the way the beer clings to the side of my glass.

      All in all a good beer, but I’m not sure if the new brewer over at Coop has the same flair Chase brought to the recipes.

  18. Oh. My. Gosh!

    Bunny tired me out so much, I had to take a nap!

    *** S T R E T C H***

    I’m up. Now we wait for a phone call from Jack.

    *** Story of my life: waiting for a hot guy to call me. *sigh*

  19. “115 degree weather in OK. A Golden Ale in a frosty mug will cool you down nicely.”

    Beer snob/geek says, ” Who would waste a good beer in a frosted mug?”

    No really I’m trying to control it, please drink what you enjoy. Even if it is from a *shudder* frosty mug…

  20. ok so Re: ditto’s post of Courtney Love taking on the music industry..although I TOTALLY agree with her, I have t doubt she actually wrote it. BUT, regardless of the author, she is totally right on.

    Record labels are so evil. The only people who are losing money off illegal downloads are the labels. screw them I say!

    Her idea is pretty cool if it could work. I mean couldn’t an artist basically create that “global village” through their own site? Have a log in for your fans to access a special place on your site to listen to previews or whatever else and offer the tip service through there.

    Or create a separate site where bands have pages you can log in, save your favorite artists and access whatever it is they want to share, leave what you want. Make it be a direct contact between fans and the artists. As an obsessed music fan that would be awesome. I mean back in the day when everything was word of mouth or found reading every music zine out there, the connection to artists was so difficult. Today with the internet tubes we are all closer to bands then we ever were.

    Being that its Courtney and I despise her, I would have to argue that what she is saying she COULD already do. Trent did it, Radiohead did it, Brand New did it. Does Courtney Love have enough fans who would care enough about her work?
    There are bands i would sign up for something like that if it was available. I think its up to the band to make it happen. If enough bands went that way, if bigger bands helped out smaller bands… it would be pretty bad ass. I know there are artists like Greg Dulli (you knew he would come into the conversation eventually) who still is fighting with his old label over Afghan Whigs rights. Its sad. He has Afghan Whigs music that he can’t do anything with because of the old label. Very very sad.

    Ok, sorry for taking over Deadpan with a music industry rant. πŸ™‚

    • I only got halfway through that speech from Courtney, so I’m basing htis more on your response.

      But I will say that I know of one artist who is completely supported by her fans, and did a 50 state plus Canada tour last year, and she is touring a large part of the US again. Just doing mostly small venues and house parties. Admittedly Marian Call is closer to Vanamonde’s tastes than the mighty Hugh and Dre’s rock preferences. But it is an interesting proof of a n artist succeeding only through social media.


      • Regardless of the genre, she did what Courtney was talking about. And her album is coming out on Bandcamp which I saw was a site that does EXACTLY what Courtney is sorta talking about.. you can see your music directly to your fans sans a record label.

        and according to this little snippet cut from their site, some indie rock regulars use it too:
        In the past 30 days alone, artists have made $627,373 USD using Bandcamp, and monthly sales growth since our launch looks like this:

        To find out why forward thinkers like Sufjan Stevens, Amanda Palmer, and ZoΓ« Keating call Bandcamp home sweet home, watch this

        Now if some slightly larger names started.. that would be cool.

  21. Hugh and i did some TV catching up last weekend- I was not liking the new series of Dr Who but those 2 episodes about “the flesh” might have made up for everything else. Even Neil Gaiman’s episode didn’t do it for me.. and I LOOOOOOOVE Neil Gaiman.

    True Blood is AWESOME

    Excited to watch Torchwood tomorrow maybe if we have time.

    Also really looking forward to Harry Potter, New Dresden book.. lots of cool scifi stuff.

    In other music news, I just started reading Ozzy’s autobiography, so far it is oztastic: http://www.amazon.com/I-Am-Ozzy-Osbourne/dp/B004X8W42M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310252893&sr=8-1

  22. “Why is it you’re always too small, or too tall?”

    No comprende too tall, I don’t believe a woman can be too tall.

  23. I have to say my one problem with this movie is that the jaberwocky looks like an underfed dragon. I consider that less than cool.

  24. For future reference I wear a digital watch because I like the alarm and stopwatch functions.

    And I like to be able to tell time 10 meters underwater.

  25. I wonder how good the beer cellar is at Milliways. If they did it right they would have the ability to do the BEST vertical tastings.

  26. “I don’t want to eat an animal that is sitting there inviting me to!” – Arthur Dent

    Speaking for myself, if a girl wants to invite me to eat I’d be quite happy to oblige.

  27. “Any people you meet from time to time are merely products of a deranged imagination.”

    But they get so upset when I tell them that.

  28. Wow, look at the traffic! Ralph, you should never get yourself Lost again.
    It was indeed a good evening, cut abruptly short by the mini-haboob.

    Van, that Allan Taylor link is wonderful. Great sounding guitar and vocals.

  29. what kind of boob is a haboob?

    A haboob (Arabic ????) is a type of intense sandstorm commonly observed in arid regions throughout the world. They have been observed in the Sahara desert (typically Sudan), as well as across the Arabian Peninsula, throughout Kuwait, and in the most arid regions of Iraq.

    goodnight pan

  30. I drank a Surly Bender last night while rewatching some Buffy on Netflix. Season 5, my DVD’s have been on loan for about a year.

  31. I was watching an interesting program where one of the guys from
    Top Gear on various subjects.

    So after 40 your nervous system starts getting out if sync leading to indisgestation and constipation.

    So yeah..

  32. Well, it has been another productive weekend. And, even better, I think the end is in sight now on getting the old house ready to sell. It was a much bigger effort than I anticipated (and I anticipated a lot), but the place has turned out pretty well.

  33. Belgian Yeti Stout….my god. Its full of win. Its a milder version of the Yeti Stout with Belgian lightness and sweetness inter-played throughout. Find it. Try it. (Or email me and Ill magically teleport you some. Its worth the 9.99 for the bomber for a try. It wont supplant my Chocolate Oak Aged or Oak Aged Yetis… but its a damn nice change up in-between.

  34. I’m gonna try to get Bunny to do a play by play with me… first we need to pick a movie.

    Sorry, Bunny, it won’t have Zombies or murdering rampages.

  35. ok, we’ve decided (Bunny let me choose actually more like)
    A Dirty Shame
    2004 NC-17 88 minutes

    Acclaimed filmmaker John Waters returns to his favorite city, Baltimore, for this side-splitting film starring Tracey Ullman as Sylvia Stickles, a convenience-store worker who becomes a raging sexaholic after a minor accident. But her newfound lust is more a hassle than a gift, igniting class warfare on her street, Harford Road. Johnny Knoxville, Chris Isaak and Selma Blair co-star. Waters’s muse, Patty Hearst, makes her usual cameo

  36. I’d apologize to Bunny for choosing such a bad movie, but I heard her giggle more than once and it had nothing to do with her sitting on the Zhu Zhu pet.

  37. Demoncat:
    poor r ethan he is torn with his feelings of saddness that dc in its stupidty with the reboot canceled secret six. yet joy for catman is coming in plastic a pin most secret six fans are feeling.

  38. Hey pan

    Morning time. In a couple of hours I’ll be on my way hame. It was great seeing everybody. Thanks to Cj, the hostess with the mostess

  39. Good morning.
    Where is :jack: ?

    I think he was on the road last night and what with the storm, and his lack of presence here, I’m a little worried.

    Jack needs to check in.

    • You know what …
      “Attached to the email, however, was a spreadsheet listing the names and sizes of 91 officers, including the chest and waist sizes for 13 women whose vests needed special tailoring, Cunningham said.”

      This was clearly a mistake, since a spreadsheet with 91 people (not JUST the 13 women) was on it. What we have is one of those internet, don’t quite gasp the technology “Oh WTF” moments.

      For the love of Adrien Zmed … I’m just impressed they actually go to the trouble of custom fitting these vests to individual measurements.
      Frankly, I’m guessing that there are 13 women who just wish this hadn’t gone viral.

  40. A Dance with Dragons is flowing into Ipod now. Just in time for the drive to work.

    At 49 hours, this will be the second longest audiobook I’ve ever consumed.

    • Squee! My hard copy shipped from amazon yesterday. You’ll be ahead of me, Ed. I’m at one company’s sales meeting this week in Denver; at the other’s next week in Dallas (though I will get some quality reading time on the plane).

  41. Morning Pan!

    Spent last night cuddling my hubby and watching Torchwood. It was grand.

    Today I go through my 131 e-mails that accumulated while I was away. *sigh*

  42. I’m back at work. I like it here.

    So, in the realm of personal stuff…

    Luna moved into a nice new home yesterday. I think the owner I chose is a perfect match for her and I’ll get to keep up to date with pics and stuff.

    More importantly, my kids are spending the next 3 days with their dad and I’ll be having a bit of empty nest syndrome I think. I’ve only cried once since dropping them off this morning, but I suppose it will get easier. I’m going to the movies 2 of the nights they are gone, so that should help keep my mind off it.

  43. Time to go for my morning walk. Then it’s off the the bank. I think my mom must be feeling guilty about something she sent me a gross amount of money for my birthday instead of her usual $50.

  44. Fascinating. Netflix streaming accounts for 22% of North American internet traffic, 30% at peak hours.

    Of course, Deadpan accounts for the remaining 70-78%. . . Just not this afternoon.

  45. Since the announcement I’ve been thinking of going to “stream only” and buying used DVDs from Amazon as the mood strikes me.

    • This Netflix thing is kind of a watershed moment for the Internet consumer.
      Netflix is betting that the consumer, while not liking this price hike, will simply role over and pay it.
      If they do then you can expect to see all kinds of businesses who also use the internet, do the same or start to add a fee for that service.

    • I used to pay more for Netflix before they had streaming and I had to get more discs per month. I pay at least $60 a month for cable and don’t watch it as much as I watch Netflix. They have been offering more and more for less and less and are finally in a situation where they need to charge more in order to make a profit considering that streaming was FAR more popular than anyone thought it would be. $16 a month for all the streaming I can eat and a disc at a time is chump change. Let’s be honest about this and compare it to the cost of cable TV or renting or even buying DVDs (you can get maybe 4 if you are a really thrifty shopper). The price hike is a lot to handle in one shot, but I think it is justified in this case.

      • Funnily enough I wasn’t that happy paying $9 a month. Now with this big of a hike it makes me do the math of how much entertainment I get from Netflix, and primarily I use the streaming service, and whether I’m getting good value for my money.

        I will say that since you are allowed to stream from multiple devices I share my account with my Dad and little sisters, so I may consider continuing to pay for it. But like many now my budget is tight, and I already put my account on hold once to save money.

        I also have a problem believing that they need that big of a hike all of a sudden. It doesn’t seem likely that costs would have ballooned so much, so fast.

  46. A little over an hour into the new book. It’s nice to have Dotrice back, though I think he’s doing something very strange with Daenerys voice this time around.

  47. Bunny: Happy birthday! πŸ™‚

    My Netflix account is also shared with my sister. Currently, DVDs are being shipped to me. I watch so few of them that I think I might go streaming-only before September 1, too.

    I’d better catch up on all the Pixar movies I’ve missed before then, in that case. Most of them are DVD-only on Netflix. πŸ™

  48. Life’s a beach…or a journey to one anyway.

    Heading off to catch up with the rest of my family down at the coast after work today. So, once again, I’m counting on you guys to be Deadpan while I’m away.

    Now, time for Mr. Dotrice to join me on the road.

  49. Did anyone listen to StarShipSofa 190, from May? There is a short story, Mohammed’s Angel, that just perplexes me. Because I don’t understand how it is a “story”. I’d love for someone to explain it to me. :puzzled:

      • It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some fascinating fact articles, some great narrations, some boring as hell articles, and some simply bad readings. All wrapped in a specfic magazine that couldn’t possibly be expected to be consumed in one sitting.

        Overall, I like the SSS fiction more often than I liked the Fantasy & Science Fiction stories (when I had a sub to it.)

      • spoilers: A stuck up woman calls her mother to find out if she’s survived the explosion at her house of worship. Turns out the mom is an even bigger: bleep:

        over the course of their conversation, it comes out that the bomber was the moms neighbor. And, I think, that they’d slept together. The end.


  50. My arm is really killing me this morning. Well, not “Dr. Strangelove” killing me. At least, not yet. It’s actually been hurting for a few days. I thought it was better yesterday but today it’s worse.

    I’m going to go see a trained medical professional in an hour and have him tell me that my elbow hurts.

    They shoot horses don’t they?

  51. Netflix – I switched to streaming only. With RedBox so readily available, makes Netflix sort of unnecessary although, if I have to watch a specific movie, I could see it being an issue MAYBE. The fact is, I can easily do an Amazon UnBox for just about any movie I want to see.. I think? With the changes in my life, I really need to cut back as much as I can everywhere. Cable TV is going to be the next to go.

    I’ve already accepted the fact that my hair just simply won’t be as awesome as it’s been due to my inability to afford it. Groupon will save my hair, I’m thinking.

  52. Oh, also…

    Transformers 3.

    Here’s the thing. I can realize clearly that it was tossed together somewhat. The special FX are amazing. Shia and BumbleBee still make me swoon. The pretty girl needs to eat something. Good grief, why do they have to be so THIN? Is it like… seriously? I go to the movie and just feel like I’m the size of Australia when I’m looking at this skinny girl. I suppose that is part of my not wanting to eat anything EVER thing right now. πŸ™

    I enjoyed being there for the fun of the movie. It lacked dialogue and the plot was interesting, but not enthralling. I did appreciate Sentinel Prime being played by Leonard Nimoy… I had no idea. I didn’t research anything before seeing it, obviously. There was, I thought, supposed to be a friend of mine in the movie, but I didn’t see him. I also admit that seeing it at the drive-in did make for less-lustery FX.

    I still had fun though. I could have left earlier.. It was definitely too long.

    • haven’t seen the movie yet put from the pics
      give that girl a sammich or 10.
      women need curves. with out them they look like little boys and that is just creepy.

    • They keep them thin so that they can stack more into a trailer, makes it easier to pull out a model with a different paint job when they want variety.

  53. I’m not here.

    Thanks for the well wishes all.

    Heads up Dan S. Package sent today. Since I just sent it cheap mail, it may tKe a couple of weeks to show up

    Now… We’re going to watch Do. No

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