Jack Mangans Deadpan #208: Not Everyone Likes

Likable Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #207: Super Rick Novy

Deadpan is the Revolution

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Ear Buddies
Ed From Texas
J.R. Murdock

Hockey Anthems
The Energizer Bunny

Palooza is Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy

J.R. Murdock
Ed From Texas

The Energizer Bunny
Ed From Texas
Amy Bowen
Lo Pan
Lost Ralph
The Energizer Bunny
Vanamonde (First of the Week)

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535 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #208: Not Everyone Likes

  1. Well Hangover 2 today, I tried to persuade nephew to go and see new xmen movie..but he wouldn’t budge.

    Will have to see that one by myself next week.

  2. I think someday I will watch a movie, post on Deadpan again, and come out from under this rock. Sorry guys.. the rock is still winning. I do miss you though.

  3. Today’s movie is Ghost Town. The DVR write up:

    College students encounter deadly outlaw sports when their bus breaks down in a real ghost down

    “deadly outlaw spirits”!!!

  4. Yesterday I was a silly bunny. I spent the day in a bit of a fuzz, I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired. Then, as I was getting ready for bed, I realized I accidentally took my evening medication in the morning. My evening medication makes me sleepy. When hubby left for work this morning he reminded me to make sure I take the correct medication.

    Feeling more awake today :face:

  5. Work is both great and frustrating. The database has been broken for the last two day. This is great because it means I have basically had two days without work. It’s frustrating because, sooner or later, I’m going to have to catch up on several days of work once the database is finally up and running again.

  6. Registered kids for the new school – check

    Survived inspection of the new home with the builder – check

    Collect city issued trashcan for the new house – check

    One week until we’re in the new house – well, not quite priceless yet, but getting there.

    • An ex-girlfriend of mined used to work at the Santa Fe Opera. Gene Hackman called her a “fucking little bitch” when she took him to his ticketed seat and he didn’t like it/wanted to move.

  7. Would any of you be interested in the entire “After The Fall” series of Angel comics? I read them, enjoyed them, and don’t really care to keep them.

    Holler if so.

  8. Oooh, Stephen Fry is the reader for Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This should make for an excellent listen.

  9. Got ten hours of driving ahead of me today. Taking my daughter up to camp for the summer. You guys try not to go too crazy while I’m away.

  10. Morning, DP!

    Just finished the Area 51 book – fascinating, and I recommend, though the author reads the audiobook and is very valley-girl. E.g., she says NASA like “Nasau”. Still, great book.

    Now Ima break down and read the Hunger Games series – via audio. Dowlnoading the first one now.

    Via hard copy, I’m reading Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erickson. Can’t remember which one of you recommended that to me, but thanks! I’m enjoying it so far.

  11. You know, the 1981 Hitchhiker’s Guide TV series is streaming on Netflix now. Did someone already mention that?

    How do people feel about Palooza dates? Is the last Wednesday in June too soon?

    • The TV series was my first exposure to HHGTTG, and the book sections were damned impressive for the time (I still prefer them to sectionsdine for the film).

  12. Well in a strict non scientific test, I went for a walk earlier with my 3DS stuffed in my pocket in sleep mode and streetpass switched on.

    After 2 hours, I hadn’t collected a single Mii.

    I feel rather relieved…

  13. Home again home again …

    Now for the unpacking and laundry and “stuff”.
    I may not get caught up with DP for a while. might have to just skip to the now. πŸ™

  14. Finished listening to “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons on the drive back home today. A most thought provoking story. hopefully the other three books in the saga will live up to the first one.

    Any other ‘Panites read this one?

  15. Welcome back, J0e! Oh sorry, you don’t want to be back…
    Welcome back, Ed! I was the lone defender of the Hyperion quartet on an ancient KAMN episode. I love those books, especially the first 2.

  16. The Hyperion Cantos is one of my favorites, though I was rather “meh” on the second pair of books. The Shrike, Keats, reverse aging, so many neat ideas and then to tell it so that the first book isn’t even half the story, yeah, loved it.

  17. Most excellent. I see I’ll need to go back and pickup that KAMN episode after I’ve finished all four to see what their complaints were.

  18. The UK release of Fraggle Rock (starring Fulton Mackay as lighthouse keeper) appears to have vanished..at least as far as YouTube is concerned.

  19. I watched the absolute first episode yesterday, first and only I’ve seen of Fraggle Rock, and I didn’t get or just missed anything about a lighthouse. Did I blink at the wrong time or what?

  20. Ed, my biggest trouble with the KAMN complaints was that they only finished Hyperion book 1. They way it (doesn’t) end, it would be an extremely frustrating stand-alone read.

    I do recommend all 4, but the first 2 are really mind-blowing. One of my favorite series too. . . Definitely a heavy influence on Spherical Tomi.

  21. Morning Pan, I’ll just squeeze through the DP crowds to state:

    Xmen-first class today..fingers crossed it’s a good one.

  22. Well, I’ve reached the critical point where I can barely navigate my house with all the stacks of boxes setup for the move.

      • Oh no. I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore. How can you NOT be emotionally invested in what happens to Wolverine and his female clone? Not to mention Wolverine’s son. And his buddy/protege, the former mutant/current vampire, Jubilee?

        Humph! πŸ˜‰

  23. Holy crap, what happened last night!
    I got home and checked the score and had to check 2 more sites to believe it
    Boston 8-1 over Vancouver.

  24. so last night I learned I’m not cut out to do roofing. I’m in pretty good shape and relatively strong but tearing off asphalt and cedar shingles off a 90 year old roof is a real killer. Than putting down OSB and tar paper as the sun light dwindles to nothing is no fun.
    I think roofers need one of those Budweiser “heres to you” commercials

    • LOL

      Did a stint of that down on the Gulf Coast after Katrina.
      HOT work!
      HOT & TIRING work!
      … and the thing is, there is this need to be constantly PAYING ATTENTION to every shift of your weight so that you don’t fall to your death! Only, the longer you work the tired-er you get and the less alert you are.

      One day, when we had stripped a roof and were about half through re-shingling, I found myself on the roof at the top of a ladder, hauling bundles of shingles off the shoulder of the guy who had carried them up the ladder. I was so exhausted that I took one bundle and as I hefted it up, I couldn’t stop it’s momentum and ended flat on my back on the hot roof with this bundle on my chest and across my upper arms. I was pinned like a bug, arms and legs flailing uselessly to the sides, unable to roll out from under it.
      It took some time to extricate me because everyone else was laughing too hard to be able to move safety across the roof to me.
      Yes monkey boys, laugh while you can.

    • you are probably right.
      I can here it now.
      Bunny, I needed that two days ago what the hell is going on!!!!

      people seem to forget when the system is down you and can’t do anything, that when the system is down you can’t do anything.

  25. Well my nook Color is having some hardware issues, so it looks like I’ll be taking it back to the store.

    While I was researching the problem I ran across this article http://x.co/XelG , with one the worst reasons to jailbreak the device. “so that you’re no longer locked into just the Barnes & Noble library on this device”

    Somebody didn’t read the specs for the nook. It ships with the capability to read almost every format of ebook. In fact taking into account what Micheal Stackpole once said about how to format an ebook for the Kindle I’m pretty sure it could read Kindle books as well assuming you could get the file off of Amazon’s server.

  26. Besides downloading the Cars latest album last week, I purchased Mastodon’s 2009 release “Crack the Skye”. -woah.

      • And? I really enjoy it. Compared to past Cars albums I would say that the ballad to uptempo rock song ratio is weighted more to the ballad side. But songs like “Blue Tip” and “Sad Song” seem straight outta 1984. Good stuff.

  27. After seeing a Facebook post about “Star Wars: Old Republic”, I had to Google to see exactly what “Star Wars: Old Republic” is.

    … But it’s nice and cool under this rock!

    • That is indeed pretty sweet. Strange to think it’s never been done before. However, the logistics would certainly be tough, since we don’t just have a fleet of ships up there.

      I can imagine the conversation otherwise:

      Commander: “Hey, Jimmy, we need you to space walk about a half mile to snap some pics of the ship and station for the scrap book.”

      Jimmy: “….?”

      Commander: “Oh, and there won’t be any tethering line. We don’t want to have a string messing up the shot.”

      Jimmy: “…?!!!”

  28. It has been a good day so far. This morning I took my wife and daughter to the air port. They are going to my sons graduation from Air force Basic Training.

  29. Not sure if any of you NHL fans bother with the AHL or not… but the Binghamton Senators (the reason I originally wanted to go with the Ottawa Senators in the NHL finals) just won the Caulder Cup last night! GO SENS!

    • “redesign to make characters more identifiable and accessible to comic fans new and old.”

      While some characters, mostly the women, needed more practical, up-to-date outfits.”

      I find this amusing. Do these folks think that somehow, people used to actually dress like any of these Super Heros?

      They make it sound like the costumes must change to reflect current fashion trends… as if the somehow the EVER reflected fashion trends.

      and WTF is the deal with “more practical outfits” !?!?!?!?!
      This is fantasy you putzes!
      Practical? When people can actually fly around like Superman does then perhaps we should worry about the practicality of what these characters are wearing.

      Good grief.

  30. You know the cat rules when she’s using your snuggle as a bed and you won’t make her get off even though the goosebumps are breeding

  31. They are saying on the news I shouldn’t say on line when I’m going on holidays. While this is true, does it count when hubby’s staying at home? Like when I’m in Arizona? Just sayin’

    • My mother does the lowtech equivalent, she just tells everybody she knows that she is going holiday. At work I get asked by people I don’t know “is your Mam enjoying her holiday?”

      How she has never been burgled I don’t know…

  32. Today’s movie is Night of the Demons

    The DVR writeup: a Halloween party at a new orlenes mansion turns into a demonic bloodbath in this terrifying horror remake. When demons take possession of Angela and her guests, seven terrified teens must fight for their souls

    At least it’s not a SyFy movie for a change

  33. Ok, my thought on this movie:

    This was a silly movie. The plot was… A head scratcher. The inconsistencies were amazing. Scary it wasn’t. That being said, as far as these b horrors go, it was better than most. I think I actually kind of enjoyed it.

    • I liked the characters, liked the way the world was described, but found the story rather uneven and disliked how the main character did something at the end that seemed totally out of character (from how she had dealt with betrayal before in the book).

      • I pretty much agree but I hated all the characters. They were pretty unlikeable, imo. Interesting world, despite the inconsistencies. In a way it reminded me of “The Windup Girl”.

  34. Linnea Quigley, demon sex, lots of people getting it on. This movies has sooo made my netflix cue. And it’s available for instant watch. Hoopy-doopy!

      • I guess I’d need to try the controller in action, so far I think they look a bit clunky. I play the Wii off and on but mostly for Tiger Woods golf.

  35. 14 years I’ve been in this house. It’s the longest I’ve ever lived in one place, besides the home I grew up in. Now, all my stuff is boxed up and ready to move to the new home. It’s somewhat surreal right now around here. On the one hand, we’re excited about the new place and all that we’ve put into it. On the other, we’re pulling away from the place in which we’ve built our family and many many memories. It’s going to get really weird on Friday when this place has been emptied out.

    • I had a similar experience when we moved from our home in Kansas to our home in Arizona. Lots of memories, plus we had spend the last few years really fixing up the old place, lots of mixed emotions.

    • Yeah. I know how it is. I cried a little bit when we moved out of the house I’d lived in for 14 years, which, at the time, was the only home I’d ever known. (My parents bought the house when I was 1 1/2, and we moved to a bigger one in the same neighborhood when I was 15.)

    • You have hidden a little time capsule in there somewhere, haven’t you?

      BTW – I think Jack outlined the only proper way you can really end this chapter of your life… by causally flicking a lit cigarette over your shoulder that ignites the trail of gas that send the house up in a huge fireball as you and your family walk toward the camera in slow motion, never looking back.

      I mean, 14 YEARS! The mortgage company will understand.

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