Jack Mangans Deadpan #205: Here to Help You Pick Up

Dropped Show Notes.

Jack Mangan(apostrophe)s Deadpan #205: Here to Help You Pick Up

Deadpan can take it

Promo – Billy Barbarian by JR Murdock (http://www.ofgnomesanddwarves.com/)

Used Hair

Justa J0e gives us an inside view of a tornado

EssBee in a Snow Storm


More from EssBee

Paul Maki smells chocolate

Amy Bowen with a Dumb Ass Memory

Used Hair

Greasy Nipples
Lost Ralph
The Energizer Bunny
Nomad Scry
Vanamonde (Frist of the week)

Palooza announcement

Deadpan kid focused episode coming soon

Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

Closing music – Run to the Hills (live version)

special hugs to Justa J0e and all those who helped in a crisis

606 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #205: Here to Help You Pick Up

  1. CW: Clash of the Gods on the History channel.

    Weird in that like the portrayal of many biblical dramatisations, it treats the myth as literally true…

    • A tip I just read:

      To unlock all the levels, enter this in the URL bar:

      javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem('level_star_'+i,'3'); i++; } window.location.reload();

      To re-lock them enter this:
      javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem('level_star_'+i,'-1'); i++; } window.location.reload();

  2. Need to catch up on the comments. It’s been a busy day so far.

    CP: a song Jack doesn’t like. You can guess what it is. πŸ˜‰

    • Its SOOOO good!!!! But season 1 is near awful. Just bear thru it… you wont regret it. That, or I can just tell you the few essential season 1 eps to watch. Basically they switched gears beginning second season and havent looked back.

  3. To the anonymous idiot in the bathroom: Really? You are going to talk to your daughter while in a stall? Really? It’s that important to be on the phone at that time?

  4. Good morning.

    My son is officially a graduate of pre-k. He starts kindergarten in the fall.

    In other news. I’m getting old.

    I think you should all be here in June to celebrate the momentously biggest most important birthday of my lifetime.

    • Congrats, Cj!

      Unfortunately, I’ve got too much going on in June right now: a wedding, Relay for Life, Family Reunion, among other things.

  5. Stolen lyrics (I would call them in but I could swear they’ve been done before)

    They’ve got us on the run
    With gun
    And knives
    We’re running for our lives

  6. I wouldn’t know Reaper, I was obviously was premature.

    The latest Wander Radio is quite jaunty this month, my feet are tapping..even to that song with the whale songs…

  7. While I’m fairly sure that “Real Steel” is just a predictable update of “Over The Top”, I’m starting to look forward to it. It has the potential to be a fun popcorn flick.

  8. Ok, does anybody know the name of this film.

    Must be from the 70’s. Possibly set in a convent or church, where the first murder happens in a baptism font, any ideas?

    That was your impossible question for the day.

  9. There was a palooza vote?

    OMGosh, I’ve been gone that long?

    I’m like .. . I’d so never cheat on Jack… or any of you… you are my loves…


    but.. ya know.. I suppose if Shia were available…

    no no … I don’t mean it!

    (I kinda mean it.)

  10. The pink posts excite me too much and I still can’t focus. So check this out.

    Bunny is coming to see me.. and maybe Jack too, but mostly me *swoooon*


  11. Means he’s wearing black, leather, pants, jacket, boots… all black. Back in his black leather attire. Kickin’ whoopass.

  12. And one last item of note:
    ditto’s Library of Congress link from earlier today features 32 yodeling tracks.

    Of course, they get a big FAIL for having no downloads (unless I get a big FAIL for missing it).

    Goodnight :Ricola:

  13. Today’s movie is, Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic

    The DVR write up: this animated take on the epic poem follows Dante as he travels through the nine circles of he’ll in order to save his true love, Beatrice, from Satan’s clutches

  14. Let’s go over the rules since it’s been awhile.

    Don’t expect grand spelling, especially since I’m doing this on the iPad and we all know how autocorrect

    Expect lots and lots of spoilers

    If WordPress lives up to it’s usual silliness, there will be an extended version of this PBP once Jack releases the comments

  15. Wait… What? In association with EA Games and Visceral games? Ok, now I’m really courious

    Obviously done for the game that came out a couple of years ago

    • I would just like to say, the rumors of strychnine in the Kool-Aid are mostly false, and the Nikes are still pretty goddesses, but very small, and not really worth mentioning, but you can swat them with a :pan: and not get into much trouble.

  16. Hi Deadpan!

    So I have been so busy that I didn’t do much work on this but I am in the Path to Progress walk tomorrow for the American Brain tumor Association.

    I didn’t go hardcore into finding donations. I am just taking donations from family, and Hugh and I, with me.

    But its a great cause, they were and still are an amazing organization that helped Hugh and I tremendously. It was through them we found the clinical trial that saved Hughs life. They do incredible, amazing work.

    I didn’t make a page for my walk or anything, this is just personal This is just me wanting to walk for Hugh and for his recovery. But I owe it to the ABTA to ask for donations.

    If anyone could help at all, it is a really important cause, and they are an amazing organization. Brain tumors are the cancer they know the least about. It is also quickly becoming one of the top cancers that are killing children. If you could of seen the kids in the same treatment program as Hugh.

    This is the link just to donate to the organization itself.


    The event is tomorrow and I don’t know how long they keep up the donate to the event link, but here it is:

    thank you!!!

    • Thanks peeps! πŸ™‚ the walk was awesome. I did the walk on my own, Hugh isn’t up for a 5k yet, next year he wants to do it.

      Met amazing people along the way. Talked with and photographed so many people. Going to sit here now and sort through my photos. By the end of the walk I had to introduce like 100 people to Hugh :). The outpouring of excitement for his story was amazing. I even met a little girl who was in the same clinical trial Hugh was in, with equally amazing success. Took a great picture of her with Hugh I need to find.

  17. The interview with Linda Perry is mildly irritating. It felt disrespectful, to me, asking about a dead relationship and then compounding it by asking about REALLY old history as if it were current. I would’ve gotten grumpy with him at that point, so kudos to Linda for staying cool.

  18. Just got back from running one of our Relay for Life fundraisers. We did pretty well, though we still need to sell off the rest of the stuff. All in all, it was a good, but busy day.

  19. Well, we got caught up with Harry Potter tonight. I must admit, I had forgotten a lot of the details from the last book. Still, the movie, while very very long, seemed to have a certain soulessness to it. While the actors are all competent enough, the movie just doesn’t seem as compelling to me as the book did. Though, this seems to be something the whole movie series has suffered from for me.

  20. My scifi viewing update:

    Hugh and I made the grave error last night of trying to watch Green Hornet. The most unlikable superhero EVER. It was awful. Watched about half of it and turned it off.

    Current season of Dr Who gets a big fat: EH
    There is something missing there, plus seriously how many times does Rory have to come to the brink of death?

    While we were in San Fran, Hugh’s brother purchased one of those Roku streaming players. Do you all know about these? I am pretty impressed with it actually.

    hope everyone is having a good weekend

  21. Just got to watch the TARDIS incarnate episode tonight. While I once scorned the super silliness that Dr. Who brings to the table so often, of late I’ve come to embrace it and appreciate the stories that they turn into.

    This was was silly and poignant at the same time.

  22. CW: Farscape ep 1
    2 things really bug me about the beginning.

    1. Slingshot maneuver: NASA has been using this trick for decades, so why the hell did he need to test it.

    2. Why was he not in spacesuit. Considering the size of his capsule and that it was a prototype he should be eearing more than a jumpsuit and football helmet.

  23. I keep trying to find the “Like” button next to people’s comments on this page. Though, with this group, I suppose I’d break my mouse having to click that much.

  24. I’m trying to decide if I was insulted or complimented this weekend. I had a programming meeting yesterday. I put out cookies for everybody. One of the girls asked where I bought my cookies because she was going shopping and figured she’d pick some up while out.

    Bought!!!! BOUGHT!!!! Really? I assumed everybody knew me well enough to know I don’t buy cookies. So should I be insulted because my cookies tasted store bought or not?


    • TEB: I think you should feel flattered that she liked your cookies that much. I also think you should feel sorry for her since she can’t tell the difference.

  25. Hockey predictions? I think Vancouver got over its first round jitters, so I think we’ll get a Vancouver vs Tampa Bay final.

  26. I’m gonna go get Starbucks now.

    Coconut mocha frappe. I don’t care how much it costs or how sick it makes me dangnabbit! It’s delicious!

  27. Why oh why so PC makers install so much crap on new PCs.

    I feel a grrrr coming on:


      • Actually, it has… from a Catholic perspective.

        Logically, if you want to convert a bunch of non-Christians to Christianity, you make a holiday near enough to another major calendar event… oh, I don’t know, like the Winter Solstice… and you pimp up just how your god is better than whatever anyone else is worshipping at the moment, and back it up with heavy armies with swords. Works like a charm. Very logical… from a certain point of view.

  28. Like squabs through the looking glass, so are the ducks of our lives.

    I’m just realizing that “Days of our Lives” is no longer on the air. The joke in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is erased from the face of pop-culture hilarity.

    ‘Tis is a sad time we live in.

  29. welcome Claudine!

    Damn mowing the church yard is bitch, 60 degree slope in spots is a killer. ‘Course it doesn’t help that I’m out of shape like a wad of playdo.

  30. Christmas is just fine where it is – a reasonable distance away on the calendar from my kids birthdays πŸ™‚

  31. CD: Traquair House Ale

    A delicious scotch ale, with lots of caramel and sugar in the aroma and taste nicely balanced by carbonation and hops. No hint that is clocks in at 7.2% ABV. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes malty beers.

  32. “Last month, Avery Brewing announced it was exiting eight states and seven partial state markets. The move ended contracts with 17 distributorships and cut off about $1 million in sales, Avery said. ”

    Damn, I’d heard that Avery was going to stop distributing to Oklahoma, I was hoping it was an exaggerated rumor. To be fair I can understand why they are dong it, and I’m glad they’re having such success, but damnit I want my beer!


  33. I’d like to note, LostRalph, that I’ve reviewed all of your posts and found very little grumbling. I don’t know what you are talking about..


    You know how to reach me! πŸ˜‰

  34. Hail, Deadpan.

    Depending on how generous DirecTV is feeling, I might get to catch up with Game of Thrones this summer. Looks like they are offering three months of the movies channels for free as part of the move program. I may have HBO come June.

    Without spoiling the books, can I guess that the HBO version has merged some characters together? With as big as Martin’s cast is in the books, it seems they’d have to cull some out and merge some together.

    I’m about four hours of audio away from finishing the fourth book. This one has been a struggle, though not so much for the narrator as for the massive amounts of wheel spinning.

  35. Morning! My work laptop has some kind of horrible virus – should be a very non-productive, waiting on helpdesk, irritating kind of day.

    Van, go for it!

  36. Morning Pan

    The Standings so far are:

    ROUND 1
    JR Murdock sings Shania Twain – Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
    Jack Sings Kiss – Detroit Rock City (DONE!)
    Ed from Texas sings Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet
    Cj sings Mel C and Bryan Adams – When You’re Gone
    Ditto sings Rocky Theme – Gonna Fly Now (optional)
    Energizer Bunny Sings Boston’s – Don’t Look Back – Done!!
    Lost Ralph sings Aerosmith – Lightning Strikes
    Nobody had New York so nobody sings for Lo Pan.

    ROUND 2
    Lo Pan Sings Aerosmith – Lightning Strikes
    Nomad Scry sings Mel C and Bryan Adams – When You’re Gone
    Nobody had Philadelphia so they don’t have to sing
    Rhettro Sings Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet

    Third round still going on.

      • The worsted part is it actually wasn’t a slow news day. The morons in my town think we care about this. Way more important things didn’t even make the paper. When that McDonald’s was re-built he was interviewed and when he hit some large number of days in a row he was front page news. The art show and band concert at the high school where more important and they didn’t make the paper.
        I guess they think out claim to fame is that idiot.
        *yells at the paper*

        *offers up soap box*
        anyone need this?

  37. I’m not sure how she did it but somehow my Boo convinced me she needed a new desk for her new apartment. Not only did we go desk hunting but I then spent a couple of hours helping her move stuff from her old place to her new

    Tired now

  38. Well, DirecTv loves us. As part of the “please don’t leave us when you move to a new home” program, we’ve got HBO comped for the next three months. We’ve recorded all the Game of Thrones episodes that have aired thanks to the On Demand connection. But, since we have to get the kids well to sleep before watching, it will probably take us a week or so to get caught up.


  39. Ooh, three books for two credits sale at Audible. I’ll have to see if the set they’re offering to pick from has anything good.

  40. I smell vaguely of chocolate orange.

    This is what happens when you over indulge on sweets bought for Xmas.

    That’s Xmas 2010..I’m a slow eater.

  41. Warmish night out there, yet a bit cool for skinny dipping.

    With a rock band.

    And some nurses on strike.

    Yeah, too cold for something like that…

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