Jack Mangans Deadpan #201: A ditto Odyssey

My God, it’s full of Show Notes. . .

Jack Mangans Deadpan #201: A ditto Odyssey

Special guest ditto!

Coming soon – a kid content episode

NHL playoff season coming – have you chosen your team?

awww, hugs for all.

Greasy Nipples
Justa J0e
The Energizer Bunny
Used Hair
Vanamonde (first of the week)

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715 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #201: A ditto Odyssey

  1. Look at THIS line up…

    Thu 04/21/11 “Benefit Celebrating John Denver” 1stBank Center (Broomfield)

    Olivia Newton-John
    The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    Lee Ann Womack
    John Oates
    Michael Martin Murphey
    Richie Furay


    Sat 10/15/11 Pepsi Center

    Jeff Foxworthy
    Bill Engvall
    Larry The Cable Guy
    Reno Collier

    Y’ever….. y’ever go to the store N buy some toilet paper and put er on yer head and pretend yer a Q-Tip? Mmmm git er done. You might be a redneck… here’s yer sign..

  3. You would not believe the problems I’m having with e-mails. Had to change my personal mail to Windows Live Mail and leave the When Words Collide on Outlook ’07. For whatever reason each won’t work on the other program. It’s really quite silly.

    Jack I sent you the show notes. Hopefully you got them.

  4. If this gov shutdown actually happens there is NO WAY Im voting for anyone currently in Washington regardless of party. Fuck and them.

  5. More such noone but me cares about:

    Arvada Beer Company is Colorado’s newest Microbrewery. And its opening a half a block from my house. Oh sweet heavens do I thank thee

  6. Attempting to post from the phone so I don’t forget:

    Goodnight Dune to be recorded for the Deadpan children show. Message/email me if you have kids that you can have record some lines. I’ll distribute lines and assemble the recording.

    I’ve not been pulling my weight around lately and Jack’s call has inspired me to action.

  7. Finished up with the second of the Millenium trilogy. Serious “Luke, I am your father” moment half way through had me literally yelling “AHH” and pointing at the screen. I thought it was really gripping, but the story didn’t really make any cohesive sense. But that could just be a translation issue.

  8. And in general responses:

    Ditto for you, Bunny (he said ironically) – – life is busy.

    I’m glad others dig Dan Simmons’ Hyperion series. I was the first book’s lone defender on an old Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas episode.

    I love me some John Denver, but that lineup saddens me. And not one single Muppet among them.

  9. Its very possible that folks are going to allow my cerebral cortex to stop functioning properly, damaging my neocortical architectonic field and therefore allowing my perceptional awareness to come to a halt.

    Up in here.
    Up in here.

  10. I figure next week, once hubby’s out of my hair, I’ll do another movie play by play. Don’t know what I’ll be watching but I do have a few on my DVR waiting

  11. Today I received 3 compliments on my hair. This morning when I woke up and did my hair I thought to myself, “Damn girl, you need a haircut.”

    Should I reconsider?

    I’m going to Vegas at the end of the month, so before that happens, I need to get a haircut, a pedicure, and maybe an extra pair of pants?

  12. Also – I’ve been listening to a different genre of music, which I haven’t before all due to Pandora.

    I like things I never thought I’d like.

    It’s freakish.

  13. I don’t know from the Foote.

    I do however, have a Gulden Draak, A Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout and an Old Rasputan’s Imperial Stout lurking in my fridge.

  14. I don’t think I want a crumpet, Van. I think I’ve been called a crumpet, and now that really doesn’t make sense.

    I’m re-reading A Clash of Kings – love.

    I meant to say last night: ditto and Jack, loved the episode! I like the idea of a “ditto recommends” segment.

  15. I feel like I’ve just dropped into the world of Brazil..they spelt my name wrong on a phone contract by one letter.

    Hopefully Informstion Retrieval won’t come a knocking.

  16. “Oskar Blues has renamed one of its flagship brews to G’Knight Imperial Red. Threatened lawsuits will do that.

    Originally called Gordon, the beer was named for brewing genius Gordon Knight, killed in a helicopter accident in 2002. Not good enough, said the lawyers for Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, the nationwide chain of pubs. A cease-and-desist order followed, so the Longmont/Lyons brewer decided to keep the beer, with a new name. Knight would have been 61 years old Feb. 20.”

    WTF? Are national powers seriously that threatened by craft breweries? Sure hope so.

      • I have very, very fond memories of Dune. She was blond, she had beer, she may or may not have been a naturally growing weed on hand … oh, and Dune was playing (it was on VHS) on the TV.

        I don’t know why everyone else hates that film … though I may not be able to tell you anything about the film, I will ALWAYS think of it fondly. :whistle:

  17. Grats Amy’s mom.

    RE: Beer superhero. He was called The Imperial Bomber so everyone assumedhe was a villian. He is now serving community service brewing beer for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  18. LOL, ok I wasn’t paying attention the 1st time the spanish joke is an attempt to translate Jack’s badly told joke about how pool is like politics

    OMFG it is very difficult to rewind on this little web player. I should just download this into itunes

  19. Hello again Smartie Hotties, good play by play.

    So I just learned why you don’t make carrot cake from scratch. Finely grating a pound of carrots is not fun.

  20. Dear Deadpan

    That was awesome

    Deadpan is the motherfucking way

    I miss the fun that is deadpan

    Hope everyone is well and goodly

    heart you all

    naked group hug

    Deadpan is the motherfucking way

    Deadpan or die

    goodnight mush
    goodnight cockles

    wish us well in our move in a week
    cocks and breasts
    andrea and hugh

  21. He is the worst part of the show, but I think his phoney accent is forgivable. And he’s still used well within the bigger complex storyline. Was that a killer for you on watching the Wire, Van?

    Goodnight :McNulty:

    • Why is there this big interest nowadays to prove that scifi is morally, or socially, better than fantasy? It’s fiction, I’m not reading it as a proof of one social system or the other. I’m interested in how individuals resolve the world threatening conflicts the author puts them against.

      • pure speculation mode/
        sometimes the easiest way to take on your critics is to say “Yeh? Well … at least WE aren’t THEM!”
        Trying to get those who won’t take your genre to look at you differently if you can give them a new target to pick on.

        So maybe scifi is trying to throw fantasy to the wolves.

        /pure speculation mode

  22. It’s a play-by-play! Awesome! Great to see you around here, TSH! Best wishes on your move! :happy:

    Big dinner party at my place tonight. I get to spend the afternoon cleaning the bathroom and cooking. :meh: It’ll be worth it, though.

  23. Does anybody know what the call is on talking to a person with Alzheimers about the fact that they have Alzheimers?

    Is it like how your not supposed to wake up a sleepwalker? Are you not supposed to tell someone that it’s okay that they can’t remember where they are because they have Alzheimers?

  24. I would say just go ahead and talk about it JJ.

    Until it got really bad, my Dad was was well aware of what he had, he would even try not to disappoint people by disguising the fact that he no longer knew them when they greeted him in the street..

    Above all treat them with respect, considering the horror they are going through, they deserve at least that (sadly they tend not to get it from a lot of people including care staff).

    • Thanks Van.

      The relative in question is a guy I really like. Even in his 70’s he could have hung with the Deadpan. Some people stay kids their whole lives. In his late 70’s now, Alzheimers got him about a year ago.
      He spent the day stressed out that he was supposed to be picking up “the kids” to get them to Florida. He didn’t really know who I was. I have no idea what “kids” he would even be referring to. He’d ask where is wife was and I’d tell him she had gone to the store. 2 minutes later he’d ask where his wife had gotten off to. This went on for 20 minutes.
      Then he’d get upset because he couldn’t remember where he was supposed to be going. I really thought it might make him not feel so bad if I could tell him that it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t remember.
      Oh well.

  25. Ugh. I’m tired of funerals. We went to four last year. Now the son of the bass player in John’s play group has passes away. I wonder if I can back out?

  26. Dis you know they did and animated Space Balls? While it was a cute enough movie I didn’t think it warranted it’s own tv show

  27. Morning pan! Awesome to see a PBP from TSH!!!

    Been a busy weekend so far. Had a fundraising event for Relay for Life yesterday. I was a bit disappointed that not many people showed up, but we still raised money. Net assessment: Winning! šŸ™‚

    Going to be busy today too.

  28. China’s ‘ghost’ towns..empty because people can’t afford to live there:


  29. We’re still accepting recruits for the “Children of Deadpan Theater” reading of Goodnight Dune.

    I’ve got six kids so far, including mine. There’s plenty of material to go around, so don’t be shy. This is deadpan, so its not like I’m going to be holding auditions and try to reject people šŸ™‚

    I’ll probably put together groups of readings next weekend, so think about it.

  30. Hello again DP, just got back from a party myself, technically the party was yesterday but the host and hostess are such fun I stayed an extra day :). Best part was that it was an IPA taste off so everyone brought an IPA or 2 for everyone else to try, we wound up with around 12 different beers.

    • Only watched the first 2 hour episode. I enjoyed it. We’ll see where it goes from there.

      Of course, don’t take your history notes from any show. šŸ™‚

  31. Work is driving me nuts. I’m suppose to attend a webinar tomorrow. Need Flash 10 to participate. Can’t install Flash 10 because of security on my work computer. IT can’t (or won’t) change security or install flash because I’m in Alberta and they’re in Ontario. I say fine, I’ll do it on my personal computer. Nope, because company security programs not installed. Arrrrgggg!

  32. I was tempted to make the obvious Friday reference on Friday, but thought it was perhaps too obvious.

    Lo Pan has no fears, however, and went for the lowball humor. Yay Lo Pan!

  33. And OK – as for the NHL Playoffs………..
    Ed, Dallas didn’t make it. Do you want to bow out or claim another team? Your choices are: NY, Philly, or L.A.

    The following teams still need song assignments:
    Anaheim (JR Murdock)
    Nashville (Nomad Scry)
    San Jose (EssBee)
    Boston (Amy Bowen)
    Montreal (Bunny)
    Pittsburgh (LostRalph)
    Tampa Bay (UsedHair)

    I’d like to announce the matchups on Wednesday night, so let’s set that as a tentative deadline for songs? If you want to default, I can come up with assignments.

  34. Ha ha ha ha ha! The federal election debate in Quebec had been postponed due to Montreal being in the playoffs. Who said French people don’t have their priorities straight?

  35. Managed to get out of this Friday’s funeral but hubby is still going. The rest of the music group have been ask and are attending

  36. Today is locker room cleanout day for the Flames. I think the news is hinting that a tear should be slowly rolling down my cheek

  37. Here’s a great example of an Evil Inc. pat on the back, then BACKHAND:

    I just got “promoted” from a Manager position to a Director position — been in the works for a long time. It can’t be announced, though, because “other people would get mad” but I CAN change the title on my email signature.

    Oh, Evil . . .

    Anywhoo, how are yous guys doing? I surely hope that San Jose doesn’t play the Canadians. I don’t wanna sing that song, Bunny.

  38. EssBee thats what corpAmer is all about. Fucking boo and hiss.

    CD: NĆøgne Ƙ Porter – Oh its good. Its POSSIBLE Ive found a new fav porter…

  39. Nevermore announced they have cancelled the rest of their North American tour dates, the reason hasn’t been announced yet. I hope they aren’t breaking up. šŸ™ Now I really do have a case of the Mondays.

  40. RE: Hockey Playoffs – I’ll take a random assignment. I certainly don’t want any team to be left out and unloved if I can help it.

  41. Call of Booty?

    “Dread Booty, Greatest of the Elder Gods lies in slumber beneath the sea next to pirate’s treasure (ironically), awaiting the time to awaken and enslave men on Earth.”

  42. Van, Have you read the Cobra Wars books by Timothy Zahn yet? If so, what did you think? If not, I really recommend against it. I pushed myself really hard to make it through the first one and finally gave up about 20 pages into the second. While the story was ok, I just had so much trouble with the basic premise.

  43. I was explaining some of it to my hubby and he was laughing out loud so I give it to you Deadpanites for your amusement. The Cobra War books are about a group of soldiers (fighters of some sort) who have been augmented. Among their augments are lasers in their fingertips and… ready for this… Rocket launcher strength lasers in their feet. A number of times in the book it is described how these soldiers “lift their leg to fire”. I always picture it as if a dog is lifting its leg to pee. In one scene, one of the soldiers did a headstand so she could aim these rocket lasers properly.

    I’m sorry, I know Timothy Zahn has done better but this premise was just too funny for me to continue through a book trying to take itself seriously.

  44. BTW, Bunny, it seems that you picked a theme song for the Canadiens? Did I miss it?

    Ed, how about taking LA? (Your other options are NY or Philly) You can keep “Deep in the Heart of Texas”, if you want.

  45. lmao. This is from one of my trade magazines:

    “The amount of code I have had to beat my head against because the original author did not make his or her intent clear in the comments, when there were comments, is legion, and all that head beating has given me many headaches. It cheers me to know someone else out there is beating your head for me, so maybe, someday, my headaches will go away. I also think the voices might stop at that point, too.”

    So, very true.

  46. I know you want me
    I made it obvious that I want you too
    So put it on me
    Let’s remove the space between me and you
    Now rock your body
    Damn I like the way that you move
    So give it to me
    ‘Cause I already know
    What you wanna do

    And here’s the situation
    Been to every nation
    Nobody’s ever made me feel the way that you do
    You know my motivation
    Given my reputation
    Please excuse me I don’t mean to be rude

    Tonight I’m gonna play Call of Booty with you!

  47. Victory! I got my printer to work. My state tax return will be in the mail shortly!

    Van: I noticed that, too. Firefox 4 remembered all that info for me, too, as well as all the form data I frequently enter on other websites.

  48. Taking a moment to clean up my hard drive and I have realized I have music by “Verve” and “Vervepipe”.
    One of those two needs to relinquish the name and move along.

  49. For the Tampa Bay Lightning. I tried looking up songs about Tampa… no luck. Tried looking for songs by bands from Tampa. Lots of death metal bands from that area, but I don’t listen to that and don’t feel like trudging through any of it to find something appropriate. That leaves “lightning”. I could go with Lightning Crashes by Live, but that’s a bit slow. I could go with Greased Lightning, but I’m not that cruel. So Aerosmith – Lightning Strikes, is it ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dys_oTeguVw ). It even sounds like the kind of music that would be played at a hockey game. For All I know it’s Tampa’s actual team song. I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch NHL hockey.
    If someone doesn’t like Aerosmith, they can do stolen dialog from the movie Cocoon (set in Tampa) or a stolen paragraph from the book “Naked Came the Manatee” by Edna Buchanan (because who wouldn’t love that title).

  50. The awesome, funny, clever people of the Deadpan have done awesome, funny, clever things with “O Canada” when they were asked to sing it in the past. It wouldn’t have been a bad choice. Of course, new songs are good, too. :happy:

  51. I’d only put “Hurt So Good” in parenthesis because of the plague of injuries for Pittsburgh. I was also going to suggest “Penguins on the Moon” by Sack Trick (a Rhett discovery), but -holy crap- I think that Lyle Lovett song is the most perfect selection possible for the Penguins.

  52. Contrasting the performance of old vs new film:


  53. So, I went to Zumba last night (http://zumba.com if you don’t know what that is) and it kicked my ass. I’m sore and tired and I have a throbbing headache. I think the headache is from dehydration. I’m going to work on that today.. Moar water please. Supposedly one class burns 1000 calories. I’m going back tomorrow. Any and all encouragement in this endeavor to be healthier is welcome.

    P.S. If I suddenly become a sexy hawt momma, I’ll need ya’all’s protection from the hoards of men stalking me. (really I just wanted an excuse to make up a word like ya’all’s with two apostrophes)


  54. Also!

    Any encouragement from any of you via any means telling me to drink water all day is welcome!

    It is my worst habit – the habit of not drinking enough water.

    Thank you in advance for any support you can offer in this area!