Jack Mangans Deadpan #192: Big Trouble in Little Deadpan

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(Apologies for the frequent clipping… I didn’t hear it while talking to Lo Pan, only during playback. I tried to mute and repair it where I could. -JM)

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #192: Big Trouble in Little Deadpan

Special Guest Lo Pan

Question: Do homes in Arizona really need fireplaces?

“Funky Cold Medina” is a hip hop song written by Young MC, Michael L. Ross and Matt Dike,[1]
and first performed by Tone Loc. It was the second single from Loc’s debut album Loc-ed
After Dark (1989). The single was released on March 18, 1989, and rose to #3 on the
Billboard Hot 100 the following month. It peaked on the UK Singles Chart at #13 in May of that year.
– Wikipeda

Culture talk with Jack and Lo Pan

-Insert little finger reference here-

What is Earbuds 2?

What is Nine Inch Smurf

Palooza movies are UHF and The Third Man – watch them.

Greasy Nipples
Nomad Scry
Nomad Scry
Ed from Texas
DJ Bunny
Lo Pan
Vanamonde (first of the week)

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910 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #192: Big Trouble in Little Deadpan

  1. Lo Pan, mostly the middle of no where Wisconsin…
    hmmm maybe middle of every where in Wisconsin. It takes an hour to get to Madison, Milwaukee, or Green Bay.

  2. disclaimer: I really, really, really love my hubby. Even when he’s all grumpy and stuff. He’s usually a very easy going person. It’s the procrastinator in him that sometimes does him in (I had all week to get this done but I didn’t do it until this morning when I actually need it done by). Silly man :cheerful:

  3. Whereas I’m just the opposite. If I have a week to do something, chances are It’ll be done withing the hour.

    Hubby says he can literally see me vibrate if I have to wait on someone else before I can finish what I need to do.

  4. *snobbish movie comment* Actually the true title of the film is Brain Dead. Dead Alive came about for the North American release

    *sips brandy with pinky out*

  5. Hi

    I don’t get it. Snapes on a plane?


    Yeah. I just got it.

    I thought it was a bus. Maybe a snipe hunt, but on a bus? Dunno, didn’t make sense to me either. I have baby brain. That’s my story and I’m… whazzat?

  6. I sent Jack a text, but incase he didn’t see it, I’m in for EarBuds 2. Now what band to pick? LOL Ya right, but what song? It’ll depend on what Deadpanite I get.

  7. “Enslaved to follow and learn defeat
    To run the barrels and chase the dream”

    Just emailed that to the Misses. I wonder what the reply will be?

  8. EssBee – Yup. I spent a bit of time perusing the wikipedia entry on WildChild, which led to Sabretooth, which led to Weapon X and Silver Fox and Wolverine and the 198 and the Collective and Guardian and Sasquatch and on and on.

    One important thing to remember: Claremont is halfway brilliant and halfway bloody insane.

  9. I’m less familiar with Silver Fox than with WildChild. All I really know about her is that she was killed (apparently, this is, after all, an X-Men story) by Sabretooth on Wolverine’s birthday. A special sort of birthday present. “Hey, I killed your lover and now I’m going to kill you. Happy Birthday!”

    I mostly remember WildChild from the Age of Apocalypse era. Sabretooth ran around with WildChild on a leash, like this crazy mutant dogman attack grenade on a leash. Not really much of a character, just a wild … child. :cough:

  10. Credit where it’s due:

    “Well, I first think that they ought to call a veterinarian, not me. You know, I’m not the religious-conspiracy-theorist go-to guy, particularly,” Cameron said. “But I think it’s really kind of silly to try to equate birds falling out of the sky with some kind of an end-times theory.”

  11. I’m definately not a cheerleader for Cameron, but the odd take-away point was the purpose of the article’s existance in the first place. CNN? What have you been smoking?

  12. And here is the reply:

    “Awesome! Just back from my run…was missing Nevermore but had a really nice talk with Adriana which was great. We are going to run next week also since I’ll be here. I just love running, it feels so great!”


  13. “After this painful movie, I drank, I did illegal substances, I even beat myself with a shovel, and still I was in pain from watching this horrible movie! ”

    Now I’m really looking forward to this movie. πŸ™‚

  14. AT the risk of being lynched here on the board, I haven’t watched UHF in a while but I remember feeling underwhelmed by it. I(got it for the Palooza but haven’t watched it again, yet. Kind of not at the top of my list. Probably see The Third Man first – even though UHF is suppose to be reviewed first.

  15. ok FTB. I’ve only just started and you’re going to censer me? I guess there will be an extended version of my commentary once Jack releases my comments.

  16. The Movie: The Haunting of Molly Hartley
    The DVR write-up: Teen angsty meets diabolica horror when a 17 year old attends a new private school and becomes haunted by disturbing visions that reveal a dark secret from her past. Chase Crawford (Gossip Girl) costars in this eerie chiller.

    From what I’ve seen at IMDB we’re looking at 86 minutes of horror goodness

  17. “They weren’t shooting for a Daft Punk record. They wanted to create a full-bodied, timeless score”

    I’d say they succeeded. I love it.

  18. COME! ON!

    ditto I like the soundtrack well enough but methinks its no timeless wonder. thats all. Understand I hate everything about that film so I may be biased against it

  19. I’ve listened to the Tron Legacy soundtrack on its own several times it is quite good. Do I think it’s better than Wendy/Walter Carlos’ orginal? Not really.

  20. One of the “perks” of my jobs is working with some Speech Language Pathologists, one of whom specializes in deaf and hard of hearing issues. She thinks that I have some auditory processing issues, but that’s another story.

    I’ve been fighting a pretty heinous virus since Christmas day, which has now morphed into a serious sinus/ear infection. I just had my 1:16 minute conference call with her and others and she texted me to suggest that I drink a “big ole hot cup of honey/lemon/bourbon” tonight. She’s a Louisiana girl, btw. I informed her that I’m on antibiotics, and she said “well half the bourbon, baby.”

  21. And the entire point of that story is that I must sound pretty bad! I could sing something baritone betwine my infected ears if you please.

  22. I watched a movie last week called “Beyound a Reasonable Doubt.” It wasn’t that good, but I was convinced that the lead was played by Joshua Jackson (aka Peter Bishop in Fringe), with his hair dyed black. The actress who played his girlfriend seemed a lot like Katie Holmes. As it turns out it was actually Jesse Metcalfe and Amber Tamblyn, but the weird thing is that I found out that Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes used to be on Dawson’s Creek. The things one learns on the internet.

  23. Received tix for Harland Williams at Comedy Works next Friday. I cannot tell you how much I adore Harland Williams and how much this pleases me.

  24. I may going into more detail at some point when I feel like writing a full rant. However, the short version is that, I cannot recommend reading Terry Goodkind.

    The first couple of books start out as really decent fantasy. The next couple kinda coast along. However, from book five on, Goodkind pretty much gives up all pretense of telling an interesting story and developing characters and goes into full on repackaging Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. I think he succeeds best with Faith of the Fallen (book 5), but from there it goes down hill. The characters that started out so strong and interesting have been reduced to props going through ridiculous motions.

    I just finished listening to book nine. Every couple of hours I would ask myself why I’m still listening to this crap. There are two books beyond this in the time line and some other prequel novels. It is a hard thing for me to give up on a series like this without finishing. I’ve only really done it two others times.

    Honestly, if it were just the pushing of Randian philosophy as a basis for the story, I could live with that. It that the behavior of the various characters has started running the gambit from wildly inconsistent to flatly uninteresting. I now longer give a crap about any of these characters, especially the leads. I can forgive a lot of questionable writing if the story has strong characters that I can latch onto. Characters allowed me to hang on through those muddy middle books in the Wheel of Time until the Jordan found his mojo with the last few books before his passing.

    I’ve been reading forums and websites today and it looks like I’ve actually stuck it out farther than many. I’m sure if I were just trying to read the books rather than listen, I’d have given up earlier.

    So, if anyone’s started reading this series based on my recommendations, I urge you to reconsider and spare yourself the agony I have endured trying to come to realize that I needed to stop subjecting myself to this guy’s horrible writing. I know EssBee has started on it – turn back, my friend, before it’s too late.

    I’m listening to Starship Troopers now and I think I’ll go through some other classic science fiction works before I get back into fantasy again. I really want to get into GRR Martin, but I think I need to cleanse my pallet first.

    Ok, I guess I did end up writing the full rant. That wasn’t the short version I though it was going to be.

    I found this that sums it up nicely:

  25. IMHO, if I notice a movie’s soundtrack for more than 2 seconds, it has failed. The exception to that would be Dark Knight. I kept noticing the music throughout the movie, but only to go “YEAH!”

  26. EssBee- Silver Fox was “young member of the Blackfoot Indian tribe who, in the early 1910s, fell in love with a young mutant named Logan and shared a cabin with him in a remote community in the Canadian Rockies.” Sabertooth killed her.

    Later, Silver Fox joined the Weapon X program, along with Wolverine and Sabertooth. They had their memories altered, though, so they didn’t know each other. Her memory implants went funky and she turned into a baddie, betraying the team and blah blah. Eventually she hired an assassin to kill Wolverine’s girlfriend.

    Later still, she got the band back together again when the Weapon X’ers started dying off. But then Sabertooth killed her again. The end.


    WildChild’s story is even more insane, and shares little more with Silver Fox than a bad relationship with Sabertooth and, of course, the whole Canadian thing.

  27. Van, honestly I have tried not to flirt! πŸ˜‰

    Ed, I trust your advice. I have the hard copy of Goodkind’s book 2 and it was next on my list after The Pillars Of The Earth, but now it’s going to trade-in. Life’s too short for bad fantasy and some douche going all political on us. I really think you’ll love GRR Martin, but be warned, Sly B was just ranting last night about it being six years . . . SIX . . . since book four came out. I personally don’t mind waiting for books in series, but if you do, Sly B might be ready to form a support group!

    What other series are out there are recommended? I’m ready to get something great in the queue . . .

    NS, I remember her story now and remember how she was presented in the flick. I like Silver Fox! I feel more grey goose . . .

  28. Well I really enjoy David Webers work so there is his Bahzell trilogy. You can get the first book Oath of Swords as a free download here.


    I’d also recommend

    Alan Dean Foster’s Journey of the Catechist trilogy
    1st book is Carnivores of Light and Darkness

    Micheal Stackpole’s Atlas trilogy
    1st book is A Secret Atlas

    Steven Brust’s Jhereg Series
    1st book is Jhereg, you can get the 1st 3 in The Book of Jhereg
    it’s an 8 book series about half of which I’ve read. I’d almost recommend just reading the first book as so far i think it’s the best.

    E.E. Knight’s The Age of Fire series
    1st book is Dragon Champion
    Fantasy from the dragon’s pov. so far I’ve read the first 2 books.

  29. Lo: I finished Bad Lieutenant this morning. I stand by my assessment that the acting was bad, but ended up enjoying the flick.

    Favorite line: “Do fish dream?”

  30. I’d also recommend E.E. Knight’s Vampire Earth series. It’s a post apocalyptic vampire alien hillbilly guerrilla fighter kinda story. It doesn’t quite fit into any of the categories I know.

    Then there is the Noble Dead series by Barb and … er. JC Handee. I think that’s right. It’s about this girl and her elf buddy and their overly intelligent dog. They start out running scams on villages by pretending to slay the “vampires” and, well, would ya know it, vampires. And assassins. And fairy dogs. And… lots of fun. =)

    I also liked the Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan. Rather YA magic school fantasy and an easy way to divert yourself for a bit.

  31. Ed: Thanks for the warning, but I never cared for Goodkind’s work anyway.

    EssBee: I sort of have to agree with SlyB on the wait. It is too long, not that I have any say in the matter. And while Martin has addressed commented on the time in interviews, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

    Reaper: There’s a lot of truth to that chart.

    Nomad: That’s Barb & J.C. Hendee. I enjoy that series.

  32. I started the Ukiah Oregon series from Wen Spencer. It’s an older series, but the first book, “Alien Taste”, was quite good. And, right now, I’m rereading “Lord of the Rings”.

  33. Nomad: My wife has really enjoyed this book and tried to get me to read it many times. But, both the cover art and story description never appealed to me. I like what I’ve read from Wen Spencer so I finally forced myself to read this book. I was pleasantly surprised.

  34. ditto and EssBee: Oh, how obvious. Now I feel like an idiot.

    Oi, I just finished writing a 5 page email outline a first brew day and fermentation for a good friend who just got brewing gear and ingredient kit for Christmas. I didn’t expect it to be that long.

  35. BTW: I’m pissed at you Americans. There’s a certain game (Witcher 2) that has the collectors edition available for pre-order in the states but not in Canada yet. Now the question is, do I want to pay an extra $20 to get it shipped up here from across the border?

  36. Honestly, the U.S. and Canada just need to merge into one country. The rest of the world thinks were the same country anyway. Now deciding on a name, Camerida? Amanda? Upper Mexico?

  37. Oh why stop at North America, make the world one country.

    Judging from the Coke ads you see in obscure countries we are half way there…

  38. I am terrible about reading new stuff. I’m usually reading stuff 10 years after everyone else, except a handful of authors and series that I stick with.

  39. Re: Vibrator Bomb

    So I first go on record as saying that is way out of line and the perpetrate should perhaps be sentenced to become his own device’s bitch.

    That being said … perhaps the device’s intended lover needs to reflect on what she may have done to incur such wrath. Stabbing, shooting, running over with a car, pushing down a flight of stairs … blinded by passionate rage, these are all conceivable. I am intrigued though, with what might cause a former boyfriend to not only want to explode your vagina but go to the effort of ACTUALLY designing and building such a device?
    I mean hate is hate but that’s a lot of hours spent NOT playing video games or watching TV. How pissed off would you have to be?

    hmmmm there has to be some really interesting back story there.

  40. I suspect fate is conspiring against me in my efforts to see the King’s Speech…both evening performances sold out at the cinema.

    Ah well….

  41. Hello, Pan.

    As you know if you’re my friend on Facebook, I’ve finally surfaced from my long dive into the deep waters of the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum. I can now say that I am one of the world’s newest Cisco Certified Networking Associates. I passed the exam yesterday morning (Friday, January 7), and that night, we went out and celebrated. The Brewhouse Blonde beer at BJ’s restaurants is really good.

    I’m currently catching up on all the comments that have been posted since I’ve been away from the Deadpan. I have lots of content I want to record for the show. Hopefully, that will be coming soon.

  42. I took my iPhone back to the Apple store today.

    It was checked out by connecting to the guy at the genius bar computer claimed the battery was fine and I should take his advice and see how it performs over the next week.

    The strange thing is, when I tried to sync my phone tonight, it wouldn’t sync, and I got a message saying this phone has been synced with another iTunes account.

    Just wondering if he copied any private info of my phone now.

  43. Congratulations, Amy! That’s no small accomplishment.

    EssBee, I managed to duck all of that hype, so the scene’s intensity was a surprise for me.

    Speaking of. . . (current movies, not lesbian scenes), True Grit was a damn fine film.

  44. So, I had asked about Black Swan before but either didn’t see the responses or something.. is the consensus that I should or should not see it?

  45. Started reading Neuromancer last night, but the bubbles were so soothing that I got tired and went to sleep instead.

    I think I’ve only made it through the first 4 pages, but I’m intrigued.

  46. Van, I thought the communism thing said combination of Red Dwarf and Hostel, so I was expecting something a little snarkier.

    I didn’t read all the way through to see that this was the film Negativeland got their “Christianity is stupid, communism is good” sample from and I almost spit out my oatmeal laughing when I heard it.

  47. I finally watched Trong, but it was an “obtained by alternate means” copy at a friend’s house. I was underwhelmed, but I didn’t have the advantage of seeing all of the special effects in mile-high imax or 3D. Unfortunately, this was one of those movies where any stones I can throw at it also tend to apply to the original as well. Like Star Wars, I just happened to be the right age and the movie was in the right era so I enjoyed them infinitely more than I ever possibly could as an adult trying to recapture something from my youth. Maybe there’s a lesson here for us all (I’m looking at YOU Hollywood). Or maybe I’m just a blathering jackass. I suppose either option is equally likely.

  48. Van – As I understand Christianity (ie … embracing the teachings of Christ and trying to imitate his love of others), when the man in that video dies he will not be hearing from the Christian God.

  49. That’s the first positive I’ve heard about TMWSAG, Van.

    The Paloozas are actually planned for the episodes 2 weeks and 3 weeks out, but if people need more time, then that’s ok with me. We can push back.

  50. Well going to watch TTM tomorrow night, only way to keep my memory of the film relatively fresh.

    At the moment, I only remember the street scene, the fairground scene. and the final scene at the cemetery.

  51. jJoe: You’ll probably be able to skim through it, it’s really an intro for people just becoming interested in homebrewing. I’m interested about your opinion of the post as another homebrewer.

  52. Random Trong thought. People keep talking about Olivia Wilde being easy on the eyes, but I actually like Beau Garrett (the white haired chick that leads the kid to Zuse) better.

  53. Just watched the new Fox show Bob’s Burgers. I had recognized H. Jon Benjamin (Coach McGuirk on Home Movies) in the adds. I was extremely pleased to see that Loren Bouchard (one of the main writers of Home Movies) was the main writer for Bob’s Burgers. I also noticed that the health inspector in Bob’s Burgers was voiced by the guy who played Fenton (Sam Seder) and the Health Inspector’s assistant was voiced by the guy who played Mr Lynch (Ron Lynch). Looks like this could be the next reincarnation of Home Movies… or more technically speaking the next reincarnation of Dr. Katz.

  54. Hm, I didn’t expect Black Swan to be scary. Emotional and suspenseful.. but.. hm.. I think I’ll be ok with it. I’m going with my MIL and knowing her and me, we’ll get the giggles during the movie. LOL

    good morning, quiet up in here.

  55. Watched the first episode of Shameless last night. Completely crazy and twisted. I like it. πŸ™‚

    There was also some blurb at the end that said it was based on a Channel 4 show. I had not realized it was an American remake.

  56. EssBee: Given the nature of the show, I’m expecting a lot of people won’t like it at all. But it does live up to it’s title: the characters are shameless. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

  57. ditto: I read a headline yesterday that said it forgot the great social/class commentary of the original series, and that it was hard for the reviewer to love the anti-hero without that piece.

    I love W.H. Macey, so am looking forward to it.

  58. It “forgot the great social/class commentary of the original series?” The reviewer can tell that from one episode? Well, maybe the reviewer got to see more than the rest of us, but I think it’s too early to make that determination. And really, while it is fair to compare it to the original, it should be reviewed on its own merits, imo.