588 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #191: MWA

  1. If anyone wants to come over and watch UHF – we own it.. of course. I guess I won’t be participating in the Third Man… looks a little scarier than my weak psyche can handle right now.

    I won’t go into it with y’all at the moment, but um.. yeah.. I have a lot going on in my private life right now so.. any absences are not because I don’t want to be here. I just am dealing with some big stuff elsewhere.

  2. By my calculations there are 97 full episodes left, if the releases alternate with an Unshow that would be 194 weeks until the very end or three years and 7 months. LOL

  3. So we were out having a play date and someone called and said it was snowing a few miles east of where we were playing so we all loaded the kids in our cars and headed east but the snow was faster than us.

    I tried to see it.


  4. Well the snow has gone, and now it’s slighly damp.

    Made a skype video call earlier on the iPhone, bit of a battery killer, but worked nicely over 3G and the caller said they could see me clearly if a bit pixellated.

  5. Hey, DP! Looks like I have news to hear on pod . . .

    We went to Boulder in the storm and watched Harry Potter. Two thumbs up from me. But the driving blew. Now we’re home and all feeling still awful and coughy.


  6. My cat likes jalapenio cheese. I fund that strange. You’d think it’d be too spicy, especially considering she doesn’t like most other types of cheese

    CW: Oilers/Avalanch hockey game
    CR: Earth the Book – John Stewart

  7. Alberta only sells alcohol in licensed stores and bars/restaurants. No grocery stores for us. Although I never heard of a place getting in trouble for selling something with a too low alcohol content. Seems counter-intuitive to me

  8. Hubby just came up stairs from rocking out. Cat’s unhappy. For reasons we can’t fathom, she doesn’t seem to trust John it’s not like she’s known him the same length of time she’s known me, or something

  9. EssBee: I just dont get how in our state, which is now known as the pot capital of Amercia and also the 2nd biggest microbrew state in the nation, can have such archaic liquor laws.

  10. This year we’re going to become cultured. We already have season tickets for the symphony, we were then given opera tickets for Christmas. Now, where’s my monocle?

  11. Anyway, the family watched Salt tonight on DVD. As long as I can keep my brain shut off, it’s a pretty entertaining car chase/Jolie butt kicking action flick. But, the contrived nature of the plot makes the typical Bond villains scheme look plausible and reasonable.

    Still, my wife and daughter greatly enjoyed it. Women kicking butt in action movies go over well in our house hold.

  12. To sum up my week: I’m better now but the cough is lingering. I was expecting 5-10 inches (I took a McDump). Paused 2 Poop. Watched True Grit (great) Tron (great) Shaun of the Dead (still great) and Scott Pilgrim vs the World (fun and funny)

    Happy New Year DeadPan! I’ll see you next year! WOO WOO!

    Now I guess I should listen to this episode and then finish listening to Willian Shatner, then I’ll go to bed 🙂

  13. Well I was reading an article in the New Scientist about faecal transplants.

    High on yuk factor, but appear to work for infections in the colon.

    I may not get out tonight for New Year, plans have fallen through and all that.

    Plus I have to work today, grrrrrrrrrr!

  14. OK, um…

    I have a question. I’m going to email it to Bunny though. None of you get to see it.

    Then, and maybe before… yeah before I email her, I’m turning on my frakkin’ space heater because it’s like icicle land in this frakkin’ office.

    I don’t like today.

    It blows.

  15. OK. With JRMurdock we finally have a vote for the new Tron. It almost gives me enough hope to go see it. What was good, what was bad.

    Don’t ask LoPan. He doesn’t like anything. He’s like Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials.

  16. Just got caught up on comments – I have to side with Lo on the Resi Evil films. I love em. I’m not so much a Milaphile, but I do really like those films. I can’t wait to see the new one.

    JR: I think you and I have the same sickness – up until the 5-10 inches part. Mine was snow.

    Ed: I finished it! WOW. Loved it.

  17. So, as most of you know, I never… well… rarely use the word “hate” .. it’s an ugly ugly word. Generally I eschew use of it and opt to note that I like something else better instead of hating…



    I hate cold.
    hate it
    hate it!
    Cold is stupid.

  18. I trust you’re talking about the latest WOT book, EssBee.

    I may have already said this but – I found it an almost surreal experience to reach the end of a WOT book and have plot thread actually get resolved rather than created. I think he even managed to avoid introducing any more new major characters! 🙂

  19. Do any of you guys/girls have experience hooking up an older boom box type stereo to a newer TV? I’m having zero luck and don’t want/need to spring for a surround sound receiver.

  20. Until you reach the weather we get (possibly Lo Pan and EssBee too) , currently -18C you can’t complain about being cold :tongue:

  21. It’s 0F here today, but we can’t complain. It’s been freakishly warm and dry here until yesterday. We definitely didn’t get 10 inches, but maybe 5, of snow last night. The newspaper says “NEW YEARS EVE RUINED BY THE COLD!!!”

    Come On!!

  22. New years eve ruined by the cold? Really? If there are any outdoor activities, they don’t think of cancelling until the weather gets to -30C (-22F). You just learn to bundle up, or don’t go.

  23. I reserve the right to complain about the cold because…

    #1 I live in a place known for its warmth – if I chose to live in a snowy climate, I would not complain.

    #2 You’ll never hear me whining about the heat during summer

    #3 Come ON! How often do I REALLY complain about anything?

  24. Don’t worry Cj, I will do a lot of moaning about the heat this summer.

    Well my shift has just ended, fingers crossed the last bus will run…

    Oh, and what is going to be involved in participating with Earbuds 2?

  25. I will admit to liking the McRib.

    McFish and McBurgers – not so much… but I don’t begrudge anyone else.

    I could really go for some good French Fries right now though with this hot green tea.

    hmmm checking the lunch menu for today …
    Hot Pastrami and Swiss on an Italian Roll with German Potato Salad and Seafood Chowder.


    Subway …. hmmm but I want fries… I do like Wendy’s new Sea Salt fries…

  26. So I’m getting a subscription to White Dwarf magazine (a warhammer magazine) for My Boo’s boyfriend. Hubby complains he doesn’t have a subscription to the magazine so now I have to get two. I sometimes wonder how many kids I have.

  27. The news is going on about the $50 mil jackpot in the local lottery. Do you think I’d have a better chance if I actually bought a ticket? Oh well, no fortune for me.

  28. Huh? For kissing? They recommend bring along something to freshen your breath just before (gum, mouthwash, etc.) and how best to kiss a stranger vs. Someone you know and other silly stuff like that

  29. Yes, that was the one where they made the mistake of not using ILM for the effects work. Though that was among the least of Trek V’s problems.

  30. Van, I’m thinking that Earbuds 2 will be a song-swapping game, with participants partnering up and sending each other a song. Every participant will send Deadpan a recording of
    1. The reason they selected their song to contribute.
    2. Their reaction to the song they received.

    That’s the rough idea. If you’re down, then we have 5, so far.

  31. To be honest I haven’t even looked it up. I’m just assuming (hoping) the game will be televised on one of the myriad of channels we have. I have to wait until hubby stops playing before I can look it up and make sure

  32. On a completely unrelated note: I don’t think hubby will be able to join me in critiquing either palooza movie if anybody needs a recording partner

  33. Good evening deadpan, looks like I’m getting smashed for new years. I started with a stock ale and I have several bottles of imerial stout including a bottle The Czar from Avery. And if I get through all that I also have a botte of 3 Philosophers.

    Essbee and Lo: Well colorado alcohol laws could be worse, like oklahoma’s or Utah’s. Although “the no selling 3.2 beer in bars and restaurants” ties PA’s “you can only buy beer by the case” for encouraging drinking.

  34. it is a TNG evening for at least one member of the reaper family (me)
    CP: Star Trek TNG – 2×22 – Shades of Gray

    Season 3 here I come. I can’t wait to watch DS9 again, and Voyager for the 1st time. I still need to get Enterprise but maybe I’ll watch B5 or SG1 again 1st. I didn’t finish B5 but I really liked it.
    CD: Cranberry juice and Vodka

  35. LR, so far i have watched most of the 1st season of B5 and i loved it. thanks for the suggestion I will have to check that podcast out.

    I have only watched 5 or so of the voyager shows so at this point I can’t say if I like it or not. but so far much of TOS is my least enjoyed. Little too much over acting for me and I grew up with TNG so TOS look a little silly sometimes.

    Night bunny!! merry new year.

  36. TEB: Goodnight and happy new year!

    Reaper: Wow, if all you have seen is the first season you are in for a surprise/treat. Seasons 1 and 5 are generally considered the weakest. As for the podcast, I really like the commentary they’ve done for every episode and the interviews of the cast and crew are very cool. They even interviewed J. Micheal Strazinsky earlier this year.

  37. Welcome to 2011: The Year of Hugh and Andrea

    It is also the year of the rabbit I believe

    Hughs last evaluation starts Monday. We’ll know from this evaluation if his cancer is in full remission then we can plan our return to Chicago in about 3 months. If not in remission 3 more months of treatment and he gets evaluated again in April. But my gut tells me we will be home by May 🙂

    I also hope 2011 brings all of you goodness and happiness, and relief, and recovery, and joy, and wealth, and the absolute best of health, and good scifi, and good friends, and good times, and love, and respect, and many many many smiles, and even more laughs, and a few good cries when they are needed, and most importantly lots of deadpan.


  38. Belated welcome to 2011 from Texas, y’all.

    Just woke up a little while ago.

    Hope TSH makes their triumphant return to Chicago and that everyone gets all the breasts that they desire.

  39. CD – Listening to the “Rose Bowl Parade” as I clean.
    I find myself wishing I’d hear the talking heads say, “This next float is delightfully sexy and entirely inappropriate for this parade.”

    Hasn’t happened yet … but I can hope.

  40. I came across that last one as Amazon is running 1000 MP3 albums for $5 each. I’ve also come across a few others that I know I own, but don’t have them ripped to my Itunes. However, I also have no idea where the original CD’s themselves are, so I’m probably going to just buy them with this deal.

  41. I think the hangover has hung itself.

    For those who missed my Facebook and/or Tweet…

    I sent someone an email.
    I then saw said email as a sent email in my email box and thought it was an email sent to me.
    I then replied to the email.
    Thus replying to myself.

    This dumbass memory has been brought to you courtesy of some fantastically delicious ShEvo Studios hot chocolate drink and several chocolate cake shots… or the hangover it created.
    I’m not sure which – but … I have a feeling a co-worker may have reported me on this website last night :blush:


  42. thanks everyone 🙂

    I love drunk texts. I have been guilty of some AMAZING drunk texts in my time.

    I am so glad this age of cell phones and camera phones and facebook that all of that came AFTER my most crazy years. The pictures and stories and proof of such events people would have of me… *shudders*

    Has anyone else noticed how much more well lit bars/clubs are these days? Hugh and i were discussing this recently. When we were out doing our worst partying the places we hung out at were dark. Very dark. We wanted it that way. You wanted people to NOT see you. But even our favorite club in Chicago sometime in the early 2000’s remodeled and become more well lit. I think its all related. Going out drinking used to be like vegas. What you did when you were out partying stayed within your circle of friends. Today people want to be seen. It is very odd.

    Ah well. Anyway.

    Going MIA again. Tomorrows a big day. Hughs mom is coming to SF tomorrow. Bears are playing the Packers. These are major events in our lives.

    I’ll let you know how the evaluation goes when we hear. I am sure you will all probably hear me screaming if it goes as well as we hope.

  43. We saw The Book of Eli earlier today. About half way through the movie hubby and I are both scratching our head on some of the ideas in the movie. Near the end there was this little twist (which I won’t say because of spoilers). That made us change our mind. We ended up liking the movie

  44. How I spent New Years Day:

    Woke up at 8:00 am. Showered, dressed, and ate
    Then worked until lunch time (stupid month end, will be working tomorrow morning too)
    Had mac & cheese
    Hubby then left to play with some friends (music, you gutterminded people)
    I divided my time between the XBox and my book (CR: Man With the Golden Toric by Simon Green)
    Hubby came home an we ordered in burgers from Boston’s
    Watched a movie
    Now waiting for the hockey game

    Wasn’t my day exciting?

  45. Currently listening to the commentators doing a swing by swing play by play on the fight that seemed to have started in the Toronto game that’s on before my game

  46. CW: Crossing Over

    Sly B and her mom are off to DIA to pick up our niece – I was deemed too sick to get out in the frigid air . . .

    Hope you all have had a wonderful New Year’s Day!

  47. Ooh how I spent my day:

    Turned my alarm off at 4am and gave it a dirty look.
    Got up to pee.
    Went back to bed to find a child in my spot.
    Moved her.
    Went back to sleep.
    Got up at 8:30 and let the dog out.
    Let the dog in.
    Let the dog out.
    Let the dog in.
    Let the dog out.
    turned on the heater.
    Let the dog in….
    Took the kids to McDonalds
    Sat in McDonalds and talked on the phone with a friend in California for an hour while my kids played.
    Met a nice lady at McDonalds. Talked to her a bit while her daughter played with my kids.

    And I’m only to 10am…

    Came home and let the dog out.

    … I can’t go on. I have to let the dog out.
    Then I’m going to sleep.
    good night

  48. Hubby and I both notice, even though they have the only goal, Calgary is not playing any where near as good as last night. I guess it’s true, when you play a better team it raises your own level of play

  49. Just got back from one of my least favorite activities – visiting a furniture store. I was really hoping to avoid this until we settled in to the new house. However, I was outvoted. Still, we did pretty well and I think my wife will now be satiated for a while.

    Tomorrow comes a new bedroom set for my daughter (she is extremely excited), along with a new sectional sofa, coffee table, and end table.

  50. I’m not a big shopper of any kind. I usually know what I want so go in, get it, and leave. None of this browsing balogna for me. Not even for clothing

  51. I loath clothes shopping with a passion.

    I tend to wear clothes till they fall to bits, the last time I bought clothes in a shop was in Jan 2010, when I bought a waterproof coat and waterproof shoes.

    My New Years Day was spent messing around with computers and a mini helicopter.

    Sleeping off a big meal.

    Go for a walk to the the newspaper.

  52. I liked everything about the Book of Eli except for the story part and the lead actor. I find Denzel irritating, just something about him grates at me, so that wasn’t a surprise. I was surprised at the story. Gary Whitta wrote the screen play and I expected better. Because I listened to him on a podcast, so obviously he’s smart, right? And a good writer. Yeah…

  53. I love shopping for anything.

    I’d be happy to be a personal shopper for any of you!

    Actually – I’m in the market for a new sofa set. Mine is 8 years old and falling apart.

  54. I think our made it for about fifteen years under the abuses of two big dogs and then two rampant children.

    But, I tend to deal with furniture as Van does with clothes. We probably should have replaced this thing several years ago.

    Living and daughter’s bedroom are now prepped for the new arrivals.

  55. Jack – had that game on in the background while I was playing “Settlers”. I think I saw you. Were you that guy in the stands with the coat on? The one with the hair? You were talking to someone.

  56. That was me, J0e! Although I was wearing a knit cap. It was that unusually cold here. . . . I went to buy hot chocolate, but the stadium doesn’t even sell it.

    Settlers is fun, btw. We’ll get there in a few years.

  57. He he, new furniture has arrived. Good thing our new house, especially the living room, is going to be bigger. Alas, my wife has no sense of scale and was quite shocked at how big the new sofa in our our living room.

  58. BTW, EssBee – what kind of sound system are you trying to hook up to your TV? Are you trying to send something to the TV, or are you trying to get to sound to run from the TV to your system to play the audio?

  59. Justa Joe beat me to it – that will be the question. Can you tell us the model of the TV? I know Joe and I can look up the manual and figure out how/if we can get you hooked up.

  60. ack!
    It seems there is a whole series of “Panasonic Viera HDTVs”

    Without knowing which model you have I would guess that it MAY have an “audio out”! which is good because then you are just a stereo cable away from hooking into your stereo’s AUX !!

  61. Well, here we go again. After a couple of months packed with breaks, vacations, and holidays, comes the long march of work through the dark days of winter. yee haaaaaaaa…..

  62. Morning, DP! I know this will make me popular:

    I have today off!

    Back to work tomorrow for me.

    JJ, I’ll see if it’ll work – maybe I hooked it to audio IN last time!

  63. After nearly a month off, I’m back in the office. WOO WOO! It actually feels good to be back at my desk.


    Here’s to a Happy, LOUD, and healthy new year to all!

  64. Have you moved to the UK and not told anybody ditto?

    I would have thought The Usual Suspects would spring to mind for North Americans..

  65. EssBee: Foiled again by the ones and zeros.

    Any chance you are feeding the TV it’s signal from a TiVo, DVR or Cable Box?
    If so, then those devices should have a standard RCA audio out on them.

  66. Dear god…. only 2 episodes left until I finish S05 of Doctor Who.

    Ive learned so far that Van Gogh could see aliens, love somehow conquers crashed alien technology, the Angels are still scary, Spitfires can fly in space to attack multi-racial Daleks, Rory is/was retarded/annoying.

    I really like the new Doc. I really like Amy. I’m not a fan of this season at all. It does my heart good to hear from you guys the that Xmas special is quite good. Gives me hope.

  67. CW: Zen: Vendetta

    New TV series, where the BBC pay British actors to play Italians speaking English.

    Yeah, all very worthy, but a little bit annoying.

  68. Sure, sure, that’s what they all say. And then… when you least expect it… you get smacked in the head with a frozen mukluk.


  69. damn, digital out only from the TV. Probably some HDCP crap to keep you from trying to record the audio coming in via an HDMI connection.

    I think Joe’s onto something with just running the audio directly from your DVR to the sound system and bypass the TV entirely.

  70. EssBeez – I haz yet to seez teh R0adz. I liked Viggo in LotR, but then he did Hidalgo (a little to close to really real for my entertainment tastes) and I sort of wrote him off my white board. At least, that’s my excuse. =)

  71. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnd looking forward to starting from scratch with the Doctor Who xmas special. Who knew that Davies writing would be missed this much? I shall not belabor this point any further, but Who was/is in my top 5 fav shows. I feel like Ive been kicked in the throat after S05.

    But omg can I say how happy I am with Smith and Gillan? Love em both very much!

  72. Out of all the 2010 movies, I only saw 17. 2 of those were in the theater. And quite a few were family/comedy movies that I likely wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for the, ya know, family.

  73. Lo – I don’t think you’ll like the Xmas special if you didn’t like the season. It has the same goofy gee-whiz-bang silly light-hearted feel as most of s05. I enjoyed it, but…

  74. Well there was that propaganda fluff during WW2 where they claimed this night fighter pilot was so good at hunting planes because he ate a lot of carrots.

    He was using RADAR…

  75. demoncat
    January 2, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    nice to see Wolverine and jubilee back together even if marvel decided on lets make her a vampire and then have wolverine have to be responsible for possibly curing her. instead of finding some other way to reunite her with the x-men like she develops new powers. or some one finds a way to reverse the Scarlet witche’s little no more mutants.

    From Robot6 on CBR

  76. Morning, DP! I’m finally back to work today. I could probably use a sick day today because my cold still has me in it’s grips, but I’ll survive it.

    Have a great day!

  77. Lo – re:Dr. Who
    I felt the same way about this last season as you did … but I loved loved loved the Xmas Special!
    So don’t give up hope.

    (Best line “Blinky lights and buttons!! It’s got my name written all over it ! … well, given a crayon and some time.”)

  78. Nomad I love the whizz bang gee woo aspect of Who. Very much….when its written well. And when I dont feel like everything was for nothing. And when I dont feel I was being taken for granted as a fan. Again, we’ll see. Keep the faith I am I am!

  79. I told a co-worker yesterday how I was really looking forward to Cowboys and Aliens and he asked why.

    I said that it has Harrison Ford and that pretty girl from Tron and ALIENS and COWBOYS and DIRT!!!

    and he responds with..

    “So, it’s because YOU are a dirty dirty girl.”


  80. Not only did I find a free Scrabble game for my Android phone.

    I found someone who LOVES Scrabble as much as me who just got himself a fancy new Android phone.

    This brings me joy.

  81. On a less happy note.

    I’m actually considering going to urgent care or at least making a dr. appt this morning. I already have one appt at 10, but if I can’t drive to it, it’s a bit of a moot point.

    I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is causing me extreme pain. It’s shooting all the way down my right arm this time.


  82. I have a space heater at my desk – when I’m at work.

    Here at home, I just use the one that came with the house.

    I don’t want to get dressed.


  83. Time to get creative EssBee.
    Seal the vents closed with plastic and duct tape and then get a space heater… or better yet, get one of those empty 50 gallon oil drums and keep a fire going in it with old TPS reports and memos.

  84. Re: Pepsi skanifying beverages

    Mehmood Khan… said in an interview that it’s outdated to think that snacks are dry and beverages are wet.

    Say what you want about snacks being or not being dry, but considering the word “liquid” is in the definition for “beverage”, I don’t think that snakification will make it any less “wet”.

    Beverage = Any one of various liquids for drinking, usually excluding water. (from the free online dictionary)

  85. … and there it is.

    Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University, said that the fruit concentrates are simply sugar. “They start out with real food, so let’s give them credit for applesauce and mashed-up bananas,” but “the rest of it is sugar,” she said. “Kids would be better off eating an apple or a banana.”

    So “Nutritious Convenience Foods” are really The Perception of Nutrition Convenience Foods.

    And whats so damn inconvenient about an actual apple anyway?

  86. Well, JR – only if you are planning on getting your doctorate in the field in which I currently need assistance…

    ^^ poorly thought out and even more poorly worded, but you get the idea

    nudge nudge wink :wink”

  87. I’m so excited (not). Tomorrow I get to tour the facilities of a private clinic. I was hoping to tour a second one also but now I figure they don’t really want my money since they never returned my call or my follow-up e-mail 👿

  88. Thinking about Jack eating wedges.
    Wondering what kind of wedges he’s oppose to eating?

    # Jack Mangan Says:
    January 4th, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Count me amongst the wedge-eaters.

    … as long as we’re talking about apples …

  89. So the new Potter is good? Cool. 🙂

    As a rule we never see any of the Harry Potter movies in the theater, but buy the DVD. Just watched the Half Blood Prince over Christmas. I’ve always liked the Harry Potter movies, although I’m starting to find the location of Hogwarts as a bit tired now. How many times do we need to see the floating candles and a game of Quiddich? LOL

    Also, speaking of films, we saw Tron over the weekend. Overall I would say that I enjoyed it. I do have a few quibbles with it. The first would be that the tone Legacy is somewhat downbeat from the original, with the first being sort of campy fantasy adventure but this one taking itself a little to seriously. The second quibble would be the long slow stretch in the middle with little action and lastly the 3D didn’t really add anything to the experience the way that Avatar did.

    I did like the updated visuals of all the vehicles, but I also agree that it looked more like a Matrix than a Tron sequel. The video game “Tron 2.0” did a better job in my opinion of creating an updated look.

  90. Rhettro: I also enjoyed the new Tron flick. After all the negative criticisms, I was able to lower my expectations to the point where I could enjoy the pretty pictures.

    I guess I shouldn’t have been expecting a great story. I really wanted one, but what was I thinking? It’s a Disney flick.

    I loved the music, updated visuals, and Olivia is very, very easy on the eyes. I won’t go into the bad. That’s too easy.

  91. The Way Back was pleasant enough and the scenery was impressive.

    Maybe I just don’t get the Canadian sense of humour, but InSecurity was painfully unfunny.

  92. Not one 3-D movie I’ve seen has been worth the extra ticket $$$, with the exception of Avatar. (sorry, Lo Pan)

    UH, I’m curious to get your take on Tron: Legacy, since you “really, really, really” liked the first one. We rented that DVD over the summer, and my kids loved Legacy.
    I liked it significantly less.

  93. demoncat said:
    no doubt the moment the film makers start getting ready to shoot Andrew in the spider suit do to holly wood magic his hair will be perfect with help from real talented hair people. espicially when Andrew has to put on the spider mask other wise with his hair like that he could get it wrecked by the mask.

  94. Decided I haven’t just sat down and read in a while (relatively speaking). So that’s how I’ve decided to spend my afternoon

    CR: Man With The Golden Toric – Simon Green

  95. Was looking at my e-reader. Apparently I’ve read 35 books (not counting the one I’m currently reading) since I bought it in late April/early May. While I knew I devoured books, I never realize my addiction was that bad

  96. I haven’t seen anything about “Falling Skies” but I like the premiss. Although the other TNT series I got excited about with Noah was “The Librarian” and that was an absolute snooze fest.

  97. Jack, I’m deeply disappointed in you. You post a link on here with “top-five-wildes” in the title and Olivia is nowhere to be found when I click.

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