Deadpan Unshow 56: Personal Day

Vanamonde says: Defcon Deadpan.

Deadpan Unshow 56: Personal Day

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Vanamond (first of the week)
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DJ Bunny

Palooza still happening. Where are your recordings. UHF is due next week.

Nine Inch Smurfs official close date is Feb. 8

Earbuds part 2 happening soon. Have you signed up.

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Get better soon, Jack.

895 thoughts on “Deadpan Unshow 56: Personal Day

  1. I don’t recommend visiting an oral surgeon as part of a weight loss regimen. But, this is case of do as I say, not as I do.

    Troublesome molar goes to sleep with the fishes today.

  2. Well it’s fricken… or maybe not.

    Finally listening to the last installment of the Penny Arcade DnD podcast, funny funny stuff. “Haines….”

  3. “Uranus โ€“ first spotted by Sir William Herschel from Bath, England, in 1781 โ€“ also has the most powerful wind observed in the solar system, blowing at more than 500mph.”

    Okay, I’m twelve.

  4. Good morning.

    I’m a late checkin.
    Took the kids to school and had a mommies only playdate.
    just got home from picking up the little dude and now I get to chill until 2 when I pick up my daughter and we all take the bikes and the dog to the park for happy funtimes!

  5. I believe the latter, Lo.

    I think the $$ is completely do-able. What I have no input/opinion on is whether to stick with FPM or not. Well, besides to say that I fear change.

  6. Well, looks like I definitely need to catch some UN now.

    Nothing like waking up from surgery to some Deadpan fart jokes ๐Ÿ™‚

    The surgery was successful. Well, I think it was anyway. I have a dull pain in the back of my mouth now.

  7. Good news, Ed. Nothing worse than dental junk.

    Hilarious moment from the Shameless previews for next week (love the show so far, btw): “Your dad gave me a condom”, “He must like you. He usually just gives my boyfriends dental dams”

  8. I’m listening to today’s wall street journal on Audible. Some couple renovated their 243 sq ft maser closet for $82,000.

    Wee doggie!

  9. I haven’t listened to today’s episode yet, but I wouldn’t be to worried about FPM dissappearing anytime soon. Mike wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he didn’t have FPM. LOL As far as DP being hosted by FPM, it’s up to Jack. If he wants to stay on the FPM servers, I’ll contribute to make it happen. If he wants to find a cheaper hosting solution on his own, I’ll contribute to that as well.

  10. So I’m thinking we should set up a sponsor sign-up sheet.

    Pick a month(s) and send Jack the fee and then every episode that month get’s the “This episode of The Deadpan is Brought to you by …(insert what ever you want Jack to say HERE.)” Just like NPR … only spankier.

    You can count me in!

  11. FWIW – I had an odd thought and went back and checked the last few episodes. The farpoint media bumper isn’t even getting attached to the end of the episode anymore. Isn’t that supposed to be automatic?

  12. This article has been getting a fair bit of buzz lately. Finally got around to reading it myself. I haven’t quite decided what I think of it yet. While I definitely agree that most Western parents are too permissive, this Chinese “model” strikes me as extreme in the opposite:

    I do my best not to fluff up my kids. I give them encouragement, but try to save real praise for when they achieve. I do believe there’s no better way to build up a kid’s self esteem then when they really achieve something. And they know when they’ve gotten it right – the look on their faces when they manage something new that they’ve been working at makes the string of mistakes all worth it.

    Still, I don’t think going all Marine drill sergeant on a kid is the way to get them there.

  13. I keep reading “Shanghai Scrap” as “Shanghai is crap”. They should probably rethink that URL.

    Anyway, Inadequate email responses sent, with inadequate thanks. I think we’ll be able to keep this thing afloat on our own terms, whatever we decide. I won’t be making any extra money off of any of you, but that was NEVER the intention.

    Lots of good ideas have been bandied about today, so I’d like to come together and make a decision about how best to handle this.

    Anyway. You have all been great friends.

    Goodnight :shirtlessOzzy:

  14. Oooh, I missed a lot.

    Happy belated to Lejon.
    YAYAYAYAY! to The Smartie Hotties.
    Congratulations to Amy.

    And Happy Birthday to Mr. Mangan.

    Now I need to listen to this episode of the Deadpan so I can find out what this hosting talk is all about…

  15. Best quote from “Why Chinese Mothers…”:

    What Chinese parents understand is that nothing is fun until you’re good at it.

    The rest of it is … meh. Opinions differ and the author seems so overly stereotypical that I sort of doubt the piece isn’t exaggerated or tongue-in-cheek.

  16. :jack: I think the biggest thing to take from the comments about hosting is that we still REALLY want the :pan: to exist. There are reasons to stay with FPM and reasons to seek hosting elsewhere. We can and will stand behind you and support you with whatever decision you make.

    BTW, are there actually ANY other free options out there? If not, then I think we should just be thankful that FPM was free as long as it was.

  17. Good morning :pan:

    Happy Birthday :jack:

    I shall refrain from gushing about Jack publicly on his birthday as I know how much he hates all the attention. :wub:

    But, yeah… Let’s just say… I continue to be thankful for this day that brought such an amazing person into our lives.

  18. Anywho, as for Birthday Boy’s conundrum, I’m on the side of a different Panite giving 10-15 one month. I think it would be the easiest on everyones pocketbook and will allow the feeling for all that we’re contributing to the community. And if someone finds they just cant/dont want to do it, its no big bother.

    *steps out of cake and runs toward Jack*

  19. I found the perfect way to annoy my hubby

    1) Get into a position where you’re not suppose to have many stressors in your life.
    2) Agree to help work on a convention
    3) Become very stressed.

    Hubby is not happy with me right now. :silly:

  20. Sounds totally sensible, Lo. If it’s $120 up front, rather than $10/month we might need to think through that, but $10/month with each person taking a month is a wonderful way for everyone to contribute. And $15/month would allow Jack to bank some cash and buy that mic and whatever else . . .

    Good morning, upsidedown smileys

  21. Look its EssBee!!!!

    I dont think the time frame will be a problem if we just decide on something. Well… if JACK decides on something. Or we decide for him. Or him for us. Or us for us. Or we for him. Or bunnies from Jesus.

  22. Lo I do not come from Jesus.

    When a mommy bunny loves a daddy bunny very much, they well get together and find a quiet, secluded place. They will then hump the hell out of each other. That’s how bunnies are really made. :alien:

  23. I read a great book a few years back called Foreskin’s Lament. The author grew up as a fundamentalist Jew and when bad shit happened to him, or he imagined that it would, he’d say “That’s SO God”

  24. Re: listener support
    If all the hosting money is needed upfront then we just have to make sure everyone picks their month and gets their money into Jack’s paypal by the end of the month.
    I think it is quite do-able.

  25. On a side note. If you get the book Torch of Freedom by David Weber (or at least look at it at the book store). There’s a special deal in the back where you can get a bunch of free e-books from Baen. I know Baen is good for freebies anyway but still a decent deal. I got January’s selection which was eight books.

  26. Re: Chinese Mothers: While I agree the piece is somewhat exaggerated, there is a some truth to it; at least regarding Asian families in general. Parents are very strict regarding scholastic performance, and future career paths. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that school in Asia is totally different than here: it is much more difficult, and a lot of status is tied into performance.

  27. Re:Chinese Parenting article

    I think the truly interesting part is what is written but not being said.
    That is …
    – From early in the child’s life, Chinese Parents show an intense interest in their kids activities – which in turn lets the kids know that they REALLY care and therefore prompting the kid to care
    – Chinese parents are willing to spend a ZILLION of their own personal hours with the kid, helping them study, practice an instrument, go over flashcards and practice tests. The parents do this instead of watching TV, surfing the internet, playing video games, reading or doing other thing we humans consider personally enjoyable.
    This is the TRUE cultural difference.
    While the generic western parent looks for DVD’s, TV programs, video games, et that they can stick their kid in front of (or some sports practice they can drop their kid off at) so that they can get a few minutes or even an hour of their own life back. The Chinese Parent is will to give up all the “me” time that it takes to help their kid excel.

  28. I tend toward that as well, Van, but I think that this could be a lot of fun. And I think it’s less “helping Jack” than helping all of us keep this beloved community going.

    I guess I do want DP to stay with FPM. I feel like it’s not my business or my call to make, but I feel a certainly unexplainable loyalty to FPM . . .

  29. Also, and Cj you know I love you long time, I do have an issue with GoDaddy politically speaking . . . which I’ll swallow and shut up about if the majority of us or Jack as our lord and master chooses.

  30. “It’s pledge week at at Dead Pan which means the “Funky Cold Medina” bed music will go away when we meet our campaign goal of $1250 and a six pack of PBR.”

  31. Van, I agree Catholic upbringing is a heavy cross to bare.
    (sorry couldn’t help myself but seriously)
    I find myself rebelling agents it or falling back in to it all the time.

  32. I guess what I had in mind Van was “fun” sponsorship stuff like “This week’s Deadpan is brought to you by CJ’s playdates! Keeping us exorcised since 2009!”
    or “This week’s Deadpan is brought to you by Pulp Fiction … who dares you to say “what” again !”
    Only it would be up to the sponsoring party to write their own tag lines.

  33. BTW – I might suggest, everyone who would lie to pitch in should contact Jack via e-mail before the next episode and then he can put out a call for sponsorship on that episode in case there are any non-forum listeners who would care to pitch in …

    Once we know what the pool of available donors is then we can figure out how much more we might need.

    justa a thought from justaj0e

  34. I’m a Gemini, I guess? Instead of a Cancer . . . I have a friend who drops astrological references on me sometimes and I cringe. I guess that’s all changed now!

  35. Capricorn here. Western astrology should incorporate the Chinese signs – – I’d way rather be the dragon than the fucking mountain goat.

    Maybe I should check my horoscope?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. Here and at FB.

  36. From NBC:

    Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
    Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
    Pisces: March 11- April 18
    Aries: April 18- May 13
    Taurus: May 13- June 21
    Gemini: June 21- July 20
    Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
    Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
    Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
    Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
    Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
    Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
    Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20

    I wonder if this is going to be like Pluto though, with the plebs (like me) determined to think it’s still a bloody planet.

  37. As for zany sponsorship………… I think that’s a wonderful, fun idea – – and a fresh new way to contribute to the shows. Let’s just do that as a new segment, regardless of contributions.

    I think many would like to contribute anonymously to the “Keep the Lights On” fund, and that’s cool.

    I think I’m leaning toward two choices:

    -Free altogether/Reeaally cheap

  38. Re zodiac change:
    I am a Gemini. My 1st and last name both mean twin and I’m the second. so I think gemini fits me a little to well. I am not a Taurus

  39. Just realized I asked for an audio email…. wonder if Jack is going to send me one.

    Anyone anyone? Send me smurf audio.. I have alone time tonight.

    um.. so yeah, i can be “alone with the audio” and i have a stupid idea and I wanna try to record it.

  40. Tonight we are having some italian sausages in marinara. Trying a really decent looking jar sauce (Cub “Culinary Circle” store brand) for convenience, but I am planning on braising the sausages in wine…

  41. Mangan update … he has reached the armpit of the universe and is about to extract the treasure (think of that scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where he is just about to snatch the statue from the pedestal).

  42. BTW – for those of you who have the have skilz in the ways of these sort of things … we need to find Jack a NEW, GOOD, FREE voice mail option.

    Seems the world is telling Jack that it’s time to shake up the “same old, same old”!

  43. EssBee, I have that movie here too, but I haven’t had any non-kid time to watch it yet. I’m sure Netflix will be watching it back someday. Let me know what you think.

  44. I believe I have Google Voice invites… yes. I have three. It’s free, voicemail, that doesn’t disappear if it isn’t used every thirty days.

    On the other hand, Google has disappeared services before. Like the notepad thing and the other thing that I’m blanking on now.

    If Jack wants to check it out, I can send an invite.

  45. I believe the caterpillar GrandCentral blossomed into the Google Voice butterfly. Nomad, I will look into it, but if an Invite is needed, then that would rock greatly.

    I’m not sure the deal with the K7 account. It sounded like they’d gone out of business, but their site is still there. It hasn’t been 90 days since the last VM; it’s only been about a month.

    Stupid hassle.

  46. Bank tech support on-hold music: Ella Fitzgerald’s “Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea”.

    “I don’t want you,
    But I’d hate to lose you”

    Are they trying to tell me something?

  47. Been sampling some of the new anime for the Winter season. So far, there are some interesting shows; much, much better than last season.

  48. here we go again
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  49. So Fox has been taking Benefiber Chewables on advice of his GI doc. They are each emblazoned with a big “BFC.”

    We’ve been teaching him to sound out words, so he started saying “Buh-Fuh-Cuh, Buh-Fuh-Cuh.”

    We had a hard time not losing it and encourging him to stop saying it…

  50. Jack – I dropped a gVoice invite to your mmmmmmmmm address. Beyond the occasional text message from someone looking to score some weed, I haven’t had any issues or complaints with the service.

    People who mistaken text the wrong number while looking for drugs have really interesting spelling habits.

  51. k, I also changed the number in my phone. I’m going to call later and try to score some baseball games.

    Where did I put that pencil I got at the mini-golf course?

  52. OK. I tried the new voice mail line. Seems odd that it asks me to state my name before it will even attempt to contact :jack: , then it attempts to make a call before going to voice mail. Is there a way to set it to simply go straight to voice mail?

  53. Finished watching Paprika again. What a wild and trippy film. Nolan says it was one of the inspirations for Inception, though Paprika really captures the bizarre changeability of dreaming.

  54. I think I have Paprika in my queue, based on your past recommendation, ditto.

    Anyhoo – I was unaware of the DND feature for the voicemail. I have turned on the DND. Repeat, I have turned on the DND.

  55. Jack: I think you’ll like it, but the plot is… rather convoluted. I don’t have a problem with that, but others do. And I think it works well with the concept of dream terrorists. Anyway, let me know what you think when you finally watch it.

  56. So.
    Went to see “The King’s Speech” but couldn’t make it in time to catch the showing, the alternative just happened to be “True Grit”.
    Brilliantly done. Turned out to even be a good date film.
    Coen brothers do it again!

  57. Another case of someone at google having a sense of humour.

    Go to Google Maps and select directions

    Enter start as USA
    Destination as JAPAN

    Have a look point 31 on the direction list

    Yeah I know it’s similar to the China one.

  58. Well, no doubt coincidental, but Jack’s news about Christopher Lee comes along at about the same time my daughter and I were watching Fellowship of the Ring last night.

    I pretty much had to make her go to bread with a promise that we’d start The Two Towers tonight.

  59. Yesterday there were only a few cookies in the cookie jar. I told hubby I’d make more sometime this week once we’ve finished off what we had. I see the cookie jar is empty and washed this morning. I wonder if that’s a hint…

  60. IMHO – “True Grit” is also quite nomination worthy.
    I went expecting action adventure type film but it played out more as a drama (with action in it). It was very rich with “character building”.

  61. There, I’m on the couch, nice and warm under my Snuggie with a kitty on my lap. It’s reading time

    CR: The Last Wish – Andrzej Sapkowski

  62. yeah. that.

    and… :ftb: Who asked you for your opioinoniinoninoion of how fast I’m posting my freaking comments?

    huh? who?

    because it wasn’t ME.. dumbass.

  63. Yes
    All of these actors have appeared in Cohen Brothers films.
    These 4 though, have a special distinction of having been in 5 or MORE of their films.
    Buscemi has actually been in 6 but Frances McDormand is the leader having been in 7.
    Although after sitting through “Burn after reading” I think she may wish it was one less.

    I guess when the Coen Bros. like you, they really really like you.

  64. One last Buscemi note – (from wikipedia)
    In the early 1980s, Buscemi served as a firefighter for four years on FDNY Engine 55. After 9/11, Buscemi returned to Engine 55 and worked alongside other firefighters to sift through the rubble from the World Trade Center.

  65. Barton Fink is the most underrated of the Coen’s oeuvre.

    Oh, hold on, I have to put my phone headset back into the modem cradle, a la Wargames.

    *ksssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee click-click eeeeeeeeeeeeee kshhhhhhhh*

  66. Hey Jack, who are all the different musicians you have interviewed on the show?
    I know you have talked to Rusty Cooley and Jonathan Coulton. Who else, my brain is on the fritz today.

  67. Hey Rhett, Coulton and I could never wrangle the scheduling, so I’ve never had him on Deadpan.
    My only musician guests have been Jennifer Batten and Rusty Cooley. John Joseph Adams and I geeked heavily on m/, but that was so long ago, I think Fred Flinstone was still listening.

  68. Inglorious Bastards is playing the tv (the one Quentin Taratino based his WW2 film on).

    It is truly, truly terrible, and that’s just the dubbing…