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  1. Good morning.

    Today… we are having Thanksgiving dinner in order to have leftovers for all the family coming for Christmas Day.

    Today I also need to wrap every present… it feels like, in the world. LOL

    Tomorrow I work.

  2. Silly me. I sent a few people Christmas Bouquets for yesterday but I forgot to put from on the card. So some friends of mine have been getting anonymous flowers yesterday :happy:

  3. Merry Eve Eve morning, all.

    Got back from the store to gather food stuffs for Christmas dinner. Thankfully, I managed to get in and out before all the crazies.

    Now, I can contemplate my navel, or perhaps go catch Tron.

  4. Really? Really FTB?
    All the stuff we post here and YOU have a problem with THAT?!?!?

    Fine then. It really wasn’t that funny to begin with but now I am determined.

    8 Maids a MILKing (-K, +F)

    so there

  5. I also, Edward, have gotten back from seeing Tron. It was, in my ever humble opinion, the worst film Ive seen this year. Olivia Wilde notwithstanding. She is fucking beautiful. The rest of the film is filth upon suck.

    Merry xmas eve eve and Happy Holidays everybooooddyyy!!!!

  6. Denver has terrible traffic. Especially downtown. Especially during the holidays. Theres a reason its in the top 5 worst of the country nearly each year. It took me 50 minutes to drive the roughly 5 miles from the theater to the bar. And driving in that traffic, dear friends, was more enjoyable than Tron: Legacy.

  7. I must confess that I favored the program in the white bodysuit over Ms. Wilde, but there’s no question that she is easy on the eyes as well.

    I think one thing (ok, there were many) about the film, without spoiling anything, is that it didn’t really have the feel of being “inside” like the original. With everyone having hair and clothes, it seemed more like some kind of future rather than a computer world.

  8. I felt much the same way I felt after walking out of The Last Airbender. I watched pretty much the whole animated series with my kids in previous years and was excited about the movie. Yet, the movie managed to take an exciting epic story and turn it into an almost lifeless documentary. Tron: Legacy felt much the same.

    Well, at least the preview for Thor looked like it may be of interest next year.

  9. CD: Getting ready to leave for NY. We’ll be there for 2 weeks (woo-hoo), but we can’t say anything about it on facebook because Mrs. Usedhair wants to surprise some of her friends.

  10. Morning, Pan.

    By the way: My Deadpan Secret Santa present arrived at my house on Wednesday morning. It’s a package from ThinkGeek! I haven’t opened it yet because I like not knowing what my presents are beforehand, so I’m saving it for Christmas morning. Thank you, Secret Santa! :happy:

  11. Hi Pan!!!!

    Just finished racking my Porter … the “Quality Control” sample seemed awfully hoppy. Hoping the next fermentation stage and then the 6 weeks worth of bottle “conditioning” will get those wiley hops in line.

  12. Merry Xmas deadpan!!

    Christmas is great and all but I’m really excited to get started on 2011. This year needs to go away!! πŸ™‚

    *crossing fingers that fucktardbot let’s my iPhone comment through*

  13. CD: sam adams white ale

    CD: watching my daughter play on a friend’s Kinect. I really need to get one of these when I have a few hundred dollars that I don’t really need.

  14. I don’t think I’ve posted – my Deadpan Secret Santa gift arrived safely. I’ve only unwrapped it to make sure it was intact. I think I’ll be having many fights with my son over it πŸ™‚

    Many thanks.

  15. Well, it’s been another fine Christmas Eve with my family. Much needed rain rolled in this evening, putting a bit of a crimp in my grilling plans. However, even having to resort to the George Foreman special, I managed to grill up some pretty fine steaks if I do say so.

    We bought my parents a 42″ flat screen and I think my mom is still in shock. They had no idea something like that was coming their way.

    Hope everyone gets all that they hoped for this Christmas.

  16. Temp 101.3 F. Brain hurts. Sinuses Full. Wife and daughter are off to the in-laws’ house for tamales. I’m about to put myself into A NyQuil induced coma. But I’m still happy.


  17. The real Christmas Miracle is having my kids here, with a bunch of presents waiting for them under the tree.

    …….. annnnnd…… a bunch more that I still need to wrap.

    Merry Christmas, Deadpan.

  18. Well I must try and get a move on, most of the family has come together this year, haven’t seen two of my nephews since my Dad’s funeral, so will be nice to catch up with them.

    Later pan.

  19. Careful, Joe…someone might be able to figure out the location of your secret rebel base dropping hints like that.

    And, yes, Star Wars is on Spike right now. Probably the only time I ever watch the channel.

  20. Okay back on the regular PC. I hope everyone is have a great Christmas. My folks are in town and we are having a great time. Busy, but great.

    Van asked about my phone, I got a 3G Android phone from T-mobile, a MyTouch Slide. I haven’t figured out everything it does yet. Like most I suspect, I’m a little overwhelmed in tech info trying to figure out my new toys as well as everyone else’s. LOL

    P.S. Thanks Bunny for the USB hub, I thought it was hilarious and I can truly use it. Also the chocolates were delicious.

  21. As I find myself browsing the Amazon MP3 store, I find myself wondering at the hierarchy of compilations

    Is the “Greatest Hits” above or below the “Best of”. And are they both trumped by the “Very Best of” or does “All Time Greatest Hits” take the cake?

  22. It’s a joyous mess though!

    I now have the Christmas Dr. Who recorded on the TIVO!

    If I could only get the house guests to turn in for the evening. πŸ™
    I can’t watch it with them in the room because they would talk through the whole thing. They talk through EVERYTHING, bless their little hearts.

  23. This was a good Christmas day. There was breakfast, present-opening, girly-bonding through makeup application, a midday walk to Starbucks and back for peppermint mochas, cooking, Christmas dinner, relaxation time, and finally a movie (Tangled, which we all really enjoyed). Now I’m enjoying a slice of mince pie before bed. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! :happy:

  24. Hee hee NS.

    Yea my mom’s boyfriend passed out money to my kids. I’m like – maybe you should give the CASH to me before the five-year-old, I don’t know… loses it or feeds it to the dog?

    THE DOG!


    I have a DOG.

    Jack, you need to bring the kiddos over to meet her before she grows!

    I woke up to having my faced licked and chewed on… and Dan was SOUND ASLEEP..


    I made myself LOL

  25. My mom gave me a desk lamp for Christmas and it has a speaker and a place to plug in my mp3 player, but I forgot to bring it to work today. It will come in handy once I get it here though.

  26. The sales floor is sending people home early this morning so … chances are they expect it to be slow again today.

    Dan worked a full day yesterday though – no sending of the troops home.

    I’m going to take a lunch today and go shopping though. Woot!

  27. My wife, daughter, and I watched the Dr. Who special before turning in last night. At least something this year managed to live up to the hype πŸ™‚

  28. Never mind – looks like it’s for about age 10 and up. I think my kids would be easily bored with the scenes between the fighting sequences.


    Gonna show them the original at home and see how that goes.

  29. Morning Pan

    Had a nice Christmas. My Boo and her boyfriend came over and we had the usual feast.

    I got a book of cookie recipes from a friend. Between that and the cookie cutters my Secret Santa gave me I’m wondering if I have a reputation.

    Anyway I do have triple chocolate cookies in the oven as we speak :happy:

    Tonight they’re airing the Dr. Who Christmas here in Canadaland so we’re looking forward to that.

    Later Panites!

  30. How funny, ditto!

    I ALSO have a friend (from work) visiting Colorado this week. If I’d thought of it sooner, I’d have used him to send gifts as he’s gone to Longmont. Could have sent stuffs to EssBee, Long Pan, and my little bro. He accused me of trying to use him as a mule when I suggested it, but really – next time he goes.. I’m stuffing a mule-pack and strapping it to him!

  31. CJ – my kids enjoyed the original Tron, but I don’t think the new one is worth another trip to the theater. I’ll rent it for them when it comes to video. I don’t see this one joining my permanent library of DVD/Blu-Rays.

  32. Ed: Sorry to hear that.

    Jj: I quite enjoyed last season, despite some weak episodes, but I loved the Christmas episode.

    Just got back from The King’s Speech. Excellent movie.

  33. As for Doc Who, Im slogging thru this last season so itll be a bit til I get to the xmas special. This season… when its good its pretty good but when its bad its god fucking awful.

  34. C: at a Binghamton Senators game.

    I’m a bit torn right now. I’m seeing my wife smile and laugh in a way I haven’t seen since we moved to florida and I almost hate to go back. But everywhere we look here we see the signs of the horrible depression this area is going through. If only there were jobs here. Sigh.

  35. UsedHair, I’ve sometimes dealt with the same thing, being so many states away from my previous home. It can be tough at times, living so far removed from the support network of family and old friends.

    That said, all you Northeasterners stay safe on the roads. Better yet, stay off the roads, if you can.

  36. One of the kids I work with has never heard of the Gin Blossoms.

    Me: “Hey, look! The Gin Blossoms are putting on a free concert on January 12th in downtown Phoenix – on a day when I can actually go!!”

    Kid I work with: “Who are the Gin Blossoms?”

    So I queue up Hey Jealousy … nope..
    Alison Road … nope..
    Til I Hear it From You … nope..

    I give up.

    Apparently the music I’ve enjoyed for the last few years is now old.

    Co-worker is 22 and I can quote him from a week ago when he said, “Oh wow, you are the same age as my mom and she’s pretty young at heart too.”

    I shall now go purchase wrinkle cream and bingo cards and maybe some useless brick-a-brack that I will never dust.

  37. I have a similar story from when I was 38 and an intern at a major engineering company. I thought that engineers would be geeks just like me, but found that (for whatever reason) these kids were closer to preppy jackasses than geeks. We had one of those annoying ice breaker sessions to get to know each other better and one of the questions was “what is your favorite book”. Whereas I had to deliberate for quite a while to narrow down the choices, the kid across the table from me says “wow, this is a really hard question. I don’t read books”. I said “really, there aren’t any books that you’ve read and enjoyed” and he says “I hated every book I read for school and haven’t read anything that wasn’t for a class”. I wanted to smack him upside the head, but that’s probably the crotchety old man in me.

  38. ditto: I’d say Ralph has it right. There are lots of seasonals out from Avery, Left Hand (Longmont), and Boulder out. What kind of beers do you like?

    We’re still sick, but home now, which makes it better.


  39. Well, UH, thankfully, these days, kids are reading much more – at least so it seems. There is a generation of ‘non readers’ and I’ll never understand that as I’m an avid lover of books.

    So, due to your post I said to the young co-worker “What is your favorite book?” his response, “The Count of Monte Cristo” – my mother-in-law laughs at me every time I suggest she read a book, however.

    I will never understand that.

    I didn’t get any of the books I asked for this Christmas, so looks like I’ll be purchasing them on my own.

  40. This was a member of the younger generation. He was probably 21 or so. There were a lot of kids like that in my intern program. I guess when you work for a major military contactor, you get a different crowd of engineers than those I met in college.

  41. Cleaning the office … anyone have a need for some slightly used, T-15 vhs tapes? I have 20, only one pass each.
    As I am cleaning I realized that nobody asks for video on VHS anymore.
    It’s another, once heavily relied on but now obsolete, technology.

  42. I’ve got a VCR in the closet, but I’m more likely to plug in my cassette tape deck than use the VCR. Even the kids are onto DVDs now.

    Speaking of kids, I wonder if Cj’s youngster doesn’t know Gin Blossoms because he doesn’t listen to pop radio stations. I listen to my personal collection of music and podcasts or an internet radio like Slacker or Pandora, but even in the car I don’t listen to the radio. And since I am such a trendsetter, I presume the youth of today are following in my lead.

    Can you hear the tongue stuck in my cheek?

  43. Did I mention that they called us in for work on our holiday and then cancelled it at the last minute? Yeah. They cancelled the graveyard shift because of a terrible snow storm that didn’t happen, and had 1st and 2nd come in anyhow.

    It’s stupid, but I’m pissed. I could have used a little end-of-the-year bonus cash.

  44. You’re way entitled to be pissed, Nomad. Remind them, just how threatening your beard is on that chart. (I’m directly between Questionable and Unsavory) BTW, I love how the patchy beard is labeled the “Sydney Crosby”.


  45. I don’t get the “Sydney Crosby” reference. I looked him up and he’s a baby-faced hockey guy… but I am not seeing any pictures of him patchy bearded. Or bearded at all, for that matter.

  46. Morning Pan. I think I’ve become a warhammer widow. Hubby is spending an awful lot of time with his paints and little pieces of plastic

  47. I had to laugh at him. He bought a giant piece of unpainted scenery (4′ x 6′ assembled). He thought he was so careful. He laid out some old sheets in the basement then sprayed a base coat of black over his scenery (it’s winter, who wants to go outside to paint)… Then spent the rest of the day wiping down everything down there to remove the fine layer of black dust that seemed to coat everything down there. I laughed

  48. Following up on past comments:

    Van, we use to enjoy the OddWorld games way back when the girls had a PS2

    J0e, believe it or not, I have a friend who still records everything on VHS. hubby and I find that strange because he is the biggest Tv and Movie nut you will ever meet. Yet, while he owns a DVD (not blu-ray) he still uses old tech to record. We told him he should at lest get a recordable DVD machine if not an actual DVR. He says, some day but since his system still works…

    Hubby has grown his winter beard. It tickles

  49. I was just made swoony by a Cover Girl commercial.

    How is anyone that beautiful. I’m not sure if I want to BE Drew Barrymore or be WITH her at this point.

  50. Good morning by the way.
    I have a headache – just a fact, not a complaint.
    I’m heading to the doctor now. Not for the headache.
    I’m fine though. Just a checkup of sorts πŸ™‚

  51. Hubby just came upstairs. He’s been awake for well over two hours now he’s going to have his morning shower and something for breakfast. At least he’s keeping me amused.

  52. Well went and saw ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ again today.

    Watching it the second time, I still felt it’s the best of the 3 films.

  53. Van I agree its the best stand alone of the 3 films. Still like Played With Fire the best.
    *waits for Jacks quippy quip*

    Kick off those sunday shoes, Jack.

  54. Hubby just came upstairs, patted me on the head and said, “I’m sorry that I’m not paying much attention to you”. Then promptly went back downstairs. Huh?

  55. You know Bunny, that reminds me of an instance a few years ago, when I was playing online video games with a bunch of friends and my wife wanted to get my attention.

  56. Rhett, if I was really worried and really wanted him to pay attention to me, I’d change into something lacy, go downstairs and let nature take its course

  57. Is it me or does anybody else find the Windows phone ad compaign strange? Here in Canada at least their while campaign seems to be based on how much you don’t need to use it

  58. I’ve moved from the couch to the computer. Just in case you wanted to know.

    Now to play… I’m not sure. I’ll think of something.

  59. Too bad.

    Oh I love sleeping thru those godawful films. Nothing finer.

    Oh THAT was the other problem with Tron. It had like 5 endings just like Return of the King did.

  60. So – yeah… um…


    Tron Legacy…

    Well… Jeff Bridges is hot…

    And it was kinda pretty and the music was fun… It didn’t seem very 3d and the Sam guy didn’t impress me much.

  61. Agree with EssBee on the thumbs down for The Fourth Kind. Still going to see Tron in the theater dammit! Or is that like saying “I’m still going to see Weekend at Bernie’s 3 dammit” now?

  62. If the 4th Kind hadn’t been so insistent on telling me that it was telling me the truth, I might have been able to play pretend for long enough to believe it, but since it was protesting its innocence so much I was never able to get past the lies.

    And watching the movie inside the movie and the movie outside the inside movie at the same time was redundant and confusing and boring. “Didn’t this -just- happen? Oh, yeah, it did.”

  63. Good morning!

    NS, it was intense, but also too slow and BORING.

    We’re shooting for Harry Potter today if I can get this cough under control a bit.

  64. Last night’s dream was a rerun from a few years ago. I dream that there was a whole other set of extremely large rooms to our house that we didn’t use because they were full of stored items. One of the items is a color widescreen tv from the 1950’s with a screen that measures 10 inches high by 3 feet wide. It is upholstered in a floral print. My subconscious needs an intervention.

  65. It’s on Showtime, and totally HIlarious – especially watching w/ Sly B and her mama.

    “What do we call a midget comedian? A mini haha”

  66. So the top five grossing concert acts were Bon Jovi, AC/CD, U2, Lady Gaga and Metallica.

    The concerts that needed to scale back ticket prices to improve attendance were The Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, Santana with Steve Windwood, Creed, Maroon 5 and the “American Idol” live tour.

    Is it just me or is there a disconnect between what type of music people want to see and what acts promotors want to push?

  67. Rhettro – there has to be some sort of “Duel of the Concert Fates” there.

    Maybe Lady Gaga vs. Rihanna
    Bon Jovi vs. Steve Windwood ?

    Not sure which pairings would equate the best.

  68. I don’t suppose any of you good folks happen to have an Ark handy, do ya?

    Or, at least Morgan Freeman’s direct number?

    The storms have been merciless today.

  69. I’m going to have a sugar coma of my own. Someone gave me a tin of peppermint patties. They are frickin delicious. I’d forgotten

    I wish it had stayed forgotten.

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