Jack Mangans Deadpan #188: Steampan

Steamed show notes.

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #188: Steampan

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707 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #188: Steampan

  1. Me too J0e. I plan on doing the Christmas thing tomorrow and it would be easier if he wasn’t home. (selfish much?)

    He’s running quite the fever as well as achy all over. I know it’s bad since he took time off work, he almost never does that.

  2. Re: Pintley

    I wish they would change the rating system.

    As it currently stands, you can rate beer as follows,
    I strongly disliked it, I disliked it, I liked it, I really it, I loved it.

    Problem is, the bulk of the beers I have tasted fall somewhere between “like” and “dislike”. They are beers that are drinkable but I would not choose them were I to have a better offer. I wouldn’t turn one of these down if a neighbor offered it but I wouldn’t be seeking it out on my own.

    Why any of this is important is because Pintley’s recommendation algorithm is doesn’t have that sort of accuracy. According to them you either like a beer or you don’t like it.

    This really seems to miss the mark. Given that the vast majority of beers just aren’t going to make you hate them … you will end up with a LOT of “like” ratings for forgettable beers and thus the recommendations will be skewed towards these sort of brews to the sheer volume of them.

  3. JOe, what I’d like to change about, or add to, Pintley (and maybe this is possible and I just don’t know it) is the ability to make notes on “friend’s” ratings/notes.

  4. ditto, I agree. I do think that has been the most important question of the day. I must know before I agree to go to a steampunk universe.

  5. CL: Soma Fm: Christmas Lounge

    Nice, seasonal, background tune-age.
    It’s a little like being in a Target commercial – minus the dancing, cool, trendy people (unless that is in fact who you are).

  6. This just in…

    Aliens dispute the science behind the declarations that aliens are in Lo Pan. “This is a clear case of shoddy probing and reporting.” Non-alien scientist have no probing comments at this time.

  7. The brass balls seem appropriate for the current weather.

    I don’t consider Pullman’s Trilogy steampunk, since parts of the book are set in the modern day.

    A pneumatic drill ?

  8. You couldn’t really hear Shelley and me but yes, I’d had 3 dirty martinis and she’d had two duck farts which are more delicious than I would have imagined.

  9. This just in…

    Scientists have come out swinging in the rejection of their alien claims. “I mean, his blood was black! How human is that?” Was one statement from the head scientist of the Are Aliens Here? Research Project.

    Meanwhile an anonymous source claims the sample was taken during a bender by the research staff. It is unclear if the sample was from a bottle of Imperial Stout or from the aforementioned Lo Pan.

  10. This just in…

    Another party has entered the PanAlienGate imbroglio. The Society for Take Us! is claiming that Lo Pan cannot have been assimilated by aliens.

    “Since, 1991, our Treaty for Preferrential Alien Probing has guaranteed us the right to be taken first. Lo Pan is not one of our past or present members. Besides, how can a scientist have taken a blood sample from a fictional, non-corporeal entity?”, continued Sven Swagbloen the head of the Society. When asked how Lo could “get it on with the green-eyed ladies” as Lo Pan commonly claims to do, Swagbloen had no response.

    The FBI continues to ignore our request for comments.

  11. “duck”

    If anyone is traveling for the holidays and wants to stay at an Omni hotel (they are super nice), holler at me. I have a great coupon.

  12. The earbuds that Apple sell always fail the same way.

    The volume output on one bud gets lower and lower then it fails completely.

    This has happened with three sets so far.


  13. ditto, I like Transformers for what they are. robot and explosion porn. they keep me entertained so I’m looking forward to getting it on DVD when it is on a good sale

  14. Transformers 2 killed the franchise for me, it induced an almost jawbreaking yawn as I watched it.

    A friends son, still find it hard to believe how crap I thought the Transformers movies were.

  15. “boo . . . HARD”

    Radiohead is not a band I would love on my own, but rather one of those bands I love because someone I dig loves them. You know the kind, don’t ya?

  16. I seen your sister naked
    Nothing I tried to see
    Caught your sister by the pool there
    Nothing I tried to see
    Well I hope it’s not huntin’ day
    I hope it’s not your daddy’s shootin’ day
    Ribs and whiskey make my mind feel tight
    Whiskey makes my body feel hot
    If you won’t be my love
    I’m gonna find a new place to spend my night

  17. UH: they just launched Pintley a week or so ago. You might shoot them an email or something and let them know they should add those beers.

  18. A word of advice – In general, you don’t want to see how the old cartoons hold up. Michael Bay, et al have already fucked with your childhood. You don’t need to do it to yourselves.

  19. I am on my way to an annual Christmas open house/party that I have been going to for longer than I care to mention. It used to be a party … now more of an open house.
    Ahhhh, … when punk rockers get old.

  20. Ed: The old T-Formers, as well as the old Gi Joe cartoons, hold up exactly as I would expect. They were never great in the first place but growing up on them they hold a special place (then and now) in my heart. They do nothing but enhance my childhood to this day. Unlike Bayformers which chooses to forget our childhood existed altogether

  21. CD: AC Golden Winterfest

    Yes its a subsidiary of Coors. Yes they desperately try and hide that fact andits hi-larious. But its a small batch beer thats only available in CO this time of year – and its tastier than you may think. Ill forgive them…this time.

  22. Ed! You should watch Voltron now. Transformers is The Empire Strikes Back compared to it. But its still special.

    Gonna grab GoLion from Netflix. Hoping its better in its uncut form than Voltron.

  23. EssBee: sorry to hear about your brother, if I was in town I’d take you out for a beer.

    RE: original transformers I actually watched the first few original episodes earlier this year, and it was about what I expected. Except I found all the old special effect sounds hilarious.

  24. ditto – Did you happen to check out The Sword by the Luna Brothers? I ran out of money about 6 issues in, but I was really enjoying it up to that point.

    And I think Gaiman is the bee’s knees, but I didn’t care for 1602. On the other hand, I really dug the short run of Eternals that he did a few years back.

    (That was Gaiman, wasn’t it? Stupid memory.)

  25. Saw a great quote in a webinar today:

    If you look out into the long-term future and what you see looks like science fiction, it might be wrong. But if it doesn’t look like science fiction, it’s definitely wrong. –Christine Peterson, Foresight Nanotech Institute

  26. Even back then, it always bothered me that my beloved GI Joe figures were animated with laser guns. Isn’t Stalker holding an AK-47? Why is it shooting laser beams? And why can’t anyone hit anything?

    On the topic of nostalgia, I spotted a reissue of Groo the Wanderer #1 on the shelf today for $1.

    Wait, and why didn’t I buy it?

  27. So my manager is on vacation today. In some ways I like that
    I can listen to any podcast or music loud
    But on the other hand I’m way busier because I have to do everything.

  28. Thanks, Jack.

    I’ve got today off from work and am playing housewife until 11:30, then playing trophy wife (LOL) at Sly B’s office party at noon. Then we’re going to make tamales and empanadas and other things that will make my arse bigger at her mom/grandma’s for the weekend.

    Drunk smurfs are the worst!

  29. Just watched that office. I think I heard the greatest quote EVAR from Dwight:
    “I have no feeling in my fingers or peinus but it was worth it.”

  30. We used to play Morphine’s “Like Swimming” album at one of my Sam Goody stores, back in the 90s.
    At the time I found it intriguing and took home the promo CD.

    Now, every time, I give it a re-listen, I’m blown away. Holy crap, I love every song on this album.

    I should record an Earbuds segment.

  31. Hey Phx deadpanians, I’m landing in a few hours. Tonight we shall be drinking at cherry bar, and tomorrow playing your Phx gay team the storm in a spirited match of rugby. 1pm at Monterey park. Djutopia at gmail.com to make contact!! Hope to see you’s out there!

  32. Who’s the Top Dogg of them all?
    There was a rubble dubble, five minutes it lasted.
    The mirror said, You are, you conceited bastard”

    Glad you made it through the bad weather, Van. Was the movie tolerably cheesy?

  33. jMangan – Dido is Rollo’s sister. Dido co-wrote & provided vocals for some (I think?) early Faithless tracks, but I don’t think she was ever technically considered a part of that trio.

    And you make the #1 first person I’ve known to also know of Faithless.

    I lose hipster cred, hooray! =D

  34. Ah, Saturday.

    As is often the case, we miss a lot of movies a the theater and catch them later. Last night, the kids were out and we watched “Inception”

    Enjoyed it overall, though the whole “dream sharing” business seemed a bit vague. Though, it was probably for the best that it didn’t try to explore the technical side too much.

    I do think it bordered on getting too complicated for its own good.

    Any Deadpan opinions on this one?

  35. Morning, DP! It’s Saturday and I’m at the Sly B family spa. Just had coffee . . .

    Tamale time.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

    Ed, I liked Inception. Sly B is more on your side of things.

  36. *Sings*
    everybody’s working on the weekend

    wait thats not right
    Poor bunny.
    I’ll have to do some work later to.
    run to the store, fix a wireless network I setup yesterday for some extra Christmas money. strange how the laptop decided not to get on to the internet but it can get to the router

  37. Ed – “Inception” has made my “Top 10 all time films” list. Easily was in the top 5.
    Good performances and effects.
    It was one of the few films I’ve seen where I didn’t see EVERYTHING coming before it happened and some things that I thought would happen, didn’t. As for “complicated”, yeh it was … but I liked the mental challenge. It’s a film I feel like I could watch multiple times and still be discovering new stuff in it.

  38. Faithless – I only own Reverence. And thats indeed where I first heard of Dido. She did a few tracks on the album.

    Boom Snap there goes me baseball cap.

  39. justa J0e, Spotted Cow is my favorite beer. on tap anyway. Not as good in the bottle but if you let it sit in the glass long enough it gets close.
    I didn’t know they got were aloud to ship out of Wisconsin.

    CW:Star Trek TNG – 1×12 – The Big Goodbye

  40. Why the hell did Data have to read the text from the story he was interested in. To get any data back to the ships computer did he have type or recite it. seams kind of slow

  41. I think I have seen this episode before and if at only 15 minutes in what I think will happen is what happens why doesn’t the other Data have a mustache?

  42. shoved some snow in hopes the dog would go out to go potty. That was the heaviest inch of snow/”cold wet stuff” I ever shoved. and he didn’t go. oh well guess there will be a mess to clean up

  43. Hello, Pan.

    Have been super-busy lately with exams. Will have no respite from that until the end of next week.

    Just stopping by to say that Ed’s and Bunny’s Christmas cards both arrived at my house today. Thank you! :happy: Mine will probably arrive during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, at this rate. (I haven’t even gotten around to writing my letter yet. :blush: )

    Good night, mush.

  44. So I finally got to bed about 2am and holy crap.. I’ve already been at work for over an hour and it’s 7:20am right now.

    I suspect it will be a long day…

  45. Also… how does Hotel California reasonably come up on the “ABBA” station I created on Pandora…???

    I mean… not that I don’t love both… I do… but… I consider them not similarish….

  46. :FTB: says this is a duplicate comment. I know that :FTB: , it’s part of the joke!

    I wish I lived in Arizona so I could work for Godaddy

  47. UH! Nice! Thanks 🙂

    I did not win any of the big prizes, sadly, but I got to see ZZ Top LIVE from the top of the Ferris Wheel –

    I will note that I had never seen ZZ Top LIVE before nor had I ever been on a Ferris Wheel before.

    Bucket List – CHECKED! :biggrin:

  48. So does anyone here have an opinion on whether “Arkham Horror” or “Munchkin” would be appropriate for young but very creative children?

    I haven’t given up the hope of corrupting young family members … it just turns out I am too busy (lazy) to become a DM and create a D&D world for them. So I was in this toy shop that had gamer stuff and the (maybe 30 year old) gamer geek there told me that “Arkham horror” would be a good game to start them with. While I have heard the Mighty Mur talk about how fun the game is … I’m not sure if it would be inappropriate for 9 – 10 year olds.
    The gamer geek said it was fine for them but then again … I question whether this guy has ever been on a date much less whether he had kids.

    *end babble*

    So, “Arkham Horror”- “Munchkin” are they kid appropriate or is there something better?

  49. jj: Not really sure. It’s been quite a while since I played Munchkin. I can’t recall it being shocking.

    Reaper: That really sucks.

    Very cold here today. It was in the single digits with a pretty nasty wind. Not really sure what the wind chill is.

  50. That’s what I was thinking of Cj.

    CW: Eureka Xmas episode

    I can’t help feeling that genre shows should ban xmas episodes..with the exception of Dr Who..

  51. jJ – We’ve been playing Munchkin Cthulhu with our son since he was 9. I don’t think there is any real problem, especially if you stick to the basic Munchkin game. On the other hand, if the intended recipient is parented by hardcore conservative parents, they may consider it some sort of devil-worship. That’s how my folks would’ve viewed it when I was 9.

  52. I always thought that Hardknox was trip-hop, but Wikipedia says that Faithless and Massive Attack are examples of trip-hop. Hardknox sounds nothing like them. Very dirty sound comparatively.

  53. Thanks Nomad.
    The only negative thing the guy at the store said about “Munchkin” was that kids might have a hard time with other players “turning” on them. I got the impression that attacking your fellow players might be part of the game.
    Not too worried about the “devil worshiping” thing.
    Those wacky ultra conservatives, just a laugh a minute aren’t they.

  54. I’ve wondered the same thing about those games. I think we’ll wait a few years for Munchkin. I would have considered buying Talisman and reliving some memories, but I seem to recall that it gets old fast – and it’s 50 bucks.

    Anyway. Goodnight :toad:.

  55. justaJoe – I’m not sure if Munchkin can be enjoyably played without backstabbing your fellow players. It sort of takes all the bad RPG ideas of the min-max’ing treasure hoarding me-me-me munchkin and turns them into a fun and wacky card game. There is an element of working together to negotiate advantages, so it may be possible to play it as a team game…

    We usually take it easy on the little buggers, until they start getting annoyingly cocky. =)

    If -you- are physically fit and can take with being a silly fool, then try to check out a board game called Kragmortha ( http://mayfairgames.com/game.php?id=176 ) . It is discontinued now, so I don’t know what sort of availability it has.

    Clever & sneaky goblins! Think you can escape the wrath of Rigor Mortis while you slink about his lab, hoping to filch a dusty tome of arcane lore? Beware the withering looks of the Dark Overlord and the terrible punishments of his dreadful spells!

    Standing on one foot, holding a card on your head, or talking with your mouth closed are only a few of the dire punishments that await you if you earn the wrath of an angry Dark Overlord. Have you the luck to push one of your fellow goblins into his path, maybe he’ll punish them instead!

    There is no way to measure how smart a goblin is. Do you believe them? Are you brave enough to find out? If you are, sneak into the private library of Rigor Mortis and see if you can claim a magic tome for your own. Beware! The Dark Overlord stalks the shelves seeking his own dark treatises. Can you avoid his withering gaze and escape his terrible spells? Maybe you should use that teleporter over there. Of course, that won’t always work…

    Kragmortha is a frighteningly hilarious boardgame for 2 to 8 players.

  56. At the risk of stating something obvious to anyone that takes gaming seriously, my die-hard gaming friends (that include an author for Steve Jackson Games) insist that Settlers of Catan is a great game for all age levels of the family to enjoy. Some day I will get around to buying it (I’m just not that in to gaming).

  57. Not a big fan of Eureka, I find the acting quite wooden. But I did quite enjoy the Christmas special.

    Speaking of Christmas, I received my SS gift in the mail, so cheers to you Secret Santa, you rock! The gifts were wrapped, so they are currently sitting beneath our tree. 🙂

    Also, as chaotic as my week was, I stll managed to send my SS gift out this morning. So one lucky Deadpanite won’t get Scrouged this year.

  58. morning pan, Re Eureka, i tend toward things that don’t take themselves to seriously so i still like it just not as much.
    hope you all have a good monday and tuesday I’m on vacation for both

  59. I love Eureka but the new stupid DVR didn’t know it had started so I missed it. Looks like I’ll be plugging my laptop into the TV during the next 3 days.

  60. oh I may have just given a hint as to who I didn’t send a gift too.

    Maybe it’s a red herring..

    Maybe I did wrap something and go to the post office.


  61. I do find two or three actors on Eureka wooden Lo. I do like Fergenson, his daughter and Fargo. And I’m looking forward to the Wil Wheaton-Felicia Day episodes. Salli Richardson I can’t read and I’m also uninspired by Joe Morton, which is surprizing given I’ve enjoyed many of his other roles he has played.

  62. Huh… thats funny cause I have no problem with any of the acting. Actually the one I had the biggest prob with was James Callis when he was on and I lobe me some James Callis.

  63. EssBee, I have a question. I’ve started reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I know you’ve read it. Did you find the commercial breaks in the book jarring? I find it takes me out of the moment whenever the author starts to shill something.

  64. Bunny, I didn’t notice any “commercial breaks.” Sly B and her mom both said that it took them quite a while to get into the first book, but once they did they were HOOKED.

  65. NO SPOILERS: In one part of the book someone wants a new laptop. Instead of just saying she wanted a top of the line laptop at such and such a price, the author gave the brand name, CPU, internal memory, graphics card, HD size and size of the monitor (dating the book BTW as top of the line HD was 60 gig)

    In another part, someone is using a program to write notes on the computer. Not only did the author name the program, he listed many of its features and the website where it could be found.

    There was also an ad for an i-pod.

    I’m about 1/3 through the book. I am enjoying but, as I said, the occasional shilling tends to pull me out

  66. “WOO HOO Eureka CJ viewing PAR_TAY!!!!!!”

    With alternate punctuation options…

    Woo Hoo! Eureka, Cj! Viewing PAR_TAY!!!!

    Woo Hoo, Eureka! Cj viewing PAR_TAY!!!!

    Woo Hoo! Eureka! Cj! Viewing PAR_TAY!!!!

    FYI – there will be no viewing of Cj at my party.

    well.. unless… dirty martinis are involved…

  67. The DVR writeup: Cindel Chartrand stars in this bloody fun horror flick about a bus load of female athletes who are stranded on their way to a bikini car wash fund raiser and decide to set up shop in front of a gas station, where they are stalked by a homicidal mechanic.

  68. To whomever that sent me my DPSS gift, thank you. I’m saving it for Christmas since I probably won’t have any other presents this year. It’s been that kind of year.

  69. I absolutely loved Inception, too. :happy:

    Incidentally, I need to pick the Deadpan’s collective brain about music again. Can you think of a song that could relate well to the stories of any of the characters in the movie, especially the protagonist and his relationship with his wife (any stage thereof)? The InceptionLand challenge community over at LiveJournal is challenging us to create a mixtape for the movie, and I can only think of three songs out of the eight required to submit a mixtape. (They’re “Lay Down” by Beatnik Turtle, “In My Dreams” by a local band called Kanan Road, and “Old Souls” from the “Phantom of the Paradise” soundtrack.)

  70. I feel like I watched the movie as it happened and yet didn’t have to experience any of the horror of it because I was protected by my Bunny the entire time.


  71. Amy, off the top of my head:

    Silent Lucidity – Queensryche
    Close My Eyes Forever – Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne
    Coil – Opeth
    I Build This Garden for Us – Lenny Kravitz
    Stay – Shakespeare’s Sister (ok that’s a stretch)
    In My Dreams – Dokken (shudder)
    Only in My Dreams – Debbie Gibson (shudder)
    Dream Weaver – Gary Wright

  72. Jack put up some great ones, so that means I’m free to suggest a Nevermore song.


    Go look it up on Youtube, you’ll be happy your did. 🙂

  73. “What has been put asunder
    shall again be whole”

    In this neon black gloom I still see her face
    She comes to me bringing darkest hour, I am forlorn
    The pain is reborn

    You are forever in my heart you never died
    You are forever I still wonder where you are

    I know you’re dreaming, I know you’re at peace
    I’ll meet you in the dreamtime
    Whenever you call me I’ll go under, I’ll swim through you

    You are forever in my heart you never died
    You are forever I still wonder where you are
    I know you’re dreaming neon black

    “As the curtain calls, and the cast recedes,
    I am all that ever was and all that ever will be.
    In wither and repose this frayed chapter
    now does close, and fade into neon black”

  74. Agreed, for those of us not in the Arizona belt the return address labels and/or postage markings will be dead giveaways.

    Once the DPSS is over (or at least the guilty parties are revealed) I have a humorous story behind mine.

  75. Amy,

    So glad to hear that someone else out there has seen (and hopefully enjoyed) Phantom of the Paradise. I think that would make a good palooza at some point.

  76. Van: I can send you the file if the Wolf has lost it for some reason.

    Ed: I liked Inception, but I still think the last shot was weak. In my opinion there are more interesting ways to imply the same thing cinematicly.

  77. The worst part of the $8 for Hulu Plus is that they don’t have any of the current TV I want to watch. I’m still working my way through Angel, and I can now watch that through Hulu+ or Netflix (or on DVD), but I can’t watch Fringe or SGU on either.

    Piff, I say.

  78. Morning Pan, bloodtests this morning, thankfully the queue is small.

    Yes folks, I’ve reached the age for an annual checkup, I can hear the guy with the boney hands having a good laugh…

  79. I also finally finished the latest Wheel of Time book over the weekend.

    It’s almost surreal to me to see many long running plot lines finally get resolved. With this book, I finally believe the end is coming.

    While I’ve been looking toward the end of this universe for a while, now that I know it will soon be upon us, I find myself conflicted.

  80. So far I’ve listened to the new Tron Legacy soundtrack about three times. It’s pretty good. I don’t think it is quite as iconic as Wendy Carlos’ effort, but Daft Punk does a good job of updating the theme. I wish it took a few more chances musically, but pretty good overall.

  81. CP: Wander Radio Holiday Mixtape

    Wolf, you’re ruining my rep at work. People who come in my office assume I’m not a scrooge. Thanks! I like to keep em guessing.

  82. I was thinking “Pac Man” there. LOL

    Is “wokka wokka wokka” as much as a mood killer as announing your presence in the bedroom saying “IT’S FOZZY BEAR!!”

    …wokka wokka wokka

  83. Oh that’s nothing. The CNN article earlier in the week about the guy who had to harvest… well, you don’t need know, but after that this doesn’t seem so bad.

  84. I’ve heard about something like that, Rhett, but for another purpose. It was on a recent (I think) This American Life. Apparently hookworms have been proven to help/cure autoimmune diseases, and this guy went in search of them.

    It’s yukky, but also interesting and tempting if you have chronic pain. Still, ew, ew, ew!!

  85. So I went over to my neighbor’s house last night to brew a nice batch of Bock …(say THAT 5 times real fast) and he had an assortment of beers he had smuggled back FROM WISCONSON!
    What’s the deal with all these people I know, suddenly having WI brewed craft beers?

    Last nights tasty session included –

    Stevens Point Brewery – St. Benedict’s Winter Ale

    Cross Plains Beer Company – Esser’s Best German Style Lager

    New Glarus – Coffee Stout

    The Lager left me un-impressed, the Coffee Stout was nice but the Winter Ale was BRILLIANT!

    This has been your Wisconson beer report for tonight.

    (BTW – after those beers I had one of my home made Barley wines and then we split a home made “La Fin Du Pistoles” … this morning was a bit of a slow one.)

  86. Under who cares: I got a new purse today. My old one wasn’t quite big enough to fit my e-reader in to. This new purse has 8 pockets/sections. I just don’t know what to do with them all :blink:

  87. Totally cool, Ed. I am really enjoying it. I think the resolution of all the strands is really satisfying!

    Hopefully next week I’ll be able to finish, and then we’ll chat.

  88. The mixtape I needed song ideas for has been completed. (Over at LiveJournal, they’re commonly called “fanmixes.”) Thank you so much to everyone who gave me ideas!

    Link to the fanmix

    Link to the playlist on YouTube (“Lay Down” is missing because it’s not on YouTube; “Paris” is on the YT playlist because I like it and think it’s romantic-sounding, but left it off the fanmix because the lyrics (the two lines that are in French, anyway) were totally wrong for that point in the story I was retelling.)

  89. Indeed, there is much in common. Though, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to bring myself to forgive her for hooking me on that Acacia series. 🙂

    When is that third book coming out, dammit!

  90. Alright, those that have taken the “100 books challenge” on Facebook – is it legit, or some kind of spam deal? With all the “You won’t believe this….” things that you have to like to see some video or another, I tend to be skeptical about liking things I don’t already know on Facebook.

  91. I correspond with him some, Ed. I know he’s writing it . . and he “promises” to stop at three!

    I did the 100 book thing as a note on FB – I’ll tag you, Ed. Tagged NS this morning.

  92. I’m glad you enjoyed the “Fozzy” jokes EssBee. 🙂 And wow Amy, that’s quite the play list. Nice layout on your blog. I plan on listening to all the songs in order sometime soon, maybe even tonight.

  93. Yesterday I baked oatmeal cookies. Today I’m leaning toward Kahlua Chocolate Chip Cookies and maybe some standard sugar cookies or shortbread.

    I gotta run to the store first though. Need more ingredients for everything.

  94. Rhettro: Sly B and I had fun last night talking about why Jack, you, and Lo Pan were the only ones in on the conversation about . . . you know . . .


  95. Crap joke below, you’ve been warned:

    The correct insurance companies of sex……..

    Sex with your wife – Legal & General.

    Sex with your future wife – Mutual Trust.

    Sex with your secretary – Employers Liability.

    Sex with a prostitute – Commercial Union.

    Sex on the telephone – Direct Line.

    Sex with your biographer – Quote me happy.

    Sex in a hurry – Insure & Go.

    Sex with your husband – Standard Life.

    Sex with a transvestite – Confused.com

    Sex with someone different – GoCompare.com.

  96. Because we all had experience with Muppets? LOL

    Van: I’m going to not take your advice an click the link over lunch.

    Amy: I sent the link to your blog about the Inception playlist to my wife, this is what she emailed back to me:
    “I was able to go look at her Livejournal, that’s just hilarious! That song fits perfectly with what she was doing no wonder she picked it!
    Best song on the entire list! My God when I read the words I really wanted to listen to the music…but no luck there, that was blocked!
    #$%$^%^& Guess I have to wait until I get home. 🙁 ”

    I thought that was pretty funny.