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Jack Mangans Deadpan #187: Form Deadpan

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906 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #187: Form Deadpan

  1. JohnBoze you might want to add that you are in fact talking about snow. someone with a twisted mind might take that the wrong way. I know we don’t have many of those people around here but just in case…

  2. EssBee, Well I hope so with the inches and soreness talk.

    also SGU, why did they bother with that ep

    Bunny, dressing and stripping all in the same comment. busy morning

  3. last month was a bad one for me pertaining to comments. Very busy at work and the holiday season starts in November so I’m busy at home to.

    “12? of fun”
    “try harder”

  4. I still watch SGU in a masochistic way. That might’ve been the last episode for me, though . . . Celebrity Rehab is on again, so I’ll shift my attention to that!

  5. I noticed on one of the TWD articles I read … they tried to justify it by saying that using freelance writers instead of staff writers is what “Dr. Who” now does.

    Which could explain a lot about this last season of Dr. Who and also does NOT bode well for TWD.

  6. EssBee I’m with you and the masochistic SGU viewing. But I am also one of those people who has to start something he finishes. and since I watch every other SG I have to watch this one.

    Bulging zeros? like the plane?

  7. Good morning deadpan.

    Good cooking: Turning on the element underneath the skillet you’re using.

    Bad cooking: Leaving a plastic cutting board on the element you turned on by accident..

    I need more coffee, or stronger coffee.

  8. Lo Pan. I in no way truly meant to make you feel bad by commenting on the lack of comments. I too am just as guilty at not posting as all others. Please to accept my most humblest of apologies. I reach out my hand for you to slap. I will never, never, ever do it again… until next time :angel:

  9. Lo: Yeah. I just don’t need more stuff to go wrong right now. But, I’ll keep my head down and plug away.

    The fastest way out is through. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Ahh I just realized it’s been ages since I swooned on the Deadpan msg board.

    So my first swoon in months and it went to Long Pan.

    I hope he feels as special as I do about that.

  11. K, so the part where Jack was talking about the Zero nipple turning into a One.

    Well, I had to take a break… I’m just sayin’

    12 minutes.

    I didn’t cough at ALL

  12. OK, so, here’s what I’m gonna do right now.

    I’m going to make a fresh cup of coffee.

    Fill the bathtub with hot bubbly water.

    Take some Advil.

    Remove pajamas and get into tub.

    With my fresh cup of coffee.

  13. CP: Alcohol — Barenaked Ladies

    Forget the cafe latte, screw the raspberry iced tea
    A Malibu and Coke for you, a G&T for me
    Alcohol, your songs resolve like my life never will
    When someone else is picking up the bill

    I love you more than I did the week before I discovered alcohol

  14. Rhett: I’m still waiting for the Walking Dead to explain something instead of just following people around dealing with the situation ๐Ÿ™‚

    0110 1100 1010 1101

    There are 10 types people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don’t.

    Spanking? O’Rly?

  15. EssBee: I’m hoping they recorded it and will re-post it, it seems like they have done that for past question and answers sessions. “I’m promiscuous in what I drink” He used a similar line in the last Brewmasters episode, the one about brewing with the tamarillo(sp?).

  16. Bunny, today is Thursday, I think.. which is my Sunday because I go to work tomorrow.

    But Saturday I’m only working 1/2 day because I’m taking the kids to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live for Sarah’s birthday.

  17. I don’t think it’s as much ego, as in he thinks so highly of himself, as much as just a carefree attitude. And also an approach to life of grabbing the day by the neck and making it fun. I actually worked with a guy that had a similar personality. Maybe a little bit of ego…

    The show definitely shows the fun part of brewing, lot of hard work goes in behind the scenes though. Go to a local brewery and see what it’s like to empty a mash tun. Or try homebrewing ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Ralph: totally. I like my guys (and girls) with some self-confidence anyway. Sam’s a funny quirky guy, it seems!

    I really do envy at times people who’ve made a career out of a hobby, and would love to be self-employed.

  19. EssBee, I agree with you. living off what you love to do and being the boss. that would be a dream come true. I’m at least lucky enough to be doing 2 things I love doing fixing computers and helping people.

  20. WaHooo!

    JO (Just Ordered) – “Bock Extract” kit and a “Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter” kit.

    An upside to colder weather is that it’s time for the cold fermentation beers!

  21. description of said painful Porter –
    “The diabolically luxurious companion beer to T-Can and Bearcat’s Wheaten Beatdown is a robust porter that conceals a barbed wire-wrapped fist under soft and sexy velvet. Its chocolate malted milkshake flavors, ultra-dense mouthfeel, silky texture, and even its moonless-night-sky color are the result of lots and lots of wheat, malted and flaked and roasted. So you’re thinking: “hey, this is really, really easy to drink!” But sneaking up from behind while you’re distracted is the 6.3% abv and a citrus-kissed blackjack of hop bitterness: this is the Bond villainess of porters. “

  22. Just got a strange call. The person who has been here for 15 years was asking what the number was for a conference room that has been gone for 5 or more years. I have only been here for 9 months how should I know? but at least I know that room is gone.

  23. So you’ll have to tell us how the leading lady “Renee Bowen” does. Follwed the link you posted and I noticed that this was her first “acting” gig. For the last 10 years or so, all her credits are listed as “stunts” or “Stunt double”

    Be interesting to know if this is “Talented actress finally makes her way to the starring roll” … or “The budget was so low that they needed an actress who could do her own stunts”.

  24. However, before she was eaten she gave a heart warming speech on how in the name of science, nobody should kill these previously thought to be extinct goblin sharks. It brought a tear to my eye – not

  25. OMG! The movie ends with one of the girls basically asking for a threesome with two guys who were lusting after her.

    I guess the twist ending is the guys said no she has to choose one or the other. *rolls eyes*. Like that’s realistic

  26. Star Blazers = Yamato, who knew? Most of you guys, apparently.

    I have vague memories of Star Blazers as a kid. It would seem rife for a 21st century reboot. I’ll check ditto’s link later.

  27. Just got an envelope from AZ. I was confused at first, but it occurred to me that I’d won a $25 Fry’s gift card after I opened it DOH!

    I think I need to go spending WOO WOO!

  28. Ed: Nice Disney Pictures. And you definitely picked the right time to come down here. We had a few days of rain early this week and then the temperature dropped like a stone. 41 this morning with a high in the low 60s. You were much better off in the 80 degree days.

  29. DJ: The guy turning down the M-M-F threesome actually doesn’t surprise me that much. If he had turned down a M-F-F threesome I would have suggested firing the writer.

  30. I had dismissed SGU pretty early, but my wife kept up with it. Invariably, I’d end up sitting down to watch it with her until I started warming up to it.

    But, I have to agree that, unless there’s some payoff planned later, this week’s episode seems totally pointless and a real downer overall. There seemed to be nothing of any redeeming value expressed. Bah!

  31. I remember seeing the Barbie Nanny cam there from that list when I was in the store and thinking – “ewww… she’s like deformed neck Barbie” or Tracheotomy Barbie is more like it.

  32. Good morning, DP!

    I’m on hold with Epic about a newly purchased elliptical. I bought it from Costco with “assembly and delivery included” and they did a shoddy job of putting it together. These kinds of things make me LIVID. I’ve tried for 3 weeks to get Costco to send someone out and they’re just non-responsive.


  33. Yawn. Was up late last night drinking beer with Mike, Brian and Geoff Notkin of “Meteorite Men” and his lovely girlfriend Elizabeth. Life can be pretty surreal at times.

  34. *sigh*
    Gotta say that the “It’s a Myth” billboards cross the line into ‘douchbaggery”.
    Don’t believe and don’t want to play along? Fine … but do you have to attempt to shit on everyone else’s parade? Do you REALLY want to be THAT guy at the party?

    It makes me think that the “do today” list for the people behind that billboard would include –

    1) – Tell someone who is overweight that they are fat … in front of a lot of other people.
    2) – Tell a small child how stupid they are for not being able to do multiplication.
    3) – Find someone who is adopted and remind them that their REAL parents didn’t want them.
    4) – Find some people in wheel chairs and talk about how they will never run or walk again.
    5) – Twirl my Snidely Whiplash mustache.

  35. Joe: I agree. Unfortunately some of those people feel they have the “divine” right to do because the other side did it first.

    It’s like two kids arguing. He did it first!

  36. The billboards are nothing more than people creating controversy to create controversy. And agreed – they are wasting money.

    My beliefs are mine alone and are nobody’s business… and no billboard is ever going to change either of those to truths.

  37. hmm 10 am and I want a snack. out of pretzels though…
    I’ll have to check the couch for change…
    I’ll first have to find a couch around here…

  38. Geoff is a big fan of Slice. I’g pretty sure he’ll be coming back for a long time.

    I’ve never been a big fan of “The American Athiests” tactics, as they always seem to be sticking things into peoples faces. I’m not a big fan of the “If you don’t think like we do then you’re an idiot” school of thought. But as Lo mentioned, there are plenty on the otherside that breach the bounds of good tastes as well. Can’t we just be respectful of others viewpoints and have positive discussion?

  39. The “It’s Real” folks took the bait and I’ve never seen that work out well.

    For me, any time one side of a discussion results to douchbaggery, they lose all credibility (in my mind) as adults who might have a rational point.
    It also tends to unfairly paints everyone from their side of the argument with the same brush, whether it is trying to crush a child’s positive feelings about Christmas or picketing a funeral. You are not doing anything positive for your cause.

  40. “Canโ€™t we just be respectful of others viewpoints and have positive discussion?”
    I have found when debating with people if someone is on the fence about something but can’t admit that fact they get mean as though they are also trying to convince themselves. But people that are secure and comfortable with there position and debate all day with out getting mean. that is also more with face to face interaction.

  41. so i went with the Apple poptarts. i think it was a better choice than chips or cookies but don’t try to change my mind or I’ll have to resort to douchbaggery and character assassination

  42. I don’t want to over-generalize, but I’ve found that American Atheists, American Religion, American Politics… all tend toward extremes. It seems to be built into the system.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of extremists elsewhere, but here it seems to be a policy of BIG!

  43. in all honesty I normally like strawberry better but this apple one was really good. it was apple strudel. next in the vending machine was strawberry and i was a little disappointed at first.
    my kids like the smores one. I can’t stand them. I’m allergic to chocolate and hate marshmallow due to a summer camp game.

  44. The Tallest Man on Earth is fantastic, Jack. Think Dylan. I haven’t heard any of the others.

    I could probably WEAR fm pumps, but I could not stand nor walk in them. I guess that would make them fm-sitting pumps.

  45. Just don’t forget the wax.

    Heading back from viewing ‘Monsters’, well..um..it was better than Skyline.

    Jack, you can add me to the list of people to have a chat with for the show.

  46. One of the reasons why I hardly watch any genre television these days is that it has gotten to be pretty much the same thing over and over again. I’m a little bored with it. Instead, I watch a lot of anime because there are some great and different genre stories being told in that medium.

  47. JR: I meant that shows are so busy trying to copy the last successful show that they don’t really try and be original. I don’t want to watch the next Lost knock off, or a Heroes wannabe.

    As for cancellations, well, I agree that the networks aren’t giving shows enough of a chance. And, of course, there’s the issue of viewership. An audience of only geeks is not enough to support a show. Sad, but true. If a show can’t find a wider audience then it probably will get canceled. That is especially true since networks are playing funny ratings game with the viewership numbers. However, it is a business.

    By the same token, the producers know the score. There’s too much competition in the entertainment industry for them to be lazy about a show’s development. I don’t want to sit through a half dozen or more boring episodes before a show finally finds its legs. Burn Notice and Chuck were good from the start. It can be done.

    It’s like reading a novel. If you are bored to tears through the first quarter, why continue? It’s a waste of time, especially if the author can’t hook you by that point.

  48. Since we were talking earlier about religion & stuff, and since you guys are my bros, I thought I’d share a recent heartbreak.

    I’ve told you guys about my brother and the way he completely disappoints me as a person.

    Last night when we got home we had a parcel from AZ, and I just knew it was from his family. It was a thank you from his oldest daughter, my niece, for her birthday money last month. It wasn’t addressed to Auntie Ess and Auntie Sly, just to Ess and Sly. It was just a plain page with some scrapbook stamps on it (mostly religious in nature and kind of creepy) but also with some of her handwriting.

    I know it’s a small thing, and will say that I was proud as a peacock to see how wonderfully that little girl can write, etc., but still: heart a little bit more broken.

  49. EssBee: There’s always hope that she’s not so completely brainwashed that she’ll make up her own mind about things. Plus, she sent you guys a thank you. A real religious fundamentalist probably wouldn’t have done that.

    I don’t have a problem with religion. I have a problem with intolerance.

  50. EssBee, Ouch. Sorry your family has to treat you that way.
    They are family COME ON!
    I know I have said this before but I’m a pretty strong Christian and I would never treat a person that way. Thats not what being a Christian is supposed to be really about.

  51. On the optimistic side, Sly B and I have “tattoo fund” savings accounts for all of our nieces and nephews, so when this little girl decides her fundie parents are whack, she can come to our house and clean out her savings account.

  52. Van: I was just going to talk about her! I like the fact that more people are learning about her and acknowledging her technical genius. I first learned of her when I was trying to figure out the Blazing Saddles reference.

  53. Today’s embarrassing admission …
    About 2 hours ago I realized I had a rubber band around my wrist.
    I have absolutely no idea how it got there.

    I was digging around in some boxes of “stuff” early this morning … I’m going to tell myself that some how this rubber band found it’s way around my wrist then … but, how and how could I not know for half a day and and and and *blank stare*

  54. I’m actually really excited that I get to attend another Ignite Phoenix event tonight. It was an unexpected surprise – me getting to go.

    Check out this lineup of speakers and topics… holy guacamole, Deadpan!


  55. There are a few topics that I’m really interested in, Cj! Not saying which, though . . .

    Ralph, the iPhone bottle opener is hilarious.

  56. I’ve been on 2 of the most boring and pointless conference calls ever this afternoon. I’m not looking forward to more of the same tonight.

  57. I had two of those yesterday also, ditto. I believe that a MBA degree is in part a way to learn how to fake transparency while wasting as much time as possible.

  58. SAM ADAMS UTOPIAS!!!!!!!

    About to go to downtown Golden for caroling and merriment. ANd to try a delish small craft brewery there. (No. Not Blue Moon. Fuck off)

  59. I’m truly sorry I couldn’t comment on the religious discussion earlier, but the :pan: is a blocked site at work and I didn’t want to do this much typing on my phone.

    First and foremost, I completely agree that respect is the way to be. I am an atheist married to a Catholic and we have been happy together and respectful of each other and our respective opinions for nearly 18 years. Also, the atheist information that I’ve been listening to and reading tries to get people to be as descent and respectful as possible.

    However, I find that there is a bit of a double standard in these situations. I have seen countless obnoxious religious billboards over the years:
    Example 1: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_q8iQUQj9API/TCbEmropNtI/AAAAAAAAAD8/McsePgogRYk/s1600/6566308_70169157ef.jpg
    Yet, I have not seen much in the news about these billboards and I have certainly not heard anyone talking or complaining about them.

    I have also seen non-obnoxious atheist billboards:
    Example 2: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_9V7BzSJB4cw/SfYW_4XMyjI/AAAAAAAABpQ/h5cV6h8_tYY/s1600-h/billboard.jpg
    Usually attached to stories about how many people are up in arms about them and vandalizing them.

    I can’t tell you how many cars I pass on the road every day and in my neighbors driveways with bumper stickers expressing a religious (nearly always Christian) point of view. And often they are obnoxious and/or condescending. But I grantee if I put a bumper sticker with an atheist statement on my car it would be a matter of hours before someone vandalized my car and/or me.

    I do not condone the billboard or the tone of the atheist message that recently appeared in NYC. But I am a bit upset that people will make a big deal out of it and completely ignore what the opposite side is doing. I’m not accusing anyone here at the :pan: of that (everyone seems to have expressed distaste at the behavior of both sides here), but the media in general and (I believe) the general public have a tendency to “turn a blind eye” to religious nut-baggery while taking a “you shall not pass” stance when it comes to atheist nut-baggery.

  60. The talk of religious signage reminds of something from our trip. One afternoon, while the kids were playing in the pool at the hotel, there was a sky writer flying over the big lagoon between the Magic Kingdom and the resort hotels. He made a few lines like:



    Even being a Catholic, I must admit I had to roll my eyes. I can’t see this kind of approach, or billboards on the highway, winning much in the way of converts for any point of view.

  61. If you really want people to consider your cause, live like you are an ambassador of it, because everyone who encounters you and knows what you profess will judge your movement by your behavior.

    In short, don’t be an asshole, especially to family.

  62. UH: Whenever there is a minority opinion it seems like there is always a double standard.

    Personally I’ve always preferred a live and let live philosophy, unless someone wants to use their beliefs to legislate science, or unnecessary morality.

  63. CD: (more) merlot

    CE: spaghetti with beef and tomato sauce

    CR: The Brewmaster’s Table Yeah I know ironic, but still a nice night for me.

    ditto: now that sounds like a nice reward for a hard day.

  64. Ed said:
    “If you really want people to consider your cause, live like you are an ambassador of it, because everyone who encounters you and knows what you profess will judge your movement by your behavior.”


  65. “Whoever makes a poor beer shall be tossed onto the town dung heap” – ordinance in dung heap

    So where would the owners of the BMC triumvirate be tossed? I don’t think there is a heap big enough.

  66. Sometimes WoW totally pisses me off. In one dungeon, they tell me I suck as a healer and another I get congrats. Some people are never satisfied.

  67. Tonights beer fact –
    Oldest known recorded recipe is a recipe for beer. It was found inscribed in an Egyptian pyramid.

    The Egyptian quote about the “contented man” makes sense as they were known for providing their slaves with volumes of beer after a hard day of pyramid building.

    Not nearly as compassionate a gesture as it was effective. Being made from grains it was a cheep food stuff (like a loaf of bread in a bucket) and could quickly fill a belly. Then there is the whole “contented man” thing. A slave with a good buzz on does NOT organize an effective escape plan or uprising very well. Mostly they just get sleepy.

    Class dismissed.

  68. I promise I only have 5 fingers on my right hand.

    actually according to this book they got beer 3 times a day, and Ramses II’s breweris produced 30,000 barrels a day. ‘course your history may vary.

    I think the sumerians win the anciant beer award though with the goddess Ninkasi. A goddess dedicated to beer, now there’s a religion easy to market.

  69. “# Amy Bowen Says:
    December 3rd, 2010 at 7:16 pm e

    Ed said:
    โ€œIf you really want people to consider your cause, live like you are an ambassador of it, because everyone who encounters you and knows what you profess will judge your movement by your behavior.โ€


    And thirded. However, if Amy is our Deadpan Ambassador, then what does that say about her??

  70. I guess Amy must live a deadpan life.

    It’s the deadpan life for us
    It’s the deadpan life for us
    No one cares for you a smidge
    When your in an pananage
    It’s the deadpan life
    It’s the deadpan life
    It’s the deadpan life!

  71. One of the problems with replacing hydrogen with deuterium atoms in polyunsaturated acids is that if the percentage of deuterium in the body rises too high..you die.

  72. Jack: I know what you mean. The opening of that clip has a definite BSG feel, plus I see some influences from Star Trek. But, it isn’t surprising that the producers would borrow from some of the recent successes.

    I have to back up JR: Story-wise, Yamoto is nothing like BSG. It’s a horrible war of attrition, which I think BSG borrowed from Yamoto. I wonder, however, if that will be as apparent in the movie as it was in the original series. I can see some obvious changes, but I’m hoping they don’t weaken the core of the story.

  73. I believe you. I vaguely remember “Star Blazers” after school, and some of the older kids raving that “the story kept going episode after episode, like a soap opera”. I’d definitely be interested in checking out that film.

  74. Epic Fail

    I was in my kitchen a little while ago and heard a “strange” sound. Investigating, I found a large, spreading puddle of water in front of my refrigerator. The sound was now obvious as high pressured, spraying water.
    Now on my knees in the puddle, I traced the sound to the area where the water filter cartridge is located. On a whim I gave it a twist and removed it.

    The water stopped.

    I inspected the cartridge and nothing looked awry so, hoping it had just been knocked lose, I reinserted the cartridge and gave it a twist to re-lock it.

    The cartridge promptly BROKE IN HALF!!!

    I now had the equivalent of a 2″ water pipe spraying water into my kitchen. It’s like a scene from Das Boot as I stood facing into the raging torrent, trying to pull the refrigerator away from the wall so I could get to the cut off valve and keep the kitchen from sinking.


  75. EssBee…. clearly I have no semblance of time nor space…

    JJ: BAH!!!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain. It wasnt more than 3 weks ago my hot water heater flooded my basement. Rum and cokes DO help, dont they?
    Appliances. Cant live with em, cant beat em with a bat.

  76. I had a bit of fail in my day too. I was sorting the wood in the wood box because some of the wood is ready to burn this year and some needs another year to dry. the wood box is large enough to stack wood 3 rows deep. stupid me stacked the outside row and just tossed the rest behind the first row because I had room but the ready and not ready wood was all mixed. so after restacking and sorting the front row I started pulling apart the jumbled mess and in the process a rather large chunk of wood fell out and onto my foot. my feet where cold so I didn’t even notice that is should have hurt till I was finished, cleaned up, and in Target. now my foot has swelled up pretty good by the big toe. not nearly as bad and spraying water but still no fun.

  77. CW: Star Trek TNG Encounter at Farpoint
    I’m finely going to watch them

    CD: Some blush or rose wine from a local winery. not my favorite but pretty good. think i will go back to Beer after this glass though.

  78. FYI, the Mayans were wrong. The world has already ended. Today at the store they had a typical display of various gift cards.

    One of them was for Zynga games.

    I’m not sure my God is big enough to save us from this one.

  79. Ed, I noticed. I started watching somewhere in the middle of the 3rd or 4th season when they where new and I loved it. No matter how bad any of them are I’ll keep watching.
    I watched DS9 in what I like to call rapid fire 2-8 shows a day with very few days off. That was a great show too. I intend to at some point get and watch all the “modern” Star Treks on Blu-Ray so I can watch them in the best quality I can. I have downloads that are 172mb each. thats not much for a 43 minute show. When something is this entertaining (like StarGate SG1 and Atlantis) I think the makers deserve my money of I’m going to watch it again and again.

    EssBee, yes, Stupid and heavy

  80. I know I’m watching low res versions of this show but did Riker junk really stick out the way it seams too? I hope it is just the lighting playing tricks or the dust on the uniform in that seen

  81. wish long HDMI cable weren’t so expensive. I have a 32″ TV behind me about 15′ from the PC with an HDMI out. it is to much of a pain to move the PC to reach the 6″ cable i have

  82. So, I wanna take a moment to kinda gloat, be proud of myself?

    I went to the Ignite Phoenix After Hours on a last minute +1 from one of the presenters. I wasn’t planning to go and I certainly wasn’t planning to take the stage.

    I was, however, chosen for the Slideshow Karaoke. This is where 3 people are each shown 6 slides that they’ve never seen before and they have to do a presentation based on them as they come up. Then the audience votes for their favorite – by applause.

    There’s something amazing in the ear-deafening applause you hear when the hand goes over your head.

    Yeah, I won… it was pretty adrenaline-rushing awesomeness right there.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ :blush:

  83. Awesome, Cj!

    Tampering? Who would do that?

    Nomad, I’m sure you did something! Just hadn’t seen ya for a bit. How’s the offspring?

    CW: Totally 80s — VH1 Classic

  84. Somebody at google has a sense of humour.

    Go to google maps
    Enter Japan as your start point
    China as your destination
    Goto point 43 on the directions list


  85. JJ: That sucks.

    Reaper: Wood piles are dangerous. Glad you weren’t more seriously hurt.

    Cj: Congrats!

    Jack: No tampering here.

    Van: I notice there are a lot of tolls on that trip. Maybe that’s why they suggested jet skiing?

  86. ditto, yes they are I’m glad it wasn’t a very big pile (5’hX5’wX3’d). I will remember next time to stack all the wood properly the first time. this really was my own fault.

  87. CD: Sierra Nevade Estate Homegrown Ale, a delicious hoopy beer. I’m so glad I was actually able to get a hold of some.

    Now do I go ahead and open the bomber of Avery’s Hogheaven in the fridge…

  88. Night Pan, I have Improve training as part of the lean six sigma project so have a good Monday I’ll be out all day.

    CP: Appalachian Snowfall – TSO

  89. Well, this is different. I ran out to pick up some food for my wife. The car in front of me at the drive through had a license plate frame that read:

    Alumi – University of Phoenix

    I’m still not sure I believe I saw it.

  90. CD: North Coast Brewing Old Stock Ale 2009; extremely delicious and malty old ale, like malty candy

    Jack: While appreciate a good cuppa tea, and Oolong is a style I prever, why are you drinking tea so close to midnight?

  91. Oolong’s caffeine content is pretty light, as far as I can tell, LR. And on this particular evening, I have some day job stuff I need to stay up and slog through, so I could really use a cuppa joe, as much as I’d regret it in the morning.
    Good times.

  92. Jack: funy I thought oolong had a decent amount of caffiene for a cup of tea, but then again I’ve never actually looked up the actual numbers.
    RE work: damn, that sucks. well as long as you’re enjoying what you’re enjoying at the moment.

    Now I think I need to go repent for the typos in my previous posts..

  93. Van: Wow, it’s been several years since I read the Stainless Steel Rat series. I can remember major characters, and some interesting plot points but not much else. I had alot of fun reading it.

  94. Apologies to my DPSS recipient, in order for your present to arrive before Xmas, I will probably have to get it sent straight from the seller.

  95. As if I haven’t posted it elsewhere enough…..

    ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG … I just realized tomorrow is Cataclysm! I’m freaking out right now with excitement!

  96. Morning pan, it has been snowing here for 2 hours but the good pretty snow that doesn’t accumulate much. after two hours three was only a little snow sitting on the bottom of my windshield. well off to training!

  97. I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, but I enjoyed the season quite a bit. I don’t know the comic at all, so I was just coming at it as a TV viewer. I thought the characters were interesting and the zombies were truly gross and scary.

  98. The snow is still here Essbee, been limited thawing, but more snow expected tonight.

    As for TWD, just watched the final episode at the coffee shop. I’ve enjoyed the series, but just wondering where they can go since it appears they want to ignore most of the plots in the comics.

  99. EssBee: I haven’t read the comic either. I remember when it first came out, but I didn’t grab it since I generally am not interested in zombie stories. I’ve heard there are quite a few differences, including the addition of the CDC storyline, but I’m ok with that. I agree with your thoughts, plus, I like the fact that it isn’t a horror/survival show.

  100. Van: I don’t know either. Adapting material is a tricky thing. I’ve found that slavish devotion to the material to avoid fan criticism often ruins it. The first Harry Potter movies were pretty flat, and even still, fans were upset that it left some things out. Then again, ignoring the source material just gives you something that is completely different but shares the same name.

    Right now, I’ll give TWD crew the benefit of the doubt since I’ve been fairly entertained with the first season. We’ll see if they can pull off a good 2nd.

  101. What Amy, ditto and Jack said.

    As far as trying to please fans, it’s impossible to please them all so it’s best not to worry about it and please your own vision instead. That said, I’ll never understand why Fantastic Four 2 thought that having Galactus as a bad storm instead of a giant planet eating dude in spandex was a good idea. Maybe the “storm” would seem less hokey, but come on, the FF are already pretty much the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

  102. I see merits in your POVs, really I do, but Bladerunner is still an unforgivable blot on the adaptation of novels to the screen in my view.

    CW: Latest Dexter

  103. Two people I was wondering about are:

    Dubshack – anyone heard from him?

    Trucker Cylon – anyone heard from him/remember his more recent handle?

  104. Van: I won’t disagree. Had I read the novel first, I might have felt the same way. That’s why I’m hoping they never do a Sandman movie.

  105. If you can speak for the Pixies, Van, Ill be needing a meet and greet with Kim Deal ca. 1992 asap. Thatd be great! And my pants are already tight.

  106. Random Who –

    FINALLY watching the latest Who series 5. (I know Im late to the party)

    So far, on the Lo Pan scale:

    “The Eleventh Hour” – 3 black bloods of the earth our of 5
    “The Beast Below” – 3.8 six demon bags out of 5
    “Victory of the Daleks” – 1.5 Lem Lees out of 5 (fuck this episode. hard)
    “Time of Angels”- 4.1 Pork Chop Expresses out of 5

    That is all.

  107. Agree on “Victory of the Daleks”. Boo. Zero nipples out of five.

    We’re watching Series 1 again. Love Rose.

    No comment on my pants upon meeting KD. ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Bristol is the teen-mom Dancing With the Stars one, I think. She’s trying to go toe-to-toe with Margaret Cho.

    I almost feel sorry for her.

  109. No but I thought it was Willow Palin that said the stupid “faggot” comments, not Bristol. Maybe Im wrong OH GOD WHY AM I THINKING SO HARD ABOUT THIS

  110. Van, not MS. Dr gave me some mess to tide me over while he’s away on holidays until the new year.

    I went back to my original doc and grumped. He sent me for a full lab work up. I was busy giving blood to the vampires this morning

    I think I would be a good case study on what’s wrong with our system *sigh*

  111. Yes, the younger one did that. I disregarded that, though, Lo, because she’s a kid and it was her private Facebook. Kids are off limits, even if they say horrible things.

    This young woman, though, is very public and being a total tool.

  112. Lo, she just told Margaret Cho that if she knew what conservative values were she’d embrace them like she would kd lang at an Indigo Girls concert.

    Pretty lame as far as lesbo-hating goes. She must try harder.

  113. What Rhett said earlier, which encompasses what Amy, ditto, and I said earlier.

    And what everyone has said to you, Bunny. While I wish you could get a definite answer and well-feeling gameplan, I’m also relieved that you don’t have to deal with the burden of MS.

  114. The neighbour across te street is getting new shingles put on his roof. I always feel sorry for peep who have to work outside in below freezing weather.

  115. I’m getting pretty excited about Game of Thrones. I hate to get my hopes up, because this is my favorite series of books next to Wheel of Time, but dang it looks pretty good.

    Sly B pointed out that the actress who played Sarah Conner is cast as Cersei Lannister. We both hope that Sarah Conner just wasn’t the right role for her and that is IS a good actress.

  116. This pretty much sums up my feelings about comics over the past few years:
    Flipping through the superhero Previews pages, even the books I enjoy (like Batgirl), I donโ€™t want to commit to or preorder, because I fear that every month is going to be the one where they change the creative team and tie it more closely into continuity, which are just the things I donโ€™t want. Thereโ€™s no space any more for odd little titles that have their own distinct audience. Itโ€™s a creeping sameness throughout the superhero lines, the idea that if you buy one you need to buy them all.

  117. I finding the latest TP to be a bit of a struggle.

    I almost wish he would hang up the proverbial pen and enjoy whatever life he has left.

  118. They’re all interchangeableand have crossover characters, ditto. I tend to read the Disc World books as they come out, no matter how they’re marketed

  119. TEB: I also agree. While I enjoyed Unseen Academicals, it was not as good as, say, Going Postal. I don’t know about your cover art, but for some bizarre reason, the cover art implied basketball which is completely wrong.

    I’m also catching up on some of the books in the series I haven’t read. I’ve followed some of the characters more closely than others.

  120. EssBee,

    I have a hard time judging someone based on appearance in pictures alone. I need a personality to draw me in. I’m much more of a mental person than a visual one – though, nice visuals definitely don’t hurt..

  121. Agreed, Cj! I wasn’t commenting on my own beauty, or lack thereof. I would add to what you said, + talent.

    Though I do think I look like the unholy offspring of one of the Deal sisters and Shannon Hoon.

  122. I have to say, the North American cover for Unseen Academicals is a bit naff, although not surprising since they is a long history of naff covers for TP books in North America.

  123. PhaseBook is what it is.

    I loves me some pie. We had 5 kinds to choose from Thanksgiving.

    There was Pumpkin, Pecan, Berry (never found out which berry), Coconut Cream, and Double Crusted Lemon…


  124. Of course, Thanksgiving dinner had its place in the taste hierarchy. There was turkey, of course, two kinds of stuffing (homemade and StoveTop®, garlic mashed potatoes, cheesey mashed potatoes, green beans, asparagus, stuffed mushrooms, Martinelli’s®, Moscato, chili (mexican style), and all of that was followed by the pies above.

    all in all, I’m sure we could have fed a small platoon