Jack Mangans Deadpan #182: Return of the Fett

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #182: Return of the Fett

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685 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #182: Return of the Fett

  1. I wake up feeling a bit like Jerry Lewis after seeing Justa Joe and Andrea sweep in and get us not only to the goal but well across it.

    Well done.

  2. You know Jack, what started out as something done once or twice a a boredom killer has now become a running gag, I think.

    You know what I mean 😉

  3. Bunny, Very true. Last night we shot right by the back door so the smokers coming back in nearly walked in to the shooting lane.
    I’m glad the smokers have to go outside now even though I don’t agree with the law.

  4. so what I got from you reaper,:

    “smokers coming back in nearly walked in to the shooting lane.
    I’m glad the smokers have to go outside now”

    This adds to the target practice?

  5. Bunny, it is too early for leaves to be pretty. at least for me. I want them to stay up there for another few weeks so I don’t have to rake them up.

  6. reaper, we have a double size back yard lined with trees. You’re right about the work but the blanket of red and orange can still be nice. Since the yard work, we have a lot fewer trees in the front but still enough to carpet.

  7. we have 2 fewer oak trees in our back yard (2 left) this year but the neighborers yard still has about 15 of them or so. Last year we had about a foot of leaves in the back yard and not many in the front because we only have 2 small trees in the front. I like seeing the leaves on the trees as they change but the oaks seam to hold on to the leaves till they are very brown so I don’t get much color from it. red and orange would look much better

  8. God, save us from your followers.

    We have a giant maple tree in our front yard that results in about 25 leaf bags full once all is said and done. It’s very pretty until the backache from cleaning up sets in.

  9. I guess I have a better outlook on it EssBee because I don’t have to do any of the cleaning this year. I can say, “look at the purdy leaves” and not add the but afterwards 😎

  10. Silliness my Boo told me:

    Q: What do you call it when an illithid snacks on your party?

    A: Food for thought

    (for those of you not into D & D this will make no sence)

  11. EssBee, The largest oak I have is about that large. I burn the leave so I at least don’t have to bag them. while raking them toward the burn pile I make a pile of leaves about 25ft around and 3ft deep. I try to mow and mulch as many of the leaves as I can but it is a major pain in the back

  12. The sun is nice and orange right now. I’m glad the morning paper told me there’s a big fire somewhere that’s causing this. Otherwise I might think I was having acid flashbacks.

  13. So Van, When do I get to see your face? :blush:

    We could record something for Jack (at your end, I don’t have recording capability yet)

  14. Do you need a phone number or Skype name, Van? I already have you on my Skype list.

    (give me a heads up first as I usually keep skype on my desktop when at my desk – like now)

  15. Now I’m going to have to find my country code *grumble* 😉

    I’ll send you an e-mail however, feel free to send me as well. I’d feel guilty if you were the only one on the hook for cross ocean long distance charges.

  16. Yeah, work is done for the day. Hubby is going to be late coming home so won’t see him for another 3.5 hours. Now… I’m not sure. I see reading in my immediate future.

  17. Actually, looking through my address book, it’s amazing how many Deadpanite phone (mostly cell) numbers I have. How’d that happen?

  18. Van, my phone is set to go to our wi-fi automatically first (then the phone server if not available) But maybe it’s different for an actual phone call

  19. ditto, you’ve already met me face to face. And I think you have my number too (I have yours) so get ye to an I-phone and we can do it (again).

  20. Hello Pan!

    In no particular order (or maybe a little):
    * Snowcrash – I was glad it ended. I consider it on the same level as Cryptonomicon. End quarter or so drags like a mother.
    * Acadia is fantastic.
    * Got engaged.
    * Had a birthday
    * Got an excellent CD from Mr. Gnome.
    * We’re considering getting an e-reader. Thus far, I’m leaning towards a Kindle
    * Against all rationality, I made sure my NaNoWriMo account is still there.

    I think that’s a good catch-up. I’m sure I forgot something, though.

  21. DJ Bunny: I’ve been absent from the nipples for quite a while. There was a quick mention on identi.ca and Twitter, as well as Lady J obvously changing her Facebook status. So I’m guessing there was nothing for you to miss. 😉

    Thanks, by the way!

  22. Very nice! I’ve got Airplane! running while working out.

    We are it the midst of Soylent Green (first time for her, second for me), and I bumped Funny Farm up in time for NaNoWriMo.

  23. I LOVE my Mac, but I will admit that I’m beefing it up with a new hard drive next week while off of work. I don’t even have enough memory to download podcasts these days, let alone do system updates.

    Insomnia: fuck off.

    Van, that reminds me of a Gin Blossoms song.

  24. As a guy with 18 tattoos, one of my favorite signs reads: “The only difference between people with tattoos and without tattoos is that people with tattoos don’t care whether or not you have tattoos”.

    I wonder if the same comment (although slightly flipped) can be said about PC vs. Mac Users? “The only difference between PC and Mac users is that PC users don’t care whether or not you use a Mac”.

  25. I don’t care if people have tattoos, though I find it amusing when someone who has covered their exposed areas in tattoos get all huffy when people actually look at them. If you are going to do something to set yourself apart from everyone else, don’t complain when you get noticed.

  26. So today’s experiment is this.

    Whenever I eat a ham and cheese panini from a coffee shop I frequently visit..I get acid reflux and sine I don’t normally carry indigestion tablets, I suffer for the rest of my shift.

    This time I bought a packet of indigestion tablets before going back to work.

    I’m going to see if I get acid reflux today when I know I have a remedy to hand.

  27. Ditto: Thanks!

    Nomad Scry: Thanks! Well, I can write a few extra words in your name. Seeing as how I wrote a whopping 500 words or so last year, it won’t be easy to top.

    Re: Tattoos: I don’t care for the most part if one has them or not. I’m not a fan of them, particularly on women. I feel it mars the natural beauty. That, and I’m a horrible, hate-filled person.

    UsedHair: I’m going to have to say “no” to that. PC users do care (Windows PC users?). Largely due to the air or superiority that Mac users have tried to adopt. That, and the extra cost associated with Macs. If you wander through shops in Northampton, you’ll see the vast majority of POSes are Macs, since they’re trendy and artsy.

    Ed: I totally agree. Also goes for women who dress like prostitutes.

  28. NS, I don’t even know what “PCP” means – was Van joking?

    Honestly, the Mac/PC rivalry is absurd to me. I bought a Mac because I’m a techtard and it allows me to do what I want to do, technically speaking.

    I’m so fucking grumpy today.

  29. I’m intrigued by Reznor’s work on making Year Zero into a TV miniseries. He’s got HBO and BBC signed up. He’s talked to Tarantino’s production company. It could be interesting….

  30. I hate changing computer. I have to move all my por… files, install all my programs and get all the setting right. it takes about 2 weeks before i can restore my old PC for someone else to use

  31. The beans I got were more expensive, but more likely because I bought them at the annoying Natural Grocer store in Longmont. God, I hate that fucking store. The taste is much, much less bold, but I try not to think about it.

  32. Crickets riding tumbleweeds with the sound of wind and one cough.

    ditto, you could always make an alternate Deadpan identity. It’s been done before ……………………………………………

  33. So I stayed up until 1:30 am this morning trying to get some of the stuff done that has to be completed today. Back up at 6am discovered I had one day less then I thought I did so more things were added to today’s already, ‘not to scale”, WTF list.

    So of course … I have just discovered that my kitchen faucet has been flooding it’s cabinet and now pours out onto the floor.


  34. oh … when considering cost of home computers and the value for the money … the last Mac desk top I bought lasted me 11 flawless years and in fact I STILL use it for production work. I only bought this new MacBook because technology had raced so far ahead that I just couldn’t get the old Mac to do all the USB and Internet busy box stuff I needed it to do.

    So, I spent almost $2k (U.S.) on that Mac and got 11 flawless (seriously … no adding new graphics boards, no updating drivers, NO viruses ) years … seems like that is about on par with what every PC user I know has spent on computers over a 10 year period.
    Only, with out the crashes and stress they go through every 2-3 years that leads to them buy new PC equipment.

    So I guess it’s all a mater of, – Do you want to pay up front and just keep using the computer … or do you LIKE to work ON computers and want to pay a few hundred every few years to get a system that will do what you need it to.

    Like most things in life – one solution does not fit all.

  35. “Linguine and basil Parmesan cream sauce with Spinach and Mushrooms and sour dough bread”

    Is this the group that Linguine started singing with before teaming up with Meat Sauce?

  36. They are only making desserts. It would be interesting but… with the exception of two or three people, the contestants are complete and utter dicks that you’d love to see hit by a bus. Repeatedly.

    I stopped watching season 7 of Top Chef because I couldn’t stand the contestants. I’m feeling the same way here.

    Top Chef Masters seems to be the only one I want to watch now.

  37. I like watching hells kitchen but this season has been hard so far for the same reason…
    the stupid people thing not the purty people thing

  38. I haven’t watched much TV lately. I did see the opener for Big Bang Theory and The Good Guys. Both were great. Still need to watch Chuck.

  39. The Good Guys kills me. I’m not sure why I like it, except that it is silly fun. It is so over the top, it defies belief. Dan Stark is amazingly incompetent, but despite that, he and his partner always make huge busts.

  40. Well, our desktop is roughly eight years old. It was getting slow until I put Linux on it. Never any real issues to speak of. Probably less than $2k.

  41. Hey gang,

    Busy morning in the file room, haven’t been by my puter really until now. Thanks for the concern on the spider bite. The update is that the antibiotics that my doc gave me got rid of all the infection. I started on Friday and he said that if it wasn’t significately better by Tuesday to come back in. Tuesday came and I was still greatly infected and in pain, but the swelling had started to go down. The next day I had major improvment. I still have what looks like a bullet wound on me, but I am a lot better. 🙂

  42. One of the bonuses of seeing my doctor is getting to hear one of his stories. Last time it was about how he almost got kicked out of med school for skipping class and attending the 1984 LA Olypics. This time he told me about how when he was sixteen, he was in a traveling band playing trupet in Europe where he lost his virginity. LOL

  43. Rhettro: Sounds like a cool doctor.

    Those bites leave nasty scars. Glad it is getting better.

    About 10 years ago I lived in a place that was infested with brown recluse spiders. Not a fun experience. I still can’t believe I wasn’t bitten.

  44. I’ll have to check it out when I get home. 🙂 Colfax? I used to see brown spiders all the time in KS, haven’t seen any here in AZ including the one that bit me.

  45. Well the infection is gone, but I still have an open hole in me slightly smaller than a dime. I won’t know how much scaring I’ll have until that heals. If it’s like any of my other scars I’ll end up with a white dot. LOL

  46. Open holes. *snicker* I wasn’t able to shoot webs out of my wrist, but I could shoot puss out my belly. Probably not good enough to get a Mystery Men membership.

  47. “I’m a gagger, Rhettro. I would be the WORST nurse ever.”

    I can quite reading comments now.
    I’m just going to spend the next few hours thinking about all the ways this is so wrong/right.

  48. I may have called the deadpan listener line this morning… It would have been before or during coffee…

    If so. I apologize. I have no idea what I said.

  49. A bit late on this conversation now, but my first exposure to Laurie was as the Prince Regent on Blackadder. I had always seen him playing an astoundingly stupid character on British television, so I was quite surprised when I saw him playing an extremely intelligent American.

  50. Officially off the clock as a prostitute for the night. Woohoo, we are on vacation until the 11th. Good thing, too, cuz I might tell my boss’ boss to fuck off otherwise.

  51. ditto – My first, quick glance at your post made me think you had written “GIMPS The Relentless”

    We need to coin a term for this inattentive brain translating.

    … only not that one.

  52. JOe: That’s the score for the Star Wars fan film I.M.P.S The Relentless. It’s a “documentary” of the lives of regular imperial soldiers. It’s pretty awesome.

  53. Hay pan, made it to my parents house. Called most of the towns I went though. I lost signal for quite a while and missed at least 3. But I did get some good ones.

  54. Not asking for sympathy, just putting this out there because I feel the need to say it.

    I’m clearly sick.

    Don’t tell Dan or my boss. kthxbai.

  55. So, my kids team pictures are being taken this morning along with all the other teams. It may look like chaos to the casual observer, but the group that runs the photoshoot is actually quite well organized. Much more so than many of the parents who only need to get their one child here on time.

  56. I think I preferred it when hubby was in bed. He found this new app where he can pretend his phone is a guitar. He’s now sitting here in the office, strumming his virtual guitar and generally making noise while I’m trying to work.

    I told him either pick up the real thing and play (which I like) or go do his vacuuming (which the house needs).

    He’s still here, strumming.

  57. Morning pan.

    Yep. The Android Marketplace is certainly interesting.

    Off to the local Japan festival. That’s usually fun around here.

  58. I had to laugh at my hubby. I went looking for him (he did finally leave the office). He’s downstairs, sitting on the floor, playing music on his new virtual guitar.

    He looks up at me and goes “I can play a song on this!” I burst out laughing, waved my hands to the guitars surrounding him and said, “you can play a song on a real guitar.” He then told me to stop laughing at him and went back to his “playing”. I’m still giggling.

  59. TEB: I love the concept – I am done working on the computer so I can now begin playing on the computer. I would find it less funny if I didn’t usually feel the same way.

  60. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my hip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your hip. When you dip me dip we dip. You put your hand upon my chip. When me dip you dip we dip and put my hand upon your chip. When you dip me dip we dip. Sour cream n onion.

  61. Tell her I personally saw the easter bunny doing horrible, horrible, dirty things to the tooth fairy and she simply isn’t ready for that kind of relationship. Not until she’s 12.

  62. Re: 15 voice mails.
    I don’t thing I called 15 times. I thought it was more like 12.
    So after 9 hours of crawling under the house (and more tomorrow) I hurt. Putting up concrete block walls is a lot of work.

  63. I am sore as well. We did much purging of unwanted and unneeded stuff. Six bags of various things that were unusuable went out to the trash. But, at least another six bags, mostly clothes, went to Goodwill to find new homes.

  64. Thanks CJ.

    Jack: Teresa and I were up pretty late last night so I’ll have to do a write up when my head is clear. I can say that the entire band is made up of very nice and awesome dudes. 🙂

  65. Ah, the only thong better than beer just bottled is beer just brewed.

    No, wait. 2 things better than beer just bottled. Beer just poured into a glass, and beer just brewed.

  66. Hello, Pan.

    Awesome weekend here. Musical concerts for the last three nights in a row: classic rock, contemporary rock/country, and church choir music, in that order (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

    Oh, yeah! I also got my hair cut short on Friday afternoon:

    Photos over here

    I’m not caught up on comments yet. Maybe tomorrow I’ll read through all the comments on this post so far. Have I missed anything important or anything directed at me in the last couple of weeks? (I see we made the Sept. goal – awesome! :happy: )

    Good night, musical mush.

  67. (okay, did a little bit of catching up)

    TEB: I’m guessing you probably got all those Deadpanite phone numbers from phone-number exchanging before and during Deadpan MMMMeetups.

  68. JN said, “Cj = Dennis Leary fan?”

    That’s quite an understatement. I would very much like to have some of his babies… or at least practice with him… often.

  69. And I don’t expect anyone to remember everything I say… especially considering how much I blather on most of the time about completely unimportant things. Example to follow.

  70. Oh, I was distracted and forgot my blathering example.

    My shoes are both cute and comfortable today… which is rare, especially in 2 inch heels, but these shoes have succeeded… peep-toe and all!

  71. Nevermore concert review.
    I tried to do this as an audio piece but it isn’t happening. I’ll send something a little more concise in audio format for an upcoming Dead Pan.

    As you all know, I’m a big Nevermore fan and have been for the last 10 years and my wife Teresa has become a big fan over the last two years. I missed seeing Nevermore live back in 2005 when they came through Phoenix and vowed not to miss them again when their next tour came through and that was going to be a lot easier now that Teresa was a fan. Sure enough upon release of their latest album “The Obsidian Conspiracy” concert dates were announced and I jumped on them. Then the big shocker, there was a $45 upgraded ticket that let you meet and visit with the band members after the concert was finished. wOOt! Teresa and I have been talking about songs and song meaning for two years so it was a sealed deal that we would buy the VIP tickets.

    So the band was going to play at U.B.’s Bar and Grill in Meza, a place I wasn’t familiar with. But it soon became apparent that this was a small venue, which is surprising considering that Nevermore have played at Gigantour and Wacken, but the small venue would allow us to get extremely close to the band. There were seven bands on the ticket, but we didn’t want to get fatigued listening to five hours of screamo metal before NM hit the stage. We arrived around 8:30 and NM were set to perform at 10:30. The two acts we caught before NM were Warbringer and Blackguard. Warbringer is a sort of death metal/screamo – thrash band that is very popular in the underground right now. And they were pretty good, although I’ve always felt like when your music is always cracked up to 11, trying to make the meanest, heaviest and most extreme types of music, it takes away from the experience, on one hand because it starts to give you listener fatigue, like a hard workout, and on the other there isn’t any contrast to the harshness to give it lasting impact. So Warbringer was a competent band, but each song sounded like the last. The club was having some microphone issues to, they never could get the vocalist enough volume to cut through the guitars and drums. Next on the stage was a band from Montreal called Blackguard, they were a bit unexpected as they were a galic/folk metal act, sort of like Finntroll, with Irish flute sounds on the synth and dark vocals. Pretty good band, I doubt I’ll be buying any albums though.

    Finally Nevermore came out, the opening track was Narcosynthesis which was coincidentally the first NM song I ever heard. The band sounded great however, the mic issues that plagued the first acts continued to be a problem. The first three songs of the NM set the mic kept cutting out on Warrel Dane and we missed a few trademark high notes. But they eventually ironed it out, they got Warrel’s voice a bit louder and no more cut outs, although in my opinion, the vocals could have been still louder. Still Warrel was a little horse at the beginning but by the fourth song his voice was completely warmed up and he sang beautifully. And Jeff Loomis, oh man, I won’t say that you have to see him live get an idea of his talent, but what a difference between bands, every note played perfectly, no matter how complex the runs. His finger work was amazing, but I’ve never been in awe of bar chords before. His index finger would jump perfectly centered in every fret, landing perfectly. It’s like you couldn’t see his hand move, more like it materialised and vanished over each fret at an impossible speed.

    The complete track listing was The Termination Proclamation, Your Poison Throne, Emptiness Unobstructed and The Obsidian Conspiracy from the Obsidian Conspiracy album.

    Born and This Godless Endeavor from the Godless Endeavor album.

    Narcosynthesis, Inside Four Walls, The River Dragon, The Heart Collector from Dead Heart in a Dead World album.

    Enemies of Reality and I, Voyager from the Enemies of Reality album.

    Beyond Within from the Dreaming Neon Black album.

    And, one of my favorites Seven Tongues of God from The Politics of Ecstacy.

    They also played the song “Taste Revenge” from Warrel Dane’s previous band Sanctuary made all the better because Loomis played the guitar parts. Taste Revenge is also notable as that was the song that got Teresa interested in the band.

    So all in all, it was a great concert with a few technical issues. Overall I was happy with the track listing although other than “The Heart Collector” they didn’t play some of their more mellow songs in part because of all the other bands like “Warbringer” on the tour, which is a shame. I was also a little disappointed that I didn’t hear “And the Maiden Spoke” or any songs from Jeff Loomis or Warrel Dane’s solo albums performed. But considering how vast the band’s catalog is it was still a pretty good set list.

    The band closed with Enemies of Reality and the concert was over and the crowd began to clear. Oh there was a mosh pit, Teresa and I stood off to the side of it close to the stage. I did deflect a few errant moshers from Teresa who laughed that she hadn’t been at a concert with a mosh before.

    After the crowd thinned the promoter gathered all of us with VIP tickets to the area in front of the stage. About ten minutes the band members came out to a signing table and I got numerous items signed. Jim Shepard, the bassist, is probably the most unappreciated guy in the band. He was really nice. Teresa told him that she didn’t really listen to metal, but Nevermore was one of her favorite bands. He told her they hear that from fans all the time. Then I talked with Van Williams, the drummer. I had to bring up that some of my friends (i.e. Lo Pan) thought he looked like Kirk Hammett from Metallica. He said heard that before too, but it was actually Kirk Hammet that looked like Van Williams. LOL Then I met Jeff Loomis for the first time, I think my mind went blank for a moment, hehe, he shook my hand and signed my poster and my postcard. wOOt! Teresa explained to him how she listened to NM music when she ran her first marathon and how that helped her through it. Jeff said that his sister is really into running marathons. And finally I met Warrel Dane. Warrel is perfectly suited to be the vocalist of the band as where the rest of the band is pretty shy, Warrel is an extrovert. All smiles, laughing and highly intelligent. The first thing he mentioned was that he liked my t-shirt, he said he wanted one, but hasn’t been able to get one. I got the t-shirt by purchasing the Nevermore box set collector’s edition, so evidently it was a limited run. He pulled Jeff aside. “Jeff look at this guy’s t-shirt, isn’t it cool?” Jeff responded “Oh yeah, I really like the understated design.” As do I. One fan asked Jeff how he did it to which Jeff responded “I don’t really know anymore, I’ve been doing it so long it’s second nature.” Teresa and I then chatted with Warrel for a while. We explained how there have been nights when we laid in bed just talking about the meaning of different songs and what they mean. Warrel said “I’m happy to hear that, I construct the songs in such a way to encourage people to reflect and ponder their meaning. I want people to talk about them.” Teresa then talked with Warrel about she really wanted to hear some of his solo work and then he told us something neither of us knew. He said that he had been at U.B.’s four months earlier with his other band and they performed his entire album. Yea, Teresa and I were kicking ourselves for missing that. But it appears that the gang will be making there way back to AZ not to far in the future. Teresa got the photo she wanted of Warrel kissing her cheek, but I think the other guy kissing her is the session guitarist for when they tour. So how often does a person get to talk with their favorite band of all time? Not very is my guess. It was awesome.

  72. Peep-toe – yes.. My toes are peeping out in all their glittery glory.

    Purple Glitter Peep-Toe Pumps should definitely be the name of your band, Jack.

  73. JN: Congrats on getting engaged! :biggrin:

    I’m going to attempt NaNo again this year, even though my novels have been
    getting less and less pre-planned every year since 2007.

    Rhettro: Thank you! :happy:

  74. Don’t say I didn’t warn you Ed. LOL I understand that this may not be everyone’s thing so feel free to skip it if you wish. This was sort of self indulgent metal geekery on my part. 🙂

  75. Honestly, I think that their latest album is the most accessible. That would be “The Obsidian Conspiracy.” From there it really depends, first on whether you liked what your heard or not and then your own preferences. If you want to jump into some of their most technical and heavy work, get This Godless Endeavor. You want something a little more psychedelic get The Enemies of Reality, something more bass heavy and darker thematically get Dead Heart. After that, the further you move into their back catalog the more old school and thrashy the records get. Compare the more experimental song Tomorrow Turned into Yesterday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN5ED9tnf8s to something old school like What Tomorrow Knows http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKZk1XowOFM and you’ll get idea of what I’m talking about. 🙂 Wow, two songs with Tomorrow in the title.

  76. 68! fing 68 in here and the air is still on.
    I’m going to have to go to the server room to warm up.
    I swear it would be more efficient to have separate HVAC units for the 3 office areas in the middle of the plant.
    I have a jacket on already and it is still hard to type.

  77. Van, That is in the office with the AC blowing right on me. I agree 68 is wonderful weather to be outside in.
    This weekend I was out in a t-shirt and it was only 60 and I was fine.

  78. It’ll be better soon. A girlfriend of mine is taking me for lunch in about an hour. Then I think I’ll spend the day on the couch vegging.

  79. Although, I admit my big mistake today was more from my not paying attention than anything else.

    I wonder if I need a nap to recharge my brain? :cheerful:

  80. In answer to your question Van. Because I really don’t pay attention to what I’m doing. Since both Jack any my hubby’s name start with J. I quite often send e-mails for one to the other. Then, when I catch it, instead of sending him a new e-mail, I’ll tell Jack here what to do with them. That’s all. Nothing exciting.

    Nothing to see here. Move along. :blush:

  81. I’m choking and coughing and hacking and can’t breathe and my main concern is that I’ll wake Dan up with the loud coughing attack, but his snores assure me that my choking to death will not disturb him.

    Thank goodness. 😉

  82. Anyone know a good way to get rid of hijackers like cool www search? Even looking up information on it will lead you to sketchy sites. Spybot search and destroy finds it, gets rid of it and finds it again. Same for housecall. McAffee doesn’t even find it to begin with. On the mild side, it hijacks links on occasion and sends me to odd places. On the uglier side, it pops up windows that claim they are from Microsoft and try to get you to buy fake antivirus programs. I can live with this thing if I have to, but would like to get rid of it if I can.

  83. Jack,

    This is probably the answer to your question:

    $3,000,000 (estimated)
    Opening Weekend:
    $3,571 (USA) (27 April 1986) (7 Screens)
    $3,571 (USA) (27 April 1986)

    You know, with that ratio of Gross/Budget, it’s surprising this one doesn’t show up on the typical “Greatest Hollywood Bombs” lists.

  84. UsedHair: Hijackthis is indeed a good call. Also, I found the following, though old, maybe relevant:
    Trend Micro offers this:

    I’d also recommend CCleaner. You can clean your drive up, and you can scrounge cruft from your registry. Things like Coolsearch like to burrow into your registry, giving it Wolverine-like healing powers.

  85. Good morning, DP. I know I’ve been absent this week. Lots of vacation stuff going on around here, and lots of me being focused on the gay suicides stuff and not much else internet-ish. Hope you all are well.


    I also hate that. I watch WAY-WAY too many shows, but have gotten kinda caught up being on vacation.

    SGU started off with a bit of a bang. I am kinda irritated with that show to an extent, but set that aside and still love it. I’m also digging: Dexter, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, The Good Wife, and probably others not at the front of my mind.

  87. I get the flu jab every year because of my liver anomaly (sounds better than raised ALT levels..), don’t want to jinx myself but so far I haven’t had a problem and no major bouts of flu since I started getting them.

  88. Bell road was pretty flooded last night and Teresa said we had golfball size hail at the house. Luckily no car or window damage. It’s uncommonly humid here today.

  89. Yes, though he pronounced it with a hard G. From what I’ve heard, that is the right way to pronounce it, though most English speakers pronounce it as a ‘j’.

  90. We get free flu shots at work too.

    I’ve never had a flu shot.

    I’d admit that I’ve never had the flu too, but really don’t want to jinx myself.

  91. Went to the doctor this morning.
    I’m not sick, just doing some maintenance.

    My body is under some crazy impression that it’s getting old.

    Pshaw I say. Pshaw.

    Tomorrow is Danthol’s birthday.

  92. Back from lunch.

    I’ve decided I need some new local friends. Mine are either not empathetic enough or too empathetic. If anybody knows anybody in Calgary, I’ve got a couple of openings I’m looking to fill.