Jack Mangans Deadpan #181: My Mind Went Somewhere Else

Mindless Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #181: My Mind Went Somewhere Else

Jack’s soliloqy

Promo – Into The Dark (http://savethevillain.com/)

Goodnight Moon (bwa ha ha ha ha!)

Deadpan is the way (we all love you Jack!)

Musical interlude

Paul Maki calls from work

Greasy Comments (It’s the Vanamonde show!)
Vanamonde (first of the week)
The Energizer Bunny

60 Lines part two outtakes.

Jack continues his discourse

Mark Twain? (Jack needs to brush up on his geography)

Closing Music

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1,308 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #181: My Mind Went Somewhere Else

  1. Wow, I had all these ideas for stuff to send Jack but a special project for Slice of SciFi got me sidetracked. Sorry, Jack I’ll catch up in the next week.

  2. I feel strangely compelled to write comments. And there is a strange compulsion building to call with the contents of my fridge. We’ll see where it goes.

  3. my wireless network decided to take a shit on my just before lunch yesterday so i didn’t get to watch the event. Hopefully I’ll get to it today.

  4. what did i learn from the experience:
    1 Always carry and umbrella
    2 when Cisco is nearly giving something away it will be on a fast track obsolescences and out of support status.

  5. 6th thing I learned. NEVER EVER hand equipment in a place where your lift can’t even get to if you can help it. I would like to know how the hell he got it up there in the first to

  6. Bunny, it has been a good learning experience. before this issue i didn’t really know that much about our wireless. it is the only way we get programs to the machining centers so I didn’t want to mess with it to much. now i had to.

  7. Apparently the condensation from my wife’s ice water got into her iPhone last night. It keeps announcing that it is connected to an unauthorized device… and it isn’t connected to anything. Only six months till I can get her a new phone.

  8. NS, That might work if most of the PCs were not on the other side of cinder block walls from the Machining centers. The terminals on the shop floor running XP Embedded probably wouldn’t support the software needed to do that. and people turn off there PC at night.

  9. reaper said:
    when Cisco is nearly giving something away it will be on a fast track obsolescences and out of support status.

    What was it, if you don’t mind my asking? As a candidate for certified Cisco tech status, it’s a good idea for me to know these things. (Actually, it’s good for me to know all the things you learned. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 )

  10. Amy, Our radios are find (1220B) but the manager is the problem WLSE (Wireless LAN Solution Engine) it was available for about 6 months for $700 back in 2006. The about page says this:
    (C) Copyright 2006 by Cisco Systems Inc.
    Appliance 2.13wlse Fri Jan 6 23:20:18 UTC 2006
    WLSE 1030 Release 2.13FCS Wed Feb 22 02:00:55 UTC 2006
    (build number 299)

    for the moment I just defaulted all the radios and than set the SSID’s IP’s and turned the radios on. This model (and probably all other Cisco APs) have the radio turned off by default. kind of annoying to need to turn on a radio when the only point of the device is to be a radio.

    I also set over lapping AP’s to different channels so they don’t keep channel hopping. that confuses the radios in the Machining centers because they are not very advanced.

    Happy to help. It is amazing how frustrating it can be to have an AP 4ft above the reach of a ladder when the lift is being used in an extremely important and time sensitive project.

  11. The XP embedded would probably be an issue because those usb sticks require a driver install to work. And that’s if you had open access to a spare usb port.

    The one machine I work with that I know for certain runs XP embedded is a shrink wrapper. I can’t think of any reason for it to need wireless network access. =)

  12. So when you tell Hulu that you only want full TV episodes why does it give me excerpts and what I asked for.

    Dear Hulu,
    Stop That.

    *looks for rolled up newspaper*

  13. EssBee, my Boo explored with her sexuality a bit before deciding to stay with the guy she’s with. Luckily for her, John and I have a very whatever attitude so she could bring them home for dinner and we would be fine. Actually, to be honest, she had this one girlfriend that I think I liked best of all her “friends” including her current boyfriend.

    Just as a side, her boyfriend is nice and I don’t have a problem with him, I just liked her girlfriend better *shrug*

  14. Dan Savage created the project after a recent suicide. It might just be the day, but it’s pretty emotional for me. I think it’s wonderful.

    I shouldn’t have just said “parents” above, also. Everyone.

  15. Yeh … is there someone who can go to Jeremy’s link and clue those people in as to where that came from … in a nice way.

    Having mistakingly read the ignorant comments first … I am unable to represent Deadpan in a kind and informative manor.

  16. Oh … and who ever is hogging the Deadpan comment line, how about taking a break. 😉
    I’ve been getting a busy signal from the comment line for over an hour and a half now.
    (seriously. Did the cat knock it off the hook or something?)

  17. Today’s movie is called Frozen. The DVR writeup:

    In this tale to make the blood run cold, three snowboarders are trapped on a ski lift as they’re heading up the Mountain. Dan, Joe and Parker manage to get on the lift, but their luck turns to terror when the chairs suddenly stop.

    Sounds like a winner to me. 🙂

  18. Rules: Really do I need to go over these again?

    Spelling, spoilers and silliness are either optional or abound. Pause in the middle to check on work. Kitty is watching too so she may have the occasional comment.

  19. A sign of class:

    Q: What did the 14 year old girl say to her dad when she lost her virginity?

    A: Get off me, you’re crushing my Malbroughs.

    That’s how you pass time on a stopped ski lift.

  20. I’m having issues with the fact they seem to abandon the ski lift/lodge/area for a week between opening. YOu’d think there’d at least be some form of security. There is here. People try to ski on off time all the time.

  21. I was going to say that like ditto, I’ve experience a total of two snowstorms with a lot of lightning in my lifetime. It was pretty creepy each time it happened.

  22. One way to warm up . . .

    Hey, I just left a test voicemail and received the file, so whatever was wrong appears to be fixed.

    While I’m glad my jokey content guilt trip worked, I do hope everyone realize it was 100% joke, especially in light of other recent community events.

  23. Both thundersnows I’ve witnessed occured on the plains of Kansas. I didn’t know that lightning could exist in a snowstorm so I was pretty freaked out the first time in happened. LOL

  24. Maybe it’s because I’m in a snow town but the things they’re doing wrong… I’d never do that. But then, I’ve never had the desire to fall off a mountain with sticks tied to my feet (ski) so it wouldn’t be an issue anyway

  25. While I know I’ll often make dumb-ass comments during a movie then turn around at the end and say it was ok and possibly recommend it, I’m not doing it to this one. Take my word for it – DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! Be glad that I went through the pain for you.

  26. Feeling more like a zombie than a human spider hybrid, although I do not have any cravings for brains. Based on my crack doctorial skills and Google Fu, I think I got bit by an Arizona Brown Spider, which is basically a Brown Recluse. Debating on going to the doctor or not.

  27. Tomorrow I have to decide which movie to watch. I have the following:

    The Fourth Kind
    Wizard of Gore
    13: Game of Death

    If there’s any you DON’T want me to do a PBP on (spoilers on a movie you may want to see yourself) let me know.

  28. Well Van, I went out jogging early last Friday morning and noticed the swelling on my stomach after I showered. It itched and I just thought it was a bad mosquito bite I got while jogging. However it has become an infected sore with necrotized tissue that matches the photos of a brown recluse bite perfectly. My new theory is that a spider got in my drawer, sat on my shorts and bit me when I got dressed before I went out. I guess that means I need to bait for spiders.

  29. Wizard of Gore and 13: Game of Death both look pretty interesting.

    The Fourth Kind looks like the kind of new movie that I tend not to like because it bases it’s “horror” on the audience believing shit that I just don’t believe (e.g. The haunting in Connecticut). I can suspend disbelief just fine. No need to try and get me to actually buy into ghosts and alien abductions.

    :gets off skeptic soap box:

  30. Anybody else watch the finale of Warehouse 13? Opinions?

    As much as I like this show in general, this whole season seemed really rushed to me. For example, love interests (particularly Pete’s) went from 0 to 100MPH across a single episode. Character development happened too fast to feel comfortable with the changes. I think they would have been better off spreading the story arcs across a few seasons or focusing on fewer arcs and developing them to a greater depth.

  31. I gave up on W13 in it’s first season.

    I did catch the season opener of “Glee” and I have to say … “Not so much.”
    I’m putting that one on my “I’ll give it three tries” list.
    If it can’t get me back in the next 2 episodes I’m moving on.

  32. I’m almost finished with the audiobook of “The Help,” and I’m really enjoying it. The writer and all of the actors do an amazing job of creating a real place and time through the words they write and say.

  33. I was disappointed with The Fourth Kind, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. UsedHair nails it.

    Also, W13 season two is much better than season one. Though I haven’t seen the finale yet. I just wish io9 hadn’t spoiled me on it. 🙁

  34. I’m going to watch W13 or Eureka today
    Now in my Hulu queue I also have Out Soured, the office, community, and modern family. Guess it is a good thing my wife is going out for a friends birthday.
    My Tivo also has the Colony and The Universe on it.

  35. I had a roommate for a while that worked at BlockBuster and I changed his name tag to say Mr. PatatoHead. he got to the car and noticed I changed it. I was very disappointed when I dropped by to get some movies. I still have that name tag hanging in my cube.

    I’m not disappointed Blockbuster’s demise either.
    I like the graph.

  36. I don’t mourn Blockbuster … but I do feel a loss of what it once was. I can remember the first video rental stores in “my neck of the woods” as a place of wonder and excitement. Inviting the gang over to watch a movie was a real novelty and when you walked into that first store there was a sense of excitement for the evening.
    Blockbuster took that and cranked it up to “11”. Of course, they killed those first mom & pop video rental shops but “the Video” was KING.

    For better or worse, Blockbuster quickly became the center of the weekend entertainment kingdom.

    Now, that era is over. While Netflix embraced technological change, Blockbuster failed to evolve. No, I don’t mourn Blockbuster (heck, I don’t even buy DVD’s. I download from Amazon when I DO get a chance to watch video) but I do feel a sense of nostalgic loss for the end of an era.

  37. We haven’t rented videos from a store in a very long time. That being said, when hubby was going for his master’s degree, he worked part time at the local Rogers Video which is a Canadian competitor to Blockbuster. So I suppose they do have a place in our hearts too (long hours, low pay, stupid customers that ask why there are black lines above and below the picture, etc.)

  38. I did also enjoy taking the boy out to browse the Blockbuster shelves and pick out a movie or 2.
    I did NOT enjoy being taken for granted as a customer and the hopelessness of ever getting ahold of cool, obscure indy flicks.

  39. We do still visit the Blockbuster store fairly regularly. We use them for the mail rental and get to trade mailed movies for in store rentals. We tend to do that if there is a new release we want to pick up.

    It will be interesting to see if Blockbuster can actually regroup in bankruptcy or if it will die off completely.

  40. I haven’t been pleased with my Blockbuster experiences for nearly a decade. I do miss my local Hollywood Videos though. They disappeared a few years back, taking with them the only real competition for GameStop. And I detest/boycott GameStop.

  41. I didn’t realize! There was a National Punctuation Day.

    I didn’t, realize there was a National Punctuation Day?

    I didn’t realize. There was a National Punctuation Day.

    I didn’t realize? There was a National Punctuation Day!

  42. Re: Blockbuster

    If they will embrace the “Netflix” business model they should be able to survive as there is plenty of room in the market. Without buying out Netflix and somehow owning the content libraries directly from the studios though, they will never be the 800 pound gorilla they once were.

  43. Ok Panites!

    In my effort to grow the comments page. It’s movie time!

    Month end is coming, so this will be the last until possibly sometime mid-month next month.

  44. Today’s move, by popular demand 😉 is 13: Game of Death. The DVR write up:IN this taut and gripping psychological thriller, a man who has just lost his job is offered a chance to win a fortune on a reality game show if he can complete 13 challenges that become increasingly bizarre and twisted.

    It gave the movie 3 stars, which is actually quite high praise as it doesn’t usually give any.

  45. The movie so far:

    We are at the half way point. Seven challenges completed. He’s bruised, battered, covered in poop vomit and the police are after him.

    What will happen next…

  46. I have to admit, this a an interesting movie and I quite enjoyed it. There were some parts I couldn’t watch but I expected that.

    The one complaint I have is the fact that this was the dubbed version. I much prefer watching subtitled version of movies

  47. I’ve was burned once by GS. I pre-ordered (and paid for) a game but, because I didn’t pick it up the day of release (one or two days later not a long wait), they sold it to someone else. Sold out of the game and I had to wait for the next shipment. They wouldn’t refund my money but gave me a gift card instead so it would still cost me to get the game elsewhere. From what I understand I’m not the only one this has happened to.

  48. Also, Gamestop, at least in Canada, has a very poor in store PC selection. They seem to prefer console games. It’s easier for me to get my PC game fix on line. I order directly from EA for things like Dragon Age or Mass Effect, etc. Amazon if I can but Amazon Canada does not carry many games. Barring that Gamestop on line. I’d rather have it delivered to me than go through the hassle of dealing with the store.

  49. I did see “Outsourced” … it wasn’t horrific like it really could have been but I just don’t know how it’s going to avoid becoming an endless, cliche’, Indian misunderstanding an American word/idea fest.

    I’ll give it another week … it’s always possible that it could be a well written show that just happens to take place in a foreign land as opposed to being endless one-liners. It could happen.

  50. EssBee sez: Oh, Madonna…


    oh 🙂 ah yes Desperately Seeking Susan… sigh.. memories.
    1985 this Smarty Hottie was QUITE Madonna obsessed. I mean seriously scary obsessed.

    (side note which the sexier of the smarty hottie pair would appreciate: 1985 was also the year of the Chicago Bears.. will our team ever reach such glory again????)

    Hugh sez: *sobs* I heart you 85 Bears!!

    poor. poor Hugh.

    I used to be able to say every single 1 of Madonna’s lines in the movie and my friend and I would sneak out of the house looking very normal and redress ourselves ala Madonna and try and repeat the lines from the movie exactly the same way she did…. lol… omg.
    In a way I wish there was video evidence of this. Talk about embarrassing.

  51. Dear DJ Bunny

    Fucktardbot would like to thank you for your contribution to the comment count

    and to engage in a little deadpanite policing.. you could play by play the episodes too! 😉

    I know, I know.. thats my job. For which I fail miserably week in and week out.

    but again.. I’ve had a damn good excuse.

    I am working on it. Once we are back home in Chicago mehopes to be able to do it more. Sorry, Jackamo. You know we love you.

  52. lol.. funniest comment of this visit goes to.. justa j0e!!!

    justa J0e sez:

    I didn’t realize! There was a National Punctuation Day.

    I didn’t, realize there was a National Punctuation Day?

    I didn’t realize. There was a National Punctuation Day.

    I didn’t realize? There was a National Punctuation Day!

    why did I find this so histerical?
    Maybe because of my inability to use punctuation at all

  53. The only way that gets weird is if you think of the Johnny Cash song about Folsom Prison….

    No pressure about any play-by-plays. Your priorities are in the right place, Smarty Hotties.

    And speaking of priorities – – Amy, that sounds like a perfect plan.

  54. This ridiculous song stuck in my brain for years:

    Hey, back when I was going to school
    I never learned a thing
    All I did was daydream
    A-waitin’ for the bell to ring
    I had a certain teacher
    I always tried to impress her
    When she stood up in the classroom
    I would mentally undress her
    Then one day I decided
    That I would write a little letter
    She said the spelling was a masterpiece
    The punctuation could be better
    I understood what she was saying
    I got the gist of her sentiment
    She said, “I don’t mean to be degrading
    But here’s the way that it shoulda went”

    I love you period
    And do you love me question mark
    Please, please exclamation point
    I want to hold you in parentheses
    I love you period
    And do you love me question mark
    Please, please exclamation point
    I want to hold you in parentheses

    Come on, come on, come on

    Right on up to high school
    People said I was a writing fool
    All my letters became really great
    With punctuation that was never late
    But I was having trouble meeting girls
    I never knew the things to say
    Soon I had ’em all overwhelmed
    When they heard me talk this way
    Like this

    I love you period
    And do you love me question mark
    Please, please exclamation point
    I want to hold you in parentheses
    I love you period
    Do you love me question mark
    Please, please exclamation point
    I want to hold you in parentheses, come on
    I love you period
    And do you love me question mark
    Well, please, please exclamation point
    Yeah, I want to hold you in parentheses
    Oh, oh, oh

  55. There’s a broken beam inside of the big, big bridge
    I guess that whole thing is caving in
    Maybe it is time I learn how to swim

    I’ll be a dolphin
    I’ll be a dolphin

  56. It’s 10am already? Ive been at work since 5:30.. time is flying – I’m toying with the idea of going on break to Starbucks… do I want Starbucks?

    I really don’t.

    My tummy would be angry.

    Someone left a container of Strawberry shortcakes on my desk… leftovers.

    They are SO not my thing. They are like…from Walmart and meh.. I’m takign them to the lunchroom.

  57. Considering working on some projects for the Deadpan tonight while Darcy continues working on apparel for her sister’s rapidly approaching wedding.

    Would have last night, but…

    Yup OT

  58. TEB: That always surprises me when I hear that. Are they typical gamer girls? No. But, all of them are fairly well known for being gamers and being involved in the gaming community. Michele Boyd even plays “Riley” in The Guild. To dismiss their gamer cred solely because they are beautiful is ridiculous.

  59. MEME TIME!

    Someone posted this on Facebook.

    Let’s play!

    You can have a time machine .. BUT it can only transport you to the PAST or FUTURE and back… What do you choose?? Future ?? Past??? why??

  60. Here’s what I said:

    There are many reasons I can think of to go back to the past for both enjoyment and to correct mistakes, but ultimately, I’d fear that I’d alter the way things are now. Because I have this amazing family, I would not want to change anything… that could affect it.

    However, if I could see what lies ahead, I could possibly make a better life for my children going forward. I’d have to say the future wins.

  61. win the lottery, grab a stock market report … use the resulting funds to build a time machine to go back and forth at your own whim.
    … or maybe use the money to build a life-like “love-bot”.

    It’s a tough call.

  62. Finally cracked the seal on Halo3:ODST

    Nice to be back in the Halo universe..I’ll have to get Reach at some point.

    3.30am here, night all.

  63. Van, I commented to hubby that you should be in bed when we saw you were on line :happy:

    hubby has ODST bust hasn’t finished H3 yet so hasn’t started It yet

  64. Van – I don’t think the word forever means what they think it means.

    I really wish I had one of those tapes just so I could pester the company.

  65. The burning question though is really… does it lift and separate? How much support does it offer.

    I mean… really, breathing is important, but I need support too.

  66. EssBee – You asked about book recommendations earlier. I don’t know if Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis is available in an audio edition, but it was a really neat read. A tad slow/dry in some spots, but the story itself was good.

  67. Katy Perry is fun to look at but the sound at SNL sucks. as far as her music goes I just chalk it up to flavor of the year
    Weekend update is the part I laughed at most the rest was still just ok unless i’m forgetting a segment

  68. now to watch 30 Rock
    I think it is time to hook a PC to the Main TV. I have 13 subscription on Hulu and unless Tivo starts supporting it (or something similar) I will need a other way to get content up there. I would rather not torrent but since Tivo now support .MKV files it is tempting.

  69. I just started downloading The Gathering Storm. I read it when it came out, but I think I’ll listen now. Sly B refuses to read any more of the series until it’s all done, but I can’t help it. I’ll probably read the whole thing again.

  70. its hard to watch TV at a reasonable volume with someone mowing there lawn.

    *yells out window “Get off your Lawn”*

    wait that doesn’t make scene

  71. Just hooked up a home theater system to a turn table in my home office. Now I can listen to my large vinyl collection when I want to be distracted from doing real work. I may also try to get my daughter to start listening to music as a primary activity (as opposed to only hearing it in the background). I’m sure that if she knew about some of the incredible stories being told is stuff like Rush 2112, she would actually want to listen more. She’s missing out on so much.

  72. I have hooked up the laptop also but my wife likes to use it when when we are watching TV. it is also a very small one so the fan keeps spinning up and down. hooking the PC up will be cleaner because the TV is in front of an air return vent i can use as a cable path to leave the PC in the basement. I already have the cable extenders sitting around and with my new Job they gave me a computer for home so the old one is just sitting there.

  73. She already likes Rush and most other classic rock. I just want her to take the next step and actually listen specifically to the music instead of just using it as background noise. I just gave her my old iPhone to use as an iPod touch and she has enjoyed all of the music I put on there so far. I think that when she has the headphones on and is listening on the school bus or in the car she is reaching that next level. I’m just not sure she’s paying attention to the lyrics.

  74. I know the difference, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about the 40 minute drive home in an hour..


    I might need to take a brisk walk around the building!

  75. EssBee – Yes, that’s right. For those who can’t wait the six more weeks until the book comes out, you can enjoy the priveledge of paying to read the prolouge early. They’re doing the same thing on Audible as well.

  76. Of course, those who bought it are double suckers. Once for having bought the prologue early, and again because they are now amped up for the next book but still can’t get the rest of it until November.

    I think I can muster the willpower to hold out for the whole story until November.

    I’m also sticking to my vow that I won’t reread any of the WOT until the series is complete. At least now it looks like we have a good chance of seeing then end of the series.

  77. Just listened to some swell program on National Public Radio.
    They were interviewing the subject of a new book. Didn’t catch the name.
    The guy is a muslim American from New Orleans who sent his family to safety before Katrina hit but stayed behind to help.
    He and three neighbors had a small canoe and over a period of several days, they rescued numerous people.
    … until they were apprehended by heavily armed, out of state, law enforcement types who had heard all the frightening rumors and had come to town to stop the terrorist.
    Having found no terrorists, they arrest this guy and his neighbors because they were clearly of middle eastern descent.
    So this guy spent weeks (months?) in a “secret” holding facility.
    Those that ran the facilitydidn’t enter them into their records because they were Homeland Securities prisoners.
    The CONTRACTORS that had detained them and brought them there didn’t enter them into “the system” because they had incentive NOT to have them tried. Seems Homeland Security was paying THEM (and the holding facility) by the day for every “terrorist suspect” they were detaining.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  78. I think the Galena is for the Oktober Fest!
    I have two orders worth ‘o beer sitting here waiting to be brewed.
    FedEx took 5 days to deliver it and by then my brewing buddy had gone out of town.
    He won’t be back for 2 weeks. 🙁

    So I won’t get my Oktoberfest til November.

  79. LOL
    He has the brew pots. Plus, I think that the 3 – 4 hours of brewing/shooting the breeze may be as much fun as actually drinking the stuff.

    I do have 5 gallons of hard cider bubbling away in my brew cellar!
    I cooked that up Last Friday.

  80. well that’s 1 way of looking at it.

    personally I usually brew alone so all I care about is cranking out the beer so I can drink it later, and perfect my recipes

  81. CD: 2348 Schwartzbier Ale, homebrew again since I used an ale yeast it tastes more like a stout than a dark lager (the definition of a schwartzbier)

  82. “the archives that of the vidcast that is” minus 50 grammar points and 5min in the penalty box for me. that is an ugly fragment of a sentence

  83. re: Brewing
    I think I do like making it as much as drinking it.

    My last two batches were so strong though … you couldn’t drink ONE of them if you had ANYTHING else you needed to get done the rest of the day! Sounds like a good thing but when your talking 4 cases of this stuff, that’s a lot of lost “man hours”.

  84. BTW – the other on brewed batch is a batch of Barley Wine.

    We do a pretty good Barely Wine. Problem is, it really needs to age 3 years to reach perfection. It is very hard to let the beer just sit there for 3 years.
    We do actually have a batch that will be 2 years old this Christmas. I allow myself 2 bottles of it every 6 months. That will leave 2 still left alive at the three year mark.

  85. MEME time.

    Pick up nearest book/magazine
    Turn to page 18 and read the 1st Sentence (in honor of DP EP#181)

    “Patterned after Baveria’s premier example of the style, Advantageous Weizenbock is a luxuriously rich, devastatingly strong, and complex beer with malt, fruit, and spice character.”

  86. JJ: yeah balancing brew with man hours is a pain at times. I would love to have a barleywine available, going to brew a low end 1.080 barleywine next weekend/ week after I bottle the beer currently in the fermentor I plan to use. I’m hoping it will be dialed down enough to be drinkable by christmas, then I’ll lay in a 1.100, and a 15% abv beer so I can get them aging to enjoy.

  87. Was “Barely Wine” a typo? Barleywine can be seriously good stuff. Four Peaks does a nice one.
    And on the subject, Ommegang is one of my favorite American craft breweries.

    Anyway. Feel better, J0e.

    Van: files received. I believe we’re ready for final editing.

  88. Meme:

    “Select and use a limited number of extracts so that you can rely on the results achieved from your brews.”

    “nearest book” in the this case being decided by easiest to grab

  89. CL: Indiefeed Performance Poetry: Scott Woods – Loving a Lesbian When You Have a Ding-A-Ling

    for every guy who thinks they can turn a girl straight

  90. Good poem

    [built like that]
    ©2001 Alix Olson.

    some art’s just like a teacup,
    when you’re looking for a beer
    some art, some art, it scares you and some,
    some art’s about the fear.
    some art is a highbrow thing
    some art’s about the eyebrow ring
    some art’s about the tattoo
    some art’s about the artist
    and that art’s not meant for you:

    but my art’s not made like that
    my art’s not meant for that
    no, my art’s not built like that
    my art’s not dressed for that.

    some art’s ecclesiastes,
    some art’s about the sin
    some art it seems just heavenly
    and that’s great if it lets you in.
    some art’s all multi-colored til it goes behind the scene
    it comes out all multi-corporate
    then it only comes in green:

    but my art’s not made like that
    my art’s not meant for that
    my art’s not built like that
    my art’s not dressed for that.

    some art’s a one-hit wonder why
    they think we’re deaf and dumb
    it’s like the disciples at the last supper
    if God fed ‘em bubble gum.
    some art’s a pedigree whitewash,
    a cryptic clean cover-up
    my art don’t need no ivory badge to back up
    what’s in its gut:

    my art’s not made like that
    my art’s not meant for that
    no, my art’s not built like that
    my art’s not dressed for that.

    some art don’t care about you,
    what you say or what you do
    my art’s the Mona Lisa
    and she’s looking straight at you.
    my art wears the same clothes seven days a week
    cause my art don’t seem to care about
    what other people think.
    some art’s real nice to look at,
    some art’s all neat and clean
    my art forgot her tampon
    and she’s bleeding through her jeans.
    my art forgot her tampon
    and she’s bleeding through her jeans
    yeah, my art don’t need no tampon
    she’ll just bleed through your dreams:

    my art’s just made like that
    my art’s just meant for that
    my art’s just built like that
    yeah, my art’s just dressed for that
    my art’s just made like that
    my art’s just meant for that
    my art’s just built like that
    my heart’s just
    built like that.

    and to really get the impact listen to her perform it…

  91. CW: Fellowship of the Ring extended cut

    Be warned the following play by play will contain spoilers
    because lets face it, if you haven’t watched the Lord of the Rings by now you don’t care… bastards

  92. Remember when Alta Vista hit the scene? It was so amazing, ‘cuz you could just type in what you were looking for and it would give you back a bunch of webpages with those words in them.

    And then people made webpages with all the words in them.

  93. let’s see 2500 years plus 500 years, means the ring has been hiding for 3000 years! I wonder if the knights of the round table could do better

  94. “One ring to rule them all
    One ring to find them
    One ring to bring them all
    And in the darkness binf them”

    I always liked that bit of poetry