Jack Mangans Deadpan #180: Audible Command Signal

Silent Show Notes – to go with the 30 seconds of silence following the opening music.
(Used Hair, I hope I didn’t screw up your Atlantan Odyssey)

Jack Mangans Deadpan #180: Audible Command Signal

Jack Mangan truly is a He-Man

Long Silence

Promo – The Fump (http://www.thefump.com/)

The Energizer Bunny bores you with the contents of her office shelves

Usedhair continues driving from last week

We now pause for a brief introbabble break

Usedhair motors along.

Contents of work candy dish by Paul Maki

Jack talks to the aliens

More from The Energizer Bunny

Greasy Nipples
Vanamonde – First of the week
The Energizer Bunny
Ed from Texas
The Smarty Hotties
Lost Ralph

Reading by Claudine

Usedhair finds a town

More to the aliens

Movin’ along with Usedhair

The Bunny finishes up

A clarification by Ethel P

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467 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #180: Audible Command Signal

  1. Any recommendations for a non iTunes pod catcher and/or music manager. I’ve tried Media Monkey, Double Twist, Songbird and VCast. Not happy with any of them. In reality, I was put a lot of work into my iTunes library and playlists and would like to maintain them. Double Twist imports them, but screws them up and Double Twist is ASTOUNDINGLY slow. Is my only hope to give up and see if the droid will sync with iTunes?

  2. I’m a bit tired and my throat is sore. Even though Wisconsin doesn’t allow smoking in bars (or just about anywhere) I still had to yell over the music. and after reflecting on last nights darts (damn first night handy capping) I think we will do very well so I’m happy. how about yourself EssBee

  3. I take Airborne when I start feeling it, which helps quite a bit.

    Last October, though, I got H1N1, and was sick as a freakin’ dog for 4 days. That was brutal. I will not be repeating that experience.

  4. I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about various countries. They decided not to include Canada because it was a wholly owned subsidiary of the US. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

  5. After nearly 3 weeks of struggling miserably with sinus pressure and pain I think I’ve FINALLY have the correct combination of drugs to keep it in check. I can THINK AND BREATHE!!! WOO WOO!


  6. As a job perk, my company offers mental health webinars for free. Today’s was on grief and healing. Someone put their phone on mute, and we heard that organizations on-hold message/music (Jesus heals the world through this and that, etc, etc). That was kind of a bust.

  7. No, it was a participant!

    Then the presenter muted everyone – including herself – and continued on clicking through slides. My grief, it still exists.

  8. ComputerKing, I think your deep voice would crash the Autotune software.
    Death of Autotune, moment of silence.

    Thanks, EssBee. Full Disclosure: I wasn’t too sure about this one, especially with the silence screwup. And the Schwanzlieber.

    Thanks about the Palooza, JR. The world needs you thinking! I’m glad you’re recovereding.

  9. Essbee – sounds like some well meaning but completely inappropriate participant was being passive aggressive with that music. That would have only compounded my grief.
    Too bad they couldn’t just be disconnected.

  10. UsedHair – I use a combination of ZiePod to manage my feeds, and MediaMonkey to sync my Sansa Clip. I tried half a dozen different podcatchers and I haven’t found anything better than ZiePod yet. Which is pathetic, really, considering the developers seem to have abandoned it years ago.

  11. RE: The CNN opinion piece

    “President of the Ayn Rand Center….”

    After that, nothing in that article surprised me. Randian philosophy takes a rather naive view of humanity. But, I’m sure many multi-million dollar CEOs are able to sleep at night using this guys mindsets to justify their existences.

  12. Ed: I agree. Brook’s article is full of misconstrued facts and implied connections that simply aren’t true.

    You could equally accuse him of clinging to a moral code that is out of date, one defined over 50 years ago by someone that could be called an extremist.

  13. IMHO – here is where these folks always go off the reality rails …
    “Slandered as robber barons, what these individuals actually did was earn fortunes by studying the discoveries of science and commercializing them.”

    Those who are in the top 2% of the economic bracket always frame the argument as “I am villainized if I try to make money.” When the truth is … all they are being ask to do is make a little less PROFIT (but still very much making profit) and be better human beings.

    They apparently have no capacity to see that what the rest of us bristle at is not that they make loads of money … but that they make indescribably obscene amounts of money while destroying and killing anything that gets in the way of this increased quarterly profits.

    These “Robber Barrons” are the ones who ascribe to the theory of “ALL the profit at ANY cost”.
    Turns out that you CAN be profitable as well as socially responsible.
    It just means that sometimes, you just have to be willing to settle for half a gazillion dollars PROFIT.

  14. Juice and Ziepod look interesting. I also had someone suggest Doggcatcher because it resides on the phone and doesn’t require syncing with a computer. Doggcatcher costs $7, and I was able to find an app called BeyondPod that does essentially the same thing as Doggcatcher, but doesn’t cost anything. I have had to loose 1 app (Stuff You Missed In History Class), but that seems to be because the good folks at How Stuff Works .com think that iTunes is THE ONLY pod catcher and will not provide a direct rss link for any other pod catchers. Shame on them and I no longer want to listen to them because of it. Exclusive is never the way to go if your goal is to get people to listen to you.

    As I will be splitting the music and pod casts functionality, I will now try Songbird and (maybe) VCast to organize the rest of the music. I’m not in as much of a hurry as I can’t store close to my whole collection, so I will be creating new playlists for the phone anyway.

    Thanks for the advice. I will still look at Juice and Ziepod… just not tonight.

  15. It’s nice to know that after work goes from Fun Happy Coding to WTF! WHERE IT THE DATA SO AND SO PROMISED ME! HELP HIM! NOW! and you realize that your 8 hour day went to 16… that I can come here and get a smile, a laugh, a chuckle, see teh cute kitteh, and realize it’s just a job.


  16. There ought to be a word or a sniglet for the condition of having added a movie to your Netflix queue based on a whim, then having zero interest in the stupid DVD when it arrives.


    “Oh dammit, I regretflixed ‘The Blind Side’ weeks ago and still haven’t watched the DVD.”

  17. We’ve had the Hangover sitting on the TV stand for almost a month now. I hope we’ll enjoy it when ever we get around to watching it, but for now, it might as well be a regreflix.

    (I like it.)

  18. It’s always nice when you get a new gizmo that just works.

    My HDTV only has one HDMI input (ah the days when that was all you needed).

    So bought a little HDMI switcher and a couple of more cables, plugged everything in, and it all worked.


  19. Sniglet – now there’s a word I’ve not heard in a long time…. a long time.

    Regretflixed – a bit of a mouthful, but effective. We’ve actually done that quite a few times. Of late, we’ve been getting movies in the mail that neither the wife nor I can even remember putting in the queue, much less being interested in.

  20. I like the looks of Lost Girl (JOe’s comment notwithstanding!) – I wonder if I can get it here?

    I’m off to have blood drawn, and then will be back to make up for 2 hours of lost coffee-drinking time.

  21. One thing that I failed to follow through with last year was listing some of my favorite things of the year; like books, movies, etc.

    What do you guys think about calling in with this stuff? You have until the end of the year to think about it, so there isn’t a rush. Plus, I bet Jack would appreciate the content.

  22. Short list of contenders for favorite things of 2010 (in other words current media experiences)

    Music: Darling Parade, Hungry Lucy, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Radagun?
    Movie: Prince of Persia, The Expendables
    Book: Bitter Seeds
    Comic: Beast of Burden, Zantana
    Podiobook: Dead Mech, Dead Hunt, Goblin Market, Lillith’s Love, Fables of the Flying City, … I think I’m forgetting something.
    TV: True Blood, Vampire Dairies, Fringe, (was SGU in 2010?), The Gates, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Life Unexpected, BBC’s Demons, Haven, Warehouse 13, Nikita, Moon Phase, Okami-san, Covert Affairs, Burn Notice, Ark, Ultraviolet, Spaced, Wipe-Out, and I watched the heck out of Buffy and Angel.

    I guess I know where my year went to… watching TV.

  23. It sounds like you got some Netfriction and had to Rejectflix unseen. It’s happened to the wife and me, we’ve had LostBetFlix, but the good thing about it is that those NetRejex is that they’ll be available to be Queued and Booed again later.

  24. Jack: I apologize for not getting you your 60 lines recording. The past couple of weeks have been a disaster around here. Things are going better now, so I’ll have some time this weekend to take care of my recording.

  25. Van, I saw a documentary made in 2005 about the SF Bridge that still stated they start repainting the day they finish painting so at that point no.
    they also mentioned they don’t bother adding to the crew because they would have to lay people off if they finished to early.

  26. I’ve actually heard something similar Van, using nuts instead of conkers, but I think I’m a little too much of a clean freak to have my house corners and walls lined with fruit or nuts. I’m fine having hubby deal with them.

  27. Rhettro – I first heard Diablo Swing as the intro/outro for a short story podcast. I can’t remember the name, something like Cossmass Infinities? Later I was poking around on Jamendo and re-found them. That dark speed gypsy style is pretty neat.

  28. I do believe I’m caught up.

    Regreflix reminds me of a word Dan made up. Regreeee (pronounced Re-Gray)

    It’s when you Regret eating too much at the Buffet…

    “I certainly regreeee eating so much of that … everything… Ugh!”

    For the record, I don’t like buffets, unless they are Sushi buffets.

    I miss Todai

  29. I have a question. Amy, and any others in that age group, do you know what a record (player) looks like? I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m just trying to figure out where the cut off is. I know the kids hubby teaches don’t.

  30. I’ve just been informed that the Grease sing-a-long is playing at Tempe Marketplace tonight and I’m quite tempted to take my daughter.

    I think she’d get a kick out of it… but really – kinda worried some parts might bore her… not really worried about the “language” because she’s too young to understand it.

    I just recently learned that “sloppy seconds” doesn’t mean … well, whatever I thought it meant.. I didn’t think he meant THAT… ewwwww

  31. Van: Are you trying to tell us something?

    Jack: Didn’t enjoy the movie, or haven’t watched it yet.

    Currently making cream of mushroom soup for dinner.

  32. TEB: Yes. My parents still own a record player (I think). It was actually out in the house when I was a little kid. I think it’s still in our garage. 🙂 At least one of their friends has one in her house, too, as did one of my more intellectual friends in my peer group when I lived in Florida. All of these people are fairly-to-very serious music lovers, so I associate record players with that attitude. (Oh, yeah – there are some in the music library at my university, too.)

  33. Just finished my second run through Dragon Age: Origins. Definitely easier playing as a mage than a warrior.

    Now downloading the game score from Amazon. I’ll probably be picking up the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack as well. Definitely some memorable music from these games.

  34. I also have to relate this story: after a hectic day of driving across the state, we made it just in time for my kids to attend the Eoin Colfer event in Tempe. We got to meet him and “Artemis Fowl”, himself. An unforgettable time was had by all.

  35. It was pretty awesome, indeed. I did zero schmoozing; this was my kids’ moment.

    Eoin Colfer was very funny, very kind to both of my children, and even told my daughter she reminded him very much of Holly Short (the fairy female lead from the Artemis book series).

    His book 6 in the Hitchhiker’s series has taken some critical lumps, but I plan to give it a shot when I go back to re-read the whole thing. Hopefully by year’s end.

  36. “Eight hour train journey ahead of me”

    Now there’s something you’re not likely to here on our side of the pond very often.

    Safe travel, Van.

  37. I feel a little dead this morning. Coffee should help.

    EssBee: I can relate.

    Busy weekend, lots of lawn work. Seems like every plant in AZ has a thorn on it, not just cactus.

  38. Not sure if any of the Pan have an interest in 3d modeling, but I ran across this free program still in alpha called Sculptris. http://www.sculptris.com/download.html

    It is pretty stable for an alpha release. But its interface lets you create 3D models like you are working with clay. Very addicting for me. I’ll have some cool things to show later this week.

  39. SketchUp and Sculptris are totally different. Both good in their own way. SketchUp is good for creating mechanical things with sharp rectilinear forms. Sculptris is for creating organics, like video game characters, trees and monsters.

  40. Just got a message that an e-mail I sent last Wednesday with info that was due Friday … was undeliverable.
    WTF … it took 5 days to tell me that?

    Called the intended target and she said it was a problem on her end whereby when she tried to send a “group” e-mail, Outlook used some bogus e-mail address instead of hers. She now wonders how many people such as myself hit “reply” and had their info rerouted to the rings of Saturn.

  41. For full disclosure, this is the other (and surprise, surprise) more popular opinion on the Wall Street Journal site.


    Maybe if we were still a nation of butchers, bakers, and brewers (i.e. a manufacturing based economy), then this argument might have some merit. However, we are a nation dominated by lawyers, bankers, and stock market manipulators – not exactly producers anymore.

  42. I like how the top 2% have been trying to save their expensive tax cut by trying to sell the idea that a guy making a million dollars a year is just going to walk away from his job and go work at burger king if his taxes are raised.

    As if somehow, only making 3/4 of a million would be so horrific that they will all just give up and go get a minimum wage job instead.

    Come on!

  43. I’ve been listening to the History of Rome podcast for a while now. Recently the host talked about the horrible track record of youth emperors. The children were not able to deal with all that power.

    I see a pretty clear analogy to the Paris Hiltons of the world. Tax their inheritance until they have to work to survive. It evens the playing field while doing nothing to dissuade someone from working hard in the first place.

  44. So I alluded to showing something cool. Most of us old timers will remember the old pixel graphics of Doom and that one of the ground breaking game play points of Doom was being jumped by hundreds of enemies.
    Here is a picture of the Cacodemon from the original Doom.

    When Doom 3 went fully 3d the Cacodemon got an update.

    Doom 3’s focus was a lot more serious with an emphasis on dark hall ways and fighting monsters one on one. No more cartoony campy fun.

  45. The richest are certainly trying to cement a modern day SPQR system in the U.S. But enough about billiards. . . .

    Amy, that’s awesome! I don’t know if you were nervous, but you look really confident and comfortable.

  46. Ugh, I dropped the ball on an email. Still glad things seem to have turned out well though.

    Anyway. About that other thing – – ;lease don’t mistake my silence for indifference or ingratitude. I’m just speechless.

    Goodnight :speech:

  47. Good morning, y’all.

    Did anyone catch The Event last night? I forgot to record it (was out late schmoozin’). Was it worth trying to catch? I did record Castle, Lone Star, and Hawaii Five-O. The second and third thing might not stick.

  48. Haven’t seen Lo Pan on the boards in a while. I wanted to bug him. I’m hitting the Flames store after lunch tomorrow and I know how much he loves that. Anybody want anything?

    On a side note, the flames play their first exhibition game today. I guess that’s the first sign winter’s coming.

  49. I recorded The Event EssBee (as well as Castle and H50) but haven’t watched it. We probably won’t be watching any TV until the weekend when hubby gets home.

    Have been enjoying Lost Girl. And the Sherlock Holmes movies.

  50. Just a side thought: If Canada is the breast of the world, and we’re owned by the US (both thoughts from different podcasts) does that mean Canada is actually a whore? What does that make it’s people?

  51. Ok, looking for suggestions. I used to listen to PCMag radio, Broadband and After Hours podcasts (all done by the same group) for all my technology news and review. They have gone off air so now I’m looking for something to replace them. Tried This Week in Tech and was not satisfied. Tried Cranky Geeks – besides being unsatisfactory, it’s going off the air too.

    Anybody have any ideas for a good tech news/review podcast?

  52. Sorry Bunny. Im working in NYC for two weeks and its a big hectic. You go to your Flames store and Ill go ahead and go to the NHL Times Square store. Its wonderful….

    Boom goes the dynamite.

  53. jackmangan said:
    Amy, that’s awesome! I don’t know if you were nervous, but you look really confident and comfortable.

    Thank you so much! Coming from you, that really means a lot. I was a little nervous at the very beginning, but once I got into it, I was happy and having a great time. :happy:

  54. Watched H50 last night. The episode went by a bit too fast and was light on character development, but overall, I enjoyed it. And Grace Park looks awesome, as usual.

  55. TEB – Other tech news options:

    Maximum PC No BS – Infrequent, rambling, PC hardware focused. http://feeds.feedburner.com/maximumpc/1337

    Tech News Tonight – Daily, wide focus, with the excellent Tom Merritt. http://leoville.tv/podcasts/tnt.xml

    Buzz Out Loud – The same as TNT, just without Merritt and with Molly Wood. http://www.cnet.com/8300-19709_1-10.xml

    Tekzilla, gdgt weekly, Engadget…

    And I really thought I used to listen to more tech podcasts. Hmph.

  56. I removed myself from Facebook. I figure most people know how to get a hold of me and if they don’t, I don’t want to talk to them anyway :tongue:

  57. I’ve decided that “hold” is a four letter word that shouldn’t be said in polite company.

    *sigh* I hate waiting on the phone.

  58. Cj: Is there something that you always do on Monday that might be related? Food? Drink? It could be an allergy of some kind that is being triggered that way.

  59. Watched Dark Star from teh Usenets finally. It was great. It had some really dark themes, then goofy shit. You could totally see the creepy starting in those guys careers. Their voices cracked me up. Totally didn’t fit the visuals and pacing of the movie.

  60. Every Tuesday I run a report for my VPs on time entry tardiness for our time tracking system. Every Tuesday I am amazed at how hard these people make this simple click and add system.

  61. Dark Star was tough to watch, but really memorable. I’m already pretty nostalgic for some of its goofy highlights.

    I’d love to get some thoughts about another Palooza. Should we wait til next year? Should we try a different medium? Should we make bad jokes about the word “medium”?

  62. I think the Paloozas are always fun when a group participates, Jack. Even for Dark Star, I didn’t watch the film after 15 minutes but still really liked hearing what you all said about it. It ALMOST made me want to watch the film. ALMOST.

    I think movies are the way to go, but I also really got into/enjoyed the Watchmen Palooza, so I’m easy. That’s what she said.

    I still think you guys would really love Pecker . . .

  63. Oh, I think we need to shoot for three Palooza’s a year. Every four months feels like a decent spread.

    I’m open for a different medium this time. Though, if we go for literature, I suggest something in the range of short story to graphic novel.

  64. Two to twenty paloozas a year sounds about right to me. As for their content, I think anything of note should be game. Although I think Blade Runner should get tackled before 2013.

  65. In more local news

    Hugh and I are going to try to attend some shows here in the next few months.
    Something we haven’t done in…. well years. Last show was 08 we saw NIN.

    Greg Dulli is here mid Nov
    and it looks like Einstürzende Neubauten are here early december as well as Peter Hook touring a set of Joy Division music.

    Not sure if Hugh will be able to see a couple shows so close together in December there, but I might just do those solo. We’ll see 🙂 Haven’t seen Neubauten in well over 10 years. Like maybe close to 20 years since Ive seen them.

  66. Things that happen when hubby is away:

    1 – I sleep in an ove-rsized t-shirt because I don’t have his warm hairy body to cuddle up to.

  67. 13 – I won’t have someone to take care of the creepy crawlies that will come out of the woodwork once they realize I’m alone

  68. 14 – the cat will be annoying and cuddle tightly into me when she realizes she has me all to herself (which is a good thing as far as she’s concerned)

  69. On a different note: Scry, I used to listen to Gearlog Radio. The guys went on to do After Hours (brining the hot 5 in 5 with them) the girls did Broadband (get it?). They both went off the air at the end of August.

  70. 16 – I won’t have someone to scratch my back if it gets itchy (on the other hand, he won’t have someone to scratch his either)

  71. EssBee, I just hope #1 isn’t because of the hairy body for you. My hubby has a very hairy back. It’s like cuddling a giant teddy bear :cheerful:

  72. my 2 cents on tech podcasts. I have only found 2 I can stand listening to Buzz out loud and Tech News Today. I started BOL around show number 200. It still has Molly Wood if not for that (or when she is gone) I would just skip it. TNT has Tom Merritt and I like his sense of humor. If these 2 shows didn’t exist I might try something else but they cover so much I don’t really need anything else. Every time I try to expand my tech podcast listening I get annoyed that they are repeating what I already heard.

  73. Bunny, if Molly ever leaves BOL I’ll stop listening it just gets to serious and Raffe just gets over the top if he isn’t kept in check IMHO.
    Hearing Tom on TNT play devils advocate is often very funny but still informative.
    I almost always listen to TNT from end to end and skip through Raffe heavy topics on BOL.

  74. NS, I’m not a big fan of Tong either. Coolie I find funny sometimes but not that informative. if Rafe was less serious I would like him better. Molly rants make the show. I miss Tom and Veronica with Molly on the show.

  75. I see The Event in my Hulu queue. Has anyone gotten around to watching it yet?
    I also have Warehouse 13 and Eureka waiting and i’m not sure what to watch first.

  76. I liked House and agree it was stronger than I expected also.

    We watched mike and molly. It was pretty funny and had lots of jokes I didn’t expect to see on network TV.

    Rules of Engagement was still good but I don’t expect many more seasons
    I don’t get sick of looking at Megyn Price

  77. after the comments I think I’ll watch the event so I can maybe eliminate it quickly. but keep in mind I tend to like things so take my review with a grain of salt or maybe a low hanging nut

  78. Nah, I was watching Hawaii Five-O.

    Not bad, it was pretty fun and all that. I won’t be watching because there aren’t any vampires or aliens or spies in it, but that shouldn’t stop anyone else. I give it the thumbs up.

  79. I have to get up in a few hours, collecting tables and chairs for the baby shower this weekend, so it’s “goodnight mush” from me.

    And I still really don’t get the “mush” reference. I’m pretty sure y’all have even explained it too.

  80. Best bit about that hand slapping video is that underneath it it says “No description available”.
    This is because it defies description. There IS no description that is adequately available.

  81. Back from the Flames Store.

    I have a girlfriend who has a 3 month old daughter. They had the cutest little fleecy I just had to get. I see her on Monday so I can give it to her then. I also did some early Christmas shopping.

  82. I heard a great call on the Savage Love podcast last week. The guy was gay, but was recently closeted and dating a woman. The woman invited him to a family gathering and he was nervous about going as an out gay man. He told Dan “I have a flame I can’t tame.” Cracked me up.

  83. Jack, next time you have a contest I’ll donate somthing Flames related. Make sure Lo Pan wins :happy:

    (seriously, I will make a donation to the next contest – even if it isn’t rigged)

  84. So I’m watching this movie called Merlin and the Book of Beasts. It doesn’t bode well when an entire town is killed by a small swarm of butterflies

  85. I wonder, J0e. the heroes fought a suit of armor. It continued on even after they removed chopped it’s head off.

    I kind of stopped paying attention to the movie shortly after that point. I just couldn’t hold me.

  86. I’ve followed BOL for several years and was torn when Tom jumped ship and started TNT – I’m actually a bit miffed at Leo Laporte for stealing him away to make a very similar show.

    I tried following both of them for a few weeks, but, as much as I like Tom, that girl that they’ve put with him is too annoying and vapid to handle. I understand she’s supposed to be some internet hotshot that Leo was excited to get, but she’s no Molly Wood.

    Curse you, Leo!!!!

  87. Alright, I need to borrow the deadpan brainpower. In the class that I’m teaching my son and some other kindergarten kids, I will be talking about the five senses. I want to give examples of scientists who use the different senses in their field of study. I need some suggestions.

    Sight (astonomer)
    Hear (seismologist)
    Touch (paleontologist)
    Taste ????
    Smell ????

    Feel free to suggest for any of them.

  88. Jack: Yes. Songs and albums are good Palooza choices, too. And yes, I do remember the Goodnight Moon trailer. It was funny. :happy:

    Rhettro, reaper: I agree. My opinion of the House season opener was “so far, so good.”

  89. Thank you, Amy.

    Sense scientists.
    Taste: Aren’t there some chefs with “Gastro” in their job title, as if they were scientists?
    Smell: Botanist(?). Do scientists work for perfume companies?

    Ed, should I know more about this class of which you speak?

  90. “Hear” – one of the main tools that scientist who track bird species use to determine what species are in the area.

    Also, some musicians have been known to use all 5 senses working overtime, to tell the difference between the lemons and the limes, pain and the pleasure and the churchbells softly chime.

  91. SPEAKING of Cat Stevens (sorry, I couldn’t come up with a good segue)

    If you live in a place where it is a clear night, you should step outside and notice how bright the full moon is.
    Spectacular night for leaping and hoping with your moon shadow.

  92. And, just finished watching the season opener of Chuck. Off to a solid start. Definitely appreciated the Palooza worthy cameo (well actually, guest start since he was credited).

  93. Honestly, I was never into Seinfeld all that much, so I didn’t catch any references on that one.

    I wonder how many others I missed.

    And, there’s probably no one here….

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