Jack Mangans Deadpan #178: Dark Star Datapalooza 2

Low-Budget Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #178: Dark Star Datapalooza 2 Special guest – Vanamonde!

Jack and Van discuss Dark Star
Other Dark Star Content submitted by:
Ed from Texas
Amy Bowen
Justa J0e
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Closing music: “Love Is Never Distant”

418 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #178: Dark Star Datapalooza 2

  1. Aurora Cofrade Pues va a ser verdad que las borrascas limpian bastante las cabezas.. Cada día tengo más claro lo que no quiero.. En fin que me voy a dormir, que me pongo a divagar y es un no parar.

  2. Hey, look. A fresh Deadpan just for my birthday. Thanks, Jack, you’re the best!

    ….maybe I need to change my superhero them song to “You’re so Vain”

  3. Listening to Jack and Van and Used Hair. From what I understand the 60 minute version of the film was the original student film. More scenes were added when they got the film distribution contract.

  4. I told hubby some of the comments would be negative in today’s episode, his comment was “how could anybody not enjoy this film?”

    He really loved it.

  5. In two weeks, when my phone contract is up, I’m getting an IPhone. I thought about a droid but decided that I have a touch and I have a phone, I could eliminate one electronic device if I combine the two.

  6. Got my glock and I got my cash
    Got my bling and I gotta hot ass
    Make ah girls sweat when they see ah me pass
    So goddamn hot gonna give you heat rash.

  7. Betta step back when Im doin my thing
    Slap u down with mah dingaling
    When you feel ah the heat of my bee sting
    You know yo messin with the real thing.

  8. We have a mayor election coming this October. So far there are 18 people who have announced they are running. How silly can you get?

  9. It was chilly here this morning as well, Bunny, but not that chilly.

    I’m hoping for another 3-4 weeks without a freeze. We have loads of green tomatoes on the vine.

  10. I just saw this comment on the last comments page, and I really need to reply to it.

    UsedHair said:

    I really, really want one of these. And they only cost a couple hundred dollars. If only I had a couple tens of dollars to spare (let alone a couple hundred).



    Well, shoot.

    That’s exactly what the story I’m going to write this weekend for my unofficial attempt at a 3-Day Novel is about.

    It doesn’t exactly seem “science fiction” any more. (Well, not on the surface, anyway. What happens at the end is still fictional, as far as I know.)

  11. I find the whole thing about the president having to tell us that he’s a Christian over and over again absolutely absurd. Honestly, who gives a shit?

  12. I haven’t installed any system updates on my MacBook for months. I just emailed the Boulder Mac Shack, though, about upgrading the internal HD so I can do so!

  13. it worked!

    I posted a comment on my iphone and it worked.

    It is awaiting moderation now but it let me post this time. Please unmoderate me Jackamo.

    when I tried posting last night, I couldn’t see the submit comment button but this time I could see it. Must of just been a fluke

  14. That’ll do, as well 🙂


    We haven’t had enough swooning around here lately. I expect a good bit more of that in 2011, too.

  15. Yeah I have an iPhone 4 TSH.

    I’ve noticed that with IOS4, things can go glitchy if you forget to shutdown programs that multitask properply. For example yesterday the mail application wouldn’t pick up new email..I had to reboot the phone to get it working again.

  16. Hubby’s kids are already starting to bribe him. He came hoe with Darth Vader and R2D2 Pez dispensers. He told me he accepts all bribes. He won’t give anyone favour, but he’ll still accept the bribes :happy:

  17. I’m surprised that none of the comments about the bad science in Dark Star were about the “absolute zero” freezer that the captain is stored in. Cryogenic freezing doesn’t need temperatures that low. And if he was truly stored at absolute zero:
    1. As soon as someone opened the door to the freezer, absolute zero would have been compromised very quickly.
    2. Absolute zero implies no molecular motion whatsoever. If that was the case, there could not have been any thinking or communication going on with the captain.

  18. I’ve been up for 3 hours also. 45 minutes of which was spent driving here so I could sit here and be tired.

    I have over 1000 items in my feed reader.

    Gotta love Friday morning catching up.

  19. If I am being honest…

    I actually do love it.

    There is very little about my job that I don’t love.

    Maybe the drive – but even that’s pretty cool because I get 45 minutes of Harry Potter listening pleasure.

  20. I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about the circumstances in which we allow for “bad science” in fiction to occur. This is certainly not specific to Dark Star. In general, if we see a movie that isn’t magic/fantasy based, most of us have a tendency to nitpick about things that get physics wrong. Yet, I’ve never seen someone come out of Superman, or The Hulk, or any other superhero movie complaining about the physics of the superpower of flight, or even the super power that allows Bruce Banner’s pants to stretch to super size so that they don’t have to show us the hulk’s super-sized green schlong. I know that there are articles out there (e.g., Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex) that address the issues. However, I’ve never seen anyone watch a superhero movie and just cringe during the movie and say “if he really tried to run that fast, friction would burn him to a crisp. This is stupid.” Why do superheroes get such a pass from good physics?

    And while we’re on the topic of superheroes, why do we still allow such a pass on crappy “disguises” for secret identities. Superman disguises himself with a pair of glasses. Most disguise themselves as superheroes with a mask over the eyes. When comics were young, I could understand it. But, why do we still let comics get away with that sort of thing.

  21. I think the earliest I can remember seeing people do this was in the Superman movie where he flew around the world in the opposite direction really fast and made time run backwards. People were really upset about the bad science of this, but not with any of the bad science that allows the color of a sun to allow super strength, or the ability to fly, or the other bad science that goes into creating superpowers. What’s worse is that I was one of the people upset about that I’m griping about.

  22. Bunny, I might get up to your hood one of these days. My brother-out-law and his family live in Hobbema. We might make a trip in the next few years, and I’m definitely coming to see you if we do.

  23. I debating on getting a new desk today. I need one, but it’s a matter of whether or not I get it today.

    I also need to find someplace to get good pop. The place I used to get it doesn’t sell it any more. I’m almost out and we have people coming over for gaming tonight.

    I haven’t decided if I want to get (and put together) a desk and search for pop today. Maybe just one or the other.

  24. UsedHair: About science in movies: I only nitpick when a movie presents itself as “realistic”. Take Deep Impact vs Armageddon. I’d be far more critical of science in Deep Impact because it tries to be serious about it. That’s less of a problem with Armageddon, and even though the science is atrocious in it–urgh! Don’t get me started!–I can still enjoy it as a mindless action-adventure movie. Besides, Peter Stormare as Lev was awesome. 🙂

    B-Movies rarely ever take themselves seriously. They are camp and meant to be enjoyed, not analyzed. Roger Corman movies are great examples.

    Superhero movies are somewhat similar: they are set in a world where our physics don’t apply. If you can’t get past that then you’ll drive yourself crazy picking apart the illogic in Superman, Batman, etc.

  25. I tend to judge a movie based on the rules it sets up for itself. I’ll totally buy into a world of make believe physics that don’t contradict the premise as told by the story. So it did bother me during the first season of Heroes were Peter needed the aid of his flying brother to dispose of the bomb, when it was already established that Peter absorb the ability to fly from his brother earlier. But if in the Dark Star world, planets occasionally fly out of their orbit and into their suns causing them to explode, well maybe they do in “that” universe. LOL

  26. Rhettro: I’d agree with that. The reality should be consistent with what the world building set it up as. It’s the inconsistencies, the dumb stuff, that throw me out of the movie.

  27. I read the book before seeing the movie “2001” so that gave me enough backstory to enjoy it. Otherwise I don’t think I would have. My father, on the other hand, loved the movie without having read the book, saying that there was enough things visually present to tell the story. I think that movie “Moon” did a better job of that.

  28. “Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don’t hang out with anybody unless I am in love,” she said.

    Hmmmmm…… really? Methinks youre getting 2 “L” words confused, honey.

  29. I did see a Discovery Channel show a few years back debunking the poor comic book science, basically disproving the possibility for a being like the Hulk to even displace mass like that, in such large amounts, debunking Spider-Man’s superstrong, superthin webs, etc.

  30. justa JOe, your comment on Dark Star cracked me up because every time I think of the film (of which I only saw a few minutes), I think of the song. Twisted minds think alike, bro.

  31. Well Bunnies are all very nice, but I want to see Polar Bears that are not in a Zoo.

    I like the advice on the Churchill site, if you run into a Polar bear out in the wild then:

    Don’t run

    Don’t play dead

  32. Something you’ll rarely hear me say… this may be the first and last time…
    But dang..

    I think I need a massage.

    I don’t like massages, but seriously.. my shoulders could use some rough-lovin’ right now…

  33. Hey Pan

    I have no comment on Kat Von D’s personal life but she has some amazing makeup I have to say.

    When I first saw her line of makeup announced, I scoffed at it. She’s a tattoo artist not a makeup artist, who cares???

    But then I freelanced at Sephora for a while and they had this wonderful room I truly truly miss where you can go and take samples of almost anything. So I picked up some of her concealer and liquid eyeliner and I am totally addicted.

  34. and I also discovered L’Occitane this way too

    If any of you lady panitas out there have ever struggled with finding a good moisturizer… omg.

    They are expensive, but seriously you only use a tiny amount of product and the stuff is made by french skin gods. I swear it.

    Everything they make is amazing. Foot and hand lotion, face moisturizer. They have this amazing sensitive skin relief stuff. I use it for around my eyes.

  35. TSH – there can never be too much swooning over makeup.

    My entire being goes into a sort of jelly-like existence when I get within 20 feet of Sephora….

    Then it’s as though invisible taffy-pullers are yanking my body into the store… I really don’t even have the will to put up a fight.

  36. I do not understand the makeup conversation, but am a sucker for a good moisturizer.

    Agree – Kat Von D is an amazing artist. She is a brat, but I wouldn’t mind letting her tattoo me.

  37. Hey Pan

    I’ve read two books on the list and attempted and third but never finished it (Moby Dick). I take umbrage at them saying I would lie about reading those books. I’m not ashamed to say I have or haven’t read a book. I take pride in the fact I’m a boorish lout :happy:

  38. I’ve read none of those books.

    I’ve read “1984” at least 4 times though..

    and “Lord of the Flies” twice

    So, I think I spend my time re-reading things I’ve already read instead of reading new stuff.

  39. I must freely admit to having actually read none of those. At least two I’d never heard of before seeing them on this list. Have seen movie versions of a a few of them.

  40. My big project for this weekend consists of writing a novel… novella… thing. I don’t know how long this story will go, but I’ve been planning to write it this weekend for an entire month now.

  41. My big project … THE GARAGE! *dum dum dummmmmm*
    Getting some cabinets next week so I have to move the “stuff” that is in the way.
    Over a decade worth of “stuff”. 🙁

    I’ve spent the last hour setting up a stereo system out there.
    This job is going to require some MAJOR tuneage.

  42. I wonder what the sci-fi version of that list would be. For starters we would have to get rid of the “claim to have read” part. Geeks are far too aware that other will crucify them if they claim to have read books that they haven’t. I think we should change it to either
    a: The top 10 sci-fi books that people quote from, but have never read (Dune would be at the top of that list for me)
    b: The top 10 pieces of great science fiction literature that most geeks have only seen the movie of (Dune would be at the top of that list for me)

  43. tweet

    I have the song “Holy Diver” on repeat in my brain. Apparently I’ve been down too long in the midnight sea. Oh what’s becoming of me?


  44. I agree, UsedHair. I’d be much more interested in a Sci-fi (and Fantasy) edition of such a list.

    I’d certainly have a better chance of having read some of them.

  45. Alright, so the new version of Digg seems to have gone a pissed everyone off and people say Reddit is the place to go now. One of the tech podcasts I listen to said that commenters on Reddit were more useful and helpful.

    I’ve been poking around Reddit for the last few days and I can’t say that commenters there aren any more or less likely to be douchebags than they are on Digg.


  46. Ed, I know Reddit is the site that does the comments for the Loaded Dice strip that my Boo does the artwork for (blatant plug http://www.rdinn.com/comic.php). the people of Loaded Dice are very hit and miss with Reddit and are of the opinion most of the commentators are from people who aren’t into D & D

  47. Re: Beer as moisturizer:
    Hugh recommends soaking in a beer filled bath once a week. It is how he keeps his skin so glowing and soft.

    Re: Sephora
    CJ we are Sephora soul sisters. I have the same problem.

    To Justa j0e
    Good luck with your garage project

    To Amy Bowen
    Good luck with your writing

    To ditto swooon
    Stop sniffing varnish! You’ll kill brain cells 🙂

    Hugh sez: I love the smell of varnish, painting oils, paints, gesso, pastels, gauche, printing ink. Swooon indeed.

    I admit to loving the smell of all of those things and photo chemicals too.
    I love how after a good painting session the house would smell of paint for days. I miss that 🙂 swoon indeed 2

  48. Re 13 books

    Canterbury Tales
    Hugh: yay Dre: yay
    we bought an illustrated version of this on our honeymoon when we were in London and we both read it.

    Democracy in America
    Hugh: nay Dre: nay

    Hugh: yay Dre: yay

    Christmas Carol
    Hugh: yay Dre: yay (if listening to it counts)
    Hugh read Christmas Carol to 1 set of his nieces and nephews who were staying with us for a time. That was how I read it. I hadn’t read it before then.

    Satanic Verses
    Hugh: nay Dre: yay/nay- read half
    I read it to see what all the hoopla was about and it lost me. Never passed it on to Hugh to read.

    Moby Dick
    Hugh: yay Dre: yay
    I love that book!!

    A Brief History of Time
    Hugh: nay Dre: nay

    Infinite Jest
    Hugh: nay Dre: nay

    The Name of the Rose
    Hugh: nay Dre: nay

    In Search of lost time
    Hugh nay Dre nay

    Don Quixote
    Hugh yay Dre yay

    As I Lay Dying
    Hugh nay Dre nay

    War and Peace
    Hugh yay Dre nay

  49. anyone here set up your iTunes Ping account?

    Don’t bother. It gets a big Smarty Hottie: BOO!!!!
    Only 2 of the many bands I would follow were on it

    Madonna and Nine Inch Nails

    Big boo iTunes

    They didn’t even have New Order, or Skinny Puppy, or Twilight Singers or Sleigh Bells or many others I searched for.

  50. and no offense to my sweet Trent Reznor, but his other band How To Destroy Angels has a Ping page but Skinny Puppy doesn’t??

    C’mon now. wtf?

    So now my Ping Artists list consists of:
    Trent Reznor
    How To Destroy Angels

    that is not acceptable by my standards.
    Although I appreciate that Trent’s band are totally represented. I heart him.

  51. Ok wait Hugh pointed out something

    wethinks the artist has to make their band page.. interesting.

    Cuz like Trents pages he has all these comments and stuff on. So he probably made the Trent and HTDA pages. Madonnas page just says she hasn’t added anything. I think it would be up to the artist to maintain it.

    Or in Madonnas case her minions would update it 🙂

    I would be Madonnas Ping updater minion

    Hugh sez: no, you are my minion woman!

    Yes my lord. I am sorry. *eye roll*

    Hugh My Lord sez: don’t roll your eyes at your lord!

  52. The tech podcasts that I follow have been thoroughly unimpressed with Ping after trying it for the lat few days. Apparently one big problem is Apple put in no provisions for dealing with SPAM comments and the Spammers have turned it into a litterbox.

  53. I don’t know what Ping is.

    I don’t want to Google it.

    I want to go back to bed.

    To sleep perchance to dream….

    Stupid brain wouldn’t fall asleep last night. I get up at 4 fricken a.m. so I can be here at work by 5:30 fricken a.m. and at 11 fricken p.m. I’m looking at the clock thinking “why the frick am I still awake”

    My brain sure is stupid for being as smart as I’m supposed to be.

  54. I’m just not a huge Sheryl Crow fan. Dan likes when I sing that one song of hers at karaoke… the one that repeats entirely too much.

    Crap… what’s it called? Something about Sunshine… ummm

    Soak up the Sun.. that’s the one.


  55. I did my best to notice
    When the call came down the line
    Up to the platform of surrender
    I was brought but I was kind

    And sometimes I get nervous
    When I see an open door
    Close your eyes, clear your heart
    Cut the cord

    Are we human or are we dancer?
    My sign is vital, my hands are cold
    And I’m on my knees looking for the answer
    Are we human or are we dancer?

    Pay my respects to grace and virtue
    Send my condolences to good
    Hear my regards to soul and romance
    They always did the best they could

    And so long to devotion
    You taught me everything I know
    Wave goodbye, wish me well
    You’ve gotta let me go

    Are we human or are we dancer?
    My sign is vital, my hands are cold
    And I’m on my knees looking for the answer
    Are we human or are we dancer?

    Will your system be alright
    When you dream of home tonight
    There is no message we’re receiving
    Let me know, is your heart still beating?

    Are we human or are we dancer?
    My sign is vital, my hands are cold
    And I’m on my knees looking for the answer
    Are we human or are we dancer?

    You’ve gotta let me know

    Are we human or are we dancer?
    My sign is vital, my hands are cold
    And I’m on my knees looking for the answer
    Are we human or are we dancer?

  56. Black Sheep – Metric

    Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when
    Our common goal was waiting for the world to end
    Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
    You crack the whip, shapeshifting trick, the past again

    i’ll send you my love on a wire
    Lift you up, everytime, everyone, ooo, pulls away, ooo
    From you

    Got balls of steel, got an automobile, for a minimum wage
    Got real estate, I’m buying it all up in outerspace
    Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
    You crack the whip, shapeshifting trick, the past again

    I’ll send you my love on a wire
    Lift you up, everytime, everyone, ooo, pulls a way, oo
    Mechanical bull, the number one
    You’ll take a ride from anyone, everyone wants a ride,
    pulls away, oooh from you

  57. TSH: Thank you! I wrote about 1,000 words yesterday. It would have been more, except that one of my friends invited me to go to Disneyland, so I did.

    I have read excerpts from Don Quixote, but that’s it for me from that list. 🙁

  58. 1K !!!
    Good going Amy!

    “except that one of my friends invited me to go to Disneyland”
    I soooo wish that was a common euphemism.
    Like say, “I am so tired today. I was going to turn in early last night except this girl I know invited me to go to Disneyland.”

  59. I am going to take issue with the fact that Amy writes

    “invited me to go to Disneyland, so I did.”

    in the same post as a 🙁 face….

    Those two things do not belong together.

  60. Would that be a mumble-ass memory?

    Anyway, I’m off to hit the road again. The journey sucks, but assuming that my children are there at the end, it’s worth it.

    Have a great day, amigos. :rock:

  61. Ugh, worked Friday night (time & 1/2) and last night (double time) and continuing on rest of week as normal. Kind of shot some of the weekend plans down. Had a good time at Renaissance Festival on Saturday, and at friends’ place Saturday night overnight.

    But then slept most of yesterday instead of State Fair, and about to sleep a good chunk of the rest of today.

  62. Cj: LOL! No, they don’t belong in the same post. Saturday was a very :happy: day. The rest of today is going to be full of more writing. (Between church and visiting friends, the only writing that happened yesterday was on an unrelated project.)

  63. Don has always been living on the edge of “This can’t end well.”

    Due to technical difficulties I have to wait until tomorrow to see the last 10 minutes of the latest episode. Have to say that it didn’t appear things were going to end on a good note.

  64. I’ve read Moby Dick (detested the chapters with no story) and Don Quixote (wasn’t as amusing as I’d been expecting) but I’ve never even heard of half the books on that list.

    The closest I’ve come to reading the Canterbury Tales is Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Which is to say, not close at all.

  65. Yah to the end of summer!

    Scott Pilgrim was great second time around.

    Although there was a young couple making out right next to me.

    I’m beginning to wonder if I act like catnip in cinemas…

  66. Catching up:

    I tried to read Moby Dick in high school, but stumbled on the highly stylized prose of the old time sailor. It wasn’t for me.

    Watched lots of movies via Netflix this weekend, notibly “The Proposal”, “Paranormal Activity”, “Screamers” and “The Ice Harvest”. “The Proposal” was light weight fun, if a bit predictable. “Paranormal Activity” was creepy, but pretty low budget. “Screamers” was pretty good actually, although a few scenes had characters acting pretty irrationally to the point that it took the viewer out of the movie. And the “Ice Harvest” was interesting if a bit pointless. I mainly liked it for its location, Wichita.

  67. Speaking of sequels, I also have The Descent 2 on my DVR. Over the weekend our local Sci Fi channel (called Space) showed Descent as one of it’s weekend movies. Hubby and I thought that was great, we’d watch Descent on Space than watch the sequel I had on the DVR after. Did you know SyFy did a cheesy movie called Descent with Luke Perry. We didn’t until this weekend. We were very disappointed. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0437152/)

  68. todays rant at the world –

    Please world … if you have some information that your really NEED me to know, that you expect me to act on … would you please PLEASE just send it to me in a text file or at least html?

    If you are just going to automatically assume that not only do I have the software package that you used to make this data “pretty” but that I have the same operating system as you AND a compatible version of the software itself … you have failed before you have even begun.

    Thanks world.

  69. Ah, the jump the shark episode. I agree that the JTS episode didn’t mark the series decline, but rather when Ron Howard left. Although I think that the JTS episode is noteworthy because it was a cliff hanger episode and the prior year’s episode, Fonzie jumped his motorcycle over something. So the the jump the shark episode seemed like a retread of the motorcycle episode. But the commentor doesn’t have anything else to say about that, other than he went on to write for “Family Matters.” *shudder*

  70. Spent Thursday driving to Augusta, GA and back (called in a p-b-p of thoughts on the road) to pick up my son, his fiance and her daughter. Spent yesterday driving my son, daughter-in-law and my granddaughter back to Augusta, GA. Arrived home at 5am today. The rest of the day has been spent de-addling the brain.

    And don’t think the irony is lost that I took three vacation days around Labor Day weekend, drove to GA on Thursday – home from GA on Monday night, spent lots of money that I didn’t really have… and DIDN’T GO TO DRAGONCON!!!!!

  71. Hopefully my domestic fellows did alright on the return to work today.

    Mine went pretty well until this afternoon. Took my car to the dealer after work to drop it off for service tomorrow and pick up and loaner (lord, what awful grammar). Well, as usual they need a copy of my driver’s license and proof of insurance.

    Go to the glove box, pull out insurance card. Expired in April. D’oh!

    Call insurance company to get proof of current insurance emailed to the service adviser. And we wait…..

    Call my wife at home to see if she can find the new cards and to fax a copy. Dealer fax machine gives a busy signal. Service adviser checks and it looks like all the fax machines are down.

    Ask her to scan and email to the adviser. She does and copies me. Get my copy on my phone. Nothing on the adviser. I forward to another adviser and he doesn’t get it either.

    We eventually conclude that a nearby lightning strike that occurred about an hour before I came in must have screwed with their system.

    After all this process of discovery, the manager gives the adviser approval to let me take the loaner anyway.

    A comedy/tragedy of errors all around. But, I did finally manage to get on with my evening.

  72. Hey Pan.

    Went on FaceBook this morning. Realized it’s been months and months since I was on. Discovered I didn’t miss it so I deactivated my account. Most people know how to get a hold of me anyway. *shrug* I guess the novelty wore off a long time ago.

  73. Nah. I found I know pretty much every’s e-mail anyway so if I want to talk to them, I’ll pop them a note on my own. If it’s a Deadpanite and I don’t know their e-mail (which is very few) then I’ll post something here. Otherwise, there’s the phone or Skype too. How many ways do I need to keep tabs on people?

    there comes a point where it start coming eerily close to stalking 😉

  74. I also stick with FB to keep up with people. I love seeing the crazy stuff my teen nieces and nephews say, and love to see their pictures. And stalking Van.

  75. EssBee, Not at my new job. I love my new job and the owner is awesome.
    One example if his awesomeness:
    He has 2 sets of 4 season tickets for the Packers and gives at least one set away to an employee every game. I got a set for the 19th. He told me to take my family before my son goes to basic training for the air force.

  76. So Apple’s servers must be getting a hammering, version 4.1 is alive for download and still have an hour to wait for downloading completion…sheeesh.

  77. < Drive-By >

    Just stopping in to say hi. I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t had time to catch up.

    Not seeing it happen in the near future either.

    Hope everyone’s doing well.

    Later :pan:

    < /Drive-By >

  78. ditto: I have the Inception movie soundtrack, but they didn’t put the trailer music on it (which is sad, because the trailer music is awesome). Where and how did you get a copy of it?

  79. Just installed iTunes v10.0. They changed all the icons, including the one in the desktop shortcut to the program. I liked the old program icon better, but I like the new internal icons (like the ones next to the titles of playlists).

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