Jack Mangans Deadpan #177: Dark Star Datapalooza 1

Shaggy Existentialist Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #177: Dark Star Datapalooza 1

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Welcome to the Darkstar Palooza. Contributions by:

Kurt in St. George
Mr. and Mrs. Energizer Bunny
Lo Pan

Greasy transmissions from greasy Dark Star in greasy space
Vanamonde (first of the week)
Johnny Null
The Energizer Bunny
Justa J0e
Ess Bee

Really, Sixty Lines Part 3 coming soon
Jack’s Story The Lighthouse Keeper written for PG Holyfields Murder at Avadon Hill (http://www.pgholyfield.com/maah/) should be dropping in October
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Next week we continue our discussion Dark Star.

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696 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #177: Dark Star Datapalooza 1

  1. You never want to start the week with a snafu.

    So ok from the previous thread…. I will check out that Chocolate.
    Though it would be hard to top the Canadian chocolate from Charles Callebaut. (Thank you, Canadians)

    Goodnight :Ithink:

  2. Hubby works with middle school kids. Internet security is a big issue in school. One of the things they try to drill into them is not to use their real name on the internet. Whenever hubby goes against his teachings I tend to bug him.

  3. Hubby left for his meeting. I was picking on him because he had a name tag on.

    He was upset because it said his actual name. I guess some of the teachers call him D-Dawg. I’m not sure why. It’s very strange.

  4. In response to an off the cuff comment by Jack. August is typically a slower comment month. We are actually on track to exceed the comment count from August last year. We only need 200 comments this week to match.

    In fact, we have surpassed the first three weeks of August last year. (1,302 comments last year, currently 1,876 for the first three weeks this year) It was the last week last year that made up for it (over 700 comments).

    go us!

  5. CD: at the cinema waiting for Scott Pilgrim to start.

    There’s a guy who looks like Doolittle, unfortunately he smells like how I imagine somebody would smell like on a malfunctioning ship for 20 years…

  6. Also, great episode. Great opening Dan & CJ, Mr. TEB and the rest of the commentors. And any mashup featuring Nevermore is a good mash up. 🙂

  7. I’m going to watch a movie after lunch. Not sure what I’m watching but maybe I’ll PbP it to help bump up the comment count.

  8. No worries TEB, it just seemed quiet in here for being morning (for us here in the New World). I won’t be seeing Scott Pilgrim until it hits Netflix.

  9. Agreed Rhett. Certainly not for lack of want… but for lack of theaters playing it here anymore. Sucks. Came and went like a 2cent whore.

  10. I’ll probably also have to wait for DVD to see Scott Pilgrim.

    There will only ever be one Smarty Hotties duo, but it was still fantastic to hear the Smarty Bunnies together in this episode.

    Bunny Hotties?
    Energizer Smarties?

    Great work from them and everyone else.

  11. Made some rice. Sautéed some mushrooms and green peppers to add to it. Now sitting in front of the TV eating and waiting for the news to start

  12. The past couple of weeks have been a busy movie watching time. From the baffling Grudge 3, the interesting Nightmare Detective and the it was what it was High Plains Invaders. There were about a half dozen movies that were watched. Be glad you missed a number of them.

  13. Today’s movie is The Burrowers.

    The DVR says:

    Terror runs deep in this hybrid horror-western film starring Clancy Brown about a group of settlers battling a horde of burrowing monsters. IN 1879, a family from a small settlement has been brutally dragged into the hills.

    Even the writeup is baffling.

  14. The civilians realized the military were idiots. They’ve decided to follow the trail of holes while the military… goes to the reservation

  15. Sounds like a bit of paranoid ranting from the uninformed. In a lot of ways, the internet saved rock and roll for me. There are a lot of bands I wouldn’t know existed if not for the net.

  16. EssBee and ditto win for listening to The Kills and Los Campasinos

    I know not of Satoshi Kon

    Cancer is fucking everywhere. Everywhere I look. My life is saturated in cancer and it disturbs me greatly. I realize I am hyper sensitive to it but it seems even when I decide to forget about cancer for a moment it appears. Everywhere.

    but not always in a bad way

    A guy for the company I am working for right now in the Chicago branch of the office is coming back to work Sept 1 after successfully treating and eliminating himself of a brain tumor.

    Brain tumors are the hardest cancer to destroy being that they are in the brain and all.

    oh look, I just talked about cancer for this entire post


  17. Hey Pan.

    Eating pineapple, drinking coffee and loading spreadsheets into my computer. All things considered, I’d rather be in bed.

  18. Went to IMDB. I don’t think I’ve seen a single Michael Cera movie.

    I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  19. However, IMDB did say he was going to be in an upcoming Gilligan’s Island movie.

    Which leads to the question, do we really need a Gilligan’s Island movie? I say no.

  20. IMDB doesn’t say who he’s playing at this point Lo, but I think it would make the most sense he would be the title character.

  21. the going topless for women argument is not a new one. It’s been raised occasionally in various cities in Canada too. I actually do see both sides of the argument.

    …but that doesn’t mean I’m going to remove my shirt in public any time soon.

  22. Really, Van? I actually can’t remember a single episode, other than the Harlem Globetrotters’ special episode, and the one where a phone cable washed up on the island, but Gilligan did something wacky and it washed back out to sea.

    What are we talking about?

  23. Ah, I confirm my suspicion. Christina Hendricks was Saffron on a couple (ok, so there weren’t more than a couple in the whole series) of episodes of Firefly.

    She seems a bit more “enhanced” in TSH’s picture than I remember her being in Firefly.

    ***dammit, but I hate when I leave my computer and forget to hit the submit comment button. I wrote this comment six hours ago…***

  24. Oh! I didn’t even recognize her as Our Mrs. Reynolds.

    I’m shocked it’s taken this long for a GI movie, what with the last decade’s success of Lost and Survivor.

    …. And by GI movie, I mean Gilligan’s Island, not Gastro-Intestinal.

  25. So my friend, who has a six week old baby, come over and we went out for lunch.

    This was the first time my cat has seen a baby. The baby was pretty well behaved, but my cat was freaking out. Puffy tail and all. My friend fed the kid before we left and my cat wanted soooo much for this thing to be out of the house. I wouldn’t let the cat get too close. Being as neurotic as she is I was afraid the kid might get scratched. But it was kind of funny watching my cat get all freaky over this squirming bundle in the house.

  26. I haven’t seen the latest Daily Show, but I do remember when they had Lewis Black on who basically said Glen Beck had Nazi Turrets.

  27. I don’t know if I can argue the list. I’ve seen all except Cowboy Bebop, Blake’s 7, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

    I’d probably feel more comfortable adding more to the list, though.

  28. I can’t remember if Zen (the ships computer) or Orac (the super computer they pick in in the series) is classed as one of the crew.

  29. <=== a.k.a.: "some", it would seem

    Very old news. What I mean by that is, this has been done for years. The ruling itself is irrelevant.

  30. JØ: The ruling is actually very relevant. It illustrates that the courts are now in favor of the removal of the bill of rights in an overt fashion.

  31. Lejon: I suppose it’s a matter of degrees. In my eyes, that’s been shown very blatantly around the AT&T “secret room” was revealed. I’m sure it was earier than that, but I’m lazy, and that’s the first I can recall.

  32. As much as I loathe to say this, if you aren’t in your house or someone else’s you are in a public sphere. There is no entrenched right to privacy. Unfortunately.

  33. I haven’t seen half of the list, but some of the half I haven’t seen are on my list to see. Can’t argue with it.

    It’s Sly B’s birthday today and we’re gonna party a bit. Her mom’s here, and they are currently playing the hell out of Lego Star Wars.

  34. As important as I’ve always heard that Blake’s 7 was, Netflix doesn’t have it and doesn’t even list it as something I can save for when they get it. Damn Netflix.

  35. Hair – its not Netflix’ fault. Its not been released on DVD in N. America nor is it slated to be, therefore Netflix obtaining it is impossible for the moment.

  36. I never spend more than 15$ for a tshirt.

    I just bought a Marina and the Diamonds shirt for 30$

    Im hoping she marries me one day to offset the dollar to pound cost.

    Stupid Bush

  37. I feel numb most of the time,
    The more I get the higher,
    I’ll climb, and I will wonder why,
    I got dark only,
    To shine.
    Looking for the golden light,
    Oh, it’s a reasonable sacrifice.

  38. RE: Scalzi article

    Reminds very much of a voice mail I sent in to Slice of Sci Fi a few year back explaining why it was OK with me for SyFy to bring in wrestling and the dollars it produces so I can have BSG, Eureka, Stargate, etc.

    We’re just not a big enough audience on our own.

  39. Hopefully it will take more in overseas sale, the showing I went to was quite full and that was in the afternoon in an arty farty cinema.

  40. Which reminds me, there was this young couple at the cinema that day, and she was stunning and he was tall and gangly and spotty and I started thinking “I wonder if he believes in God..”

  41. Wait. It looks like she daydreamed about getting on a boat and then started dreaming from there. bad editing or is she day dreaming that she’s dreaming?

  42. Keeping in mind that The Pirate Movie was a “modern” take on the Pirates of Penzance (or however the &#%$ that’s spelled), Kristy looking straight into the camera and saying “can you believe this song?” is priceless

  43. he claims that not having tattoos proves that he’s not a pirate. I would say that makes me king of the pirates, but I don’t think I have the cod piece to back that up

  44. I loved that flick, Hair. Kristy McNichol . . . I’ll be in my bunk.

    We’re off for Sly B’s bday lunch with her brother and his wife and their kids. Sushi for lunch!

  45. I now give you the following messages…

    They will contain the random songs my Pandora station plays for me at work.

    I hope you enjoy the stylings of Cj’s Pandora Station…

  46. Oh yeah.. :ftb: like that.

    In the mean time.. while figuring that out Ac/Dc played You Shook Me All Night Long and now..

    CP: I Ran – Flock of Seagulls

  47. Work interrupted me and I missed posting two songs. I don’t remember what they were..

    But right now…

    CP: 99 Red Balloons – Nena

    (I’d rather hear :jack: sing his version any day)

  48. Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson …. SKIPPED!

    CP: Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar

    I don’t have Pat Benatar on my Pandora list… just FYI.. nor Madonna

  49. I just like for people to see how amazing and awesome my friends are because duh.. I’m so totally the luckiest girl in the world to have all of you.

    Even if you are totally calling me out right now..


  50. K, since I’m not getting any responses from Twitter or here about different artists I’m just going to switch from Quick Mix to my Merrill Bainbridge station.

    CP: Stars Collide – Merrill Bainbridge

  51. “Repo Men” was an interesting concept, but not terribly well executed. Not bad for a rental, but I definitely wouldn’t have seen it in the theater.

  52. So, the bad editing and the smoking were pointed out. Could it be it was on purpose, since 2001 was praised for its accuracy (even to this day), and the great editing (the famous bone-to-ship transition)? Since I didn’t watch it, I am just guessing.

    The beat on the closing song — the klaatu bit — is friggin’ awesome. I meant to say that the first time I heard it. Must have! Must download. . .

  53. On the shuttle to ‘the space station in 2001, look at ‘the level of the juice in the straw as Floyd sleeps..zero G hah!

    This message was brought to by someone who reads too much crap about films…

  54. Okay … here’s a question for anyone here who has ever flown in a commercial airliner … have you ever been pestered by a fly during the flight?

    A friend of mine just flew round trip, cross country on United and said that on BOTH flights (several days apart) the plane contained flies. To the point that when she swatted at one with the seatpocket “emergency” pamphlet … the flight attendant joked that they needed to start awarding mileage points for every fly that was killed.

    I can’t recall ever seeing any insect on board an aircraft much less a swarm of flies.

  55. Good to see you enjoying happy moments, Van.

    J0e, I’ve never been attacked by any flying pests on airplanes either.

    There was this bug at the drive thru this morning though… it was enormous and I refused to keep my window rolled down. The guy giving me my coffee laughed a little until he saw it!

  56. Speaking of space stuff, Some years back a researching put forth the theory that most of water comes from space in the form of (basically) ice that strikes the atmosphere and becomes water vapor.

    Then there was gnashing of teeth about the theory but I’ve never heard if there was a final ruling on the validity of this theory.

    Any one here know about that?

  57. I’m drunk and all alon on the deadpan how sad. And even worse I havent listened to the episode b/c I want to watch the movie first.

  58. 3rd commandment of deadpan: thou shalt not edit

    I should probably turn the computers off at this point, but fuck it I find this ammusing

  59. Of course, in the basement, I frequently hear the cats ralph, and it remains lost until found, usually by me, and usually barefoot or sock-footed.

  60. We bought a(nother) new (to us) car on Saturday. It is a 2008 Scion xB that had 8500 mi or so on it. It is orange with graphics, at least according to the original CarSoup ad. In reality it is black with graphics, but the graphics are primarily orange and cover the whole thing.

  61. The Prodigal Ralph Returns!

    FYI all, the 60L3 emailer document is prepared at last. You final chance to get onboard (I’ll alter the doc, it’s ok) is here.
    Well, tomorrow.

    Goodnight, :Ralph:.

    (Johnny Null, thanks! I can email you the mashup)

  62. Ok, caught up on comments. Glad you got a new car JB at a reasonable rate.

    Our long weekend is next weekend Van

    I’m way behind in my game playing and have a long list of upcoming ones so don’t think I’ll have time for the Scott Pilgrim game.

    Now to look at the links.

  63. Jack: That would be tres shiny, thanks!

    justa J0e: To my knowledge, that hypothesis is still very viable. In fact, the recent discovery of buckyballs, plus the finding of amino acids, seems to sort of meld together with the frozen-water-impacting-on-Earth idea, to result in what was termed “Panspermia”.

  64. 15 minutes left on my shift, then off to a nearby empty parking lot for a nap. This is a requirement from now on. I nap til I wake, then drive home and sleep my “night’s” worth.

  65. Thanks Jø.
    It had been a while since I had heard anything about that. It was a pretty revolutionary theory when first made public.

    Now, we need to develop a hypothesis to go with the term “DeadPanspermia”

  66. Can’t help it, I’m going to tweet this too, but I have to say it more than once..

    I just had to explain to a co-worker who Flock of Seagulls is…

    hangs old head

  67. No, I brought the video up on my phone and he was like… “that sounds familiar…”

    I’m like “well, of course because it’s awesome and they still play it all the time”

    and he says, “I’m more of a Journey guy.”


  68. And, we’re back.

    Went to one of our offices for a video conference with the India office (offices, offices, offices…)

    Afterword, I drove across town to my regular office to get on my tasks. Well, come to find that the A/C has gone haywire in the building. Being on the first floor, it was only 90°F (32.2C for the non-domestic folk). The third floor was running closer to 100°F (38C).

    So, I’ve packed up some stuff and brought it home to work on this afternoon. Working from home is not terribly effective for me, but likely more so that sweating my ass off. Most were leaving or heading to another building.

    Hopefully order will be restored tomorrow.

  69. justa J0e: Happy to help.

    Vanamonde: And if he heard of the brane theory, he’d beat his head against a desktop for a few minutes.

  70. I have been pretty busy these past 5 days and I have a feeling I came in to read some comments at a bad time with all this “whipping it out” talk

  71. CW: The Nazis’s: A Lesson from History

    You know, if someone handed me the power of life and death over somebody with no consequences on my actions..I’m not sure I would choose wisely.

  72. On FB I’m talking to this Spanish woman, while her English is a million times better than my Spanish (which consists of Senor and Ole), she sometimes comes out with some strange comments like:

    “This question corrodes my curiosity”

  73. Well after enjoying the first two graphic novels in the SP series..I’ve ordered the rest…woot!

    Morning Pan, off to see ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ today, looking forward to it.

  74. Just realized that I had an old, seldom used, email address listed for posting comments here. Jack, please use my gmail address to send 60 lines stuff. My apologies if they have already gone out and I missed them.

  75. We watched Treasures of the Twilight Zone last night. The episodes (three of them) were hit-and-miss. However, the interview with Serling was really good. Usually we don’t bother with these, but I’m glad we gave it a watch. Very smart guy, very well spoken. It was nice to watch someone that really wanted to raise television to a high standard. It was also very interesting to listen to Serling and Wallace discuss censorship and pre-censoring. A letter-writing campaign was actually raised (and successful) against an episode of Lassie, the one where Lassie gave birth to puppies. The letters (basically all sent the same day, from the same area (the south), with the same handwriting) compared the episode with taking kids to a burlesque show. [I know how to spell “burlesque”? How’d that happen?] I was shocked that you could essentially cut-and-paste the discussion and drop it into current-day television, and it would fit perfectly.

  76. I know a number of Panites listen to Decoder Ring Theatre podcast. What do you think of the original unreleased episodes?

    Hubby and I are really digging them. All countries should have a dog shadow leader :cheerful:

  77. I watched the first episode of Ultraviolet through Hulu+ yesterday. Besides the bewildering car chase (I have no idea what was supposed to be happening), it was nearly as good as I was expecting.

  78. I haven’t read the books, so don’t know how faithful the films are.

    Also Lisabeth’s girlfriend being a kick boxer..was that in the first book? It wasn’t in the first film.

  79. I have to give the ne Apocalyptica a listen. 🙂 I wanted to follow up on your Mastodon – Dark Star comment. In addition to them being geeks, check out the beards! Must be a band made up of Linux programmers. 🙂

  80. Got some good news this morning. I’ve been on a waiting list for a specialist for several months. Finally have a date in early October. For me, this is really good news.

  81. Good news TEB, way to go.

    In regards to the beards in DS, the ship and the crew were breaking down, so could be argued that either couldn’t shave (no spare water or equipment) or couldn’t be bothered to shave..Boiler did attempt to use scissors to keep his moutache in trim.

  82. Rhettro: :happy: Hopefully I’m back for good now. You’ll hear from me in the next episode (I hope) talking about Dark Star a bit, and you’ll definitely hear me in 60 Lines Part 3. I got my lines today.

    TEB: Original unreleased episodes? Is this a monthly supporter perk?

  83. LOL

    Just saw a Daily Show from last week where he was talking about Fox’s coverage of the controversial community center in New York.
    Apparently the Fox and friend people were going on and on about how it was being funded by this Saudi Sheik who had know ties to terrorist baddies and funded their activities. They always called the dude by his title but never his name … turns out that this EVIL SHEIK … is one of Ruport Murdock’s business partners and PART OWNER OF FOX !!!
    So, if you watch Fox news you are increasing their viewer-ship thus increasing what they can charge for Advertisement which makes this EVIL SHEIK richer and their fore, by Fox’s own reasoning … … you are clearly supporting TERRORISTS!!!

    “Follow the money” INDEED ! LOL

  84. On more DS type topical stuff …
    Re: the beards.
    I never took it as reflection of the fashion of the times. Like the “target practice” in the hallway I figured that the lack of grooming was just another sign of how they had given up caring about “social convention”.

  85. Amy: That’s great news. 🙂

    JOe: It seems reasonable that Fox would take funding from the very people that create the controversies they want to cover. The evil sheiks get a kick back from their nefarious schemes, and Fox news gets more fearmongering stories to cover that advertisers love. Win win?

  86. Amy, while I’m a monthly supporter, my hubby is not and he got them. Actually he got them and I didn’t. Go to decoder ring theatre on I-tunes. I found them there when he told me. They’re called Red Panda (Original Universe). There should be six of them.

  87. Hey Jack, on a side note, show notes are going to be late Thursday. I have to go downtown first thing in the morning. They may not be done until closer to lunch time.

  88. At first I thought S. Palin might be “Plenty O’Toole” but she was mistakenly killed by the baddies … and really much to big a part for Caribou Barbie.
    Really, she’d be more like Maybelle (the wife of Sheriff J.W. Pepper) from The Man with the Golden Gun”.

    Hmmm. I’m deciding that maybe I like Bond films a little too much.

  89. On a much less interesting note, the transfer off all files over to the new HD for my 360 went smoothly..almost astounding for an MS product.

  90. Well, I’ve had to abandon my office for the next week and a half. A/C is only partially working in the building, so I’ve had to camp in an empty office in our adjacent building.

    Yee ha?

  91. -Congrats on the data transfer, Van. It’s relevant to today’s conversation if you hummed the James Bond theme.

    -Justa J0e is apparently a Bond expert.

    -Sorry to hear about your heat woes. Keep cool, Ed.

    -The 60 Lines emails are going out in alpha order, so Ryah, UsedHair, and Vanamonde will be closer to the end.

  92. A Bond film was the first R rated film I can recall really wanting to see. With every fibre of my being I wanted to see that film.
    My parents wouldn’t take me.
    i won’t say which one as it would seriously date me. Not that I couldn’t use a serious date.

    I also remember the first PG film I ever went to see. It was a science fiction (now) classic.

  93. Was Alien for me, it had an 18 certificate in the UK so I couldn’t see on it’s release, and the buzz about the film made that very frustrating.

  94. Considering how many people get killed in that film it surprises me they would let little kids see that movie….ah but it was Germans of course..

  95. The first movie that I remember going to see in a theater is The Rescuers Down Under. It’s also the only movie I’ve ever walked out of, but that was because the villain in it was really scary.

  96. Under the category of “why?”.

    I have this big dragon night light in my living room. Hubby gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, sees the night light has burned out and decides, right then and there, to change the bulb. At 3:30 in the morning!

    I woke up, noticed he wasn’t beside me and found him fiddling with it. I asked what he was doing he said “changing the light bulb” I asked him why it couldn’t wait until morning, shook my head and went back to bed.

    Silly hubby 🙂

  97. Want to hear something amusing. I was grumping yesterday about not getting my sixty lines. Now that I have them, I can’t hand them in until tomorrow – stupid month end ugh :pinch:

    ok, so I find the little things amusing :silly:

  98. No, with school back in, it’s harder to pin him down for other stuff. Especially if he’s playing with his friends this weekend, which I won’t know he’s doing until Friday.

  99. My mother had this thing for horror movies with bugs in them. I don’t remember the title, but I remember seeing one about a woman who was a black widow spider (literally), one in space where the people were bit by bugs, etc. You get the picture.

    I blame my mom for my absolute terror of creepy crawlies.

  100. My B-horror enjoyment came more recently. Once my Boo was old enough to enjoy it (about 13 or so – unlike my mom who dragged me to these, at the drive in, since I was born), twice a year, once around Halloween, once around spring, we would find the silliest movie we could and go see it together in the theater. She can’t go to movies any more and doesn’t live at home anyway so we now watch these cheesy movies on our own at home and compare notes later when we have lunch.

  101. I saw the original Star Wars twice in the theater during it’s original run; once with mom, once with dad. My dad undoubtedly just cheapskated right past the concessions stand. And my mom probably had a purse full of hidden snacks.

  102. Did you older guys and gals have intermissions in the 70’s?

    I remember when I saw ‘Where Eagles Dare’, the picture was stopped for ten minutes (where Richard Burton and Clint Eastood were killing the radio operators) so they could sell more ice cream and sweets…

  103. OK, I said I was going to be better about promoting my stuff….

    My flash fiction story, “Machine Hymns to the Dreaming God” is out in the latest episode of Michelle M. Welch’s “Theme and Variations (Pus 2)” anthology.