Jack Mangans Deadpan #176: Dear Aliens

Klaatu Barada Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #176: Dear Aliens

Is Jack Mangan really Captain Scarlet?

Promo – Nights Knights (http://vamp.mevio.com/)

Jack’s going au naturale in the future

There’s a content shortage. How can this be? Send stuff.

JR Murdock with the contents of his cupboard

Letter to Alien archeologists.

More cupboard contents with JR

Jack continues to talk to alien archeologists

JR continues

Greasy Nipples in a bottle from the SS Minnow
Vanamonde (first of the week)
Lo Pan
Nomad Scry

Next week we discuss Dark Star.

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Closing music Too Good (first mix)

592 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #176: Dear Aliens

  1. In response to the final discussions on the last page:

    That John Cleese wine special is fantastic. I watched it on Hulu; check it out if it’s still available there.

    Holy Island, Batman!

    OK, I’m done. Goodnight, :shift:

  2. Usedhair: Spot-on re: wine. I’ve not seen it, but I’ll try to add it to my list.

    Jack: Thanks for the Hulu tip.

    re: Hulu: They’re considering an IPO. The next step in “media”, or the next pets.com?

    re: The wine we’ve been getting: It’s Bogle, and it’s not a pino noir, as sure as I was. We get the petite syrah. Excellent, and inexpensive.

    reaper: I don’t see a name on the thing, but I did take a picture I can send.

    re: AKAs: I’m fine with your choice, Jack. Pop one in if the mood strikes.

  3. Sorry Van but no there were not pictures taken of this clandestine meeting. It was felt that the awesomeness of Johnny Null and Lady J in the same picture together with me would have burned up the internet with a skyrocket awesome quotient that rivals (wow there are no rivals for the awesomeness of those two.) The internet would have survived.

    That and I forgot my camera…

  4. So I kinda fell asleep at the wheel this morning. I was pulling into the SuperTarget on the way home from work and must have dozed just long enough to hit the median. The underside of the front end is crunched pretty good and I popped the radiator, judging from the gush of fluid all over the ground.

    I’m okay though, it is the new car…

    Waiting for the tow…

  5. reaper: Thanks, will do this evening.

    Vanamonde: What, and give away my secret identity? Hell, I had wndrwolf pull out his cell battery! They can still track you with the phone off, you know!

    JohnBoze: That sucks. Done it, but I wrecked the car. It was on its side. Glad you’re okay.

  6. JB Glad to hear you are ok. suck bout the car though. manufactures squeeze so much stuff in to a small space just about any repair is expensive.

  7. But..but..reaper you miss the joy of explaining to your significant other all the ‘delights’ of gaming in the 80’s and 90’s.

    You might even generate eye rolling and heavy sighs..

  8. Van, What that translates to is me giggling and shaking the couch so I go to sit on the floor so I don’t bother my wife and than play with the dog (he can’t leave someone alone when they are on the floor) and me missing 30 minutes so I have to watch it over again.
    The eye rolling starts with in seconds of the giggling I don’t let it progress to heavy sighing because that is a noise I cannot stand

  9. Lo Pan, not the word i was looking for.

    Re: Very good episode, This is one of my favorites. The only thing I think that would have made it better is the Grimlock audio.
    Me Reaper Like Grimlock Audio maaraaa

  10. > You enter a room with gleaming white walls.
    > L room
    > The room has gleaming white walls
    > L walls
    > The walls are covered with rows of hooks upon which items are hung
    > L items
    > Each item appears to be a bifurcated half sphere, or perhaps two connected halves of a squashed sphere which has been opened in the manner of a butterflied shrimp
    > Get item
    > You retrieve one of the items from its hook
    > L hook
    > This is a hook similar to those commonly used for holding hats
    > Examine item
    > You are holding a hat that resembles an ass
    > Drop ass hat
    > You don’t have an ass hat
    > Drop asshat
    > You find you are compelled to continue holding the asshat
    > Leave room
    > You cannot Leave room
    > Emote “Gah! I’m in a room full of asshats!”

  11. Does anyone know how to turn off the Gaga?

    I did a stupid thing a couple days ago and decided to “see what the big deal was”, pulled up Poker Face on YouTube, and watched it a couple of times.

    I did not see anything impressive or worth all the hubbub other than the ridiculous fashions she wore… Now the song is stuck in my head.

    So, what do you all do to turn her off?

  12. The third little piggy… yeah, that’s the ticket. Lays a lot of brick, from what I hear. Knows a thing or two about building things that won’t break. Perhaps a place to store things. Important things, like stuff, doo-dads, and whatchamacallits.

    I’m sure he was in on it.

  13. a user was having a problem with a wireless router so I told him just bring it in and I can take a look. it was being weird so I updated the firmware and it worked like new. Took me about 20 minutes. I sometimes feel bad telling people stuff like that because he spent several hours over the last 3 days trying to make it work.

  14. I’ve had quite a few of those cereals. Aside from Yummy Mummy (which was an actual monster cereal right along with Franken Berry and Count Chocula) these were all rapid-fire one shot cereals. So, there were almost all simply mixtures of known brands (e.g., TMNT cereal was chex with marshmallows). Even though the Green Slime cereal looked odd, it was really just the non-marshmallow bits from Lucky Charms with green food coloring (and Lucky Charm marshmallows).

  15. I thought for sure I’d have tried some them, then I saw the list.

    I’ve seen C3PO’s recently, or some variation thereof at Big Lots, I’m sure of it.

    Dunkin Donuts cereal? Wow..

    Here’s one that I expected to see on the list that wasn’t there – but then these were about movies.. not about rare cereals that my one of my brothers was obsessed with … http://youtu.be/RiTgX0Qx_38

  16. I finally saw Inception and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World last night. Both excellent movies, but Inception better overall. Scott Pilgrim was good as a fun popcorn flick, but Inception was a really well done, well thought out, and thought provoking piece or art. Nicely done.

  17. wow are they stretching with the head line “The 9 Stupidest Things Americans Believe”
    %18, really, that many people makes this head line work?
    ummm “brought the country to a standstill?” it did? when?
    ahhhh “80% of Americans believe the country’s keeping something under wraps in Roswell” who doesn’t believe we weren’t told everything that doesn’t mean I care or am convinced it was aliens
    and “Fox News Most Trusted Channel In News” just saying Fox news makes your article bias in one direction or the other AND it is a FUCKING OPINION!

    sorry it’s a bit early to be ranting but reading this just made me mad.

  18. reaper, there is a CBC radio program called This is That. It’s obviously a spoof (i.e. a story told how the government wanted to temporarily change the road system to left side driving next time the queen visits to honour her). And the number of people who call in complaining, believing the stories are true is astounding.

  19. Here’s something else to ponder… It’s no secret I’m not a big chocolate person. That means that hubby and friends will be the ones eating my fudge.

    (do you ever get the feeling there’s no digging oneself back out of this hole?)

  20. TEB: Depends upon what part of the bible the believer believes. In strict terms, the “Holy Trinity” of Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit were all one and the same. But, most of the New Testament goes completely against this idea. It’s fun to pick and choose!

    Not a Chick thing, but this is still one of my favorites:

    “A vegetarian Tyrannosaurus rex frolicked alongside human beings only a few thousand years ago in the Garden of Eden until Eve decided to munch on that apple, according to the Creation Museum, which opens in Kentucky today.”

    re: Fudge: It’s too much for me. Gives me a terrible headache.

  21. I have a question. Who decided an apple?

    As I recall it was either the tree of life, tree of wisdom, tree of good and evil, etc depending upon which version of the bible you read. Who decided the fruit was an apple? How does that fit in with the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

  22. Wikipedia says:

    “The pseudepigraphic Book of Enoch 31:4, dating from the last few centuries before Christ and purporting to be by the antediluvian prophet Enoch, describes the tree of knowledge: “It was like a species of the Tamarind tree, bearing fruit which resembled grapes extremely fine; and its fragrance extended to a considerable distance. I exclaimed, How beautiful is this tree, and how delightful is its appearance!”

    In the Talmud, Rabbi Meir says that the fruit was a grape.[9] Another Talmudic tradition suggests that Eve made wine from the fruit, which she then drank.[10] Rabbi Nechemia says that the fruit was a fig,[9] while Rabbi Yehuda proposes that the fruit was wheat.[9]

    In Western Christian art, the fruit of the tree is commonly depicted as the apple, which originated in central Asia. This depiction may have originated as a Latin pun: by eating the malum (apple), Eve contracted m?lum (evil).[11]

    Proponents of the theory that the Garden of Eden was located somewhere in what is known now as the Middle East suggest that the fruit was actually a pomegranate, partly because it was native in the region[12] This ties in with the Greek myth of Persephone, where her consumption of six pomegranate seeds leads to her having to spend time in Hades.”

  23. Ok JN maybe thats a better way of putting it. Still headaches are involved.

    Actually on of my favorite classes at CU was “The Bible as Literature”. Quite wonderful and eye opening.

    Plus we all know Eden was on Mars….

  24. Public apology to Bunny:
    Sorry it took me until today to reply to your email. . . . I will check today for the chocolates, and hope that the box has been kept in the air-conditioned office and not the oven-like dropbox.

    Now to get caught up.

  25. “Big Picture = do whatever you want, but be sure to leave enough time before dying to accept Jesus so that nothing you did before counts.”

    Love it.

    I also love finding the little booklets around town. Usually theyre in bathrooms… ‘natch.

  26. Actually, it occurs to me that I probably shouldn’t poke the deranged fundie types with no sense of humor. . . . sO therefore I apologize and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Simultaneous Creator of Dinosaurs, just like in that Depeche Mode song.

  27. Dear god


    Now having evil thoughts about a mash up
    Salt n Pepa’s Push it
    Cheb Khaled’s Alech Taadi”
    and Poker Face.

    Please… I need something to get this stupid song out of my head

  28. OH hell! Thats all you had to say Van. Im in! Now hopefully the networks will, say, highlight the puck for American audiences. I sure do have a real hard time seeing that puck. Must be my US eyes…

  29. Last minute revision

    Drop salt n pepa

    replace with Technotronic’s Pump up the Jam

    Oh and Jack:
    < rant >
    What are you trying to do to me? I pull up that dead media link, thinking I’m going to see a humorous article or something, and there staring me in the face is LADY GAGA and her IPAD LADY GAGA app….

    < /rant >

  30. Finally got caught up on this season’s Eureka, including last night. Quite the shake up they’ve made around that town. Has made for some interesting story telling – just what science fiction should do.

  31. According to Weird Al Yankovic –

    My pancreas attracts every other
    Pancreas in the universe
    With a force proportional
    To the product of their masses
    And inversely proportional
    To the distance between them

    I will keep you updated if there is a change in this.

  32. Watched a borrowed copy of “Avatar” last night.

    My impression is that it is a pretty standard, mid-level (as opposed to GREAT or awful) action flick wrapped in visually epic, eye candy.

    – Most enjoyable visual – the “florescent” night stuff.
    – Best, pleasant surprise – Sigourney Weaver, who (IMHO) tends to bring up the level of any film she’s in. Somehow I had forgotten that she was in this.
    – Biggest disappointment – the “Mano a Mano” fight scene at the end. In case you were starting to feel like this movie was perhaps a step above the typical, formulaic “action adventure” film … they had to go and throw this in at the very end. It was so cliche’ that it actually brought me back out of the film in the way a ringing phone or doorbell would have. bleh.

    All in all, I should have seen this one on the big screen since most of it’s value was in the visuals … but I wouldn’t want to have paid more then a “matinΓ©e” price for it.

  33. Ah yes. I forgot to add the “I’ll be in my bunk”, portion of the review.

    Michelle Rodriquez is welcome to pilot my gunship.
    She’s worthy to ride my Toruk.
    She may climb my home tree any time she’d like.

    She can … um, … that’s all I got. πŸ™

  34. I was surprised at the crowd given how long this has been out. It had been moved to one of the smaller screens in my local gigaplex but the 4pm showing was full!
    Overhearing some of those around me, it seems they had come back to see it again.

  35. So although the new Lara Croft game is basically a Gauntlet/Diablo mashup, it’s well done and a lot of fun.

    Off to see Angela Jolie kick ass in Salt.

  36. Robot Chicken kicks serious ass. If you have not seen Robot Chicken before, you NEED to. If you are well familiar with Robot Chicken and just want to know if season 1 is worth revisiting… I would, but that’s just me.

  37. Sorry – I love you, EssBee… I’ve had one of the busiest weekends ever and wow.. I could sooo vent right now… so so so vent…

    I need a ventilator…

  38. Nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to stupid stuff stupid Americans stupidly believe. Chiros are doing well in the U.S., people buy magic water, and if you believe something enough, you can alter reality.

    “The country right now, it wants to be soothed, and told it doesn’t have to sacrifice or learn . . .

    “Avoid everything, avoid everything, avoid everything, everything, everything, everything . . .”

    TEB: We’re one month away from the start of Fall. I’m looking forward to it!

  39. Talking of strange, I did the compare games thingyamajig on Xboxlive with the TEBs account…no games in common.

    Back to Gauntlet….

  40. Well after installing the new LC game, I have about 3 gigs left.

    I’m more worried about the age of the HD, it’s the one that came with my first Xbox (which I got the first week they were released in the UK).

  41. I’d just like to say, “lathered in sweat” can only be a good thing in a couple of places.

    My desk at work is not one of them.

    that is all.

  42. Vanamonde: Yes, yes they do. For some, other nonsense works, too. I still have yet to see how the placebo effect negates my statement.

  43. < Pondering >

    Homeopathy derives from Homeo (same, like) and pathy (suffering)

    Homeopaths must therefore either like to cause suffering in everyone the same way, or like to cause the same kind suffering to everyone, or MAYBE they like to cause the same type of suffering repeatedly to one person.

    Interesting… Verrrry interesting…

    < /Pondering >

  44. Now now kids. Does uncle cognitive psychologist have to step on here? The placebo effect is real, however it is extremely hit and miss. Although you can get a person (or even a set of persons) to experience the placebo effect with homeopathic “drugs” (which really contain nothing but filler), I would not ever want to play the odds that it will work on any given trial.

  45. Although I think this is one of those arguments where we are all really agreeing with each other. I haven’t seen anyone say anything that negates previos statements yet.

  46. And, naturally, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

    Though, most of that list would better be called “random movies we could think of while drinking at the bar that had bands in them so we could produce an easy story.”

  47. Crap joke sent to me by my supervisor:

    With the astounding success of the movie the expendables, the director got arnie bruce + sly 2getha + said “wud like 2 do a action flick based on composers, + u can choose who u wud like 2 be”. Sly said he wud like 2 play mozart. Bruce said he wud like 2 play chopin. Arnie replied… I guess i be bach!

  48. JB – I’m sorry to hear such news.

    Rhett….. it could be worse – a friend of yours could have posted a picture of you on facebook WEARING a Billy Joel shirt then tagged you in it….

    with a really bad haircut



    I rest my case.

  49. And yes… that is a picture of me.

    Circa 1990

    And that guy there with me…. Yeah, I married him 3 years later.

    So, bad picture of me with my ex-husband…

    and my Billy Joel t-shirt


  50. AND you were in front of coin-op video games. All you needed was one sparkly glove and boombox on your shoulder, blasting a Hall & Oates cassette tape.

    And maybe a Cabbage Patch Doll wearing a Devo hat.

  51. Let’s see, in college one semester when I was feeling particularly brutal on myself I took German, Russian, French, and attempted to get into a conversational Japanese class (didn’t succeed, though).

    I dropped the French class when the teacher showed up one morning and tested us over stuff she hadn’t assigned. Her forgetting she taught French and speaking Spanish one day also didn’t help.

    I flat-out failed Russian. Not so much because it was so difficult, but I didn’t put in the work. You really have to memorize your word endings (cases). I would have dropped, but the teacher didn’t become a blazing Bolshevik until after I couldn’t get my money back for the course.

    I passed German with a B.

  52. I’ll make this addition to the above: I learned more English taking foreign language courses (even the ones I failed) than I ever learned taking English.

  53. Okay this is driving me mad, maybe a one hit wonder from the late 90’s early 2000, looking for the singer.

    She was American, blonde, and the video of her ‘hit’ was her fighting a larger bloke in a sumo ring, and it ends with her knocking him out of the ring with her backside.

    Or maybe it was all a dream…

  54. I’ll have to see if there is any life left in my Creative Zen mp3 player, I’m sure the album is on there..but the HD was failing the last time I used the bloody thing.

  55. I enjoyed the silliness of Hot Tub Time Machine… however…

    Tonight – I saw Scott Pilgim and ZOMIGOODMOVIES!!!

    Loved every second…

    LOVED. IT!

  56. I took a few -weeks- of German before getting kicked out of high school. Like Lejon, I learned more about English than at any other point in my life. I really wish I’d taken a foreign language years earlier.

    Like, say, in second grade.

  57. Morning Pan, I knew from my experience at trying to learn french at school that when it comes to learning new languages my brain is as malleable as block of fossilised wood.

  58. “Additional stars have found almost everything on the cover of Christina Aguilera…”

    What did the stars find? With “almost everything” does that mean they didn’t find a kitchen sink?

  59. What’s more, I could have written the same article in 3 sentences:

    True Blood stars appear nude on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. This has been done before. Many time before.

  60. It’s all about the marketing,baby!
    Rolling Stones wants to cash in on the franchise … and I suspect the franchise is trying to “re-brand” itself as “all growed up!” in the hopes of increasing their audience.

    I’m still not buying though.

  61. Not buys RS? or True Blood?

    I’m a huge fan of the Sookie books. I can’t explain why, because I’m not a romancey type. But I love em.

    The TV show is something else, and I’m also a big fan of it.

    I also subscribe to RS, but will probably let that lapse this go-round. I find myself totally uninterested in 99% of it.

  62. re: Hot Tub Time machine.

    The humor in that film was too heavily base on “gross-out” jokes for me. That stuff just doesn’t make me laugh and if you took those gags out of the film it would have been much shorter. In fact, now that I mull it over it is like there was two competeing scripts that were going on in that film.
    There was the “gross out/ asshole guy keeps creating increasingly awkward moments” film that Rob Corddry was making … and there was the almost sweet, sci-fi comedy that the rest of the cast was making.

    Maybe I should have watched “The Hangover” instead. Can anyone compare the two films?

  63. ROTFL !!!!!!

    Okay, I just went back and actually PAID ATTENTION to what the Rolling Stone cover SAID.

    When I followed the link the other day I was doing three other things at the time and clearly not focusing on it because I THOUGHT they were showing us the TWILIGHT cast. LOL!!!!

    Perhaps the vampire genre is suffering from too much exposure right now.

  64. Tried to watch an ep of True Blood. Was at a hotel where they had HBO. Either its too far in that I don’t get it, or it’s just not my thing.

    I’m leaning towards the latter.

  65. The Misses and I are big fans of True Blood. Although we don’t subscribe to HBO, so we have to wait for the DVD’s. I’ve never been a big vampire fan, as the genre itself has been overplayed through-out history. But True Blood is a fresh take on the nature of vampires and their place in society.

  66. Who the hell greenlighted Stallone as Judge Dredd anyway?

    Bunny, Coathalia and I saw that in the theater. I figured it would really work best in your own home, even better right before bedtime.

  67. Fifth Element is simply wonderful. Id watch Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman take a dump on screen for 2 hours, and a film with both of them gets my standing ovation. Also its a fucking great popcorn film. I own 2 copies.

  68. Ended up watching “Hot Fuzz” tonight.
    Sort of “dark humor”. Rather enjoyable actually.
    No where near as good as “Inception” but a TON better than “Hot Tub Time Machine”.
    HF was somewhere in the middle.

  69. OMFG I love Hot Fuzz. Graphic violence mixed with Pegg’s writing and humor. Fantastic!!!!!!!! And loves me some Dalton in that. I own 2 copies.

  70. Also, Hot Tub Time Machine was indeed a pile of steaming shit.

    I cant believe I just saw Chocolate for the first time tonite. Im going to own 2 copies.

  71. When I added Chocolate to my Netflix Instant Playlist, it suggested that I might also like Chai Lai Angels… billed as “a Thai spoof of Charlies Angels”. Sounds like the kind of thing that could be really good or really bad.

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