Jack Mangans Deadpan #175: Flying Doghouses

Sopwith Camel Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #175: Flying Doghouses

Eating Jack Mangan’s Deadpan

History according to Jack

Promo – Knights of the Guild (http://knightsoftheguild.podbean.com/)

Jack is an outdated nerd

Amy Bowen
with the contents of her purse

Lo Pan – it’s a well know fact people from BC can’t drive

Deadpan is the Word – JR Murdock

Greasy Nipples
Vanamonde (first of the week)
DJ Bunny
Dj Bunny
Nomad Scry
Ed From Texas

Amy Bowen continued

Inception review by… Lo Pan

More history lessons with Jack

Amy Bowen continues to clean out her purse

Jack hints at goodness happening in his life. *big hugs* from all Deadpanites to you, Jack.

60 lines part 3 coming soon

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Closing music … Love is Never Distant – by Jack

617 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #175: Flying Doghouses

  1. Actually, I’m the type of personality that I can’t have anything outstanding. If something’s not due for two weeks, I’ll have it done tomorrow.

    Even my friends have started telling times 15minutes later. i.e. If they want to meet at 5:00 they’ll tell me 5:15 because they know I’ll be early. But I’m on to them, I’ll still be there at 4:45 (unless hubby’s with me, he tends to make me more “on time”)

  2. I liked Family Guy but I haven’t watched much of it after that Episode. annoying the shit out of me is not the way to get me to watch. After the shin pain show I nearly quit this put me over the edge.

  3. I haven’t watched Rubicon yet, but did record last week’s episode after reading a huge rave about it in EW. I need another show to watch like I need a ____.

  4. The computer station I have at work is temporary while they setup my permanent one and this one does not save my bookmarks.

    I am lost without my bookmarks.

  5. Also, Van, I could not find a bagel shop on the way. I’ll have to map it out better next time.

    That being said, I’ve had my vitamins and 32oz of coffee for breakfast. I may get hungry soon.

  6. I’m gonna log on to someone else’s computer station and email my favorites file to myself.

    I’d grumble, but if that’s the worst thing that happens to me all day – well… gosh… it’s a pretty good day!

  7. I found some oatmeal squares in a baggie in my purse.

    Yay for breakfast.

    Good luck going gluten free.. I know other people who are doing that right now too. Interesting!

  8. It’s for a medical thang. If it doesn’t help my thang, I’m axing it after 6 weeks. If it does, totally worth it. And no, it’s not stomach (refusing to talk about poo) related. It’s joint-pain related.

    I don’t really mind it so far.

  9. slow things like the the people in Walmart who take up 1/2 the row weather it is because they are just that big or they leave the cart a foot behind them and read every fucking label they read two day a go.

    yes I go there. I don’t mind the people who work there just a few of the people who shop there

  10. Ah the wonders of internal plumbing, after one ‘procedure’I was told I had a larger than usual colon…must have been due to all those large Sunday dinners I had every week when I was younger..

  11. one other note on my local walmart the isles are very narrow compared to every other walmart i have ever been to. you can just fit 2 cart side by side in them

  12. My co-worker is playing his “funkytown” Pandora station again.

    right now we are listening to Disco Inferno which is cool, but if I have to listen to more than 2 Michael Jackson songs again today, I may have to request a station change.

  13. “Who the hell is Lo Pan?”, you may ask. Lo Pan is a child’s laughter, a swift kick in the crotch, a prize at the bottom of a cereal box. He is all of the great things we hold dear in this world.

    Simply yet unequivocally, Lo Pan is a catalyst in our world, here to purge the filth that natural selection is no longer able to cleanse. And for that Lo Pan, we thank you.

  14. Headline from the Longmont Daily Times-Call today:

    The Hole Preview

    under a photo of a young man

    The article? “A look at the prep golf season”

    Really, sports writer?

  15. just read the last part of one of my comments “this make bust out laughing.”

    Me Reaper sound like Grimlock! with out the transforming sounds

  16. And now… for your optical entertainment…

    Fish – In Gluten Free Breading – Dancing with the Incredible Mr. Limpet Starring as Don Knots in the urban revival rendition of The Feeding of The Five Thousand.

    A Jehovah – Jesus of Nazareth Production
    Written by: Trent Reznor
    Directed by: Saul of Tarsus

  17. When I was a little girl, my parents would always go out for New Year’s Eve leaving my older brother in charge.

    He and I would stay up and watch the ball drop on TV and then we would watch Yellow Submarine and The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

  18. Van – about my bruising – it’s always been this way, since childhood.

    I’m anemic and I bruise easily; actually my mom does also. My docs have threatened to put me on the iron IV drip before, but really, Tuesday night – I swear I didn’t have anything alcoholic to drink, I just tripped over a step at a local bar (which incidentally has amazing onion rings) and I landed with that spot on the corner of the step thus causing that lovely blueness…


  19. What’s the furthest place from here?
    It hasn’t been my day for a couple years.
    What’s a couple more?
    And if I go, don’t forget the one good thing I almost did.
    I learned your name without words.
    I used my eyes, not my hands.
    What’s the closest you can come to an almost total wreck and still walk away,
    All limbs intact?
    And when I go, you’ll be there crying out, begging me.
    I won’t hear.
    I’ll just go fast into this night on broken legs.
    A near miss or a close call?
    I keep a room at the hospital.
    I scratch my accidents into the wall.
    I couldn’t wait to breathe your breath.
    I cut in line,
    I bled to death.
    I got to you, there was nothing left.
    What’s the meanest you can be to the one you claim to love
    And still smile to your new found friends?
    In the same confusing breath,
    You pull away and draw me in.
    I wanted you. You wanted more.
    I built this life and now it’s mine.

  20. 30 minutes of laying on my picnic table reveiled a bunch of “i may have just seen one” and one big ‘ol “WOW. Look at that!” as a really bright one crossed the big dipper.

  21. I was up entirely too late last night – and yet, somehow didn’t get firsties…

    Was still worth it.

    Alas, tonight, I’m exhausted… sleepy sleepy.

  22. Last 4AM wakeup…

    Of course when I work the overnight, I’m always awake at 4AM, but somehow these last two weeks have been worse…

  23. RE: Lo Pan’s latest Lopan

    You have to think the photographer made sure to capture her is that arm upraised pose to extract the maximum amount of irony. Well done.

  24. Well Pan I’ve got a long weekend off..woot!

    I’ve just been gently harrased by the waitress at the Coffee shop for not having creme on top of hot chocolate.

  25. Expendables is only on previews this week on the side of the pond.

    Sadly the only time slot at my fav cinema would finish after my last bus home..grrrrr!

  26. It’s kind of cool, to be in the basement of a huge department store and have a skype conversation over wifi when there is no mobile signal at all.

  27. When we replaced our TV/sound system and were buying new cables some of them were marked “for DVD” or “for sound systems”. The sales person was trying to tell us that there was a difference. We bought the less expensive generic kind because we just weren’t convinced.

  28. I will also congratulate the Mangan! Congrats buddy! Thats well done. Doowutchyalike. Whenyalike.

    Now if youll excuse me, I have a small child in my belly that I must introduce to Joe Camel.

  29. thats kind of freaky up will Tuesday I never heard of The Expendables but I read a short article about it had my son ask me if I wanted to watch it when it came in from netflix and bunny talked about it. weird

  30. when it comes to HDMI cables I have heard the only real difference is in which version of the standard they use because the newest standard (2something i think) uses a few extra pins because of the network pass through but at this point there are very very few devices that have that capability yet. So I bought my HDMI’s at amazon for $2.50 each and free shipping.

  31. Van, very good article and it cleared up even the misconceptions I had about HDMI From the artical:
    “There are added features available on select HDMI ā€œHi Speedā€ cables. They are audio return and Ethernet pass through. However no source devices sold today include the Ethernet feature and no HDTVs today include audio return channel so the feature is useless with todayā€™s products.”

  32. Hmm . . . it’s already hot. There are some damn dummies in my direct line of vision. Oh! And I’m about to do another Webinar! How’s the South?

    CP: It Hurts Me Too — Eric Clapton

  33. Its a lil cooler, the sun’s gleaming off the downtown buildings and this is going to be the longest day ever. I already feel it.

    Good luck with ye webinar, yos.

  34. Lo Pan I’m as ‘Merician as the come!!!!
    I know freedom cost a buck o’ five!!!!
    I think I just need to start watching some commercials, but that defeats the point of the Tivo.

  35. Oh yeah?!?!?!? Oh yeah??? You think youre ‘Merican? Then finish this thought:

    “America. Fuck yeah. Comin your way to _______”

    Zardoz is available to stream on netflix!!!!!!!
    I fill finely get to see it!!!!!
    My daughter is in a cheerleader camp all weekend and my wife agreed to drive them so i have the whole weekend to watch what ever I want.
    anyone have any suggestions?
    My only criteria is it has to be available to stream on netflix I will be to lazy to run to the video store.

  37. Van: Good article on the differences between the market places. I think the author struggled with the problem because it really is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

  38. Reaper – Check out District B13. French action film. Its short and awesome and youll be able to burn thru it. Highly recommended.

    Another recommendation would be “Severance”. Its a kind of cross between the British “Office” and Friday the 13th. Its funny and slashery and at an hour and 40 minutes you can burn thru that as well.

  39. I’m glad google now has a way to integrate google tasks in to gmail on the side bar. it makes it easy to keep track of suggestions.
    I have to watch Dark Star also but I have that in a different form I can watch on the Tivo

  40. Cj: Congrats!

    Jack: Congrats!

    reaper/Lo Pan: I had never heard of The Expendables until a few days ago. I’ve still yet to see a trailer.

  41. Johnny Null Re: The Expendables, i might watch a trailer over lunch because I still haven’t.
    Re: The Big Lebowski, I agree. I don’t think I will bother giving it another chance like everyone tells me I should

  42. Let’s hear the top 10s!


    Big Lebowski
    The Life of David Gale
    The Laramie Project

    Can’t think of 10 right now. Too busy. Need to be working.

  43. Okay, break out your celluloid time machine, some of these are OLD:

    The Bishops Wife
    Flight of the Phoenix (the original not the pointless remake)
    A Bridge Too Far
    The Bedford Incident
    A Matter of Life and Death
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    A Fistful of Dynamite
    The Ipcress File
    2001 a Space Odyssey (although I prefer the novel)

  44. Ima try. Cause itll change tomorrow like they usually do. Criteria for me is that its watchable at any time, no matter what mood Im in.

    Empire Strikes Back
    Pans Labyrinth
    Star Wars
    Escape from New York
    Le Femme Nikita
    Dark Knight
    The Longest Day

    Inception is a close 11. Hmm, guess Lebowski isnt on there. Still up there for me tho.

  45. Nice article on the HDMI cables. I helped my in-laws pick out a new LCD for their living room. They are changing from basic cable to U-verse today. Had I more time, I would have ordered cables off of Amazon, but I managed to get a decent deal on a two pack at Sams where we got the TV.

    I know if I had let them go out on their own to buy this stuff, they would have been scammed out of a couple of hundred extra bucks for stuff they didn’t need.

    Evil is was happens when you let your in-laws wander into Best Buy alone.

  46. I have really got to stop clicking on the email from NewEgg. My computer is just fine. I don’t need to spend money on any upgrades. really….

  47. Not caught up.

    I just watched the Big Lebowski on Netflix streaming the other night. Wouldn’t say I’m a Lebowski cultist, but I dig it. Coen Bros + Jeff Bridges = win.

    I think I’ve already expressed my disappointment with what the Expendables appears to be. Instead of the next Army of Darkness or a superior SoaP, it appears to be another meathead Stallone action movie rehash.

  48. Not sure what my top 10 movie list would be. I’d need to spend some serious time thinking about it, but here’s a list of 10 movies I really like:

    Shawshank Redemption
    Galaxy Quest
    Iron Giant
    Blade Runner
    Lord of the Rings
    Henry V

    Ask me again tomorrow, and I’d probably provide a different list. I don’t tend to think in lists.

  49. Huh.
    I hadn’t realized that today is Friday the 13th.

    Personally, I don’t understand the fuss. I tend to like these days. šŸ™‚

  50. I can only name a few movies I would put in a top ten and they are movies i would watch over an over without getting sick of:
    Shawshank redemption
    Deep Impact
    Lord of the Rings

    if I added 5 more Like ditto it might change tomorrow

  51. Lord of the Rings
    Blade Runner
    Signs (I know I’m going to catch hell for that one)
    Star Wars original trilogy
    THX 1138
    The Dark Knight
    Fight Club

    Those are the ones that come to mind first.

  52. Facebook is funny. Today I got a friend request from one of my college professors and typed message from a female friend I haven’t talked to since I was 14. Seems she likes metal and scifi, perhaps I’ll get her posting here. LOL

  53. Signs was Shyamqlawan23wtfc3po{}alan’s last great movie.

    I’m also terrible at making top 10 movie lists…. so I’ll play it pretty safe:
    The original 3 Star Wars,
    The first 2 Godfather’s
    the 3 LOTR films
    Pulp Fiction
    Spirited Away

  54. For me the aliens in Signs weren’t really the focal point of the movie, so their depiction wasn’t of consiquence to me. But to each his own. šŸ™‚

  55. Top 10 list of movies? Man, that is a tough one. I would have to go along with the sentiment that they would have to be ones that I can watch anytime.

    A few that come to mind:
    Star Trek 2
    The Fifth Element
    The Incredibles
    The Matrix 1 (and 2, there was no third movie in that trilogy)
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    The Sting

    Alright, I’ll have to think of more later.

  56. Inception was great, but I’ll need to see it more than once before I consider it one of my favorites.

    How can I forget!?
    The Blues Brothers
    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrve that movie.

  57. Well, the last Shamalama Dingdong movie I liked was “Lady in the Water.” But then again, I have a thing for Bryce Dallas Howard. I found a lot of simularities between LITW and Close Encounters.

  58. Matrix 2&3 were disappointments, but I don’t think they are nearly as bad as many claim. The Wachowski brothers were their own worst enemies when creating those movies.

  59. The problems with 2 and 3 were when 1 ends and the main character becomes “god,” anything after that would be a dissapointment. As such I would have enjoyed 2 and 3 much more if they would have called them something else. Although the parody of Matrix 2 with Will Ferrel was hilarious.

  60. Matrix 2 was a very cool plotless pointless action movie, which set the stage for a great finale. . . . except. . . Matrix 3 was a disaster.

    ditto to ditto’s Blues Brothers nod.
    Also of note:
    Taxi Driver
    Raiders of the Lost Ark (how could I overlook this??)
    A Fish Called Wanda (!!!)

  61. Finished listening to “The Pillars of Creation” today. It’s the 7th book in Goodkind’s Sword of Truth.

    I would definitely have to rate it the weakest of the series so far, especially after the high point that book six offered. While I generally appreciate a good fat fantasy tome, there was not enough story to fill how ever many hundreds of pages there were in this book.

  62. this is one of the things i love most about talking about movies and not one in particular you all have reminded me of movies i haven’t thought of in years

  63. Whirlwind cabin weekend starts shortly. Leaving to drive three hours north, visit my grandma and go to cabin, sleep overnight, then drive home sometime tomorrow.

    And I’ll need to sleep on the ride home because I work at 11pm tomorrow night.

  64. Supposedly, I’m taking the wife to go see Expendables today. That will be the second time we’ve been to the theater in 2010. I expect I will have a great time -because- I expect Expendables to be utterly terrible.

    Whereas I am waiting to see Scott Pilgrim on DVD because I expect I will love it and want to pause and rewind, and rewatch it.

  65. I expect The Expendables to be utterly terrible too. That’s why I’m not going to watch it at all. If I manage to get to the theaters any time soon, I plan to see Inception and Despicable Me.

  66. If anyone gets a version of Dark Star that has a “Special Edition”, watch the theatrical release. This is the first time I’ve seen a special edition that is significantly shorter than the theatrical release and manages to cut out some of my favorite scenes from the movie (along with many of the scenes that are essential to understanding much of the plot). :cwy:

  67. CDownloading: The Girl Who Played With Fire audiobook for my drive. I’ve only got 2 hours left of my current audiobook (Glass Rainbows) and it’s a 3 hr. one-way drive.

    Ed, I bought Stone of Tears in dead tree version. It’s a GIANT paperback. Haven’t started it yet, though. I have a few tomes in front of it. I did quite enjoy book #1 of the series.

  68. Just watched the first episode of ‘The Big C’, other than the Laura Linney character seeming far too healthy for someone with stage 4 cancer, quite enjoyed it.

  69. Despite my criticism of/hate for The Real L Word, I’m still watching it. Most of the women sound loaded 24/7. Is it possible that’s just the new valley girl?

  70. Reading through the posts under that article on waste computers, I found an interesting entry from someone who claims to have “generations of parents from Ghana”.
    It should come as no surprise but according to this person, the NYT article paints a pretty narrowly focused view of the situation. Sort of like going to the Appalachian mountains, finding an uneducated family that lives amide abandon junk (e.g. washers, cars, refrigerators) and writing an article that says “This is what America now looks like because of decades of consumerism.”

    Well yeh sure, THAT part of America does but it is NOT representative of the country or the people in it.

    We seem to like to do that. Find the worst case scenario/person and use them/it as a poster child for an entire group.

  71. In this case “we” was a generalization of the American public and not specifically the Deadpan.
    … and yes, I am aware of the irony of using a generalization to point out the wrongness of mass generalizations. I’ll probably tare a rift in the space/time continuum if I keep that up.

  72. Van: The Special Edition is only 68 minutes long. According to the box (which I should have read before attempting anything but the theatrical release), it was originally intended as a 68 minute long student film and the “hollywood producer” Jack Harris convinced them to shoot an additional 15 minutes for theatrical release. I’m sure Carpenter and O’Bannon felt that the movie would stand alone just fine without the added scenes, but I really felt their loss. The scene with Doolitle playing the improvised organ was one of my favorite things about the movie.

  73. Dark Star mild SPOILER:

    Here is an interesting discussion point for us all to think about with the palooza. From wikipedia:
    Sgt. Pinback claims to be liquid fuel specialist Bill Frug, who accidentally takes Pinback’s place on the mission after failing to rescue Pinback from committing suicide by wading into a fuel tank before the mission. However, this may be evidence of Pinback’s space madness and desire to go home as he makes these claims after one year of being on the ship and demands to be sent home.

  74. I got the sense from the novelisation of DS by Alan Dean Foster that Pinback was indeed Bill Frug, and the rest of the crew knew this, but in Doolittle case he knew something was wrong but couldn’t remember why.

  75. Well, this is interesting:


    Not sure I’ll shell out the coin for it since it won’t have the original original trilogy (COME ON, Blade Runner includes what, six dozen different cuts of the movie…alright a mild exageration, but still, COME ON!).

    The video clip in the story is worth clicking on the link, at least.

  76. In case you missed it…

    Expendables Twitter Review: Perversely disappointed it didn’t suck more. Sloppy storytelling needlessly dilutes the awesome. 3 stars.

    I don’t want to be a spoiler, despite thinking this is the sort of movie to be bothered by spoilers. Let’s just say that it was nice to see Charisma on the big screen and I giggle maniacally while going ptwoo. – ptwoo – ptwoo -ptwoo – ptwoo – ptwoo.

  77. As far as I can recall, Dr. Laura has always been an evil woman.

    That said, I’m really not sure if this incident warrants this much attention. Surely it wasn’t as devastating to our children as the wardrobe malfunction a few years back…

  78. Just watched the cross over episode of W13. I’m annoyed with them again. Those Secret Service agents shouldn’t shriek and throw their hands up in the air while running for cover.

    It’s fine to have magic things, but please have consistent characters. Jeez.

    Oh, and more Artie and Claudia.

  79. Anyone here read The Vampire Files series by P.N. Elrod?

    We just picked up Volume 1

    Hugh sez: Based in Chicago, about a vampire. Andrea almost came on herself getting it

    I did not!!!! šŸ™‚

    Chicago and vampires just happen to be 2 of my favorite things

    Hugh sez: after Egyptians and Romans

    I just read the most interesting book about Rome! It was called: Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran
    About Octavian taking Antony and Cleopatras kids back to Rome with them after he defeated them and they killed themselves. Really really interesting well written book.

    Cleopatra Selene is someone who gets omitted a lot in history
    Like Boudica (spelling?) Another strong woman who gets ignored

    Hugh sez: Irish warrior women are hot


  80. you know who scares the crap out of me? Livia, Octavian’s wife

    Hugh sez: Anyone who ever watched I, Claudius trembles at the mention of Livia

    [livia] Don’t eat the figs [/livia]


    I do love the Roman empire. Crazy ass people, but still love that time period. And Egypt too.

    Hugh sez: but we are not here to talk Ancient Egypt nor Rome

    We are here to Deadpan baby!!

  81. well. There goes that šŸ™‚

    We were going to pan until Hughs family got here (1 of his sisters family is visiting us) and they are here now. They just called to make sure they were parking in the right spot.

    and please everyone keep your fingers crossed for us. Hugh is getting a major evaluation to see the progress of the treatment in a week and a half. This will be the 1 that we might hopefully possibly get an actual estimation of when his cancer will be in total remission!! Very exciting stuff!

  82. they are doing a biopsy as well as MRI scans and stuff so they can get a good look at the cancer cells and see how strong they are still.

    So hopefully we will have some good news coming up here soon šŸ™‚

    any good vibes you can spare to send our way would be really appreciated šŸ™‚

  83. Good luck for Hugh

    and as for Dresden… I don’t know the name of the actor who played Harry, but he is (was?) playing a vampire named Christian on the ABC show The Gates. It’s a pretty crap show, but it has vampires, so I’m watching it

    Funny thing is I actually think of the actor who played Harry when I picture Jim Butcher in my head.

  84. Thank you everyone šŸ™‚

    Patrick Stewarts character in I, Claudius was very non-jean luc picard

    Nomad- now that you mentioned that I remember seeing a preview of that show because Hugh and I both pointed and exclaimed its Harry! at the screen šŸ™‚
    I might have to check that out just to see the vamp action

    I miss Dresden on scyfy but I am more interested in Jim Butcher concentrating on gettin that next book written!!!!! He has many many things to answer.

    Speaking of vampires, Are you or anyone watching Being Human?
    Our summer TV watching has consisted of Warehouse 13, Being Human and Mad Men. Course now football is starting up in a bit. Sigh. My non sports summers are way too short. Although this year was cut even shorter with the world cup action.

  85. Saw the premiere of BeHuman and really liked the premise and the cast. Caught one more … and then for no particular reason I didn’t make a point to tell the TiVo to get it and forgot about it.

    The adverts for it’s new season have been getting my attention … but I’m afraid now I may be to far behind in the plot.

  86. Thank you thank you thank you everyone who voted. I’ve no idea what chance I have, but I’m still stunned by being a finalist and I’m in good company!

    In other news – I talked to my not-actually-dead exboyfriend on the phone.. He’s super alive, married, kids, job, and sounds great!

  87. TSH – I’d almost recommend holding off on the Gates. It is rather washed out with vampires, werewolves, witches, and succubus… so far. The 4th episode has the main mundane character revealing that he thinks he is a monster shortly before one of the monsters reveals himself to the mundane.

    So maybe it is going to start doing something, but so far I’m pretty bored with the Gates.

  88. I loved Being Human. Season one had a great/terrible cliff-hanger-y ending.

    I appreciated that the wolves were also Whovian characters. Which basically means I was waving my finger at the screen, “Hey! That’s the guy!”

  89. Big up support for Hugh Smarty Hottie, freals.

    Unrelated thought: There are many great comics out there, but Gary Larson’s genius is still unmatched. I didn’t bother to Snopes-test this, but if it’s legit, then it seems to have been a classy, mature way for GL to handle the whole sticky copyright topic: http://www.portmann.com/farside/

    Goodnight :lady-with-cateye-glasses:

  90. TSH: Best of luck.

    Saw Inception over the weekend. Quite good. Of course, we learned that there’s something post-credits. So I have to hunt around and find out what we missed.

  91. Funny thing about The Expendables yesterday, while the theatre was pretty much full, I think I could count on one hand the number of females there.

    I wonder what that says about me since I was the one who suggested it to hubby.

  92. In other news I’m very stuffed up and miserable today. My Boo has been away for a few days and I have been going in and looking after her menagerie. My allergies are in overdrive right now. I’m sooooooo happy she’s coming back today, I don’t think my sinuses could handle much more of this.

  93. Theres nothing post credits. Null. I stayed specifically after the credits for that reason. SO….unless I totally missed something I think thats a falsehood thats been spreading around the nets.

  94. Good Morning, :pan: !

    And now I officially say “I’m not catching up beyond today’s Nipples”

    I got 15 out of 20 on the Weird Al Quiz. Should have known that one about who wouldn’t let him parody…

  95. It’s officially official. This Nipple will not reference anything pre-August 16th… post-nipples from here going forward will not reference that either.

    And something something something Darkseid

  96. Good luck Hugh!!!

    I also stayed post Inception credits. There wasn’t anything.

    I also thought that was a pretty poor review of the movie. No movie can stand up to intense scrutiny. It seemed that the reviewer was just looking for excuses to be snarky.

  97. I thought Inception was great and would have liked it more if Cillian was in the lead role over Leonardo. Also got caught up on “True Blood season 2” and “Sparticus:Blood and Sand” -very good and very adult series.

  98. Vanamonde: That’s a good question. I’ve had some trouble with this in the past. But, those that have made the claims were horribly insecure, and highly controlling. I’m not in their company any longer. Probably not a big help for you.

  99. Podcasts I subscribe to:

    Democracy Now (usually just listen to the headlines unless I’m really interested)
    Escape Pod (listen infrequently based on the description)
    NPR: Fresh Air (listen to about one of every 4 or 5)
    PodCastle (listen infrequently based on the description)
    Savage Love
    Sigler Stuff
    This American Life (we save these up and listen on road trips)
    Wander Radio

  100. Wow, that Weird Al quiz is really well constructed. I can usually get a 50% on any multiple choice test, whether I know the subject or not. On this one… not so much.

    6/20 or 30%

    3 were blind luck
    1 was because I know that Weird Al does polka.
    1 was because I know Prince is a dick.
    1 was because … er… I forget. I just remember that it was non-Al based knowledge.

  101. Van – Depends. If you’re in a relationship with the accuser, may god have mercy on your soul. If it is someone else, maybe that is their entirely passive aggressive way of hitting on you.

    Or it could just be someone who enjoys needling you, who enjoys seeing you react.

    … Yeah, not really a positive thing I guess.

  102. Re: Robo cream

    Did you notice the sign on the wall behind the robot? That has got to go on a t-shirt.

    Front – picture of the robot
    Back – the words “I make soft ice cream”.

  103. Van: I don’t think there is any problem with flirting, but if someone complains, then like everyone else said, just walk away. This is a good case where ignoring the problem (person) actually works.

  104. Van: I haven’t been closely following the P?NP proof, but I’ve been aware of it. This is the first post I’ve seen that has covered it in any detail other than the typical “It’s probably wrong.”

    My math certainly isn’t up to that discussion.

  105. So hubby has informed me, if the cat dies this year, we’ll go to Europe for our anniversary next year.

    It was a mean thing to say simply because I don’t know what to hope for.

    (disclaimer: our cat is old and the vet said she could die tomorrow or live another couple of years so it wasn’t as mean a thought as it seems)

  106. I agree ditto. Fluffy, cuddly, purrs are calming, etc. However it’s very heartbreaking when they die. Also, hubby and I want to start doing some travelling and that’s harder to do when you basically have a child at home.

    Currently hubby and I have to take separate holidays (beyond a day or two) because our cat’s on medication and won’t take it from anybody except him or I.

  107. Ah a vision of Mr and Mrs TEB in a cafe in Paris, the moon shines down on them, love is in the air, then they get insulted by the French waiters..

  108. Seriously. I’m not even going to try to catch up at this point.

    No time.

    I need a TARDIS moving at 88mph to give me a push in my (imaginary) DeLorean… Of course, I’m still short 1 flux capacitor and a supply of plutonium…

  109. Nice find on the McKellar story. Being as I’m going to have a middle school aged girl in another year, I think I’ll do some book shopping.

  110. Jo: I missed the same Weird Al question. I know that in my case I remembered that he was submitting stuff to Dr. Demento in High School so I figured that was when he got the name.

  111. {catching up from the past 3 days}

    RE: Being Human- it is an odd little show but I do really like it. The funny thing is I always like the vampire better than the werewolf (count me in as a member of team Edward) but I just love George on the show. I am more interested in George’s struggle then Mitchels. But I do love Mitchel too. He’s a vampire. Of COURSE I love him šŸ™‚ Annie is so sweet too.

    RE: Gates. I will hold off on it

    RE: Inception. Hugh and I really need to try to get to see that before its gone from the theaters. The last movie we saw in theater was Sex and The City 2 šŸ™‚ lol. That was part of Hughs birthday gift to me. Before that.. omg.. i can’t even recall the last movie we saw in theater.
    OH- I did take his nieces to see that last Twilight movie when they visited here when it came out. But Hugh wasn’t subjected to that form of torture with me.

    Re: Weird Al- got 3 out of 20 šŸ™ guess my guessing abilities are lacking.

    Dear ditto
    I thought I was the only person in the world who listened to Placebo. Now that I know you listen to them I am sure you and I are meant to be together.
    Breast, Dre.

    Dear Johnny Null,
    119 podcasts?!?!!??!!???! When do you sleep? When do you eat?
    I have 2 podcasts I subscribe to (Deadpan + Savage Love). But only 1 that I ever listen to (Deadpan).

    Bunny- I am sorry about your kitty šŸ™
    One of our cats we used to have died a couple months ago. Back when things started getting more involved with Hughs cancer we gave away our 2 cats to family members. Actually the cat died to cancer. His sister didn’t want to tell us that when it happened. Poor kitty šŸ™

    [/catching up from last 3 days]

    trying to keep involved in things here šŸ™‚
    Sorry I usually really suck at it (and not in the good way)

  112. Alas poor whitney, alas poor Judson
    I knew them well
    Fellows of infinite jest of most excellent fancy
    My gorge rises at it
    You shall be avenged!
    Tomorrow’s opening ceremony will be dedicated to your memory
    -Dr Seuss – The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T

  113. TSH: Thankfully, I’m able to listen to podcasts while I work. I also typically listen to them while working out. I do skip a few now and again, based upon topic.

    Well, I’ve spent the past few days having just about a total war with my mother. Should this still be happening at my age? Seriously, I feel like only a teenager should be saying this.

    We’ve gone several years without speaking to one another in the past. I thought that I would give it one last go. After all, it’d be nice to have some representation from my family at any particular future wedding I happen to stumble into (My father and sister follow her every word as though it’s gospel).

    But, it looks like it’ll never be. It’s a disgusting, shameful situation. But at least I have those that truly love me by my side.

    I need a drink.

  114. alliteration AHHHHHHHHH
    annoyance of the universe…

    Re Big teddy bear: A friend hand a bunny so large after it got a hole and lost all the stuffing he used it as a costume. he was 17 and 6ft+

  115. I’m looking forward the Scott Pilgrim movie, even tempted to get the graphic novels.

    Although I would have to admit, if I was confronted with several evil Ex’s, I would probably say ‘you can have her!’

    I’ll get my coat.

  116. I’ve avoided the Scott Pilgrim books, partly because I don’t like the drawing style, but also because I want to enjoy the movie on its own merit. I’ll read the books after I see the movie.

  117. ditto I’m not sure what that writer is getting at. Overall its been a really well received movie from the critics… ironically it seems not from the audience as its bombing miserably.

  118. ditto, even with my zero interest in seeing Scott Pilgrim, I loved that NPR article. Bravo to its author.

    Duckface is another thing that needed to be called out. Bravo again.

    Are you a wine guy, reaper?

    Johnny Null, that’s pretty disappointing. You want to give the people in your family all of the chances it takes, but it can be really difficult.


  119. Lo, I’ve seen that happen for many other movies (tho I haven’t seen any of the Scott Pilgrim reviews)…. the critics often are more concerned about looking than like cutting edge social gurus than actually reviewing the damn movie on its own merits.

    How badly did we all get mocked during the Star Wars prequels releases?

  120. Oh hes talking overall. Ok gotcha – in that case it makes more sense. I just found it odd he was using Pilgrim as an example since its reviews are rather good.

  121. Jack, yep, I’m a big fan of wine. I prefer beer because I find it better, more complex, and the packaging makes it easier to have just one drink. I rarely get wine my wife wont drink because it doesn’t last that long on the shelf. It is also expensive. $10/bottle is hard to swallow when you have to drink it in 2 days when a 6 pack of good beer is also $10 and it can last a week or more.
    and $4.50 a glass in a restaurant for a $5 a bottle wine hurts also.

  122. reaper: We have a SoirĆ©e aerator. We like it lots. I have no other one to compare it against, though. Have you tried one of those vacuum-top things for your wine? It’s helped us extend the shelf life a bit.

  123. Johnny, we have this one: http://vinturi.com/ with out the tower.
    I don’t have a vacuum-top thing but we have considered it.
    Normally we will get some cheaper wines ($6-8) since we have gotten the vinturi and it seams to help make it drinkable the next day but the 3rd day not so much. A vacuum pump might help. I just finely got my wife to drink reds at room temp.
    How long will the vacuum thingy help it keep? I love merlot and chianti but I never by them because my wife won’t drink them and I can’t finish a bottle in before it goes bad.

  124. reaper, you’ve perfectly summed up my wine/beer perspective.

    I also know much more about quality microbrews than I do about wine, and have a terrible memory for wine labels, whether good and bad.
    I understand that the wine’s terroir is probably the most important factor in determining the style and flavor, and that I have really enjoyed the bottles I’ve had from certain regions of Spain, France, and even Argentina. I’ve never loved any Californian or Australian (wine).
    Given the option, I’d usually order a Malbec, although I can also be happy with a Cabernet.

  125. Jack, I have the same problem with remembering wine labels. What I restored to doing in pulling out my phone to make a note when I decide and again after I have tried it to give it a rating…
    when I even remember to do that.
    The few times I order wine is when I have a stake or heavier Italian food just about anything else requires a good matching beer.

  126. I can only remember a label or two at a time. Plus, we usually find new wines from my sister or through one of my friends. We typically buy what we know.

    We were introduced to this about a year ago. Fantastic:

    I can’t think of the name of the one we’ve been getting as of late (see?), but I know it’s a pino noir.

  127. reaper: The one we have seems to work pretty well. Again, I have nothing to compare it to. I’ll look and see if there’s a name on it. I think it’s pretty generic, although Lady J usually buys really quality stuff.

  128. Johnny Null, I like that policy. We usually but the best we can afford at the time or hold off if nothing looks good in our price range. Often enough if there are a wide range of an item available you get what you pay for… to a point

  129. From the wikipedia entry on tempranillo wines: aromas and flavors of berries, plum, tobacco, vanilla, leather and herb

    As much as I like wine, I’m just not that into seeing that my wine smells or tastes like leather.

    Also, I highly recommend John Cleese – Wine for the Confused. I’m very much in line with the main message of “don’t let others tell you what should taste good to you based on price, color, or any other factor. Your taste buds are your own”.

    Also has one of the things I would most love to say in my lifetime: Many people have told me that (I wish I could remember the name of the wine here) is not a sophisticated wine. Both times that I’ve had wine with the Queen of England, we had xxxx. If it’s sophisticated enough for the Queen of England, it’s sophisticated enough for me.

  130. Van: I understand the whole “vinegary” problem. Have you tried “fruity” wines? There are some really good sweet ones… if you like sweet alcoholic beverages…

  131. Van: also, with regard to Mead… are you getting the type that’s mixed with white wine, or pure honey mead? I know that Chaucer’s mixes, and I think the Tower of London stuff does as well…

  132. I have found that red wines taste vinegary to me and white wines do not. I’ve been told that this is because I’m drinking the “wrong” red wines, but I tend to avoid them all the same.

  133. Wine is delicious, but gives me a headache.

    I could make the same comments regarding some men I’ve had in my life, but that would be in bad taste so I won’t.


  134. I have found that if a wine taste vinegary it wasn’t stored that well but when I have a sub from subway I get oil and vinegar on it so I wouldn’t notice till it was pretty strong and maybe very abused.

    I refer to ye’old dead pan wisdom of:
    “I have a penis what do I know”

  135. Well, LILITH’S LOVE podiobook is finally complete. The apartment is a wreck because we have to get ready for pesticide fogger bombing tomorrow. So I’m finally settling down to watch DARK STAR: Director’s Cut from NetFlix that finally arrived. Yay downtime!

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